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Impertinent Question No. 21
See Page 3, Bottom Columns 1 and 2
Two San Francisco Women Arrested as Revolutionists in Russia
Boy Candidate Overjoyed by
Examiner's Espousal
of His Cause
Accepts Glowing Tribute
From Exponent of An
archy With Smile
Tells Them He Will Be
Elected as a Simon
Pure Republican
Political Meetings Tonight
Taj lor— Taylor - Langdon . union
wifnV club. Old Church, Ten
nr»MT street near Klsrhtecutli.
Ryan — Davic theater, McAllister
atreet Bear Ffllmore; South
San Francisco theater, Four
teenth and Railroad avenues;
Columbia ball, Sixth and Har
rison streets.
McCarthy— Susrar refinery, Po
trero; Oaknood ball, 1805
Devlnadero street ; open air
meetings — Twentieth and
Kentucky streets and Seven
teenth and Bryant streets.
Daniel A. Ryan, who, so far as
the . public knew or cared, was
until yesterday only his own can
didate for mayor, has a party j
William Randolph Hearst, sor
rowing over the plight of the
partyless boy candidate, has
kindly exhumed the bones of the
defunct Independence league
and with a few bold scratches of
the editorial pen has made Ryan
»Ihe doodle dee candidate for
mayor and a very happy young
Repudiated by the majority of the
republicans whose will he thwarted
when he ordered his job chasing dele
gates to 'nominate him for mayor and
watching even the job chasers taking
their cold feet to the Taylor hearth.
Pyan was a sad political orphan until
earst took out letters of guardian-
Lip. It was a smiling Ryan who faced
* forlorn lieutenants yesterday.
He beamed his delight as he feasted
his eyes on the Examiner's announce
ment of fealty to the candidate whose
nomination It had • denounced as a
"grotesque piece of effrontery." He
called it a peach and his lips smacked
in anticipatory delight — all unmindful
of tho lemonade possibilities of - the
package of fruit that had been tied to
Ryan made no attempt to conceal his
joy over the support of the man whom
republicans execrate as morally re
sponsible for the afisassination of
President McKinley. His adoption by
Ilcarft and the Examiner, Ryan pro
tested, was "po unexpected" — a charm
ing surprise in fact. He" was so grate
ful that he declined to embarrass his
benefactor by making public the terms
under which he became the Instrument
of Hearst's latest a.ttempt ( to seize the
government of San Francisco.
The way Ryan put it Hearst had de
parted from his well defined political
bargaining system to rush to the sup
port of a young 'm/m who was alto
gether good and a republican. Ryan de
clined to explaln^how he would recon
cile the support of a journal of anarchy
with the principles of the republican
party he has attempted to subjugate.
' He refused also to let his mind wander
from the enjoyment of his peach to a
consideration of how he could compel
the few republicans remaining in hi*
camp to submit to fellowship with
Hearst. It 'migTht prove a bitter pill for
th* Ryan camp followers to swallow,
but it looked like candy to Ryan.
And such cheap candy: Tlie sweets
of Hearst support had "been secured.
Ryan said, without a promise on his
part. He did not promise to take pro
gram from Hearst in the event of his
election. Never! Hearst had exam
ined the life of the youngest candidate
end that examination "had convinced
Patriot Hearst that in Partisan Ryan
he had discovered a prototype. To se
cure the backing of Hearst, Ryan said,
he had not . be*n compelled even to
promise that h«* would deliver the com
pact republican party machine he built
to the dodo of the doodle dees. Ryan
Continued on Past* 2* Column 1
The San Francisco Call.
YESTERDAY— PartIy cloudy; maximum tem
perature, 66; minimum, 64. ,
FORECAST FOR TODAY— Partly cloudy; fresh
w*Bt wind. Page 9
United . States Labor Commissioner Xelll falls
to end strike of telegraphers, who plan further
aggressive w«r. Pace 2 !
President's Joy orer killing bear in caaebreak
leads him to embrace companions. I»kge 2
linrrlmisn will seek to have Injunction obtained
by Fish against voting of stock of Illinois Cen- j
tral dissolTed. : Page 2
Many actors will be Indicted by fraud j jury
for violating Sunday closing law In Kansas
City. Page 3
Balloons are ready for start In International
race for the Bennett cup. Page 7
William English Walling of Indiana, his wife,
well kuoivn an Anna Struosky, the Hebrew au
thoress of San Francisco, and her sister arrested
j In St. Petersburg on the charge that they bars
i been aiding revolutionists. Page 1
New steamer line from Seattle to San Diego
with San Francisco as Intermediate port will
soon be Inaugurated. Pagre 12
Pastor of Santa Cruz church forces entrance
and Js arrested after sensational squabble over
possession of sanctuary. . Page 1
Objecting to balloon. Miss Mary Perry becomes
bride of Aeronaut Mcßrlde In open boat ouuide
of tiolden gate because they did not possess a :
liceuse. - Page 12
V.. Llppi shoots three men during fight in
crowded coach of California Northwestern rail- !
road. Page 7
Former Stanford student, Le Roy Barbour, re
turns to university with stories of wonderful
gold fields In Alaska. Page 2
Ptyalclati of Missouri arrives at Selma and
seizes his son, who was taken away by runaway
mother when she eloped with her "affinity," a ;
cab dvlTer. page 7
XV. B. Atwell, postmaster at Searchlight, Nev.,
1; short in his accounts and threatens to kill
himself. Pase 7
Portuguese society ends sessions of supreme
council in Watsonville. Pag-e 8
Auto falls across neck of society girl and al
most chokes her to death In accident at Santa
Rosa. Page 3
Sao Joseaa pays on behalf of a' deceased rela
tive a debt of 03 years' standing to Belolt
eollcjre. Pace 7
Hj-nn's alliance with llcarst is tlie>nd.ofj
j Ryan's republicanism. . Page 6
i now Schwab sees San Francisco. Pase «J
Downtown district needs hotels. Page A
The British and Asiatic exclusion. Page G
Daniel A. Ryan overjoyed by Hearst's es
pousal of his cause In campaign. Page 1
McCarthy addresses candidates at county com
mittee meeting, bat uses most of speech to de
uounce Mayor Taylor. Page 2
Great $3,000,000 drydock at Mare island springs
a le«k and front Is blown out to save the
walls from destruction. • Page 12
W. D. Mabon. international president of street
carmen's association, confers with, local strike
leaders. Page I
Grand Jury may investigate conduct of alms
house by Frank Sehmltz. who, with his brother
Herbert, secretary of the park commispiou. Is
soon to be out of offi>e. Page 3
Itev. B. H. DM* delivers sermon to large con
gregation and favors election of Dr. Taylor for
mayor. :. Page 2
No Tosan. a Japanese painter. Is admitted to
arti«ts* guild after bitter, fight among the
members. Page 12
Mrs. John T. Merrill of Red Cross society asks
federal authorities to compel San Jose hospital
to discontinue use of society's name. Page 12
Commissions are issued to new officers of the
ststo naval militia. Page 9
Miss Lillian Elliott mistakes lover's sister for
rival jchl attempts snicide. Page 10
I). A*. Ahearn Identifies body found in bay as
that of bis wife. 'Page 12
Various women's clubs of the city rf-port- tlie
acquisition recently of a great many \u25a0_. new
monikers. % | Page 6
Mr*. Pauline I>vy. n?w ingenue at C«*ntral
theater, who makes her local debut tonight. Is
arrested on charge of obtaining money by false
pretenses. . Page 12
Woman's screams lead to calling of fire.de
pnrtment and policemen who fall to 'find cause
of her alarm. Page 12
Mnn shot In trolley row dies is hospital, while
another rlcUm loses eye. , Page 12
Realty dealers of Oakland report steady Influx
of borne seekers from all over country Pase 4
Terror stricken maid saves banker's silver from
burglar who was ransacking the latter's dining
room. Page 4
Burllngame deb women will resume their anti
liquor war today -by attending trial of grocer ac
cused by them. Page 4
List of students to graduate from Stanford
show? largest number In history of that-Insti
tution. Page 5
- " F. R. Porter issues pamphlet denouncing W. K.
Dargl?, editor of : Oakland Tribune, for anlipged
failure to pay adequate commission . in financial
transaction. • Page 3
Albion Rovers "and Vampires defeat San Fran
clscos and Independents •at association foot
bail. . - . Page a
Boxers Johnson and Fljnnwork before J large
crawds at their training quarters. v Page 5
Jock«\v A. Brcmn, well known to California
race goere. Is warned away. from La tonla ', track j
aft*r a form reversal by, the home Oeutpcb
land. Page" 5
Maurice MeLoughltn wins the singles and Mel
ville Long and Carl Gardner the doubles cham
pionships in the bay counties teunls tourna
m^nf. | . ; Page 5
Stocktou »tate league baseball team defeats
San Francisco in fast game. -. • Page 6
\u2666Irpyhouud Flower Girl displas high speed and
tskes clsßs stake at Ingleslde. Page 9
Thousands . of spectators witness barneys races J
Of the San Frauclseo driving, club on the park
speedway. , Page 5
Barbarian second team defeats St. Mary's col
lege at Rugby/ C to 5, on the Golden Gate park
stadium. • ' ". Pajre N
San Francisco wins two games . from .Portland
and. Taw Angeles n double victory over tlie Oak
land team. Page 5
Kosmos steamship Seto* arrlreß with the Don
dtrah, which' lt towed 3,500 miles from Corlnto
to this |»ort. Page S [
' President Rsl?ton of the , California miners'
association Bays that the Issues • to come before
the \u25a0 annual \ convention here next month are im
portant " and will ' be^ dlicnaied ! Uiorooghly by the
delegates. — ___—_ Page U
Rev: Lyall de Jarnett Is
Vbrtex of Religious
Trustee Who Holds Doors
Is Arrested for
Sheriff Takes Possession of
Sanctuary and Flock
Special by Leased Wire to The Call
\ SANTA CRUZ, Oct. 20.—Af
ter two months of unbrotherly
dissension the factional fight in
the Christian church of this city
flamed out into a row which
nearly developed a muscular va
riety of ' Christianity. The forces
behind the pastor, Rev. Lyall de
Jarnett, and the forces that want
him ousted went to church today
and a struggle ensued for posses
sion of the house of the Lord. Ul
timately the sheriff took posses
sion and the quarrel will : bei set
tled peacefully' in the courts.
Dr. de Jarnett was 'first to arrive at
the church. The doors were locked and
on 'the arrival of reinforcements an at
tempt was made to gain entrance forci
bly. Charles M. Lewis, one, of the trus T
tees and for years: a member Of the
church, apparently had passed the night
there and would not unlock the door.
He is opposed to the preacher. ' The lat
ter, threatened to break down the doo\,
but before it was done a warrant was
served on Lewis for disturbing: the
peace. Sheriff Craf ton warned the ex
cited Christians not to enter the church,
and then he went after Lewis, who sur
rendered himself peacefully, while the
temporarily victorious forces of the
pastor took the church by storm.
Divine services were then held.
Steven Hoke and M. Knepper, trus
tees recently elected by the De Jarnett
faction were also arrested for disturb
ing the peace and the pastor himself
was taken to jail for house breaking;.
All were released on bail.- Chief of Po
lice Armstrong made, the arrests per
sonally. ' ,\u25a0\u25a0> - '
Sunday school services were >held <in
the afternoon on the lawn in .front of
the church by Dr. de Jarnett. Later an
attempt was made; to gain entrance to
the tabernacle- in Garfleld park. --This
city is the center of the . ' Christian
church in the state and the yearly gath
erings are held, liv the tabernacle. \u25a0 Rev.
R. NY Davis, holding" the 'keys for the
state organization, refused to -permit
the local pastor and his flock to enter.
Action will be begun '.tomorrow, in the
courts to compel him to give over the
The quarrel Is the . outgrowth of dif
ferences' as to the pastor's merits as a
religious leader, but has nothing to' do
with his character or morals, which
have not been assailed.! One version of
the difficulty has it- that when it was
found that the members of the church
could not agree on whether the preacher
should be retained or > not a committee
of. delegates to - the annual convention
was* intrusted .with the solution of the'
difficulty and decided that De Jarnett
should serve, the. church until October
14. when his term should cease.. This
agreement was later repudiated by 'a
newboard of trustees.wvho were friend
ly with 'the pastor. The status of the
original agreement is the point of the
dispute, arid will be settled in the courts.
. If De Jarnett can get the tabernacle,
ho say 6he will hold services' there With
such of ; his members as' want to hear
him until -the law whether or
not he is minister of the First Christian
church of Santa Cruz.
General ; Drude and Battalion Rush' to
the Scene of Fight, but; Fail to
Find -Enemy .
PARIS, ; Oct. 20.— A -.dispatch v has
been ! received:'--; here >; from ;* General
Drude. ; commander \u25a0of -tlin French,; ex
peditlonaryj forces In .Morocco, saying
that -.a _ French?, reconnoitering " party;
ambushed -today > \u25a0while I..proceed
ing in; the direction of .Taddert.. Cap
tain. ljandeytland'»one'- private'; of :'the
Chasseurs' Affique: were killed and six
men iWo\inded. <; iCr«yierar, Drude* at ;r once
went - out, "with \u25a0'-'' a.% battalion, .but - , when
he arrived ; at • the : placet the '•\u25a0 Moors J.who
had. made- the~* ambush had ; disap
peared.'; .: * \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 v-';--''j;" '\u0084'\u25a0?\u25a0 '.".*v '—.->: ; '.?-^-^ -\u25a0'"
International President Is
Closeted With Cornel
ius and Others
Arbitration Reported to Be
Probable Outcome
of His Visit
Desert Cars on Account of
the Shutting Off of
' W. D. Mahon, 'international
president of the amalgamated as
sociation of street railway em
ployes of America, arrived in San
Francisco yesterday, and his
presence here is believed to have
an important bearing upon the
streetcar strike situation in this
, city. -Immediately after his ar
i rival Mahon went ta the St. James
I hotel, where during the afternoon
he was closeted with Richard
Cornelius, 'Andrew' Furuseth,
John Keen and other; members i of
the /general, strike .campaign * com
mittee. If I any; definite. * plans
were arranged they were >kept ; secret.
{ Mahon announced- that shis . program
for today would be a- series of-con
ferences with* strike leaders. He de
clined to say \u25a0whether.: or not" he. would
wait on either Superintendent , Black
of. the' United Railroads or Patrick
Calhoun. ; ' =
Mahon .came, direct to San k Francisco
from New Orleans, where he attended
the annual conference of the organiza
tion of which he is the' president.
Following close upon the- heels of
the donation of $60,000. a month tby the
amalgamated association In New Or
leans for the benefit of the local strik
ing,carmen, Marion's visit here is con
sidered significant. Although Mahon
would not talk for publication , last
night except to say that, he was here
to lookover the local situation. It was
freely rumored in labor circles that
his object was -to terminate the long
drawn out strike. Rumor even; went
so far as to say -that' a meeting be
tween Mahon ; and Superintendent Black
had already been arranged for today.
Mahon and Black; are well known to
each other, having had business deal
ings together in Kansas City and other
eastern points. \u25a0 -,''-,.;
. Labor leaders would not say last
night that any definite scale on which
to base a possible; settlement had .been
decided. upon. . It is hinted thatif any
thing comes of Mahon's visit the settle
ment will be on an arbitration basis. ;,
< That affairs ln : ; the. management; of
the streetcar "system were at a crisis
was evidenced- yesterday by the con
tinued activity, of rthe\ disgruntled car
men .working north ;of \u25a0 street.
Only two or three- crews operated cars
in* Powell, street during the day. Shortly
after/ 9 o'clock '\u25a0 last ! ni gh t one of these
crews' deserted the , car, at' ; Butter
street, refusing to run it Into the barns.
At the ;ferry last night -a half -dozen
men boarded each car as it rounded , the
curve and , gave: instructions to the
crew, that no cars -were to ; be run after
9:30 o^clock; tonight unless the scale^of
33 and 81 cents 7 an hour was granted
in.the meantime. •\u0084\u25a0\u25a0" v
.The decision, tol leave the' cars alone
today and await 'the actual' stopping of
the feeding, of -the men in the barn?,
according v to « the v ;strike leaders, -was
decided upon at a meeting Satiirday
night. All day long, according. to' ! .'these
same" leaders, inspectors^ were sent
among the ? discontented, element 'of \ the
men to ; advise thenv' to wait and that
their demands would be granted if the
company f. were !.\u25a0 given time. - Notice
served by •the-company. atsthe barns
last week \was to the effect "that" Sun
day would be the last day of free food.'
Officials of the, -i United. Railroads
scouted 'last night Vthe Idea that 'their
new men '.would go on strike for higher
wages.- They, maintained thattheVdls
contented element was in the^ minority
and that -- the cars : would .-' be run re
gardless -of any action taken by the
few, ' • \u25a0 ..
.HONOLULU,; Oct.; ;20.— The 1 ; Russian
steamship Sungarl,; from- Vladivostok,
isia week" overdue and -some anxiety. Is
• ; . • Mrs. William English Walling, formerly) Anna Strunsky, well
knot>ri in' this city; b>/io, rvith her husband and , sister, V>as ar
rested at St. Petersburg by the Russian police yesterday. >
Anna i Strunsky Well Known
Sensational "Kempton-Wack Letters'.'
- As : Anna Strunsky, authoress/; settlement : worker and member of
the .Artist • Bohemian club of .San < Francisco, .Mrs.- Walling, who
wasiarrested with her husband , and sister yesterday, in .St. Peters
burg, was widely, known in this > city • until "slie, left to take .'up the
work of. thevsocialistic' prppaganda'.in 'Europe. Her activities .here
brought her. often into the spotlight .of : publicity. She collaborated
with Jack London im the authorship _of i the sensational " Kempton-
Wace Letters,!', and was mentioned in .the. orjginalsiiit : f or divorce
brought! against London by: his first*'
wife.... .\u25a0.-*< ..--. '.', t \u25a0:. :
Rose .Strunsky, the younger sister.'
also. is a San* Francisco girl, having re
ceived her education in. the. schools of ,
this " cltjv but was not so well known
locally as was Anna \u25a0. Strunsky. Anna
was born ;in \ Russia of "Jewish^ parent
age, but her family 'came; to San Fran-j
Cisco .when- she; was. a small child and'
tlils [city .was 'her home until shortly be-:
fore her marriage to Walling. She is
26 ; years old: £ She . was graduated from
the '.Lowell high'schooi'irr IS9G and en
tered - Stanford* university, wli'ere V, she
first came Jirito 'notoriety because of her.
socialisticjprinclples. >
At." Stanford ; Miss ; Strunsky ; was>a ;
brilliant 'student, : but her refusal to'
abide i* by '\u25a0' th'e^ laws ' of ' conventionality,
brought • her"; into, conflict with ' the ' uni
versity .> authorities /arid she withdrew
for al time 'before'! finishing ' her ( collegi-
Rte courße/. She Specialized' in economics'
and/ilterature 'during her . undergradu-]
ate'days/and gained the unique dlstlnc-'
tlon-of being the only- woman debater
who ever. represented Stanford In an in
tercollegiate' debate. V After her .with- .
drawal'she returned to iStanford.again
for:a short "time and secured- her de
greer in i 1900, \u25a0 after ; which she toolc'a
\u25a0post graduate "course in economics and
literature at the University of Califor
*nia. ..-,-'.
It was while ; she ..was - : still at. Stan
ford,that Miss, Strunsky beganUhe'ac
tlve'championship of i socialistic; prin-;
ciples, \u25a0 and ' her \u25a0 interest ' in this work
continued' while ' she was at the \ state
university. She : identified herself. with
the ; artlst-bohemlan 'clique \u25a0.- of ; San'
Francisco' and . by! the" time : shie! left: the
University *of California had ;become \ a :
leader "in this circle." "At", the same time'
she , took n great \ interest in- sbcal af«.'
fairs; and also -in i settlement^work in.
the>slums,'.and ;published. the flr3t:'of
herV". writings > on. socialistic" subjects.!
Her /work brought her : into; contact
with Jack London, '. who was then liv
ing-* in' Piedmont, arid together- they
collaborated' in the '•" "Kcmpton;\V r ace 4
Letters,'.': which were a protest against']
the marriage conventions: The ; book {
was published anonymously and it ' was [
sometime before the secret of its"au- j
thorshlp leaked out. * - I
Shortly:after this London's first' wife, I
who. was a Misa Maddern and a' relative J.
of the actress," Minnie s Maddern Fiske,
.brought, a .suit; .for .divorce -in thej
Alameda county- courts.-.' In her. original
complaint "Mrs. London charged her
I husband with cruelty and mentioned his j
i a.lleeed i Intimate - relations - with Anna. !
" Is**Erriper^r Franz Josef to perish un-
Aev^th^%p&Xoi the hoodoo of the house
>of- 4i^ j^3rg ? The story of the tragic
which has followed this royal fam
ily told in
The Sunday Call
\u25a0Strunsky a.s -one' ground of the: action.
| She. charged • that 'London j spent too j
much..t ime In. Miss Strunskjr's^ company,
under the pretext of Tvritlng the Viet- j
'ters"'and tljat she had seen'her hus
band. on : one of these occasions holding
Anna upon. his. lap.., Tills complaint was
withdrawn later and the dl- j
Y^orce was granted^on one charging de
sertion!.; "s instead v: of , cruelty. /London
afterward married Miss Charmion Kit- j
tredge, his, present wife, .who is now ac- j
companying him.on the trip "around the j
world in "the "Snark." j
"After- the "London affair- Anna Strun- i
sky.' resumed her settlement work In
San .Francisco and. became '^.the leader
.of the .Cardinal 'dub. a socialistic soci
ety. •• She] rhetJj.^G.* Phelps Stokes and
collaborated with him in several works j
Continued ' on " P«s:e 3, Middle Column 6
ohe Hundred Dollars for
Election Guesses
HOW do YOU figure out the result of the coining election In San
Whom do YOU forecast as the people's choice" for mayor?
, i. By j, what .vote do /you, predict he will be elected?
Here's some easy money for YOU — all you have to
\u25a0J do is to guess and guess better than your competitors.
'\u25a0 Down below is a coupon for you to fill out with your
forecast, your name and address, and then to mail to
. ' • " . : Election' Returns ' Editor, The : : CalL '
For, the prediction that comes nearest the winner's plurality as
shown by the semiofficial returns to the registrar The Call will pay
Fifty Dollars H|
. l--(_ For the second nearest prediction' The Call will pay
\u25a0 ...... Thirty Dollars
" For the third nearest prediction The Call will pay
' \u25a0 v ; Twenty Dollars
(Fill; out this coupon arid mail it to ELECTION RETURNS ED
: . . i Taylor y will be elected mayor by a plurality
no' prediction will be considered that reaches
:^this' office 'laterithan midnight, satur
day, november 2, 1907.
Anna Strunsky and
Her Sister Thrown
Into Prison
Husband Also !s Accused
of Assisting Czar's Foes
Trio Not Permitted
to See One An
St. Petersburg Gendarmes
Search Americans' Rooms
Special by Leased Wire to The Call
20.— William English Wall
ing, grandson of William H.
English, the late millionaire
Indiana politician, who ran
for vice president on the
ticket with Hancock in 18S0,
was arrested here today on
suspicion of having given
aid to the revolutionists. His
wife; who was Anna Strun
sky, the well known He
brew authoress, and her
sister. Rose Strunsky, also
were apprehended by the
gendarmes. Mrs. Wall
ing (Anna Strunsky) and
Rose Strunsky, were born
in Russia, but were
reared and educated in California,
their parents livins in Frar.eisco.
Anna Strunsky was a student at Lie
land Stanford Jr. university.
Four. Finlanders were, arrested, In
cluding Professor Malmberg. No
charges have as 7»t been preferred,
but the Flnlanders are supposed to be
Wallinfr has spent the" greater part
of his time observing the revolution
here. He and the two ladies -were still
being held at the gendarme headquar
ters at a late hour tor.ißht. A repre
sentative of the American embassy ap
peared at the headquarters in their
behalf, but he could take no action
until tomorrow morning.
Kellosg Durland. another American
and a friend of "Walling, who has been
in St. Petersburg gathering material
for a series of lectures, also was taken
into custody, but was released . later.
Continued on Pace 3, Middle CoL 3

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