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Impertinent Question No. 21
See Page 3, Bottom Columns 1 and 2
•Homeward Bound From
Bear Hunt, Roosevelt
Makes Big Promise
Will Do AH in His Power
to Further Plan of
Ship Canal
Foresees Hard Task in Pol
icy Which Will Benent
the South
VICKSEURG, Oct. 21— After a
looking trcrired and vigcrctr:. Presi
dent Rcosevelt paid a Sying visit to
Vtcksccrg this aftemccs- The presi
dent arrived at Delta, just across the
rircr, at 1 o'clock. Ke vrzs met by
the steambcat EeUe cf the Bends, -with
a recep-ticn- committee cf ICO citizens
ca beard. The president immediately
embarked, and, followed by a ceres
t-try Is.ro the city. Tie tl^^a cver
3&akfrrg the rirer -arer* Lined -citSi peo
ple, Trho ga.ve th« chief executive &
t hearty end acUy -welcome. President
Roe««T-elt_jK:tere<J a carriage and. witn
2£ayer GrtStt and Ste?n-m D. Lee.
teased the parade, -«trii!ch paas-d
thrt!^A the prtsclpal streets to the
ratlcTial ceoaeteiy. Tiie streets ireVs
Crssel- pacloed with people. who
c^eer€"ti[ t^*e visltcr at every" o p pc r t"^
\u25a0At tie comer c* CSierTy "~ *- Clay
« Greets th.* procession wis fcalred and
Gcscral Lee. cwtsiaaideT is chief o*
tt« United Cc3fe<lerate r#tera=s. tcld
tie prerfciest tiiat serers.l lulo&i**
.r.:-- s:* c?r:federa.:e refi»rxr:s szo*yi
- «^.-^ fc£j^"aadt - Seirf?ed rist tie chief
*iec^rti~e *io'zM sseet.tie «L«5 warriors.
T>.e presi'Jent arcse la'llia carrtasr? amS
ccr<Hillj- sh^ck r:»->is \u25a0wrlta the eSd
1 '. H«r». ArrtTi-rrg at tie national rers
«rerr tie party drove slo-srly- througi
tie b^ryir^ rrc^nds. tie president
cvi=.ci^g- a lively- interest in tie his
toric plare. Frota tie cemetery tie
, pertr drove to tie co^rtio^ise s-^^are.
wiire as ;-r«r»» cro-wd Sau3 gatier«<l
to ies.r tie president's speech.
President Rocsevelt teas fetro&aced
_ y&ea tie preslie=t arcs* to reply the
'"fcj er«^ri acrrcrded tin a de
.^- -i-t»ra.:i!*?. tiat 111 1 \u25a0" : : several rrin
ctsa. la iis speech tie presiiest
?T^sl^*^C 0-* "— -'i ff *ii ** i * **" CO feet ~
" ter thas seein.^ for hi=»eir j^st wtat
a rich ard Trcnderfsl rectca tie lower
Mississippi valley, ls. so tiat ie n^ay
»r! hack, as I *iatl r» tack to TVaah.
'jittes. wfth tie set p^irpcae to do
merytiis« tiat Is. n:e li»s t» see tiat
lie United States does ita full share I
r=akir.g tie iTXssissipp! river pra-ti
taily a part of tie sea ccast/in nia-kirLs
:z 'a deep ciannel to tie great lakes
Son the srzlt. I wlsi to see the levees
«o stronrly b=n.t as to reraove coia
pletely from the niinds cf d-arellers of
tics* 10-wrer regfons all appreiezrsioa
"I advocate no inpcsiiile task, z.o
z "*-..-. t»«lr Tie peopls cf-Eollasd.
» :•.-.:- ration, tock rsro-tiirds cf tieir
co=.try ost fron c=der tie «»ta a=d
tier Uve fcehird tie dykes tcv, a=d
have lived beii=d tiesi fcr cez.t^ries. ta
safety.- "Wlti o=e-ts=.ti tie eScrt we,
& =r-ci sreater ratteajj ca= tak* tie is
ce=ty»raLsly rich bottura la=.da cf tie
lower Mississippi ctrt of the fear cf
fee.i=S Ceoded or eves beiig cveric-sred
y^^the Mississippi, as'd while I do not
IIk» ts> «*r ts adva-ce -ariat I izte^d
to do I eiall treak ray rile 12 tiis case
"arul say thxt ia nj aext*=e2sag« to
co=*r«s ~I shall advocate as ieartily
as I ksc^r how that tie coi^ress now
elected eiaU take tie irst steps to
krirff abo^t tie dee^ ciajuiel tray acd
. th« attesdast higi a=d broad levee
yystesa trhfcii win make of these allu
vial ;:".*" "^ ? tie richest and ~c st
agricultcrai land net. osly in
tiLs ratioo but oa tie face of the j^lobe,
." and. ffentleicea, her» is one of the rea
.-s why I asa p*rtlcalarii *g'a.d to fee
able to advocate ssci a policy.
"I think that any policy which tends
•r tie cpllftinj: of any portion cf our
pecp> in tie end distributes its bece
£t over tie trhole rjeople.
-Bit it is far easier ordinarily ta
p rj.t !r.t-3 effect a- poCcy which shall at
tie moment in direction help. the peo
pl* concentrated in the centers of the
• pcpclatioa and wealth than It is to
\u25a0 pet into effect a policy wiici win help
the dwellers is. tie cocntry and th«
tillers of th« son. Sow here we have
a policy whose first and direct beneSi
will coiae to the nan <m the farm, the
the so" the man whom mikes his tor-
A :o«: o « of what prows on the W
-JL-. XTUliarns has said that «r a
dar we can sink all mere party dlffcr
Ccstiaa««£ «a Pfcse 3, C«L 5
The San Francisco Call.
rzSTEJIDAr — TT«t irtad; eliMKiy; TTUTtmrnrt
~*m-p+tt.?zr*. it}~ 5-*.
FORECAST FOS TtX)AT— Clea£j. pwftaftZy
Til* t*Uceas trsrt^frjns St. L-rois ts BBwj *»
br»t* re-erf fcr lesz «3k*2c« 2ijit. Pxse 1
-lasa Stnnsir. S«r ]»s&aa£. TrillUrj. W*^
Ifea\ «sA S«r «tst«-, R-?»». are r^J*»»e4 fTvia
R33»i«3 priwra. tie ctJciri exr*r?«t3jp r^?r«
Sl^ca. irt«j :\u25a0;:•*••. *<r»c«4 tcr trxTrry ta ti=*
ef disaster. P««e 3
CaHfomU prssacttm eT«=r2lr»» gr>u.>wt t* »t-J
C^oe to miJli.^ next sri2«?rV cr^gzrsa. Pace 13
E<*^» en Rraa- - P»«e «
Tie r*caJI — a remedy «aii dm»rr«st. Pare •
Coc=f^3rf*4 tr ; ki» ewa 2?^r«. P»S« C
" <ter tie =axtaj <rf terrres. Pa«e *
Dtstxlrt Xttsrotj Lt2?lca stcbepCt wfos?»
BCaZnic*] pdUUrd by :i«" Bj^a cf S3ol pTimi
5* i»r» he win tal^ x<y p«rt tatie autjonirr
ilajcr Tij-ior aad «ti*r jcxi ssr»eni=seat »-i=.
»r KffitiNnirS a»i T«2aess»« stt»«3. .Pax» 2
Lsjtji «re few^ <j*n3eiatory tho ssaal. Pase 3
EJjftt Istjti tr» «:—pt»4 k»J t»»jr a, fsr rrCa.l
ef Tlrrj I— Fsnl: E^r»r j?i«.r??» Til—Taia.
Viia*: Kias. ajs?! l»bcr?r. fuead irtfi* rrxs
tsrrd \u25a0&£{. tie rssnlt »f •. Uoar. Pmse >
F«leraJ <";ii.; «f a?p*»!, ccsiraiis deitisira
arsa fca»» t«»t «a.fi»f7 «^rpf*aar!»- P»^e 5
&:;x»rnsors scad! ajn«n«i*it Pxrtalile friacftt^e
to Jotst 3t_Giti-« mud str*»r <rcc=sixt»e« «al
t=ti<jrtre espeSklSTtre «f en Hcnr^»
Briiccl. Pace 3
Citsww «ri n^^2e« tiat TcelTi sctu Wil
2*33. •£>! ant tell tTa t» pat yctica J3 "jiil
cßta'?"* eofiieel _ Pace 2
C*n«i « jfrxfter. wtfa «ai^ fw Hrvr^^ »
!a^i*n. Pa^r 14
Onxsl Mjmair^r Ks<rk cf tie Cilt»4 BaG
frr witi P. Majcn, !nt»mtlr«nl pr*«l«te:t «f
CV «tr«»t rarj-wir «ispio7?». Paye 14
Paftftr Hat! «-«BSa3T. «."ji^«fii s» . . *rtTra
tor* »»^i ship f» r^SaWlilat-* it*. " Otsaaai
t?r»;«-. -- \u25a0 - ' - - ' "?smp? Mf
Glri jUica ta J<^ta >w!TrV bSoc ii=s»tf »t
S»»c ii< !»•<• 6»<£. bfi* liTatasaai rial ta t3*=a frita
irr s>r V^Rjrril *t»»«rl. P«c* 14
T"aT»rsa»3!. f» \u25a0\u25a0••ii sGrrsjort^i ta ftla F**t pr>
Sts<-rf'-n of ,~TSe &?nw Slaa'* a; ti« V«a !?<^s
cb«if»r. ' Pas* 7
X»t «pnr»?t is rayaS? iTpr^af-itas ea—i aa>l
ices si; b* s##a Ttti diMiMi <•»». Pase 3
E-uiftard mnrras Cr»ci nurti ta SEnd wife ias
crarrtei a «j - wionr police arrest en feL-JiiT
rtxrx*. Pase 4
_^i!lt» retries csriccs wnsea frr ftarti? at
CtiT« ScsTt. ca trial ;nr caissrnj tie deata cf
Qm Pace 4
KaiTs cf ti^^gua stay restore iljit t» Frcf-
G^rrx; D^-rcsca. wi» Is rXxg tUxi frcm cat
arrrt* en bcti «T»». P«se 4
F»ss*»r ni:I» riarcer* cf tie artistic c!^b« aa>i
naii»rsit;j»s rr»!slrs "it a r-«r7rt !»\u25a0-*. Pa^c S
TrjrS«N» rl^»r aTort» rare t^ort fcr tSe
i^r!<^» fir tr«H;t- Paxe S
TarTs^a *-• *s*r<il3itl2Z as t» tie »xart ef3
rlal «tare» ef Martia XatSasioß^ ti» fasi'TS
fea3«iVapp»r. *ssi^i» < l by t&* y»w Cattfatri*
>»-ii»r c:s&. Paare *
Vaaii-teTw's E3«*y fwrtbaH t?a3i •rrl'-i
i^r» a=d id cb&a wtti Staar^d Tarstry
AstacsoteCat A. D. Pl3ihc2 «tarts ca racs
ajaisst tiae crer tie rmta rr«(ii to
Eer»k*. Pace S
L«n? *tets r«>firate C» c^eaiaj cf tii»
an-^nra oretias- at I Jaaalcx traei by ssaitx&igj;
srr^rai ra-ires. Psare S
Sfaaassr J»^i Glrasc- ias b«!a fiTea canl
tratay tf> niake f!s«ai en are prTjcswl Ket.Tit«»l
.vjji snazca. P«jf e *
The patt»ra mairrs er this rttr tS fter«aft«r
fir* a fcisa clxss fjita periodically. Pace 7
Vj— :&?. i t ascicr «r«'- eiafies earr <li-»en
aa-1 crsiKr'a 4>s«rSrr« Is pc«tr«ned csSSL icat
sryEiae* :• reccrerec. Paje •
BritSii rtsaa^r Cans CKatraa ttrii?s =>7rtS
"•-'- racks as! wC S* tstal Xoaa. Pase 9
2«*<:tlca takes place la local aisisj stjcl
ssarket and GsLileil ORSsZ^Utsil SEnes arol
Flcrenre rise. Paye 13
Mias Erza St. G«sr wd rrtrrn frsss Enrjpe
tsday a=d w2l fee ssen*' tils year"* <Latn
taatrs. Pase «
— —
{ Mexicans Use Stilettos,
Guns and Clubs in"
Many Battles
I.OS* AXGELES. Oct. 21.— Carnage
pr«rai!eii in "Sonoratowrx" yesterday,
I when a-cos. st|lettas and other -wea
j pons tr<»re osed prontfsenoc«ty_V' ta
i various brawls iaa:? the Spanish and
j Mexican residents. Seven were Troxxad-
I cd. three of whom may die. and seven
I ethers are now In Jail for assault.
I Joseph Redonas, stabbed In tie abdo
|men; Missel Perez. sca!^> cat and ab
tdominal woan.ds from a stiletto, and
;Jose AcTina, with a frontal bone, cose
i and jaw fractured with a clnb and riba
severed triti a stiletto, probably will
\u25a0In the majority of the Sgits Jealcrisy
over women was the eatise. "An ©I*l
family fea«J was also revived, while -In
( one case a ir-?xiea.n ran. assticfc* and
j emptied hi* - revolver • into a " crowd of
[fcl» cs'iTitrrjriea. ;
Disappear Northwest of St.
\u25a0Louis at the Setting
" . > • . rr • \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 - . . - \u25a0 \u25a0.- \u2666
Aeronauts Confident of Ex- 1
ceeding the Record of
Lieutenant Lahm --
United States Represented [
by Holder of World's
Championship •\u25a0
ST. LOUIS, Oct. 2L— Driftuig .£a[
a. west of tujrth when lost I
to view in dieiiaxc cf falling sights
as£ with a fresbesis.^ socthsast brecrs I
behind them, nine big balloons are.
.cc=peti=g tnmg^it fcr the -honor- at-[
tached to the winning cf the ssccndf
iercaautfc cup race. A brilHart raoca]
b shrniTg tsroughcut the middle west;
and ccnditicr^> seeni'gocc fcr z rec-|
crd breaMzg Sight.
A stiver yrtzi -K-onlti have bees cere?
\u25a0welcorc* to th» occupajits c* tire TsricSter T
fears which huay like ;lny rp«cks fee ".
\u25a0sealh th« great ylohsiar /bags, bnc tt.;'
| fire niHe bre»se cf . tie lotrer air strata
'• sir; pro=ifs< of s^leiuild racfci^ cur- 5
\u25a0mats fa the higher altltndes. 'The G»r- !
: rrzr.s, art fag t^cs this theorj-, r-acised
Jfor tie hiajher ' coarses right .at : th-ei
start; th» FreacSr stn-2 Ecsll,sh CLero- ]
I natrts -were core eQ=s*rratiTe and »e
j l-sctetl x middle depth, while th* Asi»r
;ica-ns riced s-way at an. ittitnde wfcic&
??«;a*<l t& is.'k.ii Vx'^f. ixzst clear o* trees i
acd h3c.«*!tcpji. S«3- lew., la. fact. d;d
, raro ct the Ansertcaa teacrs bifssc*"
! their cart that tirere wu grave datng«r
at t£e baaketa rajExng- a crrswfied^ eras'?- i
: stand ajvi Intense eicfteJaeat'pr^TaiteTJ. j
;TI»JSt. r^tiis^cn- o? tit* Urgsst baJ- !
loon* In the race, eaine so close to the i
: stand that It iras seised by a B<xaad of !
soldiers, s-arept back, to a saier petal]
aarl ser:t a-way txo minutes after the j
\u25a0oScial "wcrd to go'irss yiven.
la the fc!s race there are three bal- j
loess representing' Aaerica, three !
representicj? G€rac7, faro for France
and one for Eag-land. Tie fcaaScet *f
each, ballocn contains two occcpaata.
the pilot and his "aid. VTlih a. prospect
cf the breeze holdiny to the southeast
and sooth, many predictions -were made
tonight that the.Cr.al landlns placa of
the \u25a0winning ballcoa -woald be £n Mlnne- i
«ota or one oi the DaJcotas. " others [
held the optnicn thac the upper current [
wci-Id send the craft farther to the [
east. ts> find a place of descent other!
than Laka llichigan. The records of*
the race established. last year tr'L!»a
tenant Frank P. Lahm of the United
States army in a fiLlarht from Parts to
tie north of England Is 402 tnfies-
Each aeronaut ta tha- present contest
expected to exceed that distance.
Th<s start cf the race -was spectacular
in the extreme and vas witnessed by a
throng gathered te- Forest park van- j
o-isly estimateil at from S$,Q<H5 to [
ls<}»o'3o persona- la the tnclosnre ylveni
orer to the aeronauts the nine balloons I
\u25a0were arranged In nro rows. fi"re beinsr
en one side of the central lane and
i faur en the other. For fonr h.OTir3.be
1 fore tha -Startins tfnx* gas vrsja pumped
i eimxrltanecsisly Into eacii bag 1 from a
skeleton cf esyecfaily censtrnctad. pfp*s
leading from a tanlc ta.-wnica'was
stored 3,:30,0a0 cable feet of the light
est coal : gzs that, acccrdlns to C:e
aeronants, has ever been naannfacttrred.
j V^hen. half filled each, balloon resembled
the ronnded cav«r cf spnae giant cacl
. dron. Over each half globe ts-as tlsrown.
the webbing which -was to- support the
basket and Its occupants. The balloons I
remained half tiled, until an fcotrr be- !
fore the race, -when the gas was turned !
on Itzll force . from ,ths haje main and !
the bags * expandeti to thefr rounded !
fullness. TVhen the last -word to so
vrzs given all restraining hands were
removed and eacii balloon In ttiru.
arose gently to me*t the breesa. ....
The contest Is known omdally as the
second international aeronautic ccp
I contest and the prize, a massive silver
Krcphy- and $2,3Q*) ta cash, -will >c
I awarded to ~ the pilot \u25a0 , whose skill and
f daring land . his- car. farthest, from "the
I starting point. As the ' balloons are of
I similar design and material the , rsce
f -sc-fll go to the aeronaut— French/ Eng-
fliah. Germander; American— -w ho. 7 Is
I capable of UMs; the '; best . a&rantage
t of favorable winds and loses the least
Igrocad under adversity. 'The .race also
[marks the entry of the Un l t-?tl States
{ato active competition with, the, E'ito
i p^an nations !n a field whicii ha^ been
{ left .almost exelcsively to> them In tlfa
I past. It was throas-h. the winning of
[ the cup last year In a. race from Paris
Iby \u25a0 Lieutenant ~ Frank P. T:»>>rp r c * the
j United State* army, that . the "contest
j-sr^sj -sr^s breusht t» this cbentry; tftfs year.
ilac'i Interest attaches \u25a0to the fact
t that the .\u25a0 balloon £a which- Llitrtenant
tb^ record for the rain at 43-"
i mile--* last year, started t:?dsy and ea_r- :
Ceatisseti ea rajs fj; j
\Pkrtners—How do Republicans like the ne w firm ?
Vain Ef f ort to Trick Langdon
Exposes Ryan's Backers
"The report that I have announced that I am going to support and vote for Mr.
Ryan or any other candidate for mayor is absolutely without foundation. I have made
no such announcement, nor will I take any hand in the mayoralty contest. I shall
continue to prosecute the nonpartisan' campaign for the district attorney's office that
I have been maMng. lam fighting for a principle and shall not take any other part
in this campaign.* '—District Attorney William H. Langdon.
TMs statement was made yesterday afternoon in reply to the following fake
in the Oakland Tribune: "District Attorney Langdon today announced that he will
support and Tote for Daniel Ryan for mayor. ??
In a clumsy attempt to estrange the Taylor vote from District Attorney Lang
don. the dakiand* Tribune, prostituted to the work of the indicted bribe givers and
the subservient creature of W. F. Herrin and Patrick Calhoun. sprung a campaign
trick yesterday that was evidently designed to be uncovered at the end of the cam
pai^n,' when it would do the most harm to Langdon and the most good to Eyan.
In strict accord with tne policy of the Southern Pacific and the indicted bribe
givers. tM puppet paper of the highexups came through yesterday in support of
Ryan for mayor of San Frandsco.* copying the ETamiTier's life story of the^boy can
didate^ and the -Hearst reasons '"f6r supporting the mayoralty aspirant who still insists
that he is a republican. The orders .were evidently mixed, , for,
while the last mark of the beast was,pct upon Ryan by the espousal
of his lorlom hope by the organ of Herrin i and Calhocn, a large
portion of the -front; page of thedefender of the bribe givers was
devoted to a rake announcing that ; Langdon's active support was
being thrown , to -Ryan.
W. F. Herrin permitted yesterday ; his \u25a0 direction of the . crossnre
against District Attorney William H. Langdon to,become as_plain
as the Harriman-Hearst anti-Roosevelt hand ' in San Francisco wjas
made by Hearst's espousal of Daniel A. Ryan after Ryan's repudia
tion by the republicans of San Francisco; and California.
That Herrin has been taking an active part against District
Attorney Langdon has been an open secret- All of his Sotihem
Pacific political macFtinery in and around San .Francisco was^long
since set in motion for the aid and comfort of; the higherups caught
in the graft prosecution dragnet. Every, practical politician, 6 trice
holder and hanger on who owes allegiance -to. the Southern Pacific
political bureau has worked cautiously, but none the less assidn
onsiy, to encompass the defeat of . District Attorney Langdon . and
the consequent collapse of the graft prosecution!^
From . the ' governor to roustabout on ,'tfae ivater fronts every
man jack 'who 'owes his place to Herrin is against Langdon. • Ever>
bustness;,interest not opposed, to -.Langdon . because ; of more -or less
personal interest in ; frustrating : Eire work : of. tlie .graft prosecution
that conld be : reached by the .. Southern Pacific boss-has been
reached and linetl up" against Langdori. Machine men in both the
republican and democratic parties, whose ears are :; properly attuned
to- • the toot; of . the ' Squthera. Pacific whistle, have knocked and are
industriously knocking Langdon. The reasons "assigned for. the
opposition to Distritt Attorney Langdon have been as varied as
the methods employed, but the purpose, of them all has been the
election of Frank McGowan, corporation attorney, friend of Herria
and aa ex-memßcr of Kerrin's legislature.; whose election would
mean the dismissal o£ Special Prosecutor Francis J. Heney and
the end of the graft; prosecution. -. '- . 1' - ,
v The governors _ opposition to Larigdon is explained \as not in
cluding any open antagr3nl>m to Langdon— fer from it. The goy r
emor. fQ say the: attendants of the state"- machine! -is interested .in
fP^^SVSD 0 J TASS h S2l£* I &$3 2
George A. Van Smith
to play cp^tefe^^fef^fe^^CjsS?^^ the g2.:r.e !
has been reconstructed and modified by
the big" colleges, will be explained is
77?e Sunday Call
One Hundred Dollars for
Election Guesses
HOW do YOU figirre ocr the resslt cf the ccz=kzz electsca is Saa
When do YOU forecast aa &s pesple'i choice fcr raycr?
B7 what rets do yoi predict he be elected?
\u0084 Here's seme easy mensy fcr YOU — aO yes fcxre to
do is ;\u25a0 to - gness and gcess better thaa ycrr comnetitars.
Dotstt: b«lcw is a ectrpen for yes to £H cst with ycrr
f crecaat, ycer name and eddress and then to rrail to
Electioa Retrms Editor, The Call
- For the predxetica . that . cornea nearest &e. \u25a0winner'* plnraHty aj
shewn by the semic^cial retsms ta the registrar The Call wi2 pay
Fifty Dollars
Fcr the secend nearest predicticn The Call will pay
Thirty Dollars *
Fcr the third nearest crediction The f>~ will pay
Twenty Dollars
(Fin cct cGcpon and rr.au it to ELECTION RETURNS HIV
;{ Taytcr y s2I cc elected mayor by a plsraSry
v *CjT«n j c r .................. Tctes»
- : DAY. NOVEMBER 2. 13C7.
San Francisco Girls
and Walling Are
Mo Strings Attached and
Officials Express Regret
Say Overzealous
Spy Ordered
; Word Sent to Embassy
by Underground Postal
[ Wil2a=- E.-zSsh WaHEng cf fcdim
! apclis. c£s Trife and his wife's siatsr.
j Hess Srr^sirr. who arrested a=d
I taken to jail Izst zighr becar3e c£ their
;. assaoaticts with ntemb-ers cf the Fbr-
I zzsh progres^rrs partj. were released
this evening. The pclice fstn:d noth
v=.S among the papers cf the trio to
j warrant detaining them. ' No cendi
j tiens were attached t3 the relesse.
;bct Mr. and Mrs. WaZ~g and Miss
! Strmsx7 intend to leave St. Peters
\ hcrg ca WednesdiT. They 337 the?
t hare practically finished their wcrk is
} Rossla. All their papers and man^
j scripts ha-r* teen rs3t3r*i to tiens. Ti%
} c2.=1a13 t&ia ev-nins eijr^aasd r^yre;
: it th« arrest*, whrci thsy say wtT-j
I crrierirf .spxm tie report cf a.n o**r
Tie t^T'9 women prlscnsra \u0084Trsr? ccn
* fiseS ' ffcrr . I-t \u25a0 Jicnrs is & prtsc-n (rrer-^
s Th»r -srer- ccsincted to a small - cell.
. ; S by 1* feet, bit th<»y rsld tsla «t«
| !=?• they ha<£ not STzn".»r»l eapeiriil its
\u25a0 eoss&trt "£uriis: the'r \u25a0 arrest.
Jlr. Vfmlliz.^ -ars-s as^frne-l tr> a y??
: ara.;* ceUL he was cos p^r
s nxltted to sea anybodj". bst he fjnr^ no
i ».— ----. - .- fy -w^..««3 A XT.^7k W-J
tby tha prtscner3 wha were ts
j tils practice by ssTera! sr.bT*ntion*<£
[ oScials. Neither itr. nor 2£ra. TCall
| Ins was q-^e3ticne<* aa to tie arre3r.
, i bnt 1E33 Stmnsky -sraj snijected ta a
I ! searching Jnc/tilsltlcni In . the marrer cf
\u25a0 ; nish aSi:a:oT3. S>» srscc^^t^i ts. jnt>y-v..
;f In?, ic^re^er. kiiit her ac^Tiaiiiti^c^
vith these p«c?le V 33 xsercixTcasßaL
' \u25ba ...... . ;
Th- eSorts cn-i»rtak»n by the As*:!-
I can embassy tad muclx to> da : .wit^-
>rt \u25a0 .NSTOy. Ort. . Zl. — Secretary.
» Soot cabled SCsstjrcrzery schnyt»r Jr. cf
f th* Amarican. emb-i3Ty at St_ Pit.trsbr^^
} today regarding- th* cai^* cf TTiriJais
! English 'Wallln.s'. tie American *h»
I «O3 arrested there yesterday wits
I members of ht3 fam.l2y for i_= : \u25a0 • .t. \u25a0-.
\u25a0 > .z^ t_e *n*-^2 — , - rr-??^ i - ?ir. .
1 statement of tie appeal 1502 wiica
s r the American emsassy expects! 1 1
I act for th« rell»; of the persons ar
| restsd so far as seemed proper, and
Coatlssed « Pas* 3. Co I. 3

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