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, This js the age of electricity. Even
transcontinental railroads arc forced to
see it. The story of the first of these to
change from steam will appear in
The Sunday Call
Roosevelt Boldly Defies Frenzied Financiers
Bank Pays Out $8,000,000 and Coses; Rich Firm Fails for $6,000,000
Aerial Racers Scattered. and
All Still Aloft at
Last Reports
Major Hersey of Weather
Bureau Seems Certain
of Being Winner
English, French and Ger
man Craft Remain in
Sight of the America
ST. LOUIS, Oct. 22.— Scattered
through the state of Ohio, with one;
or two balloons trailing in the vidn-
Vity of the great lakes, and another
last heard from in Chatham, Ont, all
nine of the big balloons participating
In the second international aeronautic
cup races were still in the air tonight. ;
Throughout the afternoon reports of
balloons at . various points in Ohio
have been coming in, while Detroit
first sent word of the contestant
which afterward passed over the
Canadian border and was last seen at
The identity of only four of the
balloons has been proved. McCoy and
Chandler first reported their presence]
at Marion, Ohio. Their last message j
was to the effect that : :-the*<Atrierica]
would descend on the borders of Lake
Erie, probably; in- the .vicinity of
The German balloon Pommern, No. 1
In tbe race, passed over Cleveland late
this afternoon, and its. pilot, Erbslosh,
<3ropped a liotft saying, "Open ' water
. ahead. All welt." The -Pommern had
been reported earlier vi the'day'in' the
interior of Ohio. \u25a0 f
A note dropped during: the "morning j
6t New AuguFta. Ind.. near fndianapo- '
11*. conveyed the information' that the
passing: -.vas the L.ot,Us^ll, .the f
dhly* English! entrant in -Die race. * j
The French -balloon - IMe de France i
\u25a0dropped a messapp for the Associated
Press at Columbus, O.
There has been much speculation
liere as to the identity of the balloon
i\u25a0- . , •
Tvh'rt passed over into Canada with
apparently a wide !ca *. in the big race.
The balloon is reported to have flown ;
two American flag's; and this fact is j
nccepterj by some as showing that the |
balloon is the United States, with Ma-!
Jo.r Henry B. Hersry of the United
,6tates weather bureau as pilot. The
.United States was -the winner of the
International race of 1906. All of the
contestants were decorated with flags j
And buiitingr and there is a chance that j
the theory of the leader being the
United J?£atcs % ' ! 'may .be ' upset. The
Aero club officers are inclined to be-
Hrve. however. " tliat there can be no
mistake as to the.identityof the leader
«nd are freely predicting that Major
Hersey will be the winner of the con
, test. The balloon reported at Detroit
»nd later at -Chatham evidently had
' followed the course which Major Her
eey forecasted he would take.
There seems no doubt that the record :
made in the race. from P.aris last year!
402 rnilcs. will be exceeded by practi- \u25a0<
cally every balloon In the present race. '
JCearly all of the balloons reported in
c.io have covered n»ore than that dis- ;
tance, while those on the great lakes
'are more than 100 miles ahead of the |
record. \u25a0
All of the balloons have gone to the j
«ast and northeast. One -.vagrant • car
was reported at 7:45 p. m. tonight a* .
passing Waukogan, 111., just north of
Chicago, od tjje edge of I>ake Michigan. '
The balloon America reported to thej,
Associated Prees that it had been ! i
\u25a0within tight of. three other balloons.:
during moEt of its journey. One of \
them undoubte»3ly was the English ba!- \
loon I>otus II and another the Isle de :
France. The rai-e between the four is
being watched with' great interest.
OAKLAND. Oct.."22.— The contest be
tween Attorneys W. H. ChickerinK-and
X. V. Mendenhail over a heavj- attach
ment f£lftd by. the C. W.* Raymond com-"
pajiy against th« Alexander brick" and
terra cotta company" was- decided" In
Mendenhalls favor by Jydjte'Ojrden to*
day when a motion, to quash the st
ktachm<?nt was denied- The brick coni-
V>any wbs attached br Mcndenhall in
behalf of the Raymond company to
cover a claim o£ $17,000 for machinery.
The San Francisco Call.
. YESTERDAY— w«t wind: cloutjr;' maximum
I tcnsperattire.- 66: mlniniunj. 32.
FORECAST .FOR TODAY— Shc.irer.«: li?ht
\u25a0otithwest ' wind. • . roue 11
Curbing ef' trusts Is theaj« of th* flflc
i fed»rati">n. irbirjj meets to cnier on corp«r«
tlon actMti**. - Pa»e T
AH balloons iv international rae« brejk
Ttcod. tb« rnJtfd States being in lead aod
r all etill aloft at the la«t report* le
celre«. -, Pago 1
Mtorirt traopa rwjtrt tr French after latter
baT* iserTO**' *et«p* from ataihilalj«n in am
bush. PageS
ShlpEß'ut nt Japaoes* labw from Hawaii into
Cajiada; »jT»li<?ar» irtilch loared nson»r to ira
ialiT«Dts so they odsbt . pass !««?» \u25a0 . it
•JL ; Page?
Santa F» rnntrarta tor.- $2,000,000- -wfTiti •of
Hawaiian timber fr»r. railroad tl»#. Page 7
Suit to ej»rt Maror Mafli/ran cf Talle.trt from
!of fir« la dismissed b*caase of ..the 'failure
of atterneya to a«cnr<» «3»poslti<>Be f^' ovl
denc». * '* a *f« r .
San B?roardiß«> sheriff taV»* negro fr<?ni jail.
\ ftiATing trob will aeeV rerenje r«<r ftKcifr
of deputy. Ykb*i 7
" Sacramento rotes in referendum plTes AVwt-
J era PaclOc OTerrrbelming rictory orer Sr>ut'j«»rn
Pacific. Pace 1
Poor intftitor basins suit inTOlriiag mllltoiia
i against Frtßjo capitalist for- rights to rjUln
seeder. • Page 7
• After reacninjt *if« »nd children. • Napa
- rapcb»r re-*ntera burnlns b'>u)e to tar* bjoiipt
cod dif-i". Page 5
r -Thousand teachers gather .In \u25a0 Pacratnento
fcr twelfth asaual meeting of the • as>socU
• Uon. • . . Pake' 3
' Some ©f.th* charter ajnendracnts. Pa tee 8
; The Hearat blf?bt. P««re 8
/ Remember tbe sailor bo;-?, Papeß
v Katiooal campaign fund*. , Pae« S
political ;;
5 j Loofsboremen err. "We'll elect . yon. I.ang
[ <Joij," after . fr**ch-bj-,di«trict tttonjey .on ffrnft
Jca^s.J .- . \;.\'. -"-Vi'i.v \u25a0 . P**e.'.3
'J Corporation is»%. of craft prosecution ;Xtj
'\u25a0 j Trt>l*]>er cawptlgo in *n>rt to defest Lan^
1 don? \u25a0 ii - & * ."-_\u25a0»"-' * ' "\u25a0 " t'acri 1
' r - ;.t)Ai>iPl' A: Ryan speaks at* aoon. -and vatfcirt.
! i iji*etlDg» In pursultof -rotti.[ '.*' - ;' -jVPAJte 3
: ; Oannrn'a oaloo - repodiftte* plaims ot-'-^f.
H."M*Cartty by fcrmlDp ;a good gOTernwieiit
club., " j • PajseS
McCaftbr Diak'n Biggy an isoue Jn c*w
' ps'.cn by applying epitbeu to. police chief I.c
taya he"* would remOTe. "'\u25a0\u25a0 Pitjce'3
GRAFT, * j.;.. . .^; ;/
'\u25a0 Jluef in _ demurrer to O'Connell ,!»ult sa>* h<»
, j jjo«« - not Vnow'Trhat the word "(crafting"
meani. ' ' \ \u25a0.'* Pase 10
\u25a0 Kord Jury is completed and aecend trial- be
' | frioß with former Supervisor Jennlni:* PbllUjii.-a
' n-itnrss with a poor-naemcry, firat of the %r*U
crs to tcirtify. • •• \u25a0' - l'agc W
; United Slates Hltornpy *i>rTes notice «n , br*
j pltslg. nnanufaciorers 'of jrartpr?. patent iii<»ili
cine» and rat poison" lo «t6[t uning; red trtea
e.rmbol. \u0084 v ; \u25a0 Page 16
'.*rhe' San FranciKco traffic bureao plan of or
ganization Is made public and peDeral- co-opera-
Hod of l<v"al bosinen men 1* invited. Page 9
Leading bankers say that flurry in Wall street
i-annot affect banks in this city, as the financial
troubles there are due to t peculation. Page 4
i _, Judge parolea collegian whose cravioc for
I drink cauKcs him to rob a esloon. Page 16
T Mte. Talbofs lawjera indicate defeat and
! crosa examination of millionaire ' reTesl* lapses
jof memory. ;.'\u25a0_ Page 9
Shoe \u25a0 retailer unea :M. H. de Yooog for re
turn of deposit to aecure'.rent of Kearny ttreat
store, . I'age 16
• Western v Pacific probably trill tc. . ruoulng
trains -by January J. 1&09. Effort will be mnde
;to procure. 15.000 .wortmen. - • \u25a0 Pagre 11
; Man shot and focr wen injured during fight on
; lufc-lesidc streetcar."., V Page 5
Jamea . B. Mitchell and Mi.** Mand "Ware
\u25a0" the parental- objection* '
elope. - Page 16
Maid at St. yFranel* hwel Fain* *econd' re
ward for honesty in' returning money and valu
able* found, .'in rr<oin» r after snestß" de-
OKJ vJ XV Tj t\ 1-1 * .
VTUt Is shot to death white baby In Inp In
onhnrt when sun loaded with sparrow ,-ibot i*
diacbarged by accident. \u25a0• - Page 6
Police of bay. cltlea' ae'arcb "for Berkeley. lx>ys
who are playlnir. pirates; in launch booyht nlth
money one 'lad tooW'*from" fatber. -' Page 6
Shott" Mountain electric power company -a-ill
enter " field as competitor \u25a0 of. Pacific gat .and
\u25a0 electric -in • Mendoclco, Soaoma' and Marin
counties. \u25a0. ' ' . . - Page fl
Ealimatea of Oatland** eniriDeer for municipal
wbarrea put cost between V? 1,425,000, 425,000 and
?6,336.C00. • V.?- Page 6
Kamca of women whos* friendship for GlOTer
roused jraloua wrath. of .OUtc Scully will not lte,
hidden in murder trial. . 'Pa^e •
| SPORTS ' .. - .. :
Carman *tahle». rrlll be_ strongest numprlcally
of all tbe outfits at'; EnJeVfTille racetrack vent
winter. 1 -. •-.•-. -/'. <\u25a0• , Face 10
Dan" Murphy signs to coach Suctanl
onlreraity eltht daring comlp; a*aion. -," Pace 10
!. Members :of . Vancovrer^'Rasbx^ team* ure'.-ln
dtroant oxer criticism of McConacby . " at :: ' f an
• amateur .player., \. _ •' ' F«k«« 10
; OaVlsnd^maVec 10 run* in last three ioniums
of' same Vltb Portland 'and' wlna- byj sro.v , «if.
IS to 3. . .f, .\u25a0'"....'\u25a0 Paye 10
-Alex. Grejjraln* fljurlngw a match bef.Tren
Keil and Mora n for KoTember 26. Page 10
The. bar 1 tenders* \u25a0 union repcrta muiy^ admla-' !
siona to .^nembersbip. • : - «.. Page 9
. The Janitors*, union will »«v " to \u25a0 looV a f t?r .* the '
police ftatiotiß. Page 9 ,
MARINE , f i
Russian .steamer tram Conftanttcople. after '
•tortny' Toyage *acro»-«x Paclflc^'putsMn to UiJ« »'
port "\u25a0 abort " of fuel* and 'in' "need of ;re
pair*.- ;' \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0.'-- - m ' .Pacelll ,!
Soutbero .Nerada mlnltuc Rtocks drop be:3us»> '•
©f ftoanrlali trouWesjin Wall-street, but p»rtir.l '
reccx* >r T .follows. . '-Page;: 15
.'\u25a0 Many "society fnlkuwill attend informal \ht>p •
at Presidio neit Friday trtclog. Page 8 ]
Czolggsz Hearst fcrCzoU
gosz Hearst?^ Mgv^^o]^joWi^iT^^: :
Like the Combination?
Referendum Hits S.P.
and •Trustees Blow
Sacramento Grants the Western
Pacific Franchise by^ an; :
Overwhelming Vote ;;
Special by Leased Wire to-JT. he Call i,
SACRAMENTO, Oct: Si.-^The'electoi'a
of this city: showed totla'y. .wljat ., they
could do '.'with- the" : , referendum.
Southern' Pacific was given s a hard
blow. " ';',' " t • ' 'y
. The board .of trustees had refused '
franchises to the Western Pacific rail- 1
way to " cross the" city* from' north to !
south between Nineteenth and ~T.wen-j
tietn streets and from east to west be
tween Q and. R streets. The question
was referred to ' the' people and the
north and south franchise carried; 4,065
to 177, the cast to west by 4,013 to 172.
ratio Is about 24 to K. There
are in the city 9,058 registered l voters.
SEATTLE. Oct. 22.~0n«> death-hav
ing occurred here frombiibonic plague,
Mayor Moore today formally requested
Governor Mead to reques'tjhe- surgeon
general of the public health' and *ma
rine'ihospital service to take charge: of
the [prophylactic measures' that'may be
necessary to stampi out the plague in
Seattle, "and •' Governor. Mead' imm»
diately wired the department at-Wash
ington.; . ' \u25a0
-The city council.- has had prepared'
an ordinance providing 1 for a .bounty" on
rats a-nd- the board "*of health todayVdi
videdth*! city. into, sanitary. dtstricts^f or
the . purposes 'of ,, waging:, a*fwar;'Qn; rats
an"dralso for\the;purpo?e"> ofiol^ansingr
th« city. There are, no' cases" umJpr sus
picion at. present." » Rat. guards "are .be.
irig'. Installed; on the hawsers- of j& very.
vessel^inTport: - * ; - ; ' '" , ;~"l;V t*
*"\u25a0 OTTAWA. : Ontf'Oct. 22.-^Dr. ,MonU r
sambert, director; general -of JtHel public
health, has \u25a0 beenV instructed 'by, Sydney,
Fisher to ' leave \t or,, the pacific y coast
and : d ireetn arran gemeri ts " : for " the * sani -
taryi" protection- of itheldomiriJonragainst
the: bubonic iplag^i^lwhjch^ißgsaidi to
hAve^made' its, sppearAn^ea.t^Seattle.
A health guard has already^ been; organ
ized ; and port ; and ; frontieV, "inspectors
have been appointed byi telegraph.'- f ';\u25a0
Whispering Campaign Plan of
Bribers to Beat Langdon
fearing the 1 Open-'ProsMiitiMi-s^Eoes
i6 / T*HE one man tohose^ election at this time would \u25a0
* seem-to-he-übsoluiely ~ indispensable- is-Wil
appointed J^eney -[assistant district attdrne^arid thus
before, on? the r lahordicliet^
itiw*ty?afty\partyf at outi
he twill^prbbqtyy:run\s does, the
-whole: country )£an'{l^
whJetl^ : the prosecution to
iAmericw«Magazinerfor\N ;
George A. Van Smith
Distnct Attp^
tiori is * tHeji&uew tha t \\ the indicted: bribe givers - and' all .the corporate
interwts- aljied"^ith ythern are [rnaking^s^enuous; if stealthy," efforts
to^riide from the*- people of : -San v -Franciscd.^ : '" : : -;--'' \u25a0•'• V / | U , •;
-Every handUnJ^hich- the aUie^
working; day 'arid; night ; to .cut down* I^ngdon-apielecftm:his stead
a" corporation i\ attorney,'* whose y platfornv;uttera"nce^rto:"say" -nothing
of -hi^ puj^lic^ r^
; "" _ v _-nhat; Williani;:H. : Langdon; : nominated^" on \ two -tickets .and
backed "bythe^honest-support^offthcjgreat^ma;
San^Francisco,; will 'triumph over Uhe^gu\n;sho^, whisperers the
indicted, bribe giver*^ha8 l not- »»'rvetl-j- ' ' !'! ' "" ' : * : '' '* " '" ' ''- '\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0<•'''\u25a0' \u25a0 ' \u25a0 ->\u25a0 v V
to abate but_ rather . to increaia.the'
desperate 'efforts of Uhe men^-who^ can
see .T,trial«--'for ; felonies" and ; prison
stripes \u25a0 -for .ithemselyeß in . the" .'re
election of^Langdon. * J "_ - . ;!vV v r
.'The covered fight- against Langdon
and ; the'; graft .prosecution ii * o'ntY of
;the;;.most ; carefully ; systematlMd and !
adroitly, conducted . guerfili a 'campaigns i
ever.vwaged UnrCSan* Francisco.: ' Lang
don's^very strength with;the:grekt^ma
jority:of>theVpeople,has' been . made to
, serve: a s \ a ; weapon ;' a gai list !i him— ha s
Continued on ;* Fare ; 3,"' Column '•} 1.
Trouble in Wall Street Will Not
Alter Policy, Says President Roosevelt
HERE has been trouble in the stock-market in the high
•' \u25a0* financial world during the past few months. The state
ment frequently has becn^made that the policies for ifkick I
stand, legislative and executive, arc responsible for that trouble.
Now, these policies of .mine can be summed up in one brief sen
tence. They represent the effort to punish successful dishonesty. I
doubt if these policies have had any material effect in bringing
about the present trouble, but if they have it will not alter in
the slightest degree my determination that for the remaining 1 6
months of my term these policies shall be persevered xn."-^
President Roosevelt.
Big Trust Company
Pays Out $44,444
-\ : '' a Minute
Financiers Hold Tight
to Funds They Control
NEW YORK, Oct. 22.— Credit, the
foundation of all business, trembled
; for -a- time today and before - confi
1 dence .could^be : restored' New York's
second "-largest J financial- institution
had, emptied its cash. vaults under the
pressure ;.;of ; -"the , biggest 'Vrun /expe
rienced \u25a0here. in. a. generation, a. stock
exchange j firm had failed f or - $6,000.
000, : Wall street's principal securities
had settled from 5 to 8 points ' a share,
call money had risen "to -70 'per cent
and bankers, uhitedto' stem the tide
of distrust, had been, forced* to "appeal
for relief to the secretary 'of the
treasury at Washington.
; All tfcis followed the reassuring:
-statements, by the acting- state su
perintendent of banks that the sus
pected bank -was solvent, the declara
tions by prominent- bankers that there
was no true basis -for alarm and as
surances from; VTashington. that Cor
telyou vrould • not •- heslta!te to act
promptly in any situation where legiti
mate business was threatened.
.Now -that the first scare 'ls -over and
the worst of the future discounted. It
Is believed that metropolitan banking:
affairs soon will adjust themselves.
- Secretary Cortelyou reached New
York; from -Washington at 9:30 o'clock.
He .was met at Jersey City, by Hamilton-
Ftsh. asaistanVUnited States. treasurer,
and the two were in earnest conversa
tion during: the ferry trip to] New York.
Upon reaching this city they went, at
Contlnaed on Page 4, Column 1.
Impertinent Question No. 22
What Rre-.YjQu^niTaiQ Of/
For the most original or \vittiest answer to this ques
tion—and the briefer the better—The Call will pay
FIVE;.DOLLARS. For the next five answers
: The Gall -will pay, ONE DOLLAR-each. • Prize
winning answers will be printed next Wednesday
and;checks" mailed to the winners at once. Make
your answer-short and address it to
TLjr r* A I T
'•'•'-'* ' •-" "\u25a0 \u25a0'\u25a0•\u25a0 " ' '
Prlxe Ansners to ~Whnt do yoa wantT"
' $5 prii*! to Mrs. M, .VaUette. 43S I^ne street, city.. :
Nothing—and it will.be no surprise if I ret it.
;'\u25a0 $1: prise to Mis» CUristlnf Pomercj, Sao Rafael. Cal.
\u25a0»\u25a0 A \u25a0 COOK. -v.. »•.....•.,.,... ". ',
\u25a0 $1 prlzs.to M. O.M'leasaat. Sebastopol. Cal.
. |lpriz».to J*ck Darcy, 414' Fourteenth' »tr*et,^^ Oafelaatf. CaL * \
- prixe to E'lward E11I«. 154 Tweaty-seTenUi itreet,,cltj.
A''pipe"that beve'i-'goes '&&.' "
$1 \u25a0 Iprlx« to Joseph Smith,> 119 North Market street. San Jo«»,'Cal. .'
.\ .•* . . yi'far} h. av f .not; what* I need /and' good health '
And^ that; $5 prize to buy the paper that h called-
Fluffy Ruffles requests the
easurejjof your acquaintance.' She. will
Lceiyfeyeach of the thousands who are
ig^P'to meet arid greet her in
The Sunday Call
Says in Nashville
Speech That He
Stands Pat
Purpose Is to Punish
Successful Dishonesty
NASHVILLE. Oct. 22.-^Never be
fore v_: has* Nashville so elaborately
decorated herself as today when wel
coming President Roosevelt- Bunt
ing, flags, banners and pictures of tho
president were on almost every house
in the uptown section ;of :• the . city,
which" was \u25a0 crowded with \u25a0 people from
a radius of • 100 miles.
The special train entered. the union,
station amid the booming of cannon.
ringing of bells, shrieking of whistles'
and the cheering of thousands. The'
street parade led by the chief execu-j
tive was a continuous ovation.
In his address at th« Audltoritiin In j
addition' to the. quotation given aboa/o j
the president 'said:: ;
arouse that type of civic m»n-j
hood In our nation it "were necessary to j
suffer any temporary, commercial de- j
presslon I should consider the cost but ,
"All -we .have done has ,been-.ito un
earth the wrong doing., It was not thy
fact that- It; % was unVar.the<l' that <Hd> t
the damage. " All "1 did ' was , to, turn; on t
the light. lam responsible for turning.
on the light, but lara not responsible,
| for "what the light showed.
\u25a0_ ; "It was Impossible to cut-out a'canjeer ,
without making the* patient^ feel for.i'af
few days rather ? sicker " than '* ha : felt \u2666
before. No material* well "belixgr" can !
Continued on Page 4,' Column a

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