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Impertinent Question No. 22
See Page 5. Bottom Columns 1 and 2
Two Hundred Bodies Are
Found and Deaths May
Surpass 500
Torrential Rain Increases
the Misery of Panic
Stricken People
Several Famous Structures
Are Razed by the
ROME. Oct 24 At 6 o'clock this
evening about 200 bodies were taken
from the earthquake ruins in Calabria. 1
It is now estimated that the deaths
; will surpass 500, but it is impossible
to get accurate information on this
[subject, as many villages are still cut;
off by the floods and the destruction;
of roads and telegraph lines, and no
word from them can be had.
' The earthquakes continue; but they
j sj-e slight. The people arc still in a
condition of apprehension, which is in
j creased by each tremor. In spite of the
torrential rain that is falling, they ab
solutely refuse to remain under any
cover. They have made their beds in
the open. Mattresses have been spread
about the squares and the fields sur
rounding the stricken villages, and the j
• people are covering themselves and
I their children as best they may.
Many thousands \r:ll pass the night
In this manner. The only huildings |
that the frightened people will consent
to use are the church-.:?, and even there j
they will not stay lonjr. Facred relics
have been exposed in the r-^tbedral of
Catanzaro and this served in a measure
to calm the population. \u25a0 _
No bodies \,z\\ heevj recovered from
the ruins xraUl €. o'clock' this evening.
Xt that hour about 200 trcrc taken out.'
This earthquake bids fair to rival that
The details received here during the
day regarding: ttic earthquake in Cala
bria yesterday -in every way tend to
sho-w that the damage done was much'
more extensive tTian at first estimated.
The first shock' fortunately brought'
s^ the entire population of the " villages
'Into 'the 'open, many succeeding in^
making ' their escape* to the hills or!
To Bd*s to *hw desolation csiuFrd by'
the earthquake it was raining in tor
rent? v^Fterday,' which grcatlv in- 1
creased the suffering among the home
less rr-ople.
Half the bouses at Fcruzzano and
Brane&leone. collapsed and many per
rons were buried in the ruins and at,
ESnopoll and Stellario more lives are!
said to have been lost. Panic pre
vailed ever> where.
Half the bouF"»s of the village of
Gerace are 1n ruins and similar condi
tion* prevail in a numh«r '<if other]
points in ' Calabria. T"jrlng the con
fusion, caueiM by the first earthquake
the prisoner* in the jail at Catanzaro!
mutinied and jrere only subdued with
grreat difficulty* The female prisoners
Were particularly alarmed, screaming.
ehoutlrg and beaming the door* until
the whole place was in a terrible up
roar. The prison officials did every
thing possible to calm the inmates, but
they broke .out afresh every time an
other earth shock was experienced.
The. cathedral at Towre Dl Ge Race
\u25a0web thrown down, as was an ancient
tower which had withstood all the
earthquakes for centuries. The con
fusion caused by the earthquake was ;
Increased by a mutiny of the prisoners
in the Cstanzaro jail, which was sub
dued "frith, difficulty. The troops sent
with the relief trains to the scene of
the disaster bad a calming effect on
the population.
Only two days ago the finance min
leter inaugurated two entirely new
villages in Calabria, which had .been
built by the relief committee of Milan
for the victims of the < earthquake of'
IPOS. These villages withstood the
chock, which was to severe in the,
southern end of the peninsula that half
the houses at Ferruzzano and Branca
leone collapsed and buried many per- ;
aons in. the ruins. At Sinopoli end Sti- ;
lario sevefLl 'persons were buried and !
everywhere panic prevailed.'.*;
Rocolla, Reggio, Cosanca. Baraodio,
Cittanova, Palmi, Gerace, Marina and
other towns suffered, but not severely.
WASHINGTON. Oct. 24.— After an
extended conference with President
Roosevelt today. In which he said that
JCew York subjects had not been dia-|
cussed. Attorney General Bonaparte ari
not*3ced the appointment of . Elmer E.
Todd to be United States attorney for
the western , district of the state of
\u25a0Washington. Todd succeeds - Peter C
6ulliT»n, resigned.; . ,- *:*-!;/,
The San Francisco Call.
YESTERDAY-^S^utb -wind: cloodr; maximum
temperature. 66; mlnlnaunj, 55." .... "•
\u25a0FORECAST FOR TOPAY— Cloudy, probably
showers: light southwest wind.' - Page 11
Dr. /Walfr rt. Gillette, .forroer rice president
of tfce Mutual lite insurance company. cotjTteted
of prrjury., .Pijel
Morfin heads a pool ts rtlieTe the str!O';fn;y
In New Tcrk EtocV eictange. Pace "
First oor.slcnicent of freljrbt orer TV>stera |
Pacific railroad reaches Stockton from ;Xtw
Uop». •\u25a0;'.-.->\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 " \u25a0 -\u25a0' Page' ll
Schooner Ncreltr, owneil in this city, runs j
asliore near Coos bay. Members of tbe crew j
cs-eape tbroufh the surf. \u25a0 ' Pasre 7
Tbree bandits hold up the crew of a freight
train near Loe Angele* aDd escape Id tb<» iiarV"'
new. Page 5
Great damage done br earthquake In-Cala
bria. Italy: 2<X» b«MJle#*«re t*krn from nilns;^na
it is estimated that 500 perUbcd. Page 1
. Tbe fire department ansendment. Page 8
I>e end of an outrageous Job. Past S
Mised .ratioosl politic*. . , Pace 8
1 A hero of tbe interior. " . Taxe 8
Allied foes of "Lanpfion and ?ood sOTCtnment
in ordpr to Veep their pact -with .interest* be
hind R.ran are bunting •in the open .where tliey
may , arid stalking witb tbe gumshoe brisaJe
where they dare no* sbo^r bared VniTes. All.tliU
cawes labor men ' and republicans to flock." to
Taylor's banner. ;= , . T n K e l
McCarthy and MeGowaa address crowds dnrios
day* tour of. city «n<J ; continue: their , abusive
statements cocceroimt a number of leading '•iti
zens of the . community. h ,' .. :• ' . Pase 3 j
Mayor Taylor addrewes two enthusiastic wet
ingf; Langdon rectircd with cheers. - Page 2
Ex-Superrisors GaJUgber, and Jfurey appear a*
witnesses in ; tbe. Ford, bribery, trial ah<J UII
ajain the story. ,of. the vorroptioo of the dd
board of supcrrtsor?. l^ ' J \u25a0 . Pake 5
Sty • -
Thomas B. RicVer," bead cf Nerada binVln;
bouses which suspended payment, says. rbat.
although be stands to lose \ $1,000,000 in the
financial stress, he belleTes tbit all the credit
ors .will be paid in fn11. .,'- . ; ' Page 1
! Local telegraph strike otScials recelre *<*<[
that • 40.000 railroad telegraphers will Titv+e
\to handle commercW noessajes. . •-. Page 1
j . Surrounded by tbrong . of cheerinj: T.
Jsl' Stratton.; collector of .the. port, lays; i-orner
! rtooe of aew cnytoru -house. , . '', -; : , Page 16
! : jrew' branch pohtofflce in wbole«*le.. rtjjlrlct
pJapned - t>7 Afslstant j rostm»*ter G^o<ral
.HUcbcock. \u25a0 '.V..: •'-; ,y'~~/\u0094 _' ''j* rage XX
SuperrifOTs plan ordinance resnlatlns > opsr.x
tion of < ar« «>;BS to conrct thepri'sent
wr»rc*ed eerfU^ri SolliTa* submits ordinance to
c/Mnpci Vnf:6d;ilatlro«d'!«"-|o"-put mider?r.iu*r.tbe.
trolley wire* alcmK former cable Uats. . ' Page- 9
TUn^s* tell V. dramatic story : *>t flayinir •
1 ensrincer on . board Olßk by C» pta in KlrnV«"u-
Ibcrs.. oo trial &s[£ , . [ •£'• Page 16
I Tbe associate. MT-irgs hanke of San Tra'a
j ci.«ro rote to protest the Ictj- for tbe mnnlclpij
: operation of tbe Geary street road when: tas«*
' arc paid by them and' to take the matter 'into
jccjjrt. • -,"-\u25a0\u25a0 ' Page 15
Frsrsk -Schmlxt.-, brother of convicted mayor,
resigns as superintendent, of \u25a0. the ,:«uimi«
bouse. ' • \u25a0 '-'-\u25a0-•....-. Page 9
.Mrs. J-^T. bepin« - srtinn for" dlTorre
from bushar.'l, wbon»d."«iready'"inslltuted'simi
lar proceedings in- AlaskJ. Paste 12
Oct. of Fol*"ro street ctr /-lube pollc«;n3*n
wbo ' attempts to. cbecV a riot, and C*Bi«ctor
Percy is *b« in tbe side. . - Page 1«
City TrjllloTlte Pr^ident nooserrlt 4nd c-m
pref-smen will urpe that be accept nmt«M>,o 10
rL'it Pan Frsncisev. Page 16
Darpi? iotroduces an anonymous letter In ssr-"
port of i iM en First nations! bank and jr.ift
prosecutfOD. •. .; Pager
Dete<-tiTe« to tborouithlj . inresticatc death 'of
Fran» Gray, supposed 6oicide. and woman com
panion win b*< examined. Page 16
Alfrrd j Salisbury ' of, University of California
cl**s flf 1907, api>olnted ( to American cmba^.-y at
Tokyo as *t witui Interpreter. Pajsc 6
Presbyterian .Ssbbith \u25a0 »eb'«l institnte C'i«?n«.
With . any prominent clergymen in j
an-?e. " Paye^6
Fatbrr J. J. "Porno, \u25a0•.witness in tbe trial of
Olirt S-ully; charged, with the murder o{',lanii>s
F. Olorer. . Page'o.
RaNTt E. Cartin. wbo shot and Vlll»d John •
A. \u25a0 Titus, ii* held for trial on cbarcp. . t-t
murder. . -\u25a0 • Page, 6
Prof.' w: C. Jones of Berkeley denounres tie
corropt methods of the' railroads. • Page 11
DPtsctlTe Burns lectures to enthusiastic awOl-
Al«meda on graft prosecution. Page S
Hir»es belnir pointed for the -opening 'stake 'at
EmetTTille show np well .in the imornloß
worVmjU. . Paa;e 10
Swimming contests' will b» held tonight in
Olympic cluV tanks. . Page 10
Owen Moran, tbe crafk English • feather
TceJ?ht. : Js' matched ( by 'Alex.* Greggalns. to O^ht
Frankle Neil. Page 10
-Boxer ' Jim Flynn iciprestes < TisHors^t his
training qnariers . • with his dasb^ aiid I
strength. \u25a0 '•.. ''-Page 10 1
Speedway horses will meet in matinee races
at, the park. • ' : Page 10
Stanford . students ..prepare to •nt^rtaia th»
rislUng Rugby players from Vancourer.Page 10
"""Tbe" "ret*'sr"cl#rks**arV mallDK" a'canraVs cf
tbe Mission residents in aid cf the early %toftsz
moT^ment.-'- \u25a0'\u25a0 -• /\u25a0. '.\u25a0 '\u25a0 *.\u25a0 -• -'\u25a0.•' .Page 9
-.-Kan" Francisco lodge of machinists Intends to
build «' hs 11. , - ;•' Page 9
•Harbor commisslOßers .i«ili nuVe • «xt«niiire
imprOTemeots" in lights and fog slgnals-at-' ferry
depot. • .... .- '...-' . .Page 11
Liner Manchnrit sails; for tbe ; orient. '":na>mg
the passengers being Baron Mitsui," Japan's i-om
mercinl, kla?.'... \u0084: ,^:' ; '. ".' >' . .-Page 11
. " Lot : Jfo. '3* in . EastTstreet ' near Brosd'vay "is
selected by. harbor commissioners' as" site foVfrte
oarkeu. .'••'".'. ' Page'll
MINING ; \. ]oy.
'. Mining . 8t«V«, I after ' initial " drop cf ; somV
points, rise , more : or : less • and "\u25a0. market *cloj.ps
etronger* than was' expected., ' > -Page 15
S»n Fr«n.clsco; stock' and* exchange board de
cline* to. close 'ln respond, to, requegt'fronj Toaoi
pah and- conUones business *all ; day." Page 15
. Z X«wg . i» receiTtd . here of tbe ; birth of "a fourth
mi m • Prince < and ; Princess Andre Poniatowski
tatP*ri»;-v. ';'_'; .;\u25a0_\u25a0":_ \u25a0 ./.:' \u25a0; Pages
' i MisjT Marian -Wolff ' and .John : de reyster Teller
to sbe at rried today ; la ' Christ \u25a0 Epiaopal "churcbj
Alimrti. - - '\u25a0- -"•- -- -- . - Hj-. ... . . Pa^e fi
SAN ;^RiNOISqO, *TRIDA-Y; : OCTOBER 25, -, 1907;>
President of Nevada Banks
Makes Plea for Time
. .to Adjust Affairs ;
Declares Industrial Strife
Caused the Closing of
"•'•\u25a0 His Branch' Houses
Interviews : Financiers Here,
\u25a0 \ but Apparently Fails to
\u25a0 Obtain Help :
"I stand to lose, $1,000,000 in tlie
state.: of " Nevada* as "a result of tlie
financial \ stress.'' ,said , Thomas B.
Rickey yesterday, -"but ; I do not be
lieve I will lose a single dollar. I don't
believe anybody is going to lose any
thing unless the entire country; goes
plumb to smash. All we ; want _? is ra
little time to ' adjust : our : affairs and
realize on. our securities.'. The trouble
lls t purely- : psychological. Confidence
has been k withdrawn and" the banks
got pinched, buf the money is in the
mines; the stocks .we have as securi
ties are worth' many times the \ sums
loaned on them, ..and unless' we are
forced to peddle our. securities, and al
most give them, away we .will be run
ning again in due time." ' ' ' '
. Rickey, who is president, o? the State
Bank and Trust company , of /Xevada,
whose branches in Carson City, .Tono- ;
pah, Goldfield. ' Blair and' Manhattan
have suspended paymcijt.^ spent yester-*
day interviewing local bankers with la
yiew # to - obtaining -* assistance from
-them". in] tiding ovef^th'e "difficulty until
..the- financial paa'rteßt rights itself. ' - j i
\ Rickejvwas: iofortned by sprne.rof tbe
bankers' that money i- in v this citV kwas
"•But,"- he- said, ''ttere; is? a' great deal
of money in youribanks.rjusf.fhe/.sara*.'
It x Is needed; I am ' tolri, 1 ' to ""move" yiur
Croppy to 'assist; fri* the^bUildinff of your.
cityn. and ..forjthe-.transactionj of yottr
tremendous, volome'of other business."
It* was apparent that ;he hoped that,
when the, true i stateVof- was
placed before." • the s local,. bankers 'and
the securities' to-be proffered were ; ci-.
arnined" 'care fuUy, 'enough cajsh', wouid
be ( advanced "to ./loosen -_' the. -Xeva<ja
banks ; from the. gripof iruin.- He' will
?6 to Xcva T da this morning' and return
'as' quickly as possible, to discuss the
situation more fully. .• He ;admitted that
he -lacked j full , Information r from his
banks.' *: t \u25a0 \u25a0-:\u25a0\u25a0'-".-\u25a0_.\u25a0.\u25a0\u25a0 '- '\u25a0•" i>
"The .only authentic' information : 1
had received up; to this .'morning was
what I read in The Call." 'he said. r
"From; my personal knowledge .of "the
situation Ido not see* ho,w. a single : de
positor could lose a cent. Tlie banks are
solvent: "the "securities "they, hold are
ample, and..it:.wiirrequire,,'only 'a little
time to adjust the present trouble." I;
\u25a0 President Rickey said" that unceasing
labor troubles were mainly responsible
for the financial depression in Nevada
mining camp?.
•* r rAs a result. of thefeeMndustriardis
turbances," he said, Vw«s noticed |a
gradual .withdrawal of ; funds ;by^ de
positors/ v.-hoi disgusted, with the strife.
took their money .; to other" places.
.Lessors of mining properties, unable
to prosecute. their work, threw up their
leases "and went away.- in; two, months
more- than, |2.000-,o6o\was' taken^.from
our ;banks by disappointed miners; and
ppeculators'iwho; left- the state "because
of ithe industrial unrest. I-wentiafter
my cashiers and told, them to: collect
on note?: Then came ' a series "of let:.
ters from //clients .who had 'notes^Vith
us and who, if compelled to, sell.i'their
on a broken', market, would
have been ruined 'financially. ' Then
"came the break In/; stocks all over the
country, affecting* collaterals of all
varieties." "' , \u25a0 ;"-;".'\u25a0\u25a0.\u25a0\u25a0;\u25a0'\u25a0* .-\u25a0':. : '\ :
n.: , i LOXGER ; HOLIDAY . j
Referring to the holiday which['Gov
ernor John 'Sparks' had declared in Ncr
.vada, Rickey.-sa.id: <: ' • - \u0084• i
... "It. was *«. wise move, but jthe, time j
given is far too. short.. Nothing can' be j
done In .two' days.' ' It- would ' take fully i
a week to present Nevada's case" in the j
financial, centers .and I hope., that' Gov- I
ernor Sparks . will extend \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 the -holiday J
time .that 1 10ng." ..... r : ~ ..... ..__^^..;-; ; 'i
.-.The. condition of /.the Nevada \u25a0: banks i
which suspended, payment .was Tprc-'l
nounced by local bankers: yesterday to j
be -good. «The^policy- pursued by Qov
e'rnor. Sparks in declarlng-'a'holidas' of
two days 'was ".commended, : on- ; the
ground' that time/would . thus be
forded Ito' have!, the' actual 'situation
more 'completely!; understood- by- the
public and so allay, excitement that was
ito some extent. unreasonable. - .•"';\u25a0<
"The standing'ofthe'Nye*and!Orms
by county -bank," .said '- F."] B.'* Anderson,"'
manager 'of Uhe^Bank-'of r ' Calif oriiia^t'ls
exce^ent/^;,Our, i bank*is"thV\San^Ffan»
,XllCoatliiiied.;jiml : .PaKej B> .Columa i 1 •
Railroad' Telegraphers
Forty Thousand^ Men to' Refuse
to Handle Commercial
; ; :;;V;:Mcssages. I ;•\u25a0*.;•
;'•'•/.\u25a0 \\ '\u25a0 TT ~S:;~ S :; • : \u25a0••-\u25a0!:
" -That the iVallroadl telegrapher* of the >
..Unf ted/ States 4.had«dec)ded^ to take-up
'the^ cause \ot * the'.'st'rikrng ; commercial
telegraphers, arid;; at! a'date, alreadyjqet,
\u25a0would . refuse ;* to .*; handle ' ( commercial
business, was 'the statement- made" last'
night -.by.'.V.* \u25a0>W^;.!McCindl^sh/ ; /actiny
deputy, nationa I'\u25a0 president . of .the fstrik-^
er2i=c™anizatlon. i It was based upon' a
. telegram \u25a0; from* ' Deputy » Na ti onal ' Pr esi -'
dent Copp»,,delegate to, the special con
vention\ which .convened \u25a0• in Milwaukee
yesterday <to consider, the situation -and
devise means for "a of the'
struggle 'against* the : 'VV'esterni'Unioh"
and': -Postal , telegraph • companies - and
ithe Associated Press. , . ..... '; . \u25a0 .
News of^ the intention of the railroad
telegrapherß to a id' in the strike move-,
mentals of tremendous import' to the
commercial '.interests 'of the. country.'
These- men. '4o.ooo in number, have re
lieved the- pressure upon the business
world resulting from the partial ;tleup
of; the commercial telegraph companies
and enabled commerce to be'earried; on!
. unchecked.* . Sh ould ' they ref use' to h an -"
die", messages not pertaining;tb railroadl
.business the; disastrous \ effect' upon, all
forms iof traffic would be immediate? f :
''Our;- advices from 'Milwaukee ar*
that ". the' greatest enthusiasm [prevails
among the "men and J the, fight win be
carried to"; a v finish,"." f aid's McCandlisn*
last night.i"T\*hen'our,raiiroad-brethVcn
refuse to' handle messages
this ticup/'will^ be/ complete. .Reports
from .various -parts 'of ithe:couhtryTt hat'
some -of .'-the 'local ' i unions i- liave
Remember McKinley
Mutual Life Official
Guilty of Perjury
Jury ' Recommends (Mercy'; for
;"I . "; j I
2 i.^.V^ 1 ./. V,'.VJ-^. -.: _V, . •. -.-,\u25a0-:.\u25a0.:
NEWiTORKr'.Oct"- 24:— The ' first con-"
Vjiu-j;.«i. i './.-.»-v..ri. 14 ..^. .«.-*• -.;V-"-! \u25a0' \u2666 '-.?'\u25a0'\u25a0''
viction .'in- the\'cases -based ; on the * dis-'
closures inHhe, legislative investigation
of *ii*surance affairs in" lS»05-06nras : <vV- /
.tamed.( b y the; 'district ; : attorney's '•\u25a0 oiflre |
;herer.*,wben i -'a'*f Jur>*r* in 1 ?• the • ' criminal'
I branch -of ..the jjsupfeme court found ".Dr..
j Walter-R. ": Gillette^sTformer '.vice} Pjesi-
I dent of the;Mutual;L.ifeinsurance:com
pany,.-guilty, of perjury'ln the : third -de*-,
gree." ; The^v*e7dict jVas! accompanied
-.with \u25a0 a recommendation, for -mercy;'-* The
maximum « penalty* \ for this \ ; degree \u25a0" of
perjury.; is ;1 0-s'ears'l imprisonment.^ ,
The'speciflc charge'; waa that'Dr.-Gil
lette .. nad'^testrned^falsely^/before ;the
grand jury } May.*" 2 4/: at \u25a0which^ time j he!
.was vice"; presfdentVof ? the ' Mutual,^- al-'
jieging Jthat^when ' examined;by District
Attorney* ' Jerome he testified that\',cer
tain * moneys ;in* the": Dobbs :Ferry^banlc
were his personal funds,' rand that fun-.
dcr : cross examjn&^ionthe; admitted; the
'off vhe strike t-r^ij c*o'utely ; false.".Va
rious schemes ,E.rc." btfn*;. employed' by
the companiesito'cauit'a' stampede, but'
.they - are ; jokes *as ;far \u25a0 as \we \u25a0 are • con
cerned.'';•':;\u25a0': ;* •;"-.'-•.;'. \u25a0 > :-'-: :. ' .
V^McCandlish, asserted thata conserva
tive T estimate of; the^ loss suffered -by.
.the. Union i by:" reason \u25a0•> of : the 1
strike^^pla'ced'-it; at; $100,000, 'a day.
\u25a0 "The company was unable to pay its
lastfdividend rand its stock. dropped- 15 r
jto ;; IS L points,','-* he£ said. -v. '"Its ; next - de-;
fault will- put* the stock -below- 50." - - '
The daintiest." prettiest "and most 'be
witching'of all maids will captivate you
when >-ou see her. She appears this week
Fluffy Ruffles in
The Sunday Call
fundsl were .really; the property of the !
Mutual' Life.**^ "Vh*'' \u25a0 - "Y'./'f \
~!*Former "Justice f Hatch; -in -summing '\u25a0
,up| for;,tho^defendant;' said '^ his client '
had- been* made]a%scapegoat "while the !
,gui!ty-,offlcem *of "the", insurance com- j
; pany^h'ad^ escaped" prosecution. i
JOhe ;Hiindred Dollars for
v gy|'Eli|ctittn Guesses
; figure out the resuh "of the eoming^dectioa'in San
.i '^il^Ftwiciico?^.'^ '-.'";.'.'\u25a0"; '\u25a0'.'\u25a0'
\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0 Whom do YOU forecast as the people's choice for mayor?
|. ,7 By/what, vote do , you predict fhe will be elected?
-"o.^. Here's some easy money for YOU all you have to
do it to guess and guess better than. your, competitor*. \u25a0
" * * ' Down below is a coupon for you to fill out with your
• V: f OTceast, your name and address '. and then \to ': mall: to
- --: Election Returns Editor, The CaH •
Fcir the prediction that comes nearest the winner's plurality as
i r; shewn by r \tne"^scmiomdal returns to'-the registrar The Call will pay
.'' :' \u25a0' ' \u25a0 ' \u25a0" ~-r[ Fifty Dollars -' "'" ' •\u25a0 '• '-
\u25a0•',-V:P«r the second nearest prediction The Call will pay \
S '\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0<: "j -•. \u25a0 '"; "\u25a0 \u25a0 . i Thirty Dollars ff^^^ -\
\.' - For the third nearest prediction The. Call will pay i-r '
: ; Twenty Dollars V ?
I. - . (Fill out: tins coupon and mail it* to'ELECTION' RETURNS KD^ \u25a0
(Taylor ') wUl.be' elected mayor by. a plnrafity
McCarthy >. • ... ... - ,
Ryan ) 0f............. votes, "\u25a0
i-\u25a0\u25a0i -\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0.'. \u25a0 Name ; ..*........-.»..^'
I BmH^^^^ Addre55......... .......... ....... ...~..^
• ~ - .; - : . , r .DAY. NOVEMBER / .
Two Ryan Men Now
Gome Out in the
Champions ofMcGowan
in the Gumshoe Brigade
County Jail Ticket
Backed by Foul
Voters Not Deceived
Flock to Taylor's Banner
Political Meetings Today
. .: Xoon— End Konrth street. .
*> p. m^-Mtiilon rfok, Mlsalmi
street betrrrra Xlaeteeath and
. .\oos— Oreeon Aock.
Xlßht— DoTeneeVt halt. Twea
ty-fonrth and Cbnrrb streets.
r>«-rl»adcro hall, 321 Devlsadero
.\>tt AVashhistoa hall. Ftllmore :
and Pine streets.
Voube Men's HebretT Auocla*
tlon" hall. ; 1970 Page street near
. Stanyan. *•
f :; RVA.V
' V»on— Fulton Iron norkn.
Msht — Urcnmlno.l risk. Sorter
and Steiner streets.
George A. Van Smith
v'^.With two members of Ryan's •
1 county committee openly opposed to
District Attorney William : H. Lang
don and /half, his campaign machine '
working more or less secretly for the !
election of Frank McGowan. the rally \u25a0
of the graft interests to Ryan and tha i
disposition of the funds that Calhoun \
and the ahti-Langdon influences have '.
poured .into .'San Francisco are ex- '
plained. .
John D. Daly, member at large of the
new Ryan city and^ounty committee
of. 35 members, and Dominic. J. Beban,
committeeman from the forty-third as- •"
sembly district, have quit dissembling \
and. are . openly opposing the re-elec- '
tion of District Attorney William H. \u25a0
Langdon, upon whom depends the con- !*! *
tlnuance of the graft prosecution.
.\u25a0- , , ,_ \u25a0 . Estt«Bß*ll*ffli>^^^tt^^^^^^3
.; Daly, and Beban are not thu only
members of 'Ryan's specially selected
county commirtee working against
Langdon. but they stand alone as open
and unashamed champions of McGotran
aid his ant! graft prosecution policy.
Other members "of the Ryan committee
belong to .the anti-tiangdon gumsho«
brigade :and are swinging their lcnires
Industriously, if with a t semblance".«f
secrecy. *
Daly" Is an old warhorse of the South
ern Pactfic's flying brigade and. bears
the scars of several well directed kicks

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