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Impertinent Question No. 22
See Page 3, BottQm Columns 1 and 2
VOLUME Oil.— NO. 148.
Several Minor Institutions
Close Doors, Although
They Are Solvent
Quieting Effect on Market
by Offerings of Wall
Street Leaders
Clearing House Evolves a
Plan to Help Big
NEW YORK, Oct. 25— Another
, nerve racking day has passed, but the
j financial institutions of K"\w York
have shown extraordinary power of
resistance to the pressure put upon
them. While it is true that several
minor institutions have been forced
to close their doors, yet two things
should be said about them.
First, the amount involved was not
as great as to exert any marked in
fluence on the general situation, as
these banks were located in the resi
dential quarters and did not come into
touch with the larger institutions of
the metropolis; and, second, there is
every reason to believe that these
banks and trust companies are entirely
solvent and their difficulties will prove
to be temporary and due entirely to
inability to secure ready cash . on the
gilt edge securities in their vaults.
Of course, the cessation by these
companies caused trouble to many peo
ple, but not bo great as It might seem,
as the depositors are for the most part
located in the well to do quarter of
the city and many of them are people
of wealth, who have suffered no great
inconvenience. In the light of com
nverclal ;«x«itcitiftS > r'ta6.i»««OK» 'Aanks
thought It wise to pHi/ into effect the
rule requiring SO to 60 days' notice for
the withdrawal of deposits.
This will prevent the withdrawal of
money which would be otherwise put
in safety deposit boxes. The savings
>anks, if they continued to make pay
ments, would be obliged to withdraw
funds from national banks, thereby
causing an additional strain on the
general banking situation. There was
not the slightest hint that any one of
the eavlngs Institutions was In any
thing but a solvent condition, and it
was pointed out that the savings banks
of this etate were bo restricted by law
In investing their money that there
could be no question that all securities
in their possession were of good value
and readily salable in normal times.
The Institutions which closed their
doors today, with the sums due de
positors, were:
United States exchange bank, Har
lem, $600,000.
International trust company, about
Borough bank of Brooklyn, $4,000,000.
Brooklyn bank, 11,300.000.
Williamsburg trust company, Brook
lyn. $7,500,000.
First national bank of Brooklyn,
The First national bank of Brook
lyn, the Wllllamsburg trust company
1 and the International trust company.
' were allied Institutions. None of these
companies had asy Important business
connection with the larger banks
which are representative of the* city's
financial affairs.
On the other hand, a number of fa
vorable features marked the day. The
Trust Company of America and the Lin
coln trust . company, the organizations
which suffered most from runs, have
been paying out slowly to their de
positors and closed today, all demands
having been met.
In the case of the Trust Company of
America the run was well nigh spent,
as the great bulk of depositors have
been paid off. At the close of business
there were a good many In line at the
Lincoln trust company, but there was
a marked reduction In the number of
anxious depositor*.
The stock exchange was provided
with funds ample to meet its imme
diate necessities by a money pool,
headed by J. P. Morgan, which sent
515,000,000 to the exchange during the
afternoon. The stock market had held
relatively, firm all day, but when ' the
pool of money was offered in the loan
corner there was an immediate upturn
of prices and the market closed strong
at the best prices of the day.
As all of the loans made today hold
over until Monday the stock exchange
situation will not be a factor In. the
problem that the bankers may be called
upon to solve tomorrow. :
A very encouraging feature of the.
afternoon's development was a signed
statement by Clark Williams, the new
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The San Francisco Call.
YESTERDAY — South wind; rain; maximum
temperature, 62; minimum, 66.
FORECAST FOR TODAY— Shower*; ;ilp'it
6outhwe«t wind. Page 11
National cirlc federation ntgn enforcement of
tbe Sherman act and asks congress to create
commission to represent capital, labor and ' tbe
public. Page 12
Only, few minor New* York banks suspend
during day and clearing house will Issue csrMfl
cates to tide orer large institutions. Page 1
Pltn to deprlre H&rrlman of his power as an
Independent railroad king. ... Page 8
\u25a0 L'tM murder officer on j reservation and \u25a0 troops
are sent to quell them. " Page 10
Pope, king and government contribute to re
lief of earthquake sufferers In Calabria. Page 5
Charles Ullmo. ensign In French nary, ar
rested as spy and found to possess raluablo
secrets. **\u25a0«• a
General ron Moltke openly defied by Editor
Harden to deny statement attributed to royal
personage. Page 2
GoTcrnment physician takes charge of plague '
situation In Seattle, Wash. . Pose 11
Shippers of California suffer from effect of
Oregon law which compels railroad to send cars
Into that state. . Page 12
Represents Ut£ Knowland confers with ofO
clals concerning the expenditure of several mil
lion dollars In making Mare Island navy yard the
finest naval station In the world. .\u25a0\u25a0', Page 0
Son of H. E. H*|tlngton denies report that
Harriman has Bup*'.SP<s»»<i his father In the con- ,
duct ofcelectrlc railways. ' I*«C« 6
Harry W. Zler, former, member of Paudcna
smart s»t. arrested on charge of passing worth
less checks In this city. Page 10
Number 10 a tWocs amendment. - Page 8
Clean up the New York banks. Page 8
A schoolmaster abroad. Page 8
The whispering campaign: Page 8
Police eject disturbers from Mission rink, and
cheers for Mayor Taylor • drown noise made by
rowdies. Page 1
Developments of .week In local politics Indi
cate that Taylor. will be elected by clear ma
jority and thatLaogdon Trill win 'by a land
slide vote. Page 1
Taylor, Langdon and other candidates will
speak at gTeat*mass meeting tonight. Page 3
Daniel A. Ryan Insists that he Is a republican,;
in spite of Hearst alliance, and tells why be Is
opposed to Mayor. Taylor, ' ' . : Page 3
P. H. McCarthy' ; speak* , at jflve^me«aa|rj-«nd'
discusses finances ar,d Qilhpuni-^;^ " **^"Page" S
GRAFT/ £$j %t\ '..:%&'::
Mint offlcials appear 'aa wltaeaes In -the; Fora
bribery trisl «Bs=.t«>U. of of fnids by
Tlr*y LuFord aj> ! d : other, *Cnlted r Railroads offl-'
clals": after ; t*e fire. - "r - - '.V Page 9
CITY '/_ . ,:. i "'.:•-.' . ; .......
Real estate dealers report that property
values throughout the city; hold firm tone and
that prediction made " several •; months ago
as to lowering of prices has not been Tal
lied. Page 7
Captain Christian Klengenberg tells on witness
stand bow he killed engineer of schooner ; in
Arctic waters. , Page 7
Miss A. Hatland will start In a launch today
In an effort to locate wreck of the Rio de
Janeiro. , Page IS
Law Brothers lose rait to collect 525,000 from
a fire Insurance company on a "cover
note." Page 16
Supervisor .Brandensteln says . the city's
finances are at a . low ebb and advise* a bond
issue for street improvements. Page 11
Several -Nevada bankers arrive here, bold, con- 1
ferene*« with financiers and may obtain advances
of money on. large securities. Page 1
F. A.' Berlin, suspended ezecntor of tbe Hite
estate, confesses ,in court . that he \u25a0 converted
$95,000 to his own use,- but made reparation by
deeding mining stock and realty to the
heirs. . • . Page 1
Mr*. A. I* Wabllcht reads list of marriage
licenses and prevents the ' elopement of : her
daughter with a young chauffeur. ;\u25a0."" Page 16
Italian dally paper asks for. contributions for
earthquake sufferers in. Calabria. . Page 16
Charles A. Gray, father of singer whose dead
body was found in his room, en route from Den
ver, to investigate theory of murder. ; Page 10
Investigation to be made of commissary \ de
partment, of the city and county hospital.'sus
picion having been aroused by excessive ordering
of supplies. Page 16
j Special policeman who aided in . replacing on
track a trolley car . near Ingleside receives a
severe shock. - Page 16
Robbers set fire to Berkeley barber shop after
stealing two sacks of money. . Page 4
Appeal made at convention of King's Daugh
ters and Sons for aid for home of Incurables In
this city. Page 4
Uti. AOele Davies' death In Oakland hotel
said to have been <su« to xnorphins
poisoning. "; Page 4
\u25a0t Two laborers are killed In tunnel near Mies
by tons of earth and stones which fall upon
them. ' \u25a0 -. . Page 4
California nniversity coeds will giv« . carnival
at Idora park tonight. Page 4
Seventeenth - annual antics of tha - Skull . and
Keys society held at Berkeley. . Page ' 4
Bishop Rowe of Alaska and Mrs. Rowe visit
their son in Oakland. •:'.'.'. _. " Page 4
Oakland harbor league denounces move made
by Southern . Pacific ) company to grab water
front south of the^mole. Page 5
Mrs. Vioiet : Park ' of Alameda accuses reputed
captain in English. navy of stealing her jewelry
while he wooed her as her prospective ;' hus
\u25a0- Tennis tournament and football match to have*
tx«en given under the auspices of the- Academic
athletic ' league are \u25a0 postponed. y Page 10
-Fred Cook may decide to -race his bljj^ stable
at Emeryville this winter. Page. 10
Thomas L&lne of Ix>well high- school . breaks
the half mile swimming record of the Academic
athletic league. 'Page, 10
Vancouver's Rugby team. ln scheduled, to. ineet
university players ;at Berkeley this , afternoon
and the Barbarians will try conclusions .with - the
Stanford university at Palo; Alto.' . Page 10
Seals are defeated at Los Angeles by a ; score
of 5 to 4. : PagelO
Boxer Jack Johnson Is on his mettle regarding
his coming fight with ' Jim Flynn. , ' '\u25a0 Page 10
Promoter ' Jack . Gleason "still . has j Kctc'jcl's ,
manager under bis hypnotic spell. \u25a0 Page 10
". Vallejo - unions . arrange . to entertain the state
federation of labor. Page 0
. Joseph Terra of the \u25a0 bar tenders' ' nnlon chosen
vice president of labor council. . ' . Page O
Mate. of salmon ship Centennial is swept over
board during; pale and thrown back into the
mizzen rlßiring by anotbpr wave.- '- \u25a0 Pajce 11
mining; v t .
Owing, to unnettlPd conditions and' rnmors : in ',
Uush ; street r Goldfielil Cousoli Jatcd MinVs blmres"
fall to %U* _ ;\u25a0 : y -^\u0084^r . .. page 15
Executor Berlin Confesses
Converting $95,000 to
His Own Use
Deeds Over Mining Stock
and Nevada Realty
to the Heirs
Businessman and Former
Attorney for "Squawman"
Firmly Faces Ordeal
That he used $95,000 of the estate of
John R. Hite while acting as I its
executor was the sensational admis
sion made by F. A. Berlin, a prominent
Alameda businessman/ in Judge
Coffey's court yesterday afternoon.
Berlin was suspended as executor
of the estate a few days ago on com
plaint of the heirs, who said he was
misusing the funds, and the proceed
ings yesterday were on a citation to
show cause why he should not be de
posed permanently.
i Berlin made every effort- to evade
answering the question, but was forced
to do so finally by the court.
"What was the amount of the estate
when you: were appointed executor?"
asked Attorney Creed, who represents
some of the heirs. ,\
"It was valued at $259,000,'' was the
answer. • \u25a0 . - . /' • '„ '
"What were .the expenditures of the
estate?"^ - : \u25a0\u25a0-"• \u25a0/' - .\u25a0\u25a0 -. :\u25a0; :"\u25a0\u25a0 : ' : ' .-. \u25a0'\u25a0".
r ;''1128,747,;V, said -Berlin briefly. , •;" .[4
j " •'What was . the ; amount you had on*
bandon 'October 19?" \ ' \u25a0;/
"5 2,000," said Berlin, after a slight
pause. ' _ ; ; /: , " X
."What became -of the remainder of
; th c '.V^Si^yT^^r**^rL \u25a0&£ .i. Ite:*: ri^"lfri^
"lf it please the, court," said Berlin,
"we have come to a po!nt where
answer might incriminate me ' in'fu
ture proceedings and — — " .'.'./ \u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0-
"Do you decline to answer?"'persisted
Attorney Creed. \u25a0'..'\u25a0' .
i' "If lamln a position to object -I will
not answer any question ; which might
incriminate me," said Berlin. .'' V;
"Ab trustee you are forced ; to render
an account," said Judge Coffey.
Berlin flushed, hesitated for -a mo
ment and then in h. voice which was
perfectly steady and distinct said: '-
"I have used it for my "personal ends.
I have invested it in • real estate and
"mining enterprises."
Except for the flush and the pause,
he showed no sign of emotion. He had
apparently ; nerved himself 'for the ta-Bk
and succeeded In going : through the
ordeal without a .quiver.' "ln. an im
passlonless .voice he then went- oh- to
recount, the tale of the transactions.
Of the money 545,000 had. been invested
In Nevada mines and 560,000 In Rhyo
lite real estate. ; The latter invest
ments, he said, had increased, but the
mining values had been depreciated/On
: being questioned he said that the prof
its of the sales of certain mining
stocks hafl, been Invested 'in his own
name in real estate . and added to his
private banking account. \ .':•/- \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0"
Since the proceedings he has deeded
over the Rhyolite; real - estate' ?to ./the
heirs and transferred the mining stock
to them also.
, "If," said Attorney Creed, "the real
estate values would rise, you would not
consider a part of the. profits as -your
"I would not," was : the reply.
"And If by any freak of v fortune
some of ' these mining ventures were
found to contain gold and rose In valued
you would not claim the profits?"
' "I. would not." v ••.;,.:\u25a0
. "You wish it; to go on record 1, that
both the real estate and the mining
shares are tendered by you to make
iip the discrepancy In your", account?"
'"I do," was the j quiet answer"
The hearing will be continued on No
vember 6, ..when Berlin will give a de
tailed account of his transactions/ As
he has made almost full reparation to
theiestate it is. probable that no 'crim
inal action willy follow.';
. Berlin was the attorney for John R.
Hlte. during the latter's lifetime and
on his death was appointed! executor
without bond. ' •
Hite was a well known "squawman"
of JMariposa county; being married . |to
an woman generally Jen own as
"Indian Lucy." After 20 years of
wedded life Hlte left ' her arid ' she : se*
cured, a divorce, Hite settling. the, suit
for ? $20,000. ;
RENO, Oct.: 25.— -The United. States
began' suit today in the United States
district -court* at- Carson <to , set. aside
federal patents to" 15, 000. acres-: of land
held by the. Southprn Pacific company
in the Wb|te : Ho'r»e';rnlning. -"district on
the ground) thatsthelland .was .fraudu- 1
lently^ represented' by ; the':railroad;'cqni
pany toVb'e r aßrlcultural, t \whentlt"was
jiotpj-ifiUflJ/.-minerai^v; ' ; \u25a0:
\u25a0\u25a0'?-: V-.-. ,--; V.'=--. '\u25a0•...:-.\u25a0•\u25a0.-\u25a0\u25a0,-<*' \u25a0•-\u0084-\u25a0.\u25a0 \u25a0-.\u25a0:-•.-.-._-\u25a0-. - . N-S:.!^-,^ .-^•T_
:(. StreetoniWhichSoMaoWorkingmen^ BewEmptiyea'ifortife)Las^
Nevada Bankers Come
Here Seeking Gasli
Confer With local Financiers and
May Obtain (M6hey;qri{Their
Large Securities '
Nevada .' bankers came -..' to ]\ this city,
[ yesterday - and visited: banks to -talk
! over the situation with! local financiers:
Among the number /were Frank Golden^'
president i of '^the_:Nye.- and :. Ormsby,
county bank, and -A. 7 T. Bender of \ the
Washoe county-: bank. Their mission
to San Francisco was the '\u25a0 same. The
Nevada ban ks j seek , ?"_ to % raise ready
money on -the basis of. sound securities
held by them that -they may. open next
week: in . readiness .: for - any possible
contingency.' \u25a0 'V \u25a0 "
.- Since the dosing of ; all the banks -of
Nevada by the • proclamation ;of; Gov
ernor Sparks declaring a" holiday^ for
a few days, ; San >! -Francisco '\u25a0'-: bankers
have taken checks. : on the Nevada'
banks for collection." - The uncertainty
whether ail the banks .will reopen next
week at" the j end of jthe ;' holidays was
the cause of ; this cons eryatlsm. '<
Outside of mining stocks the Neyjada
! banks have valuable ; securities run
ning ; into -\u25a0 large V, amounts that are --a
good basis J: for loans. Statements T of
the Nye and Orsmby. county bank, -the
Cook "- & Co. - bank ': and : the State -.bank
and trust company have been published,'
in; \u25a0which; the amounts of the securities
were named. The" expressions' of ; local
bankers are 'favorable to extending -aid
jto the Nevada bankers- as much as pos-
I sible. ; : This" . was "ascertained by the
i visiting:: Nevada bankers, in their con
ferences yesterday. :
;' While all - the banks in Nevada are
! closed i the people of \ the state are rely
, ing for the moment ; upon what', ready
coin they had on hand when the procla
mation of Governor Sparks was is
sued. In a ; way they /are * clrcuni
!stanced much :as • the people of "San ]
| Francisco were as , regards cash in the
j daysr following -the- conflagration, be^
| fore Varangements had been made, for
j paying out;, money through ; th'e^mint.
: The period. before payments will;be-re
sumed in*-': Nevada Ms ' : . so brief ' that no
serious inconvenience >\u25a0 is expected "to
result' from -the temporary closing; of
the ; ; banks ; there. . -
Goldfield Consolidated Pays •
put Checks Worth $350,000
Judge I^ifuses^Plca. to Appoint
\u25a0; Receiver; for, State 1 Bankri: ;
\u25a0',t GOLD FIELD,":, Oct.*- 20.-^The
Consolidated ;-Mines^compa"ny,ssent9 out
Continued on Page 0/. Column 3
|Paj|c)r pajorit^ Landslide
Langdon Predicted
Unmasking; pfjjthe^Q^mptionistsfDnoes
sAntigrqft' Standard
George A. Van Smith
* The ove^he^ingvpopularjsentiment i for Mayor Tay
lor,: District 'Attorney^/Larigdbn and the gpod; government
ticket becomes > more apparent^daily.*: The developments
of the week, in which : thei^ch
to have materialized, , seem to justify the general : belief
{that ;-Mayor j- vote /will 7 approximate ; a; maibritv
over tall J^l competitors > and-that*
LangdonVwiil \ be, re-elected *by a
landslide^vote: : ; \( -/ \u0084- •/."' :' '.-. ;
.•-v The < unmasking* of the Ryan-
Hearst - Dafgie-' bribe giver -/Mc-
Carthy - McGowan i ..combination
has had the effect that might have
been j expected.* ;-It has 'driven
I of ; self-respecting £ re
publicans and union labor, men to
\u25a0the standard. of Taylor; arid >LaJn'g- 7
don/ : Langdon was the unanimous
choice .{of -the republicans of j Sari .
Francisco. - His J name " was 4 the
magriet-.which, drew the votes of
republicans to \u25a0 the Ryan primary^
tickets;";- ' \u25a0;.; \^:^.'; ; '\u0084._\u25a0;' . :
\u0084 The~ republicans who voted the
Ryan: tickets were } voting for
Larigdori arid the ) graft prosecu
tion, not fc^r Ryan^ and « his;' job
chasers. Taylor v was the
choice of (a* majority of : the'dele
gates to the repubiicariiconyentiohl
aiidi he} would^ have^ received the
republicari nomination ; had ":Ryan
permitted the majority to exercise
its will. When^ he ) forced » his' own
nomination it was" over the formal
protests of : nearly ; one-half of the
delegates, who were to a man for
Taylor.- ' '* ; ..''/- '
". Tlie : minority -left -; Ryan's con
vention after- repudiating; the
iiom ina tion '\u25a0 of th e ) primary. l ead ef-
Averit ? the /votes of
riiore;than one-half , of the'repub
;licarisx)f ISan-Francisjco.^ -;• . -,\ . : ,
\u25a0\u25a0•\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0\Vhcn -- the" '- .'hand -that helped
L^ttia^Cafiiornta'siprh^ridbet woman
of -tnefStagg'H'ias^agvubec^me; the queen
fb£ the turf. Read a good illustrated story
about this remarkable -woman in
send McKinley to a martyr's tomb
clasped 1 those from which f ell'-the dirty
money -• of '• Schmitz * administration r in-
Continued r ea' Pace 8, Colnma 1
One Hundred * Dollars for
Election Guesses
.* HOW do YOU figure oat the result of the coining election In San
- Whom-do";YOU forecast as the people's choice for mayor? |
By what vote do you predict he will be elected? '
; \u25a0; \u25a0 ' \u25a0 \u25a0 /if \u25a0_\u25a0\u25a0.. \u25a0
Here's some easy money for YOU —all you have to
; 'do is to guess and guass better $han your competitors.**
Down below Is a coupon for you to fill out with your ,
•;-•" forecast, your name and address and then \to mail to
; "Election Returns-Editor, The CalL * .
; For the prediction that comes nearest the winner's plurality as
shown *by the semiofficial returns to the registrar The Call will pay
\u25a0 Fifty Dollars
- For the second nearest prediction The Call will pay
; Thirty Dollars
r . For the third nearest prediction The Call will pay
Twenty Dollars
\u25a0 (Fill out this. coupon and; mail it to ELECTI ON RETURNS ED
(Taylor , \ will be elected mayor by a plurality
v 11:v 11: predict that.;. -{McCarthy; V V
(-Ryan j 0f........ votes.
-*.'!-•.>•.. DAY,:NOVEMBER 2, 1907^
Police Eject Many;
Disturbers From
Mission Rink
Cheers for Mayor Drown
Noise Made by Rowdies]
Union Men Applaud
Taylor and the Dis
trict Attorney
Followers of McCarthy
Try to Raise Discord
Political Meetings Today
Bp. m. Dreamland rtak, Sntter
and Stelner streets.
8 p. «. YVoir» ball. Ocean Tlew.
Tbereaa hall, 4344 Mission
Xoon. Kljjbth and Tewnsend ' mtm.
Sp.ni. Dnhoce hall. 405 Onboce
Jlaennerbnnd ball. Twenty
fourth street and Fotrero
' . a venue
":',*":/ Youns Men's Hebrew Asso
ciation hall, 1970 Page •*.
Xoon. Hawaiian dock, foot of
Green ' street.
Ip. m. Bnllders' exchange, Jessie
street near Third.
Bp. m. Davis theater.
Siaplamat haH, 37T» F«I
: son* . street.
Despite stormy weather and dis-.
tur bers, the meeting held in Mission,
rink last night under the auspices of
the building trades good government
club was a big success. In the crowd
of 2,000 persons were hundreds of
members of unions affiliated with the
\u25a0central organization of which P. H.
McCarthy is president, and they
cheered lustily for Mayor Taylor and
District Attorney Langdon. - Several
of the speakers were interrupted by,
followers of McCarthy who temporar
ily left a crap game at Valencia." and
Twenty-second streets with the de
sign of breaking up the meeting. They
failed In their object, but did not cease*
their efforts until . many ' or . them had!
been run out of the building by the'
police. Among the ejected was a'
brother of Billy Pratt of Pratt & Tler- r
ney*s notorious cafe. Charley iHamil-!
ton. keeper of the crap game that fur-
nlshed the disturbers, la credited by;
the. police with having led the futile
attempt to discourage the speakers and
stampede the crowd.
.t Ralph McLeran of the millmen's
union called the meeting 1 to order. VT.I
H. Hutchlnson. the first presi- 1
dent .of the building trades council.'
presided, and the following -well known

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