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Impertinent Question No. 22
See Bottom of Page 3, Columns 1 and 2
Nevada Senator Defeats His
Banking Rival in War
to Obtain Funds
Statesman Able to Borrow
Large Sums Here, but
Rickey's Pleas Fail
Head of the State Company
• Says That New Law
Protects His Banks
The fierce fight for financial suprem
acy in Nevada, that has been waged
-for years between United States Sen
ator George Nixon and Thomas 8.
Rickey, has reached its climax in the
< Fairmont hotel in this city, and Nixon
has won first blood. The struggle
has been conducted quietly in the big
caravansary for nearly a week. Both
sides have employed a corps of stenog
raphers, agents, attorneys and messen
gers; the wires between this city and
the mineral zones of the sagebrush
state have been kept tingling with ad
vices and messages. The first shock
of the engagement subsided yesterday
morning wher^ Senator Nixon returned
to Nevada, victor in the Initial clash.
Nixon obtained the money he came
to this city to get in order to carry his
gtrlng of banks past the shoals of runs;
"Rickey has not been as successful.
Nixon secured considerable sums from
a local bank, which, with aid from New
York, -will enable him to open up his
banks this morning with millions of
dollars ready to meetany panicky flood
of withdrawals which & tfmldCtljrong of
depositors might" let *loose? ? " Rickey re
turned to Nevada last night without
that aid. but confident that his banks at
Carson, Manhattan, Blair, Tonopah and
'ooldfield were more than solvent. Nixon
asks for no extension of the additional
holiday which was granted yesterday
by Governor Sparks, will throw open
his doors and will ask no quarter. Vlf
• you want your money." says Nixon,
"come, and get it." ' Rickey, claiming
and believed to be equally solvent, is
forced, for the lack of immediate funds,
to return and ask his depositors to be
lenient and give him time.
f Every one familiar with the situation
in Nevada admits that it means a great
victors' for Nixon, but there is also firm
belief that Rickey will be able to meet
the emergency and retain the confi
dence of the people' in his common
wealth In his financial soundness, which
has not, even in the present crisis, been
questioned. Rickey's private fortune
is many times larger than the sum of
his interest in the State bank and trust
, corporation, of which he is president.
Politics is back of the fight, say
Rickey's friends — and Rickey himself
would not deny it. Both men are re
publicans and have been so for years.
Their policies in that party have been
at variance a long time, and it is com
monly known in Nevada that Rickey
was named prominently for United
States senator. Nixon, who has been
the confidential agent of the Southern
Pacific in the state for years, holds that
honor and likes the work. Rickey, as
one of the oldest end wealthiest Ne
vad&ns, would not. It is said, sniff at
the honor of a seat in the national cap-
Jtol. He would have secured the honor,
too. It Is claimed, if Nixon had not been
nimbler on his political feet So their
commercial and financial operations
have not fostered any friendly feeling.
They have been bitter competitors for
the business of the state.
When the tidal wave of depositors'
clamor threatened both institutions;
.when the bottom of the stock market
dropped out and securities went' beg
ging at pauperizing prices, both bank
ers came to San Francisco to get
money. jßoth enjoy the confidence of
the financial world; but Rickey ob
tained no money, while Nixon secured
plenty. It Is said that Nixon sold
rO.OOO shares of Merger last . Saturday
on the local stock market for $4. He
offered 80,000 more, says Rickey, with
no ,ta"kers.* Nixon realized JSO.OOO on
the deal, which helped materially, and
with the aid he got 1 from a local bank
was enabled to return to Nevada with
the necessary "Jingle."
How Nixon managed to get the
money and*how Rickey was ..unable to
do co, the latter said yesterday that he
did not know, but added that a senator
wielded a wrder influence 'than an or
dinary banker. The fact that Nixon
was waging a war, on him, Rickey
would not 'deny, either in. its political
or financial aspect. "But, of course,'.'
he^sald. "I could not. say anything on
that score. I am only concerned now
in putting my banks on^their feet."
Rickey was flooded with telegrams
expressing the confidence of many of
the largest operators and capitalists in
loiltnurd on Pate 2, Column 5.
The San Francisco Call.
YESTEBDAT — Clear; maximum temperature,
66; minimum, 56.
FORECAST FOB TODAT— Fair; light west
wind. «' V:V Page O
Vice admiral's pennant may float over flagship
of Uear Admiral Evans on cruise of fleet. If con
gress sanctions president's plan. ; ,' Page 1
Army of clerks en&ajed at Washington In com
piling stmtistlcs on divorce cases. . l'ngc 1
President Rooserelt passes forty-ninth birth
day Quietly, attending church and recelTlng Hun
garian club members. . Page 3
Archbishop Farley aids banks by sermon on
money In which he advises parishioners against
withdrawal of deposits and hoarding money, p. a
Catholics of China lodge protest against United
States judge In Shanghai. Pagf 3
Cesare Lombroso, noted European' alienist,'de
dares Harry Thaw was Insane. Pace 3
Ollrer Curtiss Perry, noted criminal, grows
strong In prison though be has refused to eat
for four years. Page 1
Mariner says 4,000 Spanish are held as Blares
by Tagalos, who use them for plow horses P 3
King of Spain shows signs of Illness that
alarm his subjects. Page 1
Chinese empire will enter protest against plan
of naval board at Tokyo to establish large squad
ron of Japanese warships along the South China
cosM. Page 3
P. E. Howe, arrested .In Los Angeles, con
fesses that be forged many checks In coast
cities, j Pace S
Two unidentified men killed by train near
Whitney, Cal. • • Page 3
Popular Fresno girl plans to marry newspaper
man despite wish of mother. . Page 3
The Oakland water front grab. Page C
What the builders hare done. Page 6
Progress In aeronautics. Page 0
Rev. Cecil Marrack delivers sermon on local
political situation. ' Page 2
Great gains are made by Mayor Taylor and
McCarthy : men now demand 2 to 1 in . bet
ting. Page 1
Strength of Mayor Taylor In the Mission dis
trict is growing, says Percy V. Long. . Page a
Luther Brown, former head of the Calhonn.de
tective bureau, is to be set aside by Calhoun.
who Is dissatisfied with Brown's methods.'* P. 12
Body of unidentified man found floating In
bay off Point Bonita. Page 12
Fate of G. A. Plessow, Imprisoned as robber
«f houses J n Potrero,' bangs of -child
who ; will be - called * upon to Identify/ him:^in
court. \u0084' *""-*! Page 3
Thieves take irustcal Instruments while mem-*
bers of mission pray. ,. - . ' , Page 12
National guard offlcers of the Second Infantry
elect a new lieutenant colonel. \u25a0• Page 8
Lost anchor of the cruiser Maryland Is recov
ered from bottom of bay and vessel sails for
Santa Barbara while crew mourns ending of stay
In port. ( "-: Page 12
Tokyo Pack seizes upon the occasion of Taft's
visit to publish Insulting anti-American car
toons. 'Page 12
Two tame automobiles and three dancing girls
are notable features In "The Vanderbllt Cup,"
says Critic Crawford. Page 7
One burglar sitting on wall to warn' partner
results in loss of $1,000 by contractor, whose
children see outside man of- daylight rob^
bers. Page 12
Senator «George Mxon Is victorious over
Thomas B. Rickey In fight waged in this city to
obtain funds for relief of 'their banks In Ne
vada. , • Page 1
Memorial services held by : Piedmont, Athens
and Berkeley parlors of Native Sons. Page 4
Jesuit priests from St. Louis celebrate, mass at
St. Mary's in uakland. Page 4
Thistle soccer team defeats the Independents,
3 goals to 1, and the . Robert - Burns eleven
trims the San Franclscos, C to 4. Page 5
• Whitney and Adams defeat coast champions
McLoughlln and Janes in trnnls match. Page 0
Jack Johnson and Jim Flynn j box before big
crowds at training quarters. Page 5
Oaklands win two games from the Portland
aggregation. Page 5
S. C. Hlldretb. the well known turfman, ex
pects to win several of the big stakes at
Emeryville with bis $30,000 colt Uncle.' Page 9
Game birds to restock overdepleted coverts
may be secured in. Mexico. ' Page 5
Fast Flower Girl wins Class stake at Ingle
slde coursing park. * Page 0
. Salmon ship Star of . Italy, from Pyramid
Harbor, suffers damage In heavy gala Page 9
The total ' mineral products of California In
4906 amount to 543,000.000 and copper, surpasses
the $5,000,000 mark largely. Page 8
Benjamin McWilliams of Santa Rosa
Is Accused of Having Stolen Two
of His Own Children
Special by Leased Wire to The Call
SANTA ROSA. Oct. 27.— Word was
received tonight from San Diego,, that
Benjamin McWilliams Is under arrest
there on the charge of having kidnaped
his own children from here 10 days
ago. Sheriff Smith will leave for the
south tomorrow , to return the prisoner
here for trial.
McWilliams and his wife lived on a
ranch near the Sonoma-Napa line.' A
short time 3g6 Mrs. McWilliams left
her husband owing to alleged ill.treat
ment and with her four children went
to Guerneville. McWilliams followed,
the couple were ': reunited temporarily
and came back ; to Santa Rosa/ The
following day McWilliams disappeared
with two of the children. lisSPll
Mrs. McWilliams then brought L suit
for. divorce, alleging that she* married
McWilliams while she was under his
hypnotic Influence.
RENO, New, Oct. 27.— Nate Roff,
state auditor of Nevada, supremo . rep
resentative from this state: of I "the
Knights'of • Pythias, and /one of \the
most prominent men in Nevada, died i at
10:30 o'clock at his home tonight as the
result of internal Injuries received in
a runaway acident 10 da;v ago!
SiiN J -MQNDCT, -OCTOBER -28; -1907.-
President Plans fl to Raise
Rear Admiral Who Will
Command Fleet '
Greatest Armatia Requires
Leader of High Rank Is
; Argument
New Rank to Cease on the
Retirement of Man Who*
Merits Honor /*£
WASHINGTON, Oct. 27.— The
great battleship fleet which is to
make its way from the Atlantic to
the Pacific will probably be com
manded by a vice admiral, and that
officer is now Rear Admiral Robley
D. Evans. \u25a0: ' \ . \u25a0''\ 1: ' '
Of course this is conditional on
congress giving its sanction to the
proposal, that will be made by the
president to establish this new rank
in the navy. Conditions now are be
lieved to be more favorable than ever
before for this project
Rear . Admiral Evans is going to sail
In command of the most powerful fleet
that ever gathered under the American
flag. Not only that, he commands more
battleships of modern type than any
other naval officer In the world, .and
the only commander whos,s blue pen
nant floats over a more numerous fleet
of all kinds of warships Is. Lord Charles
Beresford, and he is of greater rank
than a vice admiral, being an admiral,
like Dewey.
On this cruise. the American fleet will,
look upon many^forelgnlpoJvfrß^g^idiex» i '
change .'courtesies" with ; - foreign; fleets in
Brazil, Chile, Argentina and other coun
tries. The American commander, if he
were to retain his present' title of rear
admiral, would' be outranked, for the
navies of all these countries contain
officers of the grao> of vice admiral,
which would make ; the , American com
mander's' Position humiliating. ; - .
It would be pointed out In Admiral
Evans* case that not s only Is he by, his
remarkable. service entitled to this ad
vancement, but any objections to the
creation of this "new grade that might
be broached in congress might be over
come by pointing to the ; fact that as
Admiral Evans retires next August the
office will be of short duration. •
Daughter of President Is Patient lat
Episcopal Hospital in Wash
ington \ :,
Special by Leased Wire to The Call
WASHINGTON, Oct. 27.—Miss Ethel
Roosevelt, daughter .of the president,
Is a patient at the : Episcopal eye, ear
and. throat hospital here) where a slight
operation was performed on : her nose
today. Miss Roosevelt has been under
treatment since her return form •Oyster
Bay. ' , . '\u25a0':'\u25a0 .•".-- •;' '-
Mrs. Roosevelt accompanied 'her
daughter „ to ; the hospital and the presi
dent arrived ': shortly, afterward.' Both
remained throughout thY; operation.-,* It
is not known how long : Miss Roosevelt
will remain at the hospital, but prob
ably it will not be more than' a day
or so.
LONDON, : Oct . ! 27.-~Charies Henry
Wilson,; first baron of Nunburnholm'©,'
died today, aged 75 years. Before he
was elevated to the peerage .in 1905
he had represented; Hull \u25a0In parliament
for. 32 years." . LordiNunburnhoimeVwaa
head of the great Wilsbn* line of steam
ers.' - . ' \u25a0' ' : - '. : :\' : '":: '•':;\u25a0; .\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0',\u25a0 \-?-~ "'-.:'
Prosecutors Heriey, Mnson* Langdori Speak Tonight
GREATrjpublic'interestihas freeh "aroused bv; the- announcement that Francis T.
Heney /and Hiram W. Johnson -would \u25a0speafc^tbriightrinvMission-rink* inMis
sion' street,; near Nineteenth, at a meeting;- to beheld under, the auspicesfof
the Langdon Central club. Preparations; tb^ accommodate a^recprd breaking crowd
rhave been made. , ' .. .<*,,'* \ '
;Hcney/ r whq-js a^ wdnderfiijly^^
re-election of District Attorney; tangd^
toiSan Francisco. He^can^also :be counted upon to shoot some large
holes in .the ---no immunity bath- plan advocated by Frank
'Hiram A\ r.ojohn^r .ojohn^
tornev Langdon ih--the graft prosecutions,, will; be, chairman of -the meeting-andwill
address the -.gathering.' His ability, as a.v public -speaker and-his earnestness :inbe
4half of the prosecution promise to arouse thc :^ enthusiasm of the assemblage.".-Dis
\u25a0trict -Attorney^^ Langdon is-also-on , the list of speakers.' ->He will-present convincing
proof •;. that, his opponent ;stands>not for even, handed 'justice; but for the salvation of
rich bribe givers.- / '
Noted Grinnnal Waxes
Fat Through Tube
Oliver Curtiss^ Perry to
Eat While Imprisoned
Special by Leased Wire to The Call
NEW YORK, Oct. 27.— Efforts which
are being made by- a few; of his stead
fast friends to have the sentence . of
Oliver Curtiss Perry; commuted have re
vealed the fact that for four years the
daring criminal, who In 1892 startled
the country with the boldness- of his
exploits, \u25a0\u25a0 has not _ eaten a . particle \u25a0\u25a0•' of
food nor. worn a stitch .of outer- clotn-
Ing. They. have also disclosed the, fact
that Perry Is regarded as the most
remarkable patient ever confined in the
state hospital ' for criminal insane. : . .
Once Perry was on -the verge \u25a0 of
starvation, but he absolutely refused to
take a bite or drink anything"; and
the physicians, satisfied that he would
die rather than yield, fed him through a
tube. Since November 19, 1903,; he' has
received nourishment through a tube,
nbt'becauseit is necessary, but [simply
because :he was; determined '; to r'dia
rather "than eat the regular prison far*.
Perry declares ' , he 5 will never take a
bite of food'sblong' as he is in.Danne
mora. - hospl tal t and Drs. . North, . Town
send and; McDonald, hla ' physicians, be
lieve.him> /\u25a0',,;\u25a0',;.' "..'\u25a0" vv-X \u25a0; \u25a0
Perhaps the ; most notable feature of
the case, , which has nothing even ~ ap-.
proachlng a; parallel 7 in ' the "prison; rec-'
ords .of the state, "Is- that Perry now
weighs more than, he; ever' did and is in
perfect physical condition.
"File Scavenger
King of Spain Shows
Signs of Weakening
Alfonso's Health Is Subject of
; Deep Concern to His People
Special by Cable and Leased 1 Wire
to The Call
MADRID,. Oct. 27. — Spain is disturbed
by the physical condition of the young
king.' Public anxiety, is aroused be
cause of the emaciation apparent in the
monarch, .-which " seems rto grow week
.by, week.,. * * ? ' •' ''
- The restlessness N which- marked "the
beginning of .the ; fatal malady -, in the
case of the father Is particularly
marked In Alfonso. The supreme hope
of the king's physicians lies in* his love
for the beautiful .young queen. 'It Is
hoped* that open air life may eradicate
the : . seeds- of consumption, ' which all
fear have been implanted. .
The . visit to . Nice subsequent \u25a0 to . Al
fonso's visit: to England .was planned
upon; the: advice. of his. physicians, .who
dreaded; the effect of the rigorous win
ter ,s, s weather of Madrid. Whether . the
king of. Spain ! will go is a grave ques
tion,: for . there ; has : been friction be
tween Spain ; and , ' Franc© •:, over the
Moroccan :; affair. ": • .
Special by , Wire to The Call
WASHINGTON, -Oct.:" 2 Ti— The presi
dent has ordered - the- withdrawal I.', of
34,965Vacres of land in Trinity, /Shasta
and Glenn counties, along ; the eastern
bordei -of the - Trinity national forest,
and it ", is proposed to add this, acreage
to the forest. \u25a0'- •
A remarkable story of two stowaways
-and their hairbreadth escapes from de
tection and death in the Suez canal ap
pears, with realistic photographs, in
The Sunday Gall
of Clerks Works
on Divorce Data
Classifies Aggregate of 1, 300,~
000 Cases of Last 20 Years
Special by Leased Wire to The Call
."WASHINGTON, Oct.* 27.— An .aggre
gate of ! 1,300,000 divorce cases during:
*the;past 20 years will be. shown by a
report being prepared at • the census
bureau. A total of .2,900 clerks and
special agents have' been at -work for
months' gathering this data and abdut
140_ are still engaged In the task.
There are about 40,000 cases to be
Investigated out of the number stated
before the field .-work Is * finished and
the work of compilation proper can be
gin.; It Is estimated that two-thirds
of the persons seeking divorce have
been successful in their suits. The re
port In detail is not to be made public
until early next spring.
. ; LEXINGTON. . Mo., Oct. . 27.— John
\u25a0Welborn, member.of the fifty-ninth con
gress from \u25a0 the seventh Missouri ' dis
trict," died at his home here tonight,
aged 51 years.
One Hundred Dollars for
Election Guesses
XIOW do YOU figure out tho result of the coming election In San
Whom do 'YOU forecast as the people's choice for mayor?
By what vote do you predict he will be elected?
Here's some easy money for YOU;— all you' hav« to
do is to guess and x guess better than your competitors. •
. Down below i 3 a coupon for you to fill out with yorir
forecast, your name and address and then to mail to
\u25a0Election Returns Editor, The . CalL
For \ the; prediction that comes nearest the winner's plurality a»
' shown by the semiofficial ' returns to the registrar The Call will pa y
Fifty Dollars
For the second nearest prediction The Call will pay
Thirty Dollars
For the third nearest prediction The Call will pay
Twenty Dollars
(Fill out ; this coupon f and mail it'to ELECTION RETURNS ED
(-Taylor V will be elected mayor by a plurality
rMcCarthy 1 f
\u25a0 \u25a0 Name ........ ......'...%
: no ; prediction. will i?e considered - that reaches
this . office Later than midnight, satur^E
-v: . . '. day, 2, 1907:
Final Week of the
Campaign Brings
Slide of Ryan to Defeat
Hears Inglorious End
McCarthy's Friends
•\ Demand 2 to 1
in Betting
Union Men VJork Hard io
increase Langdon Vote
Political Meetings Today
DnTcneeVi ball, 24th and Cburch
Columbia ball, Harrison and Har
, rlet streets, near Sixth.
Xoonday- — Broadway dock.
Xlsht — Cascade hall, Diri^h t at.
and San Bruno nv.
Sackenreuder's hall, Eugenia ay.
and Wool st.
Open air — Sllliman and Goetttn
gen ats., San Bruno district.
Xew 'Washlnston hall, 2011 Fill
more st.
Hamilton hall, Geary and Stelner
mtm. ."•\u25a0 \u25a0\u0084\u25a0«•"-.;\u25a0'.;• \u25a0':\u25a0- :
Foresters* nail,. Tenth bt. and X
\u25a0t.. Sennet.
Green's hall, 1543 II at., near 10th
ay.. Sunset.
Nlsht — MLs^lon Rink, Mlsalon at.
near lUth.
"Let's make it a clear major
ity over all opponents" is now
the. slogan of the prominent
workers in the cause of Taylor
and . good government. They
believe this can easily be done
and will work harder than ever
during the final week, which be
gins today. It is pointed out
that Saturday night's great
meeting 'in Dreamland rink fur
nished convincing proof that
Mayor Taylor has made great
gains since his opening meeting.
Then the rink was crowded
and an overflow meeting: was
necessary. Saturday not only
was the rink packed to its ut
most limit, but many thousands
\u25a0 ' \u25a0\u25a0 , \u25a0 , ,-•-\u25a0\u25a0' ; ' -
were turned away and the over
flow meeting was much larger."
Even more convincing was the

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