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Impertinent Question No. 22
See Bottom of Page 3, Columns 1 and 2
*• VOLUME CIL— NO. 151.
Langdon Majority 20,000 Is the Prediction of the Mission
Schmitz Directs McCarthy-McGowan Fight From Cell
Banks Closed Temporarily
Are Preparing to Re
open Doors
Trust Companies. Refuse to
Pay Out Currency for
Hoarding .
Yellow Metal Shipments on
the Way Aggregate
,' \NEW YORK, Oct. 28.-^6 prin
cipal events in the financial district
today indicated that the worst of the j
crisis was over and that conditions
were settling down to normal. There
were no further bank suspensions and
reports were favorable for the re
sumption of most of the banks which
closed temporarily last week. The;
engagement of $15,750,000 in goldj
from Europe for importation to New;
York* was followed by the sensational j
*• anno'*mctmcnt of sales of American
eoprrr abroad. whfcTi vUI further in
, -crease tlis . tJ<2e of foreign money to
this country Jo a n mnmrnmam toi.^;-«vc r j
$25,000,000. ~\i\e. with the rapid rise |
of jc6od securities on the stock ex- j
c-hangc. In Vouie cp.&os as" much aa. 4 j
' and t per c rut, and the policy of the ;
.. trust companies not to pay out cur- i
j.Tcncy for lioaruing purposes, all con- i
tributcd to strengthen the feeling in;
tanking circles and among the public
{'.aX large. "
-r o Hxxrifi upon banks especially ceased,
partly because of recognition .that "they
V, Ve,re c unnecessary and unjustifiable and
part I y because of the policy adopted to
• JV-' ' lar o e checks only in certified
<<^W cks in df P° £ ' tor >' banks. This sys
""\r«iS« of payment worked no apparent
\*rds:iip and was the oause of little
, protctt. Small checks were paid
promptly 'in currency" and larger
amoMnts, -where it was demonstrated
currency was required for purposes
other than hoarding.
One of the sensational features of
r f,i«> day was the remarkable develop
ment in the «:opper trade. The; United
Metals celling company reported a.
t-lianp advance In *.he price. Copper
vhicli they would have glatlly sold. 10
days ago at 12% cents a pound com
manded 13«4 to 13=i cents a pound to-
C\. DuiMng the month of October
Vh3»ales <ri this company had been
between 80,000,000 and 90.000.000
pounds of copper. - The bulk of sales
* have been for export, so that " up to
• tonight It Is estimated that on the
• foreign deliveries during November
; and December there Trill be a. return
j rxceefling $8,000,000 In gold. Sales by
I th*e other copper Interests have been
\u25a0 proportionately large.
When the banking day -was ended
it was announced at the Trust com
pany of America that the deposits dur
ing the day liad exceeded the with
drawals by $236,000, and that the com
pany had been able to collect $223,000
of outstanding loan?, so that the net
increase of the day's .Intsiness was an
increase In cash of $519,000.
There was a "distinct diminution of
the run on the Lincoln trust com
pany. l,ess than 50 depositors were in
line all day. The run on the Colonial
branVJF of the Trust company of Amer
ica,' which is the- largest' branch of
the institution, has ended.
Reports from trust cof.ipanSes all
over the city: late today state that
normal conditions obtained and that
incipient runs of several minor com
panies had faUed to develop. .'„
The importation pf $17,000,000 Yin
fTOid, which comes largely from Lon
don, is having a. moral effect almost as
Important as its direct influence.. It
means that credit' can bo sustained
under the 25 per cent .reserve law # to
the amount . of . ?6£.000,000 and , that ; the
banks will be in position to keep their
«-ash reserve intact, even against a con-
Fidrrable demand. The fact that ex
change rates return so quickly, fn favor
of this country and that the^gold was
' kjl ; readily, obtained is accepted as an
that solvency 'of American
financial institutions Is not questioned
Jn Europe. The news, that American
6<wurities operie^L considerably. \u25a0 higher
Continued o» • Pa« c * 7,' i Coluim 4*4 *
The San Francisco Call.
YHSTEIIDAY — W«>st wind; clear; maximum
temperature, Cl; minimum, 50.
wind. -"*<'.;'':; . Pnge 11
Crisis is over in N>w York, vrbose bonks
have enjaged $18,750,000 gold for Import . from
Europe. Page 1
Daughter of Russian princess kidnaped »n«l
hcl<l a prisoner in tlie cellsr of a r»udo S i
Louse. ' PageT
OnTBl Slaxinioffsty, dlrpctor of dppnrtuient
of prisons, slain by a j-oung Trouian during n
reception at St. Pet«sbnrg. P«se 4
GolfiOfld bank epens, despite les*l ho!liTrr^
snd restores flnancial couOd»nce. ''\u25a0»' "
Bwket sbop swindlers in IvOs Anpele* -re
raided by .the police *nd warned not re ro
open. '^\u25a0;^ Pa X c 15
About a hole in the ground. Page S
A pnlpit war oa IlooseTelt. Page 8
Coddled polities. Page 8
More charter amendments. Page 8
Frills on Wall street. Page 8
Thousands in Mission rink, stirred to tnmolt
uous applansc by Langdon, Heney and Johnson,
enthusiastically pledge support to graft prose
cution. Page 1
.Vlitnltr. from prison cell directs campaign of
McCarthy and McGowan helped out with confer
piicp in offices " of felon ex-mayor's n'tor
ney*. . Page 1
j Jefrs of children interrupt McCarthy ; Jn
roreting that lacks, enthusiasm for th* lnhor
Uciret. Page -4
Ryan ad<lr<-ss»»K four meetings in rtSJTiT^nt
Motions of tte cltj. Page 4
4-islotaut Piftrict AttorcVj Hrcy on .•n'Uaess
Rt!"id iu^kMr.apios C3se"deelares that -"Ttrfy \u25a0!-•
1 Vonl iriAl *to; p?t lmmnn'.ty and cbarßps ..that
j T.utbcr G. lirnw n end Earl . Itogors control tin
\u25a0lxv* \u25a0 Anscl<«i d^trl< - t a tJornrj's office .an-.l a
jastlrc of tfce'pwece. Pngel
I n»p:d progress nwde' ln - the .. Ford trlnl, anil
! ;ißporsaut erideucf! is slt*>u by George B." »V!! 1-',
cutt. pr»crctary r and controller of the l'niie.l
Railroad*. Page "
William" E. Pargle. necking to prcve good
character In 5100,000 libel suit, gives lUt of
honest men ainontr his acquaintances. Page 1>
I Snperrisors order the construction of Normal
school buiMlns at a cost of not more • tii.in
?SJ.<XK). Page 7
More lore letters of TVlUiam H. Talbot. mil
lionaire, Tho l« s**kinß divorce from bis wife,
were rcid at yesterday's session of. the
court. Page 5
Jncifs dc 1* Montanya is ?aed for maintCJiauef
by wife, who alleges 'be '-has failed- to '"inpport
her stuce-Febniary.j , Page 16
Willlsm 11. N"lan. thr wholesale Rhoewan.
in »n ntiswcr and cross complaint to bis wife's
dlrwcc suit, charges that she .'called fclm a
thief, and '-Mid her brother would make a % 'J?lly
of him/ I*"*'- 7
W. O. Manscm. promoter, is accused, of
swindling In «-onnection with the sale anil
transfer, of CalaTeriis county ni!ne. Page C
. Viscocat XcVrry, wjn of the earl of KUrooroy,
jmakes Cyir.g trip n round woriJ to beat SO day.
I fiction .! record. Page 9
Matt A. Larkin. niinaßcr of > b!o» insclilm;.
comfian.T. . arresitcd on a charge of counterreitius
labels aud trademarks., I'age 115
Armed with a rerolTer. Mrs. Theodore^ Kytka
prc-Tcnts ' a borgHr -from entering ; her
home. Page 1«
To safeguard Interests of local depositor*.
Saa Trancls^o " banks decide to: Issue cl'MHns
house certiflcateel' ' Page 10
Sudden death of John I". Barrett, news editor
of the Examiner. Page 11
Hay dealers denounce th« tactics of the South
ern Pacific in f tiling to furnish cars to mute
crops. Page 5
> Harry Klein, accused of embezzling ' $I,SGO
from the Swift packing company. Is arrested at
Santa Hosa. Page 4
Oakland' employment agent arrested on charge
of.BWlndlinff three Filipinos. • Page 6
. Hold fe«t to. water' front, says; Oakland's
harbor league \u25a0 to city council Id- twain
tlons. : -. -; Page 6
Husband of Olive Scully aids her defence on
witness stand In murder trial. Page 6
Edgar Smith, unlxerrfty - freshman, -"bullda
aeroplane .and will: try., it In flight •\u0084f rom.
hills.. ' Page 6
Berkeley puzzleif . by series of. robberies at tl»>
Young Men's Christian association. \u25a0 Page 6
: C«l nwing will. succeed E., Bert on the hncfd
of tho nitional association of .minor, league base
ball.clubs. \u0084 v Page 10
Ma:>y bor*c«! are being pointed, at KmiTyville
travk" for ' the ojvnlng day : Bl«k<*. •'' Page 10
VancuTf-r Hnghy playrrs defeat stale univer
sity team, nc«fe 3; to <t. Piige JO
L'nus'jally .lurgp entry .is, received for ;li\' ;
handicap fMd <1«y. of. toe raclflc athletic ;a!si»j ']
elation, on Saturday -at- Berke^y. \ Page 10
.; Bott riynn'soddß hold-up well' for bis i. .\u25a0•<•>-
ing with Mg Jack Johnson.'-'- • Page 10
Typopraphio?l .union No. Cl donates'*".'J4(.iO -j to
the *s>mmerciar tf-legraphers. Page 8
Tbfrc I« talk of* a rooremfnt ' ti>-! ; * Ft «'\u25a0»>'
nfwnl>nys «in<ler IU from srlllng papTs,«>n tlie
ptr««t«. Pages
-• Shlpwreckcil - crew of ' the ' whr.lrV Csrrie". c»0
AnnJe arrive on the .\M». ~ Paigre*!!
MINING ');%\u25a0
- rr«wan« for ready, cash on holders' of j Nevada
mining '\u25a0 stocks ' forces ;- GoXMvH ;.'. Co*n»Vili<jateil ;
sharrs down- to $S.o2\*i and "" Florence . -.to'
\u25a0sociAJLV^f;;2 .\u25a0. \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-.' \u25a0\u25a0
. . First"* as»crobiy,'. ball of.!:. the /; season .. <iraws '
society; folk " to ; the . home oi Mrs.) Uenry.iCanTp- i
bell'iu'Sausalito. . . Page 8
S^N; ; ; ERANGISeb^ TUESDAY, j OCTOBER 729, 1 907.
t-» : \u25a0 TTI . .-\u25a0: \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0::,\u25a0 '. .;-...- :\u25a0„.\u25a0:•
Prosecutor, \u25a0\u25a0 Witness in the
Older Case, Accuses
Rogers and Brown :
Says the Disrated Calhoun
Detective Controls Los
Angeles Officials
Appointees Charged With
Aiding in Kidnaping r of
-Bulletin Editor - \u25a0;
"Fremont Older Avonld .have been a
wltne.ira la the trial of Tire y L. Ford
II Ford linil gone on tSie stand and de
nied that he had sent Lewl«_F. i..Bylng
too. to Older to get Imninnlty.for him."
Testimony of Assistant District Attor
ney Heney at hearins on motion to net
uside the I,u<her ttro\rn _ "and Porter
Ah'r.r indictments.
'T aiflted.Rofhe (Older** attorney) to |
see tlmt certain evidence vms! brought
out at the examlnjstlon of Olderln I<os«
Angeles. \u25a0 1 wanted .to make *ure that;
\rltne!H»e» were not ' wiiltorsuMl nsraln s>y
tinther G. . T*rorvn. lir-<-nuKc; I I«ad Itenrd j
that he "at»t! Karl -Rogers, lrerc' ln; tjhe
ba&lnrsV- of niiboralns jurors^ nnd v.il- :
&c<9ses» and' also ._ttwit' titrr) Wnrtl' thin
justice 'of ;\u25a0 .\tiic'"'" peace "^(SunimerfieJd) ,
down there, nnd that hir and Walter
rorker'.had had him, (the justice) put
In,, and also' the" countable*- that raiiie
up here aad .nldcdlti the kJunaptngof
Older. I also -beard that he controlled
the district attorney's office;, that.- "\Val-'
ter Porker, had" appointed every deputy,
and that Captain Fredericks Ulie dis
trict attorney* Is a chmlldate for. con
gress, and IhKt |.«ther Brown - is - v the
political bo«* of the congressional-dis
trict and -'chairman of -that delegation,
and that at leant one of the constables
Tvho came up Is n member of that com
mittee."— Hcney's testimony.
Assistant District Attorney Heney
was a witness for but 15 minutes in
Judge Dunne's court yesterday during |
the hea>ing,of the motion of. Attorney j
Bert Schiesinger to '-have set aside the j;
indictments charging} Luther lG/ Brown,
the disrated chief of Patrick Calnoun's
gumshoe < men, and R. Porter Ashe,; the
deposed attorney for Tirey L*. "lord,
with kidnaping Fremont Older, the
newspaper editor. Dut during those l.'»
minutes- he made the courtroom sizzle
with his" accusations against Brown,
who was .'in the courtroom, and , Earl
Rogers, who was " not. TV. Hoff • Cook
and Charles "W. Cobb represented the
dlstrict'attorney's office. .
Schlesihger sought to Jiave the in
dictments set aside -on the ground that
Heney ; had ' appeared before - the ; grand
jury and examined witnesses relating
to; the kidnaping charge while he was
attorney for , Older •In the criminal libel
case. .' Older -had -been arrested on.= -a
charge of criminally libeling Luther G^
Brown -in-the Bulletin, and the arrest
had beenT; carried out -.Trithout- proper,
procedure."; The' point *that Heney .was
Oldcr's. '-witness wasj backed \ up.. ;~'-by
Schlesinger, with' 'a. -telegram sent '.by
Heney -"to the" district ."attorney's- office,
infwiiich Heney had asked that the pre-,
lirninary examination \u25a0; of : Older be. con
tinued; as he wanted." to appear. \u25a0
Yesto.rday Heney • admitted the tcle
gram,~ '.which was produced in court
with the affidavit of C.' C. .McCqmas, as
sistant district attorney for lx>s 'Angeles
county. "But he said that the telo
"gram .was 'ln* error and that. he had at
no tims. intended to appear.foritho;av,
cused': editor," but simply ;to be. ; inoourt |
that he, might watch; th« methods .of !
Luther. Brown... , ,",',.': v
.' Ilehey,- asp«srt«»il that, while ho, pre-;
sen.J«>dtbe.easr;'ag3inst Brownand Aslift
to 'the grand "jury, he d id ; not? argue .tho
facts. Jn. relation to"; the -sending' -of
tiie telegram, the assistan t."> district -at
torney: declared "'th'nt he" wanted -; to -be
in, Los- Angeles] to 'protect t.h<; interests
of .any one •; connected^. with \ the?: case.'
Thenhn srayri his crisp" vieVs, on: Brown
and' Karl '" Rogers' connection' 'with Hho
Los Angeles district , attorney's i office*
and. with '. Justice.'- Summer field,- .i" lief ore
wliom Oldor was ", ;.'. to"^ have '!\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0'• boon ' a.r
faigncd/: \u25a0v, ; ; ,c, c :. ; . -.7 '^ \u25a0'-.;: V;. ... . '; :•
, Heney w«?nt on- to ; say : « tinder*. the rp
liictant' enoouraKcnif»nt < :nf.,: : !f;ch'leßinger'B
.\u25a0\u25a0;\u25a0' :'.'\u25a0:\u25a0 .-v.,'---.i.-~.T:-.t-t M\u25a0.- r C .«*-- i \u0084-\u25a0--, -'\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0
questions that.; Luther*Brown'hatl at
tempted to kidnap ?liOnergan, and pre-;
Cent Inn c d ; on \ Page ;' 5, \ Column . 2'l
With a Wink in It
Felon Ex-Mayor Confers With Labor Czar
and Advises Him at Lawyers' Office
Eugene E. Schmitz, with headquarters at; the county jail, is -giving the benefit of his personal ma.i
agement to the campaign for tlie county jail ticket, - which he. programmed for the "Big Six." \u25a0
The active interest of the felon ex-mayor in the municipal campaign did; not end with th. com
pletion'of the slate which McGarthy.N
bor convention to nominate. Thanks to the verdict of a trial jury and a five year sentence for "felony,
Schmitz .wasnot-permitted to jnit his personality' into the fight 'for His \u0084 *
county* jail -";ticlcet^but mere locks and bars; do not serve : to keep Him
from staking: a prominent advisory' and', managerial part the :
campaign. .' v . *. -^ ; ' *
Conferences between the power behind .the* ars: and: T.- H. Me-;
Carthy. candidate of" Schmitz for' mayor, h'ave-nqt^been so; frequent
sincc' ; the-slatc was made up and receivedvthe- official sanction of tlie. .
felon ex-mayor. Schmitz has, of; course, been able \to' have his sage .
advice and managerial: dictates -filter to the alleged^ campaign man
agers at the- downtown through/ hisyhostand-friehd.'
Sheriff-Thonfas-F/b'NeiU but the finerpoints of the game Schmitz ;
is playing 'for, the i election of .'"McCarthy arid McGowari'Have not been'
intrustccl to; faithful -Torn ,o'Neil." ; They; have ; beqi : given to Mc-
Cartb.y.iii person, or sent to hini through- the felon \u25a0 mayor's 'family. ; .
Gnc : of the niost • iniportaiit\conferences' between ;the felon- ex- -
mayor and'^his county ja.il candidate; for. the same^kind-of honorslwas -
Held last. Thursday 'at -the offices of _. CampbeH/.;'Metson\u25a0v\u25a0&.;Dre\v,\u25a0\u25a0
Scnn^itz:s" attorneys.' This" powwow consumed something dike, two
hours '-. Xo cspecia 1 difficulty attended \u25a0 the completion of- arrange-. "
nicnts for ;a^ conference at the * offices of; Schmitz' ? counsel:"where'the j >
boocllcr^cxrniayor h'as-bcenM'reqiicntly.take^ f
: in deriancc' of oivicrs : oj4hc : court.; \Schinitz is /brought- ;into< court, at '.
I lcastoncc each: week answer ready for>l rial on^the- remaining extor-- :
| tioir charges; which have been postponed -from; weekjto; week, pending. ;
: the disposition of Schmitz's appeal to; a higher court.;" . ;
[ . Other;, con ferences have been S arranged - foryan'd C; rr\essages \ con-;
ve\'ed'irqnv;Sclnnitz to McCarthy and vice- versa-thrqugh^tliefrnedium .
of'Sclijnitz's household. 'and/the^tciephoiie.* McCaftlrvvHas^beenfsaved )
from ; charges ;of;;c6)nmunicating;directly •.? with? jail^ fpri; His orders > by, - :
having. those prdcfssent'to him tl^oughxthe^Sclimitzniome; - ;It ;lias .
[ alsq^bcencf^nv^mentfor the pq^
informed! tHrough'thc^Schinitz home,^^.whoivit was the'pleasure»of the L
creator oh the Jcounty^jailiti^ ;
candidate; ;McLarthv, :; and: hi through /fortuitous: circumstances,- the, •
master hnVjail-.was^unable ,to^keep anfa^
CONTIxtJEbVoX^PAGEI4^c6L;f4: :: -; ; "; ?
George A. Van Smith
3 • rlt'TtSii dorft like traveling by water,
see how it is done in \
Isonie* parts of Italy, Ireland and Japan.
A good illustrated story in
The Sunday Call
one Hundred Dollars for
Election Guesses
HOW do YOU ; figure but the result •of the coming election in San
\u25a0 Francisco ? ; %. . ,v
\Whwndo-YOU forecast as the peopled choice for mayor? • *
By what: vote 'do you predict he will be elected?
Here's some easy money f or ; YOU— all you have to
; do ;\u25a0 is \ to ' guess and guess better than "your competitors.
? v.. Down -below isa coupon for you to fill out with your
3 forecast, your' name and address ' and then to mail to
• Election Returns { Editor, The Call. C:
For, the prediction that comes nearest the winner's plurality as
ihown by, the semiofficial > returns to the registrar The Call will pay
'' \ -Fifty Dollars r
. ;For. the second" nearest prediction The Call will pay
t Thirty Dollars
-. \-i : . For rthe; third nearest prediction; The Call will pay
? -Twenty Dollars
/(Fill out this i coupon and mail it' toELECTION RETURNS ED
(.Taylor. ) will be elected mayor by a plurality
I 'predict that .;.-." A 'McCarthy \
v * ' (. Ryan ) 0f:. ............ ....v0te5.
•". . -- ;DAY,CNOyEMBER 2,(1907.
Heney and Johnson
Stir Enthusiasm
of Thousands
Shouts Greet Pledge
I -to Prosecute Calhoun
Throngs Eager for
History of Graft
Hoi Attack on McGowan
ij Given Roaring Plaudits
"Twenty thousand major
ity, for William H. Lang
That was the cry * that
brought an echo from thou
sands; of throats last night at
the^. Mission . \u25a0 rink, where
Special Prosecutor Francis
J. Heney, Attorney Hiram*
W. 'Johnson of the pros
ecution arid District At
torney Langdon himself
addressed a- multitude ;6f
enthusiastic \*oters.
• With the promise^ on his
lips to -fight the battle against
the grafters to the end and
to prosecute Patrick Calhoun
for bribery, come what may,
Heney carried one of the;
greatest audiences the Mis
sion'has ever. known off its
feet with wildest enthusiasm-
Johnson, in an eloquent ad-^
dress that strttck right from
tlie shoulder, won a thunder
ous promise of support for
the man who stands for the
principle that no man is
above the law. and Langdon,.
Continued on Pajfe 2, Column 1

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