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Impertinent Question No. 22
See Answer Bottom of Page 3, Columns 1 and 2
Europe's Trade Balance to Send Flood of Gold to U. S.
Southern Pacific Machine Men Supporting Ryan Drive Opponents to Taylor
Hundred Millions
Soon to Come to
United- States
Europe Orders Heavy
\ Shipments of Copper
Gold Engagements
Now Total Nearly
: $20,000,000
Are Rapidly
Returning to the Normal
NEW YORK, Oct. 29.— The enor
mous influence which American prod
ucts are exerting in building up a
, credit balance abroad has been the
most signal development of the finan : !
cial situation today. Reports from all j
quarters show that - the great Amer
ican staples — wheat, cotton, copper,
tobacco, oil, meat — are on their
* to Europe, this being the' season of
the year when American products^aVe
marketed abroad. .The immediate ef
fect of these shipments is to give the
United States credit abroad, which can
b«* speedily converted into cash. Th«>.se
natural resources of the country prom
ise to exert oven greater influence than
the sale ot American securities abroad.
The foreign .sales of 1.000,000 pounds
of copper yesterday were supplemented
today by reports of similar heavy ex
ports, today's shipments alone giving
a foreign credit of $14,000,000. The
shipments of tobacco to Europe this
i rear promise to break all records. I
•\u25a0ft Europe will pay over 5100,000.000 for
TJnitcd States tobacco and much of this
f 'money will soon be available in this
market, as the contracts with Euro
pean importers call, for cash on de
Several- favorable events marked the
close of the financial day in. New York!.
* The engagement of $2,000,000 in gold
by the First national bank of Chicago
and of $500,000 by» a Boston bank
brought the total ' gold engagements
up to close to $20,000,000 in spite of
the cancellation of an order for $900,
* 000 by t the Russo-Chlnese bank upon
the ground that "the amount 'engaged
exceeds its needs. The raising of Ger
man bank rates to prevent America
from drawing German gold produces
little effect on the situation here, as
none of the gold engagements thus far
have been made in Germany. While
money at the stock exchange was lean
ing during most of the day at hjgh
rates, it fell near the close to 6 per
cent, offers of several million dollars
at that rate being made by several *of
the leading banks.
Comparative calm reigned ; among
Kew York bankers. They all realized
that the pressure lor money was not
over, but felt generally that unreason-
Ing panic was at^an end and that they
\u25a0would be able to meet reasonable de
mands ' for currency. These demands
are coming in considerable amounts
froxa tee west and south, where money
Js needed to move crops, and it Vl»
feared that the sections ' where the
movement is largest may. be more -or
less hampered in their efforts to ob
tain funds.
The general refusal to pay caEh for
\u25a0 hoarding in the west and aouth, as well
as in New York, it is believed, will pre
vent undue absorption of currency and
permit the employment of : what ,1s
available in the most effective manner.
The large banks of this city are gain
lag deposits from the banks _ which
have been under suspicion, and ' this
tends in a measure to concentrate
money where it can be used most ef-_
fectively; -but' on the other band -it
'creates debit balances at the clearing
house against the banks which arc los
ing deposits which are not always easy
' for them to meet without sharply cur
tailing their loans, even with the as
6i*tanee of clearing house certificates.
Runs upon the banks are practically
I over. Persons who present large checks
and ask for their payment in 'currency
f are invited to consult tbe^ bank officials.
k In cases where their need for currency
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The San Francisco Call.
YESTEKDAY— South-wwt -«in<l; clondr; mail
mum temperature. 64; mlclmun]. 54.
FORECA ST FOR • TODAr—SJIOK-ers ; . I'.abt I
eoutbwett wind. . Page Jl
Bljt erfdlts abroad, sinoiintlng to .more, than
{lOft.WQ.fmo. and pold >n(r«g*m*Dts cairn flnsn- j
clal KituatloD.!ii Xeir YorV. ... Page 1;
Steel trust stock bolder* to recelxc mil- j
Hobs in - dlrldends from corporation.'., «sjosa |
assets are now $350,000.^00. including; $75,000,000
in cash. . ' : PageS,
President will ask Wirtm * '• for three 20.CC0
ton battleships to streDgtbec big' stlcV metbfxj of
preTentlng war. -Page 7
Boom of Speaker • Joe '. Cannon is . launched to
Illinois. • • • >.:,-^ ,' Page 0
COAST - , ... .
Mrs. Frank Eckert of Sonoma- countj- pe»e»
aa .Portia- and "treats'* : Jury . wlien she
losea case. .- Page 5
- Bank bolidaj- stacnate* bnsineM in- P<*lljh>l,
wbott institutions face problem of 'setting, funds
from east.'. • "~- . : • . . Page 6
Santa Cruz citizen! nlaD entertatnment
edorator* who will attend state teachers".?cn
rentSon. . ; '.. _. ff. :,\ Page 7
Hundreds gather at Deris for session, of; war*
farmers' Institute. " l'ase 5
Two, cars of dynamite and one^of oil Splintered
in freight wreck without explosion. ; Page 5
Plea f<?r frankneej la disc ustlpn , of sex ,t<jplc*
raises storm at .district coot^h tion of trom en's ;
clnba and. delegates lea re : hall. . • Pace 7
- The San "Francisco, banks ., In .splendid
shape. \u25a0 . ' '.' ; ' P*BC 8
'-A neglected asset. ' \u25a0 ': ' Page 8
' More charter amendments. Page 8
* Frills' .on* WaU street. ' . ' . Page S
POLITICAL \u0084/ \u25a0 - . - ;
Merrbants laugh at .'"slide, to Ryati" of
Laumeister. wbose.' support of ; Republican* 1 can
didate, with that '"of. other Hcrrln. machlncmen".
is driring clean rotes to Taylor. Page 1
Majnr Tarlor reeerres' rousing. -welcome ;jj
suburban districts' where voters pledg? beartx
enppert. : - • " . : Pag* I
Thomas F. Eagan attacks' McCarthy: at 'Ryan
meeting' in Wa.lton*s parlllon. denouncing btfn a>
labor's tot. .-.. / .-.. . ',:'... .r ' \u25a0'*.•:, \u25a0 Page 2
\u25a0y Andrew Furpsetb, writes 6p*9.',J«tt«.r ii'.K. 'U.'.
'MrCartayr c<?n»uricg .the union", !a»or- candidate*
for^flfbUng DJMrict'Jiitornej- .Wflju*m : H: + Cju?k
don. _ Page 2
j Langdr>n Is.; Cl^en roaßlne re^eptlco at r n-mp
»eetlng'«t flairtop .Sr«n: w«Ve. -...:'\u25a0- ; . i/Paaie^
FlTe thoasanJ me.n nt haildlng trades' H'vruse.
HcOArtbj- ofbeingfoe of .un'tm* and glT»fw«M>n
for decision to TOte for Taylor.- ; ; ; ; '[ •\u25a0 • Page S
Independent . republicans organize clubs . to .all
Taylor's campaign. \u25a0 - ; \u25a0 '.. „ ', Page 3
Throngs at- three big, meetings last'jnlght
cheer Langdon to the ecco.- '*-. '. Pasre- 3
• P. U. '.McCarthj comes to the rescue of; Frank
McGowan and v pleads . for -the Matter's
election. . ; ; Page 2
ji William n. Talbot. millionaire., still _on tlie
uitness stand, tells of further domestic* trfmble*
witb the : wife he is seeklug.to i«ii
rorce. . - . . Page 11
. Proponents of will of J. Aleiapder Yoell open
case with testimony of witnesses who state that
decedent was of t>ouod mind. . I'ajce 11
. Stella Sergota l« «ent. U> ssn QoentJn fo? 25
years for arson. and hrr busband. arrested. ln The
courtroom. Is -promised a 50 year , sentence -if
found guilty. . . • - •• - Page 11
I On the adrice of the. clearing bouse . associa
tion saTlngs banVa decide to require notice of
withdrawals. . . \u25a0 - :' ;•' Pas«l6
Fleney springs sensation In Ford trial .liy. pro
ducing witness to prore that Kvef- and Calnuun
ooanael were together the day $-"00,000 lirUn
was paid. ' \u25a0 . Page 1
.Three ofOce.rs at Presidio fail to past" presi
dent's test of 15 mile, jo« on horseback an-J' <\tll
go ; before retiring board. . \u25a0 ; • Pace 10
•• Robbers raid residence of J.- E. O'Brien' in
Capp street by daylight and carry away." coin
tnd. Jewels to the ralue of ?«00. •-.\u25a0 - Page 18
Two women arrested for drunkenness and tlo^
lation of auto speed brdi?*ccc. . . Page 16
C." Wallenberg found to t>e lueligiblc to super
inteaf'ency of almsbourc. '\u25a0 ' . ~ Page 18
Frank Allen, accused of hating ; used pistol
to \u25a0 cud. . hte rixal's. courtship of> rit-5
widow. - Page 16
Oakland, to charge -.Western Pacific for xviiarf
site- and- aim* to' subjugate Southern Paci9; to
position; of city's . tenant. Page 6
Steamer ; agent . alleges 'exorbitant . wuarfrage,
charging: W. B. Hcywood witb [ discriminatlra'/.
and «ays lincjwill.be discontinued. \u25a0 Page 6
- Oil re Scully, tells sordid" life story and says
she garc money to Glorc'r, but! receded only ill
treatment \u25a0 from him." \u0084 Page 6
f Trustees ot* Berkeley 'instruct' town attorney to
draft, ordinance.. to' compel. Southern " Pacific to
stop all trains at station. , Page 6
v Clubwomen \u25a0of Alameda complain of \ a hac
cbaualian orgy and chief "of \pollce cacts "blame
on city council. r — - '. Page 6
. Ab» Attelh knocks out Freddie Weeks in fourta
round ; at'; Tx)s ;ABgeles: . ' ' .'.Page; 10
Seals lambaste ; Oaks' en their \u25a0 own J ground s, s
tbe ; liome team'bclnj no match for the Tlsitora
from this" side. . : '•- ;\u25a0\u25a0. . Page 10
VancouTer : and . StanYord .uniTerslty ; tea nib will
engage In Rugby .battle at Palo' Alto this after
noon. ' .'....' ': \u25a0 , N " : Page 10
SI any \u25a0 nominations "for opening handicap 'at
Emeryrilie indicate" that •CO 'lltc ones^ will'
start:.. ;• - • - . Page 10
;• Irjsh-American , athletes will meet oir! W.\.A.
Clark's estate in San'Mateo Saad»y.v« Page 10
' Rumors of ' formation! of, a third .major lf^gu>»
disturb session, of national association of basebal]
clubs at', Kew VorV. " • Page 11
- Calif brnia ; \u25a0"-' secure* j; two ' , oCflces. .in i v t be
international -brotherhood, of blacksmith** j'nn'j
belpern. Page 11
Wai tresses' : union deride* that ffiembern V-iiiyt
wear tbe.worklDg'b'jtton. V," \u25a0" Page'll
r.Army transport ,BuTord encountery. hesd;win<?s
all -the way 'across Pacific and, brings \u25a0 few pyt-'
senger*. '* Page 11
'•'Goldfleld' Consolidated , Mines management; nifia
prices : by Tote : to pay r a . dlridead of 10 ceoU in
KoTembrr.' amounting 'to J350.0C>0. ' Page 15
»• ;•'""'• '";' /.''y.'; .':"['." *~ I Z : ':'y,^*
j ; • The Ryan campaign is run by
and for Hcasit. The {McCarthy ; :
' campaign is : run \u25a0by ' and ' for*
'Schmiizi The \u25a0 Taylor > campaign' is . I
run by andjf6r,thc people. : ""..\u25a0''., ''. ,\u25a0":-•,
Heney Springs Sensation
by Connecting Boss and;
Calhoun Man •.-.
Case: Probably : Will Be; in
Hands of the Jury
by Friday
Rogers Hints of Effort to
; Show $200,000 Was for
Interest on Bonds
: The . trial " of Tirey \u25a0 li'fk Ford, which j
has proceeded on its even s . way, took i
a sensational turn yesterday when the j
prosecution placed on the" stand- aj
witness who supplied .the link con- 1
necting the defendant with Abe Ruef.
The witness was Robert A. Perry, an j
assistant of William J. Burns;" who
had been shadowing ; Ruef, for five
months; in 1905 before? it, was .an
nounced that an investigation into
civic corruption^ had' been undertaken.
Perry testified tha'torf August 23,; 190«,
the day" Ford \u25a0 drew "?i 00.000 from the'
mint,hX^a<3 traced Ruef to Ford's :oTr"
flee- arid \u25a0 that the two remained together
' for almost aiT bourV-.Perry-rftferred'- to
| a'j memorandum * book \u25a0;• and ;wss \u25a0 aMcTto
give the exact , whereabouts'- of Ruef
'every minute of "the day. V' . . :'. ' v.;
In addition! to this. the rprosecution'
produced two \u25a0 waiters who had \u25a0' been
employed in the, Cosmos club, at Sutter
and Octaviastreets. V Both testified that
Ford and Ruef. -. with two companions,
had lunched there together during "the
month of, May, 1906.-, This ': was the
month in- which. the t'rolJpy'deal was ar' r
ranged.*- When the defense showed a
disposition to combat : .this, evidence
Heney offered to .corroborate, Jt. stat
ing that he had been a >guest at the
'Cosmos club on the day in question
and had seen Ford and Ruef together.
• Just as the day. was drawing; to j a
close the defense shot one of its arrows
that .had been held ln - reserve. Brpad
intimations were thrown- out that ' the
claim would bVmade' that the 5200.000
sent to' the mint from. the east had been
used to pay Interest on the bonds of
the - United -Railroads -held by -Brown
Brothers, the New York \ bankers. The
remarkable theory, as far as 'it was
elucidated' yesterday, , was .that the
money was sent from New York to the
San Francisco, mint, withdrawn In cur
rency/by Ford /and- sent back to New
York. '\u25a0'. \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0': \-pfH\ ' : . ''. " ' ]
. According to a < made^ in
court yesterday by Heney the prosecu- i
tion will close its case; after ,-an hoiir/s '
session this morning. The tip from
both fides .late last "-nigh T was that
Ruef would not • be" called as* a wltnes^.
Earl :Rogers- of - counsel -for the .de
fense declined to say yesterday, "whether
Ford "wouid be. placed upon, the' stand.
The '\u25a0'! impression about the ; courtroom
is r that *he .will "notl . • In *ckse'_ the^de
fense calls, no witnesses all the* testi-;
mony will be completed" today and ar«
guments will ' be begun before " night
fall. The case ? may,: therefore,": go to
the, jury tomorrow; or Friday..
A noticeable feature .of -yesterday's
proceedings was the 'comparatively
small part playedlby. Earl' Rogers. Dur
ing the • flrsV ttriasl s of $ Ford, The :; Call
stated . that/ some r dissatisfaction- had
arisen iin ] ' regard ; ,to> , the /."manner . in
,which. Rogers had conducted the; case
and - that' henceforth . he ; was to occupy
"a" less, conspicuous position. The change
was not made abruptly,' but \u25a0• gradually.
Attorneys -Ai: A: -Moore- and Stanley
Moore ha.ve_assumed a.^greater t part?of
the work. Rogers', efforts .yesterday
were 'confined to : the brief cross/exami
nation ».'of three; witnesses,' ..while -the
leadership ;was" intrusted .Ho -the; two
•Moores.V The "dissatisfaction; with Rog£
ers , followed' his cross; examination - of
Frank, iJeach in the first trlair during
.which' he repeatedly .\u25a0.insulted;- the'di
rector of .-mints.- . \" - " '^SfVcM-M
F6urteen witnesses; were., examined
yesterday. -The attorneys on; both sides
were in good humor and- smiled; kindly
upon each other.;* Heney.) was' in 'i poor
voice' from; the .of ; ; the evening
before;. The,, witnesses^, examined - in
eluded/I.i'-whoVhad ftestjfledt at '\t he', pre
vious trial. They were George A. .Will--'
cu 1 1. (secret . ary/ of t h e i Un i te rl • Railroads t
'A;. M.' Dahler; 'assistant* "treasurerjof Tth*e
The ¥eHowfKidmtid 'Hisf Candidate
Merchants Laugh at Laumeister's
Dream of A "Slide to Ryan"
AH But I^onely H^
Are Vigorous Supporters o^M
Slowly, but none the less surely V : the^machine :intefests/ behind the .candidacy, of Daniel A.
Ryan and his job; chasers are being uncovered: The attempt to put the' businessmen of San
Francesco on the": "slide for Ryan" -through \ the medium of a • bald. declaration of- a dream .which
troubled the poHtical sleep of Charleses. iLaumeis^
characteristic : of t^ . :: .. -
: Laumeister, -after being numbered v with \ the" ;pbUticaliy-- dead .; for years, roused^yfrom; x his
trance: long ' enough-;: to;-announce : that«J
\u25a0 the businessmen of ' San Francisco .were
, flockin g to the standard o f - Ryan: I^au
j rneister'st position,' as- president of -the i
merchants',' : exchange ,' was ,'duly. •••\u25a0. ex-.
ploited* to , wejght to the message
from a far ;: country i which,: backed; sole-'
Iy ' by \u25a0 Liaumelster's': name,', would 4not
command space in the political "columns
of .McCarthy's "ofHcJal ..'.pamphlet.' Lav?
meister'sr espousal* of the cause:. of. the
I^arat candidate; was so turned as -to
cpnvey'. the impression that Laumeister
spoke in his offlcial' capacity, andl that
he expressed the sentiments of >a:coii
*siderable^ number, of- the \u25a0 ' members ;';'of \u25a0
; the .exchange J over/; which" he jpresidea."
:;The; assumption • that 'Laumeister
spoke* for • any one r other Ithan-himself
is \u25a0vigorously." resented, by the \u25a0'.mem
bers, of the e^hange.". That' any; ofnclal
action 'wlli- h^', taken. touching Laumeis
ter'sunauthofizartf 'delivery, of the .busi
nessmen "on • the>slide -to Ryan is im
probable:' The puj?lication of 'the~iL.au-'
meisteri trance"' message roused a> storm
on' the. exchange: yesterday and)a can- 1
vassY of Kthe - grain h brokers, ~ who '.were,
in session,, failed : to' disclose^, a:- single
man'f orjßyan : or McCarthy. \ Prominent
members,. of the-" exchange, were unani-'
nious in'declaring.that thVsoO members
of the' exchange were^almost a unit for.
Mayor TaVlor-r Edward B. Cutter of the ]
' grain", brokers isaid I last - night:-* •.v . i
\u25a0; '\u25a0Laumeister vwds. v of course, speaking j
for himself \u25a0'and^wlt'iibut: a tiy'i reference
Ito .the ~.\ membership* of 'V the V exchange,]
I amorigr .' which! heY k nows "•: there Vis ' ly ir-i j
! tualJy no Ryan] sentiment. I have made '
a*. close \u25a0*' canvass' of,'. the f members ; of^ the
'exchange.' and Laumeister /is -the' «ni>'
j m an' on \ the ; fl o or .V so fa r' as \u25a0 I "\ k n o-.v, '. w ho
is * riot : fori Mayor.. Taylor.; V; .;',.. . . -. -. '[,
[ "'^Vltiis; extremely, conservative:! to :'say
George A. Van Smith
that af least 470 ;of the- 500 "members
are enthusiastically for -Mayor. Taylor.
"We are supporting Taylornot asa per-"
sonality nor. as .a'p'artisanitbut because
he stands - forj good' government "and
commercial' stability.' 1 ' You .'may*, be 'as
sured • that \if ,;thereV are' businessmen
flocking, to : Ryan ;.they,:-are, not . memb
ers :of the . merchants' exchange.' ». We
want governmental " arid : commercial
stability., -We 'want- the credit. _ of .'San
Francisco -restored and*; we -know that
througlv the election". of Mayor. Taylor
and only, through the; election o f '.Tay-'
lor ;will;; will; these -air. : tbi be desired 1 condi-'
tlons be -secured." •' ."• ' " -''vV| '"\u25a0• -
' The Ryanites believe straws show the
.way. 1 , the. k wind 'blows, j unless -they- are
straw ivotes. giving j Mayor, Taylor .ma
jor lties : over; both Ryan and -McCarthy*
Tn. the -accession of ;; Laumeister ' the
boomers of the" Hearst candldateirecog
ntied-a beautifully long, ! bright 'Straw.'
Thinking votens quite as readily ;recbgr
nized.it' as^a .bale "of the kind' of :hay
thatr ; showsj. -what Wind* is; blowing; to
Ryan.-"; Laumeister , , has '\u25a0, been ; long ' the
political ?. dead Jone he", is- ; now. ; "-By " ( the
grace of . ; AVHHarrr F.; Herrin . he ,was^ in
politics 'once upon' a tlme/and
his brief -"opportunity ;.to \\ distinguish
himself .before the p-opleTof San .Fran-'
Cisco'; extinguished '• him: "VVith other
Herrin. skeletons heshas been.dug up to'
join the .'Hearst-Dargle-CaihpunOJc^
Car thy/ combihation - behind the • Hearst
candidate."; • ':;"•>"•' '""\u25a0•\u25a0. "\. '; - '\u25a0\u25a0". : - ; -'/.-. "'
Laumeister.^ was a: railroad ' ; commis
sloner/in «the;unforgotten pasti-and.it
was *'as - railroad i commissioner itliat*he
distinguished 5 himself. V;,- In the ; railroad
rate controversy; between the ; Southern
.Paciflc/and . th/Bt people."'of^California.'
Coatlnued on' Page 4, Column 3
C-Haijppiftf are the: bother of a woman's
I^'^A^fimple ; and 'picturcsqtie \vay of
\u25a0ckressing the hair without them pictured ',
@ne Hundred Dollars for
Ejection Liuesses
- :-:.^>v . '\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0/\u25a0: \u25a0 - \u25a0 — " -' - \u25a0}:\u25a0>. \u25a0:, , ,- .. , • •
HOW. fdo YOU figure out the result of • the coming election in San *
.Frandsco? ... ':,'. .. - • ..,, y _' ; , \u0084-
i Whom do YOU forecast as tJie people's choice for mayor? ;
By what vote do"; you predict he will be .'elected?
f \u0084 Here's some easy money for YOU— all you have to
do is ; to guess* and guess better than your competitors.
Down below is a . coupon for you to fill out . with your
- T forecast," your name and address and then to mail \to
Election Returns : Editor/- The CalL
. • For the 'prediction •\u25a0'that / ; comes nearest the winner's plurality as
-shown by the semiofficial : returns to the registrar The Call willpay
Fifty Dollars :
': For! the second nearest prediction < The Call will pay
Thirty Dollars ~
'"- For the third nearest prediction The ' Call will pay *
\u25a0-'\u25a0'--.'. '\u25a0:.'.',\u25a0\u25a0 ;Tycnty Dollars \u2666
, (Fill: out J this coupon and mail it to ELECTION RETURNS ED
\u0084 * j;Tayior ? C: | will be: elected mayor by a plurality]
v Ryan j'.oi .. •••^•••••••••.•. •. votes*
" : DAY; NOVEMBER 2; 1907^: ' ".: - - :
South San Francisco
Cheers Hones^s
Champion ;
"He Will Pull Us Out
' ot Bad Hole" Is Shout
Overflow Crowds in!
Street Hold Hand- 1
shaking Fete .
Labormen Fear^kßuin
of y Unions by Politics
Political Meetings Today
Aoon— William H. Langdon at
«1a%% TTorka. Polsom sad Flf « <
teenth irtrcetß.
Alght— PcTrer'B ball. Precita are
\ bw and Folsora street.
,\iwn— Bar ami P«iT£ll streets.
• >flcht— Watkrorcndn't hmll. . Eu- ,
£;';*->£•\u25a0•* avenrne r and ; TV'bbT^treet." •
Mpaalxh-Americaa \Var Veteran**
ball. Duborf avenue opposite '
- FlHmore «tr*el« .
Aoon— Transport dock, foot of
ITol.iom street.
Old Mail dock, First : and Brannaa
\u25a0 streets.
Ais h t— T : acn nerbu nil ball. Twenty
-'>.'•\u25a0'?fourth"*street and Potrcro avc- \u25a0
: i . '-ntie." t'
3iascuir hall,' Railroad aveooe and '
Fourteenth avmac ."outh.
, St. i Helen's - hall. . Fifteenth and
:.»:..:..' Jlarket. streets. . ._ ..
' Mayor. Edward R. Taylor mada
two separate appeals to the voters in
the country of his political foes last
night and both were applauded to the
echo. He spoke at Bayside hall, 37 ;
Leland street, near the county line,
to a crowd that filled the building and
cheered^ every ;\u25a0; point .made V» by the
speaker. 'At -the 1 Souths San, Francisco
opera house, where the second speech
was delivered, a. throng gathered
that : was mud*-. too,- large to be con
tained within the waifs of the struc
ture and an overflow "meeting greeted
the mayor with a shout of welcome
when his automobile arrived.
;; Both speeches were strong, manly
appeals for. a common sense .view o"
Continued on Pase 3, Column 1

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