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There are some enterprising seals whidb
are determined to see the .; world. •' Their
runaway trips have made* them the terror
of Alameda county. See^ :
Declines* to Answer Upon
the Advice of His
'Assistant Counsel of United
Railroads Must Give
6/ Real Reason
i "^ \u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 • i
! Heney Shows Mclney From
Mint Was Not to Pay
- \u25a0 .-
The smoldering fires of the .Ford
trial broke into flame yesterday af ter
\u25a0noon, when the prosecution called
•William M. Abbott to the stand.
iAbbott who is assistant general coun
sel of the United Railroads, took the
witness chair amid the protests of the
Attorneys for the defense, and an ar
<gtitment followed which consumed the
of the session. The argu
ment which the action of the prosecu
tion precipitated led to heated clashes
between Heney and Attorney Lewis
F. Byington of the .defense. Heney;
Sung in Byington"s fsce his failure to \
prosecute Abe Ruef -while district at- j
torney, and Byinjrton. retorted with
spirit that he defied any Tna # n to ftnd ;
a. flemish on his reqord. Judge Lawlor 1
calmed the rising: storm and announced
that he wouM decide today \u25a0whether;
Abbott could refuse to testify on the:
grounds* that 'he had been Indicted "with
The other . sensation of the day oe- <
curred ivhen the prosecution exploded !
the* remarkable theory which the de- :
fense attempted to set- up. to the effect
that the $200,000 withdrawn from the
mint by Ford had been shipped baj?k?jLo
Kew Tork'to pay Iturrest onth? bptds
of the United Railroads.' With a' few.
well directed questions Heney shovreij
chat the interest on the bonds had
cever been paid in currency and that
the-. 5200,000 which passed Into Ford's
possession was neyer uted for that pur
pose. '
Xt was clear at the outset that the ;
prosecution had called Abbott with no
expectation that he would testify. The
prosecution contended that the fact
that Abbott had heen Indicted did not
In. Itself disqualify him as a. witness. '
&eney arsrued. that a* Abbott •was riot '
c defendant in the tase - at \u25a0 i»=sue he;
CouJd "«ritb all propriety be called as a
ip-itneM. The object, of couirseJ was to
force Abbott to admit that his refusal
to testify \u25a0was based on the irround*
th&t b« might Incriminate himself. Had
fee uxg«d this plea that would have
peea the end of the matter. -The de
ibeasa receynlred the danger of *ucli
ts admission and urjzed desperately the
tiis.t Abbott could refuee to an
frwer clmply 'on the: grounds that he
t*.d beea Inflicted on a charge 'identical
trltb thtt assJnrt Ford.
| Abbott answered the first questions
$jfiilreseed to him, which had merely to
td with hl» name and occupation,
tlesey then aEked:
! "T>ld you, cm the tßth diy of May,
ISO 6, ct> "with Tir»y L. Ford, to the
telted States mintr . '
1 22&rl Hogers was on his feet in an
\ -I adrise Mr. Abbott, not to an-"
fyer;" be said- * •
(•ffZ refuse to answer,**, repeated Ab
•On wbat arounds?" inquired Eeney.
- "Vn advice of counsel," snswertd Ab
tett. , ,
•TThat is not sufficient, your honor,"
laid H«ney, addressing Judge La.wlor.
The court then called on both side*
md a, torrid debate ensued.
"TTe have been denounced by the de-
for not calling Abe Ruef to the
Jtand,** said Heney, "and he was ln
ticted, together with Abbott and Ford,
Vbe calling of Abbott lsidenticaJ."
Reney then cited the «Stice case in
kt;ch the supreme court of California!
leH thst In an action 'where two men
Ud>«en. separately indloteH for a sim-;
tar Vffense. one could be called ; as \
trltntW against the other, each, Jof
teurse^ reserving his constitutional
{Ight to.refuse to answer on the ground
he inlght incriminate himself. The
tendudin^ paragraph of this decision
4ays that \n a ease where the two men
kad been jointly ' Indicted "it would
weem** that \he same rule would 'apply.'
The defenje cited a Michigan deci
lion which contradicted the California
ruling. Judge Lawlor\ reserved-; his
tecision until mdajvbut; intimated that
ke would follotr »the Ca.ilfornla. prece
lent. This wlll\ force Abbott to shift
vis position and^fveas-a reason for
kis refusal to answer ar admission
2iat he might incriminate himself. •
This admission Is. all' that the prose-.
**•«» tinned ea Page 5, Column* 2
The San Francisco Call.
:TESTERD.\Y — VT«t F"ia<l: V clear; • maiitncm
tempers ture,' 62;'- minimum, 56. ; , - . ; ,\u25a0 .
FORECAST FOB ; TODAY— Fair; light , west
Triad. - '\u25a0-\u25a0 • - -•"{'\u25a0 ?-;.*.: \u25a0\u25a0<'\u25a0'\u25a0'' -'. ' /i. Page II
'" EASTERX '-'\u25a0-"•-." V ' '{'.:".,
Tension of "lO'Ci^s ends '. In . New York, and
W*U r'street breathes t easier to learn of
*30.000,000 bond • syndicate j formed bj J. -P.
: Morgan.", /;\u25a0•\u25a0: ".'\u25a0•'.: v : -;. ;,\u25a0,'\u25a0,./. ; . P««e.l
Etorfc -p«j» Tlstt . to Vanderbilt \u25a0 home in . Fifth
arenne,. Sew, York citj. . . Page""l
War departinaat decide* npon army ' reforcis
that " will intke enUatment [ more. attractlT" to
ciriliaai. •/ . „ _;•-.:\u25a0.,.,.--:. - Page 6
; \u0084 H»rr!i3ia pltci $300,000,000 ' holdiss eorapaar
to take'.OTer.itoek la outside road^ in. coffer* of
Union Pacific .. -..;•', Page 5
I --FOREIGX.'- - -\u25a0'. \u25a0-\u25a0 . -' : ','
; ' Section "of moiantain «Terhantins Rusilan'. city
i» loosened bj earthquake "and crnsbe* hundreds'
to death;! . . , ; Page 1
• Rowian torpedo boat destroyer manned, by
Biutlcou* erew 1 is '. Bank In naral battle, lur the
| barbor'of VladlTostok. . .- PageT
:'coa"st . ' - ; '_\u25a0- --' \u25a0:"'\u25a0'\u25a0. : -;
Htsh school . 'student* , knock - oat
I*'*, by .admitting' outtldera - to- meml^r
etlp.. ' . - •- : 'iPiieJ
Southern cities .may flew fleet of 'Admiral
Eraus If Intimation from Washington*" is
I fulfdlfcd. ' ' : ' ' •;\u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0• v Page'S
Mrs. O. E. Clark of - Nap* is ?l*y*>J
president , of , district , federation of _ women's
clubs. : .-. ~\ Page 7
Manx, lots ; are jumped in • Gold&eld j and - Ibere
U a . prospect of prolonged ' litigation lu..ttr
cotirti. ' .' '.' •. . '"';. '.'\u25a0\u25a0'.'- \u25a0-.'"'\u25a0\u25a0' Page 5
Score of Los : Angeles'- politicians • \rill be-in
dlc'4 for "alleged. frands" ln connection wlth^ a
spc.fal election in Ocean Park. . - . Page 5
" The people koorr' what McGowan atieds- fcr
and they will not stand for SlcGoiran Rage 8
• W"hy banks of California are' connd. ; Page S
Other charter amendments. '"PajjeS
"Atty. Oen. TVebb'a railroad eje. ' Page S
State machine is arrayed in fight' for McGowan
and "higher -upi.*' ~ \u25a0 Page'l
• Byan-and Langdon' vpeak In Bernsl Hi-lgJiU
; ball. ';:\u25a0'; ';. -' • PageS
| Large erbvi siTes eothasiastic receptions to
Taylor and - Langden •• at meeting .Iv Folsom
•treet. V". *V - \ \u25a0 J ! a * e^ s
; McCarthy 'charges < Taylor . with \u25a0 hkVing- eaueed
suspension, of local. - bank,' praises '. Schmitz ; and
Ruef and tries to Incite hearers to . precipitate
j financial chaos in this <city. • ' >* -Page 3
' -William M-- Abbott, assistant general ;' counsel
1 of the United '; Railroads. ; called^ as _witne?» : in
tbe Tord trial, but refuses to testify on; Vad^lce.
of -counteh"' 'He may be "cOTripeited, to tdmlt
today ,vthat tie .-trnV;', reason". 1 . of ; \u25a0hls.';'-"ij
fqeal i* thst bis- testiincnr 'laifiit ttuxinYinsltf'
hlmseir. - \u25a0 -"•"' : . . */ ... **«»e.l.
c^ty.: „., _•;-::-'\u25a0.; . : . : [^'.J^i£&^
Go»»nsor, GUJett declares";'* series of ;&clioa{i 'ttf!
;"i.-onrteoe ' uatll \u25a0 the"'- nairciir'aituation^cltari. s',5 ',
! California,' safe 1 deposit ." *v&' trust ; company J of :
; San Francisco suspends, teuipcrarlJy."', I>oc«l-.fin»ft
; clers stat*^ that .. there' is" no ; cause "for. alarm
I &T>d tbat tbe sitnation' wllibe relle'red in a few
j dajs.t; lnabUity\of New -Tork. "t»i meet .its' «t^
I UgaUons on "the "Pacific "coast'gl»en 'as cansc-lof
i «tri?geney^in Has* Francisco. .'.' . . -'J Page 1
! Men who attended .McCarthy .'rauV -attack
streetcars '4n " Kailrcad ;aVenue ' and rlof .fall
is ; turned; in.' ''""*'",-...; \u25a0'. P«ge".ll
Patifibts scream in- ierrcr-o»er duel In bospltjil
I to which .two employes: battle. tor possession- .of.
re»olTer. is '\u25a0 dischJirged. • Page ; 'l6
.'Mate " BawiTe". of ill . fated steamship \ CohimMa
defeated - in- attempt to .; clear, .himself- .from
cberjre* oi Inspector Bermingbam. -,*;. Page 11.
Jobr F. I>!brens. young- real" estate agent.' ar
twtfd^n rt»rg» of embertl^ment. : ;Page;l2
: Property . owners "in . Forty-llfth arenue -r«p
p^sr before .: bcird ,ot . works . in ; . contrsiTt
cgbt.;' . ,' ' ."' \u25a0' . Page .13
Maxeden Man«on reinrn*' t<» city, from. ti«il._: to
Washington and' reports that ' views of f edrrrel
authorities' look f«Torable!to San Francisco"^ In
terests .in ; Hetei-Hetcby Talley. : : Page. 19
Afliltienal burglaries and petty thefts ropcited
to.tbe pnllce. \u25a0•'\u25a0\u25a0 .\u25a0 . :'. .: Page 11
Old Meeds of the Ute J.' \u25a0 A'iexinder Yoell.
\u25a0whose will is being contested^ testify' that • lu>
bad* a 'sound .mind. . : • . .• " ; Page 11
• Letters of Talbot, read in rourf- tell
mixed itory of lote-and' automobiles. - Page 9 :
'.Mrs.- Julia Ateredo sues^busbsnd '. for*<iivo'ro«'.
b*ct«s<« be failed;. -to 'carry . : <rat;'.;allesc'l
contract «M»". -do housework. while* sb> Yarned
llTing: - ' - \u25a0\u25a0, Page Id
Burglar' blindfolds Bena' Muller, IS rear/oW.
girLiand; ransacks . ber ,r«onu :."!'• -VrngK 16
'Former President Small -.of "the t^lpgrapTicrV
union' narrowly \u25a0.escapes'", yiolence »t hSDil**,. f ''f
m«a>'^bo--ra.li -birk-s-. traitor.-.''" ' ['-^", Page 10
Ei-Pelice; Commlsslotier " Thomas ReagJin" .»
confessed 'boodler and .hltrkmsileK arcordla^l'to'
allegations ; of ' an" afflflirit filed " by, Fremont
Olderlnllbei suit.' .- j •> . ' /;...* Page 9
ffirBURBAN; /;:^ \u25a0 3 —" •
Students' ef : : C*Hf ortJa ; : untTerslty : prepa re j; to
istue- law-, reritjr. A -.._- >- -' : ' • ; \u25a0' ..,\u25a0: -. . .' ; Page 6
;\u25a0 Scnllj-fVon < trial 'far ali»r»4'raurder/"of
Jams*,' T. Gl<>T«rV'. tell* , »er story :on * stapd^ In
Oakland.- \u25a0.* J . ,-':-.• •- ' • ''';Page «
• Conanit{e«s ccm
pleted ''th« 'details -ifor.'ConTentlon 'women's^
clnbs; .•..*,.,' .'.. i .;•= ; v. -'\u25a0•'\u25a0; V" ; Page 6
Man claiming t^-be.^a «<>Uyit«T ; wakes -an
•ttac«: \u25a0'\u25a0» upon - Mlsii , Margaret . Velssc«' ; \:<&
Oakland.'.- "V :: *"' •' ;!'\ . \u25a0\u25a0/'..•-,. "„'. -:\u25a0 ,Page 6
"-, First Hebrew congregation- of Oakland "decides
to 'build; a', »*w! synagogue/ : < ; ,.l ! ; : V • Page «
Edgar S.'S»Dith.inftkesTEucc»Bsful trlal«i of.his
aeropl«rein;Btrkeley. •'.-." \u25a0 , Page 6
sports' ;^ : \u25a0 - : ''\u25a0'-,: y.l
.Berkeley -' high . school - d«f«sts ~;Oaklau<i [at
Americas .' football , for ' the 'championship- -of
Alameda -cottntT.-;V-. . •";>.: : . /'Page. 10
. Stanford •.- defeats ; Van.co«Ter ;in fsstj • Hugbj
matrh, 23 to 12. KP&S&Qs£j££^Page;lO
Hlldreth Hjajr. start' both^Uncle and -Veil iin'th'ei
cpenlDg 'handicap ' at" Emerrnlle. i-t . Page^lo
• Oakland : and: Los -Angeles- win --Coa'st Wgui»"
baseball games.. | '. - . ; Page 10
. Ring Lady" wins the , coursing ehamplonehlp"Jof
tbe : United .". 8ta tes ''. in '; competition; at'v Suit
Lake... -i \u25a0 ,- \u25a0 ~ . ' . l-'^ \ : - ': .:
Maj- Suttoin^annotjijees" that, aspirants" fftr^tht.*"
wrmea's ltensis cfaampiocship mutt' come, to Calt-'
f oreia to p\ij] berea fter. ; . '. • ' Page, 10
Bettors indicate . their. '\u25a0 belief .? that JacV : John
son, will '.win.from 'Jun Flj-nn onlf a '*; kneck- 1
out.-.- \u25a0'\u25a0••" • • • \u25a0 " - 'Page" 10'
LABOR.- \u25a0 . . v • , •; , \'/, :
• Garment » workers . hear . of \u25a0 a »erm«n «w - nnlon
labels.; " "' \u25a0 . ' \u25a0 -.\u25a0'_.'•: .:; .- *y.~-t \u25a0 page 9
,-"• Typographical ;ÜBion'; ÜBion' Xo. 21 U.- ad"rise«l jis \u25a0> to"
tb« old \u25a0 age 'penslonjscbeme." ' ,\u25a0, \u25a0 Page 9
•* Signals; by ship , Monkbaras ifcr; medical Vwist-^
ance-[ore i. heeded ; > by V doctors', at ; Madeira
port ; and . youag- apprentle* f dies of typhoid
Xt ?ll r : ' '\u25a0\u25a0 - \u25a0'' • '\u25a0: [' '.;;\u25a0 v .. ; r Page %t
MINING .'•;;\u25a0 ;.>;-;-.; •-• ; \u25a0 .?'\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0;;>,
\ Mining stock brokers l ; b*r a use .'of , coin- stria*-'
rency i*^o ; 'down orders ' to buy 10/*y> • sba r»>s : '.r •
<loldneld*Couso!ldatwJ ;Mlne?.v'" '> ' Page'ls*
SOCIAL --V' ~; ' ,V» ,- ; ; V,
' Mrc/j Louis .'. Brrix gi res \u25a0 an elaborate . l(in'cb.**on
party *«t [ the'J Calif ornia .'cJub « to ;? 70 *\u25a0 of ,'\u25a0 he r
Wall .Street Caches Its
Breath :an^ Public
\u25a0•;::'>\u25a0 Drain Stops :v4^^-/v
Morgan* Heaiis; Syndicate :to
Sell $50,000,000 Gity^ -
I ' . : Securities ';.~\\'i
i - ' \u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0- '\u25a0: \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0 r , ;>..\u25a0
Republic's :Offer : of -Gold
Will Aid Transfer to
sSiiii''' .'--~ TT . .'\u25a0.*•. ,•-,\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0
United States
Special by Leased Wire to Jlhe Call
.NEW YORK, 0ct.. 30.— F0r.-, the "first
time in- ten" days ; of extreme tension in
-Wall; street there were ' material evi
dences of relief "today: While bankers
had repeatedly /said the 'outlook was
brighter "during this thefe
"were no developments which 'eased \the
minds of k those who needed -m,oriey, the
\u25a0life of Wall street business, in" addition,
there, were distrust and a great- de
mand for" funds by institutions and per
sons who wished to be' prepared
any emergency/ This tension eased to
day ' and'. the;. lmmediate result, was a
sharp rebound in the security market.
/The main relief came f com' within
the market, where flrstwas noticed an
absence of ;the "heavy liquidation forced
upon, certain brokers and 'others .* who
had 5 been borrowing money. :'- There was
-also: a' slightly better, condition, among
the banks^;,The^drain by:.the publfcihad
practically, stopped.' Th el working of the
check; 'system among trustl' companies
and banks, the adoption^.ofithe* clearing
b'oixce loan ': plan among the
banks ,'and; the he roici - of'.; (all
financial institutions to conserve jth*eif
cash .-made; a." combination
Xo^*feo"'B'rfesults.*>A«*on»*battkeWsa.W^ i^ r j
r \it*
( brea;th:? >. 'ijf; £-:;'-:' ";x ' It"1^
.; One^of , the most Interesting
of^the day ; was"; the: news vth at the city
administration:, had -:closea r V a ?>dealW for
the ! sale, to; a;powerful";banking-syndi-;
cate' of ) | $30,000,000 revenue; bonds v and
the giving of an option ?on;?ro,00.0i00,0
more. The syndicate is,* composed; or ,'J.*
P.; Morgan,. James Stillmah' and
F. j Baker.;. Although the*-. negotiations
w<re not closed until ,la .t'e. in the iftyv
.nooh. Wall street had early, inklingsj of
th« deal arid jumped at the conclusion
that' the t'rlumvirate^of leadJnsrbanlc'i.
crs, had .planned anew .to golil.
from Europe by means of the 'sale? of
city : warrants .' abroad.' V: ' " ',' '-. \u25a0:. ; •:;
.-This news,; taken in 'conjunction with'
the", earlier reports -from '.Paris -that .the* I
Bank of France^' would Vopen ' its - port-;
folio land, extend a* loan 'of 7 $10,000,000
or,' ll2^ooo,ooo' to'Lohdon'and'- a'simllar
loan^to; New York; proved a fource'»of
greatV satisfaction. 'In 'high banking
quaCrtefs, however, it was not regarded
as.' likely that France^ would' make? a
ibanto this city, but it was pointed out
that; indirectly' the^Bank 'of France
might : assist the : United 'PtateS"in" 'its
prWent^ difficulties *by \ assisting '"^ the
London market; which*it : has frequently
done. \u25a0'•' This indirect assistance, to New
Tork^would come by:reli?vlng the"Lon
doric market, .which -in turn would, he
able' to send 'credits and gold , to': this
city//'' \u25a0 •-;..\u25a0 -.;/ : ' : ;; v ' '. \u25a0':.'.':'• -i
, ' Following; the ; shipment oh Tuesday
of 'lS.ooo,ooo in golds from Southampton
It wasanounced tl^at' s7,ooo,ooo, more in
Amefi can^ eagles and "bullion" left'^ the
Bank\.-of "England; and" was : insured iby
Lloydi Un • Its 'tot this
city. s 3;'..'';-\ \u25a0' T "'''f-V'.-*' '- ::: -\u25a0\u25a0 :; :. •• '
.Measures ' of 'relief, wer* also, set in j
moti6n'in ; Washington. by. the. comptrol-^ I
ler of 'the currency; / He \u25a0announced* to i
all '"national" banks ..which lare j depos^ I
ltarieyVof public funds/ that; bonds: af-" I
ceptable to' the ; g6yernment- could be
substituted for .; government , 'J,. 'unds j
which^ were now pledgedfto secure; the j
deposits," provided - that government
bonds'.- so' released -'wouMt be* deposited 1
in '\u25a0 Washington to take - out . additional
currency. He'al«o announced: that the
treasury, would >\u25a0 make', special "efforts
to . increase • the , amount.of; currericy/at'
points^where it is most _needed at this
season v of -the; year.' •.":.- These measures
wereTsuppiemented ; byi transfers : 'of , cur
rency .through -the ; subti-easury to; New
Orleans .and San r FranciscbJ";^Abbut
$200^000 V;: in \u25a0 ; currencs -: was '; shipped
through * the t ;to v San* Fran -]
Cisco. .",*. \ - '\u25a0'"'\u25a0'\u25a0 . .• ;":, ;'; ' :l' "':_'. '". '.\~_'~* \u25a0\u25a0[\u25a0['-. j
;> A'cotnmlttee'of ._2Cew^Orle_ans".bankers'|
;Is* in > Washin gton • and '; hopes 'J. to "~ se-' I
cure '-;a v . promise * fromy Secretary JCor
t_elyou^ to : deposit, substantial Jsums'iof i
public money, in New^Orleans"; and other
southern cities.- Secretary/ Cortelyouj
"appears to : recognize that) benefitsicon-'
f erred ' by this"* policy twill -not*: be" lim-
Ited , to^ ; New.. • Orleans and;, the ; south/
but will/ "aid -in -.the -, creation • *o£3 a 4a 4
credit balance In .Europe;; which, will
cover the • imports . of : gold. |V Cotton? bills
are f beings closely, 'scrutinized:. in:-, New
rtorkV \u25a0- hut -'wh^e /f^irplSr^etii^
Cont iaaed 'oa Pagef^jclSuißiii'i 4 C " '
Whole City '
Disaster Follows "i Earthquake in
Inhabitants Perish }
j.; .TASHKEND; Russian: Turkestan';, Oct.
30.— The lit tie; town i of Karatagh;.in:the
Hussar \u25a0 <iistrlc*t ; of was •\u25a0 over-
and : /completely destroyed by
a", landslide 'that ; followed •'- the . earth
q.uake t of/.Ocfober.,2l/ i 'According ".to the
latest' reports- oft* the \u25a0 disaster- a {.ma
jority^ of jthe, inhabitants of ;Karatagh
lost .thelrlliveV.vy • \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0>•-/\u25a0 .•\u25a0;-;\u25a0• ,-'.. -.\u25a0.- ,,- "~. : [
- , The. first- reports -^of the -catastrophe
were- exaggejated,-"the : death 'list" being
plaoed -as .high '_ as \1 5,000. : -.. Karatagh
has abont; 2.500. dwellers. : and ithere" ; .is
reason- to.believe that 'about: l; 500 were
buried .'alive.' ; Amonfrjthope^who; sur-_
viyed/Jthe ' disaster /were \u25a0 the • governor
andhis mother.-; '-•-\u25a0•\u25a0 •• /' ; : - .:. \u25a0'\u25a0-.; '\u25a0
{Karatagh is situated and It
takes afull.week" for news to travel; to
this city, jbut according to? one courier j
who- has'icome/throughi s.n- -enormous '
section V.7 of V the Karatagh jmountain,
which' practically , hung w over the town;
broke loose and thundered. down on the
village, .which .was; almost; completely
buried. .* : * , * .\u25a0* - " <:^ - -' V ,
Latest Vanderbilt' to
Inherit $60,fli>000
Stork Pays to Famous
Mansion in \u25a0'.\u25a0:. \u25a0:
1,.;-; Row" in New York
Special b$ Leased Wire to •7; he Call
l-'SEVfvJOKK. iiqct.^o.-~Mr.i i qct.^o.-~Mr. and ? Mrs.
.wjiliam K.-yanderbilt^Jr.^ have ah, heir*
The. -'baby/^' arrived :;at/- the 'VVahderbllt
ma^i6n/666fFifth"av«i^ ! -lait'Tues^
night.-but it was-, not 'until today v that
the ; \u25a0event becaine-. known/- in ' society]
Then* coriVratuJations/ in .: letters.,\teie
grams^ and telephone^messages l came'in
"sh'oals.^^';.:^^..?^;^: /,*/;: ;.;'- -\u0084'. : , \u25a0;;/. ;, •/\u25a0\u25a0'.../^''
t/JThe /latest "\u25a0.Vanderbilt \u25a0• is , on» 'of (the
Tichest/babies'lri'thevland. \u0084He' willjin-
Jherit!fu'iiyts2O,Oo6,ooo from , his fathers
slde ; of \ the \ house sand .l perhapsf twice ! as
much."* f rorh^ his ? mothef,".who\wajs \ Miss
-Virginia Fair. .„, . •/f^Bj
MMr^and.Mrs. William K. 'Vanderbilt
Sr., : -grandfather and, Ptepgrandmothef
of ? the itbaby,-sii were ,th ere to iwelcome
hlm:.JTheUittle fellow, is -the: third'child
He rhas two' slsters/VMurlelf andf <Jon^
Governor Gillett With Bribe
Givers "In Spirit Only"
*; for McGowan, and "Higher Ups"
George A. Van Smith
* : v C^eni^^JaiTies^N^ 'in - spirit "only. ;
ito^Kc-^oscc^ \u25a0: He has said
so himself .' -If It^t- spirit •\u25a0 proves \ stronger than the flesh,
so ; strong that^;it, moves ; :v *aU^f He. -:: state r:'rMcnine, : ; which,
: through 3ailietti owes^ailegiance^to; Herrin ;and the' Sout
h;^ gPacific^to t^wprk^ day and for^t^ie ! election : ; of
Erank^McGowan.rwhatvcan^a-poorYgo^ • :
.: • ; 1; "TKeVstate^rriacHihe" 'from. 'governor^ v down^tcV ; roustabout ..' under
.the^harbor' :c6mmissibn -is^ arrayed^n^theVright; for/ Frank \McG6\yan
and.? agai.nst> theyebntiriuation-. of the 4
graft ;.prosecution.V*; ; AlUthe r Etringsi that
' Herri n"; aii d ' ttf c . a i Ui ed : vi 11 anies; can . pull
toibind- votes' to iMcGowan. and against
breaking '\u25a0 "strain.'" * ; Gille't^aayß>hej.is'nbt
taking /an •\u25a0\u25a0'active' i '^interest/ In • tha ; fight
for his ofd'l Jr/ejid^McGowa'n^The' mem-,
ber's ?of/; tihe Charbor.^ Tcorninlsslon, who
are the.3 governor's represent a-,
tives I in* San'i iFfa.uclsco.lhave i 'entered* no
denial^of their •personar; pafUcipation.
Herfln.V ;to^whom- i they.' owe ; - their a p^
polntments \u25a0"\u25a0 primarily, y and » GiHett, to
whom th*e>7 owe } th em ; tmmediatel y;_- are
'inrßympathy^wlth'^McGbwan:^^^:' - ,
• Far.ibVfltVfrorri,}a- r well "reguiatedima^
chine commisaioner' ; to .array
"hiraseif^against;'th'ej. sympathetic; inter';,
est of I'the': governor 'andj the .hand; that
pulls: the: whistle cord..' They /are' sy mi
pathetic . men ; themseiVes—^also •\u25a0 practi
cal. 5" And i a"s ,{" practical "T railroad . men
i x hey fi know '\u25a0-?\u25a0 thlLt itfis "to cross
\u25a0thevtrack'rin : the,* rear ."of. a ..moving
; tr'ain.J;'/^\V'*' '/y'\% ''.. .::'/.,"\u25a0 ', "\u25a0" A," \u25a0"' *. :
not| ''ActivelyVisteiiested" r. :
\u25a0; iGiilett'^declinedron, : Monday to. deny,
\u25a0The^Cail'sfstatemerit'^ that-* he'andihis
appointees i were i t workin g » to \u25a0' '^ndt the
'grafts-prosecution "; J through ''the election
of ' Frank VMcGowari^'t.He- said ;that> he
was'^noti actively interesting lhimself. sin
the campaign,' but that; his sympathies
were** with v McGowan. .'/All vTof/ which
amounted to no, more^or.Vjless than a
i confirmation of, the. charge, made' by, The
'Call: 1 * :' "Actively* Interesting^; himself;
fwhenS saldf quickly ' by.t a- politician jusu
ally imeans'jthat^he -lSv not^taking^off
'<\u25a0' --.'\'> ".• -\u25ba-\u25a0; \u25a0-\u0084 <•>-;- ?<-'-r-V \u25a0;*-•-«-.. *-'.f^- -..•*:-..»«5)J-«*
IhisTcoatlfandiwadingsinto-av house t to
thouse scan vass « for j* ; votes s or #, separating
himself Moratory v ohgthe J. stump.'
S f fom\Gillet tm Plenty » of ' sympathy.? from
'the i< governor^ means '.• plenty. 1 of :-' work
f- -.*!.•*.»< ---?.,. --%-"*- > J .n--rii-.~>-.- >v f^w* il'"»«"J
from .the understrappers, and fcan FraQ
jUmpeninent Question No; 22
5*See*Ariswer Bottom of Page*3, CoIaniBS 1 and 2 ;
*m ...-\u25a0.. _ . - . . . ._ m \
Cisco ; isf the ivictim^ of J both : - the gov
Continued ' on , Page : 2, Colnmn 1
One Hundred Dollcu-s for
Electidn Guesses
Vi 14 O W, do VYOU*. figure out the result of the coming j election in . San >\u25a0\u25a0 '
r ' Whom ;do}y OUi forecast as the people's choice' for jnaiybr? Tl
- * By.*, what vote (do you ; predict he will be elected?^-*~
•. /v\v\7; Here's., some easy money for YOU— ill you have to
", j_ do is to guess and guess: better than your competitors.;
. ' . " : Down\ below is • a \u25a0 coupon for you to fill out with your *-*
i; - forecast,' your- name and address : and then ;to.:.mail*>to.
, Election Reitairns Editor,* The CalL l i v- } *
For the -prediction that': comes nearest ? the .winner's: plurality as
. ihbwn by .the , semiofficial returns to .the registrar The Call -will pay-
;\u25a0:' \u25a0 Fifty Dollars I:
• For, the second; nearest prediction The Call 'will pay,
'\u25a0\u25a0 "- \u25a0\u25a0 -"1^8 Thirty Dollars^ f ;
|jp^:For.-"ttie| third nearest prediction Call will pay
\u25a0\u25a0' • ;\u25a0
; : ; ;| (Fill tout ,this \ coupon . and mail it to ELECTION ED- ;
J.Taylor: 'v; will -be elected mayor^ by a plurality ' :
'McCarthy > -\ '.
. . / . : DAY,. NOVEMBER 1907.
Acts ylJpon
% Appear^From the
Local Institution
Suspends fora Time
(Dptimistic View s|
of Situation ,
Conservative Men See
No Cause for Alarm
Qbyer nor Proclaims a
Legal Holiday
WHEREAS, unsettled flaxneial
condlt tons prevail la many of
Ihf utatm of tbli ustoa uj *
hare extended to the state of Call
"• fora ia; and . .
Whwcaa, It appears - that bal
aaces dap from bask a-of • eastern
• states \u25a0 are • not \u25a0 betas paid .to the
banks of , this state* and
Whereas. It farther, appears that
-tula condition /ban . revolted .lm a
tcmpcrarr lfssurulm; of thr aourt*
-of .'\u25a0nVplJ'-of moary. to meet' the. <"
ordinary \u25a0 : current payment* due \u25a0
from California ~ banks, and that ;
coupled* thereto there ' has , arisen J
an extraordinary : condi tlon due ' to .<
\u25a0 the, 'withdrawal : of depoßfta ' from •
such buck<; and '» , "»»
It appear* " that ' mrtc'h j
**^th»fr'aWal^*«f;''^iw»«iViJ'. \u25a0* W> •• iut
-"-\u25a0•----.- — - •^.-.' \u2666-\u25a0•uit.i^-V* »-i . --. - '.\u25a0 . '-
(laaaclal : rreakaett»" ; of . our local,
banks, hut a % induced through;
' uneasiness eansed- by ' unsettled-,;
\u25a0' financial eooditloos else«ther«t and '
"Whereas, it "appears '_ that such ,
coodtt lons bar* : already resnlted .'.
in the' temporary embarrassment *
of "one of our larsest flnandaJ in
«tltu«lna«. and. unless restrained
Trill be followed by the retirement
:, from- business of other banks and;
will most seriously affect tho
financial intesrlty of oar ststs and
entail enormous * losses npoi the t
depositors in such bankst
- >ow. therefore, in order that our
financial /Integrity may be pre- .
_ served.' confidence regained, finan
cial panic averted and the deposit
or* protected from the loss of
- their I deposits In \u25a0whole or In p art,
I, J. >V G!lfcttM*s«v«rnor f of the,;
state of California, ;. by .* vlrtne •of ,'
the authority -vested in me by law,
do hereby, appoint, deiJsnate and '
proclaim Thursday, the 31st day of
October* 1907. as a public holiday. .
Because of the extraordi
; nary financial stringency.
j throughout the United
! States^ \^hich makes it irn
j possible for banks; to secure
Coßtlnurd on Page 4, Column 1

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