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News of Four of the Counties About the Bay
Representatives of Alameda
District Rally in
Mrs. Edwin D. Buss, State
President, Speaks on
Scope of Work
OAKLAND, Oct. 31.— The seventh
annual convention of the women's
clubs of the Alameda district was
called To order in the Ebell clubhouse
in Oakland this afternoon by the presi
dent, Mrs. 11. L.- Eastman, and opened
with prayer by Mrs. A- L. Barry.
There were 35 delegates present. The
overflow of enthusiasm from the Han
Francisco district convention, which
had been In session in Napa. brought
a number of visitors from that dis
trict, M-ho, with the clubwomen in this
<ity, brought the number of women
assembled up to more than a hundred.
Mr?. Charles Woodbury'in belialf of
Oakland clubs made a . graceful
speech of welcome, which was re
sponded to by Mrs. A. L. Barry.
Mrs. Edwin D. Buss, the state presi
dent, i=pok<» of the broadened scope of
women's work from the o!d . Ideals,
\u25a0which included only home duties. Ii
An aftermath of the sensation which
was created at the San Francisco dis
trict meeting in Napa through the re
port of the conference en the discus
sion of sex problems with children
cropped up nrhen Mr>. Elmore C. Huff,
past president of the San Francisco
district, expressed lier regret that the
matter had been published. She said:
"The words of the two speakers
w*rt pure, inspiring and educational.
They provided us with new thoughts
for the ordering of our home llfe. !
There was great interest taken in the
discussion and many outsiders came
in to hear it. The convention hall was
so qjilet that you could have heard a
pin flrop."
Tlie- -president. Mrs. H.- L. Eastman,
in her address emphasized the need of
federation. There was great strength.
in tttc. union of nearly 1.000.000 women
who^were combined In the . national
federation of clubs. Without the.asr
sistan.ee of thinking, earnest women
society must go to pieces. Among- the
lines,pf work which she wished espe
cially to recommend was that of a
humane department. If 1.008.000 women
stood together to prevent the ill treat
ment .of horses and the robbing of
birds", nests, as well as the inhuman
treatment of children, such things
wouls stop.
Addresses were, also made by Mrs.
Clarlfe, the recently elected president
of the San Francisco district: .Mrs. J.
E. Xhain. the past president of. the
Alameda district, and Mrs. B. C Wal
ton, 'who represented a number of
women's improvement clubs in .. the
Sacramento valley which she was en
deavoring to bring into the federation.
The latter part of the session was
mainly devoted to consideration and
adoption of the' amended bylaws of
the federation, one of the most Im
portant changes being that giving the
district officers the power of voting- in
the convention. The representation of
the larger clubs in the federation was
increased by the .provision entitling
every club to send one delegate to tbe
convention for every 50 members and
fraction of that- number, instead of for
evcry-.-100 members, as before. The
committee on the revision of the by
laws-consisted of Mrs. J. B. Hume. Mrs.
A. L; Barry and Mrs. Emma Rathge'b.
A discussion on federation work was
led by Mrs. Emma Rathgeb. the presi
dent-of the Wednesday afternoon club,
which- left the federation because 1t was
flooded, with requests from district
<hairmen of departments that it take
up uncongenial work. The general
opinion in the convention was. however.
thatj,4h.e activity of the district chair
menrjijad a grood influence In broadening
the ,-vsork of individual clubs, and no
changft^was recommended.
A .reception was given'in the evening
by th^^ Oakland clubs to the visiting
nfflcejjf«nd delegates. with. their escorts.
The- j>arlors. of the new Ebell clubhouse
were artistically decorated, the homely
pumpkin- which figured In honor of
halloween blending quite artlstically
withr/palms and ferns. An orchestra
filled 4jp lulls in the conversation, and
aftefiVthe strain of business and
speeches in the club sessions, the In
formality of the occasion was^ thor
oughly enjoyed. Mrs. J. B. Hume, the
president of the Ebell club, and Mrs.
Cora* E. Jones, the president of the Oak
land dub, were assisted- in receiving by
the directors of the two clubs. \u25a0 .
The: sessions continue tomorrow
morning at 10 o'clock.
Describes Her Journey
Into the Interior
of Peru
OAKLAND. Oct. 31.— Mrs. Harriet
Cli*lmers Adams of r?tockton lectured
on "Peru, the I -a nil of the Incas" before
en audience at the Home club In East
Oakiand this evening. Mrs. Adams'
Ftory of her trip' from the sea coast
across- the coast fange of the Andes
r.nd over the great bleak upland of
the interior was listened to with great
interest and as her stereoptlcan views
were of high class she was able to
provfde an entertainment for the eye,
which proved almost as Instructive as
her narrative. /."/'-
Mrs. Adams described at some length
the rathedrals, which she found"scat
tered throughout thf country, which
she said, were always beautiful and In
P n n)c cases exceedingly rich '1n ; their
decorations, though frequently ' in re
mote, sections of the interior.
I^ke Titlcaca. a body Of water,
between Pern and Bolivia and the high
est In altitude of any lake of any sih
in the -world was described. One view
thovved the island of the Sun, whence,
according to the Jnca legend, the god
set forth to create the world.. Her
description of Cuzco, the sacred city,
wp<s rich in dctaJl. -..-.; \ ; -;h
The lecture will be t-cpejited Friday
evening before the Young Men's Chris
tian association of Berkeley.^^^
Gl** v <ilub .men of Stanford university
will appear on the local stage tomor
ro*' night with blackened faces in a
ininstfel show. Clever singers and
dancers are billed. " One; of the feature*
will be an electric dance by a student.
..... A/rs..£nima./?af/igct .(upper)
iarid/MfSr W\ Di ; Smiih,(T»ho are
active at the convention of
women's clubs of the Alameda
Report of State Commission
to Be Published V in
Elaborate Form
BERKELEY. Oct. j 3l. — Prof. Andrew
C Lawson. head of -the -state earth
quake commission, made the announce
ment from the university -today that
the report of the earthquake commis
sion, in the course of preparation for
the past year, would be issued in a few
The report will be published by the
Carnegie institution of Washington in
the near future. The volume will be
or several hundred pages, and will-be
accompanied by.' an' ;Ula.« 'of 25 .maps.
It will be profusely' illustrated, and!
will give an exhaustive account of the
effects of the • earthquake throughout
California. ' The edltipn is limited to
1,000. copies, and of these about 500
copies or more will go to scientific ex
changes, leaving but -a few hundred
copies to i>e placed qn;sale.;. The price
of the volume will be # the, cost -of pub
licatlon^ and It 'is , the policy of the
Carnegie institution' to dispose of Its
publications by sale only. In view of
the limited number of copies available
for sale it will be expedient for thlse
who desire to secure copies to place
their orders- as soon •' as possible with
the Carnegie institution at Washing
ton. The work of the state earthquake
investigation commission has been un
der the direction of Professor
W. A. Warm Assists an Aged Woman
and Learns She Is Long
/Sought Relative
OAKLAND, Oct. 3L— Through an act
of courtesy to an aged woman. W. A.
'Warm and an aunf. Mrs. Missouri Lewis,
j whom lie had - fool<.°d Upon as. lost' for
I 40.. years, were reunited. ' Warm ob
served a woman yesterday at the cor
ner' of Twelfth ' and Broadway con-
fused by the many electric cars and un
certain which 'way to go. He went to*
the old lady's assistance and guided
her faltering footsteps to the sidewalk
and in doing so noticed a resemblance
between the' woman and some of his
own relatives.
Warm engaged the old lady in con
versation and to his surprise learned
that she was. his aunt. Mrs. Missouri
Lewis, for whom he and otlvßr relatives
had been searching for 20 years. Mrs.
Lewis came to California 40. years ago.
and after living in the state for ' 20
years went to -.Oregon to attend a son
who had been injured-tn a railroad ac
cident,-. From -that tlmet." her California
relatives lost' all trace of her and never
saw .or heard of h/;r until yesterday.
Mrs.-Lewis will.tiow make her home
with the Warm family.
OAKLAND,. Oct. .3l.— Alfred C. Waitt,
well known In business circles' in San
Francisco, wh. n re he was at one time
cashier of the California bank and later
associated with the firm of W. AY. Mon
tague & Co., died Tuesday. at his home.
1236 Telegraph .avenue. 'He was a na
tive of Massachusetts and came>to Cal
ifornia In the early days. Waltt was
formerly prominent in the Masonic fra
ternity,and ;waa the organizer of Oak
land commandery. Knights Templar. He
Is survived by his wife, Alic^> M. Waltt
and •the" following daughters: Clara,
Pauline and Florence Waltt and Mrs.
Arthur Leigh. . isSBE
OAKLAND. Oct. 31.— Rev- C. R.
Brown, the- trustees, of "the First Con
gregational -church,, the Independent
Order of Good Templars and the, board
of education protested last night before
the city, council license 'committee
against; the granting, of -saloon, licenses
to H.. A. ; Kohl, at 517 Twelfth street
and to N. J. Pendergast, next door to
the church in Twelfth street.- The
board's protest was on the ground that
.the locations were too'neartli,? high
Bchooi at, Jefferson and Twelfth" streets.
The applications were referred to the
council without recommendation.
BERKELEY, Oct .3 l.^Tho ;tryouts of
the sophomore- debating socfety to,se-,
Ipct a .team to \ nieet' the > freshmen" in*
annual 'debate on. .NoyemberjlShasVrer
suited in ; the ' following \ selections: ][\u25a0- D.
Y." Lamont, ; S. \u25a0 O'Melveny, ; ; H.\"A. \u25a0'\u25a0 Sav>
ftge, wlth-C-Pendleton^aßalterpat6.. •
Editor of University Maga
zine Threatens to Give
Names of Members v
Young Women Declare They
Have No Knowledge of
BERKELEY. Oct. 3i:— Some coeds at
the university are said by Editor David
L. Levy of the; California Occident
magazine, the student monthly, to have
formed a smoking 'club In whose mem
bership are numbered some of the
most prominent women' students-. of the
university. In the current number of
the Occident, which will appear on
the campus tomorrow, Levy asserts that
he will publish tho names of. the
women' in the club unless the 'or
ganization Is disbanded. The Occident
article is calculated to create a stir
lii "university circles.--
Although no names are mentioned In
the matter published' in the student
monthly, women well known in 'col
leg-e life are said by. Levy to be mem
bers of the clufc. '\u25a0'• The student editor
asserted today that the existence/of
the smoking club had been called to
his attention and- names of the mem
bers of the club given -to him. He
refused to make public the names of
the fair indulgers of the weed.
. A- number of women students said
to be members -of . the club were asked
today whether they were members of
the smoking club. They denied all con
nection with the organization and as
serted that they knew ' nothing of. Its
It Is likely that the accusations of
the student editor will be Investigated
by Miss Lucy Sprague, dean of women,
with a view to breaking up the club
If It is found that some coeds I have
taken up the' smoking habit and have
banded, themselves together to enjoy,
cigarettes in secret. Levy writes:"
Dame Rumor has whispered Into our confi
dential ear that certain young ladies' attending
the university have taken up the pernicious
habit of smoking. Putting into play that re
markable detective Instinct for which .we are
'famed, we probed Into the meshes of this mys
tery and. discovered that such Is the woeful con
dition of affairs. - - « .\u25a0
The despicable purveyors to this feminine
coterie of smokers, fearing that we would're
veal their secret and thereby- deprive them of
this profitable traffic in tobacco, called upon us
to attempt to hush up the matter. '. • •-. \u2666 But
we indignantly refused to be bribed, but prom
ised to conceal their Identities. -\u25a0\u25a0:\u25a0
We hereby give fair warning to those women
who indulge that If the practice Is not discon
tinued at once we are In duty bound to publish
all details of the matter, • Including names.
Therefore desist! •
Imitations pay the dealer a larger
profit, otherwise you would never be
offered a substitute when you ask for
an advertised article. . . .
Meet at Palo Alto and Discuss the
Work Performed in Various
Fields by Missionaries
.PALO ALTO, Oct. 31. — Two hundred
women, members of the various church
societies in Palo Alto.. gathered in the
Congregational church today for . the
secon/I union meeting .of the combined
societies. The, morning- session was
given, over to devotional services led
by; Mrs. Harris, a leader of the Home
missionary society. Miss Cora Welsh
had charge of 'the' music section and
Miss Ray Stuart was organist for the
day. \u25a0' J '
Art attractive luncheon was served. at
noon in the parlors 'of , the church,'
which, like the auditorium, were at
tractively decorated with bouquets of
large yellow chrysanthemums. .Mis
sionary work occupied the .attention of
the audience during the; afternoon, the
program concluding with an Interest
ins talk on bible study by Prof. A. T.
Murray of Stanford' university. The
meeting proved to be most successful
In giving the church • workers an In
sight into church work. The full'pro
gram for the day was as follows:
10:30— Devotions. -led by Mrs. Harris. 10:45—
Vocal - kolo,' Miss • - Cora \u25a0 , Welsh. . 11 — Praise
j-prrice for tbe progress of tbe year, lod by
Mrs. Thomson and responded to for 'the churches
bj the. following ladles: '.MwdaraM Brown,
Mitchell, Bush. Karns. Bfntlcy. Stroner. Pen
nybaker and Cuq-y. 12— Luncheon. I:3o—De
votions, led by Mrs. : Johnston. .: I:3o— Vocal
solo. Miss Richardson. 2— Talk on local Y. w.
C.«A. work bj 1 the secretary. Miss Withers, .of
Stanford university. Discussion. .2:30 — Paper
on Sunday school \u25a0 work, Mrs. Loung. Discus
sion. 3— Talk on - bible study, I'rofessor A. T.
Murray of Stanford Hnlverslty. Discussion.
3:30 — Greetings from the pastors of various
churches. ' 3:4s— Organ nolo,- Dr. B.- C. Blod
srett. The presidents of the societies are:
Mcthodlot ladles' aid. Mrs. A." f>.< Bush;- home
missionary society, Mrs. F. Harris; foreign
missionary society, Mrs. \u25a0H. V. Green : I'reshy
trrian circle. Mrs. Oertnide Jones;' Unitarian
woman's alliance, Mrs. -. Kmlly Karns;. Congre
gational woman's association. Miss Clara Page;
Baptist association. Mrs. Owen M.' Johnson;
Episcopal- Build,- Mrs. O. S. Allen; Christian
Science reader. - Mrs. (Jeorjrc Bentley; \u25a0 Christian
ladles' aid, Mrs. I»rern6 Welch; Christian
woman's board of missions, Mrs. A. X. Mills.
Suburban Brevities
Oct. ; 31.— The Hustlers' club will give a -: whint
tournament Friday evening. November 8 at Fof
esters', Jiall. . Thirteenth aud Clay streets. "
WANT; NEW CHAETEH— Oakland, Ocf. 3J.—
The Alimeda County, progress club hai< taken
up a plan to frame a new charter. At the club
meeting tonight' various "suggestions for charter
changes, were made. " -. ."
O"t. 31.— Three trunks -of X.v Yoshlda* were ; at
tached today by -K. • lomal, n Japanese hotel
keeper of 2233 Shattuck arenue, for board
amounting to ; $244.50. Yoshlda Is- thought., to
have left the country.,' .. ; .
City, » Oct.' 31 : — A .resolution . ha? been : < adopted
and plans and spedflcat lons agreed 'upon by the
city \u25a0 trustees -pn 111ns- \u25a0 for. $30,000 worth | of ; street
improvements, the. highways in 'all cases to be
covered .with macadam. . . . ,\u25a0 ~
STETJCK. BY ' A JCAE— Oakland. - Oct. 31.—
Joseph I'etcrson, » a ; cement '.worker, :• 126 Laurel
street, r: was • struck by aya v streetcar • today as .he
leaped ..from "the window/ of ? another car : at
Fourteenth and Broadway. \. The '.left'BMe of, his
head and fare was -badly bruised and 'lacerated.'
APPEAL '; TOE FtTNDS— Berkeley? Oct^ BK—
Letters -to \u25a0 all the alumni of . the University :of
California sre being « written . by • Secretary,- <»ur
den Edwards ;lu the Interests of' the. dormitory
fundof.'the unttfrslty. /A \u25a0.large - amount", has
already been collected, from, the , undergraduates.*
WOHAN^ IN JUHED .• BY i CAa-^-«atlaud. OcV
31.— Mrs.~ : Rose i Cehlll. . 60 -. years ' of. 1 : age. \u25a0 was
stniek' and knocked down by^au electric cnrlthin
evening ;at -i Eighth - sstree t, and ,': Broadway i' and
severely . bruised. ".^ She r was : treated at .the
ceiving, hospl tal and then taken to Ler homo, 2'J5
Ninth street. •,\u25a0 ; -;\u25a0 ;~, L \u25a0 : . ;j \u25a0 ' ; ;"'>.'". ;"• :•'
; ACCTJBED^BY GlKL— Alamcdftl Oct. 31.—Ed
ward „\u25a0 Irlon iis confined *In j the t city prison on ~ a
serious charge 'preferred ' npalnst him 'by Miss
I<on»tta ' Reno, , 17 ' » years of. A ' age/t who ; liyes at 510
Taylor 1 avenue.'*-". Irlon :t«:ajcarpenter,; who came
here '\u25a0 recently ' from the^east.'- .He • Is .\u25a0 25 "years
of.age.^ His ball has been fixed at $ 3,000.' --.'
ley. Oct." 31'. — The » arrest ; of ; 86 contractors ; of
this city fur obstructing ! the '< streets ' has . Bwelled
the \u25a0 total ? amount ; of » fines ;. coljeeted \ during s the
mont h '. Of i October, > according .• to : : the - report --' of
Clerk' Robert .'Bush of ».tb»'/ja«tlce- court. .The
receipts ' of : the ; office were #3,861.25; \u25a0• There : Is
$360 is the. Ue»*ur7 on cases pending. ... (
All Parts of California Rep
resented at Sessions of
Fine Exhibits Displayed on
the Walls of Meet
'- ing^ Place / f'i
.-\u25a0 , \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0-.." ; - - - .-\u25a0-'\u25a0 • \u25a0 \u25a0
OAKLAND, Oct.. 31.— Photographers
from all parts of the' state assembled
today in "Foresters' hall,- Thirteenth arid
Clay streets, at the opening* of the
fourth annual, convention of the pho
tographers' . association of. California.
A short 'address, by E. J. McCullagh,
president" of the association, marked
the opening. Greetings were exchanged
by officers ; and members, followed by
roll call-fand a short .business session.
Later the largo number of- exhibits
which had -been;. placed on the walls
were Inspected and criticised. During
the afternoon a- school of photography
was held, with- demonstrations by ex
perts and by dealers^ with new meth
ods to Introduce. !
Mayor Frank K. Mott addressed the
convention at 8 o'clock in the evening
and made the visitors welcome In Oak
land.: -. T. H. Wilton of San Francisco,
treasurer of the assembly, responded
and President McCullagh;made>his for
mal address to the members.
Will Sparks of , San Francisco led a
general 'discussion and George L.'Wll
cox talked on "My. Impressions of Coun
try Photography,"
The convention will continue, three
days, during which "a great number of
the problems encountered In-; photog
raphy will be s discussed. A trolley ex
cursion to Berkeley, Piedmont,, East
Oakland and j Alameda ' has been ar
ranged for Friday morning, and in the
evening a banquet will be given In
Hotel Metropole. On Sunday the-mem
bers will- be taken across the bay.
where the conditions existing . in San
Francisco will be thoroughly explained.
Committees have been, [appointed as
follows: Hall, commltteer— F. .A. Web
ster, E. Belle-OudryrJohn Shaw; pro
grani^O. H. Boye, /George. H. Knight,
C. J. Wall : exhibits; andrewards — F. AJ
Webster, P. Smith, . A.L L. ,MoJolner;
printing committee—^-E. jJ: "Clute, S. F.
Terkelson, ' C. J. ..Wall;; press — L.. >F.
Terkelßon, R. E. Scharz, . E. J. McCul
lagh; reception, and entertainment — T.
H.. Wilton, George H. Knight, F. A.
Webster; ' " and ; rallroads-^C. J.
Wall, H. Pierre Smith, -John Shaw.
R. E. Scharz is chairman of the con-:
vention committee, 'with F. .J. Clute,
George H. Knight, L. F. Terkelson; O.
H. Boye. E. Belle-Oudry, T.^H. - Wilton,
John Shaw, C. J. W?». *?•* P. Smith, A.
L. Mojolner and F.A. .Webster'asmem
beVs. . "' ' : "-':-'" -' : -' ,';\ ] . .'. .
7 The ' officers "of • the .convention are:
E. J. McCullagh; ; president; "^-George H.
Knight; C. F. Kbhler. J.C. Shinkle and
J. H. \u25a0 Hogan,'' ' vice -presidents; T. H. ;
Wilton," treasurer; F/J. Clute, secre
tary; D. F. Mullender,* director; C. "\u25a0-" J.
Wall; sergeant'"at ; arms.; - . - ;
Saturday evening 'the -public exhibi
tion vof ' photographic ':''\u25a0' work : will; be
given. * Several hundred rlne vlewstfrom
points 1 throughout' the state," aa [\u25a0 well as
two large loan collections from New
York and the northwest, will be dis
played. .;\u25a0,,.: '.'-\u25a0\u25a0'-'"\u25a0s.'"!,'\u25a0. \u25a0' \u25a0
Rev. Charles Hitchcock of
Sari Mateo Loses Watch
and Gold .Chain '
. OAKLAND. - Oct. /3i:— ReV: Charles
Hitchcock, head of the. Sari'Mateo mill-:
tary academy, reported * to ",'the police
today that he ,has Cb'een. robbed of a
gold watch to which were attached by
a long gold chain a match box'andgold
cross. He said that the,. articles were
stolen from his ; person while he was
on a train from San Mateo to Oak- J
land.- '.."
\u25a0 X W. Connor of 560 East Twentieth ;
[ street reported that ho .left a box of
electrician's' tools in'^he electric sup
ply house at Nineteenth street, and
Telegraph avenue on "October 19.- He
said- that. the owner of the place." W. J.
Marling had since moved away, taking
wlth'hlm all'tbe articles in the store,
and" that he had. been unable to locate
the proprietor. • • "''•"-":
James A." Fenton of. 809 Pine street
reported that his home was entered
last night and a suit case containing
clothes stolen."
Fear That Fumes Carried by Winds
Will Be : Most \u25a0 Injurious to
1 'Plant Life
, ALAMEDA, Oct. 31.— There will be
a; mass meeting in the\ city hall to
morrow night : to: protest against the
proposed, erection of a smelter by. the
Guggenhelms at Baden on the San
Mateo county, shore.
, Alamedans fear that if the smelter
is; established and operated the' fumes
will prove; disastrous to the plant: life
of (this'clty by reason of/.the fact "that
the winds, lwhich: blow toward Alameda
constantly from! the > San - Mateo : shore
will carry thefumes and arsenical mat
ter discharged from the plant^to-.thls
region.;-". '*,".-\u25a0'•"\u25a0.\u25a0'.•.'•*\u25a0.\u25a0 •\u25a0'.\u25a0.,.-,\u25a0..
Addresses are to be made .tomorrow
night ;by • United : States i District : : At
torney Robert ;T. Devlin; Dr. . Frederick
»W. d'Evelyn of the ,s board 'of -, health,
T. C. .'West, City; Chemist A.. "A." Cun
ningham^ and Dr. "W. O. Smith.; .
: ,. OAKLAND, ; Oct; 311— The. Bank .of
Commerce has filed .. articles : of incorpo
ration:with "."the": county clerk. ,;The
capital stock; is given as :s2oo,ooo,lwith
83i;O00 ; pald",in.;E.M.. Gibson; Cliarles
; W:;Fore, . J.% S.-j Myere, 'y Arthur,- Brown,
Charles . Jurgens, r=Georgo i-W." McNear/
O.M.;;Rure,iF.;W.:BllKer ; and r A;: 4 D.
HawleyJ are "directors/ 4 The 'bank :.will
locate: .at X the ;j-northwei!t': corner ;;* of
Seventeenths street; and * San. Pablo av
enue andUhe ; management plans tbopen
Its doors'oniDecemberyl.* \u25a0 ... -.
yacht' club, has 'incorporated 'for the pur-"
pose ;of if building : a clubhouse ;on; San
Ljeandrolbay,'at.thoJeaßt;endr' The-di
rectors J are '(Herbert 'Hahsen^-
F.lEvans,' Crosby McConnell/.W.vWoodi
ward," l.' r S."» Bailey/ and .J. A. Roebke."
Hundred Guests Enjoy
Halloween at the
Gutters Home
OAKLAND, Oct. 31.— Misa Marie But
ters 'and ; Miss Marguerite Butters "en
tertained at Alta Vista/ their Piedmont,
home, this evening at the first large
affair which they have "given 'since their
return' from abroad, nearly 100 of the
men and girls of the smart set. In
cluded among the guests were : Misses
Gertrude Jlussell. Dollle Tarpey. Kath
erlhe -Brown, Katherine Kutz. Eleanor
Phelps,! Laura Bransford, Alia Henshaw,
Florence' Henshaw, ;.Imogene Hawley,
Edna cPrather. -Anita Thomson, Ruth
Houghton. Mollie Mathes, Helen Dornlri,
Viva Nicholson. Marietta Havens,
Chrlssle Taft. -Pansy Perkins, Alma
Perklriß. Helen Mitchell, Florence Hush,
Anna Peters, Sue j Nichols, Ethel Hart
son, Betty 'Angus, Paymaster . Rich
worth Nicholson, Lieutenant Ferdle An
derson, Paymaster James Kutz, Russell
Self ridge, Willard Young, Eugene de
Coulton,- Fred Reis, Philip Paschal,
Leigh Anderson. Ed Torney. Howard
Smith. Shirley Houghton, Dr. Percy
Gasklll, -Douglas "Waterman, Will Kira
ball. Harry Welhe, Leon Clarke, Charles
Hubbard, Stuart Hawley, George Ful
ler, Will Sessions, Paul Edwards,
George \u25a0 McDougald. George Walker,
Alex;Rosborough; JOe Rosborough, Ed
Samuel, Du;-Val •: Moore, Ben' Taylor,
Valentine Hush. Alfred" yon der Ropp,
Carl -Wolft". -Wlllard Barton, Ware Lit
tle. Lloyd Lacy," Mr.' and' Mrs.' R. Augus
tus 'Bray," Mrs. GracefCook, Mr.' and
Mrs.'" George -McNear; Jr.; Mr. and Sirs.
Alpheus;Clement, Mr., and -Mrs. Edward
Brayton;. Mr.V and Mrs. • Harry Smith.
General Oscar Long and Mrs. Long. Mr.
and Mrs. Harvey Lindsay,- * Dr.- Alex
ander, Garceau and Mrs. Garceau.
The ballroom was .a 'brilliant -scene,
with the .guests in; fancy dress and
masque. : The decorations were.in the
style of halloween.: The electric lights
were .covered with jack o' lanterns.
Several fancy figures were introduced
In the german, the favors for which
were unique trifles, suggestive of the
season.. Supper was served at midnight.
The - many charms of All Saints' eve
were tried by the '100 young people
eager for a glimpse of the'future.. ;• -.-"'.*.'
In honor of Miss Marguerite Butters
and ' Miss Marie Butters, Miss Sue
Nichols : and vMiss; s Anna Peters; who
have been the house guests at the But
ters homp for several' days^will enter
tain' with luncheon 'at .the Fairmont
Friday' afternoon. Covers .will be laid
for the closer friends of the quartet of
Miss' Alia Henshaw was entertained
this afternoon by Miss Arline Johnson
at the Country club. Among those'pres
ent were the Misses Henshaw, Florence
Henshaw,; Josephine Johnson,- Patty
Chickering,-' Katherine Brown, Ruth
Hougnton. Susie. Hall. Gladys Meek.
Rose Kales, ' Anita Thomson and others.
: The "marriage of Miss Henshaw and
Harry Chlckerlng will ;be: solemnized
next. Thursday evening: -'Miss Florence
Henshaw will attend her sister as maid
«of honor, the Misses; Patty Chickering,
Katherine Brown.; Ruth Houghton. and
Susie Hall serving^ as bridesmaids. Sid
ney Pringle will - assist : the\bridegroom
as best; man." The ushers Will include
Tyler - Hubbs Henshaw, Sterling Carr,
Sidney-Brock of Philadelphia and S. L.
Oddle of Tonopah.; . •V. ,
One of the pretty affairs of Wednes
day evening, was the* halloween cele
bration at which the members of one
of "the smaller thimble '\u25a0"'\u25a0 clubs enter
tained at. the home of Mrs. Howard J.
Lackey in .Thirty-fourth street. The
rooms were fittingly decked in the sym
bolism oif AH Saints' eve a^d. the rites
of theoccasloh were observed. Among
those , present were Dr. and Mrs. How
ard' J. Lackey,' Mr. and Mrs. Harry An
derson. Mr." ajid .Mrs.';; John - Reed, Mr.
and Mrs. Clarence Best,; Mr. and Mrs.
Richards, Mr. and ! Mrs. David Gillesple,
Mn and Mrs/ Beach : Dean, Miss Ida
Lackey, Missi'Abba Sanborn.vMiss Nina
Thomas, Miss Katherine Gray. Miss Eda
Curdts.Miss Edith' Amigh, Miss Marion
Barnard. Miss Agnes Thompson. Miss
Alice"' Smyth. \u25a0\u25a0."'Dr.-; Carl \u25a0 Curdts. George
Bandy, Ed Smith; Dr. A. S. Kelly. Dr.
Henry. Fine,' Bert ' Schrader, Mr. Pier
son -of '; Sacramento, "Clarence Oliver."
:V'v ., '\u25a0". ~.~~ "' °^ her life. Becoming
a-niother /should be a source of joy to all, but the suffering and
danger incident , to, the. ordeal makes ; its anticipation. one of misery.
'Mother'a Friend is the only^feniedy 'which! relieves '.\jomen of the great
pain and "danger of maternity ;" this hour which is dreaded as woman's
; severest trial is not only made painlessV but all the danger is avoided
byjite use:. Those who use this remedy are.no -longer despondent or
gloomy; nervousness,- nausea and other distressing conditions are
overcome, the system is made ready for, the coming event, and the
serious accidents" so common to the critical.
hour are obviated by the use of "Mother's IS >v #B^Vkiiv^^
Friend. "It is worth its weight in gold," |Wa|B||JlH^i^ %.
says many who have used it. $i.oo per IwM\» SSci^^'M '
at \u25a0 drug stores. Book , containing
valuable information of .interest to all women, will BTb^S 4\ vt%. jtS
be sent to any address free upon application to H^H^lfl^igaK
2RAOH&9 REGULATOR OQ., Atlanta, _e«._ij Istl|xfl
Oakland Underlets Plan
to Establishißureau
. of Inspection
City Council to Be Asked to
. Sanction the New
OAKLAND, Oct. 31. — Oakland is to
be put under the strict Inspection rules
of the Pacific board of. fire underwriters
for the purpose of removing causes of
preventable fires, to reduce the price of
risks inevery" possible way and to su
pervise all elements of fire risk which
can be controlled.
Steps have been taken by the board
to go before the city council and ob
tain the authority to establish the in
spection bureau. While the under
writers do not promise to reduce the
Insurance rates,, they do say that the
elimination of causes of preventable
fires and the protection thus given
would mean in the nature of things,
argument In favor of what the dlplo«
matic underwriter denominates as an
"adjustment of rates."
Inspection under the direction of the
underwriters, with a bureau maintained
at. the board's expense, would mean, say
the. lnsurance men, that the city would
be cleaned of rubbish and kept clear;
that hundreds of basements filled with
Inflammable goods, dangerously stored,
would be examined and the risks from
fires removed as far as .possible; that
the householders would be taught what
was dangerous and how to avoid -these
risks in j^reat measure.
In San Francisco this inspection bu
reau, under the charge of F.'JI. Porter,
the superintendent, has accomplished
splendid results in its removal of much
that is dangerous to property.
And this city, the- insurance men
point, out, would gain materially from
the efforts of the 'underwriters' In
spectors to compel people to keep
their dwellings free from rubbish into
which a lighted; match hastily thrown
might cause a great conflagration.
The scheme la -ah entirely new one
in Oakland. It has never been ex
perimented with on this side of the
bay. To enforce the orders .of the
underwriters' board it will, be neces
sary to clothe the Inspectors with pp-_
lice authority. It Is a question whether
the city council will care to. go that
far with men over whom they hbld'.not
the . slightest, supervision.
People of St. Patrick's Parish to Give
\u25a0Whist Tournament and In
formal Dance
•OAKLAND, . Oct. 31. — The. younger
members of St. Patrick's parish have
arranged a whist tournament and In
formal dance to be given on the evening'
of November 15 at the "West Oakland
auditorium, in Tenth,.street» .Rev. R.
Sampson, the acting^ pastor., has given
his support. * The " committees" '. have
named John F. MuHins as chairman and
Miss Sarah Flynn..secretary. The sub
committees' are" as followsr — T . *
<• Arrangements-j^-Mary Walsh. Mary
Coyne.- Ella Flynn.' William McCarthy
and Matt R. Bronrter.V Prize commit
tee—Rose, Walsh, Mac . Horgan"; Emily
Finn, Madge Murphy. Katherine Ahearn
and Mary , O'Connor. Refreshments — »
Grace Monaghan, Rita Madden, Francis
Mulligan, Mosle McKeegan and ' May
Treacy. Dance /committee — Joseph
Haran, John Hassler, vV*. . Walsh. Eu
gene Cullen and John Kelley. Press — |
J.. Henry Sheehan.
ALAMEDA, Oct. 31. — Mrs. M. H.
Krauth may be selected to succeed Li
brarian Frank .B. .Graves of \u25a0 the free
library,, who will retire from his pres
ent position the last November to
become the librarian of the Mechanics'
library. in San Francisco. Mr 3. Krauth
has been connected with the local li
brary as .chief r asslstant for- 10 years'
and is regarded as being capable in
every way of filling the office- of li
brarian. , , - >;'•\u25a0
Frank Nightingale, Mr. Burckhalter of
San Francisco.
Mrs. Wi Hard Williamson will re
ceive Saturday at a pretty tea in honor
of Miss Carolyn Oliver,' whose marriage
to Ralph Jones will be a notable event
of the spring. Assisting Mrs. William
son will be Miss Carolyn *. Oliver, : Mrs.
George -Jensen. Mrs. • William Letts
Oliver, Mrs. Roland Oliver; Mrs. Louis
Ghlrardelll, Mrs. : Wickham Havens,
Mrs. Hugh Webster, Mrs. A. D. Rued.
Mrs. William G. Steele. Mrs. George
Hammer. Mrs. Henry Rosenfeld, Mrs.
Frank Watson, Mrs. Augustus Long.
Miss Wagner. Miss Nicholson. 'Mtes
Belle Nicholson, Miss Maud Edith Potfe;
Miss EmmaMahoney,'"
A Imuslcale- Tuesday eveningrat Cal
ifornia college was an enjoyable event
to, the large number of friends of the
participants ' who attended. The pro
gram included numbers by Miss Anne
Griffln. Miss Edith Laing, Miss Corinne
Williams, Miss Patty Stringham, violin
pupils of- C. F. -Hamlin, Miss Dessle
Etherldge, piano ' pupils of Mrs. Otto
Blankart. and J^Jss Grace King, a vocal
pupil of Miss Ruth Waterman.
ALAMEDA, Oct. 31.— The union meet
ing of the' sections f of the Adelphlan
club will be^'held Saturday afternoon
in the Unitarian church. Mrs. Green
Majors -will be the*- hostess. Musical
numbers will be given by Miss Isabelle
O'Connor, soprano, and Miss Mary, Van
Orden. pianist. There will also be an
address on palmistry by Grtten Majors.
Delegation of Twenty-five
Leading Citizens Will
Be Sent %
Senator Perkins and Former
Governor Pardee Among
Those Selected
OAKLAND. \Oct. 31.— This city will,
send a delegation of 25 representative
citizens XP "Wtshinstoa to attend' the'
national rivers^ and harbors congress,
which will meet at.thp. capital Decem-;
ber 4, 5 and 6. Among those who' will
go are former Governor George C. Par
dee. United Statw Senator George G. ;
Perkins, Representative Joseph R.j
Knewland. C. G. "Vale. James P. Taylor.
E. C. Sessions, C. XT. McGregor. Bernard
P Miller. Charles E. Snook. .J. V-
Eccleston, R. A. P^rry, H. C. Cutting.
James de Fremery, John A. Brttton. M-
J. Laymance. The ethers are yet to be
selected. Mayor Frank K. Mott
make the journey if he cap. arrange
to get away from hl3 official duties for
three we"k9.
The decision to have Oakland rep
resented at the meeting of the rivers
and harbors congress was reached at_a
meeting this afternoon at the chamber
of commerce, at which Mayor Mbtt
presided. Pardee and Knowland were
among those present and heard the
needs of Oakland harbor discussed.
The delegation will . travel In a
special car and will visit Galvestori and
probably several other gulf cities to
view the harbor improvements being
made, there." Mayor Mott appointed B.
P. Miller, it. J. Laymance and E. C
Sessions as a committee to map out tha
route the Oaklanders v.-tM take and to
arrange for the transportation. It' is
expected that the delegation will leave
about November 10.
Say That He Decamped . With the
Money Obtained From Sale of -
Shipment of Turkeys
OAKLAND. Oct. 31.— The police havo
been requested by Constable F. J. Clau
sen of Dos Palos. Merced county, to lo
cate a commission . merchant, I. J.
Flint, who, according to the constable,
is well known In this county and i*
wanted for . embezzlement. Clausen
wrote that Flint obtained $700 worth
of turkeys from farmers In Merced
and adjoining counties, sold the birds
and left with the money.
It- is said that Flint secured the or
ders in several shipments and had tho
turkeys shipped to Oakland. The, police
have been unable to locate a commis
sion merchant of that name.
ALAIIEDA, Oct. 31. — Fritz Boehnier.
a member of the last board of diy
trustees,, and.. a. California plonoer, of
184»,^wai» stricken with paralysis yes
terday afternpoa while •working' In^his
garden at. hla.home,.s3l9^Central'ave
nue/ His condition today was reported
as somewhat improved. Boehmer came
to America from Germany and engased
In' mining In Tuolumne In 1319.
Will be paid to any person
who can find one atom of
a opiiun, chloral, morphine, '
cocaine, ether, chloroform,; .;
heroin, alpha and beta eu- \u25a0
came, cannabis indica, or :
chloral hydrate or any of />
their derivatives, in any; :
of Dr. Miles' Remedies, j
This applies to goods in '
original packages, unop-
ened, and not tampered i
. with. Certain iinscnipu-
lous persons are making ;
false statements about
these remedies. .
"I have been troubled with a ter- t
rible headache for the last ten years:
the* doctors could do me no good. '-I- V
saw Dr. Miles'* Antl- Pain Pills adver- ;
tised in the Sunday magazine, so t '~
thought I would try a sample. I did
so. and they helped me wonderfully. '
I had. headache So badly I could hard-
ly see to work, so I sent to -the drug *".
'store and got a«,box. In a coupla of \u25a0
7 hours I was all rlsht, it was the first '
medicine : to do me any good."
A. A. ILLir;. Philadelphia. Pa,
5552 Tacoma Street.
Dr. Mile*' Anti-Pain Plll«.are sbtd by -
your druggist. Who will guarantee that
the first package w!!l benefit. -If it
fails, he will return your money.' -
29 doses, ?5 cents. Never sold In bulk.
Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind
> - — •
813 Clay Street
e «, r Si r ft^ : * havl ngr suffered from
nervous headache for several months
without being'-aMe'to get any relief. I
was advised to consult you. « I did so-,
and the result was that the malady
passed away after four weeks- treatm-
• i M»# tl J er l' ore "commend you' as a
skillful physician in the treatment of
nervous headache caused by repeated
colds, very sincerely yours. Chas. o.
Mayborn. 1077 -list St.. Emeryville. Cal.
; . with yota
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