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The fire fighters who risk their lives
are not all in the cities. Read of. the fire
trains of the Sierra snowsheds and their
important work in -
The Sunday Call
No Friend of San Francisco Will Vote for Daniel A. Ryan
San Francisco is to be saved from a- repetition of the administration that has made her name a synonym. for graft, if her wbrkingmen have had enough of idleness and agitation, if her
f businessmen desireareturmx of the days.of steady profits, if there i:>ny love left for tlie;city;th«v Has borne so much from men and the elements, let every friend of honesty and decency cast
the vote-early today for Taylor and Langdon. v : \u25a0>•*.• \u25a0-'--> -. \ >'.
Every' adherent of graft, every public enemy who hopes to profit from purchased privileges, every foe -of law and order h^s rallied to the banner of P. H. McCarthy in a last desperate
effort to overthrow the forces that have accomplished so, much for the regeneration of Sain Francisco. -The Southern Pacificmachinepassed the word 'for McCarthy several days ago. Last night
the agents of Calhoun passed his orders to the United Railroads' "strike breaking* employes in the interest of tHe same candidate.
The only chance left for the election of McCarthy is in a division of thcvote of the friends of good government. Every; vote cast for Daniel A. Rvan today imperils all that every l^yal
osn r ranciscsn noius dear. \u25a0 , \u25a0 \u25a0 . \u25a0\u25a0.'.' -
Calhoun Orders His Strike to Vote for P. H. McCarthy
Calhoun Appeals to
Workingmen of
the City
Placards His Cars With
Anti-Langdon Posters
Asks to Be Saved
From the Club
',-7 of Spreckels
Nonunion Employes Are
Told for Whom to Vote
\u25a0- On all the cars of Calhoun, the
indicted grafter, the fnan who
conspired with the felon ex-
Mayor Schmitz to trap and de
strdy the carmen s union, and
the -chief of the gun crews who
terrorize women passengers,
•there appeared last night hun
dreds of poster dodgers like
"Working-men — Are you go-
iftgT P"t a big stick in
Cll•l- J , ,
hprcckcls hands to club you
over the Iwad with?"
And*, every one of Calhouns strike
breakers who has a vote, every me
chanic, Inspector and trackman on the
United Railroads faced an ultimatum
when he reported for duty yesterday
morning. That ultimatum was:
"Vote for McCarthy or lose your job."
While the printer still had the copy
fpr the union smasher's appeal to union
men to break wie "big stick." the petty
officials at the Turk and Broderick
street barns were delivering the in
structions of their chief to the men un
der them. As every car cr.ew went to
Bork they were confronted.
"Have you a vote?" they were asked.
If the answer was "Yes," then came the
order: "Vote for McCarthy and the
union labor ticket — straight."
Voting the McCarthy ticket »tralght
-was made an essential, because of the
fear of Langdon's election, a fear that
impelled the indicted bribe giver and
union smasher to issue his brazen order
to. the stride breakers to help elect the
convicts candidate, McCarthy, and the
grafter's man. McGowan, and so save
| ti.e corruptlonists from the biff stick.
\u0084 Many of Calhoun's strike breakers
come from tlv> interior of the state. All
these have votes. They and the other
employes of the United Railroads who
were- entitled to cast a ballot were
herded before. the registrar several
\u25a0we.'-ks ago and roistered. And yester
day morning they received the order to
vote for the man who declares he rep
resents, the men whom Calhoun always
};as fought, , and whose implacable foe
the corruptionist constantly announced
he. gloried in being.
When the men attached to the barn
»t Turk and Fillmore streets reported
for work yesterday morning D. Durkey,
bofs of conductors, and Henry Potter,
boss of motorm'n, Injected politics into
* the usual routine Questions to the men
starting- a new day. They had a list of
all the men the company registered, but
\u2666very man, new invader and native
alike, was confronted with the ques-
"Then vote McCarthy.
• All the state importations who took
-fthe places of tue striking: carmen were
open to conviction, but several of the
Continued on rage 2, Column 7
The San Francisco Call.
Ryan and McCarthy in
Saloon Conference
Both Opponents of Good Govern
ment in Midnight Visit to
S. P. Liquorman
The deal between P. H.
McCarthy and Daniel A.
Ryan to defeat the forces of
good government in the in
terest of the graft outfit was
made apparent late last
night when , McCarthy and
his lieutenants had a long
conference with Harry P.
Flannery, proprietor of the
Richelieu saloon, at Geary
and Market streets, followed
by a gathering of the Ryan
lieutenants. Flannery has
been one of the chief boost
ers for Ryan ever since his
nomination became possible.
He was for .years an adher
ent of Herrin, having been;
in charge of the restaurants
and bars on the ferry boats.
Earlier in the day yester
day Dr. W. B. Coffey, chief
surgeon of the United Rail
roads, who does politics for
the company and is a close
friend of Patrick Calhoun,
and other railway men were
in consultation around the
Richelieu, and there was
every evidence of the get
ting together of the ; Ryan
and McCarthy forces in the
interest of the defeat of Tay
lor and the graft prosecu
After McCarthy had been
in consultation with Flan
nery for some time, a Ryan
automobile manned by his
lieutenants drove rapidly to
the place and one of its oc
cupants asked if Ryan was
inside. "No," was the reply,
"but McCarthy is here." A
few moments later a second
Ryan automobile arrived, in
which was Fred Myrtle, who
has been handling the Ryan
campaign in behalf of the
Examiner and the Hearst
.Czolgoz interests, and urgent
inquiry was made for' Flan
nery. Later Ryan himself
entered the saloon and held a
whispered conversation with
his lieutenants.
If any doubt could be had
of the unholy combination to
defeat the ends of decent gov
ernment, of which Daniel A;
Ryan is a part, this meeting
of the Ryan and McCarthy
forces should settle it in the
minds of every voter in San
Francisco. Following the
meeting" in Flannery's Sa
loon the Rvan automobiles
with Ryan and a part of his
company left, going nqrth on
Csntlnued on Page 4, Bottom Column 3
When the Returns Come In Tonight
Whole Good Government Ticket Will Triumph Over
Corruptionists by Overwhelming Majorities
The decision at the polls today will, in my judgment ; be overwhelmingly for good
government, for commercial stability, for the reconstruction of San Francisco. That
decision will be recorded in the election of Mayor Taylor; District Attorney William"
H. Langdon and the good government ticket, which they; lead.
The campaign that has been wholly unlike any municipal ever wagedin
America,, is over. .The politicians'*
and the office seeker have had
their: inning. They have beaten
thc r campaign tomtom, endeav
ored, to stir up class hatred and
strife. They have gone '- through
all the -motions characteristic of
the professional's hunt for public
office. Their performances are
atian.end. Tt is "P to; the .people^
.today. In their; sober^ judgment
the people will decide— have de
cided—and there remains' but Ho
record that decision at the bal
lot box..
The usual l eleventh '% hour cam-
paign . tricks- have been invoked
by enemies of ' good:govern
ment; and ; more V.! of them will
undoubtedly be {\u25a0 uncovered this
morning.'. Fortunately '-for, themselves
and, for San-F rancisco, the stale tricks
of ith© politician are so 'apparent that
George A. Van Smith
they no longer affect the thinking
voter, and this has been a thinking
campaign. The people aro proof against
canards nnrl "double crosses."
"The Chrohicio.'s attempt to double
cross the .good government' l cause" yes
terday Avas abortive,, if not .unexpect
ed. -For reasons of its own the Chron
icle has been bitterly opposed to the
graft prosecution, and 'for .reasons
equally its own has exhibited ; its bit
terness- in a silence, - during , the cam
paign. \ :It : has vigorously assailed P.
H.* r McCarthy, but Frank McGowan. the
friend and employe of. the bribe - giv
ing interests and -the 'Southern Pacific
machine, has ; been .the beneficiary of
the^wash. so offensive; to the .Chronicle
When administered: for the accomplish-,
ment- of the ends of^justice— the -Im
munity bath. The sii«nt -champion" of
graft came into the open yesterday.'. ;
Cunningly displayed opposite'lts edi
torial page, ;where it would; be most
conspicuous, , arid in .type large enough
to hide tho placid advocacy of ,'good
government in the' editorial .'\u25a0 columns,
the Chronicle, devoted a big block, of
space : to an attempt: to : stampede. '.the
-.\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0--\u25a0.- \u25a0 " . j - \u25a0 ' \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0 : \u25a0- . . \u25a0 '
good government vote, to Ryan. The
not .-.unexpected ; double . cross .was cun
ningly, contrived if not skillfully "done.
T^here •'. were no marks'- to indicate that
the; broadside .which 'proclaimed a vote
for * Taylor was a vote 1 for; McCarthy
was advertising, but the -display was
such as .would enable the double cross
artist, , when 'to. account) for his
treachery, to plead, that it was paid
advertising matter. Insteadiof ; excit
ing ;the : expected wave of dismay, the
Chronicle's \u2666 double cross ; evoked .: only'
disgust "and the. grin j of the decent re
publicans; "who/ dismiss,«Ki \u25a0 the'; matter
with ."I told you so".or:."It is. what you
canexpect ! wh'enDe Yoiing is involved."
•.; Ryan was ; ; the principal -'performer
yesterday in a comedy attempt to make
a foundation for -an -election morning
claim that • the business * Interests : had
given over hope "of electing Taylor; and
swung' Into liri^; behind • the boy. candi
date as the man; to. beat McCarthy. Pre
ceded by a petition 1 for : audiences sub
mitted'by Czblgosz Hearst," Ryan made
a-tour of the businessdistrict. \u25a0 Some of
Continued on rage 3, ) Colama \u25a01 ' '.
Impertinent Questions No. 23
-Whicjp-'is the Ugliest Building in
~~~ San Francisco, and Why?
Ten Dollars for the Cleverest Answers
See Page 9,' Bottom Columns 1 and 2
His Fifty Thousand
Estimate Shrinks
90 Per Cent
Scores of Unions Fail
to Appear in Procession
Hope of Election Is
Hanging on Most
v Slender Thread ,_*,
Enthusiasm Is Lacking
r : Along the: Line of March
If the managers of P. H. McCarthy's
campaign are as (ar away in their
other estimates as they were in their
prediction as to the size of the so
called labor parade, which took place
last night, the result of today's elec
tion will come as a distinct shock to
them. The 40,000 men who were sup
posed to make last night's parade a
feature of the century by some strange
alchemy did not exceed 5,000 as they;
trod the bitumen up Van Ness avenue j
and out to Dreamland rink.
Five thousand is a generous allow
ance and includes the several bands
and the. host of boys who formed part
of. the procession. Some of the unions!
of the building trades were out In
large numbers, but the representatalon
from .the labor council ' was insignifi
cant. Scores of unions were without
representation. -If, as claimed, the men
who marched last night constituted
McCarthy's reliance for election. he
has placed his faith on a slender
thread. •
The, union men who did. not march
outnumbered by four to one those wh6
did. Less than three hundred members
Continued on Fa;e 2, Column 6
Wafclt The GalFs Election Bulletins
Tonight ..The Call .mil flash the most complete
and earliest election returns by stereopticon on huge
screens at the following points in San Francisco: /r
- At the main office of The Call, Third and Market
streets, in front of the Claus Spreckels building.
At the Fillmore street branch of The Call, Fill
more street between Post and Geary.
At the Mission agency of The Call, corner of
Twenty-second and Valencia streets.
§- , \u25a0• \u25a0
In Oakland The Call will display election Teturns '
by : stereopticon at its Alameda branch office in the
Bacon block, Eleventh street between Broadway and
\ Washington. J
Watch The Call's Toweir Signals
Colored searchlight flashes from 1 the' tower 'of The
Call building will tell the story of the election tonight.
Here is the signal code :
RED flashes will indicate the probable election of
GREEN flashes will indicate the probable election of
WHITE flashes will indicate the probable election of
HK Eyanflß
Vast Throng Shows
What Verdict Is
to. Be Today
* -
Ten Thousand Join in
, Big Ovation to Langdon
Graft Prosecutors
Thrill Cheering
Monster Mass Meeting
Held in Pavilion Rink
District Attorney Lang
don's campaign was brought
to a close last night in the
Pavilion rink at Sutter and
Pierce streets before the
greatest crowd of people
that has been brought to
gether under any one roof in
San Francisco since the fire.
Ten thousand persons lis
tened -breathlessly for two
hours and a half to the fer
vent appeals of Hiram W.
Johnson, Joseph J. Dwyer,
William H. Langdon and
Francis J. Heney for the
cause of good government
and municipal decency. And
thousands more sought to
gain entrance to the im
mense hall, .but crowded
back to the very doors with
the speakers' stand a full

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