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Are the shop girls the prettiest girls in
town? Form your opinion at first hand
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The Sunday Call
VOLUME CH.— NO. 162.
Representative Men
Ask Governor to
Act Promptly
Promises to Decide Soon
Summoning Legislature
Gillett Tells of the
Measures He May
Tax Payments and the
Charter Amendments First
Governor Giilctt spent yester-s
day in a series of conferences in j
San Francisco v/ith state and city
officials, bankers and real estate
\u25a0nen on the advisability of calling
in extra session of the legislature.
A.l though the local officials and j
business men urged with great j
force that a special session be ox= j
lererl before the end of the month,
the governor announced late last
night that he had not made up j
i;s mind. He >aid that he had
careful heed to all the argu
ments urjjed and would reach a
lecision earl}- next week. It was
r-tated by members of the board
ff supervisors who conferred with
iiileit that they believed' tlie
-tale executive would decide in
:avor of the extra session. •
Governor Gillett went to the extent
<>f promising that if he should call the
I'Ri.^lators together he would place be
fore them three important matters, and j
possibJy four. These are, first, the pro- j
p-jsal to j'osipone the date on which
taxes shall become delinquent; second,
the ratification of the charter amend
ments adopted at the election last Tues
day in fc'an Francisco, and, third, the
repassagc in correct form of the $2,000,
000 bond issue for the improvement of
the water Tront at Islais creek. The
fourth matter relates to the ejection of
Andrew M. Wilson, the confessed bood
ler, from the state railroad commission.
The bankers urg^d the extra session
bs a means of solving the tax problem;
the city odri&ls urged the session that
the amendments might be ratified,
whirh provide for the deposit of mu
nicipal funds in the hanks and the is
suance of'fi p*r cent bonds for needed
rehabilitation, and a committee of .busi
nessmen $=poke in favor of the session
In order that th*» Islais creek project
might be carried through. Some of
the bankers and local officials went so
far as to pay that a special session was
Governor Gillett attended three sepa
rate conferences during the day. He
met Mayor Taylor, members of the
board of supervisors, members of the
state and local boards of health and
Dr. Rupert Blue, the federal expert, at
the mayor's offlce at noon to consider
the question of sanitation. It was de
cided in this matter to seek federalaid
in meeting the expense of fighting dis
The second conference followed the
first immediately at the mayor's offlce.
Besides the mayor and governor those
in attendance included Lieutenant
Governor Warren Porter, State Treas
urer W. It. Williams, State Controller
A. B. ICye, Supervisors Brandenstein,
Pnyot, Sullivan, Brenner, Sachs and
Rixford, Treasurer Bantel, a commit
tee of bankers composed of I. W. Hell
nan Jr., W. E. Palmer, It. If. Tobin.
I'janl: M. Anderson, Homer S. King and
George M. Tourney, Bank Commission
er Lynch, State Senator Welch and
Secretary Beiian of the board of super
visors. At this conference the difficul
ties presented by the financial strin
gency were exhaustively considered.
It was nearly 3 o'clock before the con
ference adjourned.
The first matter considered related
to the taxes. -; It was pointed out to
the governor that taxes will become
delinquent on November 25 and that
after that date a 16 per cent penalty
would be Imposed. The governor asked
II the clearing house certificates could
not be accepted by the city treasurer.
Both City Treasurer Bantel and State
Treasurer Williams* expressed their
willingness to accept these certificates
it* it could bo arranged with their
ioncfcmcn. The bankers objected to
this plan, however, asserting that It
Continued on Page 2, Column 3
The San Francisco Call.
XESTEBDAT — Southwest wind; clear; atari- J
mnm temperature, 78; mlalmnm. 54.
FORECAST FOE TODAY— Fair, with fog in
morals*; light ea«t wlad». Pa^e 11
General Manager Schwerln of Pacific Mall
company wrltt» letter to Honolulu chamber of
cwaiaerce. saying that liner* 'on oriental rnn
may be witbflrawn. . /P«S» 1 (
Commercial agencies report fewer business
failures and impro-rement In trade condi
tion,. Pa = e2
Two New Tork banker* In danger of prose
cution for haTlnc employed dnmmies to secure
henry loan.. Pa *« *
High official of the treasury adTlses w?»teru ,
bankers to fceep cool and sUent. Page 1 »
Financial situarloa In ««st i« relleTed l>y
sold Importations and money flows wiystwiird
rapidly. " P « e2 1
Japanese steamship companies suffer fiotn
OTerißflatlon and several lines are operated at
a lo«. Pa «* 2
Million dollar fire destroys Great Northern
EleTator at Superior, Wls., and thipplnK is en-
Page 2
Guggenheims will spend $25,000,000 to build
Copper Biver railroad. - x Page 1
Business section of the town of Keswlck Is
destroyed by fire thoagUt to har» been set liy '
an Incendiary. Pa«e 11 i
Sfcrotcry of War Taft lnrlted to meet Vaher i
at Osborne house, Isle of Wight. ' Page 3 ,
\ Staten Uland physician takes stand In Druee ;
! mystery case In London. Page 7
GoTernor Gillett should act. . Pa*« 8 '
A strange rlew of KooseTelt. Page S
Sanitation and federal gOTernment. Page 8
i Friends of Cutten . and McCabe consider ad-
I visablllty of demanding inTestigatioa of ballots
| cast In recent election. Page 1
Ilepresentstive men of the city confer with
Gurcrnor Gillett and urge tue calling cf ' tb«?
/ legislature to consider enactments to relieve
| the flnaucial situation; state exeeutire promUes
to decide In few days .and outlines three . or
• four Important measures he may present for
consideration. ' P«jfe 1
Mrs. Tffomas Eastland says that remarks
made . ty tierself and other women in FalrtnoDt
dining room were devoid of intent to Influeure,
the Ford jurymen. Page 1
Sixty Japanese »oldier» fall, before' fi«artJy
f-re of outlaw head hunters In the 'Island' of
Formosa. . . . . ... Paffe 16
Pl«ns. far.. bnll4ln«.afl, armory. to.boufe_H«
tlonal guard In this city are considered .it a
ißeeting. " . Page 13
Valuable diamond- pin among the list cf
articles reported to hare" been recently
stolen. i-'-i ' Page 12
Real estate busioess Jtnproves and Urge «ules
»re madp since the restoring of confidence by
j the re-elejtton of Mayor Taylor. Pnge (J
; Blind son of Blitz Paxton, Santa llosa.
I banker, wants father punished for contempt of
I court. - Pace 1«
! Cavalrymen at Presidio will be taught to play
i polo. . Pagre 13
Five months , old baby at children's agency
wants a home. Paße °
Five women and on« man seriously Injured -in
a triple collision of Eddy street cars near Fl'J
iiiorc. the disaster resulting . from aa effort _to
escape from a runaway car. Page 16
SecrPtary Taft at Shanghai Investigates Judge
Wilfley's work and publicly 'commends and in
dorses every act of the federal jurist. Page 13'
Failure of Mrs. Annie Moore, owner of •Bel*
vedTe hotel, follows a series of unlucky circum
stances. 4'->%<> ; Page 16
Bogus gas inspector keeps Chinese cook busy
while woman thief robs W. B. Schuman's bom*
of J2.305 worth of jewelry. Page 11
State, city and federal .chiefs hold meeting
and decide to s*nd committee to Washington to
confer with Prn<M»nt Ttoonevelt and ask for
federal funds to aid In fighting dlw»*» at tliis
port. • Page 9
Students* affairs commltY*** of state unlvprsity
Investigates hazing of college editor and may
r«>commend that bszers be expelled. Page 4
Thieves j who travel about In an automobile
bfll*vml to have been men who entered Fratt
vale resld«»nc». '\u25a0 Page 4
West Oakland laborers pick .up paper bag
containing $280 and proceed to put tbe money
la "circulation. • ' ' **. " Page 4
Small boy saves mother from prison by ap
pealing to Oakland magistrate. Page 4
Berkeley faculty contemplates taming ' over
the management of athletic ' affair* to ' the
students. -Vase 4
Mrs. Edward Bverett of Portland Or*.,' meats
son for flnt .time In. thirty years la Oak
land. Pag« 4
El«ven more reatauratears to be arrested for
alleged violation of milk law In Oakland. Page 4
Honolulu Stars defeat' picked team at R»c;-ea
tion park, score 8 to 3. -. Page \u25a010
Owen Moran and" Frankle Nell will meet In
Dreamland pavilion for their international
battle. Page 10
California . and Stanford Rugby teams- nil!
battle' for football honors at Palo Alt'i
this, af trrDoon.' ; ' Page 10
California jockey club offers a good .card for
the opening day . »t Emeryville. •' Page 1.0
Walter de. Mars' i» the star rider at the flrkt
meet , held bere <In years on *, banked
track. N Page 10
laulles' ' tailors* union sends notice of its with
drawal from, tbe labor,- councll,""rbut ' falls to
assign iff sod for tbe action. j Page 0
"The good government club -of tbe • builillni
trades conncll plans .to continue In 1 exist
ence. , ' • Paged
.Banner branch of carpenters* and Joiners'
nnloo^ will bold jinks • on evening of, 1 -; No
vember 19. \u25a0 . Page' 9
I.iner Persia, from the orient,- brings a ship
' ment of raw silk rained . at'' more n ' than
• $1,000,000. Page 11
Three whalers, last of the Arctic fleet.' rearii
1 port with bone valued at $230,500. '."..; Page 12
Kotabie , rise ' takes place \u25a0 in . price - of, : Gold
> field Consolidated . Mines; , several ; other . stocks
. sell largely. Pnge 15
i SOCIAL . ;
Most of this season's debutantes attend Ned
} Greenway's birthday " dance • at the Fairmont
holeL ' . Pace 8
. Miss Helen Baker will make her . formal , bow
to local society today, 'Page 8
High Official of Treasury
Discusses Complaint
:£ From This City
Cannot Cash Bonds at Sub
treasury on Demand^
He Declares
West More Excited Than the
East Over Financial
Special fcj> Leased Wire lo The Call
WASHINGTON, Nov. 8. — Com
plaint has come from San Francisco
against the apparent discrimination in
favor of New York in depositing gov
ernment money. With plenty of gov
ernment bonds in their, possession and
with the subtreasury full of coin, San
Francisco bankers are inclined to re
gard the treasury's action, or lack of
action, as a discrimination against
them. This was discussed today. by a
high official of the treasury.
"New York. Is the storm center,", he
sa!d. "We deposited all the available
money first in New York and then, as
we got more funds, we eased up the
situation in other cities. .We have sent
money t^ most of the financial centers,
including San Francisco. Now we have
no more money to deposit in the na
tional-banks. It makes no difference
how many government bonds a bank
may have, if its circulation is already
up to the limit and if ?we ; have no
money to deposit, we cannot cash bonds
at the subtreasury on; presentation/
They must be redeemed according -to
law. : -•; *r .S'j^f \u25a0 _ " '\u25a0.''\u25a0 \u25a0"--
'-"In -one - C3s\?'; in t FrancfFCO 'xv't]
\u25a0were able to h"avi» the%ubtreasury/take
a lot of bonds in trust and pay over
their value 'tp the bank owningr them,
the purchaser -of the bonds ; being, a
Xcw York'bank which^gave us aii; in
demnity bond to secure us for the, cash.
But this was squinting- at a yhaiatlon
of the law and. was done? only because
the bank in question was/entitled to de
posit bonds for circulation thailhad not
been issued.* It could hot be done other
wise. It would not be done. again un
der the same circumstances, unless' in
case of emergency. *'"-? .'vi.i
"We have received- complaint sfrom
our disbursing oimcers .that some west
ern banks have refused ; to honor checks
drawn upon government deposita -In
those /banks. The: excuse given, is that
the bank's reserves 'are ;in New : York
and that the Xew York banks refuse
to honor drafts upon;,them. , This, ex
cuse will not; be good after today. In
my opinion, for the reason that the New,
York banks will be "advleedwby the
treasury department^td honor the. call
of western banks <for tfielr reserves.
We do not expect any bank, r east or
west, to refuse to honor the checks of
our disbursing officers on government
deposits." -
This official remarked that th«:gen
eral financial situation' was greatly im
proved. The west, 1 ? he : said, was more
excited than the *ast. The" crisis • .was
over, , i n his opinion, arid the west will
become easy as soon as the New York
banks release their, reserves.
* "I suggest that banks keep
cool and ' silent,"'^ he continued. "The
bankers havo ; talked - too much as a
rule. The public id 'not excitM and will
not withdraw, any^mor* money if th»
bankers keep a stiff , upper lip.T.
WASHINGTON, Nov. -8.-— Chief Wilkle
of the secret \u25a0 service reports the dls>
covery of a new counterfeit $10.na
tional bank note. "The counterfeit is of
the ' .Wells-Fargo-Nevada bank 6an
Francisco and is a poor photographic re-;
production, . pvlnted v on 'heavy -bond
paper, with no «ilk .fiber. , ; The/treas
ury- numbers ha,ve _ been traced over
with red ink. The ; back of the note
is better than.; the'- front. being;a fair
imlta tion . of the genuine,: except 1 the
coloring around ;' the charter > number,
which is muddy, green. \u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0. '-':.
Special by Leased' Wire to The Call
SANTA ROSA; ; Nov. B.— ln .an;, ad
dress delivered ; -. to -the high -school
pupils of Santa Rosa 1 tonight Congress
man Duncan ;E.:McKlnlay declared that
the^ Panama; canal; would be completed
and In operation within six years. -He said
that' when completed,' according; to an
intorview' lie - had 'had .with Secretary
Taft, the canal 'will \u25a0 have cost the s gov
ernment ,$24 0,000,000, more ;l,han 'half of
-.which . sum had - already - been . appro
priated, " .v. v . ;
Hearst j
Hoodoo of American Politics
NewYor£ Bankers!^
! Be Prosecuted
Accused of Having Employed
I Dummies to Obtain Lpans\
j Above the Limit
Special b^ Leased X W ire to The Call :
NEW . IORK, 'Nov., B.— Clearing
house .bankers 'expect that - criminal
proceedings will \u25a0•; be. brought , against
two .men, who were officials of national
balnks which were under fire. in the're
cenfweeding'out process: It was'posi
tively asserte.d * in" Wall •' street : . that
flagrant violations : of ".the national
banking . act had - been discovered- by.
the national < banking ; department, j f ol^
lowln g ; jjnves tigatioW "- by. ' ciearlng
house. committee>ii..; i The riaraes of -the
men; Involved ;as well ; as the lhstltji
tioVsl with which' they - v were conrieoted t
Tier« : freely mentioned, in- Wall str«ef
today. . _ : '.?'''.'\u25a0 <'.'\u25a0'\u25a0 < ; ,K"' v .''}y-i. ''}y-i
-'.United Statea District AttoVneyStim
»on'; admitted ; that .. hla j office 'f\ ,wai > In-)
vestigating :: the^ conduct of certain p«r
son» '- connected '" ..with"* the , two, banks.'
It , wan /also learned V that the - heaJd iof J
the , bank examiners f In i New .- Tork, \ 3tfr.^ j
Hanna, accompanied -by. an expert"from
the comptroller's offlce; ln \ Washington, 1
had visited the ..t*wo*'Jnstltutlo*ns '\u25a0 \n. th*e
last 10 days ' and; were ; preparing. ;.-: a
memorandum: for' the '/"district"., att'or
riey's'office.*"^" ... ' J, ':-)'^,yy C - . ": \u25a0• ' ,'. •'\u25a0 ' - ,',
\ The principal. oharge}agalnßttthe -two
men 'ls that/iof iobtainlngr loans-, from
their institutions': much; in 'excess j of
the i - limit - prescribed^byj- the.^ banking"
act. • It -was; found? _ that _\u25a0< through *dum£
mles oorr r agents'* these 'obtained;
th<^ : loans.' which,; when ;thet disclosure
came \ "three \u25a0> weeks
traceable I to •;,, the .officers ,; of ; the banksT
David Jayne : Hill! Succeeds iCharle-j
magrie Tower >.: and* Arthur - H.^
;' Beaupre Takes; Former's^ Place ;. ;
• WASHiNGTON.V :: v Nov.J. g^Secretary,
Root announced, that' Day! (i-'JayheHlU/
American minister, to ;• the- Netherlands
and a former .assistant . secretary of
state, ,wouidi be = named i as •\u25a0 ambassador
,to \u25a0« Berlin \y to '.; succeed;. Tower, —who?;; Is
about to ': retire- on account-«sf <111 health.
Preßlderit Roosevelt' first offered (the
position \u25a0; to First ; Secretary. Bacbn,' p who
declined." :"'.,:\u25a0' ...\u25a0' /\u25a0•-^— /\u25a0;"\u25a0'-' \ .-'"\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'. *
. Minister ; Arthuj- H.* Beaupre ; will be"
transferred from) the .'Argentine ?repub'
lie to ,the Netherlands »to succeed Hill
and Spencer^G.'.'Eddjv secretary J of » the
embassy^at ' Berlin, -will .become? minis
ter to'. Argentine^ . ; ' :r „.'* .
Pacific Mail's| tine to
Orient May. End
Manager :Sctiwerin j\dvises\-the
Honolulu JMerchanfsf^ fhar^
; : little ProUUs Made^ ;' -: : '
Special \u25a0Correspondence' of .[{FKe\
'\u25a0'•' HONOLULU,! Xov." 2.-^R.- P.' Schwerin/
general - manager..''of * -the \u25a0 Pacific Mall
steamship JcompanjV in, a better' to the
I Honolulu.' chamber "of commerce "Hinlfs
| strongly.at" the; withdrawal of the Pa-^
clficj Mall ;.Hners?on {the. oriental run;
The chamber . had^ asked him fo'rya
definite statement 'of the 1 intentions \ot
-his company -&s J to providing
with aSbetter.. passenger ;\u25a0. service, nuit
able for \u25a0\u25a0 tourists.?; To -this he held \u25a0 out
no hopes whatever.' hinting at'a'posst-"
ble; suspension of i the . service : from ; San
Francisco altogether.' A part 'of his lat
ter, .which j Is . dated' at • San ' Francisco,
October 15,'; says:^vi'
•). "There Is nfttTai steamer that crosses
the Atlantio . today that could . be main
tained := were -' It" not '•- for ' the • enormous
steerage - ' business,-- coupled, with the
government subsidy.%peprlve these yes-:
sels of : the ; steerage business and ; they
would 'cease ,tcf operate.*,; The only .thing
that^has s kept ' the| San ; Francisco" lino
has rbeenfthe .' Asiatic .business. ' If • this
.busirTessXwere :" killed r off ,' l l l would ' be
'impossible^ » to '• operate -these; larga"
Steamers Jon the ; fun, ; for < even I
f uil 7 cab'in ;• list , 'and ',; full .freight? they, i
would- iuit 'earn' operating- expenses,; let
albriV the 1 expense 'of v operating the
agencies." • '\u25a0,-. \u25a0 \u25a0'\u0084 \u25a0'\u25a0/ - >,VS'J : : r}'
Alaskan Railroad
Special by ILeased l Wire lo The Call ;.
Nov. *B.^— Rastus jC.\ Haw
kins,- chief \u25a0 engineer for/ the -.Quggen-.
'helms : " In- Alaska,*, today ; returned
New;- York ,. : and /confirmed' the r report
that . the Gugrgenheims " have .entered
into : a° contract with M. J. .Heney, : the
mant who; built "the White -Pass "and
Yukon .railway,' to build, the , Copper
River and Northwestern j railway from
Cordova' to ; the : copper "regions on^Cop-"
p^r river. -The^estimated 'cost' of 'the
road 'iß?|2s,6oO,ooo/Ul The .first" 20 * mile's
I is ' to be .ready, for. 1 operation .by.' January
| \u25a0l*next*yeari " Heney, will f sail "for.Cor
dovattomqrrow;with.a. shipload- of men
and supplies] and? Hawkins < will .follow
fnext ; week>T; ; Thet contract; was signed
in_ New; York: two .weeks ago.' -It; is • the
bigsest ' contract !ever signed 'in 'Alaska;
— California girl 'has penetrated the
-heapt oxSiam. She talks of the thousand
of that "strange, mysterious
-land* in
The Sunday Call
Sqdetylomen Regret
Ford Jury Episofle
Mrs* ; Thomas - Easiland Says
That -Remarks at Fairmont
'o \u25a0['\u25a0' Were Devoid of Intent
j "If we ever said anything that the
Ford r jtirymen overheard at the Fair
mont-,'hotel, w e are sorry; we didn't
. mean U anything' in what we said;
.besides I *do not ; admit having said
anything, and furthermore I am ad
vised'not to discuss the episode." That
is > about ? the ' gist Mrs v Thomas
Eastland's statement concerning the
conversation , in 'which . she arid Mrs.
Frederick: Kohl,, .'with - a party . of
friends", are i alleged /to have indulged
at ; the Fairmont hotel about a week
ago^inithe^dining'room near the table
around which the Ford Jurymen were
eating^ V{' '
-\~' ."l thlnk'lt Is a'sharae to place such a
t . l "*« a °* **£• 2t2 t Bottom Column 3
Impertinent Question No. 24
\u25a0 : W^ Francisco?
-For the most original or wittiest answer to this ques
tion-—and the; briefer the better—The Gal! will pay
FIVE DOLLARS. For the next five answers
The Gall will pay ONE DOLLAR each. Prize
.answers will be printed next Wednesday
and Ichecks; mailed to • the winners at once. Make
' your answer short and address it to .
. Winning aaaTrcrs to "XS'Mch Is the I'KHcst BoUdlss ,1a Saa Francisco
\u25a0' .•'."." • ;'and whyfw- \u25a0 - >
$3, prize to P. Nelson. 100 Miguel str«t* cltj. /
' Mike do Young's new annex buildirig-^-ugly fcr its square
\u25a0;*\u25a0'-" ness, which iaiffTstrbng contrast to the curves of its owner.
j $1 prlxe to J.'H.Talbot, 7C6 J street. 'Sacramento.
Hearst building. It is not up—to date.
'. '\u25a0 ' $I'prize., to Herman M. Lery.' 1230 Ellis.«tre«t. city.
.: . ./The"Chronicle-—because'lt is a chronic iIL
\u0084 ; ; $1> prize to F. B. AW«U. 1200 Merchants' exchange- buUdlaff, city..
--.yThe Examiner, because it is all stories without foundation.
, $I'prize to Nicholas Lawlor. 124' Clipper. street, city.
.If there 'is anything that will skin the Chronicle building In
,« prlMI to H.* M. LeTlson. 1226 Eddy street, city.
" The 23 story bulidlng atThlrd and Market,-because tho
\u25a0 twentj-third; story is on the ground floor.
Friends Consider
Application of
Hope to Punish Dishonest \
Officials of the Election
Political Pot Again
Is Beginning
to Boil
Various Organizations
Prepare for Fresh Fields
George A. Van Smith
Persistent reports of alleged
crooked counting of the vote for;
'county clerk and treasurer may t
result in a demand for an investi
gation of the ballots cast in the
thirty-third, thirty-fourth, thirty
fifth, thirty-sixth and parts of the'
thirty-seventh and forty-fifth dis
The investigation if made will
not be instituted with the idea'
that either McCabe or Cutten "will,
be returned over Mulcrevy and
McDougald, elected on the face,
of the returns, but solely for the
purpose oi' fasferurig the alleged
: crooked \vork-Htrpon' its perpetra
tors and sending them across' the
bay; where they may shine as de
[terrent examples to other clec-
Uion officers of crooked tendencies.
. A demand for a recount was con
i templated when the first reports of
' crooked counting were received. Th«
proportions of the pluralities polled .by
Mulcrevy and '.McDougald over McCabe
and Cutten respectively ' convinced tha
friends of the good government candi
dates that a recount would not changa
t the ultimate result and the idea of
a recount was abandoned. The re
ports of bad counting were so persist
ent, though, on Thursday and Friday,
that the friends of the good govern
ment movement have tftk^n under con
sideration the advisability of asking
for an Investigation- of the ballots cast
in the precincts under suspicion.
E.-L. Cutten. "defeated good govern
ment and .democratic' candidate for
treasurer, said yesterday:
"A recount would not. In my Judg
ment, result in showing my election
over MoDougald. MulcreVy's .margin
over McCabe Is, however, much nar
rower and If the crooked work ap
proaches anything like the propor
tions which il y am Inclined to believe It
did from the reports I have received,
the succession to the county clerk's
office might be changed. But-the ques
tion of who is elected is really second
ary. -If there was any crooked coant
ing, and I believe there was, it should
be uncovered and the guilty men pun
ished. The ballot box should be pro-

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