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The first page of odd photographs is
. complete and it contains some very un
usual snapshots as prize winners. It will
be out Sunday in
Vi The Sunday Call
Visits Mayor Taylor and
Attorney General
for Advice
Will Convene Legislature
Next Week if It Is
Called at All
Exchange Passes Resolu
tions Asking for Execu
tive Action at Once
Governor Gillett arrived in
Szn Francisco shortly after noon
% r estercay from Sacramento and
spent several hours in consulta
tion with Mayor Taylcr and At
torney General Webb concern
ing the proposed special session
cf the legislature. He made in
quiries as to the financial situ
ation and learned from local
bankers that conditions had im
proved. The governor was also
informed of the temporary sus
pension of the Union national
bank in Oakland. No alarm was
felt over this suspension, as the
latest statements of the institu
tion showed that the assets ex
ceeded the liabilities by a com
: r'zblc margin.
The governor did not arrive at
a :;r.ai conclusion in regard to
the extra session, although he
stated last night that he would
make a- definite decision ~ some
time before the end of this week
snd that he would call the legis
lature next week if at
all. The governor said :
"I £=i still i=restfg2.ting matters -with
a vle-x to det»r=::i::r.g -whether or not
to call a special sesrica of the legis
lature, ard have errlved- at no con
clusion. I an hearing all sides cf the
<;uesxico. looking Into several points
rr.js^lf. ar.d making aa effort to lean*
whether It is generally desired
throughout thV~state. Most of the
ts-nkers ar.d businessmen In all parts
cf the state are urging a special ses
sion, -while ethers do not favor it- If
I -should decide to issue a call it xvill
be for some tirrs* next -week, asd I
sh2l! ms-ke '~p my mind in a few days
row. The special session, if it is called,
xrill be convened as socn &s possible
ens as quickly dismissed, and there -will
r<r few matters trhieh it \u25a0will take up.
Even vriti & srecial session all bat the
— ost tsportast matters will have to
go ever until the reg-ul^r session.
"If I should decide to call the session
cna matter that I will incorporate in
ihe proclamation trill be a proposed
amendment to the code, which wiU
make it possible for courts to continue
their cessions during euch holidays as
thoie -which we are now having."
At a meeting cf the board cf di
rectors cf the merchants* exchange yes
terdar the question cf an extra session
-was discussed, and the directors ex
pressed their approval in the folloTrlns
Zetter, which they addressed to Gov
erzer GUleit:
**5Te have the honor of iriomia* r©^
that at the regular nee ting of the
beard cf directors of the merchants'
exchange, held en this date, the 161
lowlng resolution was unanimously
"BesolveS. tt&t the governor of the
state cf California. In view of the
present financial stress and the addi
tional danger to be feared from the
locking cj> of large euins of money in
the vaults ef the ci:y. county and state
cSdals. be earnestly requested to Im
mediately call the legislature cf the
etate of California Jn special session
for the purpose of extending for CO
days the dat« upon which the first In
stallment of taxes for the year ISO"
would become delinquent.
•"Bespeaking your favorable action,
es called for by the resolution, and as
suring you that, in the opinion of the
hoard of directors of the merchants" ex
change, it is of the utmost Importance
that the legislature cf the state of
California should be convened at an
early date for the. purpose mentioned
Jn the resolution, tre remain, very re-
Epectfully yours,
|||§|s. I-AOIEISTEH. President.
*T. C. FRIED LAXDER. Secretary."
A telegram was received yesterday
fey Hosier S. King, president of the San
Francisco clearing house,, from the
Stockton ciearing borise o2ering co
operation to s*rure a special session.
Telegrams were also received in the
t caiisucd to Col*. 2 and 3, Page 2
The San Francisco Call.
YESTE2TAY— Xertiwert *rtsfl; cloofi; xaaxl-
irisi*, etisyisg t» wesrerlx. Page 8
Holiday Today
1I)1 I) V proclamation of -. Governor
I James N. Gillett today is de
\ dared a legal holiday in California.
Pistor «=d official to«rd ct FKUielrih:*
cicrcfc expi*» s7T=P**tT tor rse=ber vto Kllad
! c«a la tl» -"-if*** rotas- P»Z"e *
Wccia «-fco poeed v sua f« «3 yen* £>*
hi Cs^onfia fct«pliml. Page 3
I IHtt yr>g t«-J=oey r".T«a «t ti# trill ef St«r«
S Ad*=» fcr rssrd«r ef Fred Tyler. P«8» 3
i ."i; t^'r* *=J«m£«- «x?!iia» that aa. c:a £*•
!p-rial nmrzizt hz* **n wre=«ly t=terpi*te4 v
= "' i r- f«sa es.i.tivt. Pa«re »
jjjrterr cf tixxtl^t «J rose* Tbebacd *t
TO» rizis* by feeler wbo kUtod t!=»«lt set
EepreseatitlTe ef Ua'-trf State, express c-jss
r*£T *t h«xrl=s befcre y*tr Ycrk ptfclie *errsee
eosssissfca <;^estic=» r!«it c* legU^taM to \u25a0
i«r=U:e pcw*r* cf its fireftsr*. Pmge S
7»-«- :T-t»»»r:- tzzz.il ecsie-tlea cf Anserf
! cts f*4*r«t;wi «tf U>x o;*a« at J»=«tew^
jeiyes;^ . P»ce»
! iirr»= i= ipwci az S«>«»sVe* cp?c*M Use j
; pn^deers ?Ua far ti* tt»Ho=»l isccrporatJsa 1
\u25a0at nilrc«es. Page 6
Ci*r!w Fiia=?y of TLttlto&zri l=<i!*s*=t t^rr
tt* Et*=ia«r'» *rtfatic=»l aecccst cf h'3
fieaih. P««el
! il* i I:; cT&ciil **& iE*rcr d E*sicia ce=» near •
' tc t£ii Ja scirtEtise coauvwi*} 1 . Pace S j
i F«.-tcrr for i2«=cJ»etrr« cf wxter^roof fairies {
I WZI t* hCOt =e*r O'Sr^s, \Ta»h-. at com cf j
| CSO.OX*. Page 8 j
! Tt.« tLgti ti=d c* a €^*ct trlsjtry !*\u25a0«• wCI j
i set. CAUTGrcia fr*e. Page 0 ;
; Tfce real raUrotd prcb!«a. Page 6 j
| Afcoct -S£cr»ls with a Unit." Page •
*j Get r j& c.: tie iiia=»c» Wl^oa. Page 0
Mt= wio E^lstal=«d two wires oa prse**is
! cf worthies* cheeks Sees with case ct tie wccmsi
iaaS is pcrrad ty acrry fstier la Uw, aad
\ pcaces=*a are p=t «a trail ty tis S*a Fnadseo
JTicrtnn , Page 1
[ GcTemcr ClUett eer»» t» city t» ifn. «lTi<r«
''. wa f;*-: t'. f«sioo. wijcii fee saj» he rrOX c*U
i aen wi»ei •_' i: il t • Page 1
Oaerxl Oorr* Steae to !>• receirer ef the
locml Vdie4 State* laaS effis*. Pag* 1
Ci*e ©J Bottia aj»!=«t Cal^arda title l=«r
ase« aafl trcst wespaxy sbtr^m fcitrstcf rt
cezpcexGcm.** w^uita. Page 1
I Proposed axiewl=!*=t to tfc* «tate etssstitatSao
] to b* Toted cyoo isert year wesM Ceprtv* S*n |
ilraacs*r« ef 1T95.108 Sa tai*^ Page 7 j
Ke=i>T» ef OKf^rsla «Jcxre«loi*l - «ile&»- !
jtiMt. ' Gvreraar 6l2eta. S4atoc Tayler *afi ether
lpr«=Uß«Jt nsrs evt**. *t *a»T»t es. city 1 * «=4
1 state* «*S»- I" Page 14
At tie irsart =«*rlrs cf tie *t*te fcrtccii cf
] tie E*d Cro« Beaia^ia lie VTteeler !* elected
j preiiaetl- P«* e "
I Trala=« fewewt sew dlTUioo wi'Jx r«afl
iccartrrt at Tracj a=d prCTsotiea of I-aw
j we. P*C* 1*
Pi'-atw erofa'Sre stcrie*. *at saTe* hisw.'U
I f rcaa ceati fey apraspls* «=saa rope. Page 10
Mrs- W. A. Cltrk Jr. tsi tsmios <lolUr prf»
bxby tave asacyisr experieaw wIOi great rail
rceC corpesratica. Page 3
WXia=i D. EfiSasd -BTltes frsss UasSa tiat
\ wife «*£*!=*<s dlrore* tere by tnsi Page 10
i Pc^c* seek red fca^*3 aia as coe of nro Ioct
! pads wto attacked wessaa, feet *r*re frijtteDed
! tirar by ter trzwsz. Page 10 {
| Ssperrisors d-sregard ptewf'i - beiidar* ta
} pristtcc re«ol=tlcss*, ba: cft**rre tlta by 4e
! fcrrirr «1* «* tot- Page 7
] TV*. C. rarrtuxrca I» icftaned a« -rice presS.UEt
|of PmcZSe Ceatt »t*«3=jis? cofspacy. Page IS
i Eirer iirproresßest arfl Cralsace assoda^ca
i has fcanaoclosa ice»tla; asd declare* foe cct&rd
' plaa Its rae*t^Lt protoleaa ia ttste w*t*r
] «r«x». Page 14
Gecrge H. BrtrJt isd Chsrles Zls^enata
! i rr»«:~i ©a ciarr? «f tz<zs perpetrated serif*
I of tiT.zz rt£*eri«« la ttis city. Page S
Trea«=rer B*stel iei^eie» Depzty Hcja T.
! w<-» asd i"- -- -* --* sister ia Imw. Page 3
Ste»ia»r Boslta mIU b»r«-e«i there battety
! i- i taixet *L'> 12 :- -i rzz Is la aeticst asd
j eaptala't ba!r it ttZl oa cad. Page 14 ,
t Attorney GeaeraJ Wtbb prtr.tp per&isioa Jo
j the elty of S*cr«xa«:to to rse tke Harrissia '
! U»» t* reecrer Urge **etioe» cf water
j f Tmt. Page 3
I l;'i. <f>rr»-* aafl rz'.r'.*» are rs« cf Ti?
e>s=?i.tjs *crrocESl=x v birth ©r bey on railroad
traLs. Page 14 I
Miser wko arrire* fcere froa backvooda cf i
Omz-z. tel*e cf <;-i:r.t f.'.S «rbo '..rt la faeMoa .
of e'^tteesth certcry. Page 3
Coletel Eesry 6. Fllci. ritCtzt* *s« Mexlcaa
war Teteraa. wfce *»c« e»eefi Xcb till. 4iea at '
t-~'. ared S8 yeara. Page 14 j
Te^mp&err eslse ceeifle* at eeetias fa
Oaklaad to sswyeni tie rtifke. Page 1
Two see elcba. « t rh recec^ised . aa official,
caoe perples:^' v ezecctlTe cs^slttee of
stsce&ta, . Page 4
Bxlpb Bztler. star fe^bick cf rslrerslCr cf
Califorel* Ksety teas^ 1» dtrserocsly HI trca
kick la ride. Page 4
A*.x=»i* tager*lic:» retake lice=»e cf rrcJt
rale cafe beeaase rerelry prereata alee? la
j sel^bcrbood. Page 4
\u25a0VTrit cf habeas corpus terrefi ca OaklasJ ]
polk« after Minzeseta ofacers t*d departed wltb ;
J Trssk S=ith. wasted la St. PaaL '. Page 4
I TfcJere* r*!d Staaforfl fraterriiy bosses darirj
j tbe celebr«ti«» cf tie ear&aal football t!^
tory. Page 5
Tweire It»1*j»« tsrolTed la Sra Cafarl Zi-.--l ]
I ate j arrvstrd. Pajrc S i
>>;':!..r: cf Zzi-i satiocal baak la Oakland j
Is «eiy tecsporary, says Presid«at Palsje-r. aad j
J *1I depc*Jt«s tre proteetrd. Page 2 j
I KUdrett's Meellck lawen a track reccrd atj
EtaetyriiJe, traTenls; tbe fstarlty ecsree la
1.-OS4-5. Pn S t Sj
Japase*e wrestien pir» aa ex .1 it ::;<3 be
fece Prw'tfest Bowerelt !a ttw ' Whit*
Hoasc. Page 9
OBB=:»a repcrt treat lsfisx of dacks ©a th* I
Ssit-Tsa Jaar? a- Page 9 1
"Ea>ile- Dc£*a.-tte Calif orsda jockey. ri«^t
three rs at A^cedwt. Page 8
Speedy cTrfr-s »^e estered fcr iadocr racn ca
I basked track. - Pace S
! Jack Glcasas I» gives the I>fc«=!>er £ytt ptr
. ~ ': for t.i Ketcbel-Tsosas match. Page S !
[ <KjTDf<!c clsb athletic committee fcrsnlxtes 1
*a tjr&ticcs prc^raic fee- tie wtater; sm
| eoa. Page S
Secretary^ Treadi tells fcow the typographical
crioa ef \u25a0* tils city 'cares for \u25a0 Jtn <\u25a0 ; av»d
jsaesiers.- Page 7
' Cnrfaef Callf«srala receir** orfier* to.aaU »ikl f
I win >jts- _ twcUy cr tcanerrow fcr ' Eresneriot *
|E»ry ytrd. - Page 9
I"Sm&a nutiirff *iarr* drop wbea c«tri Is re
rtirei cf rifpeatita tf Lcira c&UcsaJ \u25a0 l»aak in
OiUusd. .. _ Pagel3
Adelstein Cites the Case of
Bothin in Fight on the
California Concern
Company Falls Back on
Technicalities to Es
cape Liability
Character of Corporation
Seeking to Sell City*
Imperfect Plant
Through the efforts of Samuel j
Adelstein, private citizen, the '•
nature of the business being I
done by the California title, in
surance and trust company is
being well aired and the char
acter of the corporation seeking
to impose its imperfect plant
upon the city for use as oScial
record of the status of titles is
being pitiless!}- revealed. He and
others who have had unfortu
; nate experience with the surety
company are making good their
assertions that it is an insurance
j company which does not insure;
| a surety firm which does not pay
if it can avoid responsibility on
a technicality — and the policies
issued give ample opportunity
for such avoidance, says Adcl-'
i stein. He has unearthed a case,
.which, he says, is only one oi
many, in ;Aef«snq^|; Aef«snq^|
pany was brought to- the law "re
sort was had to a miserable tech
nicality unworthy of an honest
Policy Proves Useless "***
The particular case to which
Adelstein calls attention Is that cf z.
•ait brought in ISOO by Henry E.
Bothin against the California title
Insurance and trust company to re
cover on a $10,000 policy, issued by
the defendant, damages on account of
a defect in the title which the com
pany insured. Bothin took his case
to the superior court and it was de-l
elded against him. not because the
company did cot make the error, but
because of a clause slipped into the
policy which nullified Its terms end
rendered it unavailing as a guarantee
against defects, the possibility, of
which was, the reason for buying the
insurance. In other words, the- policy
was good as long- as ~lt was not
needed, but proved useless when a
defect developed in- the title and
drove the insurer to the company for,
Feeling sure of the justice of his
claim for $10,699 damage*. Bothin ap
pealed his case to' the supreme court
of the state. There It still remains
undecided and a moral to policy buy
ers to read their contracts with the
California title Insurance and trust
company and find out if. after all.
they are insured against "defect* in
title." the apprehension for which In
spired them to take out a surety con
tract. . . ~if:y
Kere is the Bothin case in brief:
Bothin applied for a policy on beach
and water lots 71 and 72 in March.
1900. At the same time he executed
a contract with the Sharon estate to
purchase the lots" and applied for a
loan of $3,009 from the San Francisco
savings union. The latter advanced
the money and took the Insurance
company's policy as guarantee that
title to the property ' was -without
flaw. -
\u25a0 The following good faith clause in
the policy: received, by Bothin from
the California title Insurance and
trust company was relied . uf\jn by
Bothin as evidence thai he ~was pro
tected' in the purchase of the land
and that he owned a straight strip; of
land : f rora~ene street .to another.
"The California title insurance and
trust company, doth hereby covenant
that It will indemnify and insure
Henry E. Bothin from all loss not ex
ceeding SIO.GOO, which he shall sus
tain by reason of defects In the title
of the assured or by reason of Hess
or iocumbrances affecting tho same,
excepting only s-jch as are specified
in schedule B.**
\u25a0•"\u25a0 Schedule B would > appear, according
to the papers filed In the, subsequent
suit^ to be a sort of sponge which Trubs
out all that the policy Is supposed to
guarantee. "You have it." ?'ays the
affirmative side of / the paper. -You
have It not," says schedule B-. Here is
Con tinned co F*ge 3, Colons l
Man Cruelly Slain by
- Examiner Objects
Quite Indignant -When He Reads
a Lurid Account of His
Spectacular Taking Off
Special h Leased Wire ioThe Call j
- < " - - * .-\u25a0..\u25a0!
S-VXTA ROSA, Nov. II. — To read an j
' . i
account of his own death 'was "thej
surprising sensation accorded Charles
Phinney, a businessman o^ Healdsburg,
yesterday. Though the fact that the
highly colored account. appeared in the
San Francisco ""Examiner somewhat
mitigated the circumstances, it in no
wise calmed the wrath of Phlcney. The
Examiner had ruthlessly broken his
neck and reported that ha "died in
ttantly." "With riotous vocabulary ..and
misused adverbs it had "hurled" Phln- 1
cey "over" a precipice, seasoned the !
story; with tales of domestic troubles, j
heightened it with- a.' couple 'of hints at !
suicide and as a Scale asked: ]
"Was it a broken steering wheel or i
a broken heart that -killed \u25a0Phlnney?"
"It will b» a broken head If • I catch!
the man who wrote that," stormed!
There was no foundation for 'the ax- j
tide other ' than that Phinney had met I
with a slight accident while . riding a!
motor cycle and was rendered uncon- i
Ecious for a few in mutes.
Native of Maine Waters Will Be
'ransplanted to Pacific Coast
by the Government
BOOTH BAT, Me., Nov.- 11.— By order
at the United States commissioner of
sea and shore fisheries a carload of
lobster -fry 'from the government hatch
eries here will be shipped to the Pa
eiSc coast this week for the- first ex
periment In brooding the Maine lob
sters in the Pacific
These lobsters are Jo be carried "in
i special .car attached . to' a; fast trans
continental? passenger train.- ..This ex
periment _ : of . iransplanting
shellfish in Pacific waters is regarded
with some doabtcf.-its "success by
Maine;*, lobstennen' and" the result, is
iwalted with keen interest, - (
Over the Chasm
Stone to Be Receiver
of Land Office
Chairman of Rep übfican State
Central Committee to Be
Rewarded at last
General George Stone, chairman . of
the republican state central committee,
!s to be receiver; of the_United Stat«s
land office In this " city, ,-vice s. S. Mor
ton, who has resigned."" .
Cnited States Senators Perkins and
Flint • have : decided ; to salve the many
wonnds lnfilcted upon tho pride of a
long suffering sarvant of the machine
and at the same time reward his un
tiring - services by passing Stone •-< a
federal Jobsworth J5.009 a year.
The recommendation for. Stone's ap
pointment ;to succeed': Morten, signed
ty both the California senators, was
received by .President Roosevelt yes
The decision to pass Stone a peach
Jnste&d of a .leaoa is a decided de
partare fr.om the treatment to, which
Stone has become accustomed and
liardened. - His services for the ma
chine have for years been permitted
to furnish their own rewards. In fact."
so lightly has -the" chairman of the
state central committee been eonsid-.
ered that; the last legislature calmly
but ncne the less' firmly refused to srive
hia 2 small clerkship .' for* his man
Friday, Jake Steppacher.
I Snow; Mountain "Will Run Feeders !
Throughout Sonoma County
'- From Trunk Line
| Special b$ Leased Wire to The Cell j
skST.i ROSA^ Nov. 11.— The Sonoma 1
I county board of supervisors granted*
I today a franchise to the Snow Moun-j
I tain Water and power company for the
I stringing." of wires and carrying elec- !
| tricity practically .. all - over , the county.':
j Tbe_ company \u25a0was give? a franchise for j
j a^ trunk .power line through the county!
;iroin north to south, with a branch}
! running across io -Xapa. county, some'
| time . i&st year. . and . the , work Is ? well {
I tinder way. The; new franchise is for]
ja.fiystera-bf-feedeVsi- *1
Have you a very odd photograph in
your collection? If vou have von mav
win a prize with it — a cash prize. Send it
to Odd Photo Editor, care of
The Sunday Call -
Telegraphers Vote to
Suspend Strike
Copps' Discouraging Report
After Trip East Precipitates
OAKLAND, Nov. 11. — The striking
telegraphers' union. No. 34. bya vote
of 105 to 29 has declared the strike
suspended. This local, under the di
rection of W. W. McCandlisa. its presi
dent, was among the last to vote
against further fighting oa strike. A.
W. Copps. vice president of the na
tional organization, returned from the
easx with discouraging reports* fol
lowing th» return to work of many
of the eastern locals. .
His \u25a0unfavorable' statement* concern
ing th* situation . Impelled the local
here to take action to end the strike.
The men will make individual applica
tion for re-employment. The Western
Union telegraph company has trans
ferred Its "West Oakland o£ce to its
new headquarters at Pine and Mont
gomery streets, San Francisco.
. SACRAMEXTO. Nov. 11.— Governor
Gillett today appointed C. W. Porter of
Oakland to be a delegate to the trans-
Mississippi commercial congress, which
,will convene at Muskegon. Miss., the
last o* this month.
Impertinent Question No. 24
What's the Matter With San Francisco?
For the most original or wittiest answer to this ques
tion—-and the briefer the better — -The Gall will pay
FIVE DOLLARS. For the next five answers
The Gall .will pay ONE DOLLAR each. Prize
winning answers will^be printed next Wednesday
and checks mailed to the winners at once. Make
your answer short and address it to
Bad Checks and Two
Wives Too Much
for Minor
Landlords, Merchants and
Policemen on His Trail
One Faithful Spouse
Flees With the
Angry Father of Other
Wife Follows Posthaste
After having maintained
two wives in this city for six
months on the proceeds of
I worthless checks, R. M.
Minor, who duped his em
ployers as well as his land
lords and several stores, has
fled from San Francisco, pur
sued by the angry father of
one of the women he de
ceived, and he is sought by
the police of three cities, who
were placed on his trail by
the proprietors of several ho
tels. It is said he forged
checks amounting to more
than $700. With the fugitive
is one of his wives. She fled
with him and their 3 year old
son, after having betrayed
him to O. A. Haiberlin, a'
wealthy orange grower of
Riverside, who stopped over
on his way home from
Europe to see bis daughter, wioa
Minor married a year aga. Haiberlin
found anether woman. Tho said she
bad married the same man tiree years
ago Ja Sacramento.
. Haiberlin learned Saturday that fcis
daughter had been betrayed when h*
Trent to the Hote! 800 Air to pay the
Minors a visit. Hs asked for ilrs.
Minor, and a strange \u25a0woman answered
his calL Believing he had made & mis
take, ha turned to so. -when Minor
Mmaelf appeared, and the -womaa la
the doorway said. "That 13 ray hus
band; I married him four years aga."
A stormy scene followed. Minor
told, the angry father that his daugh
ter was In Los Angeles. Then he Ced.
and that night the woman, with her
chllJ. also left, sa-ing she had for
given the fugitive and would go -with
I him -wherever h# Trent. Since that tta«
the man. woman and little boy have
teen traced to San Joss, thence south
ward, and Halberlla Is In Los Asgeies
ready to press a charge oi bigamy^
-trhenever Minor Is caught, while thess
who hold his worthless checks already,
have »Toa out w&rrasta ajcuslzg sirs
of frasd. t
Until he &z?*& th» eoncera recent
ly Minor had beea employed as a. field
man by the A. O. Hewitt machine com
pany of 37 Second street. Since last
Jcly he has had apartments at the
Hotel Holland, the Fredrick, a pri--
Ivate residence an I the Bcs Air. At
every place ' h» stopped hs disposed of
\u25a0worth>s-s cheeks in amount* ranging
(r«n $4« to 1120. Besides these, many
I clot Mag Srms. among them Koenlg &
j Collins" c>oak hon?e In Van Ness ave
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