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The. future efficiency of the navy will
be affected by the new $10,000,000 acad
emy buildings going up at Annapolis.-^ A -
good story about them in
The Sunday Call
Governor Says ThatrHe Will
Make Up His Mind
Before Friday
Confers With Bankers, At
torney General and
Judge Lawlor
Activity in Stock Market
Indicates Return of
Governor Gillett returned to
Sacramento last night after con
ferring with officials of the local
savings banks. Attorney General
Webb and Judge Lawlor. At the
conference with the bankers the
financial situation was discussed,
and at the meeting with Webb
and Lawlor the subject of changes
in the code allowing the courts to
hold sessions on holidays was giv
en consideration.
Before leaving last night Gil
' lett said that he had not yet
reached a decision as to the pro
posed extra session. Friends of
the governor are under the im
pression that he will call the legis
. lature together about the middle
of next week. The only cloud on
the financial situation 3'esterda.y
was the temporary suspension of
the California sarvings bank in
Oakland, but this had been antici
pated, and was without effect on
the local situation.
.Governor Gillett was closeted for a
prolonged period yesterday afternoon
with W. E. Palmer of the Humboldt
savings bank. George Tourny of the
German Savings and Loan society and
R- M. Tobin of the Hibernia Saving!
and Loan society. Palmer, Tourny
and Tobin represented the San Fran
risrr, pavings banks and reviewed the
financial situation- -with the governor
a.r preat length. They urged that an
extra session be called and indicated
changes in the law which they
thought would assist materially Jn re
lieving the situation.
An amendment . which the repre
sentatives of the savings banks urged
was in connection with the deposit of
the state's money with banks at
2 per cent interest. According to the
int^rpretatinn given this law by the
attorney general, only national banks
can avail themselves of this privilege.
In framing the law it was the inten
tion to make it include all banks, and
the savings institutions desire to take
\u25a0advantage of the opportunty thus of
fered. In order to obviate any diffi
culty in the matter it was proposed
by the representatives of the savings
banks that the law be amended in
order to allow state, county and city
treasurers to deposit money in the
savings banks. It was pointed out
that the savings banks were * the
largest tax payers and that the deposit
of tax money in these institutions
•would work to. the benefit of the de
positors, which means the public.
In the conferences held yesterday
th« governor expressed the view that
If an extra session were called he de
sired that it be confined to as few
subjects as possible and that it com
plete its work in as short a space of
time as possible. As the three topics
clamoring for .attention the state ex
ecutive named the postponement of the
date on which taxes become delin
quent, the ratification of the San
Francisco charter amendments relat
ing to the deposit of public funds in
the banks and the issuance of 5 per
cent bonds and the change in the code
enabling courts to hold sessions on
It was stated that the governor did
not favor . the suggestion that the
other amendments to the San Fran
cisco charter be taken up at this time.
He expressed the view that this would
tend to widen the scope of an extra
fc«>sPion and likely lead to unnecessary
confusion. A suggestion had been
made that the legislature could ratify
the amendments granting an increase
in salary".- to the firemen and police-
men. Bmß
When Gillett reaches Sacramento \u25a0 he
will immediately give his attention to
the mass of correspondence relating to
the proposed extra session which has
accumulated at bis desk in the capitol.
"I have been so busy listening to
.other people's opinions that I have not
f had time to form one of my own," said
the governor last nipht in discussing
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The San Francisco Call.
YESTERDAY— West ' wind; clear; maximum
temperature, 64; minimum, 50. '<'',']'\u25a0
FORECAST FOB TODAY— Cloudy; fn>sh we*t
wln^. Pa « e °
Holiday Today
BY proclamation of Governor
James N. Gillett today is de
clared a legal, holiday in California.
.j. -
Two Americans, one of whom^as shanghaied
in. San Francisco, cross South America, m f«.ot.
SOO miles, an almost unheard of feat. Page 1
Six ties killed in battle with United States
troop* in Colorado. v P»S e J
Plot to defeat Taft or any other ,nos<-vult.
nomine* through agitation for third t<»nn 5s
hatched by reactionaries. I*«C* 1
General. Mackenzie, chief ensineer of the
a.nnj\ estimates funda needed to tmprore fo> tlfl
caUonß and harbors in United States.' <:üba,
Hawaii. Porto Elco and the Philippines, the
total being J23.461.911. Pace 10
American federation of labor takes steps for
an acsressive campaign for an eight houv
day. Pasre 10
Bryan's presidential boom will be launched for
malfy at a conference of democratic leaders In
Chicago on December 6. - Page 2
Attorneys for E. H. Harrlman file brief •'s
plainlnc wliy their client refused to answvr
questions, propounded by. interstate commerce
commission. Page 2
Everything's all right— cheer op. Page 8
Dsrgie an enemy of Oakland. Page 6
Pursuing the octopus. Paite 6
Prln<-ess Lataro-rlch, formerly Miss Eleanor
Calhoun of San Joee. probably will be empress
of new Servian empire. Pa^e 1
Federal authorities act fßTOrably on citj'i
request for more aid in the w or 1? of eanitaU.-m
aad it will be unnecessary to send commits to
Washington. Page IS
Six sanitary inspectors employed by the health
board are not entitled to pay. as th»y
are barred by charter provisions from set-tins
city. j Pace 7
Clarence Akermaß. a lumber merchant, is
forced at the point of a revolrer to sign a'con
fession and is then siren' a severe beating by a
jealous husband. VPageli
Cclon iron works underbid Seattle firm by
|112,558 «nd sernres contract for repairing
transport Logan in spite of f 25,000 bonus sub
scribed by people of northern port. ' Page 8
Friends of Captain Winchester, Tiburon boat
maD. search ', water front for news, fearing
he has be««n drowned. Page 14
Governor Gillett announces that he will deter
mine by Friday whether to call f extra s**
«ion. ; - . Page 1
\u25a0 Highwaymen *n<! house breaker* busy In
m«ny parts of the city, •'• escaping •.'..'with
eate. \u25a0 TP'v^ ' Vase 7
Judge Lawlor. has in'terrieir • with Govunnr
Gillett. auresult of. which he Informs attorneys
!b Fotd trial that there is no possibUitr of ".me
being resumed before next'weet. ' I'age S
All the bijr guns at the entrance of the harbor
will be tested tr>day. Paße 7
Holidays complicate work of police courts nnd
attorneys' apply for Writi . to- release prisoners
sentenced by Judges. Page 5
Walter F. Frear. governor of Hawaii, arrived
in the city "yesterday, en route to the emmw ill
congress to be held in Muskogee. I. T. ;P»ge 13
Wfiitor »>iuploye4 by Calboun'n evidence -fac
tory" gets $2,500 for promise of fake letters
which he never bad and then rilssn
pe»r». :::v:n i%?0% Pa B es
Paper read by Frank B. Anderson at Fnir
mont hotel banquet widely dlscuwed "by
bankers. . Page 2
Samuel Adelstein and others will register with
a- mpervisor*' committee today their protect,
backed by a mai* of eTidenco, a gainst any ln
dors-ment of the records of the California title
insurance and tni»t cornpuny. \ Page 2
Francis J. Heney makes public "portion of
letter from President Roosevelt congra tula tins
the graft prosecutors and Mayor Taylor on
tb» part they \u25a0 have played in redeeming thf
city. :&\u25a0,*£ i Pasel
sii persons ar» Injured and cne.will die R3
a resulf of a collision between a p«r of tbe
Kentucky street line and a train of four frci?!it
cars at Twenty-fifth street and^ Kentucky
avenue. s - . Page 1
Real estate board of San Francisco will launch
plan today for Greater San Francisco, which
woulfl have n population of 507.655 and an' area
of 3SI sqnare miles. I . Page 14
Mrs. Hanbury. young wife of Vallejo million
aire, accused in divorce complaint of hav
ing given gay entertainments in [Berkeley,
where she became known as "the oollei:*
widon.* 1 Page 0
Wayward automobile plunges from deck "of
ferry boat. Its owner is carried along, but Is
rescued without Injury. Page 3
Peace between nations of world sentimtnt
of speeches et banquet' given in; honor rf
Walter ' Risley . Hearn. new British consul
general." Page 3
' Policeman Bergeson tried by commission on
charges preferred by J. W. Dutton Jr. and Ed
ward Borlein. Page 4
Jow Mcllwaine. an architect, arrested in Oak
land on complaint of an alleged creditor when
about to depart for Salvador. Page 4
Republican club of Palo Alto declares for lte
direct primary. Page 2
H. J. Ostrander. pioneer, aged 82, weds Mrs.
Mary F. Norwood. N> years old. at residence in
Oakiand. the couple being veteran worker* in
the cause of temperance. Page 4
Tb« Mist scores a, bead victory over Fireball in
Santa Rosa handicap at Emeryville. Page 8
Heavy increases in value of eastern r^clnj
stakes for next season. Pa«e 8
Purslane at 12 to 1 annexes th« Ro«lyn handi
cap at Aqnedoct. \ Page 0
Gunner Mblr boasts that he will knock cut
Tommy Burns within 20 rounds when they fight
in London ,on December 2. Page 8
Connie MacV. manager, of the PhilsdeipnJa
Americans, U bere looking for - live ball
players.- ' Page 9
It Is reported' that the New York jockey cliib
stewards wOI refuse to renew " Jockey Willie
Knapp's . license. , , Page 0
- Tne San Francisco waiters' proposition: to
divide the : International organization Into*/ two
bodies fails. Page 7
Early closing movement; progresses' favor
ably. " Page 7
Bark Servia, ready to sail for this port with
40,000 cases of eaimon is driven ashore at Kur-'
Ink and becomes * total loss. J* a K c 8
License of D. F. • Gardner,' second : assistiint
engineer of the, steamship '-. Mariposa,^ Is -restored
by decision of Captain Bermingham.' Page 9
Selling In Florence and Daisy causes vrcak
tone: on the mining exchange and ' .prices
sag. Page^lS
Mrs. E. W. McKinstry Vwlll be • hostess" 'this
afternoon at a bridge' whist party at her borne in
Pacific avenue. ._,/-. Page 6
Roosevelt s Nominee to Be
"Beaten to It" by
Story of $5,000,000 for the
Defeat of President . ,~
Is Recalled
Bourne and Andrews Said
to Be Leaders in the
Special by Leased Wire to The Call
WASHINGTON, Nov. 12.— An echo
of the story regarding a $5,000,000 con
spiracy to defeat the Roosevelt pol
icies, which obtained its standing last
spring by reason of the fact that it
emanated from the White House, is
being heard in Washington today. Ac
cording to the report, which purports
to come from a reliable person who
says he, attended a recent conference
in Washington between Delegate
"Bull" Andrews of New Mexico, Sen
ator Bourne of Oregon and others,
a plan to use the name of President
Roosevelt in order to get delegates
who will not be for Secretary Taft
in the event that the president declines
a third term, has been mapped out.
Andrews, -who is a'hepchman of Sen
ator Penrose of Pennsylvania, and a
Pennsylvania "carpet bagger- In New
Mexico, where he went during the 'days
of the Quay regjpie, and whose, con
nection . with the Enterprise bank 1
failure In Allegheny, . Pa., a year- algdt
has been exploited, is the man named
as concocting the plan. Bourne N is the
man who offered a prize' for the* best
essay seting forth reasons why Roose
velt shouM be renominated. ["•;. -\
Iji substance .Andrews Is declared,
to have paid that the uncertainty of.
the -position' of the president made it'
necessary for the reactionaries \u25a0 jto
play their, game of politics accordingly.
That the demand for a third ;term for
the president should be taken advan-"
4age ofi by the reactionary element
and the sincere Roosevelt men "beaten
to If"! In getting delegates to the na
tional convention for the president,
care being exercised that these dele
gates shall be under their control if
the president declines.
It was further intimated, It is said,
that in, Ohio if -Senators -.Foraker.;--' and
Dick could be persuaded to "raise the
third term cry against the, 'Taft
movement it would be a good thing. "
Roosevelt's Letter of
Heney Receives^ a Message of
Hearty Praise From the
'President Theodore Rooseveltj 'real
izing the moral good, that would react
upon the whole United States from^the
triumph of good government in . San
- j , -.- \u25a0> ...\u25a0\u25a0--
Francisco, has written a personal-let
ter of congratulation 'to Francis J.
Heney for the great part he -played in
redeeming this city. The president's
letter Is In part as follows:
The White House, Washington, /
D. C, Xovemher 7, 1007."
sly Dear, 3lr. Heneyi. Justv a
word of congratulation. All good
Americans have reason tn be proud
of 'the work '.that" you .and" Mr.
SpreckeU and Mr. Langdon '. and
MaYor elect Taylor have done. Will
you congratulate all throe of the
latter, for met, Yours, faithfully,
IJtes Leave Six Dead
on Field of Battle
DURANGO, Colo., Nov. 12.— A report
reached here tonight that. a battle-had
occurred at McElmo canyon between
Ute" lndians' and United StatesJ.troop.v
ij) s :which six Indians were killed.- •? No
soldiers were killed -or wounded/ Mc-
Elmo canyon Is in Montezuma county
and close to. the Nayajo reservation; v :
.The Utes have' been [resisting', the"; at
tempts of the soldiers to ,compel r them
to- return to : their reservation. » - ' •
The report' of the battle carinotr.be
verified at this time,, but is -believed
here^ ' : '.' - - *.";".
- V \u25a0 -*-h "'\u25a0
Princess Lazarovich Will
./Reign Over Servia
Some Day .
; "- ; ": \u25a0 "\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 :\u25a0- \u25a0
Exiled Scion of Royal House
Will Be Restored to
His People :
She Is Native Daughter '
Formerly Miss Calhoun
; , of San Jose ;
San Francisco 'is' entertaining
today a native daughter of Cal
ifornia who one day will pule over
a European empire as big as Ger
many, a realm whose building, will
change the map of
gary and': cut whole provinces
from; the rule of the -Turkish
sujtari: '.'•
Her. capital rwill be i
and when she;:becomes tHe .peer of
any of , the; old world ; roy*aity:^the '
perpetual war cloucjl hanging over
the, Balkans will : ;.'bc'. evaporated,
vlch-Hrebelianovlch,. now an exile'in
London, is the,direct descendant of the
last "of "the Servian .'czars and it ,Is, he
to. whom . his - people are looking* to
unite the dismembered states and hurl
Peter, the regicide.t from the throne., '•'
There' may be war, hut the. prince,
will have the aid of the kaiser and
of King Edward,; who even now is
guarding him from "assassins in ; the
British capital. "When , it -is ended* the
daughter :^of 1 will - reign < as
Empress. Eleanor oh the throne- which
cost Queen Draga'her life four yea"r3
ago. : . •' : . .- " •' . . , ;
Fly« years; ago this future' empress
was the Miss Eleanor Cal
houn. daughter of ; '.-Judge Calhoun _of
San. Jose and grandniece of John.C.
Calhoun. .the -'southern statesman and
rival of , Henry Clay • and .Daniel
"Webster. \u25a0 . . -
From social- successes. here she went
to dramatic \ triumphs In London , and
Parla, arid Wit'i was Awhile ;playing. Juliet
in^ the" British J metropolis ' that she
captivated" the exiled Servian • pT*e
tender. A -year later she became, his
bride and since then ;she has- helped
him plan for the day on which ; . he
should V win back the crown his, fore-;
fathers lost .when .. the Czar Dousbah
was beaten .by \u25a0 the_ Turks more : than a
century f ago and- his empire > divided
and parceled - .into the little,' lands
which' areV- continually, threatening ; to
Members of royal \ family : "Ofho ; n>ilZ ; some day occupy ; the palace
at Belgrade,. Servia. ?: In the Tight hand- portion: of -. the group is Princess
Lazarovich, formerly, Miss Eleanor. Calhoun \ of San Jose, who is in this
city on business andHoyisit relatives: Al.theleft is shown the prince,
her husband, 1 who .will} some day be crowned kmg of Servia. In the
upper tlefi : hand corner is the little'.Princess; : Mara, and at the bottom,
from" left to right, are Prince . Stefan and Prince , Lazar.
embroil" the '.'*: whole*' of f. Europe v In* 'a
destructive -war.
Already .the l- lines ; are*:laid.'.../Emls-l
saries' from- the \ people '.who 'hate-' the
present .king. have ( told- the^prlnce" that:
ithe?. Time 1 . is * rip?,'; and- .perhaps ':in,, a
few months Peter, 'grandson >of •/, the.'
swineherd Obrenovich' will !be forced
out of the palace' of Belgrade. -He 13
despised by all "the', other " mcwiarchs -of *
Europe, ; who ' .know was' he'
,who .ordered -the murderers tor invade,
; the t bed • chambers. .- of ", r Alexander ' and
Draga^and 'poniard , them' as they slept."
The Tpeople,^too," look'^upon, himtas •'a
murderer. t>- ' V }' > ,
./'Look," they shout as -he -passes by.'
"There .goes the black - George — Kara
georgeovich^-DUt.his^hands'are red.'.'/ •
CALLED '\u25a0'." TO .THE ! ,THnO.VE
"And because Prince 1 Hrebellanovlch^ is
the \ heir ' of the \u25a0 old • Czar.'Doushan;,be
cause ; he is' known th roughout ' Europe^ ;
as on& of'the few scions of. royalty who j
are good -at statecraft,, and because hia,
hands * and life are * clean, they have
called i upon i' him .to ; take.; the* throne . of
the, empire."- 'Whenihe /does so'theVcpr
onatlon will* transforrn his consort, ;the/
Eleanor Caltiounwhorrr Sari Franciscans
knew, Into an- empress." _\J. :'.'- \u25a0-•\u25a0_,
.*.'': If -. it V-w^-re: an 'old monarchy, as Van
'Arneric'an Bh*e r would be barred from
becoming -the- 'royal .'consort 1 of ( a» reign-'.
Ing j kingrr *;But s the* empire ;; of *SeryUi :
/will be a' new- political' division,, created
in large partby the' help she; has* given
.When Tiberius Smith published -the
story of the civil war in a community
which did not know there had been a war
strange things happened, which are de-
Wribed in
fl The Sunday Call
her husband, and" so 'the princess per
sonally :is f certain! ther.'j ,'. will be no
difficulty.*. -,-'.. -
"7'My, ' husband, himself, says \u25a0 that
every. American^ woman la a -'princess
royal by* 'right : " of birth." she said last
night' ."Of couw, 1 T : think so, too."
0 There-Is bu't'one^obstacle'in-the-way
of California: -srivfnpr- a. strain, of. Anieri'-
Continned 'on 'Page' 3, ' Column 0
Impertinent Question No. 25
Why Do You Laugh?
ror the: most original or wittiest answer to this ques
tion-r-and the briefer the better — The Call will pay
FIVE DOLLARS. For the next five answers
THe Gall; will; pay ONE DOLLAR each. Prize
winning answers will be printed next Wednesday
and. checks mailed to the winners at once. Make
your answer' short and address it to
Mbmlng anrnrpM to "Wnat la the matter with San Franeisc
$5^ prize to L.M. Dayton, 1543 Scott street, city.
If de -Young. Hearst and Pat CalHoun were. not .here I
would be puzzied for an answer.
$1 prize to Garo*t Calkins, 1347 Hayes «tre«t. city.
, .Nothing, absolutely nothing. Dr. Taylor was called la3t
: week, and he said all she needed was a little change.
$1 prize to ."William Maion. 2446 Cbannisg way. Berkeley..
"'Nothing! 1 She just backed up. for a running, rip roaring;
• • start at prosperity,
fl' prize to Louis flchter. 310 Montgomery atreet. city.
Nothing- .• Needed a community bath and got it oa
election \u25a0 day.
|i prize to Herman F. Badde. Fourteenth and Alice streets, Oakland.
Election day ; Missouried me— she has got the best show
on the coas*. '
$1 j prize to" Mrs. Alma ATeb<x>m.* Sonoma, Cal.
\u25a0 ; •; Nothing— with 11,189 -plurality to prove i> . *
Electric Coach Hits}
Moving Freight
/-r-» •
Mother and Baby Pinned >
Beneath Debris of Wreck
Power, Then Leaps .'
for Life
Moiorman Reports Defect
in Brakes, but Goes On \
Six persons were injured, ono
so badly that he probably will die,}
when car No. 1204 of the Ken
tucky street line crashed into the]
rear of a rapidly backing train off
four freight cars at the railroad!
crossing at Twenty-fifth and Ken-1
tucky streets yesterday afternoon.?
The car was overturned, pinning^
Mrs. Fernando Rodriguez of]
Eighth avenue and L street in
side. Forgetting self, the woman,'.
who was clasping her 3 months]
old baby girl, Guadeloupe, in her/
arms at the time of the crash J
knelt on the ground inside the i
wrecked car, protecting with her
own, body the life of her baby.^
The little one .wa^cut^on "~tnas§
cheek with flying glass, but otfier*
wise was not injured. The moth
er escaped with a few bruises.
. The o*her passengers— there vsr«
only six in all on the car at tjje time— )
were not so fortunate. The list of In*
jured follows:
street, skull fractured, may die. i
MARTIN OLSEX. 813 Third street.
thigh broken and shoulder dislocated. *
WILLIAM JACKSON of 241 Cellini
wood avenue, fractured right shouldc?.
blade and severe scalp wounds. '
Eighth avenue and L street, mother of \
Guadeloupe, bruised about head and j
body. i
But a moment before the accldentth*
car had stopp^d^at the car barns ln'i
order .to. allow the motorman, - Antona i
Pacheco. a chance to report a defecttv*
brake. He was 'told by the Inspector to,
go ahead, and started for hfs car. A»i
he di'l so th* conductor. Santas, started!
the car moving. Th<* motorman sprang;]
to the rear platform and ran througli.'
tho car to the front. As he reached
th^ front door he saw th© train of^
freight cars, whi<"h wer« being: switched/
about th« railroad yards by an engln* '
in chark* of Engineer V. L. Whitela-wy
Continued on Pase 3. Column 1

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