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ths i contlngrent expense provision
Rfcoald cot be taken advantage" of to
the dieg-race of Iho ctate. The. senate
Readers had, promptly agreed Trith;him,
scorning to play so cheap a game. And
b« It said to. their credit » raa r
jority of the members of t the assembly
never contemplated that even a ques
tion of taking the contingent money
trould come before the" house. ,
Th«j easy money boys kept up a»run
ning flre of constitutional rights around
the lobbies and the hotels from the time
the advance guard arrivod and found
that thf governor and the leaders were
against the grab. Berry of Crescent
City 'was co worked, 'upon byi-tls fearlS
that he and hfs associateßj would; vio
?ate some provision of th**constitution
U;at lie Introfluced today;;a resolution
calling for the par-ment>_oj. thej con
tingent allowance. w '
\u25a0 Speaker Beardslee managed to stave
Berry and his .resolution off for more
than an hour, but l:is persistency re
eultod !n fretting the matter before
thr house. Berry accompanied hts res
olution with a specchl He saM that he
•sx-as almost entirely;; <3lslnterc£ted.' He{
rrally did not n«ed ;' tlie;,iabhey and ifj
Smed be could wa4k honic/but the con- j
: stftution vra« ::i. tiang<y,<if ' tjife mem
ber? uUi iiot tak<? $25 -«**?». 'His., resolu
tion was consonant wlth"tb« lite. 'CUA
was right and Just end" he" sincerely i
hop^d that a majority of theTassembly- j
\u25a0 ra^n would by their .volts indorse his '
view of vrh&t wrs: right ahd Just and
at the- same- time permit J itie^etate^ to
reward them for-the scrupulou* regard!
for the right end -the Peered character
of the constitution. t * \u25a0 c " ,•\u25a0'«;\u25a0",,'-"
Assemblyman Birdsall led the o'ppdst
tion. He saift that on lt|B-face the reso
lation seemed. pie-usible, but that it was
In violation of the"; spirit: of the; taw, if
consonant with the letter of "the law.
Ji*- argued that it was not .. the Intent
©f the framers of the law; that legißla4
tors-should be paid 32» for a session of
four or- five day*,-in'wllich their.'con
tingent expenses had not™ bewi -more
than ilco. . ;.";.»- ;;"'-:.\u25a0'•\u25a0. .Xir'*"r.i'^r .*- '\u25a0\u25a0
Birdsal! was* bit " skepttc&l^arboxit a
. majority of the member* agreeing- with
him. The same body.., had on; other'oc
casions shown a disposition, to - bolt
when there was. any.^ easy .money tn
Hght. He knew, however, that' a-re
spectable minority would, vote against,
the grab and with theci he pleaded not
to take the money If tfi« grabbers ibao
*ged to pass their. resolution.. ."
TOTEIS 48 TO 2O , •
Assemblyman Darls ,very->i>blßteaiy
toid the grabbers: that the only, excuse
for their resolution was that- the con
stitution did not nail the money "down.
It could be taken if the aesembly.was
shameless enough to demand it. The
vote on the resolution result«d^ln 25
for the grab and*? on the side of de
*"€ney, as follows:
For the grab;
Barry, Baxter. Beban, Beckett, Berry*
Boyl<>, Butler, Campbell. Coghlan, Col-
Uster. Cornish, Cuilen, Fritessa, Hart
mann, Grove L. Johnson of Sacra
mento. Jury, Kelly. Kohlman, McMul-
ITn. Pmith. Snyder, Tocmey, Wessllng,
Xt'ilson. Wyatt— 2S. . . "i'J^Cii
Against the grabT - - --
-\u25a0 BirdEaJl, Efishop. Case. Chandler,
Cogswell, Costar, Cutten. Davis, Devlin,
Drew, Eshleraan, Estudillo, Flnney,
Forbes. Hammon, Held, Hewitt, John,
Johnson of San Diego, Leeds, Lemon,
Lucas, Ludlngton, Lynch. McClellan,
McConnell, McGuire, McKeon, O'Brien,
Otis. Perclval, Fierce. Pyle. Root, Sack
««tt, Spalfiing. Stanton. . Stetson, Strobl,
Strobridge, Thompson of San Fran
cJeco. Thompson of Los Angeles, Tran
#oe. Vogel, Walsh, Weske, Whltmor«,
Speaker Beards!*,*.— - 48.
The work of the supplemental ses
sion 5n the assembly actually occupied
but a few minutes. After the organ
ization was completed the senate. sent
over a. concurrent resolution which
carrted into effect all of the San Fran
oteco -charter amendments not Included
i»i lh* call for the first session. The
resolution as a matter of form went
tSthe Fan Francisco delegation, was,
reported back in two or three minutes
n'n(i passed without a dissenting vote.
Tjhf-re remained but the approval of the
minutes an«! the second extra session
was'a thing of the past. \u0084:
Student Jumps From Moving Train
- to Gain Price. of Drink, and- Is
Badly Injured H:? -
"-MIIN'LO PARK. Nov. 23:*-- An at
tempt to save 10 cents in 'order,: that,
tho money might be spent for-oae more i
bVcr nearly resulted in a fatal accident :
for E. Rlsford. a Stanford " student.
jT?tcrday afternoon. j.The v' favorite
drinking place of the college, youths is.
Jocated at this] point... and in 'coming:
ht-rc from Palo Alto tlicy try a l .! sorts
of schemes to boot the; Southern Pacific
o-ut of the 10 <-;ent fare. '--y . .£,
-The usoal practice is for ths student*
U> slip on the laet platform^ of the
train when tlie conductor is not looklzig
and trust to luck that the collector- will
not work through the train-before.
Meulo is reached.' This was the scheme
that Rixford followrd. but "while the.
•train -crcs pulling into the 'station at
'Menlo Park he faw that the \u25a0\u25a0 condjictor
\u25a0»rould ' reaoh him ve.ry shortly./ In or-.
dor to Fave hU dime Rlxford took a
chance and jumped frora tlu train, with
tho result thet he xrap rolled sever&l'
times, his he&d receives! "an .-vg-lj' grash
and he was hurt , Jntfiritajljv The
vheels of the train demolished.Rlx
fords hat and his cJothfS: were, torn" to
shrods as a result .of * his .'fool bartyj at
tempt to gain one mor^Jdrinft. \u25a0
So Declares Lewis Nixpn /at. Banquet
of Noted Engineers in
New york , V:/
'. XEW" YORK. Nov. ;23..— Msny .techni;
ctl papers deal ins with maHne.x prob
lems and progress In naval and 'marine'
constructions vrere read and
at the fifteenth seneralmeelhig of the
. Society of Navel Architects and; Marine
. T^jigiaeera whi<":h openg<3 today.- JOewis
Xixon. discussing: the contents of a pa
per-on "Tactlcj.! , Conelderations In
\*plv*d' in -WAr-ah.jp -De*ign*s."' by;Con
•mander X. P.. Niblack.. L*. P.-Xi: de
clared that the xcmr, : vessels" of the
future v»-ouia/.be driven .; by ',it|'.^rnal
combustion or f?as engineer • Nfxon
paid a careful investigation fatleflcd
him that, the turbine engine* --had
achieved nothing not already' accom
-plisjifd by. the rfciprocatlngr. type' of
.The Commonwealth "Has Four and
the Defense Eight Peremptory
Challeng;es' Left ; / - /
; <>EORGET</W:s * Ky.i'. ->>V. 23.— Tho
.iary panel In . the, Powerscase i.was com
pleted today,- standing.' five democrats;
» republicans 8-nd "one-, independent j
d|rnocrat." Of these ; 7 flve/^tye.fjjeen
pstesed and are per«»ericnt-iurors. v Three
art- republicans. Ori*f a; democrat "and '
on« an independent democrat ""Asfalnat
this panel the common wealth. . hf-s -*till
tour and tlie* defense 'eicrlit"7p"eren)p>
tqry challenges. . The defense \u25a0 todaj- ;
nroved to have .the deputies jln cbargre
ot the jury removed for alleged tpreju-^
<s|ce. ..Xhe court: said auch 1 /a: motion; ,
woaid^be c-onsidered on; application by
proper affidavits.. The court adjourned.!,
until.' M«n4as ; . ** t ;.':-*-'-./; .':-*-'-. / v. \u25a0 •' is^-v s-"*»T
Points to Stability
and Soundness of thfe
Banks in State
Fling at Lincbln-Roosevelt
League Is Answered by
Senator Wolfe
; 'Sacramento.^ Nov7 23.— The/seoat©
d-c» not convene, until late. this morning,
ss:there was no .-business before it until
tho v bjlliClrtTit ...to/iiKfe enroying- clerk
vre»V>— returned.: .The ,; measures" were
p'ron:ptiy -passed aund. were immediately
transmitted.- to .'the governor for his "ap
proval.. Senator, Wright then, intro
[du«\?d t'oevfollowing resolution'- and.* it
jwas fiaoptcd.bJ'.urianimOus vote...
/'\u25a0'.Whereasj\u25a0'\u25a0- the*- ft*nate and assembly
L»vc'j 'reached, a;V conclusion of' their
j lab'o'rsVupbntha Work for' which his, ex--,
celicncy, -,- : Governor . James, : N.
cowtined; th'fe % iegislature...in . extra' ses- " ;
•ib:f,*an<l;\,-, .:.,\u25a0-. r^rj ; \u25a0\u25a0 ' •" ';.••' . • .:
\u25a0"Whereas,", tu6" i members of the sen«l
ate,, comings from distant parts of the :
great - state '? of and "\u25a0 repre- i
eenting as/cltl«uns^many;of \u25a0 the great
business- interests 1 of the state, have
during the present', extra session: had
unueual.and extraordinary opportune
ties to obtain "thoroughly reliable and
ample Information ass to the : financial
cohdition Of the: banking and business
Interests of the state; and
tr K"herea6,',Bticb information discloses
that the. business^ Institutions of the
state are r aound^and on a Jiasis ;WhiCh
warredts the immediate return ©f cort
n'rtence anjbng^the 1 people end the as
surance of the .resumption of great
butiness activity ..i and ; proßpertty
throughout the ./entire' commonwealth,
now,: therefore," fee: lt • \u25a0 '-. /»:.
\u25a0 "Resolved." that' the senate extend its
congratulations to. the- people of (Jali
forniatupon'.the, general stability and
eoundnes»v^of ; our financial institutions
i and upon/ the unmistakable
! of a speedy^ return of tliatsaheness and
common sense and confidence whtchi are
characteristic of the people of this
Btatej and be It further
: \u25a0""Resolved,-, that we confrnend Governor
Glllett for the wist, a.nd beneficent ex
ficutfve measures with which heY has
metihe 'exigencies ofthevery e^tfaor
aiiiaTy conditions which * have* existed
i lately -in; California -as well as' else
! wberei and whichhavs enabled tfieVbusi
nessmen of. our state safely to emerge
from the period of , apparently unneces
; sary financial stringency, . \u0084 -
I.ukens next Introduced the following:
"Be it resolved,' that' a Committee of
three senators In th* legislature of
California .*t - its thirty-seventh »es-
eion, convened .by the proclamation
of the governor (dated 15 th day
of November, A-, D." 1907, ! declare
ing an extraordinary occasion /i for
a legislative session - exists). \. be
appointed by the: president of - the
senate to Investigate and report at the
regular session of \u25a0 the-jleglslature which
shall comrnenoS". on T tqe first Monday
after the let day of >Januarr, A. D. 1909,
upon theeubject of the" compensation of
the members and all .persons connected
with the legislative 'department In rep
resentative governments." -Ii)
The resolution " was : referred to \u25a0•, the
committee on conEtitutjonil amendr
ments, wKsire ".Ut died; ;as .there : are
ptndlng before the. people several -c.on-
«t!tutionar amendment's . deallngriwith
the question.
A discussion that started among the
senators in a spirit of jest was turned
Into 'a serious vein. A resolution had
been reported by the committee on con
tingent expenses allowing <2SO for rent
In favor of the Union- League club of
Sacramento. — ' ,
i Curtin, the leader of, the democratic
minority, rose 'to jokingly inquire
whether the money voted was to be
used to aid the Lincoln-Roosevel£
league. ln Us coming campaign.
1 -Wolfe said that the democratic sen-
I ator need have no fear \u25a0 as / to the atti
tude of the republicans of .CallfOTrila'
with "reference to President Roosevelt,
.wlio is esteemed and loved by all- - Ilia
administration would be Indorsed by
the people of the nation without regard
to party, affiliation, and if tie.^were a
candidate for renoniination and' re-j
election' nothing could atop his triumph- j
ant' ejection. Wolfe In conclusion' said j
that s he -wished to be known as H. Roofie- I
j velt ; republican. , \
• Similar sentiments were expressed by.j
; tiUKens, Wright, Belshaw; and others
land the discussion closed i- with -rounds ;
j of;.applause for the republican party
j'ahd jßoosevelL ; , -<-• '.-...."-,.".„..."-\u25a0•"
j' Al message .was \u25a0 : r6ceU*eU .-'. frdra -theJ
j governor announcing that he- had ap-^
j proved several small' appropriation
j-t>l!l*i tlie Islals creek, taxation -Tand.
jlfegal holiday measures,
president "Porter then ;announc*?d the.
appointment of 'LeavttC Wolfe/andlCur
tih'on the ' committee.' to Investigate the
bankKifind banking system ; of the^state. :
?Tbff; «owmlttee •v-Ul nfeeti vritji a; sjrn.l
com mil tee; appointed by the'assem
b^yfjxnd' report at the next regular ses
sloiv'd? the. legislature.
j - A.-'committee- appointed to) wait on
the-;.g-bveiTiOr .to -'ascertain if lie ; had
Any.;"- further, messages \ for th*» . senate
I reported* that,th"c v oxecuti\vr»aid -he'der
I flred "to/'ejepress; his sincereet:;thank6
J.o '.the sencte" for - the ' expedi tious man*
ner. in", -vvhifh it ha 4 handled the bust;
pessi .brought before it at the extra
session. WBBttB&KKBk
"'* Wolf^. then arose and on behalf of
San .Francisco", thanked Governor Gil
le-tt'ahdP'the,meiriberp 'of •; the .legislature
for ; the \u25a0 splendid _.work thoy ;. had * done
) i\v"e'-'--Drg»! ' everybody ;to Jstrengthen •
i.tbe system by:the-use of [the Bittern.
i'ltfi past Vec6rg7, extending over ;a period
;of, 54 yeari»; nrqvesilt ito'be the Ideal
medielae for those in a debilitated state
and 4 easily subject to colds. ::; \u25a0 -
p£|^^^^^; Female Ills and
the ; sajv^ismsismmmh. ;BuyDAY. November "24, 'wot.
Supi^emental^Session ; Hel<i
liv Afternoon to Act on
the Measures
Wolfe^ Speaks^in jFavor ;6f j
Recall and Nominatiohs / I
-\u25a0 ;• ; by : t)irect Ballot 7 1
SACRAMENTO, Xoy.'-' : ' 23.— -Promptly
at' 1 o'clock this' afternoon tho; senate
jnet ir\ extraordinary session In; pur
suance to th»} call -of Governor 'Gillett
to: act on'tho ton Francisco .charter
amendments," 16 in r>unib«r, which V had
not been, included , in tho- call':; for the
extra session, \u25a0 which adjourned at noon.
':\u25a0 Organization^K-as "perfect^ "•.by '!the
selection "of, the- same (clerks; aud. offl
c'als -as had c-orved at \ the \u25a0 extra t ses- r
sion, : and •.the 4 :, standing • rules ;pf \u25a0/the:
legislature,were adopted. •'\u25a0''.
After the readlngrof '.the governor's
proclamation calling- the legislature.to
gether in extraordinary session a
mittee of three was ] appointed 'to \ wait
on the, governor; and -Inform^him that
the ' senate , wasftopen ! ?.n"d' ; readj*^' to
transact \ business. -Through i the" cbm^
mlttee Governor." Gllletti returned ; word
that he had .nosspec«al: business to: call
to . the ,- attention /,- of,;, the ; legislature
other than that ';. referred .1 to in : . the
proclamation, the" ~ ratification of the
charter, amendments.^C: r rv ; v?":': --;,
_.-•:-. Wolfe then, introduced thel6 amend
ments 'with . the": necessary,' resolution
calling for their; approval: The reso
lution" was adopted without a i dissent- 1
ing. voie. ;^BBBiMrfß^BSSgw^BßMMlfflfl
Willis; then arose* end asked Wolfe
if : the-amertdmente-: did not , ; include a
recall' measure. V ' :•- '
"They do,"- replied Wolfe.
'.I: would -now. like *o ask the senator
what he "; thinks ,of - the recall ?" . saia
WHIUf/'r .."; - ' •/\u25a0 - '/ ,:
"I am In favor of it." ".replied .."Wolfe.
"The. people ; of San I Francisco by 'a
tremendous rdajofity carried the "rt
call amendment,' and. /with \u25a0 tnem I
think the measure. Is, "ar good s one." v
"While I -•.voted against th* recall at
the last regular. 'seMlon,*' said cWiills.
"V wish; to : announce .that I am partic
ularly in favor* of -the; chart fr- recall
amendment.' My i objection • to \ th« other
recall bin was) that' thei percentage 1-tff
signatures requlreaiT^aa. too 'small, and
made It ; a .political;- m«a«u"re: r. The •' gari
Francisco i recall; reQuirss: "'such ia' fair
percentage of signatures ;that if any
official la ever recalled he '\u25a0. wilt-*be>re
called ;by \ the people % and ; hot r. by^any
political machine/* •\u25a0'»- r - j '- J -v ••u.^
Vln'additlon-tq. saying that- 1 am in
favor? of i this recall^ amendment,".: said
WblfeV !'l wisht to etate*. that 1 jam-also
heartily -In favor- of the- f constitutional
amendment', now/ before .the^ people 'fai
voring nominations : . by. the ivote
of the { people. If : I am. nono.red : by ; be
ing returned to the ! se nate j for. a- f du i r th
term I pledge my.-best efforts to secure
:the enaction ; of: such; a law.^-* H
. At this -point a ; message was received
from- the asa^mbly \ annouricjtrg r . that - It
had organlaed and » that- It, Awaited any
message front the. senate.^^iJ ;! _ .-
A concirrrent .re^plutlonVwas :intro
duced calling- upbn*bbth' r ift)ußes of the
legislature -to adi6urn-sin* die at 2:30"
o'clock. '*V-^.; y.f/JiJ' >•{"* V.'"/- "-'-^
;;\u25a0 A3 tberie .was nor^fQrthe'ribuslnesg bt!~
fore th e "<;senat« ,'. t¥e? jou irnaf , was h ap^ 1
proved arid an -adjournment Cslhe ' die"
was taken. .V '; ' : >"*- . ."•' '; :' . " \u25a0 ""'' - •
to aid San Francisco, ln, adopting; tho
needed amendments to Its charter. * He
said - that the measure: would assist
greatly in -the work S of -rehabilitation.
While waitlngr.forUhe hour, fixed for
final adjournment Wlllis^Wolfe/ Wright,
Curtln and .'" other fmembersj spoke in
praise 1 of Sacramento's hospitality, and
kind treatment of the ; members \u25a0of the
legislature. :Z " V ,_ ? .-;->..;•\u25a0•.. \u25a0--.,\u25a0
About 40 mejnbchi' of UpV'lon^chapter
of ; the ! Pel - : Upsilon /fraternity -of i tli«
University of Calif ornJa 'enjoyed v&^ban
qiif-.i and: social., at; a'idowntownf restau
rant last '-/nltfhwl-: :.'.-\u25a0; Sidney? Srtiith ; was
toaatmaster." Those -preaent^at the
banquet \u25a0 Included members who had
coir. t from many states.
- \u25a0'} J Seventyrseyen r '
jfer Grip and
(fity ff™* JBfcf "eft rs& R^lf^^^ '
- »^B^^ff^* ' : E^^Sbb \u25a0'\u25a0^^^\u25a0^Bir *""'
- '-\ . \u25a0 : i ' -,-. , - --/-\u25a0\u25a0:•*,.'- VT.V-' \u25a0\u25a0'•"-,'.;?•'•"-
Guaranteed by -the Manufacturer liinder
the;' Food and Drugrs . Act,: June 30,-,190«.
; "\u25a0". The manufacturer also guarantees
that Humphreys' : Seventy-seven does
not, contain anything that is 'harmfui
toi the most: delicate person or young
child.- '. . " -\\ .-.'A
I Seventy-seven" is more often, curative
J for; Colds and:; Grip /'than"; any *:qtHer '
known remedy. •'• , ; ; v. f_
.Sevehty-seyen* breaks \ up Colds that
hang : on. / All druggists, 25c. •
; Humpbteyß* Hotbto. - jJ^dlcine Coi," Cor?-Willlara
and 'John Siroets.v X>sw i TorV. "/" r \u25a0 ; '"'/'\u25a0, » / / ,- ;•* ]
\u25a0 ; \ mf^^^- ON'APPLIGATIONf ||
VTheOculariurn I
lj 1309 VANNESS AYE.
A^emWymaii Makes
.-Scoring- the Lincoln-
Roosevelt League
Opposition^ to trie; Southern
Pacifiers Uhwise/Says '
L< . 'Machine Solon ""' '
SACRAMENTO;: Noy: 23.— "WJ F:
Herrini/is ; a ;bette£: republican* than
many of the. members "of i the Liricoln-
Roosevelt i league," was the statement
with > which X • Grove ? L>;v Johnson> re^
announcedfhlslfealty'.to': filthy politics
and; machine goyernment -iiis = morn
ing^';^"Herrin,"J continued: Johnson,
ha^ according ; . to: his - own Vstatements
voted <f or every republican
for> 20 ? years; Many of I the member' 3
of: the j league lcannot say that. *}?d°
hot:; believe in .unnecessary ; opposition
to the Southern Pacific."
; Grove ; I* s Johnson ; completed i first
extra j? session "£ services- '-\u25a0\u25a0'. this '/morning
wl th ;. an '; alleged reyplanatlon y of w k the
financial | : stringency, i which ;\u25a0 developed
Into ~ah; J attack on'-: tho/.Ltncoln : lC6o3ef
yelt league 'and 'a defense of ; the South
ern. Yactflc' machine," Which , ; Johnson
Eai'dJhVdld "not: believe In"flghtlngiun
necessaflly.?^ \u25a0 - _.'...\u25a0 -. l .
; Johnson; attacked trhe Lincoln-Roose
velt :; as ?an con
&eiyed/ln^hate and whose mission was
to ;!sprftad : 'the /propaganda of hate
throughout ; the • state. ; His: statements
were : challenged : ; by Assemblyman
Frank' R; : Devlin.- ', president .of i the Lin
coln-Robsevelt league, jand .'Assembly
man JDrew -ofi Fresno, -one of the lead
ers, of 'the* ahtimachine: forces in -the
ass&nVbly.^ \u25a0;'*;-", /\u25a0';/-'.-. '-' : '.''\u25a0'\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0 .'VY.-'V c.^
; .Devlin said that his manhood and, his
republicanism,.; revolted under the false
strictures laid upon ifheXlhcoln-Roose-'
yejlt " movement/ by 'Johnson.
; „ Devlin read- the declaration of . prin-.
ciples : of the; Lirieoln-Rooßevelt'; league
and;s ln! referring" to. that part of:: them
'which /ke.ts 'forth ~;that/ the republican
party jf and "Hhe.^ state : government are
dominated-; bjv the? Southern- Pacific - po-'
Utical -bureau^, said:"/ ; •
"•jr.." You '. khow'. that I that . of
principles 'states absolutely; nothing but
thel: facts."?; lI > address > myself : ; to^aorhe
of. yousunder-'dlfflculty/.notlTiecauße.iof
bur: personal .relations, "but", because" of
your apolitical* affiliations. .;\u25a0*!\u25a0: ; have »no
hatred for; any. of you personall y. ; I ; do
hate the- political- system to which- you
have/ been s made -subservient." >
:'?'Jbljnsph:'gave ;-.hlß^ explanation of ,tae
causes} for; the-- financial." situation"/, by
saying < that 'A the /netrspaper r«irltjclsms
of »;the^. aesembly's jj l working : . methods
were -un founded * and .unjust. No Jleg
islative(body.ihe- said", -had: ever s worked
so* hard.*/ Besides j the program / was to
do f nothing! with < the /remedjar legisla
tion', until after/the, senate had acted."' :
v/;The;"? financial l^ panic, said .Johnsonj
xas; startcd^by :.the JllegaJ 'actsjof |New
{Torlc. v * flnanici&l>!'
jspread 'through^California^byt-tlie.tUn^
/necessary/ and savage J6n ? c<St»'
porat lon s^ and .' men j}by.Hb||»pewspa.pf vs
'and' magaslne muck' rakersM The news
-papers de-
Vlared.t had .warred ohYcbrjporatiohs and
/men ;until : it '.was almostVa.' crl me ~ to"'be
successful^ • ; : - 7i*»-» : '/v :."\u25a0\u25a0" .J.. "\u25a0-,."'•••'-
Xcwspaper /vmlsrepresentation : of
I YoSwiir have cause to b of the
i| remarkable offerings w^are now. making,, m
I Make the ;^^ |
I It wlil^e[p^fo|m ;
I Ourexcee
I Easy payments can alway^r be aj/rahgedL .: Oifr Credit -/PJan /is- JtKeVi^icSt^
1 '---- **- Tablr $13.50 . Buffet, S2l 50
i;|^otd^r-feSe^&!^7((: $™™^$g* «g tf™**°& i «^ .d^i'nt'cn^Sh^b^e /wuie^ plush ; ; Uned.-siiver
;H3|nchea^h!gh,^36i-inches;Wiae^ r and limitation -;-- ! : quarter--.'-; sawed- /'grammg.- "arms and ,/stout *iek construe- drawer; Frehch beveled mirror,
:ffl,.Viben,t^iasB:3ides^Frcnch-;plate i .'Lenrnlr'/'c/Kterded "\u25a0\u25a0e(vVfiiZ*Y*- ! -?~<;°FiZf'^4 tionr-lKxacUjvlike-thepicture. - 10x32 ' tnthes: glass- doors -be- P
B'-^^^-'l?,' - llke />%17-X'^ - \u25a0•-Esactlj- hkc the; , \u25a0 '^l^ «aBl win r-b*.- sold 'to -one j&n pp r '-.tlv. tIv - ,; t -- fU . til
tH^ 1 ! 10 I ifl# | '\ ' \u25a0 «ft lil^llil Customer.'A' Thanks- l*fl \u25a0; Vxactl>V xactI > Ilke the *J%/ I \u25a0'rill
[R tion. Pxlc.--.:. *i?i.no\JU, picture yj I U9V V. siv'r.s snap at. . . .. . ifV picture. . V.V f|/i/ 1 H/.V
Far Reaching /Possibilities
in Secretary's Trip to
St.rPetersburg ; -
Npvbe Vremya,: Organ x>f the
Government, > Plots
Against "Japan
'\u25a0 LONDON,' Nov; ' BS.^-— Every . potentate
and statesman - of* the old world [ re
i gafds Secretary. Taf fs visit '\u25a0\u25a0 to Emperor
j Nicholas, following "the visit to ''Em
j perbr Mutsuhito, as aiiTevent of great
international importance. '. : ' "' ''<\u25a0
Whethep the conjectures ot the^St. I
Petersburg/press go wide of tha, iriark
or, not, they. areVsuggestive of the nervf'j
ousnessiwlrti 'which Russia looßVuporti
| the i coursei of Jthe. United States .with
| reference , to;Japanv ;*; * \u25a0; ;* \- .-. ' j :: . • * i- '
"Whatever, may be : the meaning of j
! iif. " Taf fa 7 visit ;to;; to ; St. Pctersburs."
j says ii the jßourse!f Gazette,' ;"ltv- becomes
rthe ' Russian "t government to : avoid ~f. any j
[.entanglemeritSiWhlch; might ralsoawK* j
! ward; conditions for/Russia'in that'day j
jVhen / Japan, >,hav lng i cr^a.ted, a.nirenor- j
I moua ?: power ;"upon;.; the Asiatic - jnaln- I
I land,'; tries ;'._Tritli the. North. I
i American | d embcraey.',' ' | . %, ** : - J < '-'\u25a0 ''\u25a0 : \u25a0
: The Tsuggestton of;. the sours*;:Ga
zette:.lßrthat 1 Taf t will aoiind-the^'Rus
sian'j foreign ;"offlc« Russians
attitude^ towards'Hhej isiuee". raised'.lbe
tween ;jv"aßhJngton; ; ; arid :' Tokyo; by •' the j
California.' ineident^andtha't^Russla, has
more ?to '• gaini n * from *no % : off ehdl rig :" Japan
than ':\u25a0:': from" conciJlatingO the ."United
States. SSuch opinions ..arol eclioed by
the: Novoe \u25a0 Vr.emya, ,tnougn Xhe^latter,
org"an holda.'but-the hand" of* forglve
nels jto the* Unitejaj.Statea; for.' having
erpbused the :'*v;ro'ng»side",'iri ithe-war.
". Reminding ;wasfilngion' that.' it' helped
S to create, a ; Frankenstein:: in i: Asia; : '":-V>»j
i Novd« •Vrem>*a ; .'offerß-;to;-«nrer:lnto -'ah
I ftlliance'?to.;shut? Japan outiOf ..the'Pa
i Ciflc.§;Fortunately i .:Russlan," t JoQf ; nfelljSt«i
are^potJresponEible. statesmen, a \u25a0,; ; .<>.;,
The czar will '/accord Taft^ ;a notable
receptioh:";- -\u25a0-,"; "•"• 'It C: •; . . ,;
facts -was to * blame for the - finaihclal
stringency,';: he-. .said,-, *nd' the V^emedy
lay,.lh : sweeping.;: these :falso ; /t4a6hsr3
aside i and: In" preaching/ a \ propaganda
6fvcphfldehce\V^f'thoV ; me.mbera):;of^iKe
assembly... " • -• \u25a0 ~ >, '\u25a0: ,r/, r /
;., Assemblyman Drew, denied^that there
was.- any hatred *otLVeaUhvx»r.; of •: suc
cessful then |In • Callfornla."He reaid that
special s privileges i granted, corporations
were responsible : for/the \u25a0 financial QbA
ditibns 'arid ;for!ith44vlrtual rdeslVuctlon
of democratic :^governmentsin/Califor
nia, hi Drew, said . that; tho : Southern Pa
cific iwas^inf control - of ; :the; state /and
if &.that: control 1 were not. broken "by,
ttiel*; Lincoln-Roosevelt league "'; it J were
better - that "the /empty^ : . form r of •' legis
lative/sessions . were - :*/
r J S- / Th6';._ijel^ef .. board, of the* .lndependent
Order/of (Odd ' Felldws/wHl^h'ave^'Tiieai
day- evening, November -2 5,'rjat^ th 6? Al
<fa;S*trT,;tlieate?.-f .wjie'n "Da'vUli'Harttm"
will: rbeff pre^ente>|."/,*rhe receipts' will
be " used^ln-; caring^ f of " the*Vsick H and
needj'.'of ".the brdeiv l^i-- *. ':2'.^;
A Tlinn?»Rß«vlns L nin t
-. Pnrltsn Mlbc« Meat 'for- delicious ,pl»*,- unex
celled. ,A»V; your 'grocer. ;F. Saunders Mfj Co. •
Answersjand Demurrers Are
Filed/ in Illinois Cen
trar Case /
Directors;>Say They Were
Not Influenced by
-; ! CHICAGO, Nov. 23.—AnsTrcrs. de
murrers and- bilip of exceptions to the
Injunction; suit brought by, Stuyyesant
Fish and: other 8 In \he iilinois; Central j
in;brogilo, Were filed today. " The, an- |
,'swer-of - John ". Jacob' Astb'r.VA: G. /Hack- '
»ti<7,/ John W.' -Auchlricloss,' Cornelius ;
Va.n«lerbllt and-J: .T. Haraban. -whfehts
madorJolnt.'Cis' the .most 'lmportant of
the tlocum«nts."-- Ntimerous charges ; r*
,gartling;Flßh.'s;act3'e!.s*pr«al«lent of the
•railroad • are ; cbn^amed^ln i It. • . It is
claimed s, that' ln4smuch'aif 'Fish, /actlug
as proxy; has.lritlmoa past often, voted
the -stock r held by ~ the HHroad securi
ties/company: ct tnectinsrof the.lHi
noi& ' Central .rallroftd .company, : ;fie i is
thereby i estoppediifromHnow^ ob jectlng
toitbo ownershlp.by the. Railroad secur- \u25a0
itlcs .company s \ of '/ininois.. Central
shares. ' / '-'. )V *£f$H '-'\u25a0 : ''^ffisffi&SSSSfti
: In /another. section; of;- their answer, ,
the seven - , directors V of : the nilhols i
General admit^the/cbnnectlbji of Messrs.' \
Harriman,*. Goelet *>-;ahd Peabody, With \
the^; Union?; Pacific, railroad, .;, but they.;
.point • In; return .that- Stuyvesantv Fish Is :
'.a'directoi ;.ana;cierober of .the executive |
committee of the' Missouri ''Pacific road,
-whleh i they'3ssert,--vis" a direct compett- j
tpr of the" lllinoiSr. Central" raijrdad." ; ln
much of/the -latter's/territorf./^hlch
"noit tier the. Union, "Pacific j
Southern -Pacific' is ; in any eeiTse of 'the \u25a0
word > a competitor^ of;' the ; 5 Illinois !
Ce»tral." . :^.»:S..\ :v-/: v -/ - '\u25a0 ' ; - : \u25a0'/ . '.-'J
" r The "defendants deny that they .voted i
for : J. ,-T. .- Harahan ; and '. against /Stuy- I
rvesant i Fish \u25a0 in.t the ', ejection^ for /pxesK :
f.of '/the ;i lllinois Cehtralf-Vallfoad j
"at" the behest- 'of '£. . H.Harf Iman, "as- !
se'rtlngr /that.: their .action" was taken i
because- "the said '/-Fish "'Had. misused j
the ; funds . of ' the", llllriole ' Central ; railf |
roed ; company''; and i"used his power as j
president ? bf the said company to fur- j
ther- his per sbnal interests. , to the great
\u25a0peril -and 1 financial Injury" of the rail
road. -They /also j that Pish
."jnadfty unprofitable^ Involving
large 'i- sums"', without the sanction 'Of
-the ? board - of . directors. •
.;. in /addition \to this to " the
charges :of -- Fish, demurrers were filed
k by';the:. Mutual life Insurance, company
c/; Rail roajl . .e^cuci ties., cpm pany,
the. former, asking that' the suit be
dismissed '. as- fdr: as It' ls' concerned. .
>\u25a0', Edward ,- H." . Harrlman. *\u0084R obert W.
Goelet, ChaHes ; A. Pc&body j and the
Union Pacific railroad company filed a
.bill ; of I e.xceptfons. ; most ; of i the objec
tions being,! riift4e "'. to excerpts fftovix '\u25a0 an
interstate cotnmerce commlsslbnVenbrti
which' Fish, lncluded In hisblH'of com
plaint:.' V- ;':,.. . \u25a0-./:.- u/'/; ••-\u25a0
A : ,joint.a,n!«T7er^was alaofSled/by J.
B. : .l<Ord. Frederick Ralph M.
'ShaWjand otlier.'defenda^t^.; ,x7h.q..;deny
that j[any, ;bf,ftHe atock'^. registered ;!n
theJrT : tifeni6d ;jis*jf the '•' property off. the
.Union ; Pad flci Tallroaa or 'contrbHea : by
that.-* compaify.^ii; " • " —•;'
>Golagf t'p
Fiilnwre * street; ?3ust -\u25a0 above Sutierv: y ou
\u25a0n-lH'- ffrtd J taMft cutlery* and carvers- tn
large :and>-.var!fed "assortment, 'ijtoltx's,
the .Cutlery H6us<p,":lß3s Fillraore street
(above* Sutter). , - •• •: •
A Voice Front
The Stomach
A Bloodless \ Fight Between a Tablet and
a Habit— The Tablet Wins
\u25a0At the ago of 122 Clarence had good'
digestion. He - had gastric Juice -that
could dissolve doughnuts . and turn
apple skins into good, blood {Corpuscles.
At the age, of 24 be began. to be pro-
f use about the wai^t and lean back-
ward. IHe -also began to cultivate. «ev-
erai: chins. In his ;n*w found pride he
began to think "it hia daty to gorg;©
himself : on -everything./ -the .good, and
the 'bad, , for : appetite feed* on appe*
tlte-^and every good thing is abused.
His pictures show that he took on
weight /after "he put his collaron. *
At the age of 26 ; Clarence married
and ; went t to 1 boarding. On top. of all
this, /he attended oyster suppers and
wine " dinners, i,whlch reduced th« size
of his Collar:frorn 16^ to 13. With still
abiding faiths In "tb> ; strength of ,h»«
stoniach' he;, gulp&d -hi* meals and
chewed -them afterward.
At the age of JS Clarence, began to.
hear an Inward voice— a warning from
the" stomach.: ".-After each meat he
would feel /bloated^ — and belching: be-
came a/, habit." \u25a0; - . . : ,
/, He .began ; to be a light, eater — and a
heavy thinker. lie tried to think ont
a cure, ; for. how he would sit down at
his meals .absolutely disgusted at the
thought or sight of anything to eat. 7-
;; He would- sit down at hia meals
' without Uhe, trace, of "an , appetite. Just
because -It .was . time . to .'cat.
• He .-wbu|d ; often A eel" a gnawing. ' un-
satisfied "atlll . hungry^ ; feeling in hia
stomaeh,'./even after he was through
eatlngi his f . meal was well
cobked.br. not."
.".And he suffered a good many other
things with "his stomach that he could
|npt fi explain, -but that- made- him
'g'roueby. \u25a0miserable. " out ~b v ". sorts and
generally ; , . sour "/on" everybody and
everything. .•• - \u25a0 • " " -- / -\u25a0 : -' \u25a0\u25a0
.'/Finally -.he read ah. .account, some-,
thtng-llke' this, -about.. the^ truly won-
derful v results obtained from Stuart's
'Dyspepsia ' Tablets ' In '; &11' * cases of
stomach , trouble, dyspepsia, and so on.
He bought a BOc box at the drug stor*
atidc.took the whole "box.; When he s
startea- he .bad .; little faith — and less
appetite. :«<i. When J-h* .finished he had
absolute 1 falthr~and f more appetite, and
/more-" good; cheer. "Things began to
taste^dMferent and better to him.
,- ICow'he *has* no -more dyspepsia, no
'more Indigestion, ho more loss of appe-
tite,*/ brash," Irritation^; burning sensa-
tions, ' heartbnrn; nausea, eructations,
bad memory. Or; loss^ of vim and vigor.
/Remember, one > ingredient of Stuart's
Dyspepsia:- Tablets; will; digest for you
3.000 grains-offood, Just as it did for
. This relieves your stomach of th«_
work of digesting until your stomach
can. "get strong and /healthy again.
.Tour, stomach .baa. '.been " overworked
and abused." It's fagged out. It needs
a rest.
Let Stuart's Dyspeosia Tablets do
the work for your stomach. You will
be : surprised how fine you'll .feel after
eating, and how lusciously good every-
thing .will taste to you.
. Heed the, call 'of :th<* stomach now!
.There's ' a world of - good cheer In one
box of ' Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets — at
any /drug store. 50c
"'Send us : your name . and address to-,
day v and we will at once send. you by
mail a sample package free. \u25a0 Address
F.'A: Stuart Co.-, 150 Staart Bldr., Mar-
shall, Mich.
IJ. IJ. 31rI.\T\RK ni.NDEHV CO,
..'I/; Bookbinder*. ?-" '
tlffl-HAS H«vrant Str**t.
- :T»1. Xc Writ XfZi. ';\u25a0. S«a Tmictw<v

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