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\u25a0li . \u25a0 • : '\u25a0
' ' Society has found a new game v that ': is
I making it forget bridge. • It is."skart:"
j What the game, "is like and how it is.
j • pla}ed will be told tomorrow in
| The Sunday Call
VOLUME Cir.— NO. 183.
Declares Himself Candidate
for Nomination for
Senator Declines to Be
Eliminated From Poli
tics in Ohio
f" iys Country Is With Him
on Rate Bill, Statehood
\u25a0-. • and Brownsville Riot
SHINGTON. Nov.- 29.— 1n the
.long list of recent attacks on the ad
ministration none is likely to attract
so much attention as the letter made
public tonight by Senator Foraker of
\ Ohio, in which he voluntarily retires
- £E a candidate for United States sena
tor from Ohio, declares 'himself a can
didate for the nomination for presi
dent and places on the shoulders of
the administration a share of the l
responsibility for the recent financial
disturbance. This action of Senator
i Foraker marks a distinct phase cf the
| preat contest 'by President Roosevelt
and hi* friends to nominate Secretary.
..Taft. or some other .friend whom the
president will select. " It raises the Issue
fairly between Roosevelt and Taft on
one side and Senator Foraker and those |
• \vho do not believe in a continuance:
:.,'.of the domination of the president on
.the other.
Foraker announce* that lie will ask
. -.the republican state committee ofOhlo
. to provide for the election of delegates
JoThe next national convention at a di-
Foratec.r> announcement conies In the
form of -a' letter to Conrad J. Mattern\
•Victf president or the advisory
*nd rxecutive committee of the
; Icaffuc • of republican club* of
Ohio. _ THis committee, with SS out of
. 105 members present, voted unanimous
. ly to support Foraker both for senator
: .and for president and denounced the
attempt of the federal administration
: to "eliminate" him from Ohio politics. j
Senator Foraker discusses the tnree j
points of difference between himself j
«r.a the president. He says he believes
. : -.tV,e country is with him in the Browns
• ville ript matter and the opposition to
Joint statehood, which are two of the
. points. 'Then he discusses railroad rate
• legislation, the third point of difference;
The senator says one of his predlc
. . tlor.s was' that the passage of the rate
bill would weaken the confidence of
Investors in railroad securities and per
haps cause serious business disaster.
This, he holds, has come to pass. and
• the authors ; of that legislation cannot
.escape their share of responsibility for
contributing to the present business
" depression.
Foraker flatly declared against any
" 'present or prospective tariff changr.s
• no" makes a strong: point in alluding
to the tendency to amend the constitu
tion by judicial decision to suit new
condition?, -which Js regarded as a
•criticism of President Roosevelfs
*peecU in St. Louis 5n October.
Referring to the attitude of the Ohio
republican league, Foraker says:
"1 want to say that far beyond any
•thiTisr personal to myself I am grrati
. fied by the action taken, because it Is a
. Rat rebuke to the suggestion that the
. office of United States senator is to be
stripped of all the honor attached to It
"by making its Incumbent a mere agent
\u25a0 to register the decrees of somebody
This "somebody else" means the
president. f
Defense Admits That Fatal Bullet
Was Fired From the Former
Secretary's Window \
GEORGETOWN,* Kj\. Nov. 29, — With
•Use work of empanelling: a Jury com
pjctpd and the opening statements of j
:hrj prosecution already made, the state
• n-zs r*-ady today for the introduction of
'.pstlmony In the trial of Caleb Powers,
iberged with the murder of William
Powers waF in good spirit?, evidently
gratified that the jury was more evenly
' Jividcd politically than at any former,
:rials, four republicans, four democrats
in<3 four'indep«ndent;democrats being
leal^.in the box.
• Major Owens of counsel for the de
[ehfe'announccl at the opening of. the
• proceedings that the defense. In order
- to rave tim*. •would admit the -fatal
twillet was flr*d. from the .windows of
Powers' office .when he was secretary
>T.ctatp,^the spot where Goebel fell and
'\u25a0' A'Yir natoreof the. wound..
-fl .BEATTrv r ILLB. Ky. ,Nov. 2?.— 8.
. Valton " French;, accused of . complicity.
yti the assassination . of Jam«s B. Mar
tum," ha* b€en, acquitted.- 'j
The San Francisco Call.
YnSTERDAY-rNortbwest wind: "rlear; m«Ji ;
roum temperature. 66: minimum. SO.
FORECAST FOR..TODAY— Fair; light \u25a0 ea«t
wind*. ; P«ge 12
Holiday Today
BY proclamation of Governor
James N. Gillett today is de
clared a legal holiday in California:
S»r»t«r Scott h»s lirelr time »t White Hoass
aft^r making "franV «tatem»nf about the
financial nituation. Page 1
In I»tt«>r declariDp: himself a candidate -for
tb«> nomination for preslfleot Senator . ForaVfr
Names administiation of Roosevelt, for sbstv in
finincisl disturbance. Page 1
Senator Aldricb, cbaimnan of flnanpp ocmmU
te*. \u25a0nill confer wltb republican leadern io con
gress on proposed currency legislation. Page 1
Notorious Jules Gamage. is wanted by the New
York police -for crooked transactions. Page 1
Parid Starr Jordan says emphatically that
President Roosevelt vrlll not again b» a can
didate. Pa«re 6
Tederal board ft engineer* may come from
Washington. P. C, to California to inspect
rirers. with view of recommending large Im
provement* of the rvaterwaye. Page 6
Bradstiwfs and Dun's, trade reviews iDdlcat«
improverueDt in financial situation. Page 15
Interstate commerce commission denies peti
tion of shipper* st Santa Barbara and Ventura
tbst tbr*e cities be given the' benefit of cojtpt
terminal rates. P»|fell
Pastor W the last witness In the trial of Mif.
Bradley Bnd tells of yelled threat by \u25a0ccuj.«*l
against Senator Brown. ,' ' ' Png* 2
Trinidad Vasquez. chief witne*n for Mexican
government against alleged revolutionists, _Js
poisoned in IjPs Angeles. >J'^-'"rj Page 15
Stockton police investigating case of well
dressed man mangled- by electric cars, circum
stances Indicating a possible murder. I'ace S
Central department store, ooe of the lan;e*t
mercantile establishments in Los Angeles. fure-M
into bankroptcy. >"-;i; Page 9
Reioarkable recovery . of I,os Angeles maa
who . tras shot .in the brain by bighTay
njaii. Page 4
A. Uart McKee accuses wife and an American,
saying that -be will reveal greatest scandal <.>f
century, and declares that courts will uphoM bis
(McKec's) right to cUild. Page 1
Flerr Bebel, socialist leader in the "Reichstag.
hji a crisis is at band- in Germany and scores
vicious practices of army officers. Page 3
• Mr.' Hearst stjll nursing grievance, i Page fif
The' money situation relieved. _ . Page 8
Knocking the etufflng out of Bryan. Pnge 8
Up' to the attorney peccral. Pe»jc S
Attorneys for Ilarry. KleinscUmidt begin' fl;tit
..for: bit liberty, by ;»n application' for a writ of
habeas corpus, which Superior Judge \u25a0 Harris
taken under advisement. Hot b prosecotiou and
defense "shut up"on details of case.- Page 1
Real estate \u25a0 dealers report an active inquiry
from people of interior towns who desire
to makc> investments In property in" "this
city. v't Page 7
Hugo Mausfeldt, after 40 years*- work in. role
of piano virtuoso, \u25a0will give bis last public rc
j cital today at Fairmont hotel. Page 6
I Judge Lawlor causes transcript of evidence
I to be read to Jurors in the Ford case, and' trial
I will b* resumed Monday. Page 0
Judge Cook decides that court sessions are
legal during the holidays, and sentences a
prisoner. ' Page 9
Nathan \u25a0 Brackett Graves' be<juest to pet dog,
"Pup," •Is to vbe passed upon by Judge Coffey.
who holds.it Is Illegal. \u25a0 Page'' 16
Plans are completed for the Improvement of.
tbe harbor's" wharves UDder . tne first -?200,000
bond issue "autuorized by legislature. Page IS
James Henck's balloons, sent up to. celebrate
return of lost diamond, arc found and finders
claim reward. Page .7.
Political rumor say« J. Cal Ewlng , will Mot*
secretaryship of bank commission. Page 7
Earl Kimmons may . return from Texas to
give evJdenc-e against Mark^. A. Wilkins, the
murderer of Mrs. Vernie CanneD, , in Elm
hurst. ••«•\u25a0_*: \u0084.. PageS
.Bravery of Policeman Davey of. harbor station
results in capture of masked man police siwpeVt
is ' accomplice in many robberies and the I slayer
of Special Policeman Wbit« in OaUuu.l
last week. \u25a0 Page 16
Rival contestants for guardianship of Miss
Isabel leis McL&cghlin become reconciled " acd
deny the charges made against tbe glrl> siep-,
father. Dr. MeEnei?. '• .• Page 2
Frauk D. Mrycrs, .former, ?»n. Francisco, rail
road man, ' found dead in « Minnea;K>Us
hotel. Page, 16
Gugsenheim -Morgan < Interests purchase fonr
steamships from 'Chsrles E. Peabody foF
Page 16
Alameda county officijils bumpered in their
public expenditures by vagaries \u25a0of . the state
law. ' " Page 4
. Dr.. Jessie B. \u25a0 Con way frightens bnrglar- from
ber hbus>» by screaming. . • \u25a0 Page 4
Through use of anatomical chart tbe passer of
spurioo* checks ; In Oakland \u25a0is * Ideatlfied as man
wanted In eastern cities. . . . . -.- Page l 4
Qaestion of application of t reebolders* ; charter
agitates ralo Alto fiHltco*. ; , Page 11
I>. TT.' Martin, a San Rafael produce merchant,
sued under tbe game laws. • Page 11
Early risers in Oakland are" startled by bril
liant meteor.'. .. ... PagV'4
Daniel Donovan, mistaken forjbnrg'ar. ia-ehot
by his friend, Edward Daris,' Id ' Contra . Costa
county. Page 4
' Professor H. S.; Jennings., make**, report -on
pome tntercstlng'. experiments '. with " the starfish,"
lowest of animals. ' Page 4
SPORTS \u25a0;'/\u25a0)
F-rnltrale handicap is •_ the feature of a good
Saturday* card -at Emeryville. \u25a0"?- *' Paice 10
'. T--.H. : Williams' " Pcrjuicio redare* ' California
rpcord for six furlong* to l:ll 4-3. .' • V PagtlO
J. F. Caweli of San Frandeco wins; Thielp'
tenai« trophy in 'Stanford touraament."- Page 10
Artillerymen In annual race provide novel fei-*
ture at Benning track/ Page 10
' Automc*ile dealers 'report- tbe first sal?s>!nce,~
the b*?ißßiDg ofroobey stringency. . -'Pagi 11
Owner?, of BUclburn Toak» : killing at.' >"f»' \u25a0
Orleans wben ; be wins' at 20 -to- I.' •' -Page 10
. Cycliot /VTelble . of . San Jose tx-at« ' F>n.. 1U-
Laughlin \u25a0\u25a0 io ~ *> match rs.ee . on- tbe' PayJlJon '\u25a0
"fcaufer*" track. _ \u25a0 Page 11.
>faoager. Tom .McCarey of Los Angeles ; is 0 Tt \u25a0
to bid for proposed 'Attell-Moran fight. Page' lo
Harbof r coromissiooers order r contractor who ,
took T raft of state piles; to replace property^ and ;
threaten criminal prosecution of similar mistakes
bj future. • ' rag-cia
Bwel-Cottoo \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0ed'ling'ati.be Bore! home in San
Mateo .• on * Wednesday next- win -be .'a . quiet
ev«nt. 9&BEBH '' ' ' P " X*K * 8
LABOR /* ,
« l«lw 'invited ito \u25a0 Join Greater $»v
Franciico'inoTemeat^*' 1 " * ' ' ' '.'."" 'Fage'9'
S>\N : -^RANGISCO- x^S^Wff^^Q^^MW^ 1907 C
Habeas Corpus Applicatidn
:•:;. to Be Decided by
" Judge Harris
\u25a0\u25a0.-( \u25a0 \u25a0 •
Delay Until Tuesday Not
Pleasing to Attorneys .
for Accused ..
Handcuffed to Deputy, He
' Is Taken From Jail
to Courtroom
. Harry Kleinschmidt's fight for life
and liberty has begun. Before Judge
Harris of the/superior court in Ala
meda county. Lin S. Church and Brew
ton Hayne, counsel for the' 'prisoner,
began yesterday afternoon the strugr
gle which will • end only \u25a0 with the
vindication or death of their young
client, charged with the - : murder of
Frank B ellows. - They asked for a
writ of heabeas corpus' on the ground
that nothing had come to light which
would connect their client with the
death of Bellows. After listening to
the evidence 'produced, Judge' Harris
said that he would take " the subject
under advisement and render his de-.
cision next Tuesday, morning.
His original .attitude of careless
abandon, resumed for the time being,
Harry Kleinschmidt listened .to the
proceedings 'in the courtroom, laugh
ing and chatting with his: attorneys
and the officers of the court, even smok
ing a cigarette giv»n him by; a news
paperman. There was but little of the
nervousness and weakness of which
Uis"' jailers have -talked.; so :>much ap
parent In' tbVvman's actions! or*, looks.'
No one would have picked, him asi the
prisoner at the bar, fighting for his
.libertyl.if it had not been for -the pres
ence of Deputy-Sheriff Liesc, who .was
sitting beside him, 'and the glint of the
steel' handcuffs which bound the pair
together as they left" the courtroom.
It was only in the twitching of his
large, strong hands, free while the
hearing lasted, that the prisoner gave
any signs of the nervous strain under
which he has been laboring since his
arrest. In the ; frequent consultations
he had with Jiis attorneys during the
•course of the hearing these hands were
! never, still. He talked with them as
much as with his -voice. They are ex
ipressive hands, kept, mus
cular, capable of dealing a ; tremendous
blow or.holding-a struggling man to
the bitter end. They are the r short
hands one would- expect to see accom
panylhgthe heavy jaw, small nose and
slanting forehead of ; the prisoner.;-
Notwithstanding his careless attitude
in the, courtroom, Kleinschmidt made
almost frantic efforts to protect him
self from the newspaper camera men.
As his right .wrist was chained to the
left "wrist "of the. deputy sheriff Awhile!
passing between the jail and court, his
attempts must have cost him much in
convenience, if not actual pain, for he
persistsd in twisting, around * in- order
to have the officer between himself and
his tormentors. . <;>; >
The action of Judge Harris in rsfus
j ing- -to consider the case at once
brought forth the first approach to a
statement which .the lawyers .for
Kleinschmidt have made. Brewton
Hayne said in this regard:
"While I have no desire to appear to
be finding fault with the court, V I must
say.that under' the rules I fail to un
derstand where Judge Harris got "his
law.' ..There ; is 'nothing -] in > the com
plaints that have been Hied to connect
our client with the death of. Frank
Bellows— absolutely^ nothing— yet the
court^has set aside our arguments and
refused even to permit jthe prisoner ;td
be admitted to bail. He ; may .have- his
reasons, but I for jonr. .can't them."
Dlstrict Attorney, Brown won^ an I
undoubted. victory in. the, : refusal of the
judge to hand . down ? adecision on the
case yesterday afternoon. Heipracti-
CRlly admitted that, the case .pi the
prosecution is not as. y»t complete, Jbiit
he-added-that continuance of the .legal
holidays forbade any. formal action in
law; either • by . out -- a wa rrant
against; the prisoner or:by filing a for
mal complaint against him.". ' - .' - ; .
In./lieu of " either of the forms \u25a0of
procedure the district attorney sub
mitted, .three sworn to: by
himself. Deputy District- Attorney Phil
ip M. Carey and" Marshal; Vollmer, chief
of^poHce of, Berkeley. \x\ all _'of. these
document*,. which, are practically^iden
tical,-the prosecution , avers ..that 1 they,
"verily believe"; that Harry' Klein
schmidt is' guilty of .tho ', "niurder f of
Frank .Bellows. . \ : '. \u25a0 ".-. V
; ,-Th»se^ affidavits \u25a0 further' state; that
the investigation (of ;\u25a0 the case" has been
?oin p on .since : September : 1 5 laVt. And
Continued -to' Page : 2, Column 3
The MflWa&MriMsSw
Air Great Scandal
Accuses Wife and an American
and Declares His Right to
Wcj}iiWTMßWp h W&
PARIS. .Nov. :."29.'— A. Hart ilcKeo.
when seen -today at: 27_ Qu'ai d'Orsay;
looked weary and worn as he carried
his child in his. arms. Even careful
grooming could not conceal'the, ravages
of., mental suffering. The ..gorgeous
ground . floor ', of.i the; apartments iwhere
he is living belong toan' ltalian friend.
Prince Alblata. Every' day ; J "McKee
visits his parents," .Mr. ahd' r Mrs.' ( Seller 3
McKee, • who. are -staying: at'- the/hotel
Ritz.- -.\u25a0.-'+\u25a0''\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0","\u25a0\u25a0 ' '\u25a0'\u25a0- - \u25a0'\u25a0 '.' • ?
.."M. . Labdri, .-my.;counsel.^told''i me : to
keep my ; mouth/ shut," said >McKee. in
reply -to- a question by- a newspaper
correspondent. "Look at this. fine' baby,
boy." - , ;' ,•
"Tour father in law, -Governor Bax
ter,, says that you jare tho worst; man
in France." , . . . -
"Did he? Herald even worse. He
said" that I w'as\thp* worst criminal . in*
three. countries'—l'm not sure., that, h«
did :not say in' three continent^.. Baxter
talks ;: tod much; -I am told, that -he is
talking- all 1 the^tlme, , like a garrulous
old- woman. Even isome of -the news
paper ; correspondents, compassionating
his \u25a0weakness, have advised him to
stop. I am suing him .for libel! \u25a0'\u25a0".'
"HadThei held .his* tongue and acted
like a gentleman; 1- would have' let him
have his. way without opposition.'. i* As/
; ltsU-i : am going, to make a -strenuous
defense, -and there ywlll be the biggest
scandal of. the century; I-know none to
equal it. But. Baxter, has only, himself
to blame. In self-defense a man; has
to use the'weapons at his disposal/- It !
seems certain. that, a scandal , must '
come, and it is just, as .well, to' lot the
whole truth'bo'known." \u25a0• .
, "Do you refer to" the 'American 'who
used t<> po motorinV; with "Mrs. Jilc-.
Kee?';-; '.. \u0084;_ . \u25a0 ':, .-' / ; \u25a0.;\u25a0. -^'- \;
"More tlianT that. ]_ I ha \e. the child
and the courts will, confirm in- me its
custody.' Everybody, knows what that
means." . , . v » > ,- . . '
.' "Is it true that: Mrs. McKec" turned
you outjof . your'house?" • .
"It ..is. -.had \u25a0\u25a0'to^leaye; our "flat in the
Rue Alfred ibaubigny and Talso ; our
chateau. Fortunately my friend. Prince
Albiata.' tpok'me in and for. some "tlnio
l}wili>liyp /-here.'. 1 „ , - '-.
gale, thWvEngliPh'philarithropVs't.'i has
been decorated, with -the', order" of -nierit
by K i n p fEd wa rd.\ \u25a0\u25a0 Sb« \- f s ; . t he \u25a0 - fl r st
woman - : to£'ret;eiyf!;. this'- distinguished
honor, .which Kto*; : the . present - time
has been bestowe'd'only.upon;l3!imen. -J.
Senator Raj§es Stor^
in White 'tese
President Asks West Virginian
for Information Regarding '\u25a0: •
'Money' Situation
*•!•' ; SPECIAI/DIsr'ATCmTO THE CALt. .. : ;
VVCHICAGO, Nov? 29.— A*' specTaT-dis^
pateh r from'" Washington,; to the Inter
Ocearu says : * One of -the liveliest rows
that '-.ever-occurred at the "White House
took .place 'today between President
Roosevelt 'and Senator Scott •of West
Virginia becausethe president was told
what'tscott" believed v to* be the' truth
about the -financial situation.-;;
\u25a0"President Roosevelt askedj theVWest
Virginian who: was being [blamed for
the -critical .condition which »fee coun
try,as v now facing! , •
V, "Do v you- 1 .wish ' me to .give "you a
'frank; and truthful, answer?" inquired
Senator, Scott. ', . •. . . ' \u25a0'<.- •
\u25a0' "Certainlj"," "replied the- president.
•'I ' really y desire \u25a0 to'-know,- what is the
opinion of the people."
a iVEvery one blames you, Mr. President,
for.; the; unfortunate condition- of -the
country.-. You have requested me' to
bo .frank with you and ', I will say tnat
nearly every person with whom I have
discussed the situation', has declared
that the agitation against corporations
and the business t interests of the^cqun
tryi .which /\u25a0 is directly \u25a0 attributable v to
you, is,responsible'*for the-disturbance.
- ; "They -believe if •there-should beiless
talk, less denunciation, and if the laws
should* be- enforced in- a>regrular- and
orderly manner without the fl6urish:of
trumpets, the country would-be-great
ly benefited." : '. j
\u25a0;.-,' This frank statement .was' too much !
for.'Pvesident Roosevelt,, who lost '.his i
temper-: and \u25a0 -used -' some : vigorous
language, which was not pleasing^'to |
Senator. ; : Scott. \u25a0 [ '»\u25a0'.' <-.]
.The wrath of the president was great!
and ' he^ told Senator Scott - that " he was I
not: a friend of the administration. and !
that^he was misinformed. ~ j
Ten^CentS; a Sharey Will Be v Paid
on Mining. , Stock , January 2, . . -
. .' It Is: Announced
. GOLDFIELD.: . Nev. Nov. • 23.— The
Florence Gold field mm Ing 1 company -de
clared- a dividend, of -10-centsia share
today on. its outstanding: "stock^pay
abl«v January 2. ; The, company; is cap
unissued- In the'- treasury. The "amount
to 'lie distributed is": ?1 05, 000/ \ ;.''\u25a0\u25a0"_ :
. ; This:' is"the first 'dividend.- although
tha'conipany has-.long .had^a : blgr treas
ury,' it -being/", the company.'s policy
to 'build;' and pay: for; a -larg^e mill, de
velop all ,' mining' .tonnage and have -a.
gooj ireserve^beforc; paying 1 , dividends.
The ?250,000 mill- is", nearly rroompleted
axxd^jpaid , for -"and;.: there ; is.; still .'.over
halflaimillion' T im jthedtreasurr^ :-\u25a0
,;.: \AV#rfteNjitjng and worth v;tmdertaking j
'J^LS^t cS^te^in the preservation of the old
,s*nta Fp;tr»il to California. -Read of the
ixi&idrfSbuMtHnsfs.in •:
ms*&fThe Sunday Call
QWes a Fortiine; Owns
a Suit of Clothes
Notorious Jules Carnage Gets
Into Trouble and Is Sought
by New York Police
I NEW YORK, Nov. 29.— Jules Gam
age, notorious in San Francisco for a
number of years. Is In hot water here.
A \warrant. for his arrest has been
isued out in a civil action and. the qftl.
•cers. hope to capture .him before. he
I sails' for f Europe. \u25a0 " .
Gamage has been living in 'fine style
with- a : woman -who : claims to be a
! member 'of the Russian nobility. She
i calls herself the Ourosoff. At
one .time- he was .associated with Colo
ndl'KowalAky, .who was reported to be
the confidential - 1 agent here of King
Leopold of Belgium. It was part of
Gamage's business frequent the big
hotels and he has \png been a familiar
figure at the 'Waldorf.
. Gamage. found it much easier to dis
pose iof mining stocks over a social
glass of wine. It was in this way that
he sold the shares of the Ontario cop
per t - company, which proved his un
doing. In his bankruptcy petition
Gamage confesses , - that his debts
amount to ?32, 536. His assets are ?50
worth of yearing apparel.
Impertinent Question No. 27
"What's tte Matter With Teddy?"
For the most original or wittiest answer to this ques
tion—and the briefer the better — The Call will p>ay
FIVE DOLLARS- For the next five answers
1 The Gall will pay^ONE DOLLAR each. Prize
winning answers; will be printed next Wednesday
and checks mailed to the winners at once Make
•-\u25a0•"\u25a0.. your answer short and address it to
Winning Anawera to "Why mat yon m&nace year $„-'** '.
( Hnsbandl"
~|s prize to "J. C. Heefcman. 4000 19tn','*trset. city. i.
tV'i t -Tell me. and keep tHfe" v fiye. T
|l prize ' to' Mrt.-E. Wood. 904 Boutn I stxe*t. Saa J«s*.
Because' too many of his friendi are telling him how to
manage {me.
11 . prise to"- Mla» G. Frie, 1322 I*rkin street, city. .
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Financial Measure
to Be Discussed
by Leaders
AldrkhSeeks Agreement l i
on Currency Legislation
Four Propositions
for Solving the
Centra! Bank and Issue
of Circulation Favored
Ira E. Bennett
Senator Aldrich, chairman of
the- finance comraitte, wilJ
reach Washington tomorrow
and will immediately go into
conference with ' republican
leaders in the house and senr
ate on proposed currency leg
islation. It is thought there
will be considerable conferring
before an agreement is reached
permitting the passage: of a bill
-It is the hope of ; the adminis
tration and the republican lead
ers in congress that the general
terms of a bill can be tentatively
agreed upon, so that when the
measure comes into congress it
may bid' fair to . receive the
support of republicans in both houses
as -a- party measure and regard-,
lesrf of individual opinions and
prejudices. This hope is at present
but a tender bud, and there. are those
around the capitol who think It is
destined to experience some chilliny
frosts before it blossoms.
- There are four general propositions
for solving the currency problem, each
of which has its advocates. And tha
pride of opinion when It comes to the
financial question is simply something 1 *
amazing. It --'beats religious prejudice'
all hollow and is pretty near as serious
as the prohibition question. These four
propositions are, briefly, as follows:
•The creation of a central bank of
issue; a, central organization of exist
ing banks; the Issuance of additional
circulation asrainst securities-other than'
United States bonds: the Issuance of
circulation upon general assets secured
by a guaranteed fund.
In addition to these tueroMs a host
of weird financial propositions^ raori
or. less popullstic Jn nature. There is
a desire among republicans to xnakt
it a party question so as to derive
crrdit in the next campaign.
Senator Allison was inclined to b«

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