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Awarded Oakland Chamber
of Commerce Chal
lenge Cup
His Golden Pencil Hamburgs
Given Alameda Club
OAKLAND. Hoc. 5. — Mrs. F. E. Bemis
nf East Oakland hns. won the Oakland
chamber of rofiimVrce challenge cup for
ili* be«t display; of one variety at the
Alamorta county pdftltfy association's
animal chow at Id^ra park: Mrs. nvmis'
r-shlbit of iviiii«- riyinot!) rooks was
th" winning -iisplay.
For tli« bast '- display,-* male and
ff-malc. exhibited by a resident of Ala
m^ua. C. J. tM<*g:tri'*d captured tlio 50,
(•••o club or A!nm<'da oliallfngo cup
with hie CtoUloh Pencil Hamburgh
Ampri.-sn clsf-. Mrs. F. E. IloaiW: Asiatic
rite*. Mrs. K. K. K«i«I; M<-1lt"n-Jii<'i:ii < luss.
«>.-.)-,:'• XV. r<ipi)'-!«<>ll: F.ttgliKh rlass. Jcso Mar
t'ti: Ihit'.lt cl«m. C J- Btegfrtrt; Fran«-li 1 .
Mis K. F. BcM: ca-.nfv «•!«**, JlnlMiitsworti)
vouitry vtrd*: oriiHinoniHl bantam*. I". .K. Mns<in;
ciiallMtte «\u25a0"!' t"f 1" tw^t .*<>M<l rtiloriv: f<m-U,
J<***e Miirtin: licst <!i«p!».v /mm S">nn!iia cMinty.
11. <J. ScruUon: Fniitrnlo <-up. J«nio>i Stmi^
f.rld- Hinds <-ui>. fur 1<» host wliito IMynjoiilh
n«-k-=. Mrs. I*. F. Brmfs: Ivkltind rup. Id bost
furticolorpd liirrts "light nrsiimas); Mre: P.. V.
field: tx'st display of Columbian Wyandottcs. C
<;. Hints: MttrbeH <-np. l«>st ajtolajr of part
rrtz* C"OhJDi>. I). A. Cohn: bost dispiay of va
.licsi*;*. D. A. C"l;n.
Oth«»r yppclal prizes were awarded
CobWirk. b«rr»Hl IMyninuth cnn-kProU: Ue«t tr
m*> in Rliorr. \V. M. Mud?** & Son. B. B. rt-d
t«w pollrt.
Spet-ial «-s«sli prirrs— r.»ir«r*t exliibit of poultry, j
twfcpyt. «nd orator fowl* psopptrd. ]). A. Colin: ;
(..w-^n-1 larfrsl rxliibit. Mrs. B. llaprdnrn: best
nispljiy «>f turk«rs. T). A. CoUn; best display of j
wntfT f-iTTIs. ||. C. Sermon.
Prize awards for collections were:
Bbit«^ riymontu i:<vk«— Mrs. F. K. Bwnls. 1.
Uliito Plyinotith Ro-kK— Mrs. F. K. 8.-mK 1.
V\"hiir W'yiindottos — Jo'm Evans. 1: James
hmnsfipM. 2-4-5; Mrs. C. Btirg^nnfistpr, 3.
l.tjrhl Brjimalis — Mrs. E. F. I>lil, l.^»
S. C. Whit* Lpciinrn— V. M. Nnbprt. 1? n
-' Silrp! Dm-kwinK I-esborn — Holliiipsn'orth poul
try yards. 1.
S. S. U'hiiP Minnrcn-H. C Srrutton. li
Buff Orpingtou— Jesse Martin. 1; Mrs. B. Hage
tiorn. S-3-4-S.
Houdocs— Mrs. K. F. Rr!d..l: F. T>. Hall. 2.
B. B. lied Oanip — HoZMogsworth poultry
y»rds. 1.
B:i*f focli'in Bsntam^ — Jsmcs Stansfipld, 1.
Ayipsbury — H. C. Serutton. ,
The poultry show will close Sunday
night. All prize winners, pens and
coops arc distinctively marked so that
spectators have full opportunity tf>
view them.
Murderer Will Go to His
Death on Friday for
Slaying Woman
SAN QUENTIN, Dec. :..— Morris Buck,
the murderer of Mrs. Charles A. Can
field, wife of a wealthy oil operator o*
Los Angeles, will be hanged in the
prison execution chambers at 10:50
o'clock tomorrow morning.
The crime for which Buck is to suf
fer the death penalty was committed
January 27, 1906. and was one of the
most cold blooded on record.
The man expressed a desire late last
night to see his brothers, who are in
Los Angeles and who held no
•\u25a0ommunication with Ifim. It is- not
probable that any of his relatives will
witness his execution and in all likeli
hood Buck will ascend the scaffold un
attended pave by the prison officials
and Rev. Father Callopie.
Buck expresses no regret at having
killed Mrs. Canfield and seemingly does
not realise his terrible crime. Guards
It E. Kelly and Frank Clark have been
<lotas!cd on the death watch.
Compels James M. Brown to Hold
Up Hands, but Runs When
Coach Approaches
OAKLAND. Dec. 5. — A highwayman,
\u25a0who halted James M. Brown of 129 San
Pablo avenue and was about to search
the pocket* of his victim at the point
•\u25a0r a revolver, was frightened away
from his work by the approach of a
streetcar at the oornt-r of Eighth and
jrarket streets this morning.
Brown had been standing at Ihe cor
ner waiting for a car to Broadway and
the highwayman appeare/1 when the
<&r was *t!ll soraf blocks way.
If. M. Howard of 765 Franklin street
reported that an overcoat was stolon
from his office.
OAKLAND. Tier. s.— Mrs. Emily
Welch, wire of 1.. A. W-elch. a Berkeley
electrician. appeared before Judge
\u25a0Waste today to be examined for -in
s*nity. Mrs. Welch was In the deten
tion ward at the receiving hospital at
the beginning of: the holidays, but was
allowed io go home to avoid being held
there 'luring their continuance. She
trill pu to the hospital at Napa..
I Deliglntful 1 * 7 * l *'*^] Qtire-|
1 Water &^^^^M D y s P e P sia I
[I Highly - r feiis^2rf-fe Troubles 1
Medicinal rf|i~=^j|| arlcl 1
I Qualities yiiliO^y l Gout J
Miss Jessie Bowers, who has
been elected vice president, of
the Treble Clef club.
Coed Singers Plan to Give a
Choral Festival Next
11EUKELKV. Dor. 5. — L.!ke other or
ganizations of the university which are
<-losing up their work for the term, a
bevy of pretty coed singers, styled the
University' Treble Clef, have elected of
ficers. Miss Constance Dewey of the
'senior class has been chosen as presi
dent and Miss Jessie Bowers as vice
president. Miss Madge "Woodman will
be secretary treasurer and the mem
bers o^. the executive committee Misses
Mabel Clinch, Kate Buckingham and
Carrie Parsons.
. Among the plans of this musical or
ganization for next year, as discussed
at the last meeting of this term, is the
advisability of giving a choral fes
tival. :-Si:-
Suburban Brevities
land. Dw." 6. — Richard \V. DonoTan was sen
tenced bu Superior .ludffe MeWin today to sprre
n year la the penitentiary at San Quentin for
stealing a horso aud buggy In Llrermore.
A Knlclits of Columbus .council will shortly bo
organised In Pnlo Alto and will include the men
of the Menlo Park and Palo Alto parlsheg. Sixty
will be placed on the roll as charter members.
Pec. 5. — A. U. Unnter and Bert Davis, who
rolilied two stores and a saloon In this city No
vember 15. have been captured in Santa Bar
bara by' Petor Kelly, a Southern Pacific com
pany detective.
•'. — The Southern PaclSc and the San Francisco,
Vallejo and Napa Valley electric roads haTe
reached an agreement regarding the interurban
line building across the steam road's tracks to
enter St. Helena.
3. — Alexander Mooreland, . a laborer,, was ad-
Judged insane In Judge Harris' court today and
committed to the state hospital at Napa. Moore
laad'a mind is said to have become deranged at
a recent powder explosion at Pinole.
5. — Frank Graham, formerly of San Francisco,
who grabbed a sack containing ftereral hundred
dollars in gold from the saf£ of Robert McQuar
rle, was sentenced today by Judge Harrier to
18 months in San Quentin prison on his plea of
guilty. . . -
A. Fraßer of STO Slxtr-slxth street reported to
the police today that be. was awakened last
nlglit by some one trying to enter his bouse by
the front door. He went to fhe door to inTes
titgate and $>und no one, but saw marks around
the keyhole.
Dec 5. — In a collision between an electric <-ar
of the Oakland traction consolidated and a loaded
lumber wegon in the Webster street roadway this
morning George Hand, a shipping clerk in the
employ of the Gorham rubber company, sustained
a fracture of the left! leg.
Dec. s.— The Senate debating society of the nnl
vereity Las elected F. A. White president, A. R.
Kilpore was chosen Tice president, F. M. Bat-,
dorf secretary and Wedell Foss treasurer. The'
executive committee has been named as fol
lows: A. It. Kilgore, H. R. Games and I. T.
PROFESSORS TO TALK— Berkeley. Dec. 5.—
Professors Hrnr* Morse Stephens of the depart
ment of history of the university- and William
Dallam Armes of the English department, who
: has returned recently from Harvard, will be the
speakers at the university meeting of the stu
dents In Harmon gymnasium tomorrow morning
at 11 o'clock. \u25a0
5. — Pilgrim Congregational church ladles will
bold a bazaar Friday end Saturday at the church,
eighth avenue, near East Fifteenth street. Use
ful and fancy articles appropriate for Christmas
gifts, with supplies' for the larder, will -be on
sale. Supper will be served each evening from
6 to 7:30 o'clock.
D. S. Beekman, who recently attempted suicide
in the county Jail, was released on the showing
of his attorney that the law under which he was
arrested had not taken effect at the time the
alleged offense was committed. Beekman was a
contractor charged with diverting funds paid
him for building a house.' .
TO PRESENT "ENGAGED"— Berkeley. Dee.
."5. — Gilbert's "Kngaged." la three arts, will
be presented by tbe. dramatic society of the St.
Matthew's Episcopal churph in Lorln hall tomor
row night. In the cast are: Misses Gertrude
Kenny. Agnes Bsyley, Jennie Sandberg, . Ida
Simpson, and Clyde Cook, Alfred Bayley, Lynn
McCracken, Herbert Spencer and : Iceland Groom.
Dec. s.— The ' union meeting of the sections •of
tie Atfelplilan club will be held Saturday after
noon in the Tnitarlan church. A musical and lit
erary program lias been arranged by Sirs. Henry
Rosenthal. The participants in the program will
be Miss Eleanor Todbunter. ; Miss Etbel Price,
Mrs. Fred Slavan, Miss Alice Davis,. Miss Sher
wood and Mrs. Fred T. Moore.
Scathingly Arraigned *by
Attorney for Treatment
' of Woman
Anita Forcade Weeps -as
Dentist's Brother ;
\ Testifies
OAKLAND, Dec. -s.—?eter F. '-Roller,
who said he formerly, was a detective
under William -J.. Burns) in the San
Francistio graft prosecutions, and Anita.
Forcade, reputed for years tho 'wife, of
Dr. Harry, Morton/of Berkeley, ivere
dismissed on a cliarge of grand lar
ceny made by J. R. Morton, a.brotlier
of the dentist, in the police court this
morning. During the examination Abe
P. Leach, counsel for the accused
couple, who were arrested in Seattle,
made such sensational accusations
against the complaining witness that
it seemed as though Morton instead of
Roller and the woman was on trial.
There was no direct evidence, accord
ing to Judge Mortimer .Smith, on: which
to hold tho couple;, the prosecution pro
duced a messenger boy. who was'said to
have taken tiie message from .-. Jvoller
and Anita F/jreade to " a saloonman. to
pay over $300 belngring to J. 11. -.iorton,
but the boy could -Identify.; neither de
fendant. ; !
The money was said by Morton; to
have .been stolen March Al.A 1 . Holler was
tlion in San "Francisco, and ho and the
woman left together for Seattle, 'where
Roller became a sanitary inspector in
the city government. After his dis
missal. Roller ,«aid that he hud made
an inspection of the Seattle city
and reported it in an unliealthy condi
tion, which so exasperated tho police
that he was put into a basement cell
and shamefully ill treated while await
ing the arrival of Detective McSor.ley
of the Oakland force.
On. his way, to this city Roller was
placed In a cell at Portland occupied
by Fred 'Worthington, suspected of the
robbery of the Great Northern train in
Montana last October, when more than
$14,000 was stolen. Worthington, un
der suspicion, was being sweated by
the Pinkertons and the railway . police
and made an "alleged confession \u25a0to
Roller. Now that he is free again, the
former secret service man said he in
tends to use this information In prose
cuting Worthington and his two ac
complices, who have'been ; arrestcd, and
will seek part of the reward offered by
tho Hill railroad, . : .
According to" the. Portland .police,'
Roller will be fglven . the laugh when
he claims a portion of 'the'.- reward for
having mistaken the vainglorious
boastings of a drunken man for truth.
Worthington has been released despite
his "confession," which has .been dis
proved by -. ,the, (-officials, to, whom he
made It before- Roller became- his cell
mate. ;.. \u0084'....-. .... \u0084-' ; / ;
It developed In the examination this
morning, that the money ..•which Morton
says ' was stolen 'came f rom~the | sale of
real estate in Berkeley,' in which Anita
Forcade claime'd^arcommunfty^interest.
James McVey, a saloon " keeper; testi
fied that he turned over the .money, on
an order supposed to' have come from
J. R. Morton.
Then, .when Morton began to testify
that he knew the woman. as his broth
er's wife, his arraignment began. He
was asked regarding his own relatlpns
with; Anita Forcade, and M would
answer. Attorney,' Leach "accused him
of having consorted with her .while she
was living with Dr. Harry Morton, de
clared that both brothers 'had acted in
more than an ungentlemanly manner
and affirmed that Dr. Harry Morton
dodged the issue ; by fleeing to .the
Bouthern pa.rt of the state when* Roller
was arrested.
"You -knew, did you not, that - Anita
Forcade was your^brother's wife?*' de
manded Leach. .. ' \u25a0\u0084
"I did not know that, they- were man
and wife," replied Morton.
"You knew,.' that; he had been living
with her for several'years and held'her
out, to the world as his wife?" '; The
witness replied in the affirmative, and.
Leach continued: .
"You were living at your -brother's
house, and is it not a' fact, that you at
tempted to ; get her 'to elope with you-^
that you. even went so far as to get a
trunk for her?"
Morton did not answer, hanging- his
head. > .:
"I wish to show by this witness/ "ex- :
plained Leach, "that when this . woman
refused to elope, with him and: left his
brother's house he became enraged,"
and, like the cowardly • dog that {he Is,
he had. a complaint sworn to and had
her brought back like a criminal."
The release of the prisoners '. was* then
ordered.v ; " , S
j During the arraignment of' Morton
the woman; nearly : fainted, swaying \u25a0•! in
her chair, and left ..the courtroom"Xin
tears after she was discharged. ,;
Letters in Behalf of Heroine of
Wreck Written by Those; Who
'Owe Lives to Her ;
.BERKELEY, Dec. s.— Before . the
close of^ the present year Miss May
belle Watson, heroine; of the- Columbia
wreck :of last July, , will probably, bo
the * .; recipient , of 'a. Carnegie medal.
Letters ;in behalf of the; Berkeley] girl
have - been . written' by Miss "Emma
Greise of Los Angeles, 'whose, life Mis 3
Watson saved, and by others. SwPESSS
. Miss Watson said today that she ; had
hot received any word about \u25a0 the "^Car?
negie medal, altnough. she knew Jthat
letters had been written ;to the chairf
man. of the_Carriegie : hero fund. Fri.ends
of ; the heroine said that (undoubtedly
she will -receive the coveted. medal ybe^;
fore -the end of the/year:-;
BERKELEY, Dec. s.— Miss".
Gude .will „ give the last half i hour =' of
music for! the; year jini the iGreekitheatlr.
Sunday afternoon'at 4
render/tbe followlng^songs: ' \u0084?,;;;:•'
"Wldmung/.' "Dv blst.wie cine" bliime'".
(Schumann),- "Ich 'iiebe'-dicli,'.' '.'Guten
morgen" -; (Grieg),- ''Obstihation"/^(De
Fontenaillen);r, "Beloved, - J lt Vls Morn"
(Aylward), *'Aye . Maria" (Bach-Gou
nod).': .. \u25a0 ;.' \u25a0•^:-;';N ? V.I \u25a0...'. .'"*-'' : '\u25a0'•\u25a0•
' Miss Gude will be ;accompahied by,
Robert Harnden.
PLEAD iWOT-OTXlLTY— Oakland, Dcc.t. rr u*-~u *-~
- William'- Smith jandf B*a!> Rr. Long,- accnspii of
hHT ing ; obtained ?3 j each '? from Mrs.- S. •J.
broke and ;A. iS:;,: Pembroke jiiudcr \u25a0 tlu» pretPiise
that i they - were ; collecting ia • fund to, obtain ; tap
rrleftfte .. from f San • Quentln '\u25a0 of • Percy 'r Pcrubrote,"
uprTlnit ! son tence ' for, robbery,' . plpadod \ not i gull ty
In police ; court thla' morulaif , and Ucuiandc-d jury,
\u25a0 - Mrs. ; W. : H. IJ. Matthews and
Mrs, W. H. Sawtelle, who are'
aiding , in doll" show.' '•
Society ih Cities
Across th£ Bay
OAKLAND,- Dec. 5.- — Dressed In pur
pl« and 'fine linen the exclusive maids
and matrons of tho doll world received
their friends at an elaborate reception
this afternoon and evening in Reed
hall, the women of the "West Oakland
home, that philanthropic organization
which is caring for 200 motherless chiK
dren "in "their, clubhouse in Peralta'
stre.it, assisting In.the receiving party.
In the center of the large hall the 25
dolls -deemed worthy' to be judged for
prizes "occupied tho place of- honor.
Early ; this morning all rivalry was «nd
ed- 3 by -, tho . committee . awarding:, first
prlzes.Vsmall | silken .banners, to Mrs. E.
a.\ Denison' f or ! a cjiarmihg girl : doll lln
fine lingerie dr^ss, with pink chiffon
shirned-hat; and silk cpat tcr match;- to
Mrs.^John *Xyer' for & baby.;,' doll;; -.to
Mine: '\u25a0'\u25a0"' Sclielb . '\u25a0'• for ' a Parisian doll,
dressed, in.; an elaborate creation of
white/elaborated in gold lace and me
dallions.' Those claiming the second
prlz,<js; r "wero Mrs; J. "W. Ke3Slar, who
took two ribbons, and Mrs. J./E. Rowe.
Miss Lou-Dennlson, Mrs. J. M. Scotchler
and * Mrs. Kesslar were each -given \u25a0*&.
third place in* the friendly competition.
The judges rendering the verdict were
Mrs. T. C. Coogan, Mrs. H. C. Capwell,
and Mrs. Cora Jones.
--The. approach of the holiday season
is presaged in Reed hall. With the
pretty booths 'artistically trimmed in
Chrfstmas -greens and -red berries,
groupings of incandescents adding a
bright note, the atmosphere Is decidedly
pervad.ed by the holiday spirit. .: A
striking booth, entirely different" from
the others, is that • concession over
which Mrs. H. .B. Mehrmann presides.
Oh a, background of white, sprays *of
pink popples with .lighted centers make
a picturesque setting for. dainty hand
kerchiefs: Mrs.\Georgeßyno is assist
ed In the mystery booth' by a coteri* of
prominent, women. An interesting spot
is the fancy work booth, Mrs. Edward
Beardsley, Mrs. Sawtell and several
members of the home dispensing their
wares, while Mrs. 'C.', F. Baker, has
charge of the. many fancy bags. Mrs/
W. H. J^ , Matthews and Mrs., Eugene
Van Court, an» in charge "of the lemon
ade, and candy booths... Scores of dain
tily gowned dolls : rare off ered by. Mrs.
E. A. : do Lamater, the small b|>ys flnd
lng;-;their; delight ln : a nearby, conces
sion -where locomotives and automo
biles are shown; by,^ Mrs. R. C. Moncjc.
The Little Workers, an : auxiliary of
children; of .which /Miss Helen M,»hr' :
mann is : president, \ have an interesting
table of Christmas gifts which make
them ;a ; center; of much ; activity. -Mrs:
"William /A.' . Schrock Is assisting , them.
X: A" series of living ; pictures was ; pre
sented this afternoon and evening by
the ; children.. Among, . those par
ticipated; in..; the ; tableaux; were. Theo
Jatho, Baby Cameron, Janice; Tobrlner,
lima Tobrlner, Eugene Corrigan, Eliot
Taylor, \ Margaret ..Taylor, Kathleen
Eien, Wilda Hershiser, Claire MacDouf
gaU, ' Alice " Palmer, Doris Borneman;
Bernice . Bromwell," He)»4n .Trevor,'." Elsie
Bishop, v Lester Blshop.'i. Henry .'Trevor..
Jr., Lillian '^Tard,.Katherihe Fox, George
B'reeman and . others. The doll?; show
will continue Friday,;, and* Saturday, aft-;
ernoons and evenings.v the ; living >'p'lc-,
tures making up " the pretty.; program
for each event/. The proceeds ;of : the
annual festival- will Ko dev.oted: to 'the
carrying on the •: work? of. the ";hbme,\ of
which. Mrs. -LA. Beretta Is president. 1
"*\u25a0 "*-' \u25a0' '.'>.'" '.*"'* \u25a0*! '\u25a0*''• ''" -, •": ;..'..
\u0084T he"w-e'dding'of" w-e'dding 'of Samiwl Eastman and
Miss 'Adelaide "Bangs was ". a pretty ser
: rr i ;the
. residence "iff. thsi.bride.'aifather, ; : Benja
min Bangs, in Berk el ey,, in the pr.esenco
of 'more than lO^qf thQ- closer: friend*
of : " the;* Eastman , ; a^>d 'iJßangs families*
The details*'of.Uh«.*marrtege L were? most
elaborate: . v The; roojns'carried; a cliarm
- Ing decoration of andVblos-;
soms. Attending ' Miss as;; rhald
of .', honor '.was 'Miss .5 Louise Eastman;
The bridesmaids Hv.ere herfsister.^Miss
Janejßange. 1 Miss. Ruth-Green, 'Miss Ina
Hughes,;M}ss*;Leslie]G6tnpertz arid'Mlss
Rowena J^lstan.Vfßev-Mr. McDougal of
BeJm6n t ~.i;eadlv ti\s~:' : marriage . ;. service.-
Af ter.'an r infbrmaV.'i'eceptlon and supper
MtV and /MrSP^Etistman;' lefty on 1 th.eir
:weddihg>'journe>'^ ptaifning^upon "their
return * to - reside i Inr the- college .: tcrt\-n:-
The,-brfde r ' lira ; : graduate! of theaUnli
versity of -California and'she ; has been
prominent .in.sorority,. affairs. . .
...- ,\u25a0 ' ' ' .". \u25a0' •: \u25a0 ' * ».V/ '.* -. ;
*'AVith* simple ceremony, this', eyenihg
at \u25a0 th'e'.resioVJnee of the bride's parents,
Mr. 'and. Mrs.'. Howard' B. ; ;Land, : lnjLln-
J den r stceet;" v Tjiomks ; Degen^ and^Sllss;
*Ru th r^ Trand " v wer « '. tin lted^ ih u marriage.*
,ThaVJsej:vM_eeV^ ; 6Vcli|;was;Vead^bx-tߧVi*
mcmb\^r*|of j rtid] D?gen^ and^andif anaJ^J
\ Uc3 -'oiily. r :;Miss^U«uel vl^aacLvaUeniied'
S. rHv Buteau Testifies for
the Defense of Olive
Physician of Opinion That
Acid Thrower Is Not
OAKLAND, Dec. 5. — Dr. S. H. Buteau
testified' to day at the trial of Olive
Scully, charged \u25a0 with - the murder of
James F.Gl«»ver. "that he believed the
woman; was' insane as 4 the result of
treatment' she had received during her
llfci and that the life she' had led had
made 'it . impossible for her to' recover.
The opinion was given after a ques
tion covering several typewritten
sheets of, paper and summarizing the
events of her life had been propounded
by Attorney Walsh for the defense.
District Attorney Brown fought 'hard
to: have the question ruled out but
failed, and Dr. Buteuu was. emphatic in
his reply that. she was insane. He also
testified that the woman expected to
become a mother.
v After a severe cross examination, . In
which the prosecution failed to shake
his ' testimony, Dr; Biiteau was allowed
toga -\u25a0.\u25a0\u25a0".. . .;';
During the afternoon the prosecu
tion; recalled Jlobert Harrison" and W.
J.. McCaffery, who were lodgers at the
house at the timo the acid- was said
to, have been thrown. They gave tes
timony ..in \u25a0 rebuttal, '-tending to show
that Miss Scully had acted rationally
that day' and had shown no previous
sig'njof derangement.
The case - will be resumed Monday,
December 9.
Want Ordinance Drafted
to Outwit Scorching
. Motorists
OAKLAND, Dec. 5. — Toll gates on the
now boulevard and in East Fourteenth
street are advocated by some of the
leading residents of Fruitvale as "•*
means of preventing motor maniacs
from -violating the speed limit law
and endangering the lives of pedes
trians and. travelers in other styles of
"A* committee of businessmen from
Fruitvale" will wait upon the district
attorney and lay before him many al
leged flagrant violations of the law
by drivers of automobiles.
The toll gate plan has been submit
ted to ; Supervisor t William ' Bridge and
he has : promised his Fruitvale constitu
ents/ fhat ha 1 will present It "to his
colleagues' on 'the board of supervisors.
The district attorney will be requested
to draft anr ordinance ithatwill afford
the residents of Fruitvale the relief
they seek from the fast flying auto
lßts.; :
Accident on the Northwestern Pa-
cific Road Near Tomales Caused
by Defective Brakes
SAN RAFAEL. Dec. s.— Five Italian
laborers' of the ' Northwestern Pacific
railroad were seriously hurt, two of
them \u25a0 probably fatally, in an accident
to a work* tralrr,at Tomales this after
noon. More,*>than 100 workmen were
seated In various positions on the flat
cars which made up the work. train as
it >: rounded ~ the curve • below ' Tomales
station.' A defective brake caused the
train, to part half way between*; the
englne Y and',the caboose. The rear sec
tion ; came, to a sudden stop, throwing
several of the workmen to the ground.
Considerable confusion followed the
accident," .' and Engineer/ Finnic and
Conductor . Moore,, had hard work in
quieting the friends 'of the . Injured
men who apparently, in their Ignor
ance, held them responsible; for • the
wreck. -The 'injured -men were taken
to the railroad hospital for treatment.
her. sister as, maid of honor; Walter De
gen, a brother, assisting the bride
groom. .After the wedding supper the
•bridal couple* left' on a short wedding
journey. Attractive apartments in San
Francisco await their return. Later Mr.
Degen will build a home in San Mateo.
Mrs. Degen is a charming girl. Her
husband is a young businessman "of
San Francisco.
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Maurer will en
tertain at one of the charming affairs
of. the coming week .at theirlartlstic
resldenceYln North Berkeley in honoi»
of:. Rev. John; Howland Lathrop and
Mrs.;*: Lathrop, formerly Miss ' Lita
Schleslnger. ; The dance, for which
cards have been Issued, will be an event
of Thursday eVening, -* .
; .The marriage of Edgar Bonnemort
and; Miss; Pauline^ : Yancey. : was solemn
ized "this; evening , at the lYancey home,
122 : East Fourteenth "street," by Rev.Ed
gar:,F.\ Gee. t rector - of ; St. John's Epis
copal u churchl- Relatives and friends
of the;, families "attended the wedding
ceremony, .which .was delightful in its
simplicity.; '.The parlors i^were adorned
in a color - scheme, of yellow arid greeoi
Tastef ully>rranged flowers fandfollage
gave/ effective embellishment. ;'O. ,The
bride (waV attended Iby j her .*. sister, Miss
Johanna} YahceyiUwho- served- as "maid
of ; hcnor.. She was "given away ; by .Cap-"-"
tain.? John cLe'vßlaric.; \ Sidney. Richard
son", served as| groomsman: I Bonnetndrt
is a member , of one of Oakland's pib
fiecf-familles.f His; father was. a prom
inent ] figure ;in the mining history of
early : California.- He ;i is, a^member of
the Nile club' and : at ; present ' Is an \u25a0 at
tache ' of; the -city The
bride Is ;a '.cultured \u25a0; ; young 'woman; tal
ented : in "music and : warmly.'-adfnlred Iby
many,"frl«!nds:. After their.; return from
the \u0084. wedding Jjourneyl the-" Bonnemorts
willjmake their 'home in* East Oak
laniir-:. 'j .'- ? ..- - ' \u25a0 «
.The 'Chris (mas '11 S onset
• The ;.- December »t number of Sunset
Magazine- is "as i complete a mirror of.
artistic ;andS literary^ -life In 'the west
'af, present ?as "can? be r found. Its' con
tents f/are 'notable; j^torles ;by James
Hopper, Sara; and Dr
pharlecA. Eastman; -pictures by_-Er
nest _C.- Peixotto, " M. . J. \u25a0 Spero. - Randal
•lan ;fsverse?by - George^ Sterling, s Cbarles
W arr.en Alberta
Jln,>.CharJesKK.-: Field. vJulia : Boynton
vGrfien - and-: Mayor \u25a0 Taylor. ,' \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0- " \u25a0 - •••-.-
Philip S. Thatcher, who has
been elected editor of the Cal
ifornia-Occident magazine.
Philip S. Thatcher Succeeds
D. L. Levy as Head of
Magazine ,
BERKELEY. Dec. 5. — The editorial
policy of the California Occident maga
zine will be guided by Philip P.
Thatcher of the senior class, .whoso
election to "the editorship of the student
monthly of the university was an
nounced today by the English club.
Thatcher succeeds David L. Levy, the
student editor whose article on the
coed smoking club led to the recent
hazing episode for which 17 student*
were placed on probation after they
had covered Levy with fly paper.
Thatcher Is well known in literary
circles, having served his apprentice
ship as. associate editor of the Daily
California, the student dally, before he
assumed the news editorship of the
monthly magazine. 'During the last
term he had much to do with the suc
cess of the Occident. Thatcher Is a
member of the Phi Delta .Theta fra
ternity and Golden Bear and Winged
Helmet honor societies.
One Man Carries Gaspipe \ and the
Other Two Razors and a
OAKLAND, Dec. 5. — Two armed sus
pects were arrested by the police today
andi'are being- held; for -investigation,
under the belief that they nr&y know;
something of .the recent holdups.
Herbert \ Kilroy,- who - carried , a . piece
of ,gasplpe Jn a -sack, ,wasi arrested at
Fourth*, and Webster streets by Po
liceman F. Wood and was unable to
account for his. possession of the wea
pon. . . *;'."•;
A.man who gave the name of, Mike
Flynn was . arrested by Patrolman
Thornberr>\ who since the murder of
Special Policeman George White has
been detailed to investigate suspicious
characters. Flynn had his trousers
tucked In his boot tops and in each boot
carried a razor. In his front hip pocket
was a heavy revolver. He was Xouna'
in the: shadow of a building at First
and Grove streets and acted suspicious
ly. On his person was found consider
able cheap jewelry, which he claimed
to have found lying along the railroad
OAKLAND, Dec. 5.— F. W. Bilger.
president of the chamber, of commerce,
has appointed delegates .to the com
mercial travelers' congress, which will
be held December '2B in San Francisco.
Tlje delegates ars as follows:
Edjrar H. Barber, I. A. Beretta, Fred IT.
Busby, •" Joseph King. J. . C. . Espejn. A. V. Ed
wards, George Fake. Charles C. Harrlr, Robert
Howden," Fred A. .Jordan. "Joha B. Jordan. F.
Klln^berir. Emil Lehnhardt. C. Walter -Manuel.
J. P. Maxwell. James Miller. C. M. Orr. H.
Schellhaas, Charles Smith. C. K. MatUewson.
Arthur M. Rich. George W. Howell. - M«rrt9
Isaacs, H. K. Jnrfcson. J. J. Warner. R. S.
Kitchener. W. F. -Lemon. K. M.' UmphrcU,
James Miller. Charles G." Monroe. George Mos
backer. F. .T. McHenry. Edgar L. Ormsby, O.
Burn Palmer. David F. Selby. George H. Smith,
Morris K. Schneider, W. B. Thomas W \
Wishart. Henry Grand Jean. X. S. Mullen. Wil
fred Holmes, R. M. . Brlare, Frank Estes, Fred
A. Dodd."
Charles O'Donnell. who teas nnvstril for wreck
ing an electric car in the Webster street road
way by throwing . stones through the windows
was found guilty of malicious mischief today and
fined $25. - O'Donnell stoned the car after he had
engaged the conductor In a dispute o-ver fare.
• ordeal through which the ex-
pectant mother must pass usually is
Msffllßßffiil la S ° U^ °^ r ' u^ e " n o' danger and fear
I W that she s onvar^ to critical
;. : ; hour with apprehension and dread.
Mother's Friend, by its penetrating and soothing propertitw
allays nausea, nervousness, arid. all unpleasant feelings; aSR
so prepares the system for the
ordeal that she passes through §|J1 £%. ff |||v iOv M^9 iC%
have testified. and said, <{ it is
worth its weight in gold." $1.06 per M^STNS/p\Fr^^l
bottle of druggists. Book containing H li^i^M^
valuable information mailed free. f| @ M^^SS^l
Market Laundry Co. Inc.
860-864 Myrtle Street
Between Seventh and Eighth Sta.
\u25a0 -. W« hare most modem-, machinery for your nlaln
Bargains every day in- Furniture at
H. SCHELLHAAS', 408 11th st., Oak-
I till U. * • ' <
Call Mass Meeting to Pro
test Against Plant's
It Is Claimed Fumes Would
' Ruin Vegetation in
SAX.LEAXDRO. Dec. 3.— The boarl
of trustees has called a mass meettner
for December 19 at St. Joseph's hall to
protest against th* proposed location
of the Guggenheim smelter at a^F
Mateo. Dr. V. W. d'Evelyn. chairman
of .the. Alameda county protest commit
tee..and A. A. Cunningham, a prominent
chemist, who, has studied the effects
of smelter fum^s on vegetation and
, livestock, will be among the speakers.
. Committee^ have been active amon;
tli a- farmers' and orchardlsts In this
vicinity endeavoring to s*H'ur« finan
cial, aid .to make the antismelter fight.
The argument against the smelter 13
based upon the theory that the pre
vailing.westerly winds would carry tha
i obno.viou* fumes directly into the rich
farming lands* in this locality and ruiri
[vegetable growth for miles around.
! . The Han Leandro board of trade has
taken unusual interest in stimulating
a public sentiment against the smelter
Bcheme. . The work in Alanieda cotm
ty: Is being conducted .In co-operation
j with an organization of San Mateo
i county .property owners, who hava
| raised a large fund.
Eminent Geographer Re
ceives Cross of Royal
Order of St. Olav
BERKELEY. Dec. 6,— Th© ctosh of
the first class r>f the Royal Order r^^'-
Olav has been conferred upon Protffßor
George -Davidson, the eminent geogra
pher ,of the university, by the king of
Norway. The presentation of the royal
order, which is given only when sanc
tioned-by the king's chief minister, is
in .recognition of the valuable, services
rendered to Norway by the scientist.
.-jPr/jfessor Davidson has been connect
:«d.;with -.the department of geography
for, many, year 3 and ts one. of the most
noted scientists on the coast. Ills work
In geography, astronomy and kindred
subjects has been carried on not only
on the- Pacific ocean and lands al
jacept. but in all parts of the world,
particularly in regions of which little
was. Known before he explored, them.
Davidson's range and, glacier in Alaska
are named for. hlra.'3S9£flmKfßH
- He is a member of scientific organi
zations of note and has received "many
honors both at homo and abroad and
was a regent of the university* from
1877 to 183 4. He: has be<?n a prolific
writer "on the subjects of navigation,
geography, astronoßjy and engineering.
Recently Professor Davidson has h:\cl
trouble with his eyes. He expects to
undergo an operation to prevent tha
loss of hl3 sight. For this reason h»
had to drop classroom work at the unt
vefsity for this term.
BERKELEY, Dec. 5.- : -Shakespear»
will be essayed by the student actors
of 1 tile university next term. "Winter's
Tale" being the play selected by tha
English "club of the university 4 for pro
duction In the Greek theater. Tryouts
will be held upon the opening of col
lege in January. ; ;>•"'' -
Van V*. Phfnney. chairman of the <*^^L
matic committee of the English 'eluly
has been rewarded for the success with
whleh he handled the student plays
during the semester just past by beins?
elected' president of the English club.
Miss Julia Evans, also a member of th<*
senior class, has ' been chosen secre
OAKLAND, Dec. 5.— A convention for
the formation of a consolidation league
to work far a consolidated city and
county of Oakland has been Issued, the
date being January 8. 1903. at the Poly
technic business college auditorium.
Dec- 5. — An attempt was. made last nlgbt tn
rob the Park street and Lincoln aTenu? station
of .the Southern Pacific company. A hole wn
bored In the door Just abore th<» lock, and tba
lock" waa broken. The burjrlar evidently he
came frightened and failed to enter the station.
In the way of securing a bargain at
H- SCHELLHAAS* Furniture Sale
this week. Corner Store, 11th and
sts.. Oakland." ;
Bring Results
* - " ' \u25a0; \u25a0 -\u25a0

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