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December, which even In the most.
prosperous teasons is, not accounted. a -
favorable month -by. real estate nien.
has not broken its record, although
contrary to the general rule there has
been more inquiry for downtown loca
tions than at any time during the lait i
12 months. This is explained by opera- j
tors as due to the fact that mer- j
chants attribute the slackness of the •
holiday trade to their being uptown. ';
and are therefore all the more eager J
to be back in their old quarters where '
the bulk of the population is during
working hours.
Conditions, they cay. have materially
changed from this *Jme last year.
Twelve months ago few firms were in
the old district and business was car
ried on mainly in the section west of
Van Ness avenue. The shopping dis
trlet was then easy of access. It Is not
M now, and It is realized by the mer- !
chant that he must be In the vicinity l
of the office and pistes of business to
V>e successful. This then i« the reason
for the numerous inquiries for down
town locations. In speaking of this
a well known real estate man said:
"Market Btreet will be the biggest'
end busiest thoroughfare In the west,
find I am confident that in 60 days from
now it will be a busier highway than
at any time in its history. The crowds
that street are growing larger ,.
daily, and this Is presumably owing to
the increase in the population of the •
bay towns. The larger the travel by :
the ferries the larger the patronage in ;
Market street, and this alone should j
make it emphatically the street for the j
retail merchant.
"This is appreciated by store keep- j
ers, for the demand Is unprecedented j
for stores in Market street, west from j
Montgomery as far as Sixth and j
Seventh, and I also wish to say that !
if stores are vacant it is because the j
owners are asking a rent far out of j
proportion to their value. It is abso- j
lutely necessary for property owners |
to realize this, and the sooner they !
do the better for the ultimate pros
perity of the city."
Operators are confident that after
the holiday* the real estate market {
vrill be livelier, as there has been con- j
nitlerable demand recently for all kinds |
of moderate incoming paying property.
There is not much call fcr expensive
holdir.gs. but for lots ranging from
?.'.OOO to $20,000, while there have been
a number of sales ifcade of residence
Lyon & Hoag; have put on the mar
ket a r.ew division of Bakers' beach,
along California street between
Twenty-eighth and Thirty-second ave
r.uts. which has foujid favor with the!
public A member cf the firm said]
yesterday that lots were selling freely;
la the new addition. The property Is \
Irr.prcved and is sold on easy terms,
alitUe above 10 per cent cash and $15
a month, and this is proving attractive i
to those who are desirous of securing!
a home. The sam» firm also reported!
that several sales had been made at j
.ni:rlsrgame and that'ther** was a re-!
vi.-al of interest in Mill Valley prop
erty. . ...,.- \u25a0;.:.,:- ,*-£. ... - - \u25a0"
The fact that home lots are being
purchased is regarded as one of the
. V.est sig-ns of the healthy state of the
local market. The belief Is general
that after the first of the new year
\u25a0 here will be a revival of operations in
all classes of property. People are be
ginnlng to realize that real estate is
the best kind of investment and it
would not surprise those who have fol
lowed the vicissitudes o/ the market"
for the last year If there should de
velop a big demand before the end of
January for income paying- property.
Judging from the tenor of the in
quiries no particular section of the city
Is asked about, f^r the prevalent opin
ion is that it is good policy to acquire
land 5n any part of San Francisco.
Thomas Magee & Sons' in the San
Francisco Real Estate Circular for No
vember give the following data:
r>nr;ne tfce month of NoTembfr tbcn» were
CfC ps!(* of real estate recorded for a total
of $1.133.J»C3. As would be es[x>ct<«l. the rc«l
*«tstp msrket l.*B been affected adversely by
tie financial c.rJMs. OH) municipal election" the
;<?pil bondayi declared by the rovernor. acd tbe
tert fh»t what \u25a0 nxwj- lias be^n available his
cone Jcto buildings. Tte volume of real cs
te:e bu«inpsß. rs Indicated br the recorded
transactions rturis? the past month. pboWi
'-ory niTich totter fizures th*n ' tbo«e of any
"tter period of (leprosslon. and this ia spite of
tb« fact that a prpat many transactions •which
w»»r«» crnsummnted mn not recorded while tlie
Jiolldsj-s la*W. Tbe oth»»r recent i.w>rlod of
depression occnrrM in September. I^£K?. when
tfce re<+.rd was 5014.6™. f>nd }n O^t^bor. ISJ>3.
»h*3 tbe record Tins fS4 R .3^I. With tfce ex
rppTinn of tbo mon:U of Msv. 1906. the month
iniiaediatelr following tbe fire. tbe.sa:cs for
snr one month har^ cot been below $1 000.0<>0
fincp S^ptMnber/1900.
Duric* the montlj Jest c«o?e<l the foUow!r>g
transactions of importance were recorded: In
the Mission district the block bounded by Six
teenth. Seventeenth. Alabama and Hsrrtson
Ftreets was sold hr John Center to a locsl cor- I
poration for 5100,000; in tbe Western addition
the property at the «>nthwest oorner of Fill
tnnre ar.d KHis Btreefj. 112:6 on Fillmore by
IST:« on EUIa, was mid at tbe reported nrice of
JIOO.OOO. althoßrt the actual price is believed
\u2666o be somewhat test; in tbe 100 vc.rt section
ti)« property at the north coraer of New Mrmt
c<-im«iT and Minna streets, to feet on New
Monreonjerj- by 55:6 feet on Minns, with new
bu'/dicsr. was poT9 !n trsde for abp«t $200,000:
and tn the Potrero the block bounded by Fif
. te^nth. Sixteenth." Kan«s« end Rhode Inland
Ftr«etg. 500x4rtO. lets risbt of war of the WeFt
ern Prriflc rsiipoad thro-ch tbe block, was sold
'.\u25a0n trade for abont ?TS.C*O.
The sales were distributed as fol
lows: ,
HftT van. 13 $ 64.153
One fcnndred vara 30 23K.G75
Pntrero and Sonth San Francisco. <>3 222!605
Mission ad.i'tion 7R ICO.S.iO
Wentern addition .\u25a0...'. 47 533.325
Outside lands and homesteads. .. 87 114,673
ToUl 208 J1.153.96S
Two hundred and forty mortpapes were re
r<>rt!ed ojrainst San Francisco reil estate la tbe
§rr>ontb of November for a total of $3,177,200.
In tfce same period 212 releases were recorded.
TJie fearnr« of the month in the mortz-sjre car
het «i» the recording of a mortjtage from tfce
*»Phe!«.n improvetnent company, owners :of the
Ptelso blo<*k. to tbe Eouituhle; life asruranre
S'Viety of New York for $2,000,000. This mort
sxee wss arranged for before tlie late flannel*!
strtnsenT. rod the rate of interest to be p*id
. !f be'ievfd to be tj per cent net fiurin? the
erection of tbe bonding and ZV, per cent net
t!"er*ifter. A«!de from this larye • losn thera
T.-ere over ?1. 000.000 worth of mortgices re
rarrted during theTOonto; reprwentlnf • in 'part •
the rem^Mnp of o'd loans and the advancing of
rannej- for building pnrpo«« by the s**ii«rs
t)»ciK In aecordiinc* with agreements made'be
t^e Cnincial stringency. No new lo*n« are
m»d«. -Th« loans by ~ private • iniTiTWVuiig'
149 Id Dumber und amounted to 5744.531.
ruMns >«t<? of Interest charred on the ma
of the?* loans wes p ecat net. With
c?ian<re for- t'-e better- notice-be 'in tbe
money m«rket wftliin the last 10 diys of the
n^oT!". it is be'Jeved that the' verc be«Ty"de :
ntrvS for tnoaey wl" be gradnal!? snppMed. and
th»t . fln'octel conditions will soon again be
en-.* normal.
D*!r!ne tl~r n>onth Jnst» closed . bni'tdtir con
trurtti were recorded for a total of \u25a0$1,482,765,
£Irldefi tf foHowj: ' " $ *is ~IS
Some of-- the* property owners in
TJroad^-ay are objecting: to the presence
of shacks* that -have been "put In_ that
street east of Polk. One of the property
owners said that the value of his ' hoi l
in£* had .decrfiased: considerably since
an owner' purchased a number of thei
relief houses and pur them oa bis lots.]
\u25a0 ' - ~- ~4i-----2.'- — --'•
He said that all remonstrances' had
been unavailing and deplored the short
Elghted policy of the man. who for the
sake of getting a small rental out of
his land , had destroyed values. This
part of the city north of California
street and east of Polk has made great
headway, and there are . daily more
houses being finished and tenanted. The
apartment houses in this section of the
city have no cause to complain of pa
tronage and some of the small private
hotels have a large waiting list ,It ia
said that the apartment houses* and
private hotels in the burned district
which a few weeks ago were anxiously
looking for patrons are fast filling up.
A house at the northeast corner of
Bush and Powell streets Is said' to have
a waiting ljst of IS. This Is instructive,
as It shows that people are desirous of
coming downtown to live, and that if
rentals were moderate these houses
would find no difficulty In being filled.
The hotels report that travel to. the
city is remarkably good and one of the
largest had over 70 arrivals in one day.
This proves that there cannot be "too
many hotels in a city like San Fran
cisco, and it is owing to this large
travel here that the question again is
befng mooted of building a hotel in the
downtown - district. The argument is
put forward that a hotel similar to
those which were In Montgomery street
would pay, as there, is a large class of.
people who though willing to pay good "
prices "do not relish the Idea of going
to a hotel where they would have to put
on style," as one dealer expressed it.
A good suggestion was made by Paul
Shoup, assistant general passenger
agent of the Southern Pacific, at a ban-,
quet given, recently at the St. Francis
hotel for the better advertising of San
Francisco in the east.. He said that S..'
F. Booth of the Union Pacific railroac?
company had written- to him to the" ef
fect that the people in the, east de
clined to believe the statements of San
; Franciscans as to the number and size
of the buildings that had been erected '
since the fire and when shown photo
graphs: declared that it was easy "to
fake pictures nowadays."
Slioup remarked that the people in
the east must be -disabused of the idea
i that San Franciscans were fakers, and
i he -concurred with S. F. Booth that
i something should be done to set the
j east right. Shoup advocated the run- '
: ning of excursion trains to San Fran
; cisco from the middle west with a
rate so cheap that nobody would be
able to resist the temptation of taking
advantage of the trip. He thought that
this could be done, and that the ex
cursion could be so timed as to bring
j the strangers here by April I§. By
| that time many of the large buildings
will be occupied, many new hotels will
I be opened and the visitor from the east
i would be given a demonstration of
what the' west could do. ' , -'
"The railroads," said Shouj>,^."afe '
willing to do their part and it still .
remains for the citizens of San Fran- ,
j cisco to do the rest. If we are in j
i earnest about the matter we should be ;
i able to" .get", .many thousands to make :
i the trip across the continent, and when
they are here it would be ouf duty'td
entertain them fitly, so *that they : 'could :
return duly. impressed with the city's
wonderful recuper-ative powers.- To-,
have eastern *men come out* here and)
see what San Francisco has done would j
be a better adyertisc-ieni for us than j
any other plan "we could "devise." " j
"Willis Polk, who is the architect f or i
the First national bank, says that the !
steel and the building material has been j
assembled for Its construction and that j
the bank -should be occupied in about ;
10 months. \u25a0• ••-.\u25a0 J
It Is reported that J. D-. Phelan has !
more inquiries for stores in the Mar- .;
ket street "side of his new building than
he has places to rent. ; T-; ' ;
Good reports are received from -the
Mission ,Ih, -leasing, both of residence
and business 'property. ' t \u25a0
There,- hasj also been a good Inquiry
for lots in^ the Crocker. tract, also for
Parkslde 'property, and the ri'Sw . sub-
division- on Parnassus,, heights, all -of
which are being sold by G. H. Umbseri
& Co.
mrnoviNG hayvard park
A large force of men Is being em
ployed by Baldwin & Ho well in com
pleting-the', street work in Haywarc 1
park. All of the avenues in subdivision
3 have been graded to a uniform grade,
curbs have been constructed, sewers
and '"^ater pipes laid and in a " f ew
weeks the work of macadamizing the
streets and laying artificial stone side
walks will commence. The following
sales are reported:
Adelia E. Madden, lot 13. block M. $S00; E. J.
McCarthy, lot 23, block L. $750; William V.
AhSert, lets £7 and 2S. block L, $1,500; Mary V.
Bnike. lot 29. block L. $750; Mark E. O'Hara.
lot 30, block L, $750; Mrs. E. Doyle, lots 23 and
26. block L, $1,500: John J. Doyle. lot 2, block
K. $900; Carrie L. Nybye. lot 24. block M, $800-.
J. I>. and Ella F. Peckham. lot 25. block M.
$800: G. H. Campbell, lot 10. block X. $SOO-
K. E. BmjrUette, lot 12, block N. $S00; E. K.
R'.sson. lot 11. block N, $800; Agnes Connolly,
lot 34. block L. $7M); J. F. Lewis, lot 22. block
L. 5750: G. W. D. Kneass. lots 23, 24. 25 and 2G.
Block Sj $2.500: James C. McDonald, lot 4. block
L. $750; Michael Godel, lot 5. block P. ?900;
Herbert Parnell. lot 6. block F. $900; Charles.
Dnnton, lot 16, block" F, $900; H. P. yon
Oorschot, lot IS. block X, $950; Thomas- Darcy.
lots 19 and 20. block M. $1,600; Frank Adams,
lot 21, block X, $1,150.
Another Hay ward Park event will
>take place this month which Is .of
especial interest to automobile owners.
When' R. P. Schwerin announced ' that
more money was needed for the com
pletition of the automobile boulevard
between San Francisco and San.Matec
the owners of Hayward Park through
Baldwin & Howell came to the rescue
and offered to give one of the lots to
the club, the proceeds of which were .to
go to make up the deficit in the "auto
mobile boulevard fund. 8.. P. Schwerin
on bahalf of the club accepted the gen
erous donation, and ordered the lot
disposed of by raffle, which will take
place on December 24, at the garage
of the Auto livery company. Tickets
are now. on sale at most of the garages
and also at the office of Baldwin &
Howell. the" price being $1 each. As
the lot is one of the best in Hayward
Park and can be sold for $1,000 cash
there is a lively demand for the tickets.
An Interesting contest in connection
with Hayward Park is announced: by
Baldwin & Howell, 'which -is attracting
widespread interest,- especially among
the younger, set, in and around San
Mateo. The real estate firm has offered
$200 In . gold as prizes for the, best
articles either in prose or poetry on
Ha'yward Park, containing from 100 to
150 words. There will be three prizes
of $20 each, five prizes of $15 each and
13 prizes of $5 each. The Judges : will
be.PauKPickney, proprietor of : the San
Mateo Times; S. D.»Merk, proprietor of
the San Mateo Leader, and J.H. Poo
little, manager, of the Peninsula hotel.
All of the articles must be delivered
to Baldwin & Howell prior to -Tuesday.'
December 10, at 3 o'clock p. m.\ 'The
contest is advertised as "Easy -Money
for Christmas,** and the award .of the
. prizes will doubtless "be^ appreciated by
those who_ are : fortunate enough to
write a-good 'article ;'on an .interesting 1
subject. ' \u25a0" > ' '- . -
1 H&rrigan, Weidenmuller & Rosenstirn
the sa^v FgAyoisco;eAi^
report the following leases consummat
ed during, the week:
For the Montgomery Street investment com
j pany 'to \u25a0 Samuel \u25a0• Newmark, the \u25a0 store : . at -.the
southwest corner of Pine and Montgomery streets
In the Buss building for a term of 112 months at
a total rental of $44,800.
For the Montgomery Street - lnTestment com
pany to J. Gunzendorfer, the store at 223 and
225 . Montgomery street in the Buss building "for
a term of five years at a total rental of $15,000.
For the 'Montgomery Street . inTeStnient com
pany to 'A. C. Bnsteede, the store «t 259 , and
261 Montgomery street In the Buss building for
a term of 112 months ,»t 1 total rental .of
For -the same company to . J. Samuels, four
offices in the Bnss bunding for a term of. one
year at a total rental of 51,020. \
. The same firm also reports having
made 10 leases on most favorable terms
In the new Buss building in Montgom
ery street.
Shalnvrald. Buckbee & Co. report a
decided change for the j better : in In
quiry, general demand and in actual
sales during the last week.* A few days
ago they sold to Henry H.\ Meyers, the
architect,of the firm of Meyers & Ward,
the water lot In the southwest line. of
Steuart street, 137:6 feet northwest of
Folsom, 46:10x137:6 feet, for a"bout
$25,000. being a part" of • the five
water lots owned by the Risdon , Iron
works. Meyers Intends to erect- a sub
stantial Improvement on thislot in the
near future, as Jt lies In a" commanding
position, facing the bay and opposite
the transport dock. In addition to this
transfer Shainwald. Buckbee & Co. _re
pprt.the following sales: .
For E. T. Ford, lot in the eonth line of Carl
street, 100 feet west of Clayton, 25x100 feet, for
$2*600; for E. B. Jennings, lot in the east line of
Tenth arpnue. 110 feet north of J street, 25x120
feet, for $1,100; for same owner, lot in the east
line of Tenth ayenne, 85 feet north of J street,
£sxloo feet, for $1,100; for estate of E.- E. Lin
coln, lot and improTements- at 1930 Filbert street,
for $2,060: for L. A. Phillips to L. Hansen, lot
In -the east line of Larkin -street, 60 feet south I
Not fifty or two hundred and fifty dollars divided in some game of chance scheme, but an actual gift of averaging one hundred dollars
to every man or woman who pays five dollars or more down on a lot in the new section of the Crocker Tract, which we will throw open
to the public on Sunday, December 8, at 9 a. m. 0 i .
The new blocks which we. will open on Sunday lie nearer the downtown section and are therefore even more desirable than, those,
already sold. Our instructions from the owners are to charge from fifty to two hundred and fifty dollars each more for these lots than
we have been charging for the. splendid property -just sold, because they are worth more.
:. But for this "one day— we won't promise more — we will sell these lots for the same prices those farther away have- brought.
It means that for every lot you buy on Sunday you have a fifty, one hundred, or two hundred and fifty dollar profit the minute you make your first
Beyond question almost any one of the first one hundred buyers will be able to sell his bargain. for a spot cash advance within & month — some of them \u25a0
within a few hours. , . _ ... - _. .; ..".".. . . . .'. ui'.','-~2
or a $600 lot or any other lot In the tract, and you can pay ,tha balance at. t he. rate of $10 per month.
\u25a0.- Sunday's prices range from five hundred to one thousand dollars, according to .location — first como, first served. Remember that this is not country
property, mile*. from the city— -far from work— but the beautiful v .'.'"! '„'. - \u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0 .- -
the cream of the magnificent Crocker properties^— the finest in and about San Francisco. . \u25a0 -
THERE WILL BE NO BRASS BANDS, XO EXCURSIOXS, SO REBATED FARES, XO PIXK LEMOXADE to draw the crowd — the values we are offering
and the terms we give will do that. •"• . , - \u0084 . ... "
If the day is fine: the property will be sold before night. V lt it's rainy the sale will go on Just the same, and those who let bad weather scare them
. away will be the losers. • ' " . . -r - |
Here Is the one close-in location where the man of small means can have plenty of room— -beautiful surroundings — and yet be close to his work. It's
The Ideal iiorrie for vWorkingmen
. ", r j,The lots are blg-rreoroe of them'nave lovely trees'. (the early comers- will get these)— air of them have deep, rich soil for the kitchen garden— and the ranjx
one or, two of these lots will really.be 1 more comfortably situated than the "millionaires upon Broadway and Pacific avenue. '\u25a0 :
These lots are neither on a' side-hill nor in a sink-hole. They're fine, level lots which need no grading,* and tbe farthest you can buy -from the street
One Five=Cent Fare from #ywhere==3s Minutes frora Third and Mission
There's not another place like it about San Francisco. It's right on the. Mission-street car line and the cars stop right tt the door of our waltlngr
lodge. Tell the conductor you. want to get ofE at the Crocker .Tract and, listen .until he calls it- It lies on the left-hand side going out, and you'll fcnow it
because It's the prettiest piece of ground for a home that you ever set eyes on. There's no place like it for the wife and children- It's sheltered from, the
cold wind and fogs — the air is pure and bracing, and in fact , it's THE place for homey homes.
You can begin the erection of your home . the minute you receive your Agreement of Purchase If you want to. .
\u25a0 Thlsis the ideal homesite tor 'those who are not, wealthy.^ Reasonable building . restrictions make it impossible to ruin the neighborhood with \u25a0an-
. elghtly and . undesirable dwellings, yet any man able to own even a modest home may do so here without building a costly house.
No Taxe^^
We have not waited until we can get money from buyers to make the Improvements — macadamized streeta with stone •trntters, cement sliswalks, gawers
•— every.thlng is provided in \advance; and the splendid, water from a magnificent system of artesian wells assures property owners of
Glvp the kiddles a chance; you'll be astonished to find- how much healthier and happier both wife and children will be If you take them out of the dust
and empke and crowd of the tenement and flat and give them achance." There'll be no more doctor bills— no more rent "worries you'll
;?'; Be -Your Own Landlord
and very dollar you pay ls'a dollar saved. . Rffis|
j-\u25a0 What you payfor;rent makes eomeone'else rich— the same amount paid- on a home, of your own will In' Just a little while have yoa free of debt—
\u25a0 i-,-' , leave your family safe. if anything should;happen to you — and you; don't have to carry any -burden "while you're doing all this
n.v.r^a h "'m^r'^ efn/,%rJ-te f n/,%rJ-th l . b | B ™im«^ Thi. tract !..belo S .old for. th. great Cnek« lUttt..^ Uwr wIU
You Cannot Forfeit What You Pay
unless you deliberately" try to do so. "We want to help every man have a home of his own and will do everything in reason to keep any manor woman
1 dl^t a sreat chai * cc 'or those who are not yet ready to build or who are looking to make 1 money to get In where profits are absolutely «ure and
A year' from today, it's safe to say, there won f t be a lot In the tract which cannot be sold for an advance of from twentT-flve to fifty Der cent on th«»
Good Times==Plenty^ of Work Ahead
means^^Kuy^o^ you waat to '.aIL It
fn«d-f^e^?onl^fs^e? tt c 11 e a^ ° WDer ° f an $80 ° CO ™ er ' bonpM IMS than nln^ day, ago. re-
.ell no T wrb%c^se n °tWi S n U o a w^K^^ come-home," Holder, of Crocker Tract property .Imply w* not
Go Out and See It Now
«.'irW*- l^r??lv?J2 r^® get one of our ; men to check the" lots you -want on a map and then /be on hand bright and early Sunday f or « ftn t, k.^i »k^
cars are crowded sand; secure -the lots you've picked. ;If i you're •'.wise; you'll .geti two or more'at the^ Sunday price «"y oanaay rorenoon before the
:. Remember, ?, you = don't have to 5 have much? cash, a Five dollars "downs buys any lot in the Tract— ten dollars twn intq an 4 „„ „„ -
IT your money sis tied upin^a'^Savings : Bank .we'll^ help * you > get UHooa^v""- aoiiars two lots, and so on.
buying!^C^^ around and see for yourself, even If youhaven't any Intention ct
of Sacwnvento, 31x100 feet, -for $5,500; for J. H.
Spring, lot in south line of Lombard" street/ J39
feet feast of Dertsadero, 25x100, for I $1,350 ; f or
same owner,, lot in south line of Lombard street,.
172:8 feet westof Scott. 60x144 feet, for $2,900;
for; Ah H. Q. Cooper lot in west line of Seven th
arenne. 225 feet north of -B street,' 25x120 feet,
for $1,750; for estate of N.: E. Atkins. ; lot and
ImproTetnents \u25a0in the west line of Seventh ave
nue. 100. feet north of B street, . 25x120 feet, for
$4,700;. f0r John. Brickell cojnpany.-lot at nOTth
east corner Twenty-seventh avenue and « est
Clay street. 40x100 feet.-- for- $4,000:- for same
owner.v lot and improvements In: west line or.
Twenty-seventh avenue, 145 feet 6outb of Cali
fornia 25x120 feet, for $4,000; for J. w>
Keystonand John •T. Smyth, lot and improve
ment* \u25a0 In . the ' east line of Masonic . avenue, 100
feet south •' of Halght street. 25x125 feet, -for
$10.000 i; for Joseph Prince to Mrs!" E. H. WU-
Hams, lot and Improvements at 83 Twenty-first
avenue, for $2,650. • : . . S \u25a0
Shainwald, Buckbee & Co. ] have also
practically sold all the lots In the Pope
tract In conjunction with Lyon & Hoag,
but have a few left, which will prob
ably be«'disposed of by them within tho,
next 10' days. "In "addition to -the, above
sales they-have sold f or ' Sidney B..Cush
ing lotf 123 of Cushlng*s- subdivision of
Blithedale/map X Mill Valley," for ' $650.
The I lease department of ' Shainwald.
Buckbee "&^ Co. reports an \u25a0 extremely
busy week. The company has 10 so-
llcltors constantly in the field, and their
reports are extremely f satisfactory, as
they are. daily renting offices to firms
anxious to \u25a0 move down town. „ ;."; '' :
Shainwald,* Buckbee & Co. are prepar
ing to move. into their new quarters in
the , ; Lick t building, ' 27 . Montgomery
street, and expect to be doing business
there within the next two weeks.
D, Coffin : & ' " Co. report \u25a0- the : following
sales for the week ending December 6:
Hale to Bitzer, lot in west line of Carr street,"
75 feet north of Salinas, 50x100; Quinn to Dn
rate, lot In west line of Dolores street, 100 feet
south of Clipper, 25x100; Berry to Doyle, lot and-
Improvements known as 21 , Whitney street, : 25x
125;- Llchtangteln to Hurley, lot and Improve
ments known as .1232 Xork street, 26x100; Da-
Vidson to Darbey, lost In east line of Anderson
I street. 25 feet south of OM Hickory, 25x70.
SALES TOTAL; $870,000
Chatfield, Vinzent & Patterson Nego
. tiate Two Large Transfers
"What are considered, the two largest
deals In city and- country property
since the ': fife have just been' closed by
Chatfleld." .Vinzent ; & Patterson of 68
Post street. -Although both of the deals
were in the nature of an exchange, they
were - practically; cash transactions, one i
of them Involving! $750,000. the other'
$120,000, and ;they. Aemon«tratcd beyond
mßb Vk B MBk. |Hk H ff^yfl RS3 P^s\ jK^
|| $20,000, 8 per cent interest fe
I^3 ' $10 000 1 year • 9 per cent |f|
P Financial Broker :>: : 508 California Street H
question the confidence which the own
ers of country lands have in the future
of San Francisco.
Mrs Elise Drexler, who has always
been a large owner of San
property," has! as x a result of this ex
change secured one of ( the finest and
most fertile tracts of Jand in the San
Joaquin valley, comprising 3.200 acre*
of rich reclaimed land, which Is prin
cipally used ; for the production. of as
paragus, celery, potatoes and vegeta
bles It is stated that the Income from
this property for the last year wa*
Continued on Pas* T, Column 3
Steamer "BEECHLEY"
Sailing December 23
Direct to
San Francisco
San Pedro
: in seventy days
JofinP.Besi&Co. W.R.GICBSCO.
, , EUCantcmiaSl
AtltWSrp Sso Frueiica
1 .
Weekly Call, $1 per Year

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