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San Francisco
Savings Onion
NW. €orner California and
Montgomery Streets
Foanded June 18, 1862
rnpltnl paid In 5i.0n0.0n0
Surplus 1.130.332
Total assets 32.000.444
For the half year ending
30Ui June last dividend on
Term Deposits was at the
rate per annum of
Accounts may be opened and
deposits and withdrawals
made by mail. Corre-
spondence invited.
E. B. Pond. President
\u25a0W. C. B. de Fremery. Vice Pres.
C. O. G. Miller, Vice Pres.
\VakeneM Baker
Fred H. Beaver
WllUsn A. Mayee
Jacob Barth
Henry C. Breeden
John F. Merrill
Cashier. Lovell White
Asst. Cashier, R. M. Welch
Save .the dimes, lay aside a certain
portion of your earnings regularly, put
them in the bank, and your future
prosperity is assured. 'No man with
the habit of saving firmly established
b likely to be out of employment or in
ttrant.. Why don't YOU begin to save
fcrid start a savings account TODAY?
632 Montgomery Street.
RESOURCES, $2,243,846.91
Near Twenty-ninth. "m" m
v Mission Branch receives deposits
*tsiturdaj' evenings, 4 to 8:30.
Is the title of a handsome
booklet just issued by
This book is profuse with
illustrations of many new
and beautiful pieces in
Gold Jewelry, Silverware,
Toilet Ware, Gut Glass,
etc., and will be of great
assistance to intending
purchasers in making
their holiday selections.
Radke & Company's
stock, as usual, is replete
with all the latest designs
and novelties and offers a
great diversity of choice.
Radke & Company
Goldsmiths— Silversmiths
Van Ness Ay. and Bush St.
San Fr«nclaco, August 28, 1807.
tmlfy tti«t *fter <!octorln» nine yean coatlau-
ttCEJf wltbout any relicf — my lUoieau «ck
j»riotji and of eurh * character that I coold
tarfiiy <iraj? trrwlf around, eofferlng Intensely
\u25a0II tbe i:ai>, tsitVlns life, through pain and lick-
„, ._ - new, a miserable
"^"^SvV. exlrtence — throufh
. _^\-'~\ ''-' ';,}\u25a0'" ;ViaS tn * adrlce of . a
S--*"'jG&B&BiS&mS<. f «"l«n<l i consults
/ - l?Si.. *\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 }-.^\ *"* protnlßwJ for
§. J. :?rj *" : . n>«. and how
[i .. t; ,A« - -' '.>\u25a0 j tUankful I tm to
i jsSj^*-* . •" =V?"' i wrlt « »od aay tnat
1 . " i, "'\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0/ ttxJay I am enjoy-
\ \u25a0 it&SF^S*' tes.i -vv [ ~ I iD F llfe an <l health
\«^sEP^ I v^^^V K-VK -V th«t <«« »e*med
impo»lWe; ln fact.
xf-i-lL& v i%i3§|x te snvpd iry life.
I took bis ti*at-
~~ x ment of Herb Tea,
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tr> By york ajsd valk wltnoct any lncon*eni-
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. W n«tr»> f2.."»0 a Day and Upward
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• . All rooms outside.
Every room with bath.
John C. Klrkpa trick, Manager.
Contlnned From Pn^e 22, Column 6
! tract all that I then said and to confers |
{that I was wrong: and that they wero
rig^ht. Please say that for me In the
! paper of tomorrow morning."
A significant commentary on bank
conditions in connection with the Col
1 ton estate matter has deevloped frori
' the investigation of the afTairs of the '
California s:ife deposit and trust com- •
\ pany. In addition to being a director I
j of and attorney for the financial insti
i tution, Eartnett is also attorney for
Mrs. Caroline Dahlgren, the proponent
in the Colton will contest, and Is spe
cial administrator of the Colton estate.
i The list of assets ot the safe deposit i
Jand trust company show that Mrs. i
! Caroline Dahlgren and John B. Dahl
j gren, her husband, are debtors to the
I bank for a considerable sum, having: i
borrowed it without security. A mem- |
ber o* the committee of depositors j
j which has been investigating the bank's j
j affairs stated yesterday that he remem- j
bered having noticed these loans during
j the inspection of the bank's accounts
I and that to the best of his recollection
they amounted to approximately $15,
000 or $20,000.
It was suggested yesterday that
Bartnett's admitted willingness to re
jsisrn as special administrator of the
I Colton estate was due to a desire to
j avoid facing the charges that have
been brought against him before Su
perior Judge L. F. Smith of Santa Cruz.
The bank commissioners yesterday took
formal cognizance of the matter and
. notified Bartnett that he might have
until Tuesday to produce the missing
I . securities or give a satisfactory ac
count 6t them. He had already been
I cited to appear before Judge Smith on
December 20 and show cause why he
should not be finally, removed as special
administrator.* »
: The history of the Colton estate liti
j gation, as given in some detail in The
Call yesterday morning, dates hack to
i the time of the death of Ellen M. Col
[ ton, widow of General D. D.. Cplton,
one of the noted coterie of California
'] railroad kings which- Included Leland
Stanford. Mark . Hopkins, Collis P.
Huntington and Charles Crocker. An
account. of the progress, of the litlga
, tion was given yesterday by Barclay
Henley, who with J. F. Biley and Crit
tenden Thornton, represents the Inter*
est3 of the contestant of Ellen M. Col
« ton's. will. Henley said; •. .
Ellen M. Colton's estate, *rblch has been
looted by the officers of the California cafe de
posit and trust company, was worth probahjT
] $7.')0.000 lit tte time of her death and consistr<"l
principally of bonds, stocks and real estate In
Washington, D. C. and Santa Cruz county.
California. Mr*. Cclton had two daughters, the
eldest of whom was Mrs. Crittenden Thornton,
wife of my associate. The second daughter
Caroline, married Daniel Cook «nd after his
<lp»th married Henry McLean Martin. He also
died and she married Jobn B. Dahlfyn-n. her!
present husband. The daughter of Mr. and I
Mrs. Thornton married Siepfrid Sach«>r, a banker
nnd insurance man of I'aris, France, «nd It Is
their C yar old daughter. Helrne Marguerite
Beatrice Sacher, wljo is the contestant in this
On the death' of Mrs. Ellen Colton In Wash
ington a purported will was presented for pro
bate, ln which the entire estate, with the ex
ception of $1,000. was loft to-Mrs. Dahlgr-n «nd
ber daughter. The great grandchild. Helene
Saeber. natural heir to half the estate, rt
ceived only the remembrance of $1.000. The
alleged wiil was .presented for probate br Wai-'
tcr J. Bartnetf ln $ant« Cruz county and an
opposition ws« entered by Helene Sacher's fatii
er. The matter came to trial in " November,
I 1006. lasted f'.>ur montfis and resulted In •«']
si'sagreement. the Jury standing six to-. six. The
/frounds of the cuntest were numerous, eon
jtf«tlng mainly, pf chArges. of Incompetency and
nnTOuadness of ciind and alleging that fraud
aad undue lnflnonee was exercised on Mrs. Col
ton by BartnKt ln confederation, with Dahl
grrn and Mr«. Deblsren. - - Kridt-nce consisilng
larf«iy of letters was introduced at the trial
to show the almost idolatrous affection held by
Mrs. -Colton for her" great-granddaughter" and
that bad feeling existed between ber and Mrs.
The purported will wan ,drawn\ in .Washing
ton, D. C.. Iby Bartnett, . who committed the
cnparalleled act Jn »n attorney of making him
self the sole executor without bonds.. Bartnett'a
waa the caly material or Important- testimony
ia the case concerning the genuineness of the
document, and the testimony failed, to show
that th« will tad eTer been read orer by or to {
any one except by Bartnett himself.. Tbere was
also evidence that the .will eilated prior
the time Bartnett testified that he received
instructions to draw it and also to Rhow that it
was not read or explained to Mrs. Bartaett at
the time of its execution. .
Ft wag shown at the trial that Bartnett on
the day after the funeral -of Mrs. Colton ln
Washington went with Mrs. Dablgren to Mrs.
Colton'B safe deposit box and took out ?455.000
worth of jrilt edged bonds. and etocka, and In
Tinlation of the law of the District of Columbia
brought them to' California and placed them ln
th« vaults of the California sale deposit and
trust company." Upon the ex parte appoint
ment by the superior court of Santa Crut county
of Bartnett as special administrator be was
only required to furnish a $2U.(KX) bood. His
bondsmen are David F. Walker, president of the
safe deposit and trust company, and J. Dalze.ll
Brown, manager of the same institution. Upon
the trne value of the estate being chown It ap
peared that a bond of about *,800,<i00 shonld hare
been filed. Bartnett then made the offer that
the bonds and money of the estate, the latter
amounting to about $100,000, should remain on
special deposit with the safe deposit and trust
company under order of - the court, \u25a0An order
w»i issued to this effect and explicitly providing
that the property should not be disturbed or
removed except under special order of the court.
When the bank closed' its- doors we became
apprehensive that the securities bad been made
away with aod invoked the aid of the bank
commissioners. On examination, Brown and
Bartnett testified that over $60,000 had been
bornrd in the flre and that the remaining bonds
and stocks had been sent to New York for safe
keeping. When their attention was called to
the fact that the bank's receipt for the secur
ities bore a date eight months after -the flre
Brown and Bartnett offered no explanation. - A
promise was then given that the securities would
be returned to Sau Francisco at once, but this
promise ha* not been fulfilled and no steps that
the bank commission is aware of has been made
to produce the securities here. In other words,
the bonds have evidently . been sold or.hypothe
cated ln New lork. which is in Itself a felony.
Attorney J. F. Riley said yesterday
that after the suspicions of the attor
neys were aroused he went with the
other attorneys toj. Dalzell Brown, in
formed him of their interest*ln the case"
and demanded to Bee the securities, but
were refused.
Bartnett Gives Interview
Declaring His Innocence
Looking desperately sick and white.
Welter J. Bartnott talker! to a Z-u im
porter last night, denying ln -toto all
tue alitßationo maue in the petition
fllcxi for. his removal as special ad
ministrator of . the estate of the. late
Mrs. Colton. He positively refused to
discuss the affairs of the bank of which
he ls vice president and general coun
sel. • .:•\u25a0•\u25a0
"There is very little to say regarding
this matter which the neTr**pqp«?rs have
not already spread "broadcast. I am
Innocent of the. chargAs, made against
me in the petition filed. by the lawyer?
for Helene Sacher. All of my friends
and acquaintances must -be "aware .of
the record I have made in the past and
none believe me guilty, I feel sure.";
"Why. then, did Judge Slack refuse
to continue his partnership - with you
after the disclosures published in' The
Call yesterday morning?" was asked.
"Judge Slack and myself- have never
been partners. We simply, shared offices
together. He did not; intimate -that he
considered me guilty, - but said , that
after the newspaper story of -yesterday
morning it would be 'Impossible; for
him to continue that /relationship. I
consider that !n acting this way Judge
Slack behaved In a thoughtless,^ cruel
manner, as there was nothing: . to war
rant such action' on his part."
. Barnett . refused to „ make any .state-,
ment- whatever ; to the^ press," nor "would
he answer the questions as to' whether
any of the, offlcials^of the trust company
had taken advantage of '= the' fact'that
he was an exceptionally -b'u's'y^ man, and
had done thTngsof whlchhe"nad had'no
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knowledge, at the, time, but for which
he was officially responsible.
' "I blame no one for any of this story,
but" l will say that the attorneys of the
contestants of the Colton estate have
exceeded the facts In the case most
groselj'. At the proper time and place
I shall make an explanation of. this
affair and it will «then be seen that I
am In no wise culpable.".
In answer to a question concerning
the allegations made in the now famous
petition asserting that Bartnett and his
associates in the trust company were
aware of the' Impending failure \u25a0\u25a0 for
months . before the actual crash*, came,
Bartnett said: "I have nothing to say.
I am tired, and beg to be excused."
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