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Press Representatives and
Railroad Chiefs Ride on
Special Train
Sum of $7,000,000 Spent in
Piercing Mountain to
Shorten Route
By the opening of the bay shore J
cutoff San Francisco has an approach |
•worthy of a _;r<-at city, and the stranger j
arriving by this gatcv-ay cannot fail j
to he impressed with the fact that he
is entering a large and an important
commercial center.
U<- will note with, surprise the vast
>c!i>rjrccring feats achieved to conquer
distance and natural obstacles, all re
nUhing cr.ormous expenditures of
*»oi:<y. He would not fail to be in
teresTed greatly concerning the work
that had" to be done to cut through a
mountain to lot trains pass through a
defik- 1,250 feet In length and ISO feet
on the slope, from which was taken
&00.t»00 cubic yards of dirt and gravel
to fil' in the swamp lands at Yisita
clon. where will be the great freignt
:yards. with 60 miles of track.
Tl;e visitor also wiil note that the
tunnels are for double tracks; that
ground Js already prepared for two
more tracks and parallel tunnels, prov
sn? that the day is not a great way
off -rJien the r-asser.Kcr and freight
traffic to Han Francisco wjJ4- demand
foiir tracks to handle the trains com
ing to and leaving here.
H*> cannot help seeing that every
thing possible has betn done without j
view to expense. Tlit- visitor will gaso j
upon the massive i-ement wall built j
to hold up lowa street: the solid iron j
bridges over i'hp track for the ac- :
oomo.lation of teams and pedestrians, j
the careful building of the roadbed, j
level and smooth as a garden -walfc.
Tons and tons of earth and gravel wen; •
pou:ed into most of this land unti! j
it acquired a solid foundation, and as j
an oid railroad builder remarked:!,
• T.'iJF if tlie finest roadbed .in the j
United States, for it is elastic; a road- J
bed which is not elastic is bad for j
All these points were brought to tlie i
notl«".*> of the guests of ihe Southern •
Pacific yesterday who were takrn over j
tha bay shore cutoff in a special train j
as far as Fan Mateo, the outward and i
the homeward trip being made overt
The new line. \ \ \
A layman looking at the work can- j
rol lielp wondering how the Southern j
Pacific expects to repay itself for the j
cost. The sum of 57,000.000 has been
spent In building from Pan Francisco
to the junction with the old line at
Van Bruno. 9.K4 miles, and the total
length operated from Third and Town
send streets to San Bruno is 11.04
mi.or. being 2. €5 miles shorter than by
wa 5 of Ocean View.
Th» maximum grade on the bay
Fhore roa4 Is 15. 54 feet per mile, while
on th«» old road it is 158 feet per mile.
The highest point of grade on the new
line Is 20.3 feet above the San Fran
cisco base and the highest point on
the road via Ocean View is 292 feet,
Th^re ar* five tunnels onthe cutoff,
the first being 1.517 feet long, the sec
ond I,OS6 f the -third 2.564, the fourth
::.M7 end the last 1.T33. Tunnel 3 is
under St. Joseph's orphan asylum, and
The railroad tracks are 175 fe6t beneath
the surface of the ground at the asylum
building. The average daily progress,
Jn both ends together, of each tunnel
was 8 feet, \u25a0which will give an Idea of
the difficult formation that had to be
hored through.
To build the large yards at Vlsitacion
involved the ' reclamation of 130 acres
of the har, and in addition to this 26
urres more had to be reclaimed by fill
ing in between McDonalds point and
Visitation point. To do this two and a
half miles of trestle -were. built for the
purpose of dumping filling from them
scroes arms of San Francisco bay, and
th«*se trestles are now replaced by solid
embankments. At Islais creek there Is
3.660 fe*t of permanent rreosoted tlm
her trestle and steel bridges carrying
the railroad over streets.
In the Vis!tacion bay yards Just south
of San Francisco, on the San Mateo
county line, there are being built a 39
stall roundhouse, largs repair shops,
about 60 miles of track and two hump
tracks on gradients for gravity switch
ing In Forting cars received and to be
The bay shore route, for fast train*,
•will save from 16 to 20 minutes over
the present route via Ocean View,
The bay shore cutoff was projected
several years ago. There were three
reasons for this — saving of time, saving
of scrad* and the possibility of a rival
road seizing upon it as an entrance
.'-io San Francisco; perhaps the latter
consideration cut small figure in the
minds of the projectors, as when tho
matter was broached the, owners of the
.Southern Pacific were In no fear of any
"When "K. H. Harriman decided upon
th* measure, he, gava one of his char
acteristic orders:
"Build, and builfl it as rapidly as you
krow hmr."
The task devolved on William Hood,
chief engineer of the Southern Pacific,
In fact the builder of the Southern Pa
cific, whose life, as he himself says,
"'has been taken tip in doing one Im
portant piec© of -work after another, so
that the only thing I know definitely
about a Job Is when it is finished."
TTork on the Bay Shore cutoff was
commenced In January, 1905. It Is fin
ished and Hood and his chief assistant,
W. E. Marsh, know that it is completed.
It would not be within human nature
If Hood was not proud of the work.
H© takes a quiet pride in explaining
tb«' difficulties that had to be encoun
tered, but he never brings In the per
sonal element. As far as any one
would know the boy in his offlce'might
have done all these engineering tasks.
An enthusiastic guest who was on
the special train yesterday eaid:
"Mr. Hood, I take off my. hat to you
for this piece of road."
"Don't take your hat off to me," was
Hood's reply, "but to the man who fur
nished the money." » .
\u2666 In other words. Hood meant to imply
that money did the work and that he
was merely a supernumerary, the real
credit belonging to Mr. Harriman.
ICone other than passenger trains
will use the tracks in Seventh street,
Bf the Southern Pacific company has
purchasedan enormous acreage to the
south, where freight will be . dis
charged. Only those . who travel up
and down the peninsula will appre
ciate the many advantages of the new
cutoff. It was between San Mateo and
San Francisco that time was lost, and
uEH Judah remarked:'
"The traffic between San Bruno and
San Francisco, has made the hair; of
many a division superintendent grow
white with anxiety handling. this busi
ness orer a Eing-le track."
The building of. the Bay sflore; cutoff
is of greater Importance to the city
than the mere savingr. of time and of
•ilmrnattng grades/. It j 'means the
. Tunnel No. 6 (upper), funnel N0.; 5 (middle) and^tunnel No: 4-on^the new Baiy; Shore cutoff be
tween this city and ; Sanvßruno, the work on which improvement cost the Southern .Pacific; com
pany $7,000,000. ; X : -
building up of the peninsula and the
growth of the city southward. Al
ready benefits are to be seen by building
this road. New towns are springing
up along the coast line and South San
Francisco, now called South City, Is
coming to be a place of importance. It
will not be mjany. years before a laj-ge
town is established at A r lsitacion . tnd
many thousands of dollars added to the
assessed valuation of this city. Rapid
transportation has been the need of.
San \u25a0- Francisco, particularly.; down the
peninsula. .
This fact tias been appreciated by
General Manager E. E. Calvin and he
has been among the. most active to se
cure for San Francisco rapid transit
along the peninsula. It looks now as if
the prophecy of E. O.McCormick was
to be realized.
"I expect to live," he said, "to see
the day when it will be a continuous
town between here and San Jose.
The opening of the Bay Shore cutoff
was made* the occasion of an excursion
over the line, restricted to the officers
of the company and the members of
the press. The task of making 'out tho
Invitations was left to Paul Shoup. as
sistant general passenger agent of the
Southern Pacific, and on - returning to
the city General Manager Calvin asked
him with a smile:
"TVell, Shoup, hav<% we " done every
thing to your liking?"
"Indeed- you have, Mr. Calvin," -was"
the reply, and Shoup's answer was the
ons that every one- on •the < trip ; would
hay«» mad*.
The start was made from' Third and
Townsend streets at .11. a. m. The run
was as far as San Mateo, and San Fran
cisco was reached on the return trip at
1:20 p. m. The train backed slowly
down the cutoff, giving everybody
ample opportunity to .examin c the
work leisurely. Luncheon was served
when San Bruno was reached.
Among the officials on the trip were
E. E. Calvin, "W^R. Scott, William Hood,
W. E. Marsh, Peter F. Dunne, C. S. Fee,
A. Most Valuable Agent.' ~
The glycerine employed in J)r. Pierce**
medicines greatly enhances the medicinal
properties which it extracts from nativ-j
medleinal roots and holds in solution
much better than alcohol would. It al?o
possesses _edidnil properties of tts own,'
being a valuable demaloeot, nntritire,
antiseptic and antif ermeni. It adds
gTeatly to the efficacy of the Black Cherry- .
bark, Bloodroot, Golden Seal root, Ston«
root . and .Queen's root, contained in
"Golden Medical Discovery " In subduing
chronic, or lingering coughs, bronchial,
throat and lusg affections, for all of which
these agents are recommended by stand-
ard medical authorities.
In all cases where there Is a.. wasting
away of flesh, loss of appetite, with weak
stomatfh, ss- In the; early stages of con*
sumnxipn, there can be no doubt that gly-
cerine/acts as a valuable nutritive and
* ids trie Golden Seal root. Stone root,
Queenls root* and Black Cherry bark in
promoving digestion and building , up th«
f.esh an>f strength, controlling the cough
and brin ;fcgfrbout a healthy condition
of the vr i Ale system. Of course.it must
not bee) dected to work miracles. It will
not cure Consumption except in its earltei
Stage*. It \u25a0 .rnr* v/>rv y wr > - r,hpM.
nay, nanp-on. enronie ronyhs. bropchta]
aTi£luryr,pei.rtroubif^, arrl rpny^ynj
fj' TO *\u25a0 xHh ,ho^rspnft<vs. 1 1 n acute cougal
It is nofso etlective. ICIs in tho lingering
hang-on coughs,- or those of long standing.
even when accompanied by bleeding irom
luDgs. that it has performed" its most
marvelous cures.
?«>'• Finley Ellingwood, M. DMD M of Ben-
nett Med. College, Chicago, says of gly.
cerine:, , \u25a0 -
_* Jn dyspepsia it serres an excellent purpose.
vi^JS* of the peroxioVol
hydrocen in soluUon. it is one of the best
in_ul actured products of the present time to
iU action upon enfeebled, disordered I stom-
ach*, especially if there is ulceration or c»-
. tarrtal gastritis (catarrhU;_fla_mattonoi
KpmachVit Is a most efficient preparation.
a<ddu^°™ excessive ffaatric (stomachJ
•Golden Medical Disco-rery" enriches and
.purifies. the blood curtnc blotches.- pimples,
eruptions, scrofulous swellincs and old sores,
or nlcers.*' .< - \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0_.- .
.' Send to Dr.R V. Pi*?rc«. = of ; Buffalo. N. V..
toZj™ booklet tellins, all "about the natir«
—SlSii 1 t&; composing ; this TronderftU
•eotaU^ \ Tb«jre Is no alcobol La iU -Z: '\u25a0
R. A. Donaldson, H. R. Judah, Paul
Shoup, H. Lk'Metcalf, Wi G. Athearn, F.
IVY Hoover,- P. R. Lund, E. Black Ryan,
W. S. Palmer, General T. H. Goodman,
\u25a0\V. McKenzie. H. A. Jones, W} A.'Me-
Govern, J. G. S; F. Booth, C.
B. Seger. G. 3. Bissonnet, C. S. Aiken
and E. E. .VTade... Among th« invited
guests TvereC. VT. Hbrnick. W. Lyons,
E. K. Johnston, 'R, A. Crothers. W. G.
Tafflnder, J. Baltimore. F. Marriott, R.
Bteele and Charles Shortrldge.
R^hulldlne San . Francisco
Th« fairies that are rebuilding San
Francißco are told about in a charming
poem by Charles K. Field, illustrated
by Ernest C. Peixotto, in the Christ
mas number of Sunset Magazine. Three
sonnets by Mayor Taylor, -with his
portrait by Arnold Genthe, form other
features of this attractive number.' •
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[Fine To^
1628 FILLWOREST near CeanySth^
fiP^ W3Cf A^%IV hiESS^AVE near Bush
--. ; ;|638; j^RKEXST near Powel» -
Believes Supervisor Sullivan's Over-
head Wire Ordinance Would
Cause Great Inconvenience
Supervisor -Sullivan's proposed ordi
nance provid ingr for the removal of all
overhead wires and supporting: poles
does not meet -.with the full approval
of , the Merchants' association, particu
larly, in regard to the districts south
of Broadway and east of DevJsadero
street, "t That organization had 1 - filed
with the supervisors a' communication
setting: forth that to remove the over
head wires land place them under
ground in the time specified would re
sult in the. tearing up: of too many
streets at once, thus causing, great In
convenience to the traveling public.
The association-; is- of the opinion that
better results would be obtained by
working in smaller districts. Atten
tion .is called to ' the fact that nearly
all ;th«7 wires in the? old district
mapped out , six years ago have- been
placed underground by the service cor
poiations/but'the same amount of dili
gence has ' not been shown •' by the city
Jn regard to Its wires. It. is believed
by , the ; association f.that \u25a0•- all. the wires
can be, removed within the next eight
or ten years without inconvenience jto
the public or corporations i^ the;wt>rk
is carried . on in districts of reasonable
size. "a ; : :
B. F. Stoll, Haight Bt.' at Masonic ay.»
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