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Shipping News and Gossip
of the Water Front
New Southern Pacific Tugboat
W.E. Marsh Swiftest on Bay
The Southern Pacific company's new
tujsr W. E. Marsh made its trial trip on
the bay yesterday. While this tug was
built ror towing service, on the trial ]
trip it developed speed that was a sur- >
prise to its builders as well as to its j
The Marsh was planned for towing j
\u25a0prvice at Dumbarton po!nt and be- j
tween that place and this city. When >
the bridge is eomple#d between Dura- j
barton point ana Redwood City the lit- ;
lie tug will be used in towing the bay]
steamers through the drawbridge;
On the excursion yesterday the Marsh ;
made 14 miles an hour. This was a
creat surprise to all concerned. Power
was the thing the company wanted, but
the boat not only has power, but suf
ficient speed to make it rival the swift
est craft on the bay.
The vessel was built by William
Cryer. It is fitted with twin screws ;
and has two 75 horsepower engines. It
:s 65 feet long, 15 feet beam and draws
five feet. It cost $14,000.
Among those •who went on the trial
trip yesterday were W. E. Marsh, as
sistant engineer of the Southern Pacific
company, for whom the tug was named;
H. J. Email. William Mackenzie, J. Mo
bery; A. Warenskjold. manager of the
Atlas gas engine company, which in
stalled the engines; J. Lorimer and R.
C Monck. Captain W. J. Susan com
mands the vessel and J. B. Chamberlain
is chief engineer. ;.'l<-f'r'jr- - :
\\ ill Go to Mart Inez
The naval reserve training vessel
Alert \u25a0will go to Martinez Saturday and
remain at that point until Sunday
• afternoon, when it will return to its
moorings at Sausalito. While up the
bay fire drills vrill be held, and the
men will be practiced also in gun work.
. Sheridan Ready
The repairs to the transport Sheri
dan are nearly completed and the ves
sel will be ready to gcr Into commission
soon. It will be the star of the trans
port fleet. The Sheridan has been at
Mare island since early last year. The
vessel went ashore at Barbers point.
Just off the entrance of Honolulu, a
rear ago last December.
Justin Arrive*
The collier Justin arrived yesterday,
sve days from Magdalena bay.
• . . .• Lumber Arrivals
"Laraber'arrivals from the north coast
by-sea yesterday totaled 1.155.000 feet.
-\u25a0'"\u25a0'. w. S. Porter Here
. •. The Associated oil company's steamer
VV.- &. 'Porter,- Captain Mac Donald. ar
-iMeii In port yesteday, 49 hours from
Vsioria. ' . >.
" •- . • Come* From Moji
The-. British 'steamship. Tonawanda,
?«iplaln Clarke, arrived yesterday from
Mop. It was- 22 H days making «the
-an -"across the Pacific -It is consigned
;<V-tfce-Standard oil company. .
• : . ':..:. Olnon and Mahunv Sails
The'n»w lumber steamer Olson and
• M^Kocy, Captain Payne, sailed for An
.roh'"yesterday with a full cargo of lum
ber/- . . . - "'\u25a0:"-\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0;\u25a0-::
.' ' Captain' Ferris Goes Xorth
Captain Ferris, commanding the
*t<:atns*hip Argyll, sailed for Seattle yes
tt-niay. Captain Ferris formerly was
"rupt-rlntendent -of the Pacific Coast
*r«rarr.ship "company.
Deaten by Conductor
Henry Mignola, who lives at 2004
Twenty-second street, came to the har
bor hospital yesterday afternoon suffer
ing from a wound in his head. He said
•he had been ciubbed by. a car inspector
'vhile boarding a Folsom street car at
Twenty-first street. Mignola says there
was no rT-ison for the assault, but he
admitted that^there had been a row on
the car and he thought that perhaps
the inspector had thought he. was in
Items of Interest to. Mariners
of the Pacific
AS*K)RIA. Or.. Feb. 16.— TUe eteamer Break
water. Captain Mscjrena; arrived this morning
from Coo*. Eay witn a gentral cargo and pts-
The British steamship Cambrian King. Captain
Carter, sailed tfcis afternoon. It bas a cargo of
luiaber for Melboorne, anil will first go to Na
nalzno to <v.«l. The Cambrian King came here
with 1<.319 feet of redvrood loaded at Eureka,
and loaded 1. 175.000 feet of Oregon pine here.
This is • tbe first vessel of this type to finish
: loading' b<-re. and when It left tbe Tongue Point
mill* it was drawing 224 feet, but experienced
no trouble tn getting to sea.
The British eteamer Tweeiidale, with a cargo
t.t grain for 6C Vincent, went to sea today. It
wIU coal at Comex.
' The sreamer J. B. Stetson, Captain BocifieM.
Filled ' today for Kan Pedro with a cargo of
£--,f).oOtf feet of lumber.
A life belt belonging to the 111 fated Amer
ican ship Emily Reed wa» picked op this morn
leg oo Rand Inland bj- the Fort Canby life sav
iag crew.
SAN PEDRO. Feb. IC— The steamer Co.*
B*y. Captain Nicl:<^*on. from San Francisco,
arrived late last evening, bringing 300 tons of
freight for I>* Angeles merchants. The steamer
departed again tbi* erenirjc on the return trip.
The eteamer F. A. KUburn, Captain McLel
!an. from San Francisco, came in this morn
ing with a large passenger »nd freight list.
Sic loaded a return cargo thi» afternoon, and
• fc.'.p-i with a large ccmber of passengers on the
rprcrn trip.
The steamer Hanalel. Captain McFarlace. ar-
Tired from San Francisco tils efternoon with a
large cergt) of grain and merchandise for Los
Aceeles and a Urge passenger ll*t.
Tfce fteamer Ycsemite. Captain Johnson, fin
ished discharging cargo ronslgned to wholesal
ers at this part, aod railed this morning for
Tbe steamer Helene, (*ptaln Anderson, de
parted lsrt ereclng for San LMego to discharge
the balance cf her cargo. From there she will
s& Dortb to Grays Harbor to load lumber for
this port.
Army Trannports
The Boraside \m at Seattle.
Tbe Bnford. octwafd boond. artiTed Febreary
13 at HoaolnJfl. / .
The Crook Is In pfcrt. *
Tbe KUpatrick i» at Newp<wt Newo, Va.
' Tbe Dlx. bound for Manila, sailed January 20
from Honolulu.
The L<ogtn is In port undergoing repairs.
The Meade Is at Newport News. V«.
The Icgtlls is at Newport News. Va.
Tbe Sbensaa called Jann&ry 15 frota Hoaolola
The Sheridan Is at Mare Island cadergolag
• repairs.
The 'Warren is at Manila.
Tfce Tbomas is in port.
The- Overdar U»t
B-ltl»b ship CestJe Rock, out 144 day* from
,<r<*.oey. for San Francisco. J»0 per cent.
Argentine berkentine Andromeda, oot 110 days
from Newcastle. N. S. W., for San FraacUco,
.- Br tfclp Blackbraw. out 162 day§ from San
Francisco, for Leith. 10 pcr \u25a0cent.
French ebip Blanche, oat 145 ity» from Szn
francisco. for Sharpness, 10 per cent. ,
American schooner Marconi, -tint il day* from
i^rdner, for San Francisco. 20 per cent.
Sunday. February \ 16. •
S stair Justin. Merriweatber. \u25a0 S aays from
Stair W S Port*r, Macdonald. 49 hours from
Ae E°r ri rttar Toniwtndt. CUrte. 22* day. from
M &rrnr WkltUer, Seaman. 20 hours from Port
Sooth Coaet, KUafcer, 16- boor* from
*Stmr" Johaa Pohlsmi, Kllason, €3 boor* from
r iS^G^r|e' Loom*. McKellar Jr. 21 hour*
•roa Port San Luis, up river <iireci.
\u25a0"nnr Brunswick. EUefwn, 14 tours from Fort
Br stmr Sea Foam, Le*. 15 nocrs from Mendocino
_4_ Pni.. Arena. 10 liotxrs. -• * \u25a0
SxIZ National ' City. Higglns, 14 boors from
Fort^nic. «*»»» ««ith. put In to land pMsea-.
Weather Report
•j* — — — ' — - i^i
United States department of agriculture
wetther bureau— San Francisco. Feb. 16, 1908.
Past Seasonal Nor-
StatSon!"— 24 hours to date ; mal
Kareka 0.12 26.96 25.58
R»hl Bluff Tr. 18.29 15.99
Saeramecto 0.00 10. R4 12.65
Mt. Tamalpats Tr. 20.13 14.88
San FrancJsro Tr. 14.24 14. 57
Pan Jos* 0.00 9.25 14.51
Fresno 0.00 4.45 f 5.07
Indepenflenre o.oo' 4.5T 5.58
San Luis Oblsno 0.00 17.8T 12.55
Los Angeles/. ....... 0.00 10.43 9.00
San Diego 0.00 7.29 6.41
j' j » <. ' < "5
I ?' p I I Vi
stations I * 2 : % fL •
5b5 i r :
Baker 29.94 44 34 N Clondy loi
Boise 30.00 48 SO E Cloudy Tr.
Eureka 30.18 52 48 N Cloudy .08
Flagstaff 30. OS 44 4 SW Cloudy .00
Fr«>sno 80.06 64 40 NW Clear .00
Independence. 25.94 66 30 S Clear .00
EaUspoll 29.82 40 32 Calm Rain .04
Lo« Ange1e5... 30.06 66 50 W Pt.Cldy .00
Modena 23.96 50 — SW Clear .00
Mt. Ta.malpaJs.3o.lt. 54 41 NW Clear Tr.
North Head... 29. 98 48 4«J W Clondy .24
Phoenix 30.02 64 44 N Clondy .00
Pocatello 29.98 44 16 SE Clondy .00
Pt. Eeres Lt.SO.OS 56 46 NW Clear .00
Portland 30.00 50 46 SW Clondy .04
Red Blcff Sff.o2 66 38 S Pt.Cldy Tr.
Eeno .29.96 60 24 W Clear .00
Roseburg 30.10 4S 44 NW Pt-Cldy .06
Sacramento . . .30.06 62 42 SW Clear .00
Salt Ijike 29.92 45 — NW Clear .00
San Diego. ... .30.06 62 50 NW Cloudy .00
San Francisco.. 3o. l3 55 45 NW dear Tr.
San Joee... 30.14 5S 36 NW Pt.Cldy .00
S. L. Obispo.. So.l2 60 40 W Clear .00
S. E. FaraUon.3o.l3 54 4S NW Pt.Cldy .00
Tacoma £9.92 50 — S Cloudy .16
Spckane 29. 56 46 34 SE Cloudy, .02
•Snmmlt 43 27 S Cloudy .00
Tatoosa 29.92 60 46 SW Clear .02
Tonopah 30.02 3S 30 SE Clear .00
WaJla Walla.. .29.90 68 36 S Bain .C 2
Wlnnemueca ..29.92 52 20 NW Clondy Tr.
Yuma 30.02 72 46 NE Pt.Cldy .00
•Average depth of snow on ground 110 Inches.
The etonn off the Washington coast yesterday
has mored rapidly eastward o-rer the British
possessions and now. oTerlles northern Montana.
It has caused rain or enow generally from the
upper Sacramento ralley nortbwmrd, and cloudy
weather orer nearly all of the Pacific slope.
The pressure is rising along the coast and fall-
Ing orer the Uocky mountain region. The tem
perature charges tare been slight in all dis
Conditions are farorable for fair weather Mon
day In California.
For San Francisco and vicinity — Fair Monday;
li^ht northwest wind.
For the Santa tiara Talley — Fair Monday;
light northwest wind.
For the Sacramento valley — Fair Monday;
light north wind.
For the San Joaquin valley — Fair Monday;
light northwest wind.
For Loe Anpelea and vicinity — Clondy Monday;
light west wind.
G. U. WILLSON. Local Forecaster.
From | Steamer 1 Due
Victoria. B. C Oriana ...Feb. 17
Puget Sound : . . . Amlrl Fourichon Feb. 17
Grays Harbor - Cascade Feb. 17
San Pedro Nome City ....Feb. 17
Coos Bay Homer T...Feb.17
Hcmboldt North Fork \u0084. . Feb. 17
San Pedro Tamalpal* Feb. XI
Humbcldt lEurek* Feb. 17
San Plego & Way Pcrts Queen Feb. 17
Portland A Way Ports. Koanoke Feb. 17
Portland & Astoria.... Bo*e City Feb. 17
Saa Pedro F. A. Kilburn... Feb. 17
Coqcille R- & Coos Bay Bandon ........ Feb. IS
San Pedro : .. Santa Barbara. . Feb. 18
Puget Sound Ports Cmatllla ...Feb. 18
Seattle & Tacoma Watson ........ Feb. IS
Grays Harbor Coronado Feb. 18
China &. Japan Amer. Main Feb. 19
Grays Harbor J. B. Stetson... Feb. 19
San Pedro Vanguard Feb. 19
San Pedro Hanalel Feb. 19
San Pedro.. Yosemite Feb. 19
Humboldt City of Topeka. Feb. 20
San Pedro & Way Ports.Coos Bay Feb. 20
Sa.n Diego & Way PortsJSanta Bosa .... Feb. 20
Pt. Arena & Albion... Porno Feb. 20
Seattle Tampico Feb. 20
Hilo- Enterprise ..... Feb. 21
San Pedro Roanoke ..Feb. 22
Honolulu & Eahulul.. Nebraskan ..... Feb. 23
Destination | s Steamer { Sails |Pier
February 17 — ! .- v
Los Angeles Ports J.S. Higgles 10 am 2
Los Angeles Ports.... Cascade . ...JlO am 2
Astoria & Portland Nome City I 1«
Coquille BiTer Elizabeth ...spm 16
Seattle & BelHagbam.. Rainier 3 pnj 10
Grays Harbor Tamalpais — spm 2
Hnmboldt City Topeka. lO.SOa 9
Loe Asgeles Ports Roaaoke ... 5 pen 13
\u25a0 February IS —
Coos Bay Homer 3pm 8
Grays Harbor S. Barbara.. 4pm 2
Los Angeles Ports F. Kilburn.. 4 pm 10
Mexican Ports Curaeso .... 10 am 11
February 19 —
Harre & - Way Ports.. A. Fourichon .... T
Humboldt Vanguard .. 2pm 2
Hnmboldt ---. ..Eureka . 9am 13
Grays Harbor Yosemite .„, 2
Astoria & Portland Hanaiet ...I 5 pm 10
Astoria & Portland Northland .'. spm 2
Mendocino & Pt. Arena 1 Sea Foam .. 4pm 4
Humboldt . .' North Fork.. 12 m 20
Los Angeles Pert* ;J.; J. B. Stetson 11 am 2
February 20 — . I - :
San Diego Sc Way PortsfQneen 10 am 11
February 21— i
Hawaiian Ports ...... (Texan 23
Kaa Pedro i Way Ports Coon Bay .. 10 am 11
Coquille Rrrer ...IBandon .... spm 2
New York «la Ancon.. City of Para 12 m 42
Pucet Sound Ports Umatilla ... 11 am - 9
February 22—' .-
Pt. Arena L Albion...! Porno ...... 6pm 2
fieattle & Tacoma ".{Watson 1.30p 20
Portland & Wat, Ports. 'Roanokp ... 1 pmj 13
Astoria & Portland.... t ßose City .. 11 ami 24 r
Mexico & C America.. (Transit ...... :....{....
Destination | Steamer \ Date
Valdez & Seward .Ifaratora .......(Feb. 17
Skatrway fc Way Porrt.{J«ffefgoa . ..(Feb. 23
Vald«>z 4 Feward... . ..lSanta Clara ....iFeb. 24
Valdez 4 Way Ports. .iJeanle ......"...IFeb. 23
Valder & Seward.. '.'.'. .| Northwestern ' ..|Mar 1
Snn; and Tide
United Ktatw Co«st and Geodetic Snrver—^Time
and Hplrhts of Tides at Fort Point. For city
front (Mission street wharf) add 23 minutes.
Sun rises ..6:so|Scn .sets ......5^9
'Timei ITlme! ITlme] iTlrael :
Febi IFt I 'Ft--- Ft f — Ft
|H Wl IL Wl IH W[ 1L W| .
17.. 0:301 4.»! 5:14 2.P'll:10! 8.11 6:501 0.1.
18.. 0:54| 4.9) 5:54 2.5111:481 5.0) 6:201 0.3
19.. 1:14 5.01 6:57 2.8!l2:J0l 4JB\ 7:00]" O.fl
20.. 1:36 g.OJ 7:201 2.01 l:10| 4.61 7:3«| 1.1
V. S. Branch Hrdrocrraph 1c i Office
A branch of the United States Hrdrogaphrie
Office, located at tb« Merchant*' Exchange. .. 1*
malntaloed la San , Francisco for tie benefit . of
mariners, wlthont regard to nationality and free
of expense. Ka\ieator« are cordially lnrlted to
Tl«lt the ' office, where complete set* » of charts
and salllcK directions of the world are. kept 'at
he nil for comparison and reference and the j lat
ect Information can always ' be obtained retrard-
Injr llfrbts. danrera,. to: narlcatlon and \u25a0 matter*
of interest to ocean commerce. : - - \u25a0 , \u25a0 \u25a0
-.- » J. C. BURNETT.
" IJeatenant. . TT. S. V.. In /.h.r<-«
Schr Monterey, Keller, 13 bonr« from Me*-'
Urey, la tow tug Navigator. ...-•**•. •=;'-•..;/
Saturday. February 15.
Nor atmr Thyra, Nielsen. Belllnghara.
Sunday, February 18.
Stmr Santa Rosa. AIeran<!er, San Diego.
Stair Hornet. JIarxsen, Graya Harbor.
— Stmr Argyll. Ferrfa. Seattle.
Stmr Olson and Mahony," Payne; Anton.
Star National CJty. Hipping. San Pedro.
\u25a0 Stmr Goalala. • Fagerstrom, Calon landing.
Stmr Helen P Prew, . Gunderaon, Point Arena.
' Stmr Phoenix, Han*en. Mendoclao. .-
POI>*T LOBOS. Teb lft. 10 p m— Weather fog."
rr: wind northwest; : relorttr io mllea an hoar.
TA.COMA— Arrtred Feb 14— Bp rtmr. Talu«,
from Townsend. HMBIH^HBHBtJBH
ASTOEIA— SaOefl Teh lft— Br stmr Tw#edda!e,
for * ITnlted ; King dom ; Br etmr Cambrian \u25a0 King,
for Melboarne; »«nr F S Loop, for San , Fran-
ArriTed Feb 16-^Stnir": Breakwater, from Coos
bay.'- . ; .- :. _.. : . \u25a0 .v . \u25a0 . .. > - .
SOtlTH BEND— Sailed Feb 16 — Stnir Wellea
lev. for £an Franciaco. <4HMSBB£l»qMpkaNMMf
SAN DIEGO— ArrtTe<l F*b 15— attar Helena,
from San Pedro.;/ ' \u25a0--' .\u25a0'\u25a0.•\u25a0 ; •
'\u25a0'. Sailed Feb 16— Brig ' Blaksley, for. If ezlco. i
J^"*:st!Si^tMtsatHfS('fy ;.--•-\u25a0\u25a0? -;\ -.--,••-.-\u25a0\u25a0 • •
Probation Officer Stirs Hearers
With Account of How City's
Juveniles Are Beset
Asks Help' to Rescue Boys Sold
.to Women, Girls Snared
by Vice
. "Our Boys and Girls" was the sub
ject of a stirring talk by Arthur, J.
Todd of the juvenile probation court
at Trinity church last evening before
a large audience. Todd appealed 2 to an
aroused public sentiments to do some
thing, to avert the evils ..which threaten
the morals, the minds and the lives of
the little children of this city, r V-.; '
"If the laws are not satisfactory "or
enforced," said the speaker, . "let us
make them so. Let us make it so that
It will be a felony 'for a parent to de
sert his child; a criminal wrong to
sell liquor to minors; to admit chil
dren under 14 to places of amusement
alone; to conduct Immoral penny ar
cades; to permit children under 12 ;to
\u25a0work;- to admit boys or, girls to-cheap
lodging houses or houses of .ill fame. .
"Let us put aside all false modesty
regarding the sex question, .Jeach our
children what they should know, and
not leave the distorted facts to be
learned from any' beggar, tramp -or
loose character with whom they may
be thrown. Think of the children f ou
can see any night at Market and
Eighth streets, Fillmore street near
McAllister, crowding in front of doubt
ful resorts, of places which are the
only meeting grounds they .5 have and
where they are associated nightly with
the worst wrecks of humanity the city
can produce.
"Do you know ; the results of these
associations? There is a little runaway
boy, 12 y.ears old. whom I am looking
after Just now. He. Is a pink cheeked,
blue eyed, sturdy little fellow — a ch.ild
to make any mother's heart glad. This
little boy — this child who ought to be
thinking of tops and marbles and birds
and Innocent fun— knows more than
you or I — married men — ought to
know. He knows all the cheap water
front lodging places, all the houses of
ill fame, every gambling resort to be
found. Do I need to tell you the re
sults? Must I cite cases and details?
Surely not. .
"Must I tell you of (the horrible
things taking place this moment at
your very doors? I leave it to you to
answer. I hope to fire your hearts to
night, to work, to unite and demand
the rights of these children to safe
homes, to civic guardianship, to the
helpful hand of the people.. Open the
churches that the children may have a
place of social meeting. Demand
prosecutions of violations of the liquor
ordinances; enforce the curfew law.
"Do you know that only last week
four boys were sold liquor . and made
so dead drunk by It that they all four
fell into the ocean out at the beach?
"Do you know ' that boys under 12
have sold themselves to vile women?
Do you know that these babies sin
through sheer Ignorance and that it is
your duty to stop it? "Will you join us
In this crusade? Stand by us and we
will stand by you."
"Mother Alice," Chief of Sect,
Borrow Church
People of a sect styling themselves
'shaker mystics" and hailing as their
leader : a woman they.- call "Mother
Alice," held services yesterday after
noon In Plymouth Congregational
church before a number of curiosity
seekers who had been attracted by cir
culars announcing the event. There
wasno prayer, and hardly a word of
exhortation during the services, \u25a0 the
worshipers " sitting around "Mother
Alice" and one they called "Sister Eliza
beth" and shaking their hands slowly
up and down before them.' Only six of
the sect were present.
Afterward it was' explained to the
visitors that Mother Alice was gifted
with powers of healing the sick, and
that the sect was a branch . of the
"shakers," founded in New Lebanon, N.
V., In 1780. by "Mother Ann," who
claimed divine power. -The shaker mys
tics announced .they would hold ser
vices at the church for the rest 'of the
week, .^r
It was explained that the, sect had no
connection with . Plymouth Congrega
tional church, but had been allowed the
use of the building as a matter of cour
tesy.- ;\u25a0'"::'\u25a0' . -;.;: • :.'\u25a0\u25a0
Pastors" Eulogize War President
as Greatest American
Pastors of two churches based their
sermons last night onjthe character of
Abraham Lincoln and cited many Inci
dents and anecdotes from the life of
the great war president.,, ."
At Central Methodist Episcopal church
Rev. E. R. Dille preached In the morn-
Ing on "The Salt of the Earth;" and in
the 7 evening on "The : Two Greatest
Americans," Washington : and . Lincoln,'!
putting ' Lincoln as ' even ; greater > than
Washington. 1 Dille Is a member of Lin
coln' Post No. : 1 of the' Grand "Army.
Rev. George ?C. Adams 'of ; the"; First
Congregational church; preached in the
morning on I "True Courtesy.", and \u25a0 last
night on "Abraham Lincoln,: America's
Best Product." . :.\u25a0-\u25a0'\u25a0 -\u0084 ,' '.'\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0,'.-\u25a0'"•" .
NEW YORK, : Feb. 16.— The following
Callfornians ; % registered in New York
hotels today : • /\u25a0'. -
> San Francisco-^-J.J.King-well. at the
Broadway Centrals AT* Hudiew, at* the
Wolcott; *W. : Lederer; and wife, at • the
Collingwood; L. . Gordon, and- wife," jat
the = Navarre; .J. t Magler, at the , Astor;
A-;AiCamitz, at- the Continental;, l* H.
Butcher, at \u25a0 the Victoria; A.! G. Griffin,
at the Waldorf.
. Oakland— A. Scott, af.the Gilseyl
': Santa Crux-^-G.' H. Normanvand-wlfe,'
atitherAlbemarle. ~ " .'.•\u25a0; .'. ,
Los Angreles-r-H. C. Lott and wife,"
Miss AlVßogers, Miss G.H. Nash.'at'.the
Albert; C. W. Bentley, at the Imperial.
TATOOSH. \u25a0 Feb 16—We* ther 7: clear; wind
south;* Telocity". 12 milesian:hour.* ; >;-fe.\; -\u25a0 :•.
Passed In Feb 16—Stmr City, of Puebhi, hence
Feb 14 for Seattle and Puget sound ports. 7-
Passed out Feb 16 —Br stmr \u25a0 Den of: Ruthvea,
foe -; Fr bark Noeml;; for. Queenstown.
\u25a0 SANTA 1 BARBARA —Arrived Feb;-, 16 —Stmr
Queen,"- from; San; Diego2and Balled •,for;- San
Francisco. - '-\u25a0•.> \u25a0' - ' ••-\u25a0'* \u25a0--'\u25a0 -»-- -"\u25a0:-"\u25a0- '-:'-•'•\u25a0 :\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 j
• PORT TOWNSEND —Arrived - Feb 16 —Br. bark i
ClocQ. from T~n 11 1111 111111 ill 11 •MI»TiTFT lll"n'T|li|| iriJMl>mi|f
- Passed \u25a0 out " Feb. 16 —Bktn, Retriever,,. from i
Wlnslow,* for' Redondo.; \ •"_ \u25a0
\u25a0' COVE • POINT, •N< Jrr-Passed down: Feb 16— 1
Stmr " George; W." Fenwick, 1 from', Baltimore, for ;
San, Francisco.: • ~- '•' \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0/\u25a0\u25a0'. '\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 .\u25a0- ..-- • \u25a0\u25a0',
.-'\u25a0. ISLAND POETS i^psgig
HONOLULU—Arrived \u25a0 Feb, 16^Stmr. Nevsdsa,'
VANCOUVER-^Arrived Feb. ' 14—Br stmr!
Aoranci, from Sydney.^ ; . ,
.-- NEW- YORK—Arrived \u25a0 Feb < 16—Stmr. La Bre
tagne," from - Havre; i stmr; Etrurta; v, from. Liver- '\u25a0\u25a0
pool and"Queenstown.;-^/;-" ,?-;
Memoranda; n
, Per 'i Br /stmr;, Tonawaads-^-Had ? strong : south i
and southeast gales first \u25a0 three days; on \u25a0 14th
saw'a b*xk «ieerln« east at«ut.6oo mile, off
the. port,-;-
Twelve Hundred Passengers Are
Carried by ; Road Between
City and Terminus .
Twelve hundred was- the number of
passengers carried •-:: yesterday \u25a0 by* the
Ocean Shore , railway; company between
this city and the present terminus^ of
the .lino. at .Pedro' Terrace. During the
preceding week 300 men and "several
steam shovels were employed : on , the
road clearing- loose" earth- on the high
bluffs;. ...
.The grade at Saddle. Rock 'will 'be fin
ished soon and it is] expected that rails
will be laid to Green "Valley by April 1.
Farmers and dairymen ' along: the pro
jected line are. anxious -for the:exten
sion of = the rdad. Two hundred and
fifty " carloads ot -artichokes .•will :be
shipped out over the' Ocean Shore this
season. 7 Several thousand pounds were
handled "last week/The vegetable is
shipped to all parts of the world.
The largest sum of money ever r paid
for a collie was paid recently to .an
English breeder, named Mason, of
Southport." when he received ' $6,250 for
the champion Squire of Tytton. "
Birth, marriage and death notices sent by mail
will not be Inserted., They must be handed in ot
either of the publication offices and be indorsed
with the name and residence of persons ; author-
Ued to hare the same published.* Notices ' re-
stricted simply to the announcement of the eTent
are published once In this column free of charge.
CARROLL— In this city, February 16, ] 1905. to
the wife of Frank E. Carroll (nee Navlet),
a son.
DETOY— To the wife of Leo L. Detoy (nee
Maloney),a daughter, g
Beck. Jac0b........ 75 King......... (Infant)
Brooks, James L 49 Kohler, Fred J... .. —
Brown, Thomas 73 Malson. Leonora A^. S3
Calmann, Jeanette.. S4 McAuliffe, Florence. T "8
Charmak. Louis. .... 65 Miller, Ella M. :....—
Connlhan, 'Sarah.... 6S Nelsen.7.Wilbelmiene 50
Curry, James R."... 75 Nielsen, Mary.; 25
Daly. Daniel J 71 O'Connor, Luke-.'.'V. —
Deerlng, Michael A. 75 Rowland, Saraß J.". —
Eberllng. Maria 59 Schaffner. Mary A.. —
Kcan, James 48 Schneider, John D . . 61
Grace, John J .56 Sherwood, William J «4
Grant, Mary 64 Smith. Andrew V... S8
Hables, Lillian 8.. — Spring. EmelieH.-.—
Haldan. Edward 8.. — Still, Wi11iam. ...... 57
Hickey, John M 34 Trodden, Thomas 61
Hunt, Darwin D.... 14 Waden, .Eilert...... 52
Johnson, Jennie M.. — Walsh, Jame5.....".. 75
BECK— In thin city. February 14, 100S, at hla
residence, 93 Carl street, Jacob Beck, hus-
band of the late Margareta Beck. and. loving
1 father of 'Attain, Kate, \u25a0 Margaret and 'Eliza-
beth Beck, Mrs. M. Obenneyer. Mrs. .H.-N.
.. Lange and Mn«. W. H. Qnivey of Oakland,
a native of Germany, aged 75 years 5 months
and 17 days. - \u25a0 . . \u25a0 \u25a0; • \u25a0 •\u25a0 :
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral today (Mon-
day), at 10 o'clock a. ta.. from the parlors
of Halsted * Co., 924 Fillmore street, under
the '\u25a0- auspices of Yerba Buena lodge No. 8,
and Germania stamm No. 83, U. 0. R, M.. In-
terment Cypress Lawn cemetery, by electric
car from Thirtieth street and San Joee avenue.
Officers and members of the grand lodge,
C. O. R. M.. are respectfully invited to at-
tend the funeral of Past Grand Chief Jacob
Beck, at the parlors of Halsted &•\u25a0 Co., "824
Fillmore street, today (Monday), at 10 a. m.
C. G. STRIPPEL, Grand Chief. '
M.FUETSCHER. Grand Secretary.
BROOKS— In this city. February 16, 1908,
James L., beloved husband of Mamie Brooks,
and father of Mrs. George . F. Alnsa, brother
of William E. Brooks, a native of Waverly,
N. V., aged 4& yean.
. Funeral private.
BROWN— In this city, February 14. 1908,
Thomas Brown, a native of , County Wexford.
Ireland, aged 73 years.- "- .. •-.:. -. --'-.^- \u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0-'
' The funeral will take . place today (Mon-
day), at 8:30 o'clock a. m.«- from. the parlors
of Carew & Enelish. 1618 Geary * street.
thence to St. Dominick's church, where a re-
. quiem mass for the repose ; of his soul will
be celebrated, commencing ; at" 0: o'clock. In-
] terment private, Holy Cross cetaetery.
CALMANN— In this city. February 16, 1908.
- Jeanette Caiman, relict of^ the late Adolph
Calmann,. and beloved ~ mother.. 6f Mrs. Itosie
Cohnrelcb, . Julius, and Uuflolpb, Calmana, a
: native of Germany, aged 84 years . 5 . months
and 21 days. . .77.: v .. 7 • '.'
i Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Tues-
day). February IS, at 10:15. a." m.", from the
residence of her son. Julius Calmann, 1330
McAllister street. Interment Hills of- Eter-
nity cemetery.. via. the 11:45 a. m. train from
Third street depot. ;
CHARMAK— In . this city, February 15, IMS,
Louis * Charmak. beloved husband of Annie
Charmsk. beloved father of Sol, Abe.' Edward
and Goldah Charmak, Mrs. C. Davis and
Mrs.. A. White, .acd brother of Herman and
Charles Charmak. a native of Germany, aced
65 years." -(Woodland papers please copy.)
Friends and acquaintances are respeetfnlly
Invited to attend the fnneral \u25a0\u25a0 services , to-
day (Monday), at 10:15 o'clock a. m., at his
late . residence, \u25a0--, 1936 Post street. . Interment
Hills of i Eternity cemetery, by train . leaving
Third and . Townsend streets at 11 :45 a. nr.
COUNIHAN— In this city, February 13, j 1008,
j Sarah; relict of the late John Counlhan.- and
! mother of Josie, '\u25a0 Molly, Daniel J. and Ed-
ward J. Counlhan, • Mrs. W. P. Hanrahan,
Mrs. : J. ' Madden and Mrs. - F. Wunsch, a na-
!:• tlve of Killarney, Ireland, aped 68 years. ; .
.The fnneral . will take place today : (Mon-
day), February 17, at' B:3o o'clock a. m.,
from her late residence, Eighteenth : and De
Haro streets, - tuence to. St. Charles.. church,
where a solemn requiem mass for the repose
of .- her soul will be celebrated, commencing
at 10. o'clock a.*m. . Interment , private, Holy
Cross cemetery. --\u25a0 ' :, " \u25a0
CURRY— In Martinez. . Cal., February 14. 190»,
James; R. \ Curry, "beloved father of Charlt»s
E. Curry of Portland. Ore.: Samuel R. Curry
of Point Richmond, Henry J., Thomas Reuben
8 and Bert Curry, all. of Martlnz. and. brother
of Mrs.. Sarah Carpenter of Martinez,; Mre.
Mary Brown of -Oregon,' Mrs. Josephine Breen '
of Oakland- and - Edward, Charles, 7 Ben and
Reuben . Curry of Geysers, a native of . Ten- i
nessee, aged 75 years,, '. ... •• , „ •-- =
The funeral will take place tomorrow ; (Tues-
. day), February" 18, at 1:30 p.: m., from the
residence of his son. Thomas Reuben Curry, at
Martinez. Interment in family plat, Martinez,
. Cal. ;: v; 7 :-; 7,.;7:- ' : . \u25a0\u25a0?.:.^:±C: X +'
DALY^n tfiia city, February 15, 1908, Daniel
- J..- beloved father of the late Frank Daly, |
James, • Clarence \u25a0 and ';, Paul Daly and - Mrs.
Mery Llnderman.-- a native of Philadelphia,
. Pa., aged .71 year*. ;
Friends and ,• acquaintances are respectfully
Invited to attend \u25a0 tbe funeral tomorrow ; (Tues-
day), February .18, 190S, at 10:30 o'clock
f a.' m., \u25a0" from - the - parlors of James ) McGinn,
832 Fulton street between , Webster.; and Flll-
7. more.-..;- interment Holy Cross , cemetery,: by
carriage.', '„'-. 7- ' - : . ;
DEERING— In J , this city.; February 15, 1908.
- Michael A. Deering.7 beloved husband ' of Mary
Frances Deprlng. ;. and : father -of James L.,
. Frank \u25a0 L.;, Henry A. - and Mary K. Deerin*.
i a '-, natlvc-of , Londonderry, Ireland, aged 75
7- years/;!.'.-- '\u25a0', (..'\u25a0\u25a0-. \u25a0..'\u25a0:- .- '\u25a0\u25a0:..-\u25a0 .\u25a0\u25a0'_; - \u25a0 - ' -
.• 'Friends i and acquaintances are -respectfully
Invited i to ; attend the funeral \u25a0 tomorrow (Tues-
day), February IS, at 8:30 o'clock a. m., from
his - late ; residence, 845 . Alvarado , street^ near
\u25a0 Sanchez, ; ; thence .to , St. James » church, " where
' a ~ requiem mass ; ; for J tbe ; repose " of - his f soul
\u25a0 will •be celebrated, commencing at " 9 o'clock.
•?. Interment ; Holy :, Cross cemetery, ; by ' electric
. . funeral j car from San -, Jose avenue : and Tblr-
. - tletb - street^. f. ~J~-.c. '\u25a0'\u25a0-''\u25a0. *\u25a0:'\u25a0 '\u25a0 ; %•"\u25a0;. ' \u25a0 .\u25a0", .""
EBELlNG— ln. East^ Oakland, Cal.. February 15.
'.190S. s Mrs. : Maria' EbeJing.' beloved mother, of
V. .Ebeling. Mrs." Louisa - Kurkee. Mrs.- LV-H."
, Her] lng," Mrs. Fred Tuller and . Pauline Ebeling,
a .-; native vof ~ Switzerland , ;; aged 59 ; years . 6
months ' and -161 days." 7" -
.i": vFunerali private. r,; C : [
EGAX— ln. this city," February . 15. 190 S. James,
dearly beloved eon of -Ellen- and the late John
- Egan.>- brother \ of , Michael . and the late 1 John
and ' Thomas " Egan , cousin •ot \u25a0 John. \u25a0 Margaret,
Daniel, ' Thomas t and ) George . Keating,' , nephew
V of the late Richard and - : Elizabeth ' Keating, a
'-, native ': of > the ; parish \of 1 - 1 Coun^ Tip-
\u25a0-\u25a0 perary,; lreland,; aged 43^ years. /;-.i
GRACE— In"^ this city. : February 15. 1908.^ John
\u25a07,- J.v: Grace, -beloved - husbands of Annie; Grace,
\u25a0 beloved; father .of ' James P., ; John "J.;;- Edward
' : F.; Mary E.' and Joseph , M. Grace.' and , brother
7 of> N.'B.X Grace.'S a --native; of * County i-Wex-
I'\u25a0 ford,\ Ireland, aged 56 ' years and \u25a0S r. month?.*
; «, Friends ~ and t acquaintances * are l respectfully
. Invited \u25a0 to attend i tbe funeral tomorroWi (Tues-
. day ) ;• at . 9 a." m., - from the ; parlors of MeAvoy
•I A O'Hara, 1 2347-2349 •\u25a0 Market ; street t between i
' i Sixteenth"' and v Seventeenth,- w thence « to \u25a0St
: ' Peter'i f church, 1 ; where '\u25a0 a > requiem high , mass '
\u0084 i for s the repose of his soul will bes celebrated,'
'./commencing tat 9:455 a.: m.- Interment c Holy i
'j.C Cross cemetery. \u25a0. . -• .-.;;. 7 \u25a0; 7 ;\u25a0,.,\u25a0'- -- -
GRANT— lnTthis > city, : February , 15,, 1908, < Mary
\u25a0% Grant, <^ a : natives of - Ireland, aged i 64 : years.".-
Y?--2 The ~ funeral \u25a0> will '\u25a0\u25a0 take • place L -; today ?\u25a0 (Mon-
7 dav);:'at; 9., o'clock :: a." m..y from .St. < Charles
', C churchi Eighteenth - and 5 Shotwell \u25a0• streets.*; Re- :
\u25a0 ' mains . at the \u25a0 funeral parlors ''of; J. •C. "> O'Ooa-'
', - nori&'jCo.i^TO^Tuxi .-. street.; ..-""/\u25a0 :'\u25a0-.:... \u25a0-;*.
HABLES^niian" Beatrice, * beloved flaughter of
: Pearl" Hables - and : the *. late - Adolph Hables,
and sister of Sam, Lester and Hannah Hables
?; «nd;Mrs.>B/;Kragen/7: ,;..•;; 7 \u0084\u25a0 : -\u0084-r r
HALDAJJ— In r Alamed i,\ Febrnary 15/ 190S, Ed-
i ward '8.-f Haldan, .son \ of .; Sarah C. - and th«
'-: late i ßernard "Haldan. -\u25a0. and i' father; of >E.- V. f B.
- Haldan, a a ;: native ;of iToronto,"; Can." *\u25a0; '-\u25a0\u25a0,-,
Friends f are > respectf ully.s Invited tto" attend
j''. tha 1 funeral: tomorrow i (Tuesday) : in ; the ! chapel
\u25a0V of f Cypress I L*wn> cemetery ,-i upon .• the arrival
;of the 11:43 a.' m. J train from Third and Towa-
send streets.'"- . ; ... , - . • ;• -\u25a0,
HICEBY— Ia * : this 'j city. 1 February U,* 1908,' John
-* Mlch"^ * Hlcker. husband <of < the la U Jot»-
JBmtwmmgßat£m@PG&-'^ - \ - • - -": -. • ' \u25a0?\u25a0 --\u0084 :. -• ..-\u25a0-«-& i oßsafe
phlne HicVey, belOTed father of Violet Cath- j
, erlne, Loretta Josephine ; and c John . Francis 1
\ niefcey. and son of . Mrs. Bridget Hiekey and
the late John J. 7: Hickey . . & native of Caluor-
'\u25a0\u25a0: nla; aged 34 • years 5 months and -Z% days.
The inneral ..will : take : place today (Men-
day*. February 17, at 9 a. - m:, from his late
;' residence. .. corner of San , Bruno ' avenue and
. Twenty-fifth . street, thence - to St. Peter s
\u25a0 church. Alabama street , between Twenty- fourth
- and • Twenty-fifth, - where a requiem hfgh ma3S
; . ' for \u25a0:, the • repose -of his soul will : be : cele-
;; r brated at 9:45 " a. m. : Interment Holy Cross
, cemetery. ' Please omit flowers/
. -Precita- parlort No. 87, N. S. G. TV.—
Membera '\u25a0'. of Precita -parlor >'o. 157. . Native
r Sons of the : Golden* West, ': are ( hereby notified
'to attend the funeral of our deceased brother.
. John ~ M. i : Hlckey. >' from ' bis : Ute ~ residence.
: 1400 San Bruno aTenne corner of \u25a0 Twenty-flfiU
7 street, .today . (Monday), February I", at • 0
a. m.{. Members will assemble at S:3O
v o'clock a. m. sharp. - By "orflpr of
E. TIETJEX. President
' HAERY..V.- CURTS, Secretary.
HUNT— In .'this cltj\-Feb"raary IS.IDOS^ Darwin
: ;. D: ; Hunt, beloved - son of D. „D. and Mary E.
-.- Hunt, and brother of Elmlra and Lloyd Hunt,
a native of San ; Francisco, aged 14 years 10
months and 15 ; days. -
Friends , an.l * acquaintances are * respectfully
invited to attend the funeral tomcarow .: (Tue»-
fiay), February IS. at* 9:15 a. m., - from hl«-
•; late residence, . ISO 2 Haight street, thence to
. St. ' Ignatins -church, •: , Hayes street near
Shrader, : where a -requiem mass for the repose
1 of.- his soul i will ' be celebrated, commencing
at 9:30 a.- m." ; lnterment private. .
JOHNSON— -At . Bnrke's sanitarium. Sonoma
county. February 16, . 1908, : Jennie - Murray,
beloved wife of Georee Johnson and mother of
' Harry S. and Will H. Johnson. ""• 7
\;;,,Kotlce of : funeral \u25a0 hereafter. ,
KING— In this i city. | February - 18. 190 S. - Mar-
caret,' beloved infant' daughter 'of J. J. and
Carrie King, 1 a native of San Francisco, aged
>'. S days. - ;.;. \u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0 -
KOHLER— In this city. February 16. 19C8. Fred
J.; beloved son of^ Joanna and the late Jacob
Kohl er, brother of Mrs. C. E. Broad, Mrs.
C. C. Freeman, "Mrs. Richard Garrett, Larry
J. and Albert H. Kohler, : a native of San
i Francisco. \u25a0 ,( Virginia. Nev.,- Loa Angeles and
Vl.«alia papers please copy.)
Friends . and acquaintances are respectfully
invited to attend the fnneral tomorrow* {Tues-
day), at 10 o'clock a. m.: from his late resi-
" dence. 1307, Octavla street, uader the auspices
. of San \u25a0, Francisco. lodge No. 3. B. P.- O. E.
Interment St. Mary's cemetery. Oakland. 7
'\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0 \ Members :of San Francisco lod?e No. 3.
\u25a07 B. p. o. E., are : hereby notlfit-d to attend
the 'funeral of our late brother. -Fred J.
Kohlpr, .tomorrow (Tuesday) mornin? at 10
o'clock, - from 1307 Octavla street. By order.
Attest: HERMAN KOHN. Secretary.
MAISON— «In thi3 city, 7 February 15, lOCS,
Leonora; A., relict of the late Lewis Malson,
and beloved mother of Mrs. Amelia Dorland,
: - Mrs. Herbert W. Anstin aad N. . E. Malson,
aged $3 years and. 10 months. .
. Friends . and acquaintances are respectfully
•invited to attend the funeral services tomor-
row (Tuesday), at 1:30 p. m.. at the resl-
\u25a0 dence of her . daughter, . Mrs. Dorland, 3639
-Seventeenth street. . Interment Cypress Lawn
j cemetery.
McAULIFFE— In this city, February 16. lOCS,
Florence. T., beloved father of Charles E.,
Agnes and the late Florence. J. McAnliflc, a
native of Limerick, Ireland, aged 78 years.
Friends \ and acquaintances are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Tues-
day) at 8:30 o'clock a. m.V from his late
residence, . 1113 Cole : street, thence to St.
' Agnes' church, where a requiem mass for the
repose of his soul will be celebrated.' com-
mencing at. 9 a. m. Interment Holy Cross
cemetery, by funeral car from San
: Jose avenue . and Thirtieth street.
MILLER— In Oakland. Cal.. February 16, 1908.
Mrs. Ella M. Miller, daughter of the late
John and Martha B. Wonderlich, and sister
of Mrs. Catherine Brandon. Mrs. Jessie Wat-
son, S. : G. and B. W. Wonderlich, a native
of Eldorado county, Cal.
NELSEN— In this city. Febreary 16. 190 S. Wil-
helmiene, dearly beloved wife of Anton Nelsen,
a native of Germany, . aged : 50 years.
NIELSEN— In, this city, February 1-*. 1005- »t
her residence. 1046 Shotwell street. Mary
Nielsen, beloved i wife >of - Olaf H. Nielsen,
loving mother of Irene Nielsen, daughter of
Margaret and the late Daniel C. Murphy,
and sister of Mrs. Grace Gonzales and Dan-
iel C. Murphy, a native: of Wakefield. Mass.,
aged 33 ' years . 2 months and 10 days. \u25a0
Friends and acquaintances are resoectfully
Invited to attend the- funeral today (Man-
• day), February 17, at 8:30 a. m., from iier
late residence, 1046 Shotwell street, thence
to St. Peter's church, Twenty-fourth and Ala-
bama streets, where * requiem high mass
for • the repose of her soul will be cele-
brated, commencing at 9 a. m. Interment Holy
•> Cross cemetery. '-\u25a0 ' 7 .'
O'CONNOR— In this city. February 14, lflOS.
Luke • O'Connor, beloved husband of Ann
O'Connor, loving father of John A.. Margaret
A: and Wineford E. O'Connor. Mrs. Michael
Rodgers and Mrs. F. P. Leonard, and grand-
father of Patricia and Frances Leonard, a
native of County - Roscommon, Ireland..
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
Invited to attend - the funeral \u25a0 today (Mon-
day), - at., 8:30 a. m., 'from the. residence
of his daughter.- Mrs. F. P. Leonard. :72l
Tehama street, tbence to St. Joseph's church,
where " a. :\u25a0. requiem high mass for the repo<e
of his. soul will be celebrates at 9 a. m.
Interment - Holy - Cross cemetery.
ROWLAND— In" this city. February 14. 190 S.
" Sarah t Josephine \u25a0 Bow land, \u25a0 beloved daughter
. of - Mary and the - late James ; Rowland, \u25a0 and
loving : sister of \u25a0• Mary ;. E. , and James Joseph
' Rowland. - a > native of - San ' Francisco, Cal.
; Friends and acquaintances j are respectfully
invited to \u25a0\u25a0 attend the funeral today (Mon-
day), Febrnary. 17, at 9:30 o'clock a. m., from
her late residence, 634 Halght street, thence
to • Sacred : Heart church, where * solemn re-
quiem high mass for the repose of hex soul
will; be celebrated, commencing at 10 o'clock.
\u25a0 Interment Holy Cross cemetery, by electric
funeral car from San; Jose avenue and Thir-
tieth . street.
SCHAFFNER— Entered into rest, in this city,
February .16. 190 S. Mary Ann (Paul) Schaff-
ner. Idolized, wife of Herman Schatfner, and
\u0084 beloved motner of Paul ' F.. Herman Jr. and
• Fred'Schaffner, a" native of New. Bedford.
Mass. .; ; . r , . . • . \
SCHNEIDER— At rest, in this city. February
15.- 1908. \u25a0 John Daniel, husband of
7" Maria Schneider, and father of . Mrs. E. J.
• Kelly and Mamie. Walter cad Alma Schneider,
•*\u25a0 - * native \u25a0 of ' Alsace, aged 61 years 7 ; months
and 25 days. \u25a0 , - .*\u25a0"\u25a0. 1
\u25a0'. '. The ' funeral •; win take place today (Mon-
day),"; February 17. at 2:30 p. in.. \u25a0 from the
' parlors of H. F. Suhr & • Co.. 2919 Mission
street between Twenty-fifth and Twenty -sixth.
Interment private.
SHERWOOD— At r rest, in this city, February
.16, 1908. William J., dearly beloved husband
. of Pauline Sherwood, .- and devoted father of
: Lila, Robert James and the late Pearl Sher-
wood, and : beloved stepfather of Mrs. X. . A.
Lundstrom, Mrs.- Robert Howe, Mrs. F. W.
Ammann. ' Fred L. \u25a0 Bates and Mrs. Harry . Bls-
sert,a native of Londonderry, Ireland, -aged
64 years -11 months and. 6 days. .
: Friends and acquaintances art respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral tomorrow .1 (Tnes-
: day ) ," at 10 o'clock a. m.', from • the" • funeral
parlors of Theodor Dierks & Co., 900 Devisa-
\u25a0f 1 dero street corner of 1 McAllister. - Interment
\u25a0 Greenlawn cemetery, by " 11:45 ;. o'clock train
from . Twenty-fifth and Valencia streets.
SMITH— In 'this ; city. February ~- 16, 19es, An-
drew iV. , Smith, \u25a0 beloved husband of the late
Maria L. Smith, a native . cf Connecticut, aged
* : \u25a088 years : 6 months and :10 days. .
\u25a0 Friends, -\u25a0•' acquaintances and- members of
Templar lodge No.'- 17. > 1. 1 0. O. F.; are re-
spectfully " Invited to attend the : f uceral serv- .
ices tomorrow (Tuesday), February ., IS, 190S,
. ". at 1 1 ' o'clock ' p. . m.,7 at his late residence,
". 2413 '' Howard . street. Incineration, Odd - Fel- ;
" Ipws".: crematory. *'\u25a0\u25a0•.= v, . . . ;
SPRING— Ia ' San Joee, : Cal, February • 15,; 1908,
- Emelle Houghton Spring, mother of Mrs.' Fred-
7 erlcksW.-- Moore and -Henry: Spring, and sister ]
•: of Mrs." Fred 5 Lewis i Foster, all -of San Joae,;
and Mrs. • W/C* Morrow \u25a0cf San Francisco, a
- .native, of -Farmington, . la. 7 ;, -. -
STILL^— In-this "city/ at -St. Luke's hospital,
February ' 15, 190 S. William Still, a . native
' of Scotland,-; aged 57,. years. ;j-Ss»V^
.' Remains \u25a0' at -, the undertaking \u25a0. parlors of
7 Bunker i'Lunt,- prior to shipment to Sonoma.
\u25a0• Interment » at " Sonoma."^-. tomorrow (Tuesday),
February ; lS, 1003. ;
TRODDEN—Int; this city, February 16. 1908.
-. Thomas,' beloved : husband of the late Teresa
~'. Trodden, '\u25a0-\u25a0 and ' loving ' father . of " Thomas J.
• Trodden \u25a0 and. the late Bernard.. Patrick, John.
* James, -Thomas \u25a0 and Trodden, a native
: of -'Armagh,- Ireland,*, aged 61 years 8 months
'. and i 25 : daya. 7 ; --., : 'v- \u25a0-•\u25a0w ,v. -\u25a0 . : .. ;. •...-\u25a0\u25a0; 7- •
. , Friends « and : acquaintances \u25a0 are . respectfully
invited. to attend* the i funeral' tomorrow. (Tues-
day)rat 0:15 a. .m.,7froia thej»rlor» of Mc-
Brearty £& McCormick.' 915 Valencia street
\u25a0 ' near - ; Twentieth, ; thence \u25a0, to St.v James church,
- where •-\u25a0 requiem =. high." mass for tbe : repose
of hU *oul will . be celebrated, commencing at
' 9,:45. tu'i m. -" , Interment -Holy Cross ; cemetery.
WADEX^-In" this city, 1 Febrnary 14, - 1905," Eilert
. -Waden. * dearly *'\u25a0 beloved --' husband of TAngnsta
-, Waden,-: and -beloved father of. Anna and* Eilert
\u25a0- " N ."> Waden,*s a 1 native ; of \u25a0 Oldenburg,' Germany,
' aged ': 52 % years <2 "' months • and .- 23 - days. A
T \ member •of / Court Hubertus » No. ; 1 5. F. of : A."
The i funeral - will ': take * place ' today .; (Mon-
: : day), 1 at \u25a0 1 •\u25a0\u25a0 o'clock -. p. : m.-;i from • his • late : re»l-
' : dence. > 134 \ Boyce ' street off \ Point : Lobos ' ave^
' v' nue.* ; Interment Mount Ollret " cemetery,' by
.',!, ; carriage. . ;- : - ' . ; - : \u25a0'. \u25a0}-'?\u25a0\u25a0 '\u25a0]-'. -],'\u25a0 ' \u25a0.'\u25a0\u25a0 -\u25a0'\u25a0"
WALSH— In 7~ thla '\ city. *' Febnary . 15, •: 1908.
7* James, dearly -. beloved - husband " of; Hannah
; Wal»h.. and devoted father of -John. Walsh.
-'\u25a0 ' Mrs. D. * F. Crowley 1 and . Mn.-' H. -M. ." Martin,
and ' brother iof - Lawrence . M/ Walsh,.: a* native ,
;. of \u25a0 Donerile, County Cork, Ireland;: aged '.75 ;
years. ; " \u25a0 '<&KBBHEm&f-«.: ? -~'->
, .... Friends , and ' acquaintances . are ' respectfully
7*invited\ to* attend -.the'- funeral^ Wednesday,
February *. 19. 190 S. \u25a0at h 8:30 o'clock '. a. m.,
: from : his; late -: residence.".' 1251 *> Union -rtreet, \u25a0
'•\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0 thence to '• St.- Brigid's church, ; where ** • solemn 1
; requiem ' high i mass for : the 1 repose of his soul i
\u25a0\u25a0 > wul j be ' celebrated.'' commencing at <10 a. r m i
Interment f Holy .Ctom' cemetery.; >.J. J - ?,::.'.,
Stocks ajidßpnds
Member < Stock * and Bond Exchange, 483 C*ll-
; \u25a0 Member 6*o rn^M^O^r|Bxea*As*. - *
;^fe 5^ %$£
February 27, 1 908; of
Horses and Mules
-I will sell at PUBLIC AUCTION.
MULES to be found anywhere on
1 the Pacific Coast.
These animals are -all young, well brokea
and ready for hard work.
Geldings and Mares frcaj 1,400 to 1,700 lb«;
the Mules from 1,100 to tXM lb#. Large young
Mares in foal to the best draft stallion ' os the
coast. '• . . . \u25a0 . - . . - \u25a0
- There are a few standard bred trotter*. 20
No. 1 Saddle Horses. 12 young Pack Males.
If you want horses or mules, don't fail to
attend this sale as they must aad will be sold
to the. highest bidder.
-. Arrangements will be made to send all stock
sold to go to Reno In. one lot,, thus redncias
cost of movlas to a minimum. -
Jfe 2s£
Feb. 17th, 'OS, 11 a.m. at the Dnboce Stables,
corner 13th end Valencia Streets
- I will sell my entire stock of business bug-
gies, all kinds of grocery, express, peddling and
sand wagons, to »«t Ji»t with 45 good hones aad
mares, with single and doufcie harness to match:
also. 12 gets of chain harness and a carload- of
horses from the country. This stuff must be
sold. No reserve or limit. Sale rain or shine.
Outside stock sold on cntnmiyslon.'
WM. CLOUOH. Auctioneer.
\u25a0 Sixty head of combination consignments, single
and in spans, all city broken.- Among the lot
are large . mare* acd ?eldlngs. suitable for plow
and ranch work: business horses, roadsters and
family horses, . and a lot of city horses a little
foot sore from the cobbles and hard streets; good
burs for farmers. All hor«es guaranteed. Win
be hooked up after the sale. I will afto sell
a lot of vehicles and harness too Qumerou<i to
mention. . P. S. — 1 trotting bred mare, standard
seal brown. 7 years old. wee bit foot .sore.
Anctlon books now open. Sale at 11 a. m., 562*
567 Fonrth st.. Oakland.
J. W. MEDEIROS. Licensed Auctioneer.
t \u25a0 THURSDAY. February 20. at boarding stables.
1516 Broadway. Saa Francisco, beginning at 1
p. m.. 25 head of all purpose horses.
C. BUTLER, Auctioneer.
% : : ; : a'
Want to Loan Money?
* —4-
6cea:v travel
vrt*^ Steamers Leave Broadway
/&}£-§P\ Wharves.
f4$L: LOW RATES. ißcludln*
. \j^<t_^^V FOX " IIOS AXGELES
Santa Rosa.. Every Sunday. 10 a. m.
Queen... Every Thursday. 10 a. m.
rmatflla... Feb. 21. Mar. 1 11 a. m.
City of Puebla .Feb. 23. Mar. 13. 11 a. m.
And Alternately Every Friday Thereafter.
Round Trip. . Including Berth and Meala. $45.
City of Topeka.. Feb. 17.10:30 a.m.
Pomona Feb. 20. 10:30 a. m.
And Every Fifth Day T&«?re»ft*r.
Curacao.. ....^...February IS. 10 a. m.
The palatial Alaska* recursion steamship SPO-
KANE will leave Seattle. 11 p. m., Jane IS.
July M.; 18. 31. Aurust 15.
Right reserved to eta a?* this schedule.
SAN FRANCTSCO— 3 Market St.. 112 Market st.
and BROADWAY WHARF— TeL Kearay 432.
General Offlcea. 112 Market it.
Freight Office Broadway Wharf
OAKLAND. .96$ Broadway
CD. DUN ANN. O. P. A.. Saa Francisco.
Tbyo Kisen Kaisha
(Orieatal Steamship Co.)
S. S. "America Maru" (via Manila). Tuesday.
March 3, IROS.
S. S. "Nippon Maru" (via Manila), Tuesday.
March 31. -.1905.
S. S. "Hongkons Mam" (via Masila), Satur-
day, April 25. lOCS. •
Steamers. gall from company's piers, Noe. 42.
44. near foot of Second st.. 1 p. m.-. for Yoko-
hama and Hongkong, calling at Honolulu, Kobe
(Hlo?o). Nagasaiti and Shanghai and eonseetlss
at . Hoogkocg with steamers for MasCa. India.
etc. 1 No cargo received era board day of sailing.
Round trip tickets at reduced rate*.
' For freight and passage apply at oMee. 240
James Flood buDdlnp. W. H. AVEBY.
Assistant General Manager.
HONOLTTLTJ— S. S. AUmeda sails 11 a. m..
Feb. 29. Rocnd trip. $125.
TAHITI,- SOUTH SEAS— S. S. Marlposa salla
March 9. 1909. . Round trip, first elaas. J125.
Bcenlc line to: New Zealand via Rartonja.
Cook Island, etc. Auckland, first, $175.40:
third.- $77.50. " . /
Passensrer Dept.. 673 Market at.: Frelirbt Of See.
v a , 90 Ciay-st." Phone Tern. 1231.
Alaska Pacific S. S. Co.
' Every ' Saturday at . 1 t3O p. -m.
Only direct ronte between San Frandsco. ; Seat-
tle i and Tacoma. Through freight and passenger
rates -to all = Sound \u25a0 points, aiso Alaska. . .
>For rates apply to W. D. WELLS. Gen'l Agt..
Ticket office. 54 Market at. Steuart st. dock
Corapagnie Gene rale Transatlantiqae
J' Sailings every Thursday. Instead of Saturday,
at 10 a. m., from Pier 42, North rtrer, foot, of
Morton st. : . •\u25a0 •
: First class to Havre. $70 and upward: second
class to Havre.^ $45 * and " upward. . GENERAL
ADA; 19 State St.. -New York. J. F. FTGAZI.
Manazer. Padflc Coast." 630 Montgomery st.. Ran
Francisco." Tickets ' sold by "\u25a0 all . rallrued ticket
agents. „.'«_. ;•'.•-\u25a0 \u25a0.\u25a0* 7 7v . .-' . ."." : "-. .-"... •.
a..—— ;; — \u25a0 — - -" ' ' .-
Everything Comes .to
Him Who Uses
•*•- - .:. ". . ." ': .-;.•' : — \u2666
\u25a0\u25a0"-,; XAPA PALLET
MontieellaS. ,S.Co. and Napai Valley Electric
R.»R. Co. CIo«e > connections. - r - -
: • Boats : leave San Francisco V .T:00, . *9:45 a.: m.,
12^0;noon.^3:15.i8:00. 1 ''»3:30 pu m.'- V' ? -- r .
.' - San Francisco , landing .' and " office. \u25a0 Clay street
wharf. , north j end : ferry • building. Market atreet
ferry. •' Meal* , a <-\u25a0 la'i carte, f . i.iilllWlWiajtitirig
EPhons i Kearny ' 406." • - '
•Land* ; Navy i Yard toaeV-
/g^ffi^ warmest
f^^^Sj*] SanTi-anciscc
\u25a0'\&MS'&f'' Fbom FkbktjaUt Itt 19CS
V *- - *r- Toot of Market Strc9t_
Leave —VIA O.^CI^yPPIEIT— _Arri»t ;
B.*oi EbywaH,">-3e%SanJo«.. ' '7JW>
7 .00* Eicaoond. Pen Corta. Besida. Sai-
rxa. I&xoa, Sacramento. Roarrill^
Mirysvil'A Eeddiag. Dussnuir .... TSZt
7JOO* Ekaira, Vasaviile. Ramsey 7^?
7XO» Davis, Woodland, Williams. V.xx-
we2. Willowy Haaaihca, Cor&iss.
Tehama. Red Bluff. 7J2Sf
7M* V«Hejo.Xaps,Ca!;s;es».SanUßoea, _^
slarsnei. Sia Raicoa. 6.05?
7.40* XHes. Pleaaaaton, Ljireracre. L»-
throp. Siscitcp, Tracy. Lcs £a=oa.
• ' ' Ernsaa. Han: ord. ViaalU. Porter-
"--" rille. BaksrsSe^d 7J2B>
B.ooa GoJdfidd P4sa.— Port Ccsia. Be3iaa»
Sacriaento. Trnckea. Essex M::.a.
- Toaapah, GoldSeld, Li-s. Keeler.. 7.CBa
BXOI Dtvjs, Woodlaad, MarysvCe, Oro- ,
« t0!5.... 7-28?
8J3O» Rossei. Xe»ark, Ceaterrille. taa
Jax. Loa Gatos. Vagi. Laurel. . . 5^3?
B^o* Fort Costa, Martiaea. Byrcn. Tra«y.
™ iiceitoa, Merced. Fr»=o. Gosh«>
Jaactioa (Haaford). Visalu. Porur-
^ vEa,Baiersfie!d...... *.<S»
9.00 a X2sa. livwaore. Stodcwn I'MHtos).
Valley Spriat Icae. Sacraaentob 4.48?
9 .00* Soaora. Taolumne *ad Aa^dj 4^S?
9.CJ» Atlaaas Express — Saerars»nto. Tn>
\u25a0 . kee, Offd*a. Salt Lais C^, Denver.
EassaaCtty 7.25?
9.40« Rkhaond. Port Costa. M»rtbei.... «^fiP
10.00* The Oreriaad United— Denver.
Kansas dry. Omsia. Ciicap)..... 8.28?
10.20* VtHejo, Mara Ishad. Kapa I l^Ba
1 0.20* Los Anides Pissecger— Part Costs,
Huthes. Byron, Tracy, Lathrcp,
Stocttoa. Mereei, Rarmond. Frss-
bo; EiaTcrd. V«aEa. Value. Bak-
ersielJ. Los Aajiies. 7.48?
1^0? Xfles. Saa Jos* aad Way Stations. . 2.43 a
1.43? Rose!. Xewu-k. Saa Joae, 7.28>
2.20? B«=ki*. Saisua. Sicraceeta. 10.42 a
2,23 j> PorJiad Express (vi» P=-.-is). W3-
Eana. Wiaoirs, Red BJuff (Weed.
Bray). AAiaad. Pcrtlasd •. 11^8*
3.00? Beaioa. Waters. Sarraaento. Wood- *
- had, Kr.;;hu Landing. MarysriUs
andOroviiie lOMa
3JX)» Saa Leaadro, S2e\ Saa Joee 9^B*
3^o? Port Costa. Jbrtir.M. Byron, 31>
de^o. Merced. Fresno. 12.03?
&3O? Via Tibaron, West Napa. St. Helasa.
Ca&aoxi : :.. 10-25*
4.00? Vallejo. ilartraes. San Ramon, Naps,
CUisioca. Saata Rosa. 9-28*
4.00p Naes. T»rv. Stoektoa. Lodi 10^8*
4^o? Eastera £x?ress — Ogdea. Paebb,
Denver. Kansas City. St. Lociai
Martiaez. Stsektos. Sacramento.
Reao,Sparks. 4.43?
4Ooi> Saa Leaairo, Haywaxd. Niles. f t 8.23*
Ptean^too. Ureraore \ \u2666 1 IMA
5.0 C? The o*l liraiiei— Newman. Los
Bano*, Meedota, Frwao. Tulare,
Bafcsnfield. Los Asgtlts 8.48*
5X0 J Ru<sel. Newark, Saa Jc-.Lo* Gate*
Wrkht 8.48*
5.20? S«a Leaadro. Nilea. Saa Joae 7.43»
5.40? Vallejo. Port Costa, Beaicia. Sasun. ,
Saeraaxeato 11.28*
6.20? Chias aad Jspsa Fart Mail —
Ogden, Ckeyeane. Decrer, Kaasas
City, Ooaha. Chitspx 4.43 a
6^o? Harward. N2e» aad Sa.T Jose. 6^B?
7.00s Va3eio, Martiaea a=d Way Stations.
;-\u25a0\u25a0'/> ssadayonly. :«0.38p
8.20? Or«oa txpre» — SacrsmentoJlarys-
Tilfa. Eeddiat Portlaad. Pcjet
fionad aad Eaat. ~.. 9-28«
4a*(Thlnl an<» Tow:is«»4 Stweu)
I^2iS~HarMW-23ar3treet~ Soutb'Saa
Frsadaro. Cen»««nea, Valencia St^
3d aad Townsead. f635*
5.Wa Horseshoe — Tsdeacia St., Oce»aV*wir
Cetaeter!es,3outh Saa *raaeijeo,23d
B&eet, 3d aad Towasead fcsC*
6.40* So^ih Saa Fraaeisco, Saa Jose. GD-
roy. Hollister, Paiaro, Watsonvffi«,
£aa» Croi. Boolaer Ueek, Dsvea-
port, IH Moatt. Monterey, Psc£e
GroTe. B.*Sp
BJKJ* The Coaster— Saa Jose, CasfrovflJe.
Salutas. Saa .Krdo. Paso Robles Hot
Scriac\ SaaU Marzvits, £aa L&ii
OtnsF<K OMaao, Guadalupe, Surf,
Loaipoo, Saata Barbara, Veatun,
Oznard, Los Aaeeles. 11.4E3
B.oo* Pajaro. WaUoaviiie. Saata Cras.. . . 1 1.45?
B.oo* IM Monte, Monterey, P»esfie Grovs. 11-45p
8.23* SoaUi Saa Fraaciaco, Palo Alto, Saa
Jose. Way Stations. 6.30 a
9.00* Saa Jose. G2ror, Salinas. Paso Robles
Hot Spriats, Saa Lni» Obispo —
Los Gasos. Alma. Wriiht. Tres
Paos. Santa Cras. Glenwood.
\u25a0 Boalder Creek. Dd Mas w. Moaterey.
PaoEoGrove 4J»?
lIJMa Eoith Saa Fraacisco, 'Burtiasame.
Saa Mateo. Palo Alto. Saa Jose 7.35*
11.43* Valencia St. Oceaa View. Colaa.
Ceaaetenes. BaJea. Saa Braaa. Usp
2.00? Soma Saa Fraaciaco, Palo Alto. Saa
Jose and Way Stations. |7.40»
' 3J009 Dei Uoote Express, Saa Jow.
GUroy. ChitStaden, Pa^uro. Watson-
rl'm, SaaU Crux, C*«rpvil> Dd
" Monte, Maatersy, P*ei£c Grove.
Saiiaas.- j> I2UJI|
3.20? South Saa Fraaeisco, Saa Joce, G2-
roy. HoUisttr. Tre» Pmoj 1025*
4.00? Sasset Express — Deaikt D Paso,
Koustoa, N«w Orleaat
Pa» Robles Hot Spriaza, Saa Liis
Obispo. Sacu Barbara, Los Ar.&lra. i 1.40 a
4.00? Del Ma ate. Moaterey. Paeiae Grove. 1 1 .45?
4.0 J? Pajaro, WatsonvHle. Saata Croa 1 1.45»
4.0 J? Kaasu City, St Louia, Chicaca 1 1.40*
4.2 D? SoaUi Saa Traaoaeo, Saa Jose and
WaySta&oss B.CO*
f4.45? Horseshoe— 23d> St. South Saa Fras-
risco. Ce3ietenes,Valeaeia St.Sd aid
Townsend. fs^3?
1 5.00? Saa Braao. Saa Mateo. Palo Alto, Saa
Jose aad Tfay Stations t&2oi
t5.20a BorHessiae, Saa Mitw. Redwood,
Palo Alto, Saa Jo». IZAQ*
5.25? Hsrseshoe — Valencia St.Oceaa Mew,
Osnetens^ SoiUt Sia Fraacseo.
Si S^^et 3d aad Towaiead " 6J5|
5.43? South Saa Frmaeueo. Saa Braao. Saa
Mii«. Redwood. Palo AUo, Saa
Jose— SaaU Car*. Lea Gatrss,
WH^t 60JC?
6J3C? Horseshoe— 234 S trees. Sooth San
Fraactsco. Cemeteries. Valeccia Si.
SJand Towasend...... 7.IE|
&20p Sooth 3aa Fraacisco. Saa Jose aad
WayStatJona 9^o*
15J25? Harsßhoe— Valencia St^Oreaa View.
Ceawterks. SoaA Saa Fraaciseo. .
211 Street. 3d sad Towofecd f7.35i
&009 Loa .Knzdts Passec;«r — Saa M.'t«o.
Redwood. Paio Aiu>. San Joae,
SaHaaa. Paso Rabies Hot S?ris£s.
Saa Luis Cbispo. Sasta Barbara.
LosA=«ia... 8A&
* 11.45? So-jA Saa Fraaciaco, Fab Alto. Saa/ !.-\u25a0:»
Jo».. 1 7^Cp
tl.00? Sftennn»a»3 Rrrer Stamere. ....... tH-OC?
Uaba Trtas'er o>=Ji^anv asentu rnilert I B«asr 'fJ '
taosks ; oa »raias 0/ Southern P»eifi« and c«fiv« to
rest ieaca. Tbsy an autbomed to ebeck boscage diieef
troTi r*^it?w?e.
A fcr Moraine P for Afternoon.
tSoaday excepted, tSundsy oaly.
Northwestern Pacific Railroad
' October 27. IOOT
\u25a0 For Sausalito. Mill Valley. San Ra-
fael — Dally — Every 30 minate3 from
6:45 to 9:45 a. m.; hourly until 3:)5
p. m.; then 4:15 and every 30 minutes
until 7:45 p. m.. 9:00, 10: l». 11:55 p. in.
For Fairfax — Week days — 6:45. 7:13
a. m.; 2:45. 3:45. 4:15, 4:45. 5:15 p. m.
Sundays — 8:15, 10:45. 11:45 a. m.; 12:45,
1:15. 2:45 p. m.
For San . Quentin — Dally — 8:15, 9:45.
11:45 a. m.; 12:45. 1:45 p. m.
2:45 p. m. daily and 8:15 a. m. Sun-
days only for La^nnltas. Camp Me«ker.
Monte Kio. Cazadero and way stations.
For Tlbnron, Belredere and Saa Rafael
7:40, 9:15, '11:00 a. m.; 12:30, 3:30.
5:10. 6:SO p. m. daily.
7:40 a.' m. daily for* Petaluma. Santa
Rosa, Healdsbury, Cloverdale. Ukla'.i.
\u25a0Williti. Sherwood. Sebastopol. Glen El-
len, Camp .Vacation and way stations.
- 3:30 p. m.' dally * for Petaluraa, Santa
Rosa. Healdsburff. Cloverdale. Uklab.
Guerneville, Sebastopol- and way sta-
5:10 p. m. dally for Petaluma. Santa
Ro3a, Glen Ellen and way stations.
9:15 a. m. Sunday only for Petaluma.
Santa Rosa and way stations.
" fTo Tibnrsn only.
Ticket Of flee— Ferry Baildlasr.
General Office— James flood Buildlag.
VUSaasalito Ferry— Foot of Market St.
- Lv. Saa EVaa. [ . jjw Lt. TanyJpals
tees -r.N- s;:x " w^^t
f:ISA 8:45 A 10:42 A 7:45 A
9:45 A IMP
,-**»*- WM A . 148 P <^^P
BXTCT. LI:4S A yr XMP sazcs.
7'IUT, 1:15 P UgalHtiUays "» P bat.
4:45 P 2.45 P . $an<«y T»— \u25a0 5:15 P iZ\ P
Depot ' 12tlt aad Jflaaion «U. Daily except Snn-
d*7 — Leaver 8:15 a. 2:15 p. Arrive: 1:35p, 5:13 p.
goadaya «ad holidaya Leave: 9:15 a. 10:40 a.
*:15p. 4:40p, 6:10>

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