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NEED $100,000 FOR
Finance Committee Urges Con
tributions, Pointing Out\Ad=
vantages to City
Big Hall Planned, With Booths
for Convenience of Thou*
sands of Visitors
While the great Atlantic fleet is
\u25a0teaming toward the Golden gate to
irtve San Francisco its first fete since
the fire, the reception committee Is hav
ing difficulty' in collecting the money
necessary to give an adequate recep
tion to the 24,000 officers and men who
will have their first extended shore
leave at this port. One hundred thou
sand dollars is required toy provide the
hospitality and to maintain the city's
. reputation for freeheartedness.
It ts not the plan of the committee
to give the sailors a paternal recep
tion or to provide apron strings to
which sailors may be attached, or to
engage ch^perones to guide the blue-
Jackets in the pursuit of pleasure. On
the contrary the committee aims at a
plan of hospitality which will make it
easier for the men from _ behind the
guns to get about the city.
The committee will build a commodi
ous and decorative embarcadero at the
landing for the launches of the war
ships, and will maintain there a recep
tion elation for the sailors. At this
place always will be found persons
familiar with the city, who can greet
the Bailormen as tl\ey land and. give
them accurate information regarding
the city and its places of amusement :
and Interest
A hall with a capacity for 5,000 also |
Is to be t built if funds are forthcoming. '
This hall will be the scene of the re
ceptions for the sailors and of the ban
quets and entertainments planned.-
Realizing that many strangers will
come to San Francisco during the stay
of the fleet the committee also- plans
to establish information bureaus where
visitors may obtain information regard
ing lodging places, hotels and boarding
houses. One of these places is to be
established at the ferry, another at the
Southern Pacific depot. Third and
Townsend streets, and the main bureau
will be located in the California build
ing. Union square. It will take consid
erable money to maintain a staff of at
tendents at these booths.
The finance committee fears that the
public does not realize the great ad
vantage the coming of the fleet wUI
be .to San Francisco. The committee,
consisting*-of A. A. Watkins, George
A. Xewhall. Phil :N. Lilienthal, W. C.
Ralston, James D. Phelan * and Allan
Pollok, is embarrassed now from lack
of funds, but hopes for better days.
Former Officer in Navy Advises
Reception Committee
Captain Thomas Lawless of the
Oceanic 6teamship company was once
a bluejacket in the United States navy
and he has some advice about enter
taining the men of Admiral Evans'
fleet that should be useful "to the en
tertainment committee.
Lawless earned a commission before
he left the navy and his standing in the
merchant marine is high, but his later
promotions dimmed nothing, of his re
gard for the service, and nobody in
dril life is more competent to speak
for the man behind the gun. ;
"Jack," said Captain Lawless, "is er
ratic to the last degree. When he goes
ashore he wants to "wander as the
spirit prompts him. At 3 p. m. you
may find him in Maggie's saloon on
the Earbary coast and at 3:45 gazing
with reverential awe at the stained
glass windows of the Episcopal cathe
dral. If they try the personally con
ducted, previously planned system of
entertainment on Jack they will only
make him unhappy.
"All the committee needs to provide
Is a hall at some easily reached center
\u25a0which the liberty men may use as a
meeting place. Give the sailor a- point
of departure. He'll lay his own course.
"If. the committee feels that it must
do something In the catering line it
might provide coffee at. this hall. But
nothing else. Jack Is well fed aboard
chip and prefers to pay his way ashore.
It might be a good idea to have sta
tioned at this hall a doctor who could
make temporary repairs on the dis
"I would also suggest that the com
mittee ask for a provo guard composed
of a bluejacket detail from each ship
«»ach day to Insure order at the hall.
A. bluejacket, mind you. not- a marine.
If the committee does these things
the bluejackets will do . the rest and
will have a much better time than the
committee, with the best of Intentions,
could provide.
"If the committee wants to do more,
trips to; Lake Tahoe, Tamalpais and
other points of Interest might be ar
ranged for such of the men as the
executive officer of each ship may des
"Social entertainment . Is not neces
sary. Jack •will find that In his own
•way. Take Jack to a pink tea and you
provide his shipmates with ammunition
for months of, pitiless Joshing. . .
"In making Jack welcome to San
Francisco the people should bear In
mind that the bluejacket is just a little
different from anybody ' else. His life;
is governed by strict rules, and he is
only thoroughly at ease when with,
those who understandVand appreciate i
the conditions. Don't feel hurt if the i
bluejackets are not enthusiastic mixers:
In civilian frolics. It Is not because 1
Jack dislikes civilians, but because he
feels more at home with his shlp
, mates, v .
"My edvice to the committee Js to
Wasblßßton'M Birthday Rates
Reduced rates over the holidays via
the Southern Pacific between all points
In California where the one way fare is
$10 or less. Tickets sold February 22,
return by 24th. ~" •
Place Your
Want Ads
Send them to Main Office
or through Branch Offices—
or telephone them.
Sketches of. scenes at grand ball given last (night -by San Francisco police department,, and : l
which nets sum of $15,000 for benefit fund. . . . : * 1
leave Jack' alone as much as possible
and he will leave here thinking ' San
Francisco the greatest place on earth."
Funston Pays Official Call to
Sebree Squadron
General Frederick . Funston . paid an
official call yesterday afternoon upon
Admiral Uriel Sebree, commander of the
squadron now In the .harbor. General
Funston was accompanied by Colonel J.
TV. Duncan, chief of staff,, and his aid,
Lieutenant Hornsby Evans. The party
went. from Fort Mason on the.govern
ment launch Smead.
The army contingent was in full
dress uniform. They boarded the cruiser
Tennessee, Admiral Sebree's flagship,
shortly after 2 o'clock.' TVhile the visit
was of a formal nature the meeting be
tween the two commanding officers was
informal." General Funston was met at
the head of the gangway by Admiral
Sebree, and arm in- arm the representa
tives -of the : army and navy marched
between a line of bluejackets to the
admiral's quarters. '
Admiral Sebree and General Funston
are old friends, and ' a pleasant «; hour
was spent, during which time-the-of
ficers of the ship were introduced to the
army men. As General Funston .left the
Tennessee salute of 11; guns was
fired in his honor. \u25a0 - •: .-•
Thousand Men From Squadron
Come Ashore to See City:
"With four months-p ay jingling in
their, pocket* and their hearts as light
as the, foam that caps \th&/; billowy
waves, 1,000 of Uncle Sam's sailors
from the cruisers Tennessee and, Was
hington roamed the streets yesterday
on pleasure bent. The/aggregation
tv as as clean cut and .fin*/ appearing: a
bodyof men as ' ever ' made its/ way .?. up
Market street, and from early- morn
till far into the night the hardy tari;
were the center of attraction.
All the boys were in possession} of
4S hours' shore leave, air well as the
Jingle that assured them a good !time.
Each and -every one j'Of/ them;, came
ashore with 1 his mind ,r, r made- iip : to see
all*- that was^to be .seen In: the city
din-ing: those 48 hours, and they all
went about the task of. enjoying them
selves In an orderly, business-like man
ner/.'- - / ./'.\u25a0...' /.,..
The Jackies in blue selected ; vari
ous: forms of amusement. Some, of
them hailed carriages and au
tomobiles as soon as they stepped
lightly . from the -launches, to the
wharves. Street cars /were .good
enough for others, while- there were
still others who passed all these modes
« of conveyance^ and> tried to use their
sea legs on a shore detail. . /- : . "
"The majority of ": them; eventually
found their; way. to Flllmore ' street
late In ' the afternoon! ".They /were' not
on, the- thoroughfare half an hour when
it jvas \ theirs. Everybody ;-'i was there
toTgreet them; and they ;in \ turn'were
ever/ ready with . the , cheery/smile and
the /hearty^ ; handshake. They.' ."took
Fillmore : street by storm rand: the '; .pop*'
ulace seemed glad ithey^had./ '
A number- of young .ladies, not' to
beroutdone^ by/ the sterner ?sax, busied
themselves *by procuring- ; bunches .'of
violets. They then ; tripped /merrily
along the" street v and \u25a0:\u25a0 presented •'. the
sweet -scented /.flowers to the jackies I
as ' they passed ', by. / Th is was* the V hit ''
of "the ; day with", the ; tars. They doff ed
their/caps, bowed and 'smiled, while
the : maids : returned ; the "greetings. The
boys of the fleet felt sureV then that
they had/ made; good -with: the l-ladles
and it counted more than ' any thing
else. '. \u25a0'\u25a0";\u25a0 . i . "\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0• / ' • \u25a0'\u25a0' \u25a0\u25a0: .- '.: I-* -
A ; sailor's .money- never lasts very
long, \u25a0 so *it is well * thattthege $ latest
additions ; to.- our visiting listihave.not
'48;days f instead of 48; hours': leave-, of
absence. Perhaps \u25a0• they /realized "that
their shore leave iwas; limited, - or/per
haps'-l they..-* .were i'deslrbus ) of ! :_ relieving
financial '< etrlngency • in ; our * midst,' 1 ! but
at any/ rate they ? tossed their "coin to
the'- four .winds as rapidly as - a -sailor
can. "^ f
• Everybocy was Jack's guest .yester
day j and -'lasfSnight.'' -He never .. drank
alone and' any one who had a;pleasant
smile or a kindly, word for him was
welcome. | Money did not count. Though
many of the boys 'will know what it -ia
to be broke? when ;their leave of ab
sence is up,' still they will also realize
that they had [a. good time, so there
will be no regrets.
Learning 6 that 1 ;old glory was not
floating at "the mast of the New. "West
ern hotel, C. B. Nagle, one of the sail
ors, ; inquired - and • found 'out that it had
been blown : down /and -. nobody *could
be secured to / replace it. Peelings off
all -his clothes , : save his undergarments
Nagle climbed; the pole,' replaced the
flag and" slid" down again, amid . the
cheers of \u25a0 hundreds: of persons ',' who
gathered to. watch the "daring act
•The manager of • the hotel was , so
pleased . that he I offered ' the ' Jackie . a
$10; gold piece, for -his trouble, but
Nasle looked .the; other way/.: \u25a0 '
"I could; never take /money for
helping to "raiser old glory,'." said he.
Fleet Committee Discusses Plans
for! Unique Feature
• OAKLAND,' Feb: 21^-^Beacon lights
gleaming from air eminences about- the
bay/ will be one of the principal fea
tures « of \ the" fete in honor of Admiral
Evans'; fleet, if the suggestion of; Ruf us
P. ; Jennings, .- al'a 1 ' member /of the fleet
committee,: : i is . carried t out.r > These j
beacons, according to the plans now j
under 1 consideration, -.will shinel from
the .'^ top of Mount iTamalpais,: Grizzly
peak, "Mount ; Diablo. 'and i the ' hills above
Berkeley. 7 \u0084 '.'.'- ; / /
;~i:; ~i : Former Governor. Pardee and Mayor
Frank \u25a0 X. ; Mott. ' representing ; the ? Oak-;
land-chamberTof commerce,*, held a con
ference/ in/ SaniFrancisco % -with /James
D. Phelan ; and v his J assooiates jin regard
to -the 'entertainment:* program f for> the
officers- and rnien ; of \u25a0 theifleet. /The ob
ject of .the^meetingwasito^ preclude the
possibility *bf, a' conflict' off dates iby^ the
cities v of ; Oakland,^Berkeley;: and^ ; San
; Francisco.; AnotherXconference^ will-be
! held,: after; which ; the announc.ement r of
i dates will 'be < made., \" -->';"•.• _-.;,
! ; Secretary, 1 Meese 'lot : ' the :.'comi£rttee
[ will open local .-'headquarters in*, the
Bacon block' next "week. .-^ /\u25a0/.- •- \u25a0' \u25a0':/\u25a0\u25a0
\u25a0- The ; army and '\u25a0 navy j seci>etary_/of j the
! .Yoiing Men's Christian association ar
[ rived today/ to ;arrangeia'*Young;Men's
Christian association headquarters' and
lodging housed for/ sailors /who t might
stay;in ; the; city; overnight 'while; on
shore leave.-- . *\u25a0 ... \u25a0\u25a0'- tj . .
Hunters' \u25a0 Special Dlbcoh tinned.
'"Hunters'." accommodation -.trains-leav
ing Southern Pacific Market- street d*pot
8:00 *p. V: m.-l Saturdays i and ? returning • to
the city, at \u25a0. 8 :28 \ p. = m.^ Sundays -w as dis
continued. 1 effective! Februarys 16th. •
.Of-.* ,
book-keepers' desks, m
-/\u25a0/'// ?^jkkl\ sizes:;/ .•\u25a0'/ - -> :
single ?a3o)
On account of going out ; of
. business. • '\u25a0' \'<
/821'MIsslon near 4th.
i San|Franclsco.
Men in Audience of Market
Street .Medicine /Vender . "
Lose Watches/ \u25a0
' After having heard a patent medi
cine faker deliver hla "spiel" in a Mar
ket street lot near Sixth yesterday
afternoon,. M. Schwartz of 258 Fifth
avenue looked for his watch. It was
gone. Then he noticed a young man
striding rapidly, through the crowd and
notified a policeman. The youth was
arrested. Schwartz's ! watch and five
others were found in his pockets.
/The pickpocket had' operated ex
tensively in the faker's "audience. He
gave his : name as Stanley S. Ross./ . s">,
. About an . hour before \u25a0; the -arrest
James H.^Cassell.. a postoffice ; employe,
complained to Policeman Engel- that his
watch and fob. valued. at $50, had been
stolen, from him while he was in the
crowd. ' \u25a0•\u25a0-\u25a0. - \u25a0 -
To Visit Sum Francisco
Withou t seeing the Diamond 'Palace
would be like ; visiting ; Europe without
seeing' Paris, -r- It is the most -beautiful
Jewelry store. In the world.; Visitors
welcome. 909 Van Ness : ay. near Bills.
A. Andrews. - Proprietor. ; / .*.
Coffin Redington Co.
:\u25a0 • -' .;: . ' .-"\u25a0 .. ' ' * • ._ .
aS.AfI SgCQWD ST 3 n^ar market:
(^ STATEMENT OF * - . . ' y
The San Francisco National Bank
': Condensed from ': Report : Made to Comptroller of \u25a0 Currency at • the i'j
FEBRIJARY.- 14, "1008
Loan* and* Discounts .". . . . ... .... ...... . ..... ... 92.25~.610.02
'.' U. S. Bonds ;... •••••••••v• • - • • \u25a0 •• •• • • ••• • • ••••-• '.- 1.575,000.00 _ :
Premium : on : Bond* ..........•••.- •• • • ..... 48,625.00 . ' -
Stocks ; and 80nd5, . ...:.... . ; : 10^575.00. <
:>'\u25a0 Bank Building Vv ' :T; : . ; . . . . . .. . . . . ............... :: . ?MO,OOO.OO ; .-; /
' Cash on Hand and : Sight Gxehaage . . . ...... ."_•'. ...... ,1,137,188^38:
Total . .• • • •• • \u25a0 • - - • ••- - - ............ . .-.-.55,388,996^10"
i ';". -' ; ' . . :' liabilities }; \u25a0".\u25a0;-. '/-:/-;:.\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0;/;-..:\u25a0:/..
Capital Stock Paid In .... .;. .... •'". •• • ...... . . - 91,000,000.00
.Undivided Profits . : ; . V. /: \u25a0'.*: -. \u25a0; ". . . . . . . . . ........ 135,206.75
National Bank /Notes Outstandlqff .......:............ 1,000,000.00
.- U. S. Bonds Borrowed ..;..... ...r:... .. 300,000.00
Deposits \u0084 . : .;• . - ,v. -v. .. :...;........... :.:... ..:.. 2,713,729.55
Total ... ..":..../:."... • • ...:....*.. •'\u2666,••"• •'• .... 95^98,986^0
.."\u25a0.\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0.\u25a0-'."".-\u25a0\u25a0". JAMES K. WILSON,, President ®^^^3BJHH
I - WM. IV JOHNSON, , Vice President "V ;C;K.McINTOSH, /Vice President'
wU WOLFE;; Cashier/ -___^^/^_ ;.C. L::DAVlS; ; Asst.;Cashieri
United SStat^ Depositai^
SUM OF $1 5,000
Coliseum Pavilion Is; Filled to
Overflowing With Merry
Dancers "
Scene Brilliant With Patriotic
Decorations and Army
.Gold Lace
• As society, promoters the police de
partment is certainly a financial' sue- i
cess. * It filled the Coliseum pavilion in '
Baker street with /more dancing 'cou
ples than -an adding machine could
count. Fifteen: thousand dollars'clear
profit. in" gold\and silver and . paperj was
poured ''\u25a0\u25a0 into : the treasury /of \u0084 the
Widows' and. Orphans' Aid' association
of the department through the medium
of the, grand police. ball. ]
:' Mayor' Taylor led the* grand march:
The : police and ; public , had hoped \ that
Mrs. Taylor, would make her official
debut at the function,: and; when the
mayor walked sturdily on the floor
with a young woman , carrying a huge
bunch: :of brides 'roses and wearing
an expansive white feathery hat, danc
ers and spectators, agreed that they
were viewing'theforemost lady in San
Francisco's official life." But they^were
disappointed. < 'Mrs. .Taylor was , not
present, illness . preventing her / from
joining the .police department In Its
charity. So Mrs. Harry McKannay.
wife of Mayor Taylor's secretary, led
the grand march with the city's execu
tive.. '" \u25a0 '\u25a0.'"' ' \u25a0 -.\- \u25a0:'\u25a0
.The army as well as the city govern
ment was present, j arid .the rat - catch
ing and exterminatirig;vbureau was
there, too. General Frederick .Fun
ston sat in the " flag draped grandstand
with Chief of Police Blggy.; With Fun
ston :were his - aids." 'Colonel
Joseph Wilson Duncan and Lieutenant
Evans,' ' Dr. Rupert Blue, in -his unl- ',
form as a surgeon in the federal health
department, J and Dr., Rucker, also in
his army uniform, completed the' offi- ;
cial : group. Not even the ghost of a j
bubonic rat came "to" jar jovial'oc
casion. The dancers and spectators
were from the many sides of the city's
At 8 o'clock the -huge pavilion began
to ; fill. The 'concert: by "the band
opened the \u25a0 festivities. Among the
numbers of the program were "Songs
of All Nation's,'' typical, of the' cosmo
politan character of the force, and the
overture of "Tannhauser,*" introducing?
the theme of the "Evening Star,"-sym
bolic of<,*the twinkling device on the
coat of the night watch. The musical
program concluded with Miss Mac Tu
nison's' splendid singing of "The Star
Spangled Banner." In the midst of the
patriotic air a panel 'of draped flags at
the' end of the pavilion-parted,-disclos
ing the full length portrait of "Wash
ington.' This decoration fitted admir
ably \u25a0 with the patriotic scheme >in \u25a0 the
pavilion, which was graced with stands
of flags at every pilaster. Overhead
' the electric lights were set in the, form
of stars, and in the center was a great
star/including in its center the 'na
tional flag. , . '
With a precision never before en
countered '\u25a0at' a ball, tha grand march
formed at 0:30 o'clock, the advertised
time. A blast on a police whistle as
sembled the officers. At the sound. of
the whistle every copper ,on the floor
f drgot ana reached for his club and
handcuffs.- only to find that he had left
them at home . when he donned v the
dress* suit. The police department
.'showed^a. striking familiarity: with
modish evening clothes.;. Captain Glee r
son's fitted him like thcenamelon his
star. ; . ' '\u25a0 * r : . .;- '*\u25a0 .. „•-' .- - \u25a0' ... \u25a0\u0084 ;
Mayor Taylor and Mrs. McKannay
took first' place, in the grandimarch.
Then walked John Croninr president of
the widows' and orphans'; aid associa
tion, and Mrs. Cronlri ; Captain Henry
Gleeson and Miss Elizabeth Gleeson;
Captain -^Michael : Joseph "Conboy and
Miss Coriboy, Captain- and Mrs X Colby,
Captain and Mrs. V Duke,. Captain and
Mrs. Anderson, .Captain .and Mrs. Kelly.
Other officers of ; the department fol
lowed.: Two. thousand couples . wens in
the grand march.. ::'.'
In the 'grand stand with Mayor.Tay
lor were -formers Mayor- ; Phelan and
Raphael ; and the members of the
board of police], commissioners.
-Captain Gleeson was chairman of the
committee ' of arrangement for the ball.
. Sergeant Percy McParUand -.was-, floor
manager, .assisted -\u25a0; by \u25a0 M." :J. Jackson
I! Makes the most nutri-
1 tioUS food and the most
I dainty and delicious.
\u25a0^^\u25a0v: The only Baking Powder made i '\u25a0€**£]
Ifromßoyal Grape Cream of Tartar • I
No fussing or fretting over 1
the biscuit making. Royal 1
is the aid to many a |j
cook's success. 1 1
and Thomas J. Larkln. Detective E.J.
Wren was /chairman of the reception
committee.' •\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 /V"--
Followlng Is" the musical program for
Golden Gate park "this afternoon:
Patriotic song, "The .Old Flag Forever"
(France) ; march, "Old Faithful* (Holtz
man); ' overture, - "American .National
Airs" (Moses) ; / waltz, "Artist's : Life"
(Strauss): patroV'The Blue and the
Gray" (Dalby);; selection, "King Dodo"
(Landers) : overture," "Light Cavalry"
(Suppe); intermezzo, "Golden Rod" - (Me-.
Kinley ) ; "A Battle Scene" . (Hartman) ;
Spanish fantasia, "La Paloma" (Yro
dier): march, "American Republic"
.The following. police corporals passed
successfully the examination : for. ser
geants: Duncan ~ Matheson, Peter •K.
O'Keefe, James' McGowan," Martin T.
Cooney, Stephen Buoner, Robert
d'Guire, John J. Moriarty, Robert A.'
Coulter, David M. • Reavis. Vincent M.
Dowd, John D. Berrie.l Wade H- \u25a0 Clay
and William R. yan,.Keuren. Seven
teen took the 'examination, three failed,
and Jeremiah Dinan was debarred by
a decision of the city attorney.
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Lieutenant • John Cauley Loses
Post at Second Trial for
John Caulsy, lieutenant of engine
company 25. was dismissed by the fire f
commissioners 'yesterday for having \
been intoxicated-while on duty. He was j
brought before the commission on a j
similar charge a short time ago.
-";C. T. O'Leary., a hosemaxt of engine
company 81. /resigned to become a
member of the police department.
A petition from the residents of In
gleside district for more hydrants and
fire alarm boxes was referred to Chief
Shaughnessy. ; \u25a0 \u0084
The commission took under advise
ment* the application of Captain IX R.
Sewell of engine company 9 to be re
assigned to engine 30. Sewell. aft^r
trial several years ago, was ordered. to
the' downtown district because of fric
tion between members of engine com
pany 30. viSS9BH
The Young Men's Educational club
will give a ball • tomorrow nlghtf at
Golden Gate hall, 2135 Sutter street.

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