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Fancy a lot of prominent businessmen
turning clowns, acrobats and bareback
riders in a^circus! See photos and story
of what the Mystic Shriners are doing in
The Sunday Call >
VOLUME Cm.— NO. 139.
Leaders Refuse to Hear Former
Dictator When Reorganiza
tion Is Taking Place
Cools His Heels in Anteroom
and County Committee
Humiliates Him
Followers of Deposed Chief
Quickly Flock to Camp
of the Victors
' P. H. McCarthy has lost control
Cf the union labor party organisation
fend his former political lieutenants
are hurrying to enter the camp of
the victors.
McCarthy began to realize immedi- i
«tely after the election last Novem
ber that he was losing his grip on
the party reins, but it was not until
last Monday night that he awakened
to the unpleasant fact that his day
te~as done as a dictator in labor party
councils. The county committee not
cnly refused to accept any of the sug
gestions made by McCarthy's fo"lo*cere.
but further humiliated McCarthy by
cersyins htm th*> privilege of address-
Ing tk<s meeting. McCarthy "waited
"patiently in the anteroom of the rneet
!r.g for en invitation to join in the de
liberations of the committee, but he
waited in vain, for his advice was
r.Plther sought nor vranted.
Th'» committecrnrn were called to
gether :n executive session 5n Judge
i-turtcvanfs court room Morday r.iglit
by Thoma* I^irn. wlio announced titat
tiie pn?mb«»rs »!a»3 been summoned in
the Sntfefestß <.>'\u25a0 harmony. Finn said
that lie *»op~«I that the, differences of
the past v.ould be forgotten: that a
i-ons=llMitior» aT:J iiy'.a.-xs under which
a!! the codrai^ji could work in unison,
v. -o-' i J W framed ar^i ttat ~the labor
party would be. able once more to pre- j
;ient a *-o:id front to the other political,
Finn's reinarfc-s were received with
applause by" the men - who had de
*noun> ed McCarthy's methods during
the last campaign, and with chilling
cilence tiy the followera of the former
Noti;i:".at;oas for vice chairman, which
oflice was yy.car.t. were declared in or
der. Charles SiPkron was placed in
nomination by the anti-McCarthyites.
Timothy Ryan, a deputy in the county
clerk's ofSc*. was put forward by the
°T"»\*n that the McCarthy mJn
broke their silence. A. E. Yoell of
tii» thirty-ninth dietrict. who is . sec
retary oT the ar.ti-Korean league and
ssaociated vrith Mci'arthy in the build
ing trades council, and Cleveland Dam.
attorney for the building trades coun
cil, took the Soor to oppose the pro
ceedings. They did not think that it
y. as opportune to reorganize the labor
j>arty at the present time, inasmuch as
it would not tak<» active part in poli-
tics .until fall. They were in favor,
of harmony, they said, but they be
lieved that better results would "be se- j
cured If action was postponed. There !
was no need for haste, and It would?
be easier later on to bring the factions j
together if the scars of conflict were!
given more time to heal.
" Their utterances were indorsed by
others of the McCarthy men. but the
tide had turned against them and they
•were unable to stem the opposition.
Realizing that If a vote was taken It
would mean defeat for McCarthy, his
cha.mplona tried new tactics. They
felt that McCarthy. If given the privi
lege of the floor, might at least b«
able to postpone the day of his doom.
"There is a prominent labor leader
waiting Jn the outer room," said one
of the desperate McCarthyites, "and
If we are going to act tonight we
should first hear from him and receive
his advice.."
"\u25a0"Ye don't care to hear from that
prominent labor leader," was the re
ply of the antl-McCarthyites, who
knew that the former dictator was in
the anteroom expecting to be invited
to participate In the deliberations.
McCarthy* power in the councils of
the party was broken and his follow
ers were quick recognize it. Tbey
abandoned all hope when he was re
fu*ed a hearing. When the vote for!
vice chairman was announced It was;
found tbat the anti-McCarthy men had
won the battle by a vote of r6. to 15.
From that time on the McCartfcyites j
broke ground gradually and the vie- I
tors .proceeded to appoint committees j
nn reorganization, rules and headquar- I
\u25a0 Bach succeeding ballot showed that
the former boss" followers were de-
Fcrtlnj?: him. and on the last rollcall *
but seven votes were recorded by !
them. Eight of those who^ had stood]
•r.-j^h Ryan, the McCarthy candidate j
for vice chairman, after his defeat!
rpted with the victors.
County Clerk Mulcrevy had been j
virited «*arller In trie evening by > Me- j
Csrthy and urged to order the depu
ties in lifs ofßce.who are on the county
< onimltlee to stand out against reor
sani^ation at this time. Mulcrevy,
after the meeting, said that he had
not instructed his men, notwithstand
ing fIJC fact that th« 3* voted as if they
It ad -been given a program, for they
rtood t ro-n first to last -with Dam and
The San Francisco Call.
FJVDAY. APRIL 17. 1908
TESTEKDA.T— West *rtad : clear; mnimoia |
temperature. £>*: mtslamn. 60.
FORECAST FOB TODAT— -lacre*»in* clerndi
ski; r-s-acr: pcctlblx sicker* by nlsbt; licbt •
earth wind. «*h»^y*r*c to aoetb. Page 10 j
"Orrmalxattom" politic* la AJ»a:eda. Pajce « j
Coc^rets&ta U-i'r « Msre blaad. Pase « .
Tt* fewrttrtl* Bttm- F«*e C j
Oo» hsaCrefl •t£e*n of . ttt b»ttl«hip Ceet j
«t« rr-«a «n m!» estisc at »c*»ts of San j
THrgutf. • » Pase 1 !
n*«t ctmszlUf will let coornrt to W. H. ;
S#r«r for tt« erection of thre« jrr»°d*t» nd *- j
fresa vhlefa great parade or Mij ~ mar
be Tiirtd. Pace 2
hie:* Crzx renews «*i»us(l that the entire bat-
TletWp Ceet be «tct to that^pclat. Pace 2 j
OaUasfi U plaasjaj for rre*teit «tre«t 1
rareatA la tiatery of tht city «a fleet 1
day. Page 2 •
i Atteapt t>t Ccited Eailroada' ayent to ottaia j
, information en Terd jvn* i* «tern]y reb=2e<! j
by Sidney X. Vu» Wyck Jr. Xo change Sa tbe j
jxTMniiiei of iary box. Page 10 j
Twecty-ierea talesicea are fiaalned tt R\i»'
tritl and all are excused for bi&s except
p. E. UcCanoy loses «>atrc>J of ucioa labor j
p&rty orgaaisatioa »cJ foziser foUoKer* burr** !
to eater camp of Tietcrs. Pac« 1 !
; Ldfieoln-E-soeeTelt repnbUcan leapue told* firtt
\u25a0 bi* rally In forty-Br»t di«ri<n aad jirr«ai!nest
\u25a0sneceiT rele by Scatbern PaelSc. P«K« 7 i
Good Fcrenjm»st league wUI require Eiecu
tlre Cemmltteemaa- Ceorce Fletcter to eiplain :
fcl» recent pro-H»rr^ tpeech. Pase 7 j
Actor PoUard pota cj> a stran;« story to pro
tect ti» wire, trbo Is acctsaed of ehootlcs tiaa.'
-*nd Jttfige Etortall eayt he li a per
j jurrr. Page 16
Man who cemalttrd aoirlde in Satro fcr?*t
! is identified ia aor»-ue aa Dr. Jl. A. SiacsfieM.
j until recently a ciember of Dr. Bup?rt
j 81-j*'« staff. Page S
I George E. Littell. acected of swindlias manr
I TT'iQta thrcc^toat coanrry. is arre*ted on [ the
! day s*t for marr!are to &an Fran«-2«M
•-idorr. Paj-e S
Cali?oni:a Promotion «immitte«" report fhuws
re«c!:* of year's work In adT^rtisinf • tb-'
•tare. Pase 15
CcrccT belieTes Sassrl Gilmore »-=3 mur
dered an«i iri!l exhame body. "Pase 8
Japanese plan to treat oil markets of crivni
from StscJsrd compeay by refining California
cn»d«", r-»!roleun» at Dainy. Pase 5
ArcSibieLcp Riord»n ofuciase* at t^e '^U-bra
tion c-f eolema poatiira! ' ni<s in- tit. Mary*-*
cathedral. - .V> Pace-*
S«s?;»-i»n ztgtt* »t the Presidio tbat Lieuten
ant Sflwca «b<>! Ltcaelf in an attrtapt l'» evat)>*
coort icartial for BegJeot of duty. Pace 4
Phone rate* to feel pruning Voife. accortiin?
t« forecast of report cf reperrlsor** t^nu
in!rt»T. . . Page 3
Loair *<«. BogcaiM resents •\u25a0joke" of CaltSa*
uewsp*per syndicate and sacs for $25.0<;0 dam
;ge« on"*he prouod of libel. Page o
Artorcey for fprmg Valley water t-oapunr
pleads with . superrisors for rigbt t« raUc
rates. Page 4
Boy arrested for deatb of little playmate
wb» died of blood poisoning from a " tatcbtt
-roacd. . . Pace 4
St«?e :n;lTprsitr seaiors* banquet to be b»ld in
Saa i'raueiee© May 9. Page I
Ataiftast IMstrii-t Attonw^y Hyaes will nut
to Mt aside Indictment i^aiast Mrs. [atbeUa 1
Martin. Pase 4
Unroln-Roowrelt republiren rlab to be sd
drenned by Cuarles S. Wbeeler Thnr»day
n!j*t. Page h
Attorney Hi^h Melssac necuced of falceborxi
duriss arpemeot in Wilkics triai. VuKf 4
Oakland ofSciaU let «v*ntract for »-arryia^
parbape to e»* and eonsclt railroad rrpresenta
tires concernlos wharf for boat. Past 4
Improvement rial* of mbarban territory, or
Oakland meet at chamber, of commerce t" advo
cate consolidated city and ccuaty. Pajce 4
Academic council of state cnirereity osree.«
upon junior e«Ttiac*t« plan. Page .J
COAST - v** 5
Fire ean»e» herd cf elepbant^ to stampede i:i j
E'rerside and one goes on rascpa^e In besrt of !
citx. MrereTf injuring temml persons. Pase 1 !
William S. Kedicgtcn; Santa Barbara basinets- I
man. foosd dead la bed with a bc!let !n h!s I
brain. Pajf 3 -j
Two hnadred realty "c^n attending ieleratlon ;
meeting ia Sacramento hare onlj \u25a0words cf praise i
for state. "Page .%«
Chester A. Uowell and William R. Davig teJl j
of n-cri asd xictorJea of Lincoln- Room relt lea]-ne •
at big meeting is Sacramento. Pnge 5 '
Kaowlaad prorta - able i caamploa of Mare
iilaad • nary - 7*rd by rtmtlny Lilley \u25a0of Con
necticut. Page 1
Mrs.. Clara . ron Hermann, withdraws her
ditorc* «nlt. h«r larrytr i »aylng information
wtich Implicated Jslla Marlowe Is wholly unre
liable- Pase 1
Bankers are deaosneed and charred with eon' j
eplracy to "coa^rcmlse on Aldrich bllL -.Paice 1
Seth I.cw enbmlts amendments to the national j
ciTic fe<seratlca bill to amend the Sherman antl- i
trast lew. ,- Page 4 ]
Two icea «r« »hot daring an attempt to j
operate streetcars 'by f trite breakers at '
Chester. Pa. Page 5 j
Friend* of Colonel Stewart are told he will '
be recalled from exile at Fort Grant, bat will be !
Siren no new command. I'a.gc 3 '
. Booserelt to be " president of CaniepJe> new j
J $25,000,000 catlocal nnlrenslty, wbt»e plans have '
been Icadrertentlx di*clo»<><J. Paice 2 !
Riral democratic^ factions in Xfw York cttte i
prepare for war to the knife. Page 3 •
- Ru»s!as troop* invade Persia to punfe'a Knni? '
\toc attack on sarrisoo. Several tillages in dp
•troyM. Page 3
.Oik* rcllr ia tli« ninth Snalng and taVe a
4 to 3 came from the Seal*. \u25a0 PRRe 9
i Detroit AnocrScans defeat xbs White Sot 1n a
j 10 inning same. f*mer S !
Crack *prlnt?r Gerncseil beaten by Critic ani
Burning Bafa in the Aptos handicap. Pajce 9
" Reliance athletic club .. of Oakland reflects j
Walter B. Fawcett to presidency, j Pace 8 J
Trance, a California filly, wlnsthe Ros» staVe I
lat A<r:edocti^~*~|s^[ Vnz;e- 9 !
: Riral . Bsht proracters are awaiting the ar
[ riT*l cf B«xer ~f **Boer" Unholz, altboosh U«?
| has aifrwd to meet Battling Nelson lr>r
Icoffroth- Page 8 |
! . Th*« butcher** nnion has induced foreicn meat!
: wllers to clote shop* on Sandays. Page 10
MARINE ' ; :
'. Japasfw Ilntr Hcnpkoug Mam bricks from
the far eaft ' ' raw . silk worth - more than
$500.00«?. Page 10
MINING * *f.
\u25a0 ' Exceptioaal strength " tboxru bj leaders' of the
Comatrrk'^llrt. and Toisopab > stocks, score
suteriaJ ffilEi. "' Pase 15
Smoke From Fire Causes a
; Stampede of Circus Herd
at Riverside
Four of Big Animals Captured
iri Orange Grove; While
Fifth Runs Amuck , \u25a0;
Infuriated Monster Scatters
Crowd in City, Injuring
Three Persons ;
RIVERSIDE, April 16.— A herd of
five fear mad elephants belonging r to
the Sells-Floto circus ran riot this
afternoon in Riverside orange \u25a0 groves,'
2nd one member of. the" herd - stam
peded the crowds in the heart of ;the
business district and t severely injured
three persons. Just before the after
noon performance of 'the circus'was
to commence: the warehouse of the
Standard oil company caught fire 'and
50,000 gallons of gasoline, coal oil
and distillate \7cre^ sending forth a
terrific volume -of. .flames and black
smoke heavenward. The fire ".was less
than a quarter mile, from the circus
grounds and at once orders^jwere. given
Photographs Specially Taken for The Call by El A. Rogers of San Francisco
to take down the tents ,and remove ?
the animals to a place of -safety. i
The elephants irere led out first and 1
as "soon as they saw the great cloud
of smoke drifting down on theni the
entire herd stampeded, making for an j
orange grove.' A big force of attend
ants was sent in pursuit and after !
a long chase four I. of : the elephants j
were recaptured. Xo trace of the other, j
called Schneider, could be found .until j
he suddenly appeared in town. He!
spied Miss Gibbs, a nurse, sitting on
the porch of a cottage, and with In-;
credible speed : dashed up the steps
and lunged at the "woman; with his
long. tusk?.. These passed either side
of the woman and pinned' her ". to -the
wall, • passing- through 1 the ; outer .and
inner partition. Three ribs were broken
and Miss Gibbs died, tonight. .
Schneider next ran after a junk
dealer, chasing him around \u25a0 a - house. 1
He escaped " over a fence. The ele
phant entered the stable^of Rev. R. S.
Fisher and gored his horse so It will
die. He collided with the corner of 'a
cottage in - which > Signora Valenza, an
Italian singer* of \u25a0 some note, was sit
ting, badly frightening the woman.
' After leaving gigantic tracks in . the
la-rn*N>f the Carnegie library the thor
oughly infuriated elephant dashed Into
the court of the Glenwobd ilission
inn. D. P. Chapman, a wealthy citizen,
attempted; to _turn: his; course., but _the
elephant threw- him ;to one side with
his trunk and- marched- straight^ Into
the hotel \u25a0 barber./. shop,> overturning
chairs, pmashing glasses, scaring,, bar^,
bera and -patrons. - He then crossed
Main street arid crushed-in the /; plate
glass • window o£~ a - piano store,
damaging a valuable . instrument.
Schneider finally brought up in alivery
stable/ where the door was- quickly
shut on him. Ilore he frightened the
horses into a panic. '
One horse broke ; loose from his
stall and gave- battle to th e elephant,
planting his heels \u25a0repeatedly # on\ the
elephant's sides .and; causing him to
flee to the buggy shed. "Here he twist
ed a tongue froirf-a rig and struck
with:it as though; lt" had been. a riding
whip. "Two or three* rifle ; shots were
sent into the : big-fellow," -but" : they.
creatifd no impression. .-, Keepers who
Continued ' on rase 3/ Bottom Column 1 1
•Snapshots; of .Rear Admiral ;Thomas, . acting commander, of the '.battleship -fleet;.^Governor Gil
lett and, staff on their return from*;^eiflagship\Conhecticut^^^arid-^eVgoVemor* during his visit' to
that vessel: '•: ~ ~i, , »" :
Bankers Denounced in
Charge of Conspiracy
Delaware Alan Alleges Secret
Plan to Compromise on A Id' ;
rich Bill Despite Opposition
WASHINGTON*. April IC— ln pic
turesque language",. at times violently
denunciatory, Alfred O, ; Crozier' of
Wilmington, Del., today told the house;
committee ; on ' banking- and ; 'currency,
that he had unearthed a secret scheme*
f or_a . compromise .on the Aldrich : cur-^
rency biIL"He intimated plainly that the
members |o£ . the - currency commission
and the \u25a0 American • bankers' association
did riot'act fairly, withthe banking and
currency committee. in unanimously.op
posing the Aldrich bill' yesterday.' - "
-While opposing the bill "on princi
ple." he Vaid, /'the members -of "that
commission objected - to . it because * the
emergency currency was to bear- 6 per
cent \u25a0.Interest and are ready to support
|it now. if the. interest Is reduced to Z
I per /cent.'/;" \u25a0\u25a0 - ' "- ;• -• '
"Last evening 'our distinguished
banking .friends ' had a conference," ,' he
said. "Today they are having another
with; the i wicked -'- promoters : of- the
wicked. Aldrich and Vreeland '\u25a0'- bills."
! What for? 'They are agreeing on " a
compromise. \u25a0On what basis?. Just a.
simple / little - amendment reducing the
tax to 3 per cent and some other minor
:7 He declared that 'this conference was
held only, after It was stated that -the
.hearings -before;.- the and* cur
rency committee had been. closed. " "
s "It this committee had not honored
mo wjtti this opportunity to speak at
this " postscript , to ; the ; house - hearing,"
said Crozier. "and if one of the distin
guished --bankers who \u25a0- addressed . you
yesterday had not mistaken f - me -last
evening.- for -one "of. their fj-atcrnity and
unreservedly ' told ;\u25a0\u25a0 me : th<? whole : pro
gram, the trick would have'been i turned
quickly and suddenly.- ! The* business
interests of. the country might never.
have' known - that they had- been"7.<=old
out by their banking partners arid; even
Continued Vn Pase 3, Bottom Column 2
Knowland Champions
Mare Island Yard
Puts Connecticut Congressman
to Rout by Shewing Falsity \u25a0
\u25a0 of Alleged' Statistics
. .WASHINGTON, -'. . April 1C. — Repre
sentative Knowland today _ made, .an*
excellent * defense' beftfre the house td-
day : regarding Mare -Island ", navy yard
in \u25a0 reply* to the 'attack of Repfesenta-'
live Lilley of ' Connecticut. Although
'Knovp-lan'd had ? but five minute's in
which to speak,- he 'showed that nearly:
'all ; figures ''used -by -Lilley 'were : either
Incorrect' or"were/6nly : partial state
ments of 'the facts. :'\u25a0.*-
; He; - showed, that -when ; --LiUey : de
clared? that" the -government ••was • un
able ; to dock a battleship in; the new
$1,750,000 -drydock- at llare island .he
was_ v talking ,about- a- drydock "which*
was still under construction andy could
not^ , therefore, accommodate' any," yes-.
:.sel. i; ;\, He ; , showed , the. house that -Lll
| ley,*: in stating" the 'depth of water in
;*the vicinity ; of the' yard. had_ stated
I only the low tide "depth's. 11 - " \u25a0\u25a0"'' . \u25a0^'.
* ; He. pointed out that Lilley had taken
into : account'- "only.- a. small -part of '\u25a0 the
I work" 'done .at- 1 Mare.-; island* In comput
ing:, the amount paid for labor as" com
pared with the value of the work done.
!:' Knowland /then; quoted from the re-
.which Lilley 'had used against
Mare? island, . arid {-showed that-Lilley
had carefully : avoided mention of- the
'naval.: station^at Xew London, in' Lil
ley's -district. This statioa- cos;
$17,000. last ; year: and did only $300
worth- of work.-
; -••When." like Don; Quixote, Mr. Lilley
buckles on his armor, dons his helmet
and lii 'place of the lance substitutes
thWpen and starting out, strikes "out
right, and left,- even • venturing* into
submarine depth*. I can but wish him
Godspeed, for; I: know-that" his enjoy
ment; "•*,' keen and that; the country "is
amused";-' if •; :-not ,. enlightened,", .'sjtiil
Knowland, who" then hurled his bo.hb
Continued on . race 2, ? Column .' S
j^orhaiT^all over " San 1 Francisco,^ offering
Ttlief child to passers of ; all classes. The
she got - form ' a : human doca
"ment.: See""
The Sunday Call
CuTs Julia Marlowe's
Name Oat of Suit
Lawyer Says Information Lead'
..ing to Yon Hermann Divorce
Suit. Is Unfounded
; BOSTON*, - April - 1 6.^Attor»ey Brlg- :
.Ijajn. .who.lfiled.a petition -for -dlvorca
\u25a0in the superior^ court at Salem ' In .be
half of :Clara j3 y'oa, Hermann of Ham-
Jltpn" against her - .husband.;.
Stephen -yon "Hermann, in- which the"
well known actress; Julia Marlowe, and
Mrs. Maude* Thorburn Backus, of Brook
lyn were named as corespondents, has
had: the •petition'- dismissed,, on 'motion
Continued on. Pase 3, Middle Colnmn 3
Impertinent Question No. 47
Where Are You Going!
iFor the most original or wittiest answer to this ques
: tion— and the briefer the better — The Call will pay
DOLLARS. For. the next five answers
: The Gall will pay ONE DOLLAR each. Prize
1 winning answers will be printed next Wednesday
.': and checks mailed to the winners at once. Make
-your answer short and address it to **
Winning Answers to "What b"i. Telephone V
- 15 prtxe to S. H. 8r0wn.: 5017 Pin* street, city.
The one thing that really has ; the public "by the ear."
- >$1 priw to C..L. Perktn*. 137 Eddy street, city. '.
A blessing which makes us curse.
. (1 prtxe to" E. Atkins. ' P. O. box 703, SUII TaU«y.
, •* A* nickel-odium."" ' "
'\u25a0 :.-"^sl* prize' to \u25a0 Gordoa Kencedj. &S7 SeTenta areaoe. Rlcßmosd district, dry. ,
- i y A", connecting link between love and duty.
'- -\u25a0 \u25a0> $1 prize to B«nrya Stewart.* 2907 Wheeler street. BerS«l«y.
..'lt's a get. there going there.
$1 prire to Joha Kelly.- P. O." box 153. Manhattan. Uer.
1 > An ; instrument that gives a small man an even break with
. ,: . , \u25a0 at bully.'. :» . .
One Hundred Go on Auto Run
to El Monte as Guests
. !» of San Diegans
Given a Taste of Country life
for the First Time in
Many Months
Sailors and Marines Engage in
Aquatic Sports and a
Baseball Game
Brilliant Fireworks Display at
Night Dazzles Throngs
of Spectators
, SAN DIEGO, April Is.— Although
this was considered the quiet day of
the fleet celebration there was enough
doing to send the thousands of resi
dents, the thousands of fleet sailors
and the tens of thousands of visitors
to bed tonight thoroughly tired out.
In the electric display the city has
outdone itself. thousands of
| incandescent bulbs outline the princi
\u25a0 pal buildings and electric light towers
\u25a0on the heights and stretched across the
streets wherever supporting wires for
j the overhead trolley cross. Other
I thousands of electric lights outline th*
.IS ships at sea.: ; ."; t
' Tonight the fireworks display from
I three barses anchored on the bay and
I the searchlight display from - the 16
j battleships lent their . brilliancy to
I th« occasion. Great throngs of spec-
I tators lined the water front or crowd
ed tho roofs of hulldinsrs in~'t*i« city.
One hundred officers were th» ?uest*
J of as many. San Di^sans today in an
auto run to El Monte. In the upper end
S of El Cajon valley, "where they wera
'given- an afternoon away from th*
, smell of salt water and an opportunity
" to throw aside the care and worry o?
ship and crew and enjoy themselves.
For some it was the first trip \u25a0 out of.
sight of the sea in many, many weeks.
Callao had provided such an opportu-
nlty, though not to all of them.
On their return to this city the auto
parties were given a ; reception at the
Elks clubrooxna and such oSlcera and
men of the fleet as are members of the
order were attendants at tha regular
meeting of the lodge tonight. A ban
quet followed the session.
For the men there was a day of
sport, the morning being devoted to a
regatta on the bay In which tho oars
men of the fleet contested with one
another, while in, the afternoon there
was a baseball game In which the
champions of the fleet, the team repre
senting the battleship Ohio, were de
feated by the Pickwick team of Saa
As is the case with similar large
gatherings the peace authorities have
found that there is much for "them to
do. Chief Neely had the support of
other chiefs throughout the state and
preparations were made to handle the
rough characters that were expected to
visit this city. The police forced was
Increased from 40 to 140. and. the au
thority of the law was so plentifully la
evidence that many crooka who came
attempted no activities, knowing that
they were watched. A nnrabar were
told that it would.be healthier, to re
turn east, and some of them did so.
Nevertheless a number of, houses hay«

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