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The,; spooks Jthat r infest an old ...Los
Angeles mansion were Jtoo much- for a
San Francisco woman", \yho tells - of ; her*A
experiences with them in the true ghost:
stories iir
Proceedings in'Yosemite' Valley
Reflect Environment of
Resolutions Urge Strictest Pro-
tection of Forests of
Marysville Wins the Grand
Parlor for 1909 by Unani«
mous Vote
Paul Sinsheimer
YOSEMITE, May 25— Fortune
rides with the Native Sons. Fairer
day never smiled on fairer scene.
The mellow sunshine of the south,'
tempered by the light breeze ot the
' north, cast an enchanting spell over
the valley. The delegates have be
come imbued with the spirit of the j
place; feelings of new patriotism have
been born in every heart and the sense
of loyalty to the state has deepened
in every breast. . The prevailing' senti
ment was well expressed by "Grand
President M. T. Dooling in bis annual
report to the delegates in these words:
"W> assemble this year to' legislate
for our order "amidst the most '-happy
surroundings — in the very heard of the
great Sierras, far from the debasing
tendencies ,of ' this too commercial
period, and our work here should bd
characterized by euch a spirit of loyalty
snd unselfisUness-as \vHl be reflected in
rtur .organization for years to come,
i^avlng its -impress upon the youth of
our state, from whom our strength
mu^ -be drawn. 1 arid 'upon whose pro
bity* and civic virtue our real welfare
ami prosperity must ultimately^ depend.".
It was In just such a spirit that the
members of the order entered today
npoa the business of the thirty-first
annual «ees^on. '
The day's doings reflected the en
vironment. Resolutions were at once
Introduced uj-ging the strictest protec
tion of rhe jjreal forests and big trees |
of California. ;
".It \u25a0 was -but natural, for -who could t
'resist the mute appeal of the towering j
rpires. the solemn dignity of the lofty ;
pines and the eternal symphony"! of '
Tosemiie falls, crashing down its half
mile course of solid rock? When the
first shafts of light from the early sun
drove the twilight tnJsts from- Sentinel
rock It found the delegates astir, for
the fairest bour in the park comes with
the break of day. After the early!
morning piljcriraages th» delegates j
gathered at the picturesque little pa- j
villon for. the opening «ecsion.
Marrsvllle had a free field for, the
next grand parlor and was chosen by
a unanimous vote. Colonel E. A. Forbes
led the Marysville forces and was sup
ported by J. H. Marcuse and J. M. Mor
rlssey of the same city. The PaciJlc j
improvement, compaiw - wired an offer j
on behalf of He! Molito. but the mes
.sage arrived after Marypville had been
chosen. The Marysville _ chamber of
commerce expressed" its .plc-asure by a
cordial message of tiyinks. :
-It did not take the delegates long:
to < > spr»*«s their desire to be allowed
more time for sightseeln*?". A change,
has been proposed in the program
which will le«.ve Wednesday for that
purpose. In order to make" this possl r
hie an evening session was" held • to
night en<J th 3 dance- was canceled.
c The lmpr*w of the valley "upon* the
minds of the. delegates was manifested
by a resolution from Watsonville par
lor condemning in strong terms the
destruction , of trees in ihe, blg\ basin;
another resolution asking for the pro
tection of the .greet forests of the
state; a third praising William Kent
for presenting Muir woods to-the-na
tional government, and a fourth pro
posing that Arbor day 'be" annually ob
served In. California March 7, Luther
Burbank> birthday. All these resolu
tions'were referred to the proper com
mittees' and will be .acted upon later j
in - the session. :
'letters were' received from the de
partments of a jjriculture arid the. in
terior, the former thanking the order
for its indorsement of' lts forestry pol
icy, and the other advising the Native
Sons that^ the biff trees . property \u25a0 and
the lands surrounding them had -been
withdrawn from entry.
A resolution was presented by So
noma parlor proposing, the erection. of
'»"groonument to General Vallejo; one
by Monterey parlor .asking that "the
legislature be petitioned for a $2,000
appropriation t»r the old custom house.
The grand V^lor was also asked .in
another resolution to appropriate $250
for thepurpose of purchasing a set of
marching flags for the cruiser Cali
The real naval program came later,
however, in the form of a' resolution
from H. G. W. Dlnkelspiel and his as
sociates of B?y City parlor, asking
President Roosevelt and Secretary,Met
calf "to u«« ttieir inSuencel for the"
maintenance of the Atlantic fleet or a
flotilla of equal size on the Pacific
One of the rao!-t interesting feature
of the day was the exemplification ".of
ilie revised ritual . this afternoon by a
<ommltte«; heeded by C. M. -Delshaw
and romposc-d of Fred L- Farmer;
Arihur Curtis. George Muntz, W. -M.-
McGovern. Fred H. Jung.' A. J, t Turner.
John Belshaw' and W. Xeumiller. " The
: new ritual was the. subject of 'discus
sion at this e vening' 6 session.
A letter from Fairfax: "RTie€!ari*"*w*as"
read before the grand : parlor, urging
the - members "to assist ; the children's
agency. \u25a0 This matteri will form : one of
the principal matters of business -at
this session.
The question. of rebuilding the -Native
Sons" hall In Jlason street in San
Francisco came up for: discussion, but
'no. decision was reached.. .Some, of.. the
inejnbersLhbldl that It. would -be^advis-
I able-- *-O- sell -the- lot and build -farther
but.' .The : elte : Is^a very ; valuable: one
and would command '-, a high'prlce.
l v A* committee" was .to "draft
Continued on - Pace "5, Column : 1
The San Francisco Call.
TUESDAY, MAY 26. >1908
YESTERDAY— CIear; .west wind; - maxlr.inm
temperature, OS; minlraum, • 48. '\u25a0
FO RECAST KOR TODAY— Fair; continuiHl
warm; fresh ww wind. . - , Page IS
Some editorial' riews of Ruef'scase. ! Page* 6
Recklen airship esperlmects. - Page 6
Why the' Southera Pacific is in poll-
I tics. Page 6
California has passed oat of - the .' ploneec
ctase. : Page ft
George Knight selects corps of 21 Jc^val tna
chinfmen to act on ctate central . com
mittee.. . • jPage 2
Continuance is granted In all, graft <as« anil
no intimation as to which- of defendaqtx will be
n«>xt- tried It glren. • ' Page S
Clubman Edward - Barron . stumbles into wrong
room at Fairmont, falls asleep and Is-uncer^
mon!ocsl7 ejected. < Page 1
LlTely contests for high offices In. Native
Daughters promised in Lodl meet. Page ; *i
Wife of John Clark of. West Coast realty comp
any files new charges ia dlrorc« complalqt.and
alleges fraud. Tnge ie
Telephone rates cat $2 a month by" new orll
canre paused .to print by supervisors ' votl/35
15 to 1. \u25a0% Page. 16
Water famine wielded as big stock. by A.. 11.'
Payson of Spring Valley ' company to "seecre'in
crease in rates. P»seil6
I George A. Connolly, appointed by maj-op' to
I Mfwed " Superrisor W. G. Staffowl. . , \rhose
resignation lias been accepted. Paye 18
Aged woman left, dying near trolley \u25a0' tracks
while car crews speed heedlessly by. . : Page 5
Colonel Maddox, aged corespondent la dlTorce
salt, plrads age as excase for tnu ous - ac
tions. ,-^X . /Page ',l«
YiddUh actress, Mme. Fannie Kelnhard,
gives masterly portrayal - of ; eoul r stress "f and
agony. .- Pace 7
New officers of Knights Templar are installed
with" Impressive . ceremonies open Jto ,'pnbllc*for
firnt time. ' I \u25a0 Page 7r7 r
Frank" J. "SjJliTan lectures* before* the .Celtic
union on -the Talor"" of 'in: w»r of [th<»
revplption. , "-V-.v" 1- "P«K «"" lO'
SUBURBAN : 'Vi 's !
Tsyclilc research" society, member* , allege. that
Urn-}" Lave mapped out prehlstoi-lc city lyias
under Brrkpley. Page 1
Uogh 'Jordan chosro as delegate! to Acacia fra
ternity convention ia New York., Paare'S
Kappa 'Kappa, Gamma • plans /celebration for
new Quarters. - \u0084 Page , 4
Mr*. Victor H.-Metcalf'tobe goe« of honor
at 'elaborate' luncheon : given by' Mr*.- Charles,
Kutter*.- . / ~- if- j • Page" 4
' Out * vot«? -mor* v than majority necessary" on.
'\u25a0 prohibition petition . makes Frui t vale ."dry V|
• town." - . - \u25a0------\u25a0-•' '-•\u25a0\u25a0 » •-'-.-\u25a0- *\u25a0;\u25a0 pBCr.p BCr . j4
i . Slelrcsc . children exhibit prod«c«' . of . "rege
j table and flower gardens in prise ' comp*-
UtioW Pajse'4
\u25a0nc*ldents of Otean View* file.' petition /asking
for Incorporaticn as sixth class Vity. I"anc* 4
Bnrllnsame.'TOters ;ready: *oV straggle / at : polls
over Incorporation problem. . . - .Page 6
Airvbip'a eaclnes are gathered up,- from scene
lof wreck to be repaired In : San -Fran
cl*eo> ' - I'"-' / _ ,- I>geß
j Racetrack lossei. \u25a0 according to landlwd, • nre
responsible for sudden - disappearance -'of .; Vet
erinary Watklns. 5
Soasa* s c*tcby_ opera Is ' presented }at \u25a0 Idora
psrk for first time en coast. Page 4
Edward \u25a0yvilkfrson, racetrack follower, / tcmoC
[ guilly of seeking - to defraud \ bettor* -at • Emery-
UiUe. . . ; I / i"*?y.c 'Pace's
j - Hay's proceedings . of Native Sons' - grand/par
lor In -Yosemlte valley.- reflect ..environment; !
Marysvllle secures next grand parlor. Pngre.l
- W.'l\\MeCoina«,; who • killed , Mrs. • Xoyes at
I>o« : Angeles,^ testifies that be fired : his r revolver
blindly after she t bad thrown acid in • his
face. . Page 10
Sopreoe court \of Nevada denies . new trial
for two Goldfleld"^ miners convicted of murder
during recent strife. ' ". : . .' Page 10
Many ' mourn for "John ' Sparks, lafe governor \u25a0
of who was burled /today -Jn
Reno. "\u25a0\u25a0 '. \u25a0 .' Page \ 2
"'"Rawhide Jack" Davis. . the Nevada., mil-.'
llonaire. ,. is , reported j dying ; from | Injuries re-;
celved In a mine accident. . \u0084 ..Pace. 2 i
Thousands Tislti"\ 'ship* *of the fleet le
Seattle. ', - . : .. : '--.\u25a0•: \u25a0 , '-^ - -'->;.- \u25a0Pa»e|3'j
Central bank of Oakland plans erection of new
tourlrt hotel In Yosemlte valley. . . Pace 10
EASTERN :' ' y \u25a0 -t'i
Many drorra In' raging- river* \u25a0 of ' Texas-, an'l
Oklahoma," * leave - thousands homeleps
and : destitute. - '- '- •* - ' * : . Page 1
Federal \u25a0 attorney • starts '\u25a0 west to *• begin .» «uit
ecatnst Southern Pacific for .recovery \ ot '. $35,
000.O0Q •worth of Oregon: land. \ Page 1
I-ir.fan Albertson." San Francisco '\u25a0 actress, -it>
wed. A. J. I-evy, local, millionaire. _ ; ..Page 1
. Speaker. Cannon ' delivers*; in', ultimatum'" to the \
senate. ; that he . will ,' refuse .to ; agree j, ;' to :\u25a0. ad
journment until .congress' has • enacted! financial
legislation.: .' \u25a0. -, :" - . ' Page 1
Senate. " adopts * dilatory -tactics .' In :* legisla
tion.- --except that Involved in eon Terence" |
report*.' . \u25a0.\u25a0"\u25a0*. ' ' ' .- '; Page. l0 \\
' Better feelinit prevails in house and many; lm- \u25a0
portant mcttures are dl«now>d of. ~ : . '.• ;Pasre*^loj
Thaw and wife reconciled 'after supreme Vourt j
Justice gives, decision declaring White"*:
slayer Insane.^ ... • .-^Page's
• Two : bishops \u25a0'- chosen at' Methodist , Episcopal
general : conference. _ ; Page, 10
V Five : cars 'containing Nevada's : mining : exhibit
'at International exposition, at -New. York-sent, to
Galveston by' : mistake"- and \u25a0 opening;: is » : de- ]
layed. " */ vPajjelO
Ataelle-Ixraise said , to^ be -. princess ; who- eloped
with^ automobile"- agent. 1* . - Page 1
\u25a0'\u25a0 President 'Fallleres of Franc* gets ; royal , greet
ing" oa Tlslt T to-Loodoni' -^ i • • Page 1
- Cost "of > anniea -^ guarding^ frontier to ; . bring
about FraDco^German'/alllanee, • aays j* 'former
official. . "" ' ,: Page 10
r. Ambrose Clark," Bishop .*. Potter's; stepson;
pitched over mount's head at Belmont : park, but
luckily escapes" injury.". . V PageiO
Only'Jtrro? favorites J. wto at nrneryvtlle^ long
ahots "dividing * \u25a0 the •' lionors .-. with" ; the ; public
choices:- "., . : - '-. \u25a0•- '." \u25a0' '•'• Page^9
" Entries : and ' rnles '-covernlng ' the i 24 } hour ? «i
durance contest ; of '. tne"' automobile .deale'ri'/astj*" I
cUtlon onrMay^SO-Sl.. ; ; : ! 'Page 0 ;
.Philadelphia' •Natl6nalt;take.«»econd" r ßame^^f j
series" f rom > St i \u25a0 Ixwie.' . ; ... \u25a0"" * " [:j. Page 8
Football f enthusiasts \u25a0 consider ,' and approve"; the
proposition of \ AustraliansTto '• send a . teamtria S
San ; Franclico - worM'f "' tourl . . ,' '/. Page .8
_R« IgnaUonVofj Supervi tor , Stafford ' may s a ffent
prize --i fight | situation,' as the police 'committee
wtUibetreorganlied. ' 2i\ iVl'.Vo; Pa«e 8
.. Perfect* arrangements for. driving club" meet "at
Valle3o.'.,v ./ \u25a0 :,'"--• "." ,-.,-=:Page ; B'
LABOR ' • .\u25a0: \u25a0,*...:" ;,--.' 1:..2-XJ.^
'" State \ federation ! of .labor declares \u25a0 against ex
orbitant \u25a0initiation "tfe>«.v : • - Page' 7;
marine^ " il'j^j. '.j;.-. ".^-^;'
' r Pacific 'MaJl officials, say that'»teara*h!p£com
pany^ls suffering, from "philanthropy ;of :transc<)n
tlaru ta I rallrueda. ~£. r - -;_ " ) J / P*f C 16
SAIST iFR^GISOT^CTE^^i^Y 26,:1908:
Issues Ultimatum to Senate
That Action Must Be Taken
at This Session
Speaker Is Determined to Force
Action by Refusing to Saric«
vtiori Adjourrimeht
Public Buildings Bill Is Held jUpl
Until Financial Measure |
: WASHINGTON,- May; 25.~Speaki
er Cannon is ; determined there .shali
be financial legislation at ithis session,
and has delivered an ultimatum to, the
senate that he will refuse to f agree
to adjournment \ until : some financial
law is passed . on ; the statute i-booksl
The senate and house are wide apart
on the $ financial ; question, thei seriate
standing strongly . for -the 'Aldrich
bill, while the house is determined ; to
insist >on the adoption of the Vree
land bill. ; , The conferees representing
the two ' branches '; of '-. congress i have
been hopelessly "deadlocked/ and utter
ly unable; to" make any progress in the
direction , of .adjusting : the disagree l
ment between- the:, senate and. house]
But: since -Speaker -Cannon .laid' I down
his ; ultimatum he\ has had .several * icon^
ferences'"' with .Senators^ Aldrich,*: Hale
and other senate leaders." and .thereJis
now a' little • better 'prospect of securing
legislation.' '•""*' \u25a0 •... ,
PROLONGS -.THE '"SESSION*. \u25a0-'.-..' - J-"\u25a0-•',
;. To'convince :- the '.senate .that he is yin
earnest j in- his ' to tforce
llnanclal; legislation,"', Speaker -Cannon
announced- that congress , would lremaln
-in. session 10 days :Jonger.>",The . : seriate
.was ready.'and anxious to adjourn.*. Can;
non today \ summoned*' to
by' telegraph iaU-ithe.i members^of icon-,
gress who" have .gone' to •theln.hdmes,'
and. requested -them- *to Remain -^ here
until a ; financial measure >is;passed.-» He
; also directed the niembers^h^fe to re-
I main..y. .. l . ;.l"-.'. : . '\u25a0'-'\u25a0'.'* :'" '.':'. \ "':"":.',"? ;.'•\u25a0"\u25a0
| Currency 'legislktidn
topic; among leadersYof ahe'sehate and
house ; today/ J.Tiie^revivalfof -the idis
cusslonTcame unexpectedly.i atTd led to>
all sorts of r umors {of ; probable' agree-'
ment 'between .ithe: conferees.! on the
'Aldrlch r Vreeland"iblll : looking. to!L the
enactmentoffameasure at the present
session. '€ ',-.;. ?v? v . ? ; .-.\u25a0,._\u25a0. .--, .-^»;.; \u25a0\u25a0.
p Many-republican * members v"of ,the
house do not. seek to disguise their fear
that"T if congress : should \u25a0 adjourn > with
put passing an'eni ergency
the failure to take.actlon would jbe;dls
astrousto,the "rnajority.tyThiß fear . was
emphasized-* by ;, Representative : V Bar
tholdt qf Missouri, chairrhanv of 't,- the
house committee; on* public; hiiildings",
who declared Jhatihe would not- submit
his • conference | report 'on ' t he ; omjiibu*
bill' until financial legislation had been
assured: \u0084*; His action -holds i -ithe •builjl
ings bill, in which ; SI 6 members ' of \u25a0 tlie
house ; and , many/ senators .are.. Inter
e6te'd;. over! the. head- of any ''recalci
trant group or' faction" that ! may. "be
opposed to an agreement on' emprgericj;
currency. There, are' many ' members "of
both'; branches of congress who | believe"
that. the impression. given out v by. : inany
leaders that therejs no hope! for Action
at the-present session ! is' forUhcpußri
pose of arousing the countr'y'tb demand'
action- 1 before adjournment. y.-Jfcsuch-a
demajid should come now the 'result
wo.uld^be in' doubt; , . " * ;> 7<7-s,,
-; Early' in :the ( day the report "was, cir
culated, in 'the , house thaf there was 'a
movement 'on [ foot ' to dovetail »the f Ald
rlchfand-;Vreeland bills,^retaining*' the
principal! features of each; ...The j effect
of f .this: course % would | be .'; to permit" in
dividual *banks"'to take out emergency
circulation on government,', state, coun- ;
ty^ or -municipal bonds,5-or,'asi-ahcal
ternative /proposition, .Vtd i: takev-out
emergency" circulation -'on icpnimerclal
paperito •be < -guaranteed;byXbanks ; 6f a
clearing-house' association } as provided
byj the -Vreeland iblll '* . : It'« was ' the idea
in. the, house that I this > provision : could
be^amejn d ed * so ; as '; to *.bef acceptable^to
the senate/ by." the} character
off the .securities, . such •as ; prescribhig
thatuhey.ishall^ have two 'indorsers^and
nptj; run "more'-fthah ?.9O jdays.;:^ ! ' lt~was
suggested » further j* that * the V emergency
circulation. measure shouldtnot* operate
for : more 1 than} three •.years,'*; and ' that J .ln
the meantime 'there (could be a general
revision of the tcurrenjcyj'andlbankjng
OPPOSED-, BY, DE-tfOCRATS . \u25a0 w.
; . No , sooner / had) this scheme % for' a
compromise; reached' the . senate Xthkn
the democratic leaders 'served" noticelbn
Senator. Aldrich that \ theyi f Tv"ereVready,
to ;. talk \ for. a ;. month V-to, - prevent -vany
feature 4 of the ?yreeland'<bill',.becomlrig
law. . \u0084; AlthoughTSpe'aker* Cannon ".was
supposed > "to ;• father: 7 .- the 'compromise
movement _ it^ tnet}.wl th, : decided :J: J opposi
tion'{inHhe < house.: t ,ii' : * ,'~^. . • '.;;\u25a0; v. v>
\u25a0r? Representative^ Burton, of r Ohio, one
of f the, " republican* conferees :dn ithe" bill,'
hadtopposed /the Aldrich "measure land
was" pledged : to \ a considerableifollow
ing.v totdo ' all :he could ".to"? prevent? the
adoption . of j any iof j; its , principles.* ;&
" r ,: Conceding -that" the" democrats"; of k. the
senate. X"will- not\ylcld;,uhe p chaiice£ for
legislation ;, is » slight".?" > 1 1 /. is'^ '\ni s*uch* a
cqntingency./that; accordirigf.to;theibe- s
llef.' of : many." pubMcj demand i is " expected
to fplay) a" strong, part. (;? \Vh'eri\thefAld- s
rlchT: bill S.wasjj passed by'r" the senate^
SpeakerT Cannon ?. was ~. t tfough t Ho 7 favor
it.-^and"" he f may? not'jbbi wholly* averse
to | Its i adoption£at *. this &tlme. '.-*. *h Publlc
demand.^theref ore.* -may j be : di fectedO at
Burtont- arid ?.' those ieve
him" that" i t .would be : better, not', to have
anyl legislation thari<to:accept-the"'Ald
richibili; C \u25a0\u25a0'•'? %-';* '.^':>-'.A^- -.-'";''"*\u25a0- \u25a0\u25a0.-^""v.iK
- Such "{ members "of • congress '• ks % have
hinted "i at Vsuch "aV'deep 'laid ip!ot"fare
In g|'o f \ th c"' con f erees * bn? T the] Aldrich -
t yreelaridlbill^was [required Übj,' reach'" t lie
conclusion - tha t • they,^ conldV notege"titb
the start tto^force|the?Aldrich|bin*"oii
the • house. v- • ,WhateyeT \th«- Jfesult | may
Contlpaf d oV; Page »,• t01t.m.4
!•'..' :,".'\u25a0 -"; s ; .-..'.-.-yM/<;--".-'.'y.;
Texais^and 6klaliora%yisited;by
V \u25a0 ': Jnundate^Cities
Dallas and Fort "Worth See
Many Hundreds Homeless ?
and Destitute v
Thousands of Acres Destroyed
:\: \ -and^ Railroad Tracks^ and I
Bridges Wrecked ;:V
& DALLAS; Tex, 25^-Four
lives -are* known to have been lost and
more than a million dollars' worth* of
property: ; destroyed and V 4,000 people j
rendered homeless^ by .the overfldW of i
Trinity. river last night ? and: today.
The flood at nightfall t passed r - the
record made I< by ; the Z rise '\u25a0. in 1 1866;* si i
feet. on«^ streetcar line is I
operating to? a : part* of^KorSi- Dallas.
The_ water works plant is outTof com
mission^ and the i \u25a0 KgJ"t plant;^ is
Iwamped: Mayor* Hay -has issued: a
proclamation '\Vclosing /.ail .. business j
houses^rbmtT-.SO'tonight until' s. o'clock!
tOmorroTvvmorjtilng;.*:^ Funds: were 'raised
this " for the \u25a0« relief i of "Tthe
homeless.'*-"- \. '•".\u25a0'"; 'r- v : ; : : "\u25a0 -'. :,•'\u25a0:.:' .
*"The trestling ..west" of/the. ateel bridge
Of .:the^Texas;arid!" Pacific rJailroad"bv'er :
Trinity \ river | j?aye - way?, and '10
were ; thrown^ into v- the . owrater -in" fviSl!
vlew. y r of--20,pqoi'Bpectatprs. ' Seven.of
tlie .men': .were -rescued' at great"; hazard. ;
The of ,\the-i three \u25a0"» drowned^afe >
unkn6wnrand'their"''.b6dies .liad.DOt'been
recoyeVed^at i 'afJate^hour,ttonlKht. -J \u25a0 ; - ; %
of v«infantry
and^one of artillery.* are Vpatrolllngithe !
Streets , of Uhe; city cunder, the sdlredtion {
of ' the police,' and •. no 'qne \ is. perhiltted i
fo^ go • on *-.the!7if tr«et»>i without^ permit I
from jthe* authorities.' "-•* ln'^he re'sidencej
'seetlons the -patrol. cCn^iets of £two';yol-*|
unteer^ rom -"city,".blbck". {
TE s" ' Z\ RE TDItO-ft'XED % \ ' j ' " *i : >T ": '?-*
V :; fort !'.w6rti r, r : f«.,|May £2 5 ATiie I
flpo'dJln-Foft^Worth' reikCbed|itß^cr.'*sU
W^Hsgira^gsjlS^^^'^ ; Wi^al|Hiffi
.tritiutarles Uiave'« receded' twb^f eeti-^The
police;depaftra»nr,:'tqday f 'estimatiNs' that"
10-"; persons % 'met|d^aUtgln"«l i *ortlTrbrt*i"
And ,ylcinity.-. i ands,t">at''Jl > o.oo,<3op|dam
affeV has; be«n" > aone.'^jßftverftlti thousand
peopl&fAreV^b'itaeleß's:; and ? Texas * cities
are •subscribing^ to* a"-' relief \funU.*v All
railroads jannburicedUbday." that -the i ob
sprvance of "schedules; will- be '\u25a0- iDdcfl
nitply'f delayed.* 1 - XtSg. " ""' **!''"\u25a0- *- :- : ~~ r "
" - ; WACO. : Texv'^May; ' 25— The" Brazos
fH;^r^is".hlKhervhere by "two"" feet" than
ever^knowri.'^fT'tousan'ds' of '"acres'^bf
land j.-" ha. ye J been^: .overflowed', and 'i the I
damage to^crops'*jls -heavy." • People HY
ing tin * the,\'lowlaT\ds- 'lave'been; driven
'from';'tfi,eir hofn^"; Five finches of -rain
fell" in 10Ihour«f^RaiIroads 'havelbeeh
washeel f out"lbadly.;t r Tributarie'sfof the
Brazos river; are^extremely- high -and
crops/* along :^th ese S s treams • ha ve ": bee n
damaged^^v r : UV- v y \u0084% .-'• '$.\ \u25a0* v,..* ; \u25a0\u25a0'\u0084 / -' pi
Houses and^Brid^es': Go .Down
•^Beforev Onslaught .of [lßoods^
.'\u25a0^ OKLAHOM A; CItY; : Oklal. . May^ 2 s*i-
Six ; .pers6rislareVd | cad;- : from -409 .to . 500
, arenhomeless^sthousands; of- acres of
\ lowlajidsV are/driujrdated, \u25a0 h'undreds;-df
; : houses * are/; washed'faway ' or ;:"dania ged«'
.•jraij\lroad". and>wagonltbridges-,ace: gone
! pirer a large a^ea^of jlbeVsoiithern part
i Of |thc^state,Vseve'ral'- railroad
: are^fiamaged'ajiid^ rthe| trat!Ks"of »neari>"
the.' state- are . "either jwas'hWd: away" en
tire 1 y^'i ;o r ifd e r ajngedf^" i n :t h o s e^'spc t i on s
vfMted^y>,the'ihe.aviestlrains'and slmbs)t5 l mbs)t
disast'rous>of floods.*^ The] dead are: . & !
;,>VUliam Linaipr.|AnadaTko.% ' > . X'
?| ; TottpkYh» ? C^ekf^ha«T»se.*'j:S^.i4 " - l - 1
Ji.W.'B.\llallerß,^wife; and "child, r Fred-L
crick.'^ i -,;.V''v.v 1 : t ;>-.^-.->N- \u25a0 -'- : - /--'.-*\u25a0\u25a0-" \' * ~
, --Unkjnowrn^n'.an.^ bordy,- v found 'floating
Jn'ithV^Cih^rron^fl^^'neiir'^Guth'fieJ'.i- 1 '
?.- Davcripbrt\ ' bbt h' ; ; thV*
Near.?EKßeno*;BdO?feet*of 'the;<;hoct^W'
track •.isl < gbne. \\ .On^thej.Sahta^F^near
Gu thrie Hhe tracks ',w#fe v damagedr; bii t
fray?' : Xierenll replaced: r >.The ißockrfi Rock rf5 Islailr]
"llti es"t near f Apach«s '{ apd f nea r- _>Fb ftf t b
ha\ r e 'i be»n* : , damaged Yin 1 1 lTei dislocating
of i.blridaregvgnts,*^The A i? tracks, ipf-Utho
\u25a0vyichlta: Falls : and j Nort hwestern ; in « the
delp.y"ed. r V^The^dklaHpma Central ; has
practically abfindbnedMls.'*«irvice;-"f * -\u25a0••
\u25a0t.* Along \tHeT valleys? of /ftHevXorlh-a'nd
South'; Canadian ;rivers."y the* CimarronJ
fivers? thousands Tofi |acres f of -f growing
crops ';- h'aye V been ;\and .< n«iny\
homeSfTrashediftway.-'? n V ' ' : \u25a0; : v^; :,
600Khouses|inf,West v ,Guthrie;~areTßub^
Vnefged^by-- the ]-. flood py hlch "- has-been
raging lthrpugh^tbe t Cottbhwodff/vaney ;
since JSatuf day % nt?ht.V;Onelriegrx>' was'
drowned TanJitherhodyiof^an^unknown
Th c | flb^d , ; ha's *^ faUeri; v.-*ut « th*e'}ipottbm
lands\*are^ "still -TsubmefKeds. and i,waitef
. f otirj feet I d eep >i s 'ruifnln g * t t hroughL th c
streetß-^^Hundreasfiare? homeless /and
, t ran sport a tlftn'^fonyi" on *."^ P^r t£of « t he
town ?i to * aiib ther r i s "; accbm pli shed V by
mcans'of , bout*.,' ;> ,7.t .* ? .\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0... :, > vr :
yfFO«T?W^T^»Tex>. f ; May{2s!— With 1
cause* {of 4 the; floods^ lnsnorthern^Texg.s
'ecutive-oopimtttee called' fpr]tod4y.]haiT
] been 1' indefinitely"! postponed, g andiitJie
'sta\efdemot.ratlc^conyenUonf; called, jf on
tomorrow I f bfj the ' purpose;; of : naming
Den verjwlll^probably>be^ postponed.';^
;-^ ;-t I-EAP'^*^^^^^ l^ o ?^.^ '^4 1
;\u25a0: LOS ANGELES, ir May. 25.-i-Sufferirig
'f rbM X : some '< atrange § haUuclnation*Vnbt
yet'^explalned;€two^^Außtrlahs ! * ? on
SouXKern^Paelflcittrain'; today Jeape,d,
thrqugli ij' a-j carj.wlndow,.' at . Palm \u25a0 Springs
wheßirthe|trainjPw'assruhnlng326 Smiles
onel of. 5 tbejroen iyu I captured-tV A^ posse
ffom F ?P«lnvfSprin»»"*went"in Hi pursuit *of
; \u25a0':_ Mrs.* / Humphrey/ Sini^i (Adelaide ; Hanscbme sphoto) »and
Jay i DwigginsV jriembers of Society "for Psychical \ Research,
which ; claims ;to >tiave disebvered ; prehistoric city ; under
-Berkeley.^' \,,J- \u25a0^,. > '.'J-'' : r %.'.-:, > /".;' ; : - : ,;~ : V '<\~' : ' : ',:. ~ \u25a0 ..
Clubman Edw. Barron
in Row at Fairmont
\u25a0\ . Wrong I* Falls A sleep > !
;.: i"^anti±[email protected]:. t \
- "Dr. .Albert; Abramsi^was _'\u25a0 the ;.;niOßt
surprised; man- in -tlie^.'!rb"rld^laa|jnig:ht, a
7xheri.~<entefirig; rfss .'apartments at the
Fairniont.V he .) discovered;* lying '"asleep
oh' his'.hed Edward" -Barron,"', prominent
social I favorite,/ andNclubm-an. \u25a0", Barren
wasj surprised ?n*nd I indignant; when • he.
was* lifted* rbughlyj 1 from- - couch ;of
ease " arid ' thrust c Vint6'/the * corridor .'of \u25a0
the hotel:. ,A> full '-lobbvvitood iup "in;
wbnder/as : tl%e Jgallant, young- man/;, hat
less | andi- disljevelled.- faceb> >*' for ;. the"
swinging- dobrs| bf>the~ hotel.' 'with." a
house^detectiveTaC^liiS \u25a0 heels ; aVd" the.
irate f'and'-indignant, physician^ in : close
pursuft.w T v y •;-. -_' >\, • . \u25a0,-.-.- • \u25a0 \u25a0;-, \ i;'-:;i ;' - : ; .-*>"-".
5 -'••: Ho\y;V.of s : ". why " Barron Vgot-- V into^.Dr. 1
At> tarns'^' rooms * is '•. aY mystery./; Ho": did
not "ifop^^toVexplainr ;Dr.-, AbramV'dqVs
not' ; understands lt.ii:lrt- 7 fact,', thelphysi^
ctarj;;'s*aid Jast ".iiight: that . he had. 1 - nayS
before^be?n 'introduced --to ',- the? young
\u25a0clubman.* '\u25a0' V- :^":',.' ,\u25a0:•'/';'-•\u25a0.\u25a0„" .\u25a0" r '-.. C-" '•- I \u25a0%'. •
•'It ".was ' eicpldinipdi-':that"4 Barron^hadj
been -"distuf bed^iferefal-timrsrwlille- hej
was* attempting^ io^take^ai.napjonstjre
soft-,';} iisur lpus^s'et tc^s " bf > the lobby?- and:
, that. T-piquedfatittfiis^ interference, ' \u25a0 Jtie/
took i th e >^c 1 e vat o r^.tp second •; fl oo r]
and f : en te r«?d • { the ' J first'* a par t men t-\ thh t*
looked ;inviting.j. r :'pr.TAb"ramsjh*adblefti
Jiis7 ;'do6r.vopen.*;*-*.WlienXthn?'medlco;- re^
turne«J* he -found •tliejga.y-L.bthario" fast*
•asl eep. - ft- -" V--.V ; ".y V- <:\u25a0'> .?;.•). 1 . f^j
. eject fhervt-y proceedings^ were'
commenced; 4 Barron* > revblted.*^AUussVe |
f urnj ture f J nT^ t h e'^dje fens eJ 6 fX h i s jpo s i --.
tion.i but|he- «was 'overpowered.-- '. >t !*i: '
1 Abraniß'; f ollo'w'cd \ him /to; ttiej lobby.-
he^apled^tKevgaj-J^ gathering ;of
guests lth« "t yeiingi man^became '\u25a0 excited
arid the^door/; •* Dr.*;;'Abrarhs
'was \hbldingi. I his*ohea"d;;;and^this^ led 1
mVny^rtov believe ;that*in", the cargumei»t ?
he '^ had 2 'received- someHnjury. .^l>T^^Al>v.
Tamsy«however,*den!edl that* he ;had |been
'persofiallyiaffrontedf."J;;\"i.^ r Vv/;''^':r. : g?>'{

gfea t'-anx letyj over* the ; h urr iedVdepaift-'!
"jure I' of Hhe^clubmanVJandJa'search^was*
made* f or/his t. ha t. ;y; y <It "> was \u25a0 not s to V"be
found-- in r « Dr. .'Abrams'^a part nieh ts.i .V^i
Federal;} Attbrne^ Starts West
;' ; \ toi BegmVA'c tibntf qrTßecoyeryli
: re
.To wnsend; ' : 'I federal 1h ; \ fraud
raqtl6ns,Ywillj^tart<,weßt! tomorrow; tbll>e£
"fif in^actldntagalnst^tKe I Southern! Pacific
railroad itbTdispossess'ltlbf;- land- i worth
$35,00».O0p^?The^land%?i8t Iny^itern
Or«Bonl4nd' the* suit* will tbe-'brought fat
Portland/: r :'--'j \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 f;-. \u25a0:; ' : ';:- ;
> wa«'' given /decades
ago^toltheT-old:Southern.;Eaciflc^to ln^
duce!the'b\jildlnff,of^the}llne; : "- The road
;was|buHt.^but' lt^is^charfred^thatithe
-company.,? lias * ref used' to jlly*|up* tbjthe
acre | lots 5 tb^ settlers >J at g $2.60, l .an J acre.'
*X« i Ta.l rejßWlt i<T *a/-gej se.ction ', of J.Oregron
ment:' , " ',\u25a0.,-- r' : .'; ' , ••-" ."\u25a0 "' .\
?KU I .thfsfKoxernmentf«uitils^succes3fuj
the |lands iwll 1 1 be] restored* toj the|gov
"declares a noted authority. Anarchy
merely affords : an avenue >for his evil .
• deeds. 7 Read the impressive ' article . in
Lillian Albertson Will
Wed San Franciscan
Noted Actress, Daughter m 6f Call
;*ffornia, to M arryA: J:{Levyy
"* l " 'Local Millionaire \u25a0 -'•\u25a0;• •-;•
to^ruiMntlmafV friends"; rbf "MissJLililan :
A lberf son"V 6^^anT^F«ne'sco". vv Iwho1 who -» is
J^laylngf tru»;jeadfn^ woman's, role In
ft hatr "Text shPR-Winf mar ry^AT *J." ;
jLev-y,^apJralJllQnair?]. of.*; San'Fra'nciscb.'
.Tigyy^jind it]\ev. first J.Mr.?.V.i.e3,-y^:»were
legally" -separated. ; ,and an .May an'
interlocutorS'. 'of -divorce,, was
granted. -'-The- flnaj" decree cannot- he
signed: until! Augiistt ß "and T untll ; . then
co formal'announcement'bf the engage
ment,will be made.'. "/' *•;
'-.Miss 'Albertson's success'as an actress
has? been f ohe 'of "the most important
developments k of the^ season." and I her j
'first.-. '"big"*..- part^ was;ln .''The \ Silver |
Girl" jvlth George Fax«.-c<?tt at ."VVallack'3. !
'Although. Girl" "did i.notj
prove a. , success". , Miss ; Albertson's" gif tsj
were." re'cbgnized.'*and >heVrVc»lyed- the
off«;r. f romi.\yag«nhals-& JCernper to ere- t
ate j. thV.. chief wonian'sipart^rn -.Eugene
Walter's,- "Paid "l ln^FulLV;T Miss "Aib^ft
son's .work 'justified . the -confidence 5 of. 1
her -.managers * and .; she-Vis.^now; known
. fofihf-r. ability, to play, a/.v^omanly sym-!
palhet!c part. Miss Albertson ls;still.*a
very, ypyug- woman and* her 'chief .charing
'ls?af mass. of reddish>go!dcn_Jja|r. .".'After;
her • niarriageTto according; tosher
\u25a0 preient"--lAfenftfbnß**« she v - will*' continue !
tof act.*- :-\u25a0' '"-"'": v \u25a0\u25a0 ,' ' '"' '"- *•"•'•
.--Miss Alhertson^beßan^her ,stage,*ca-"
.reer.-inv this-,. city* six •yeara.-agoV-whea
she'.-waß^a, jscbobl'v-'Klrl) \JShfc iplayed
ingenue .roles '" at"- first-- ani.d.* later .acted
wHh J 'Xarir!>*O'Nell a'nd^other • starsland
rons > of .' the 3 theater. - c '; , **"r" r *"..**.-. )
*•: JThreV years Jagb "ishe ""first .' wcntVto
•XewrTork'cltyV 'where she" caught /.on
q"uickly."^' Onv.her'f return _<o^ San »Fran
•ciscb* she*{wa*s *e"htertaln>d \u25a0' by; the'^Cali-j
fqrrila^club*; and^society f, f blk. •\u25a0'Cln{*the
. sp.rin gf b f "^l9 06 "" v sh.e 1 ': 7^ t urn ed "*.t o "JNeTV*
time ? Has
'rnide'.'coniplete^Vomfuest'^of 'thV^ h^trts
"of 'the" play'gbJrs'offthV.'me^trqpqris".' 1;
\u25a0« '
•Autornobilet- Agent -, ; Declared -rto ;
r. -i :^ "Be/Com^h|^n'j6f^Rui^>/ t^il
\u25a0V V i :e'n^ \u0084*^Miy
cess ; wh6se v elopement'- a/f *w/*days • ago*
caused ta' : great^ sensation ;jn}- Vienna"! .!»
said^ bjereftb* be -Princess' Arhelle}Lo-jis>."
sister *ofjPrinceyEmlJe';:Egon-von*Puf-.
stenberg;T,'.head ~*r of ',vthe~ % »;Kebn!gsh6f
branch "; of sthe^Fu"rstenbeVg» family"" "_ It !
is"*^ declared *th"at* sU% "ran ?aWay'\jrjyi* ; a: :
.niarr'jT.amed " Kpzian f . thej local^agehOoC ;
are) ad tlvely£at '.work • tryj njg c "*tb* locate* '
the jfugitives.^lThe»prineeßs"is" t .24"; years' i
"old.*"?! Tne 'finillyjhasilargeihbldlngs'ln !
BohemiaVand^jre^denc^infiVleDna^^ \\
sJ;Kdzan"£was ; formerly) a* cavalry )> lieu-^
tenants in % the *;fA*pstrian*. *army.-;i; The"
couple*-met*i ! atsjCarlsbad r Jlnsthe"s.sp*ring :
of Tl9o7^The^ RrincesVihas- a"; largeTfdr-'
tune> in.jher.f dwni righ tr and •as"- r «l)V t - has
attained • liefx inajorityi tliej famllyjcan-'
hot* pr~even_t. the'* marriage? r : " •"V \u25a0• •>
PrisoneV^Goes !^ -to f, Hospital^and
;i SAN. --JOSE.^iiay/j r 2s*' 7 -ci ;^j ßiverj.*
agalriit'i|who«e^iiame r stands %. a fcharge
of tj ciirnlnal7a»»ault f < has 'from
the i authorities i^of^ thl» i'cpuhtyj and %It
large.l?^ '»; c - t ' ;;• "^V \u25a0^ J J--^*"*^- ;
$J Rly erl^early^ln; the? present", year^was
.taUejS'P intoj'cuatody^upon^the -^accusa
tion; of lai young.- Spanish; girl /and 'vu
'coriflnedf in? the* .eounty^JalL^tf.Thefe"'-' he
remained -awaiting ; trial • until •' early ' in
MafchT^when^ falling i sick r of | fevers his
release .was i asked 3 for ; that Ihe ralgh t
was) released! upon' h!s | own Jr j cognition
and -:; allowed % to"!: leave the ": prison vf or
medical nreatmenW*4^Us : :) -\u25a0";;\u25a0:"
Prehistoric Rains Said to Have
Been Mapped Out' by
" Odd Instruments
Professor Voyle and Wife of
Savant -in University Take
"^ Lead in Investigation ;
Divining , Rod Burns Hands of
Woman Who Tries to
C > Move It Aside
.'BERKELEY, -May 2S.~Buried a
few. feet under, the classic soil . bf the
University, of California campus
a city of the stone age whose massive
walls respond "to the . instruments of
the members of the Berkeley Society
for Psychical Research and show their
well defined locations, . according to
the investigation^ made by Prof. Joi
seph Voyle, president of the local
psychical society, and Mrs. George
Shaw/ wife of a prominent. savant of
the department of agriculture of the
university." Other members of the
society - organized • last 4 August shortly
after a series of lectures given by Prof.
James H. Hyslop. national organizer
of - psychic- research clubs, also ' aided
in' the *" > ' w lfitt?f tfffi |^V|Wli|W|f|fff|j^ if
• The series of investigations to find
the lines of the buried cU>\ which an
tedates by thousands of years the time
of '.Columbus, have . been* carried on
quietly- for the last month since the
society- took- up 'this Important branch
of their * s tudles.\ r -t>^A-f|BgnMnUH
*•' Yesterday \u25a0 Professor •• Voyle. well
knpwn \u25a0as a. chemist, man -of
and follower. of Uuther. Burbank; Mrs.
Johnson of Oakland, second vice presi
dent of the 7 »ocietyr i ilri.fG<»orge Shaw.
wife, of , the..proXessor :of agriculture,
and [a number, of other members, of th£
society made'-a detour of .the, university
campus Tan'd ; fixed the lines of- the .city
obllteratedibyrtohsof e"arth7 but .whose
wajls'vapdi. foundations; still "stand.
At. great " quadrangle , of , masonry waji
lndlcated^by/;Uie"',instrnm«nt3,'. Voyla
and h!» companions sald.but morfioDii
mineral' (Wan^'Tvere, discovered ., at ..four
cprn»r»^pX i the large, builtlln g suppoaed
totttfnh;iie ce'nter^ofrthe'.burle'd.cltrl:*
.'H JC«.ar*: flieiaorth^Ka- ; s 14* ' of the 'Greek
theater the. psychical Instrument guSded
by : Prbfiasor' Voyle f showed .the I ; corner
of i aTwall; "another, corner; was discov
ered , west of the 'new mining building,
while the ." third lies between Harmon
gymnasium and California' hall and the
fpttrth.'dlrectly in. front of Hearst' halL
Mrs.- -Shaw assisted in guiding • th®
psychical;' instrument when .-investlga
tion«:wer^ mad* in the neighborhood of
Harmon; gymnasium, and .wh-»h she at
tempted Uo" direct- the point of the'in
strument away from its downward di
rection : her hands -were severely blis
tered.-.-'; AJI; her efforts* to make the
point assume a horizontal position wer«
unavailing/ [
i : ,Tlie "announcement of -.the • Society lot
Psychical Research . that a burled, city
lay "under "the university grounds and
Berkeley created a sensation. Already .
there has be#n considerable talk among
citizens; of 'this city of making excava
tions^tounearth the-'buried city.- which •
•lies^"biit a few "feet under the soil of
the grounds and BerkeTey,
according. to* the society.^^SHHflßH
.-None of the' professors . of the uni
versity s has \u25a0as ""yet thoroughly investi
gated the* findings of the society, but
it-is likely, that if their, discorerles ar« .
found .to' have'a foundation- excavation
workTwlir V* begun' at once along scl
entifloilines. ;'»"">•\u25a0';--*;
.Dr. Henry Cofflnberry Myers, a'grad
uate*of JStrassbur jr. Germany, and 'who
f<*r ja few years held an honorary po
sition i in : the" T faculty of • the ' unlTerslty.
•m"ade l 'lnvestig.ations In Berkeleyand
the.s university, grounds in 190 L - A* a
resul t ' of : his ? excavations - a- 1 number of.
• stone and-: tools \were - dis
covered" belonging '* to -th» ' stone age." :
pi'siisHEn ms cosciiUsx6?j9 '
\ *He > a~. bulfetin at the time . of '
his : investigations "and declared • that "In
andlaround' Berkeley a.'- race Jof m-n
lived .who .were advanced in science and '
"to'the '"\u25a0 remains of
jcltles; discovered; by; him.
J^x&lostTof .Dr.- Myers* 'excavations were*
"made* .inv'slght ' of .the Fish 'ranch In
.Qontra 'Costa .county 'over ; the r Berkeley
hlllsT^.There he:found;eyldences of an -.
.ea^llftricivlllzatiqn, which',-- although ex-"
.i. is ti ngr,. thousands*, of- years . before "Co
lUmbus~discoveredV", America," '-'. showed
traces^of ; high >;; :
",':y.*-\V. Lothfop.\ a fmember *of ,t!je
psychical . society^ of i Berkeley.* who took
part .in*, th> investigations ,of 'Professor
jVoylef "declared 'today * that vv Professor }
Vbyte.' T»aa 1 discovered •' at ""the ;% tlmei of
the. excavation. work of the'new;minlnjj '\u25a0"
building itraces* "of f walls "and .'pillars,
thVjr'enialnsSof. an- "ancient city. This
discovery * part^.of :_: _ Voyle .was
runanhounced ; at the time/ but may hay*
the, greatest; bearing ont the;. present In-*
yeVtigatioh Vof : the burled*- city. '
MA PS V^B L' R I E D : C YTX *. " .
;*"Professor.iVoyle/*-: said Lothrop t tt>- .
dayfc Vha»,-> prepared • maps Jj and "i Chart*
of .thejsunkencity." ; HeT,haa discovered.
that-inside the main cjuail rankle, which
must Shave \ been .the"; greatest I building ~
Inuthei scheme »of Jthe^burled clty.»were;
manjv smaller as j Pro- f
f easor , .Voyle", has traced out .with his ln-\
st rumen ts i twenty; sin all t r squares Tpex
fect in-- their size and 'Shape."i3gs«MgjSß
. '•Hisainstruments.-a divining rod ami
a;. psychical compas».V were i the; only.
meaM^used making "ithefdlscoverles. *•
Of icburae'Uhe** lnstruments can'onlyib* -
used 'iby* those : possessing occu 11; powers1 I; powers. T ,
and *. ; In j the i hands : o( •> Professor ,: Voyle ';
and i Mrs.?Shaw,Uheyjwork;.wonders.
,- : "I . have >"been" asked ' ; byj the : society ; to '\u25a0
prepare -aireportvon^the^burled city,
which discussed by
th em.",'; i^^^aS^SSmSSSmPStEßKffSf^m
\u25a0"rAmon'gUhe^charteri.members.of the
Berkeley Society for * Psychical Research V
are :>"; Professor 'Joseph^Voyl^rDr. 1 H-^P.
'Nottage;yjaylDwigglns.\ Helen j Watson.'
Dr.* J:' C.ißorknian,- 1 D. : E. Hadlock. Mrs.*
Humphrey^Smlth; '.!-'! Rebecca > Johnson."
H.'-H.>Humann.", Donald Horciis, 3 Mildred
Burnett" ;"W.|J. "Woods:;j;-;w." Woods:; j;-;w. Buonell.
E.%R.-i'Rowe," A. "V. Colver u4 May
etirn*.'. '.."•. • ; \u25a0•'

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