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George Knight Selects Corps of
Reliable Aids to Act on
Central Committee
Twenty-one reliable organization
xnen have "been appointed by George A.
' Knight on the executive, committee of
the state central committee. San Fran
cisco has five representatives on this
governing body of the party, but
George Hatton, W. V. Stafford and Dr.
G. Caglierl are no longer among them.
President Stafford of the board of
harbor commissioners and Dr. Caglleri
have shown themselves unwilling to
follow the machine in all its activities.
They were' particularly outspoken in
their opposition to Herrln's -plan of
stealing the state convention by ap
pointing a majority of the delegates.
This fact may explain their, exclusion
from the new executive committee. The
absence of George Hatton's name is
still to be explained.
Following are the names of the mem
bers of the new executive committee:
T. B. Dozier, Shasta; J. M. Carson,
Humboldt; ; J-, L. McNab t Mendocino;
Grove L. Johnson, Sacramento; A. H.
Ashley, San JoaqulnrP. S. Tellep-, Ala
meda;' Henry A. Melvin. -Alameda;
Charles EL Clinch. Nevada; John J.
. DaJy, San Francisco; George Stone, San
Francisco: Henry Abrahm, San Fran
cisco; J. K. Wilson, San Francisco; J.
F. Fugazzi, San Francisco; A. B. Cole
man Contra Costa; d; O. DTUfTeI, Santa
Clara; Thomas Flint, San Benito: G. D.
Swan, Stanislaus; Walter F. Parker,
Los Angeles, G. N. Black, Los Angeles;.
J. J. Suess, San Bernardino; F. W.
Steams, San Diego.
This new committee will meet 'on
the evening- of June 8 at the Fairmont
hotel to' organize.
Two men are mentioned prominently
for- chairman — General George Stone,
who held the position in the-^ast exec
utive committee, and "TonWDozJer of
iihasta.- Stone has announced a number
of times recently that he liSs* had
enough of politics, but now that he has
allowed his name fV go back on the
executive committee it is not likely
that he will refuse the larger honor of
presiding over it. «
Dozier acted as temporary chairman
of the recent Sacramento convention
during the roll call of delegates at
Jarge. and particularly distinguished
himself by rushing to the rescue of
Senator Abner Weed^ whose delegation
was contested on account of the elec
tion frauds at Weed.
"This convention is not going to un
seat republicans because Greek. stutters
voted for them," he declared amid up
roarious applause. , . . .
J. L. McNab of Mendocino is a broth
er of the local democratic boss who
• was beaten at Fresno by Theodore A.
Bell. McNab was called upon by Gen
eral Stone to place George Knight, in
nomination for chairman of the con
Henry Abrahm is a local physician
•who, with "Sammy" Beckett, defeated
two of the Lincoln -Rooseyelt league
delegates in the thirty-eighth district, :
winning by one vote. ' » '
D. O. Druffel of Santa Clara was at
the head-of the fifty-sixth district, dele
\u25a0 ration, which was treacherously, deliv
ered by "Black" Hayes to the Herrin
- machine. Druffel went-on the. last ex-.
ecqtiv.e c c when •'Billy" Wood
..oiea. «?».-»-,.. i.f^. ».»i,~»;t- --fc m-*
' Thomas Flint of San Benito was not
always an organization men, but com
mitted himself definitely at the recent
sixth district congressional convention
at Stockton, ,where he opposed Chester
Rowell and gave all his strength to the
machine. ." '/ .
'\u25a0 .\ Walter Parker* is that same tool of
"the railroad about \u25a0whom George
Knight, on occasion, has expressed
himself in anything but a compllment
. ary way. However, Knight has seen
fit to enlist his services in the. govern
ing body of the party for another two
years. "\u25a0•%-'?
Lincoln - Roosevelt Adherents
Organizing All' Reformers
Lincoln-Roosevelt league activities,
apparent in all parts of the state, are
taking in Alameda and Santa Clara
counties the form of vigorous and com
plete organization of all the forces of
good government.
The spectacle of John D. Mackenzie
and the Hayes brothers being crowded
to the wall together as a scommon
enemy Is the outcome of recent events
political in the Santa Clara valley. The
league Is doing the crowding and there
will be nothing but smears-left of those
old time chieftains if its succeeds in its
The attack Is to begin Thursday
night. At Palo Alto a meeting of the
leaguers will be held to launch a vig
orous campaign that will mean an or
ganization of the clean citizenship of
the county. There will . be no distinc
tion made between the Hayes brothers
and Mackenzie in this fight, for, though
Mackenzie is an out and out Herrin
tool, the Hayeses are regarded as even
more dangerous enemies of good govern
ment "because of. their treacherous
methods. \u25a0 "
The league campaign in Santa Clara
county is to be waged in earnest fash
ion. Prof. R. L. Green of Stanford uni
versity, a member of the state execu
tive committee, will officially head the
fight All republicans of the ( county
who desire to assist in promoting the
principles the league stands, for will
be invited to attend the meeting at
Palo Alto Thursday evening. \u25a0 V;
The aim is to organize clubs through
out the county In every precinct. The
county central committee is in accord
with the league work and there is no
question as to the holding of general
primaries in August.
Leaders In the league work will hold
a 'conference tomorrow night in the
office of Mayor Mott of Oakland, look-
Ing to the thorough organization of
Alameda county for the August pri
maries. The situation will be can
vassed district by. district, and a com
prehensive campaign, including* every
precinct, will be outlined.
This campaign will be" financed by
the subscriptions of those who want a
reform In partyconditions. Headquar
ters will be opened in -Oakland, and
from there the county will be handled
through efficient lieutenants.
As 'the- situation stands , the league
controls the forty-eighth, forty-ninth,
\u25a0fiftieth and fifty-second districts, or
ifour out of the seven 'districts in the.
:" county. The; fight; will be carried into
the other districts and the leaguers are
-confident of winning, owing to the fact
.that general primaries will \u25a0' be \u0084 held.
•Special efforts will be made to* wrest
control of the u fifty-first from' 'County
;Clerk Jack Cook. • '
xoted: scout . dies
. BUTTE, Mont, May 25.— A Miner
.dispatch from Billings tells: of the
\u25a0death there Sunday .'night;- of William
Hamilton, aged ;86,; protjably," '.- the
'ereatest 'Indian,, fighter 1 and ; Indian
-sign reader and ,• talker.-; the /west'^ has
ever, produced. Years •. before ' "Buffalo
\Bill" : Cody, was born Hamilton " . was
'•fighting.' Indians :. on I , the. plains , and in
the. Rocky. mountains, i-,.— r^/-"! '•-'. -^ -
. -»>* -->\u25a0' v .'- ::- \u25a0 •.\u25a0r«t-.;-:..;f~ '•\u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0 ; •
Reconciliation Occurs After De
cision of Court Dooms Slayer
of White to Madhouse
NEW YORK, May 25. — Coincident
with Justice Morschauser's decision that
Harry K. Thaw^ is still insane, and that
it would be a menace to the community
to. give him his , liberty.- it : became
known late tonight that Thaw and his
wife have become - So 'far
have the peace negotiations progressed
that Evelyn has .consented to drop the
action to have their marriage annulled.
This will leave young Mrs. Thaw,' in
the position of being the wife of an,in
sane man, and as such it is understood
that she will immediately '• make appli
! cation to have herself appointed a com
mittee of his person and property? vln
support of her application she will have
the decision of Justice ; Morschauser
that her husband is still, insane. 1 and
the testimony of the experts called. at
her husband's' trial that he was: insane
upon the day»he"rmade his will, which
was the day of his marriage. - ;- 1 -
Fearing just such a move on Evelyn
Thaw's part, it is understood that Mrs.
William Thaw Is on her- way- to this
city, and that she will endeavor, to cir
cumvent the plans* of her .son's wife
by having herself named as the com
mittee.of her son's estate.. ''
Thaw has accepted apparently with
resignation the decision j of Supreme
Court Justice Morschauser that 1 he is
still insane, and that the interests of
the public will be best served by deny
ing him liberty.
Both points brought up by Thaw's
attorneys were decined against him.
The justice declares that Thaw is now
insane and should not be allowed at
large, and he further declares that the
commitment to the asylum . by Justice
Dowling after the first trial of the case
was entirely legal. \u25a0> ,
Pending the signing of/the papers -of
recommitment, which probably-will not
be done before a week from, next" Sat
urday, Thaw will occupy Sheriff Chan
dler's suite In the- county building here.
In the.meantime an effort will be made
by Thaw's' attorneys to induce District
Attorney Jerome to consent to the. com
mitment of the prisoner to one of the
state hospitals other than .Matteawan.
It is said that in event of Jerome giving
his consent to such a change no apr
peal will be taken from Justice
Morschauser's decision. Even if an ap
peal were taken It could not be argued
before fall. .. • .
Seeks to Convert Women to the
Faith and Says Rich Temple
Will Be Built in Oregon
BOSTON, May 25.— Mrs. Mary Ellen
Marcelle Reber has arrived here from
Oregon to convert women to the Bud
dhist faith and to found a Boston tem
ple of Buddhism. Although she has
been here but a few days, she already
has .had several converts, —c: says ;
that funds have been subscribed for a
5500.000 temple in Oregon. Many
wealthy people are attending her talks
here. Her late husband was a mystic
adept > ana " sh e ': has \u25a0 »eeni'intef«Sted"ln"
the subject for years. She has had
many varied adyentures_and a strange^
'career. ' - - ;~; ~ •-"-' "—-•\u25a0\u25a0'-"-"\u25a0-— --\u25a0-.•.:...^
| Army and Navy Orders
WASHINGTOX. May 25. — Army or
ders — Captain, Charles Young, Ninth
cavalry, Is relieved from duty.. In office
of chief. of staff c and will proceed to
San Francisco and report' to command
ing general, department of California,
for duty pending sailing of transport
for Philippines.
By direction of president First Lieu
tenant Joseph Herring, Twenty-fourth
infantry, will report to Brigadier Gen
eral Frederick Funston. president army
retiring board, San Francisco, for, ex
amination. -
Navy orders— Lieutenant^ Commander
F. A. Tr&ut is detached from the navy
department, Washington, * to the North
Carolina. \u25a0*
TLieutenant Commander C. D. Steams
to the tenth lighthouse. district, Buf
falo, N. Y.
Lieutenant Commander H. I. Cone is
detached from the Solace to the Con
Lieutenant Commander .K. McAlpine
is detached from, the Atlantic fleet and
to continue duty on the Connecticut,
j Lieutenant Commander J. H. Rowen,
when discharged from' naval hospital,
Mare island, to home and leave of ab
sence of three months.
Midshipman A. C. Myers is detached
from the.Truxtun to the naval hospital, !
Mare island.
Passed Assistant Paymaster J. A.
Bull is detached from the Pensacola to
await orders. ' .*- '..•\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 , '
Assistant Paymaster .E. M. Hacker
is detached from the naval academy^
Annapolis, to navy yard Pensacola.
Chaplain B. R. Patrick 'is detached,
from the . naval training station, San
Francisco, to temporary duty on ,the
Panther, thence to the naval 'station
at Tutuila. --\u25a0/ .-, : ; ;
Warrant Machinist A. T. Perclval is
detached from the. naval station at
Guam to the Maine. ; . ;.
Following . cable from Rear Admiral
Hemphill, Yokohama: Commander B.
W. Hodges Is ; detached from' the - Gal
veston • to . home.
' Ensign J. , F. Atkinson Is discharged
from the naval hospital at Yokohama
to the naval medical school hospital;
Washington. : f • .
Lieutenant- Commander C. . Mc-
Cofmick is detached from the naval sta
tion at Cavite to the Albatross. :
• Lieutenant' Commander M. Johnston
Is detached ; from '.the Albatross to the
Galveston. 1 '.'-; . '. ' 1-
Ensign G-V;H., McCain is detached
from the . Chauncey to > the naval sta
tion at Cavite.'.;
There is no need of anyone suffer- ,
ing long with this disease,' for v to '
effect a quick cure^ it ; ii ' ; only nece»- ':
sary to take a few 'doses of - ;
Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy
*In t fact, : in ' most cases one dose . i» ;
sufficient" ; It never, fails and- can be x.
upon ih^ the most severe "and i
dangerous cases. ;It is ; equally val^
uablc for children and is the means
of saving the lives of many children
each year." / '.. [\ /". \u25a0'"/.\u25a0; . .
;, In the world's history no medicine 'k
has ever met with greater success, j
thev-sa^^Mgiscq;jcall.- Tuesday, ma.y 26, 1908
Body of John Sparks Laid to
4?est in Masonic Ceme«
feENO, Nev.. ' May 25.— The wind
sobbed about the Elks' home arid
clouded skies • dripped ' as ; if - they, v too,
had tea rs to shed .when grief; stricken
thousands i listened :to ? the ," last J, words
Bpqken' oVer the; bier :<)^Neyada^B- gov
ernor^ this afterno6n,-C,and the
casket; bearlhg: his '.bodyrwas'drawnj,to
ax temporary, resting 4 place", in- the c Jla
sonlc \u25a0-:'__ cemetery \". the -; procession \Xot
mourners > 'stretched 'for » two miles
through*;the- streets. : '. ;• , .
.; In the, Elks'" rltualj'ceremohles 'Chief
Justice F.^H. ;Norcr9ss"of " the J Nevada
supreme court \u25a0' \u25a0; delivered '\u25a0L''an;"''el6quent .
eulogy, recounting the: public | services
and. personal characteristics of the late
governor.: ... .'"..\u25a0.. ' ';'.'",. V.V :: .''\u25a0.\u25a0 ,\\-'- '
V Friends v of /John- Sparks.'v many -of
whom knew,-- him jf years : " before j he^en-^
tered public life, came \u25a0, to Re.noVfor^the
service from all parts of '-\u25a0 'the 'state.
The funeral was "the .largest 'ever t held
here. The ceremony -was conducted' by
the Elks fraternity. '; '" ;\- ;'\u25a0 '. '
Mn an article on the death' of the'gov
ernor .the Journal; .an/; independent-,
democratic newspaper, says that Sparks
was, driven \to?. his death ..by the "criti
cism of : enemies, and'' intimated .'that
stories discussing , his private ; affairs
and his immediate friends Vmade 'his
final sickness \u25a0necessarlly / fatal.^ \u25a0 •
SANTA' ROSA; May; 25.f-John Paxton
of this city is >in the county^ jail here
charged- with grand 'larceny. >J.iC.
Howard,' another \ resident |of | Santa
Rosa,' 'is : his ; accuser. -/The • case i. is^ a
peculiar one. < Howard : claims, he has
positive evidence ; that Paxton \u25a0 stole a
horse, had the -animal killed -and then
retailed the meat out •to poultrymen
for : chick. feed: •.:.::, \u25a0.; -.•;,.• _. r
t .' .. ' ;\u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0 V \u25a0 \u25a0 \'* --"*, \u25a0 \} : . x : ' -^*" **\u25a0**.\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 ..'\u25a0''--" ; \u25a0"''\u25a0 '"' : ';. \u25a0-".'. ;" : . '."•.' \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 • ' '"^SH^^" '\u25a0. \
On Pnday at 8 $ m r
; Qurfgrand vleaves San Francisco bound for
the Peerless Beach of the^Pacific—El Pizmo Beach Resort;
Have You Decided to Go With Us?
A Can you think of a more attractive manner of spending
,* . >our'»pe % cbration Day "than a trip to El Pizmo at our expense?!
Think of it! leave Friday evening, spend all day Satur-
day as our guests at the Inn, returning on Sunday night.
It Means Much to You— lnvestigate
It is an opportunity to purchase lots in/ the most desir-
able resort on the coast at ground floor valuation ancl
easy terms.- ';\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0; % . • \ • '' *» \- !u* '
The^present pricesofthelots are from $200.00 to $400.00;
for big 25x110 and 25x140/ foot lots --payable 10 per cent
down and $10.00 a month until paid for.
When you pay 10, per,, cent down you; are JentitleHSto^
, accompany our partyY and; if /everything is not as we have
represented it; you; may demand all you have paid and
; cj^erfuUy; If you are satisfied after see-n
ing; El Pizmb-4-and you ;cannot fail but be satisfied^on
tinue your payments and 'ybuwill^
' v will /bring you big returns. S /
Open This Evening fi^m 7:30 to 0:00
Gall at our; •offices,. 789 Market street, tonight and get
full particulars and d
price lists, etc.; with a mass of • infofmatien • too lengthy; for
particularizing here. ' • .
Just one wordrrhiistle; for there are less. than two hun-<
• 'dred lots unsold, and each represents an opportunity for mag-
nificent ; profit from both financial and health standpoints.
789|Mark^t Street,. San tranasco. /-
:^ San Frailipis^ ' ; / ;^; /Kindly •/;... vl. jots for -.'mevinV
(/ _- •:.-; ' \u25a0 ri 7% l °h^'/: " '\u25a0'. :,;:\u25a0; :i ; •• /,your ( salevto ; be/heldfon*May"3oth,;for/which Den-
Kindly send me Booklet, Maps, and \ dose $..-. :...'....: ,10 per cent payment
iPriceList. . _ . - - on ) .j0t5at 5......'..: i sha ii
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*'y'^Nfimi&\\lP\:'^lr\\'.r.*'z^ /fpariy your [party to El Pizmo.\ •;. - „ '
; . '\u25a0\u25a0>••-/\u25a0 \u25a0'.' ' /•/' \u25a0.'\u25a0' •\u25a0\u25a0 1 : ; v'""v- •\u25a0\u25a0'• :^" J ''\u25a0'.:,-'''-\u25a0'\u25a0 >-•"'\u25a0 ;:-'/''-" <! -:V*^s'**- ? ' r> - ;'-^/..Hf':^ ; >'/r^.'-v>/' : ' ; ./---^v. « '-/./-\u25a0: // .'/;/\u25a0--//:: /-' : -\
Address.../ '. . - . '^
• ' •* * * .' Address :: : .'-. '.."\u25a0;;"\u25a0.\u25a0.: v.V.'tvVv:. ';v.'V.". .......
John I S.' - Dickerson, , who ; sue- .
ceeds ,the : late '" \u25a0 Gbyernor . Sparks.
Continued From Page IT Column 3
be. the leaders^ in that body, insisted
today that they will not accept ithe Aid
rich, bill. unless the Vreeland provislo'n
for issuance of circulation of-commer
cial- paper Is retained as the "alter
nate"provision. \u25a0; «- '
..Representative Bartholdf of Missouri,
chief ;of' the V house 'manager's ' inVthe
conference on the' public buildings bill,
made .the' following statement late to
day^'r.*;,-.. .-.\u25a0 : ; - ; - ,; \u25a0 ;\u25a0\u25a0'.."\u25a0•\u25a0,•'..\u25a0.\u25a0'.\u25a0.\u25a0• -,- \u25a0\u25a0'"\u25a0'\u25a0
«',. I' serred on the speaker, today that I
could . not . call : np '.- tlie * conference ' report . on ; the 1
public., hulid lng»- bill -. until ' a j satisfactory j currency j
bill \u25a0 had ' been \u25a0 paused. . The conferees \u25a0on this bill
have reached a final agreement,'- and their report
has :< been - adopted | by * the i »enate.':; • I >• tol^ i the
speaker i that 5 my y especially - repub
licans,^ are urging on.me with much rigor the ab
solute • necessity of * enacting a t th is session 'an
emergency : currency . measure,' « and - 1 agr««li with
,theu>, : , and I-' believe, - with : a majority of ' the
thinking people of the country, that such'leßisla
tlon I if : necessary :to \u25a0 restore . financial - confidence
and gnard against recurrence of panic conditions.
The speaker's reply was . that no one could ; force
me to present the conference report. -jspflSpSsHP^r
.The • situation *Is this: ... The < country is * looking
to 5 the : republican -' party \u25a0to pass an emergency
currency bill. Congress has .been' In session I six
months . and has failed • to . agree \u25a0on ", a\u25a0a ''\u25a0 currency
measure. v.lfi we adjourn. without doing, anything
more than creating « : currency commission. it win
be.; up ;to ithe 1 republican party i to make; embar
rassinjt \u25a0• excuses *,tf f panic . conditions "\u25a0 recur '.; this
fall; "furthermore,? a presidential, campaign ap^
proaches. '-^ji-^r. ii 1.:""'1 .:""' -.-irv'V' 4 v.-i \u0084- ; --. \u25a0'.. \u25a0 '.
'?IhaTe the report of the'confercwToa the"publlc
buildings In -.my ; pocket.^-, 1 1 am going to ;keep Jt
there until* satisfactory/currency? bill: has .been
passed. The house and senate conferees 'on cms
rency arc at the threshold of a tentative compro-'
mlse. -/There -^ iß.no reason why,, the'y \u25a0 should not
agree. and '\u25a0 why -' we • should ; not enactithis -agree
raent'lnto law. %l : for one am willing to stay hera
all Hsummer.'i.if • necessary, -to . "starve out" ' any
recalcitrant group or. faction. .' : • .' . -
.Commenting on the 'report that. : Sen
ators -Teller ;and "Culberson had an
nounced ,'. their intention to filibuster
against 4 the . of ? any features
of /the Vreeland bill,, one of the house
conferees;' said: ;!,;:-.
':' The only potent; lnterpretation' t>f- this atitnde
is that the democratic senate managers now pro
pose xthe Aldricb bill for, nothing. if ' this be
their , attitude -and , they • maintain j it. of course
there will be no currency 'legislation beyond that
of creating a commission. ' • -\r i C\
The attitude of Senator AldrlchA on the other
hand.7 is < exceedingly reasonable.' .He \u25a0 has been
ready for a compromise whereby Individual, banks
which preferred not -to affiliate •, with^ national
clearing * bouse 'associations \u25a0 would .bo -authorized
if they desired, to buy state, county or municipal
bonds, and lon them asi security - take ; out I addi
tional-circulation in time of need. I can see no
reason why such an addition to the bill should
not be accepted by the, house: but' whether the
Vreeland bill so amended. would be acceptable to
the senate, there's the rub. .
PRESCOTT, Ariz., May 25.— District
Judge Sloan today sentenced 1 Albert
Ryan, secretary; of. the Jerome miners'
union; to one year in the : penitentiary
for, assaulting Frank ' Burns, a Jerome
mining : man, .with a pistol. • When
Ryan asked why sentence should not
be passed ?he I attacked '-the court and
the jury as controlled "by; capital. Judge
Sloan said had Ryan not made the talk
he would' have "let ; him off with a fine,
but ; in such; arraignment he, said the
dignity and integrity of Uhe court and
jury must k be protected.
i;RENO, Nev., May, 25.— -"Rawhide
Jack^' Daj^s' ; plan to race his big auto-
Tnobile across the; continent from San
Francisco may never be', fulfilled. Davis
sustained, a severed artery in a Raw
hide -mine.' accident 'today, and he: is
being .-brought , to; Reno tonight, his
friends, say, to die. Davis was supposed
to have gone to Lbs Angeles via Gold
field before beginning the .' transconti
nental run. .but- the report of a strike
nn:6ne:of his. properties In the mining
Camp delayed his Journey.
*A brief (Jispatch from Rawhide this
evening told of Davis* accident and
containedthe information that he ha*'
nearly bled to death before being dis
covered. .
-The greatest river in the world In
flood of waters is the Amazon, and It is
one of ; the *\u25a0 least useful, owing to the
character of the region through which
It flows.
"Sunny Slope Tract"
Saturday, May 30,1908— Decoration Day
To the Highest Bidder
and Without Reserve T>
A Charming Location
Sunny, sloping hillsides— not flat, damp and cold. Sheltered from fogs
and winds, with a beautiful view. of lower San Francisco bay and the hills.
' You all know what the electric roads and Bay Shore Cutoff did for Saa
Mateo,' Burlingame and Millbrae. This they will do for Belmont, as'it is next
in line on the march of Improvement. The Peninsula Electric Railroad
NOW building, and will run through the tract, affording a cheap _and quick
means of transportation to the city and intermediate points: also south.
Smallest lot 40x112. Terms $50 down and $10 per
month. No interest on deferred payments.
Streets graded, sewer' and water pipes laid to property line free of ex-
pense to purchasers.
An opportunity you seldom see and may never again, have.
Put your checkbook or certificate of deposit in your pocket and muster
your courage, for you needJiave no fear of making a 'mistake.
i Agents :: ::245 Bush St., San Francisco
v or E. S. SPEAR & CO.
I Auctioneers :: :: 24 Fell St., .San' Francisco
irv And near o
DcLLI bKUb. importer* ot F. BERTOLLI'S LrcCA OIL. Frnlti, Ve»e-
table*. Poultry, Game. First class goods. Prompt delivery. CENTRAL
MARKET, 2344-46 FlUmore at. bet. Sacramento and Clay. TeL West 6808.
'."-.'•'V .'"\u25a0\u25a0"•\u25a0• • ' v.
CII lUr PfcKIINU 1435 FII.LMORE ST. between Ellis and O'Farrell.
>*ote oar special this Treek In Shirt Waist and Kimono, at )4 regular price. '. \u25a0
sold on SO days* trial. Lady attendant. CLARK-GI.VDION TRUSS CO™
1258 Golden Gate avenue. I'bone West 582. ?
NEIiIIAUS & CO. UP TO DATE! TAILORS. 161S Ellis st. near FUlmore.
.Special Black and Bine Sense Salts to order for $20.00. Style, at and
workmanship guaranteed. AVrlte for samples. Mall orders solicited.
KERSTEN S j m the BEST DELICACY STORE In the city! He carries
the largest variety, keeps the cleanest place and charses very reasonable
prices, Is what my customers say. FRA.NCIS KEKSTK.V, 1SO« FUlmore at.
\u25a0 . ' • Loirest Price* on Framlnc and • Kodak * Work 'In the city. . . .
E. E. GIBSON. . . 2207 Flllmore st. near , Sacramento. J. F. Kl!f MA'S .
E-BRODERICKji GROCER stores* TO Flllmore street. San Franelseo.
and Savsallto.:. Best fresh Batter. Valley Ford Creamery, 2 lb. aaaar*
\u25a0 i 55c| I*4 lb« "V»are,"4oc. Best fresh. Eggs, 23c per doaen. -«»««w,
MAKES. Blur bargains. r New Machines, fIT irpj second hand, S3 ««. j j*
: McNALLY, WWte Sewing Machine Agency, 208 FUlmore. Phone Park 803
HAIGHT ST. FLORAL CO. 524 FlUmore street near Hala-ht l»fc-«
Park 2775. Cat Flowers and Floral Designs for all . occasions. (f«..!L*
house and Nursery stock. Shipping orders promptly executed. T"^
st. Tel. West 39. Wedding, IHrth.lay Cakes and Torten our >»*~| I ?i°Jl*
' Shipped or delivered at short notice. Extra Strawberry Short and Ron* Cakes
YOUR CREDIT ISI GOOD At G r lS woltv 9 cloak * svrv nov%w
• 1843 Flllmore street. Special sale Ladles' Silk and Linen Snltifo?^ •**•\u25a0'
CUSHION :^ m « . na wom _ v Jjmr -
Sole Agent Dr. Reed's C»W"'S^IS«.PIUMw!SiS S?.™*
J; Mall order* given prompt attention. Send for UlostrateoV leaflet.
-trJet, cbinerVa->. Phone We^^^e^ifJhfe^S!? FlU -
best Stallfed Meats. Telephone orders promptly amnied tS. * llmd
H. t WjREDENi&XO. .2230-58-«0 FILLMORB STREET B , k
Groceries/ Delicacies and iWlnes.«Si»eclalattentloVfo^i: » r « d »
p^^e^ls^ le f^ sa - ? •*??? F "*r **»£
Owrud by and bottUd undtr th* dtrtt - T .
control of ft* Frtneh Govrnmmt
Natural Alkaline Wafer
,r=l Used at Meals
W prevents Dys--
19 pepsia and cures
JHL Gout and Indi-
JKBM A delightful table
water with highly
medicinal qualities
Asi your Physician (

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