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T? 'Paso Roblcs - goes 'society to boil
; of^ t -«i.-atjthat comes!with;too^ much higli'
j' living.. A cleverillustratcd story i of ;the
] rcduqin g process .in
The Sunday Call
VOLUME ;CIII.— Na 119.
Criminal Attempt Is Made to
. Control Spring Valley
Deeds Written and Signed by
Same Hand Claim Sub
merged Tract
Documents Are Sent to Record
• ers Office From Bakers
field by Mail V
Scheme Believed to Be Effort to
Reach City Treasury by
Sale of Land
, , What has. every indication of being
a barefaced attempt to steal ; title to
valuable- property holdings at the
supply source of the Spring Valley
water company, through the medium
of rank forgery, has come to ' light
with the filing in the- recorder's office
in this city of two warranty deeds
purporting to convey submerged
lands in the Laguha de.la Merced to
Williamvß. 4 Boyles of ,Lbs Angeles, j
" Forgeries; though. they.,. clearly. arc, .,
and with several suspicious circum-i
. fltane£&. f surrouhdins r ihe * inahner: \u25a0
•which fhey "'irtre- JiJe^UV the"«leo3s: were
uiart.v ijf. record .'.Monday^ and-- C)it€i
I»epulylKecor<l*>r C. AL Stolz "\u25a0' Is iiow
actively 'e.nszzQd' lii" attempting' to 'dis^
cover the motive behind the filing of
jt he document and plac«j the blame- for
t!ie hatching of the plot that -is ap
parently on foot to gain possession of
title by. criminal means.
Two deeds, bearing" date of May 24,
1906. were recorded at the request of
John Perrett of Bakersfield and. pur
port to convey about 90 acres of sub-]|
merged land in Lacuna de la Merced,
out of the bodies of water composing
the ; Spring -Valley .supply, reservoir,
from D. Mahoney. of Chicago to Wil
liam R. . Boyles of Los Angeles. On
their face the deeds were . drawn in
Chicago and attested before a Chicago
notary" public, but they were sent; to
San Francisco from Bakersfleld and the
bodies of both deeds, as well as the
cigmatures of Mahoney, the notary and
the witnesses, were written by the
same hand. Moreover, there Is not, nor
bag there ever been, any D. Mahoney In
Chicago having any title or interest
in, the lands which the deeds purport to
convey, the real owner,' l>avid Mahoney
of this city, having died In ISS2.
1 a Vtrategic rosrrio.v
One piece of property described in
th^ deeds consists of 14.80 acres of
submerged land in section 35,- township
2 south, range € west, the other
piece* being 74.50 acres in sections 26
and 27.' "The property lies almost en
tirely in the bed of Lake Merced near
the Spring Valley's outlet, and practic
ally, controls the only, way of reaching
this supply because of its strategic po
sition. . In view of the possible sale of
the Spring Valley works to tbe city
«n«J the discovery,.' that; much .of the
property making up the works is either
tn litigation ' or 'owned"; by "Interests
apart from the Spring; Valle y, company,
the property mentioned 'in the -deeds is
of iijimease" value >, and ; the; present. at
tempt to gain " title -. to •It may: be with
the design ra'viewof reaching" into tho
city treasury. • , /
". Originally all . -.;the'.' land "now ' con
trolled *by the Spring, Valley, company
was a part of Jh? Layuna dela'Merced
rancho," owned by Dai'id Slahonejvone
of the famous I : .figures of \u25a0 early, days.
3F» and hisbrother.-.Dennlß/were prom-
Jj:cntly connected with . San " Francisco
end California affairs.-, but . before *his
<3rath David ; allowed: the.' greater por
tion of his: rancho to "pass" out of, "his
hands.r Tlirough- the;- \u25a0 foreclosure eof
mortgages \ and in other : ways • much \ of
the property passed into the possession
t l!lC L nibcrnla sav "ln^s and. loan^ so
«-J<n>-. but four parcels . were retained
by Mahoney and belonged to him Vat
the time of- his death In 'lsS2.~ ! The*
! Plf>c«B described in the two deeds filed
Monday are two of these four.: The
title has been^ cloud*]. i.y tax -saleV but
lias n*>vcr passed completely > from ; : the
Mahoney estatcv and shortly before -the
fire An effort :-, was begun : by the* heirs x
to clear the ; title and settle' up ;the?cJ"|;
', David JlahWy died a: bachelor an,l
without brothers or. sister, save SS
Ma-honey. Dennlsdied in 1891 leavin
«even children. ; They are d' I Ma"
S !w;?'*w h2h 2 m ?f k U Mah °ney. - Dennis
Mahoney, W r . C- Mahoney, -. Dr. Manrarot
aUhoney. Mrs. Iv. M.- >r« field a^d M r- S
C; K. Grosjean. all of this c?f>- Dr
Margaret Mahoney' v.as , appointed ' ad *
ministratrlxvof ; the i estate -before the :
fire'and hag tince been actively engaged
in J»tralghtenlng;outthVproperty Inter
ests. \u25a0'; including -:\u25a0 those at" Lake Merced"
Both, she and : her [ brother, .Attorney D*
j;M« honey, declared yesterday without
hesitation that ~p; Mahoney of -Chicago" i
wae' an -impostor; and .that the, deeds]
were/ clearlyj forgeries. - \u25a0 j
V- Bv*»n -', aside > from :. : the ' appearance of
thf .; ;d«eds, thefmanner In? which ".they '
were submitted - was .'sufficient to arouse
*''BO«piclon s^n»;Ohlef^peputyi Recorder
Stol*'mlnd that alii wa«not-riglit.^They
were recalvedi.by,mallJat t the >; recorder's' \
office j las tj; week 'an dwe re,; accom pan ied
"£ \u25a0 Co n t lntied on Page 2, . Column 1 ' / "V j ,
The San Francisco Call.
' XVEDXESDAY." MAY 27, 1908
YESTERDAYr-Clear: west .wind: " maximum
temperature, TO; minimum, 50. "
light north wind, changing to west. Page 10
The merry widow of Spring Valley. Page 6
Democratic party aa an asset. " Page 6
Tuattoa on billboards. . Page 6
A great national monument. , Page 6
• Three honses owned by "Big Jim" Galbiglier
blown up with dynamite on eve of sale'of prop
erty for $25,000, and police have no "clew, to the
perpetrator* of this second outrage. "Page l
Filing of two forged deeds In tbe .recorder' 3
office suggests existence of plot to secure title
to valuable property connected with Spring Val
ley water supply. Page 1
City funds amounting, to $37,572 have;dis
appeared from city, treasury without leaving "a
trace to show how . ' or . where tbe money
went. I .^ Pagel
Many delegates to attend good roads con-ren
tlon to be held in Santa Cms June 6. Page" 16
Funeral of General Evan Miles m attended;" by*
concourse >of veterans, army, -navy and civil
friends. ' Page 10
Doctors disagree tnd Mrs. Florence : N. Ward,
practitioner, files 6uit for divorce from physician
husband. • \u25a0"''Page 16
National . guard of California to .receive
$900,000 annually^ if ! bill voting $4,000,000 \i«
signed. V Page 7
Cabel H. Maddox . stings Attorney Barrett by
repartee from witness stand. - Page 16
Letters showing alleged plot to salt \u25a0 Ingomar
mine are read In divorce trial of pro ;
taoter. ' ;; : U^ Page 7
Most city schools are : found " to ' be* flrctraji*
und positive menace to life by works board coui
missloner. Page 7
Mrs. James W. Orr. president of 'the Csii
fernla club, is succeeded by^'llrs. Edward Ie
Balf^vjo. " ; = Pnge'7.
. - Mlss--,lda Hathaway. chrUtens pcli?<* lannob
patrol and Captain Conboy Is happy. Page 16
.Former; special : polir'eniHn seeks - rVrenve
iS-ainst; Chief -of Polle*- Biigy, wbo" to«fc -nTrayJ
ite:sta"r. *" ' '- : . : ;; ; ,;. -' .. Page 3 !
vTwo • masket] men, Apparently Intoxicated.'^ rot>
?«d*strian . in early -niornins. -/Piige'ls
\u25a0 Elks*. , vaud?vllle**sbow . In , aid . or crphajis} Is \u25a0 n
sncf-cssful affair. |^^te<; Pngc 5
-Mantell presents remarkable delineation ' of
Samlet. - - Page 5
"Auto whisks away girl who had drunk poison
and police seek In vain for her name. Page S
Cecil Cowles recital to I* musical event of
season. PageS
SUBURBAN^ -:r \u25a0'•;:
Head of henttog company faints after- shot
fired at \rorknlen. '. . ] Page ' 4
Graduate of college of architecture at cul
versJty # goes .. to . Paris to complete, vlsi
\u25a0todies. , . " Page -4
'Scfcolarghip oomailUee jT SJanf jriT univeniity
cvts'wS J>3 stnJcut*. ' . :, • ; Page 4
Yoanp wife Slopes with oM schoolmate an.!
hushaii!]'* west trus>te<l friend.' "Pace 4
- "Show us your ruins," university 'professors ;
ask psychic inregtisator, Vrlw insists that dis- j
closares made by • divining . rod axe" erjtfcncu
enoogh. Page 4 !
COAST • --.••;\u25a0 \u25a0.-;---\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0. \u25a0; j.
Brilliant ctralry drill tn Yoseralte Talley wit- 1
seesed by Native Sons and many others; Preel- j
dent Wlieeler of California, university delivers
speech before grand parlor Uiat takes a rap ct \
SUnford. : • . .. : \u0084 : I'age 1 j
Fire fiend worries busln»ssmcu and autlioritU'K I
of Stocktoa. Pages!
; Hcngjury in Rurf' trial shows oitizpus trc- j
mendoos odds graft -prosecution must meet;". Rn- >
dolph Spreckels tells Los - Angelans. Page 3;
State. prohibition oonTcntlon meets in Modcctnj
with 150 delegates present. ; Page 4l!
Seattle welcomes fighters " of navy 'at * parade { :
reviewed by Admiral Sperry. - Page 4 t:
'Mrs. Enlz scouts Idea she will marry Alfred
G. \u25a0 Vandcrbilt. .*. , . -"Pagel '\u25a0
Cobgreaa will reach ; compromise 'on currency •
legislaUon by welding the Aldrlch and t Yn?elanil
.wiis. : ; ;.;;'•;-. s ;" , ~" " " . v P«ke s '
V Evelyn Thaw 'withdrawß ,snlt_ for .annulment :
of : tnarrlage and - says husband's • relatives ]
were" toj blame. . % \ - -,\u25a0: ', Page * 8 i
rour|*«n are drowned in Red river, Oklahoma,* !
which ; overflows [i Island 'on ' which they * had '
taken refuse. . , . . Page 8 '
Methodist Episcopal conference ends election lot '
bishops. "_ ;.'_.. '.
-Failnre to arbitrate in tbe streetcar strike* at ]
Cleveland, which Is declared broken. ... [ Page • 4 -
FpkEiGN ; ; -' . : i % \u25a0'^:^\ ]
. y Prince' Napoleon * Mnrat Mights T tyro durls • and J -
wounds \u25a0 both of ,bis/ opponents!." - *• Pagfe li
. ..; Qo«*nV. \u25a0 of ''\u25a0 Kn^land w' wears v; jewels --.- worth
SS.CiOO.OOO at "tbe reception for. French-presi
dent. • . :?:->, . Page 3 j
: Pope, Pins. rec^ivrs»in sndlence 'Bishop "Me- '{
Ponncll and 100 American pilgrims. • Page 3 <
: : Ca*rn»>cl«> . jriren $l(Xt.000 • for j now peace ' temple I
to ibe' built for Central American 'court of 'Jiijtio*' j i
iiitCostJi ; Rica. S 1>a S« 5! '
:SPORTS\:'. \u25a0•:-,\u25a0<"
l-i Canadian' tnrfmf n score ".nvtaltic Tletqry,, -n ben { ,
.Tooreniic. defeats Jack; Atkin?in" ibe" Cosino-ilitau I \
bsDiirtp. HSBfiBBBBB _\u25a0• Page 9i ,
jiV'Sarprisln'jj reversals of , form at Hmcryvnie'an'il j
Beveral' long; snots finish .'in raonpy."*-" \u25a0 Page I) f
; Lo» Angf-les, easily, takes Oskiand: down;' tho t
line in openlng'gameof tbe series?; : ~ Page 9 t
v SSacranionto and 'Sunta Cms ~ r trams of.; the v
stitf league : play " tie : game in dO >Inuihs" x
exhibition:'.,. -T . '-. \u0084 \u25a0 '• i.PageJt c
f/buis Anifrican'tPßiD i-t'aiiii -t'aiiie v of *
the gerics >itb . New l York. ; { :-[ •.. • ; Page ' 8 1 •-
\u25a0;;; President ,-l'wlns; of coast leasue'ready to figlit
for Sea ttlf territory." .' * Page StS t
\u25a0 V.:' lndications 'that Governor.' Hughes^wj!l'» fail r
to \u25a0 canse Nenv Vort : lepislatureV to . ps*^. nnti-" i
racetrackjcambliiiKr bills. \ '."\u25a0' 'l-VPageiO- '{\u25a0
i FVniando : »lßim makes • rcxm! , progress In his '\u25a0
re<"nrd: breaking' run; «o tbe aortliV Priffe '8 &
LABOR > . ' : ' -. \u25a0 • ; ". j . .-/.:. .'.} c
ProMdent : ; of.-; International V hrotherbr.id 'Jof \u25a0
electrical -.workers ,'\u25a0' adTwates \u25a0."crc.itien'{'")f > «1p- j
fens«;fund.' - Page r r k |. a
MARINE;:- ••-\u25a0•-. -V- - : :-.-.. J
, Steamship; iWsie Hollar, benefits'- \iy : "-"Vo,reott c.
and j sets carßO fn>m Hwgkciig :for/ja*pa"n|that« ii
would ; uot thip .on - JapaneseV- yes- -
$37,572 TAKEN
Witness Says Full Amount of
Protested fax Was Paid
Deputy County Clerk Greif
Called From Yosemite to
. Tell of Transaction
Receipt of Book-keeper May
JSind John McDougald to :y
Make Shortage Good ;
The .sum <tf $37,572,
taxes f ; paid under j protest *in\- 1903 •by
the i; United Railroads; -is missing from
slightest 5 ; trace 'as to ; where ?it has
gone. Several-: theories have ;been ad
vanced to ,' account^ for the jdisappeaix
leads to a solution of the mystery."; All
that : positively < is - known I is) that s there
is a shortage in the treasury . and that
the ; deeper, the {investigation •goes'; the
more - bewildering becomes - the situa
tion. :" '.' \u25a0\u25a0.•"' "• ;- -•".'•.7.;:>,- -;:..\u25a0
; >rn 1903 the state board -'of ;equ'aliza±
tfoiT assessed; the..-, holdings ; of ='" the
United -Hailroads at; a 'figure -much
k»\v«r than . . that., •• fixed ?\u25a0$ by. -Assessor
Dodge,.. and the -corporation .contended
that, it ".Be. allowed Uo.^jjayj;taXe.s,
on' v tluT state's" vkluatlonTVNDodg-e <^ ob-'
Jee'ted ' jto '* the -board'.s : figures Vbtifta ac>"
. carried > into *.t he X courts '^to -"obtain;?-* 1
useiljby ,the : tejc-coJ}e\rt«r,'; £r*J\*-!V; * - - '•;•
:The. suit -was \u25a0Sill!^-uhdeclde^lvw'l)«n' :
the. tax 4s;Vere.ftb'6.uutoi became { aellrir
quent.^aml it6"Vn!v<4ld'*th"6*/po|slbilltyoof
the penalty v'for r .'--deHnquoncy",* being"
added, \u25a0 tho^Unltod : \Railrbads' deposited.'
under'protestV-ih Judge' Sea well's" court'
a check for $364,572.79,.- which? repre
sented the amount due'under. the Dodge
assessment; ; , ::;.;' ,;.'. :
PAYS PART OP TAX V^; : '-;'\u25a0,-, '-,
The X; legal, representatives v of \u25a0'..: the
i United-Railroads ; stipulated i in i -/cbiirt;
November. SO/ -.1003,'* that'-: $133.000.:^ th»
state.'a portion; of theitaxes*under. ; ;the
equalization board -valuation,*' should be
paid to . B. P. i Colgran, - who \u25a0 was- state
j controller, and $194.000;':> the. : city's
share, to E. : J. Smith^then Uax>col
lector, ".but who ' is now "serving a term
in the penitentiary '.for fobbing; the' city.
The difference between • the -stipulated
amounts, 137,572.79, ~j> represented >} the
j sum: that i would be due j the". United
\u25a0Railroads if the.court decided- thatnhe
J equalization board's assessment.'instead
of the Dodge valuatidh;* shoiijd- stand
jit is this protested balance" that". is
I gone. " 1 . ,• " •.. *; \u25a0; ;.' .-•-. - : ..>...
j"' AH the testimony secured in the in
vestigation now-under.wajr'tendsito
[show that the'eheck^was deposited with
City Treasurer, McDougald by Deputy
County. Cleric Greif, in the 'presence of
| Tax Collector Smith. -William Brobeck,
I then city attorney;; the : ; district and
I cityattorneys of San.Mateo.. who v/fre
interested -In -the,' state's: \u25a0 portion"' of . the
J money, inasmuch ,as the; UnitedJßail
| roads also' operates i in -that eounty.^and
i Chief Deputy State Controller Douglass.
Douglass remembered^ the 'transaction
and said •: that ; Smith; gave ; him a certi
! fled check f or . the* state's share of the
money, to save , h mv the trouble of carry
ing | the . gold to Sacramento. S Douglass
thinks :that McDougald, Rhis! chief dep
uty, Louis . Devijto, r and ' Cashier •C. B.
Perkins were present, i :\u25a0. " :
CITY .WINS DECISIOX . /"* ' " \u25a0 \-Mff t
'Judge 'Seawell.i" who; itried the suit,
finally decided in : favor: of ' the city,- and
thet:corporation? appeiled, to-the'su
preme court, v Last March' Seawell's ; de
cision was upheld" and 'a. few days; ago
a a remittltur ; was r sen} - down , Ho 7the
tion of the : decision. X Cashier
of vthe tax. r collector's tiofflce < Immedi
ately, secured an ordefjfrom- Judge Sea
well directing that' the protested money
he; turned over;, 10/theV tax * collector, 1
I whb'{wbu)d\'>accbuntcto'the'>state* for fits' '
share ;of the balance.; ,'; Book ,- Keeper
Tomalty- of«theUreasufef's';ofßce ; ,then \u25a0
crf-dited;' the. tax-collector's -fund -'with i
;|S 7,s72''and. re-entered | that 'amount as '\u25a0
withdrawn from ; the'; county clerk's spe
cial ff v nd. Ho ; also"; gave 1 1 he^i ttarx r col-" \u25a0-
lectoiv'a. receipt^ for; J3.7.572, the^ same '
as 'if ahenv had- be<^n ; actual* deposit '
of ;that . amount : of- money.; V'A ; , little*
later!; Tomal ty; ' in fdrawi ng - I he ; special i V
fund ,^6f.; the.rcounty.'flerk.ldiacbvered: '
that". with*: the; s37, s72^withdrawn-'fl'bhV '
itHhore. would ;-beC:i;/shqrtag<;v of |ap- v '
proximately; that': amouritM and ithat: he
. would/ not VlraveVmoneyJ; enough; to { pay,- .
demands 'drawn for unassjgned deposits i
made: pending (the;; outcome jofi"; other >'
"suits* begun*,' since-'" the*. flr'e.i - ; TohYaUy' !
at ; once :asked* for the : :retur'nt of * the ''
receipt given to. the, tax-collector^and/ \u25a0
bcl n ej refused ,V went ! bef ore "i Jud ge? Sea- '
wclUand ; obtai ned * anj ofderfstayi tigf the" '
withdrawal^of;an'yj> part: of \ th'eTmbney! >
creditcdXtojth'i tax To/Bce.^.TheT' city* '
attorney/ next took?fl; hand* In I thereon-^
t'rbVeVsy .v and \u25a0 yesterday : had - the, order !
staying/ tlieVtaxlcollectori from fusing i
tiie«'niom''y.l s . et ? as 'dc.'Vv^L'ongJsayß : fthat'
the city.* andi.stateTajelef.titled|tc)lthe !
money- and'; that.; it'Jmust^Tcome- from
some source. UThcJrecelpttgiven'.b'yTTor
malty if or^McDoiigald,iwilir:|it|iil"said- ! '.
bind f the j treasurer^ toTmake h ~ good "the •
deliciency 'if *tlieimoneyV*caiiriot fl be';io- '\u25a0<
9^. d ,-:.\. .-: :\u25a0. '*-• _> • ]
EVI»E\<:E; t IS DESTROYED , ' ;" i
, All; of tlie \u25a0 treasurer's'/ hooke, sa^-e \
a trial balance, .were destroj-^djn' the '
flre/findr Jni consequence^there >\u25a0 isfeno :\u25a0
written; ,; evidence J that the 'original 1 r \
c^ : H| e Y? r lj:i a « h « d! * h eltreasury'.iThefe \u25a0
Ibj t h e> tes ti mon y {ofj Douglas .and fpthers; 1
!&>**ap»»r-i^"^vt — - -' \u25a0 _\u25a0'-"--,- -i .- . ..-'.\u25a0.... -.TT-.T-- ..-^>, \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0.^.**
"• tetyrSi^^Pugafd, city who may be requirecl
to make good $3 T,S 72 ; missing from tax fund. V-. 1
Native Sons Fight for
State's Big Trees
Grand Parlor f Makes Important
y % 'Changes in : Constitution \u25a0
V.rv.'.7-Ji/.''j y. ; **' v \u25a0•\u25a0*.'\u25a0 i'~'i -'-. \u25a0\u25a0'.-," '\u25a0"'.'\u25a0 -;,- 1 !
fr^^ : ;;;^^:^qf: the [Order ,•/--:-: \u25a0\u25a0..\u25a0 .y
Paul Sinsheimer
\u25a0YOSEMITE,- May '\u25a0; 26.-fThe % grand
parlor., ofi.the* Native -;Sons": followed 7a
b v s"y. day's (s e s s 1 on ' witha;b r il l ii a n t>.d is£
play,;' of fireworks; tonight ;'a*n'd< dance
.voted;, to 'sightseeiiig.iwith- a'sesslon^at
ntght.^J of- officers will
take\ place cThursday./ morning I :' and \ a.
barbecue^will'' wind* up the' program in
. the -afternoon/, :.: :: -;v)v» .." '. \u25a0'. ".I :",1." ,Xd.
" The" visit 'of the : grand : parlor to; the
vallejv is »^to 'be » commemorated i.by; the
planting^df ia ? young,*s'equoia. _-/Assnrn-
; blyman;Edward;Baxter^and State Sen;
ator X Belshaw i arranged;' the ', details."^:f;ji
The j gfrandf. parlor decided;: today to ;
urge 'that March J 7,V1-'Uther Burbank's
birthday, -bevdeclared^state harbor day.
IllUEtratihg 'thei sann : ;'*<lesire t to '* benu
tify -the state -'wasp tlie\reportV of athe
on ' forestryfand, irrigation;
which; declared,? for the continuance lof
|the';.present%p'ol4cy. lookingrtothe pres£
ervationjof > the>gfeats trees [and . anY exf
pansibnv.of the irrigation' vsystem in
California..- ;l.'j'"-- !-
\u25a0 The, resolution^ presented / yesterday
proposing, -WiXteM presentation: to : X the,
cruiser: California :'of a; set 'of inarching
flags ' was"; adopted. ..'Tlie^flags wil 1 cost
about \u25a0 \u25a0$260^!;*";'-.-^j- 5 -.v- .\u25a0.:'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 '<; :': ' '• I, \u25a0'.:: : : .'•:' : .
'•''A^ pretty '( ceremony i'o_f £the ; day -•, was
theSpresentationVof , thelnational ban-;;
ner y< and { a"; bear : flagl t>y • Sea '.^Poiri t \ par^
lor/of i] Sausalito *to| thef r graridr'-parlor;;
The; flags;, were ;>by4-.W.M Ri*
Hea rst;\who chose 4 tnat: the f gi f t \u25a0 shou ld
be "' rriade T in i the Jname 'of ? the c Sausallto
branch i6f \ order;^ of ; which j heUs > a
mentber.*:?; Ari [appropriate '* speech '".was
rhadeiby ;Judge~.T.V J.nLenhon v O f .: Sari 1
Rafael,' R and ' the /; standards * » were?, ac-l
cepted^by* Judge, pooling;, , on --behalf i of
the grahd'parlorV^; ;\u25a0 V; V .; ;* ;
-' \u25a0The.': plan \u25a0 ; 6f.;tliei Sacramento^ Native
remains General
Sutler If fom. 1 Pennsylvania^ to \u25a0 Cal 1 f orn la"
name* was i (luly* ratifieuAn t ; ; was r also
"decided ''to"; rear; ai ntt ins' monument:: to*
glitter,' in*;t he T orin ;of a; iiibmorial hal I.'
An 'appropriation was; made/toropair.
'theVmonuriien\';at^SucrahTpntdT;t6 (Jcn
'e^ al y"A;ii M.^V i n nTfj t he -if otin derT; o f ; : the!
movementsVwcrei Delegates : ,* 'Johri'Strab;
i E. 1 1. i;K raiis, ;T.*,W. :McA uJi ff o.- J. 'j. d<>-1
i laho 't'alid :/Ja niea \ 1 1. (, Ha n rahan ,' : a I U<*o f
Sacramento.';-: 'i~ : : :Z:Z?.'''^.i-?f\l I y. '."'"- ' I
>"i4Two 'jirnporta'nt Jcnariges^wefe made
in<? the 1" constitution ;<of_i the* order, one
maklng^ineligiblcj for^ anyf office ; such'
imembers*of|the|grand ! £vlslting Aboard;
who" heglected< to j;lnspecti the -parlors
assigned i,toHhem"{ arid i,the|,otherrelimiri-' i '
s at! ng *"? f rom f Jthe [«* gran dg mars ha , I,'^ the
;froml|t}ie^board of grand Hqfflcers.f ;- ;
f^ t } lle^ rnost^ B ' ri^ Ifylt '»^ f eaturos
"of f the an riounce^
•men t v made i today^that ; only| threeTdcle-*
gates : in: attendance.;--. "• , ,'. , /. \u25a0 , ,
vSThelreportiofithoitomnjlttceon ritual
v?as? subhiltted^thiis &niorni ng| by -'Frdnlc
the £ latelf J."V{D.^ Sproul Sfaud JjFrarik-3 D ?
dentsof the order. _' /,-• ' " ,
£?sf?resldent^BenJAn\inr t id«» jWhrelfr Of
i t fee» state^ unl v;ers^ty,^wri oflslvl si 1 1 rug', Iri
ifC*t«»i Ibyj »piscl*!| i inyltatlon^Thel flag
V; co»ti««e«:mi pn»« ; a c«i««« a m
Scouts Idea She Win
Marry Vanderbilt
vlfrs." v A»r//z •.;.;.• Laughs^ Outright
| ; When^ues'tjoriedjAbqut'.'Rem
i{lati6ns':Wiih I Millionaire %
leged-'by.iMrs.5 v AYfVed'-G.^VandilSi^ffo
outright toda>yif;she intended to "marry
Vanderbllt:;l->it: V^:.?:/ ii?;: V.» ;>-,<s /
f: '' "Oh. v ; that •'\u25a0}: is -. rich. 1 ;... she^Jaughed.
"What;a' funny? fdea:".. : -.;..-.- .. . . .
J. "You j-knowrMTfiyanderoilr?" r'* '/
• .r:" Wn yr*of^courEe^'l'know him," -she
ariswered;jvi; l\'. ;\u25a0 .^ *(? - -' '' ~-:.v.. '-.' "
V "I: never; denied\itl. ; But \the fuse; of
my namo'with- hisis'unwarrantea. and
I protest against -• if; --.tJly; affairs g are
m>vdwnl'.'-s-Vi'.v :i '-- "•.- r -- i - ' r-'r -' \u25a0• \u25a0\u25a0' \u25a0\u25a0 . ' :
. -Vanderbllt 'is'.ln; England s now, 'and
when .Mrs.! Ruiz* was , asked ' if ; the, re
pprt'tiiat'shevwas'solng tOiEurope-wa?
triie'fshe'replield:'" f v^'^V °. * \u25a0-*
: , "I < arii not going" tb v Europe, butTl
will go if ;i;want-to. i Wli'y/shouldn't',l7*'
•i',Mrs:;:Ruiz ihascan apartment '-af596
Lexington 'avenue: '„. •.\' : ',- . -- ' '.'
Declares .Conditions in ; New
; York Are^jMore Danger
f v Xous:Thah"Alurder ">
; i"ELTZABETHTOWN,-.« N.V J, , May. 26.—
ClOßlng;argunients"on^ the -charges? of
dereliction •; pref erred'V by Za ; committee
headed«by r WilUßm;FlynnJaßainstiDis
trict J Attorney^William!; T.^? Jerome '% of
New ~ York :?' were 'j.hea"rd;hereltodayi by.
Commlisloner.Hand.'l.who.was appointed
by. Goyernori Hughes ft6;heari testimony
on ';the:« charges. X; In-; addition^ to^ the
bralj arguments (counsel: for.;both'i sides
submlttedbrlefs^to the commissioner.^:
/°tThe *« brief S; submitted %by^ Pranklin
Pierce,* % cou nsel fe for t. the « complalna wte,
declares \ tha t j every ithoughtf ul AmerK
can * man I knows; that .conditions *in .New
>York % cburity, : are <_','& >? hund red »-.'. tinies
fmore n ; dangerous >to i the sof iso
"c'letyJtithari'i murder. -- itself. ?>- r andv*tliat
\u0084!,'gpaver . calamity,;: could^ not' ..visit;- the
people ; : of.Kew,<Yofk ttlian(,the',coritlnua-;t tlian ( ,the',coritlnua-;
tion, of j"cyil£example!fi^aridi the. /disgrace*
fur c6riduct;ofiW,illUim|Trayerßf Jerome
ii ny"n v". the -f offlceg of v public ! prosecutor /of
New- York' 1 -' county.? u -\~ \u25a0. ;-. • V.i- • \u25a0 :\u25a0\u25a0 *'\u25a0 -.'i
Descendant : .-:-iFicid
T f Marsh^l;yanqulsh^^tlie^X
.-..' . Rlen*Brothefsc =- •':?, >
\Ui ST.-JPET EKSBURG;^ MaVr 2 6.— Pri nce
iparte's f famous Ifieldßmarshai.^whOße
; cfrandmot h er i was ?an fA'nie. rican i woman".-'
f Carol In c ' n*r an ze rjfq f|Bord en to vrnli N.t 3-,
fou^itl-tyvov brothers^ nßmedijPlen^ in
du ®]?M l ®f^ t^ da J'- '"woundlnaf/botlffof
!his~£opp6Hent s s :-,one';seriously,-Vib'uti ! him-*.
-self^belng' unharmed. , . »
JiJPrihcefMuratTdis^a'.- captain- Vln^thfe 1
\u25a0 ChcyalierJgiiards.fajcrack'sßussiankVeß-!
ilm'ent,-fand|< he|broth'eVs ' Pleh<are^well i
knownJn 7 the 'exclusive "sociar circles
*of|tlihiiVlty-r ; '\u25a0 . Is
s^Prince'Muratsfquarrcl\wasiwlth'.both r
Hhe"Sbrothf-rs=.:;and« he .elected Vtor^ght
Ulicm'Vohefaftftrith'el-otlier.';- .-j;'* "*?-.' -.'" .
: - ,- : - , \u25a0 --\u25a0 *-;*:..\u25a0
. vf S ANTA^ROSA^May| 26^1the iOross
: 1 umberj company^whicti \ has- beentdDer
|y eavs|aa|th_e2 San ta| Kosa 'f lumbef/com ? |
1 pany.i has|sold | tho I con troll! hg \ interest
-**^Pr£\ gallant crew -of r the- Explofigator
' are < now ~ having a thrilling time on > the i
.mcKJiK .; It'b'. .good, ; fun^ following their *, :
-quaint 'doings in' the comic section of
The Sunday T eall j
on Prosecution's Witness
fiomb Hurled in Dark Shatters
Homes Boodler Would s SeH
, , Last night three houses belonging to James L. Gallagher
at}P!erkinsand Belmont stree ts, Oakland, were dynamited.
Thisjis the second [outrage, the first being the dynamiting of
Gallagher's home at 1370 Nineteenth avenue, April 23, when
Gallagher and . members •of his iamily narrowly escaped death.
'7 can fix the whole d — n prosecution as quick as_ this."—
Threat made: last night by Detective Tom Gibson of, the United
Railroads, as he snapped his fingers.
OAKLA^DiMsiy 26.— Three dwellings built by James
L. Gallagher, former president of the San Francisco board
of supervisors and chief witness for the prosecution in «
the San Francisco graft cases, at the corner of Perkins
and •Belmont streets, north of Lake Merfitt, were wrecked
ai 10:45 o'clock tonight ,by dynamite.
\u25a0 The [ie^plbsive was placed in the kitdhen of the finest
of the 'three 'In the front of the house stood a
sHack^^ in v which i John Rollins, a watcHman, hired by th 9
contractor to care for the dwellings/was sitting.
- , THe dynamiter entered the; house in , the rear from Belmont '
strec't.and Vwhilc _ only, one bomb was placed, it was charged heavily
rnoughv-to^ln^^^^ off ...its : foundations in a "
"crumbled TuintaVid to \vreck the other two^ bevondthe : semblance of
! iiurnan^habitation/ '. -.. ? :/ _ . . \'.' \u25a0
\u25a0^; of -the detonation that, destroyed, the
Schenclc Jioiiie in JEast'Oakland.- where GaUaghcr and his wife lived, v
grown coltl when this-fresh outrage occurred:
'y \u25a0-\u25a0 {The^explosjon", knocked Rollins from .his seat 'in the shack. Fie
ran acroVs.;the .street : ; to tKe home of Isabelle Fletcher, an actress,
to, telephone: . No: one- else was in~the houses when the explosion
took place; C;lmi!iediately ßafter, the explosion and before Rollins had
called -the J police, -i Special Policeman C. Hitchcock, who heard the
detonation^ sent'-infan alarm. ..Policemen were sent to the scene at
dnce,/ahd -Captain of^Detectives . PeterseSi ,tqofc charge. He scoured
the •neighborhood^ and every suspicious character was taken into
custody.--..;.::", : ! , r^ ';\u25a0";-.. . ;\u25a0 . \u25a0- :
I : -The- dwellings* which were ''^wrecked
•svere: uncompleted ~ an,d >W deal ..was T on
today- .in*'. which-f Gallagher/ sought to
selLaJl. three \for $25,Q00. -. .This, it is
b'elleyed by, \the police.;, was, not -known"
to Vthe dynamiters ; and .^accomplices. ;
%-\u25a0 Whre.ii *-Gallasher * bought 'the" prop
erty' onv-whlej}^- the « houses- stand .. it
was 'Widely-k nown.; and' that he was
building homes •on the. lots
wasVno" v secret/ibut: that, he was trying
to -sell? them ;.had -been:, kept closely
concealed.^,-- \u25a0;.-,,-* -.«•: ; .< \u25a0'\u25a0**
-> Rollins, ; the .watchman ," on '} guard \x.o
night,-had-been 1 there, onlyVtwo. nights,
-The regular guard 7 ls Frank ;ilcVaugh; ilcVaugh
of 4 Chestnut* arid vT,wenty-first I streets^
Me Vaugh reported ;two. nights ago .thai
he -was ; sick > and • Rollins"! cape : to • take
his place.*' Rollins said. he'Vas; through
all* three 'Of the :destroyedi.homes? only
flve" minutes'. before .the explosion -and
saw- no .'one. 1 -\u25a0/..-. •'-'-.* ?:•\u25a0;\u25a0;: ,\u25a0 r- ;• . .«_*:' .
>4 If {was :'. reported : to s the i police • that ; a
few rhours before); the i explosion .Rollins
wkiVvJ* 11 ** 1 Uin .'cthe* « shack •• by ?; John
Walsh',-' the* contractor.* ,]who . is buildins
the^ houses, Vand:>by i two* men* unknown
Impertinent Question No. 53
! y y&JNfugs;. t he Dearest Thing; in California ? \
- FoX tKe . most * or v wittiest answer; tqVthis ' ' question— -ah*d *<\u25a0
.the bnefeftKe. better— The .Call will p^F^^TOLL^ARS: I
r- ' \u25a0 For : the^next five answers j The Gall > will pay ON E 'DOJ^- : ;
- I^R ; each; Pn^^^
wdij^K]u!in^^_^o}.dieii^ners :atbncc;:Makc •
\u25a0\u25a0^V'your-ah'swer'short^and-^ddresslit.to' \u25a0 -; * • |
'\u25a0;• : } ;V; V ;: IMPO^TINENT QUESTIONS,
\u25a0\u25a0.7 -\u25a0.;,-•-\u25a0•_*. : . i ;—""' '\u25a0- \u25a0 \u25a0' - - \u25a0\u25a0''• '\u25a0' - 4 TLJC PAl^l- * \u25a0• '
j :i-:: i-: ;I -. UlnnlßC An«v«rers to^\V«at's tbe : Cheapest Thln's «n CaUCornlaf! .
•V Inprise t»i..8./LeaTltt, i 21. Cook St.. lcitj. \u0084 .^ ';.'j. ,
\u25a0\u25a0'\u0084 \u25a0\u25a0['\u25a0 I. '-»Me~l*m-i not Worth aVccnt.; : >, • . ' '*'
""' \:sli prize'; to -j Victor", Qunlcy,;La. ! Hoiida: "" ;,. ' . .
j ; ;. A /O^ceht ad*in:The Call/brought' me ;u position at SltX) per* *
• ;. ;;|v. •-.-; ;;month.A : That's? almost \u25a0something for nothing. ;' nbo'tit" the \u25a0 '
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p;V-^'#fThe,cHmatc[oi{this!glqrious;state ' > >•
\u25a0 : . "-' vr • - \u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0"••- }t v ; can't * be ) bought : nor * sold.'^fv;
1 > ."-^ s*lf - he'could l'doi it '"on • tiie i sly,*' *
.; '-s-y^^r ".To' ; barter.it tfor.-g6ld?t for.-g6ld? >' r .
; ; '-fI priJ*Tto'Hal«" Cook, "'box 43 ( -Ix» Gatos! .' -. r ' ' '•'
-.-•« • j-.- Watch LltHeVfurlflyl if Tany7oneVdare-to say there is anything *••'
'- - 'cheap about California. fiHH|H[[HßßßHfefl|
".\u25a0"•-.,'. , ;.*'j
•V; - -. lThat?half^bflth£ ? Ruefijury.;that voted norguilty. '\u2666" \u25a0\u25a0"\u25a0-•'
v. ;sljpri«e\to^Mw.jL: -^febardt. 61s;Fifty-tblrd r st.; OaklantJ. ' , v
' '/ •'. Heaf»t^;when^hc's'"here;;-att6the'rstimed"*hVs \u25a0the^cheape3t*- :
\:^mH^imgimNiw^oT\crr--: : :y:--y-' .;.- •\u25a0-...:\u25a0-.\u25a0\u25a0-. .-' --. . .\u25a0
: :—:: — : ... : .%
to thenelghborhocxl or to Iliuhcocki
the" special 'policeman in the neisrubor
hood. Of this Kolllns said he-had noth
ing to say. Rollins' story was'as-fol
lows: \u25a0\u25a0 . .''\u25a0- •-. \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0 .. . r : -'. ._/; . \u25a0:- '
.rt'lwas in. the toolhouse when-the ex
j'ploslon occurred. \The shock knocked
j tne off abox.l was sitting on.'
| ed up; unlocked the door ami ran aer»»j*
I the 'street: to a. house on Belmont gtreel
jto telephone to the police. A'-few »i»Jn-
I utes ' before .1 was In. the house and In
! the other -fwo- before that with a -lan-
i tern and I saw nobody. -The bomb was
in the back." and I think in the Uttch^n,
farthest from the street."
•'.\u25a0After reaching the scene the ~ police
threw, a; cordon ;around.» the .houses -anti
began an investigation. VJn^thc room
.where : the, .bomb yeas was-fouml
a .pair, of overalls. . -Th^ge > wem
held, by the police for a possible clew, *
:' As »In .'the previous {attempt faaralnst
I Gallagher, 'the. bomb «vcas^lald»ln v: tho
j flfst ;"lloor, of ..thelcorner. -'houa'djainl ]the
' :\ Continued on Pace -3. Column 3

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