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brand Jury Secures Records
Showing How County Treas
ury Has Been Looted
OAKLAND, May 27. — A record of the
graft of 30 years' duration, which has
enriched "VT. E. Dargie ana impover
ished the county treasury/was laid be
fore the grand jury today,, when a list
»f the useless or overpriced stationery,
stored in the basement-of the hall, of
records was finally submitted. Special
attention has been given the part
played by the. active majority of the
present board of supervisors In adding
to the accumulation of needless sup
plies for the county and, of much
needed cash for Dargie arid his Tribun«.
t.A session of last week sufficed for
he acquisition of data regarding
printed blanks stored in. the basement,
and that of today was. .devoted to re
viewing the county's generous, stock of
leather bound books, which 'Dargie
printed. Full information regarding
the prices paid, the amounts, on hand
end the sequence of ordering the ma
terial is before the grand Jury. There
is also Information regarding tbe price
for which the stuff can be secured in
\he .open market today.- : .Printing
jirlces paid by the county have - b^&n
carefully compared with bids secured,
and the cost of books for which the
county paid Dargie extravagant sums
iias been set in parallel columns, with
the .cost, for which private firms, pur
chase similar books.
Duplicate of stock: "-;. ' ; -
- From this deadly parallel much- of.
the subsequent history of members of
the board of supervisors- will spring,
It is expected, as a result of the grand
jury inquiry, r -.s*^ \u25a0/,":.; i.
A common rejoinder when the over
stock in tbe basement has been .men-,
tioried is, "Oh. that old t stuff down
there was ordered "by county ' clerks
and boards of supervisors that:, had
their day in the SO's and 90's, and the
present county administration has had
nothing to do with it." Much solace
had been derived from this view, as It
-was construed as giving the Mitchell
board of supervisors a clean bill of
health and as setting them up as spot-
Jess. - - - ,
- The grand jury, however, has made a
special point of discovering Just how
much material the present .board has
'- ordered duplicated when?, there .-..was
plenty stored in the dark places* down
stairs. And after determining how.
many instances of this sort occurred
defenders of the existingWregime- will
be further called upon to explajn'.why,
with plenty of material .ib . the. cellar,
more was ordered at rates.far- in cxV
cess of the regular market-price. .>'; V
The question which th^publlc^has
asked for years. "Why hasithe '^ooixty
government been so anxibus__.to throw
;,'clufh"**ito the coffers of DargieT/may
|be answered when Chairman^ -John
Mitchell explains the attitude and;
actions of the present board. V " ,'i
The county's collection of high priced,
wooden, unpalnted doors was also a
matter of interest to the grand jury, to
day, *for; Store Keeper Frank Perata
carried a list of their number,"*- kind
and cost along with his memoranda of
books. ; These doors . are ~ used to ; form
voting booths ' at polling places and
have the distinction of costing for re
'palrs twice the figure for which Su
pervisor H. D. Rowe publicly offered
to replace them. new... • V
There are 1.500 doors altogether, and
the board of supervisors- had them re
paired before the general election, of
ISOS at a cost of (6.000. About 55 strap
ping political hirelings were given op
portunities to labor with the doors
prior to the \u25a0 election. They were ap
pointees of Supervisors Mitchell, Hom
er and Kelley, with County Clerk
Cook contributing a. quota. ;- '.\. \ \u25a0 . -
No one was ever "able to detect the
alterations^ in . the doors which .might
be supposed to have resulted from so
lavish an expenditure of money, but
apparently it satisfied the board and
; the bills- were, passed.- ....... \u0084\u25a0 ;
Supervisor Rowe,' the minority mem- ;
; ber, offered/ to furnish new doors 'for
53,000, but, while his lack *"of tact was
painful to the exquisite nature, of. his
i fellow members, they,, stuck 'to ; their
' gUns and manfully spent the J6.000.
. g - *\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0---.: -— -r \u25a0 ' ?i* \u25a0 " •;:
| REDWOOD CITY. May 27.— 1n a
\u2666 whirlwind, of charges of perjury, bri
:i bery and llei, the retrial of the. case of
r ' tbe Strnpfon brothers ' against ' William
1 Hughee was submitted to Judge Muf
iphy of Mont> county, who is slttlng7fbr
S J udge Buck, , late yesterday afternoon,
j; The oase. goes back to 1900. when in
; September of that year a forest ;,flre
5 swept over the property of the Sampson
I brotliers," destroying their lumber.' mill,
'f 2.000,000 shingles, and 500 cord's of wood,
y causing a total loss of |7,000J Sampson
sued Hughes for $7,000 dam-
J-agesJ; \ ; \u25a0- • , \u25a0\u25a0. * . _ \u25a0./\u25a0•»;• ;»«•'• ."-,\u25a0;
At ,. the- trial: 'before Judge Buck -in
5-1 fiOUev-idence^was submitted by Samp
;• sons' lawyers showing that the fire had
•*f tainted"-— on » the' Hughes property 'andi
i.had spread over tbe Coast range, flnally
V'-sw^€plng;dowri on .the, Sanipsdn'-hbrd
v\lng&. The jury found in favor or
:;HugJVeii-r.but on the " tfppeal to the\~kn
*premo,court the decision. of the lower
-court was- set aside. . . , ' ; : .;".-*
Oeorge C Ross, an attorney of this
/plaee y and :one:'.of *the , lawyers, 'for the
"Sampson interests. - testitted .yesterday
t that Hughes had offered him what he
;<-onßldered a bribe of $500 tp.flx the
; ra«e .^o. "that it- would not. come to;trial,
% In "rebuttal Hughes".; who :is an old"
jinan, stated h«». had offered, the 'moneys to
* Ross in the' nature of a compromise.
.; The parents of Charles AVyman. went on
% the stand and stated that their son" had
• perjured himself in the first trial and
€ i hat they had coached Tiinf.i n .the story
finding the woodrat and- setting, fire
*to Its -nest,-; the inducement 'offered by.
6 Hughes, according to \u25a0 their, testimony,"
Sboing $50and 50 acres. "ofiland. '..;-\u25a0,:• "•-.-
S ; If. P.' Filgate, an employe oMhe. mint
|and president"' of.vthe: Gaelio.Vdancing
will ; leave 'next > week '.tor his; old
t home <ln Dublin,'. from- which; he was de
• porte'd ,4o"; years, ago for", takingipart In
fan uprising/ against . thevEnglishr.v'^t
?the time Filgate, who wag' only 'a '"lad
jof 16. was captured after-belng:_se
tverely^-wounded In .an \u25a0'attack^ on -the
J British? garrison. * He \u25a0 was to
ide^hT^but.' the \u25a0sentence was] commuted
ItoHwV* years - at* Kard' labor; ah'dfdep'of ta^
'-[ Ireland/? vtOn? lajs? .arrival? in
i^itiis^rountryt the^exile ithelarniy
sjient \ nine years, In -•Indian^ \var ;
Ifare on; the frontier. j .-Fng:ate^tv'Hl~ go
%to his .- x»ld { home - armed i, with- his ,; cit If
ftzensbip; papers.- as :.'wel I; as ;a"s passport;
l he-ha«rn6:deslrfi I toi.aß;a4nil>eec)meia
|guest in Dublin sjustle. He will- bpgrone
• three rTlonth^'MjßMHg^' *" f/ •"- f
Free Holders Declare New Char
ter Will Contain No Provision
* for Feminine Vote
..BERKELEY. May 27. — Berkeley
women will not vote in this city if the
new charter which Prof. William Carey
Jones/ President -Wheeler and 12 others
of the' free holders' board are preparing
for modern Berkeley Is accepted by the
people. The free holders' board has a
majority Of Its members in favor of
woman -suffrage, but a constitutional
provision prevents the insertion into
the city charter of Berkeley of a clause
granting, women | the franchise/ accord
ing to the legal view. \u25a0-\u0084<.
Mrs. William Keith, wife of the land
scape artist, and other members of the
local political equality club are disap
pointed over th* view of the .question
taken >y the free holders. ,; -They, have
been quietly campaigning for some time
for the passage of a provision to allow
woman suffrage on the part of the
free holders.. ' They say, however, that
they are not going to give up- the
fight, but will take the matter before
the legislature, and hope to 'have , a
constitutional amendment submitted to
the. people. -
"Authorities differ," said Mrs. Keith
today, "as to the legal rights of mu
nicipalities to make their. own charter
provisions for woman suffrage. . How
ever, we are in the flghf to win. and
will carry the matter to ; the legisla
"We decided at .the last meeting:. of
the free holders' board," said- Prof. Wil
liam Carey Jones, chairman of ' the
board, "that the constitutional pro
vision regarding the - franchise was
mandatory. So ther,e will be no; pro
vision granting the right for. women to
vote in municipal elections in the new
.Among the provisions of the new
charter will be one fixing the limit of a
public service corporation franchise to
35 years. \ \u25a0 , ' >;iSS»3Bfcsaffl
Announcement iof Important
Conference Made to Deceive
' v ..'- Lawyers Vv' " ;;'-v
NEW, YORK. May 27.— W. R. Hearst
slipped away to Europe this afternoon
on the.Lusitania, foollnga hard work
ing'subpena server, who had been
camping on;h>s doorstep since Monday
night. \u0084:-He' upset the plans of Mayor
rMcClellah'B-.ra.wyers, who had intended
tb'uiit tflm. ; bh'Xthe stand at the recount
hearing -as soon as they could get him
Into court. . ;/ A:\u25a0 \u0084 -... .;.., :,_ : .,. 1^ /.-
Hears"t stole aboard the Lusitah la at
•4 a. m., 10 hours before the boat sailed,
Jeavlng the subpena server to keep a
lonely all night vigil in front of the
Hearst house in Twenty-eighth street.
It was not until the Cunarder was get
ting into her stride off Fire island, late
this afternoon, that this i poor, tired
person received a message, which
Hearst sent him from the' ship, telling
him he could -knock off work.
Hearst's American,' in order tothrow
Mayor McClellan's lawyers off % their
guard, had announced an "important
conference" of independent party lead
ers *at his; residence today.
McClellan * Loses^Twenty-Seven
Votes in Two Precincts;
NEW YORK. May 27.—The actual re
counting of : the ballots cast ; for W. R.
Hearst and George ;Bi McClellan for
mayor. In the last election for that office
in this cltyj ln November, 1905;- was be
gun today after a delay of more than
two years. The contents" of two ballot
boxes .were counted: in 1 the. presence of
a' Justice of ; the supreme court J today
and resulted in a net gain by Hearst of
27 In the two precincts. There are 1,940
precincts in - the greater ,. city. ; Mayor
McClellan's plurality over Hearst in the
original: count was 3,478. . .
The votes. ln one of the boxes counted
today,. which s showed a .net 7 : gain of. 1 5
votes for Hearst, had "been 'the ; subject
of : a, complaint, before the grand Jiury.'
A socialist at thelpolls alleged
that the vote; for Hearst 'and' McCellan
had been transposed. ,On ' the ; original
count McClellan had 163 and Hearst 159.
On todays coun t Hearst : had 167 votes
and McClellfl.i-156 Jn thlsbbx. '-'.:-.
Justice; Lambert,! before 1 whom the
recount Is being made, said at" the" close
of today's sessioh:lhat from' new on- the
count 'would ', : proceed "!mor«V rapidly.
Counsel for Hearst said he ; believed the
recount' would be completed within six
weeks. \u25a0'/.. . • . \u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0 ' \u25a0• '.-.-•': \u25a0\u25a0 .
; LOS .'AXGELES,* May"; 27.— In ; the pr is-'
oners* dock in police court this morn
ing, with six other business and pro
fessional, men,, all: accused ;of an un-'
raentlonable | offense." '--; Peje :, Stqjrck.* the
celebrated pianist, known' throughout
•Europe" and .America, was sentenced (to
serve.: six- months, : on the chaingang.
The- caoes " of; those •arrested with
Storck were' disposed: of 'as* follows:" *.
James' Sutcliff.a; wealthy ; real v estate
man,: six 'months oh v the 5 chaingahgiE
Wentz,Vsaid Ho- be sa| wealthy lumber
man, " released , until Friday on $500
bail;^E.iF.\de: Bell, ordered "to plead
Friday; W.lßiglow. a railroad employe
and Conrad, Starfleldipleaded'not-guiity
and I their trials, were set i earl y~ in June;
n:;L.\Coriroy, r a real 'estate -man*. was
charged >ithra:pri.«on offense, and will
have his, preliminary hearing: Friday. •
James:' of a r locaf
.restaurant, was;released' on bonrj. •' %
WASHINGTON* May 27.— WbeulhV wpubliran
mpmtwmof.the; house r«-.ipfond tucit «pm« tnAiv
aM-of them- found i the; following' notice calllnc on
them t» m&intato n quorum: - • , '""
-.* :'ln on\m to complete th* huslncn of thl» »*»-
Rion of; conjrrws,- It , is , aNwlatPly \u25a0,nw>e««arr ! thut
all- momber« ;b/«i present; Inrttclr *«-ats atill
o clods : oa \\ wlnwflay. ; May : 27.t and • i*m«ln iintll
the, cMriAii Ik completed. - .Tho ab«-Ac« > of : a , Siio'
V. A F. DAW SON." Acting Republican Whip.";
..WASHINGTON,'. May 27.— Representative; Bar
tlioidt, chairman of the boose committee on build
lDß« and j BTounds. today , repeated \ his • declaration
that he would bold ! back Id the , house the | report
tbe t ;,?°"f er *,n, n< '.* - coramltlee Yon \ tli* omnlbns
WH untlUv the j» Senate . t should ; act! ot\"> the - cur
rMicjv qtientlon; -The \ domocratlc J senators j gener
ally.rewntfthli. stiltnde a^a'threatmnd snr that
It-wIUjUot «rye«UtP the pgssaue ofitlip currencr
bill.-- .-".\u25a0'..-" '\u25a0'- '"-"\u25a0?' ''•\u25a0.\u25a0-!"-.\u25a0. !"»: !.--.-.»• ..r*i
WASHINGTON. May ' 27.— "Wi'Smay ' : ad joura
In two.days.'i or, wp ; may/ adjourn ; in two i'wsekl".',*
was tup' t*re«; comment: or< Bp*alrer Cannon I today
a* -lie ; n( : tb<>:»x»<>iitlvc l office* • af t*r i a
k liri*f «eu{«r«nee witlitl:«'i>rp«ld«>nt:- <»*:\u25a0•>•' «,\u25a0-';'
Oakland Board Decides to Exact
Fees Because Town Refuses
to Stand Tax
OAKLAND, May ,27.— Refusal of the
citizens of the town' of Piedmont to
submit : to school - assessments -- byV the
tax • collector of v Oakland district I hs,s
resulted in the ruling; that '^the '.children
of that "town , may 'not "attend t the
schools : of ; Oakland without paying^the
regular > tuition £: fees vr charged V pupils
from outside districts. ,
"VvTien Piedmont was incorponated as
a"; township,: the ;town; attorney .^teok
the stand . . that"; as -i the I town was or
ganized f oHit of 'a portion of ,, the" terri
tory * formerly .attached tp".: the >! school
district of i Oakland its citizens -were
relieved \ from, taxation < for f school -pur-*
poaes in ' Oakland. ' This .opinion ; was
upheld >by ( City Attorney McElroy;- ; of
Oakland; : who informed Clty> Assessor
Gross that herdid. not \u25a0 have; alright
to Impose a school .tax upon the ' citi
xens of Piedmont. ; \u25a0 -\" • :
.'.When this. unique condition of .affairs
was- discovered trie ! Oakland \u25a0 school
board decided .that "the school children
of j Piedmont I must • be charged tuition
at the same rates as all other pupils
from butside'dlstricts. ? :' : •/' :\>~
: The situation i; as Av now stands is
that the citizens of Piedmont are- not
being assessed for the current expenses
of / the/ Oakland schools, and [ they are
not permitted to send ; their children
to ; them . •without', the payment of. the
customary: tuition : fees. The 'Oaklapd
school officials deny that , the" action |is
an r effort •to^ jam" \u25a0 the^ ; Piedmont . people
Into consenting to '"consolidate "with
Oakland. They,, lay the responsibility
for the situation upon the town rat?
torney; of ; Piedmrfnt | who | first g raised
the point v that > the • residents 'of 1 1 the
town could hot be • taxed for the Oak
land; school district. v
SAN DIEGO. CaU " May 27.—^To. save
the lives of a fishing party in a launch,
Claude McLemar, a fisherman, thisrfi^.
ternoon: swam- a mile and a half frotp
the little ; craft to the '\u25a0;. Del Mar beaclF
With Elmer- Clapp and several others
McLeniar" put out 'from La Jolla \in ? a
launch J for : the -Del Mar banks. ; v After
a day's fishing ;the: start was made i; for.
home,: but the engine 1 broke, down. The
wind I was carrying .the boat - toward
the rocks south ; of Del Mar. ; ' . ."
: : MuLamar . then jumped Into the ;.sea
and swam .for the}shore. reach •It
he had to pass through a line of break
ers. After -a: battle' with .the. waves
he finally reached .the rbeachi complete-
Iy ''. exhausted. . He told " his .*. story ; -.-. to
residents'* of Del jklar and they tele
phoned to La "Jolla; "• From ; the -1 latter
place a launch was sent out and towed
the -party back to" port. " v'\u25a0 : : •\u25a0\u25a0•/.
CHICAGO, May 27.— May 50m. today
In the late hours . of trading reached a
new high 4 mark ; for the ; seasan.JV'lt
touched \u25a0 81c" "end closed 80c; which" was
1 l-8c above : the close ;^^yesterday. .'De
spite the /strong.* advance there wa\
no .jrreat. amount ;i; i of .'trading: at any
figure throughout the day. : 4 The I small
est offer seemed: capable of sending up
the- price •: of. : May -corn, by ;at :^ least
half a cent. The prices. Jumped -from
79 l-2c to 80c on an 1 offer to buy 6,000
bushels. The market generally A was not
strong aside from- the; May option. : .
; ; The wedding- of Miss Olga Frie,dman,
daughter of Mr."? and \ Mrs. \u25a0 Paul \u25a0 Fried
man of 2576 i* Vallejo' street, , to \u25a0 Erwlng
Xeinman: Stelnman/ was "celebrated v a t
the Fairmont' hotel: last- night "The
ceremony took place :in - the ; ballroom
beneath a, canopy ' or pink roses. \u25a0\u25a0 A
wedding ; supper and dancing brought
the \u25a0; festivities . to a close shortly after
midnight.'- :.;;,.\u25a0.- '
*;'The-grbom is the; son of Benjamin
Steinman, ex-mayor * "of ' Sacramento.
Both" the : young people :are> weir known
In social circles in. this city.
, 2 7.-— Cal if ornia
patents ; v were issued .today, as follows:
D. Barnard,; Los: Angeles, acetylene gas
burner/ cleaner; I E. 1 -. Bruden. \u25a0;' San ;, Fran
clsco."spark plug;t N." S.: Clark,-. Rich
mond^toaster; H. C Coward,' West Oak
land,'? conveyor.', for :hand • trucks; S R.'.< S.
Dewey,: San Francisco?! kitchen-cabinet:
M.'i Elzas; ? Los"; ' Angeles.'; coin (controlled
apparatus; V "D.';G. .Exley/'Sacramento;
pleasure'.boat;?; H. : H.v; Fulton. "v Chlco,
finger shield; G.W. Haas, Los Angeles,
flexible ' corrective '.* brace "' and " brace
f rame; , C , G. Hampton." Ryde, cutter bar
and gruardr J. f C.'Ludwlg, Jr.,- San Fran
cisco, . ; feeder .for^woodworking ;C ma
chines; J.»y. s Mattes6n^Frultvale,' stair;
R:;- C.| Nelson,* J Healdsburg,*: oil .^burner;
Gi r A? Oberg.iOaklandr'carrier"for,pen
cils ; f J.'fG.'; and'-W. ;. H.*v Pearce, 5 Oakland,
electrical appliance I for n ':controlllngiair
brakes; V,R.v«, G:\Pheysey,';; .Ontario,"* elec;
trical C: heating r apparatus ; orJ.Vßobeskyi
Bakersfield,'^ bread > maker's f, guage; L E.
'Al ; Sanders, I Oakland, . sheet .metal
dow construction.' ;, •; ' \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0}'\u25a0'-'. "'\u25a0 "«\u25a0 • : • •'^ ."
DEATH \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 CALLS \u0084 RAILROADMAN
/ST/: PAUU 'Mlnri^tMay, 7 27^-F/ J.
Tourtelet, superintendent of < the dining
car. service" of : the Northern Paci fib 'com
' pahy.Tdied-j'at'VSt.'.r Joseph's s hospital? to
day. •? aged V 65 \ y ears;'^ He^i liad ; been Jill
with" heart: trouble "for^ ten- day's. >'' . •
-iVIENNA^May 27.-^-o., S.'^ Francis, the
r Ameri can; ambassador/, to JAustria-Hun-
today personally, conveyed'to'jEm
velfsj congratulations Jon £ they sixtieth
ann Iversary.^ of % his accession ; -. to £ the
throne : of • the f dual -.•monarchy.' ; .
." NAPA.f May ; 27,-^DonaW l McCallum. a > ro>ia«
patient at - the ' St.? Helena ssol tarlnm % who has
ibeen : musing % t or .: ttro s days. : was i found « today
after * -long; search; : 7.The;yonnßjmaii .wandered
: a way '. from c the fi Institution U" Monday,;?' afternoon
and sherifl's I deputies | took lup | the ? hunt 1 for -. the
patient, as : it : was feared | that j harm : might ! come
•to * him.fei He iwas ' finally ', located "* In I the I upper
1 end ? Qf f the/ Talley.t wandering: about,*; and .was
returned ] to ; the , sanitarium, i- ; •; ; \u25a0 . , ; , ; ? .-\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 ':'-,' v :
v< WASHINGTON,*! Maj-j 27.— The democratic '• sen
ators I will | bol<l Ia ; caucus rat $ 10;"1 0 ;" o'clock | tomorrow
tnorntux l to : decide ' upon t theirj course J with; refer
ence t<> : the currency bill." v -; ,; v-- - > • :• -.;• ;
Defense ' '\u25a0\u25a0
Thef second*artlcleluntlefilthiglnitle
appears; in: the; June' Sunset,,in -answer
to the [charges; recently;made i by Henry
Rev terdahl %in ; the January \ McClure's.*
Works •Boart^Plans to Make
Parl(:J of territory Near
. LakeMerritt \>
: OAKLAND,; May •'\u25a0 27.— -The; conversion
of the territory bordering on. the shores
of Lake Merritt, into 'one of the beauty
spots of, the .•cjty.jwiil soon be \u25a0 accom
plished.-4 The -works 'board today rec
ommended' that .the 'city council_ appro
priate $50,000 In next- year's: budget for
a- dredging plant 1 to be installed . In the
lake, and -of itwo^clamsbeir, dredgers :to
be j mounted son|skids. v iandL-ÜBed:: in 'de
positing broken"? Btorrejlh/ the: riprap; re
talning.wall.iwhichUs't'o.be constructed
along the" outiet.>Wlthitnese: appliances
the: members '.believe'; that
the work ; , of llmprovingi; the ? outlet :can
toward icompletiorivbef ore/' theTend-, of
the \u25a0 next v flßcal ; ; year^y,The ' resolutions
providing: for itheiappropriations'vwere
introducediby:City/Attorney,.Turner.-.: .
: Works V board '?. members > have -decided
to, build thejripiraplwall themselves, 'Jas
they ;,' believe'' that the /work- cahbe done
more; cheaply- than -by contract. \u0084. ;
-ha\^e*- been' let 'for the \u25a0. in
stallation of itwo ;hew, ; pumps to be used
at the \ auxiliary pumping stations for
the ''\u25a0 street -; sprinkling out
to^. be \u25a0 located : in T Grand ';; avenue '-. near
Harrison j and .the \ oilier., in Grand
avenue '; ; near ~ Cove'i street. V Both con-i'
tracts were; awarded to the United iron
works, c which bid ;s4so for the firsthand
|475for;'the second.* -,- - . - ; •-
vWICHITAV Kan^ May 27.— TenVdeadi
twelve !. injured, ; several fatally,, hun
dredsvof,' head; of Seattle killed,; a vast
acreage ;- of crops % destroyed, ruin '-.-' and
desolationXare".the\results:of a series
of; tornadoes that visited Alfalfa coun
ty. Oklahoma,' last night. • <. v
Tho :deaai ' Mrs." Guy Hutchison' and
baby, Peter -Rudy,"; wife .and: two 'chil
dren.-Mrs'.MElliott^; Mrs. Parker, and
baby, E. C. Atchison.
f : Probably fatally Injured: 'Fred Par
ker, .Mrs.; : . Wares'; Daniel Deals, Rev.' R.
D. Cox.i Mrs. Frank, Ice and baby.
. The . storms 'seemed to enter ', the
county/Trom" west, north and northeast
simultaneously: -1' Every obstructionwas
leveled. The 1 scene of the devastation
presients -a * horrifying appearance to
day. \u25a0.; The baby of ; Mrs. Guy .N. Hutchi
son'has<not been: found." It Is believed
the' wind .either; carried, it 'some j dis
tance br'.that it ,Is. burled- in the ruins
of the home. ! -\u0084.:. , .
;. BALTIMORE. \u25a0 May^, 27,-jA. vast deal
of . argument in.ark"ed..to'day'jßrs"esslbn* qf
the^ Methodist ;Ep.fs9spal; Ep.fs9spal general lleon
ferehce iand; not/a^greafdeal "of , busi
ffesj^.wasj accomplished. ;^,The,; commit
tee -on boundaries held its, final regular
meeting ..tpday, - during t which it fixed
the ;of 'the,^ .Pacific . coast
Chinese :ihission as embracing all 'the
present-; missions that ' how. ' in
existence, at Portland. Ore.,"" which «,will
remain independent.' .' ; . .
: ; The, committee on the .Episcopacy de
cided ' onT a' report exonerating 'Bishop'
Thomas *!B.jNeeley- ! of ; Buenos fAyres \u25a0:. of
the % charge if of . maladministration Jaid
against* him:/ : From ah. authoritative
source i "comes v the information, -that
Bishop jNeeley; will 'not: be returned to
South •America;- but that he will be
given' some other important' post i In
stead.'' !- '* - ; . '•' /\u25a0'\u25a0 r:i- - / "\u25a0'
; BERLIN, .May 27.— * A complete un
derstanding^ between" France ? and '-Ger
many, relative td Morocco,; it is declared
hef c l today, '{ was • reached in the I course
of;), a \u25a0; recent*£conf erence ibetweeh ; the
French'/^ ambassador to > Germany; - M.
Cambon," ahd^Herr " Yon Schoen,-; the
German secretary for foreign afr»l'rs.:>"
It Is semiofficially \u25a0 announced that
the > of . the : military." occupa
tion': of \u25a0 Moorish jl'j 1 ' territory > by. 'France
was- dealt ; with and that assurances
were - given," that France/ after J the | es
tablishment of ,;normaK ( conditlonsr,T in
that I territory,/ would I gradually- wtth
draw.-. her | troops,^ leaving -only j guards^
: The ? outcome of ; this : conference *is
regarded -' In " governmental'; circlesTas
most satisfactory." :." r ; ' :", \u25a0'\u25a0 \u25a0;';'- . :-\u25a0
J-i SPOK ANE,' .VP-ash., May '- 27.—Mlstak
lng/City Marshal^J. iS.- Wright of rCol-"r Col-"
villeV for. one "of the who rat
tempted to; hbldiuphisibrdther.George
Rush .shot theYofflcerJ down :t early > this
morning /and^lnflieted .what Is deemed
a fatal wound.*;-; Wrlghtlhas 'refused to
have Rush ; arrested,'* as -he k says f, the
shooting rv&til the \resultl of ia/mlstake:
\u25a0% jack i Rush ; reported 1 : to the" police s that
two , men *had? attempted ? to:; hold? him
up and ;when she Jfled!; fired^two. shots
after (i him. rPatrolmen?: went l ! to "\u25a0» tlie
Rush home ; and [after | shouting through
the ; door,- were.' surprised : by, the \ broth*
-ers,> one : of fired /a, rifle.tfatally
wounding .;;,Wright/-}i;JThe brothers
thought; the vhqld-ups«w.ereicominsitb
the house ; to i commits robbery/
KX^-tTOßk^Miy^^The" following ;Cali
fornianirare registered tin 'New; York: vS "" J
n™,t Praaclsoo—C. ,/ C 5 - Belmont : ; J. .J.
i ;\u25a0>">»•». ;«nd wife, (iraDd Union; C. Reis,' F.
| liftls, Jr.; . A..C, -.Tetxen;"? Holland; "vS.JC #AX
|^"-',{> in *.v-K<iward;a. v -K<iward;a V. : ' Cassantiv- v Martha-
WasUffipttnn;) 0.D.-- Cbau. land. i wife.'' 1 Plaza; M;
Gran. « Bristo l; j F. /.W.?: McDonald.^ Cadillac; t W."
J.» Stewart. .St.. An<lrew;fßAMa.Ter.f Mrs.^ Egbert,
Latbam;:WVv Egbert,- Latnam;t Mr«:iD.."L:>Wolf,-
Collingwood; J.,J.;C.; Ballen.^ Grand" Union: Mrs-
J.H H. :' : C. : Ballen, 1 v Grand % Union ; * Miss VE.h B.
J^nstoTv. - Grand i Union ; 'i J. ; V."-? Fitzgerald, * Cad
iUjc;'Dr..H;<Bwaers,-3HeraldiS<inare, \u0084' -: :'-,'>- '\u25a0:"
• Berkeley-f-B. lW; i Edwaras,^ Park : ATenue.
\u25a0 Larkspur— Mrs. Adamson.j Murray i Hill ; '\u25a0 C-'^W.'
H right: . Murray^ Hill : ? Mrs.? C. ? W. -i Wright," Mur
rayfHUl^Mlss'Wrtght.vMutTayiHlU.r. . - -?+*.
Ix>B : Angclog— J. 'Oreenswald.- Marlborough; 'A.'
W.T,Wern, -p Cont inental ; & J.i T.'£ Jenklns.s; Grand
Union;>G; S.liPatton^c Manhattan;^ : E.i Ward.
Manhattan : ; C\ G; ; Yates," (Jllwy ; ' O.v Bauer.^Al
pcrt;,'OZ 1 X. "t Bauer. < Albert." O.m B.:» Puller,"* Mnr
tlnkjue;,:Mr».-- G.r B.* PnlJer.H Martinique; , A.1 8. ;
Mathews; Hoffman. - ' f '. ' .'
-I. Oakland— J.^Nfi Carlin,' Broadway Central ; J B. 51
F.^'Armstrong,^ Gilsey ; * B.'l 8.1 Stewart, '\ Bt.V An-^
drew ; \ C. » E.~, : Wickstrom^ Na*arre. *\u25a0 "^ :>, ,-.f
W Palo ?Alto-iG.VA:I Clark, . Bartholdi. i2j >~h-; : A
fe Pasadena— E.i Seaman; 5 Martinique r*XW.\ ? iS N.
Norney.'S Herald sj Square ; i^ Mrs. &W. 5 N.»j Norney,''
Heraldj,Square. v .: :« ; "- •?~*£tsge&g<SSgs<---*-}Z* 4
•\u25a0•Sani!tf;Bart)ara^-a. ,p;v Low;; Continental. ? :T^
t r WASHINGTON,^ May 87.— Under Rtwpenslon \u25a0 at
rulMithft house 1 ;t<J«tay: passed the -senate "bill
pro Tiding > f or." greater .« air i space I in Hhe s tteerage
of t steamsh «tH.r,&The I bill S prohibits j absolutely i the
carriage of I steerage ; passenger* I on ' the i lower pas
senger i deck | unless t It l Is £ lighted j by
side isenttlfs and j otherwise . to.: the j aatltf acttosjof
£ Mrs.? F«mk'rß;-Wehe (upper)
and jf: Mrs.;^ EleanorJ. Middlehoff,
delegates % to . \ the " grand 5 parlor,
Native Daughters of th e Golden
f West --\u25a0".\u25a0\u25a0"\u25a0 ; ..- : c; - - 1 . --: : ' - ':';-""; -' •;
Sailor s Clubhouse Given Part
of Money Not Spent on
' s '• "When all its affairs have been finally
wound up the fleet committee •will have
a surplus of approximately. $7,149 at its
disposal out • of « the 'fleet ;' fund of $71,-
expenses,'- ihi
'stead *of 'the JJ4.ooo *that.was announced
last; week;" , :^Tnis result" became known
at a- special meeting: yesterday when
the .chairmen" of tbTe- .different 'aubebrn
mlttees reported, : with but few , excepr
tions, that they would have much more
money.ileft after paying all their -bills
than wasj at first supposed . possible.
l-..^As, the ; ; different i reports": ; were/ read",
eachVshbwlng: an 'encouraging 'balance,'
Mayor ; Taylor became plainly * pleased.
"Who said the surplus was going to be
a small 0 one?'*.* he ; said with "fa Maugh.*
James J D. } Phelan^ and * other
members Vof: the 1 committee', were 'also
gratified at the showing made.
v CThelitems entering into the surplus
included 's9l3 : from -the v executive com
mittee,* $142 from i the > entertainment
committee. $1,000 from . the parade and
receptions committee, • $1,800 from R:;B.
Hale jof 'the ?: -sightseeing, committee,
$2,594 from^ Allan } Pollbk of .- : the pub
licity committee and an estimated* $700
from ; sale of tickets ! to the grandstands.
'\u25a0y.'i But ;there^was a host "of \u25a0 belated com
munications.•dnfihaind from:variousVor
ganizatlona and individuals, asking to
be remunerated \u25a0 for expenses ' they said
had 'been' incurred : In preparing ; for the
entertainment of the ? sailors. Among
those : asking %toi a appropriations ' was
Captain^* Tobin, ' athletic , offlce'r ; at the
Presidio,' who .said, the, army-navy ath
letic'games held there had cost' $2,443,
$665 of which would be a deficit to the
pos t a thl et ie fund/. The | Market street,
improvement association also asked' for
$2,144;*:; in -addition r^to " $2,000
appropriated.' } to : " pay ? off j indebtedness
incurred'on^he navy, pavilion' at Eighth
and Market s tree t.M.^.'one of these re
quests was ': acted *'upon,"i but ' sentiment
.was|not;in*favor of paying them. ~ : .
Cot \u25a0- the commlttea expressed
'^themselves*': in^favorl of :: A turning over,
most > of I the^surp) tis \to \ the', naval \Y?, M.
C*\ A. :; for, the- purpojse' of 'establishing a
permanen t\ clubhouse'. in ; 'thp~* city. .The
sum -of ,"sl!4l2.6o^!rMißV appropriated 'r. at
bncei*forimaintainlngithe.;' present isallf
*^orVi'clubhousejlh";Beale streeV.until the
'middle": of jJuljr.W In'. 7 addition,* furniture
,valued|at|s4,ooo^wasr r donated to : the
naval |brgahlzatioh^'^ <?' . J:'' -. ;\u25a0""\u25a0
the: final 'meet
ing: of i the j fleet {committee will -be held
n^xUWedhesday]*f ternoonr ;^A", final \u25a0 re-i
port showing in detail all contributions
, to iS the % fund i and [* disbursements T was
authorized 1 toi bei printed \ tor distribu
tion; among subscribers. V. : " -'*",-
Admiral S perry f ' Sends J Letter
Praising San j Francisco
;fr"A* le tterfex pressing sincere ' thanks on
behalf fof j the . offlcerß|and "enlisted men
of i the V Atlantic j? fleet j : f or | their ,- hearty
reception 1 in San^ Francisco has been' re
ceived ; by,, James J D.I Phelah; from -Rear
.iSperry.iVat* p^resent sin *TCT C com
mandfof ithe!fleet.'S > i'Admlral F Sperry, r de 7
the if splendid * manneri in' which ithe ,en^
listed ;.rnen',werorcnteftalnedf and latj the
(^.-r-iL-^i-l Po8ltli«ly cared ! kf j
AADTTDO these Little Pilla.
LvMIVI Ll\O They also relieve Dl»
!&\u25a0\u25a0 »jsisrSßSf3| tsreafromSTspepiliitli^
U^PITTLC dige«ttoaandTooHear%
I \u25a0 IVTR EaUn »- Apcrfectrem
\u25a0 PILLS. DrowElneßa. Bart -fas*
[\u25a0 ,:-:.. in' the ; Hoiitk. OtaMA
_ _ Tangoe.Painlnti»lUt^
\^^^^^ \u0084 Itobpip Lrviat Tbm
ICARTFRSJ v §«noin« Must Bear > ;•
JjgJ^° f^imile Sigaatut
Mrs. F. R. Wehe and Mrs. Elea
nor Middlehoff Will Represent "
Berkeley \u25a0'.;\u25a0 at Grand Parlor
r"\u25a0 BERKELEY. May 27.— Mrs. Frank , R.
;Mrs. .. Eleanor ", Middlehoff,
prominent in social and j fraternal clr
cels ,:in". this .city, haye.been (selected as
delegates I to. the 'grand * parlor "of-: the
Native^ Daughters 'Of ; the iGolden West,
which'.willi convene: at Lodrin. the mid
dle,' of ; next i month. : Mrs. Marian El
liott, president of the local parlor, and
Mrs. % Oscar : Nichols were selected -as
alternates.": V • - . y.'.\t-K'V-~'-: \u25a0'.'..'\u25a0[
'\u25a0\u0084 Both 'Mrs. hWehe and Mrs. : Middlehoff
are* past > presidents of Berkeley parlor
N0.^150 of :theiNative?Daughters. »They
were f among", the .charter.-. members of
the local organization and have been
prominent 'in ;,the lodge's activities in
this 'city .since the Installation of the
lodge.V ."..:,;. V>. ,•'•-*.>\u25a0 .""• *\u25a0_ •*\u25a0"\u25a0.
r : Both 'delegates were selected without
contest on account of their prominence
and .ability to" represent Berkeley par^
lorat the big gathering.
WASHINGTON.. May. 27.—^The house
today ' adopted a sweeping resolution
calling on the secretary, of the Interior
for i Information - regarding the location
of j railroad rights of way in Alaska. In
connection "-. with its consideration the
house, was thrown \u25a0 into disordex
through an effortby Heflln of Alabama
to speak on: another ; subject.' He was
called to order by Hamilton of Mich
igan, and . the chairman ruled that
Heflin, must confine his remarks to the
resolution. Ignoring the admonition
Heflln continued. his remarks in a low
tone of, voice,' so. that, in fact, only the
stenographers could -hear him. " Major
ity Leader 'Pajmtrcrossed the chamber,
amid the jeers of democrats., and took
a seat directly In -front of Heflln. and
after hearing^ few words renewed the
point made by.Hamitton. By,' this time
the house ? was .'ln ? complete confusion.
The incident was. brought to a close by
the" speaker directing the reporter-riot
to take down Heflln's remarks. *
; STOCKTON.. May-^':.— The contract
for the reinforced cement work on the
new $500,000 tourist hotel, which is to
be. commenced at once, was let- today to
Yon ; der Horst Bros. -of San Francisco
and. Boston for I9MOO. the , hotel-com
pany to furnish rail , of - the . cement,
which it -purchased .-recently, when that
material -was'.'srt-av/Veryv? low figure.
There. was a slightly lower bld.Jbut'it
was -rejected. '/ ;;v.l. : ;.v ?: : :.
cemeot ~ work <«»«t'ibe completed
in-JSO^^orkinff^ayfu- .The hotel in to
be one of the finest. In the west and is
to be.jcorapletednejct year. - . -
BURLINGAME, May 27.— With " the
ominous Quiet that precedes a storm
the citizens of Burllngame settled back
in: their easy; chairs tonight, awaiting
the formal opening of the battle on In
corporation "tomorrow with the casting
ofthe first .votes; The battle promises
to be an earnest one and hard fought.
Within the last few. days,- the antl
incorporationists seem to have devel
oped more strength than they were
credited , with, the chief opposition to
the formation of a city at the present
time -being on the Jground that the
proposed municipal "limits are entirely
too small and, that the taxes
would prove a heavy burden on the
small number of Inhabitants.
eflforts .which -were made to look after
their; pleasure and .welfare. ; V
t> The letter, which was read at a'meet
lng^of the fleet committee yesterday
follows: ...\. \u25a0:',\u25a0'.:, -\u25a0•. \u25a0 : \u25a0• . .*'
Mr. James D. Phelan. Chairman- Fleet Commlt
;-;/• tee, San Francisco: „--, . . \u25a0 . • r
Dear , Sir— l desire to * express ".'to you an<J
throogh you,; the 'official commute* for the re
ception .of the fleet,' ; and the • eitliena " of San
rraaclsco my hearty thanka for the marniflcent
rtception. accorded the Atlantic fleet and to as
sure you. on behalf of the officers and enlisted
men. . of , their k«en ; appreciation .of th« many
courtesies ; extended :to them ; thronchont their
Tlait In that port. -, - - " \u25a0 - .-\u25a0
j-.lt is -especially fr«tifyin»;to me that the en
Uated men were «o happily entertained mnd-that
their welfare while on i abor* wm \u25a0so constantly
and efficiently safeguarded by \u25a0 the committee ' of
which, yon are the head and by the offleUr re
ligiou* and " social > organiiations . »lli»d wl to 70a
In ' this work, j ' Such \u25a0 careful j consideration > can
not I fail to add greatly-: to , the contentment, I and
therefore -to • the efficiency, of .. tha ' personnel of
the 'fleet. ' \u25a0 ~. ... ' .... •.. : .«
- 4 1 :ha?e , the honor to ; be. sir,": rtrr '\u25a0\u25a0 aincerelT
jours. \u25a0'/.*. \u25a0:-. CHARLES S. SPERRY.
Rear Admiral' United States Nary. -
WASHINOTON. May 2T.— Th« war Apart
ment has ". submitted -to \u25a0 congress the r»port of
the- 1 local en jin«er» -. on r the proposed impro'e
nat: of - tb« • San' Pedro \u25a0 harbor, .- rtco»nm»n(llnj
that ' from $1 75.000 . to ; $254,000 b» appropriated
by,- concreat . for.i ; the j work." •; The- . tatprorement
projected is an ;\u25a0< extension .of ' the ~ breakwater
from Its inside terminal ' to the shore,' a distance
of ; 1,850 feet. •; \u25a0 " - -r
\u25a0\u25a0', WASHIXOTOX. , May . 2T. I—BapwMutatlTo1 — BapwMutatlTo
H«y cb h«9 '. prMented :: t» i Kie . postof flc« ' dep«rt
ra«nt;th« petitftw of^reildentsiof^tbeßiy-Tiftw
district. San' Francisco, urging the establishment
of,a I poital,*tatlon,th«r#»"is*£Hs3&s • :
The Craft Shop S f|
. - ' - '-AGENTS FOR THE _. ; . ;- J
Craftsman furniture I
\u25a0; : .'v ,•;•:\u25a0 ::,^> : :({-; : , :;0p^ r ..-.\u25a0-' ' '. \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0" " : ' '• • -?'\u25a0';%
York. in the Shops, of ""- .^
(jiistar Sjteefciey !
' " - ' - ' - .-" \u25a0\u25a0^\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0mi . ' . .
p«FRi Prices less SO -CALLED Sale, Prices for :this; Furniture |
\u25a0 . • in San • ».\u2666
jtribther Car Load I
Just' Received at the Shop and. no w^ on Exhibition; at \^ J
Albert Sutton Is Accused by
Former Wife of Causing an ;
Estrangement \u0084
There Is trouble between Albert Sut
ton. the well known architect, and
Ethel M. Sutton. who were recently
divorced, about their two \u25a0 children.-
Anna and Alberta, aged 10 and It re
spectively. Under the terms of the>
decree of divorce, which was granted
to the husband \u25a0by Judge Graham «n
the ground of desertion, th* custody of
the children was awarded- their father,
but Mrs. Sutton was given permission
to visit them once every two weeks in
the presence of some person designated
by their father and to take them "out.
Both 'parties bound themselves not to
do anything to create prejudice in the
minds of the children against' the other
parent. . • •
*In a petition filed yesterday to have,
the decree modified to the extent :<ff
awarding, the custody of : the ehtldr«»
to her instead of to the" father. Mrs.
Sutton charges that her- ex-husband
has not kept the compact.' Since. 'the
divorce, she complains, her children
have acted in a cold and unaffection
ate manner, showing the effect of re
straint and fear, and she states their
father has prejudiced them against net*.
Mrs. Sutton avers she is better able to
give proper, care and attention -to th»
children than" their father by reason oC
the fact that business demands a larsc=»
part of his time. She says farther that
she has considerable property, to tehld*
the .children -will -succeed upon'- -her""
death. • " - " *
Mrs. .Sutton also .filed yesterday an
answer, to her -husband's petition that.
he be_ appointed guardian of .the peti
sons and estates; of the "two ' children*;
If the "court- decides thAt a guardian
should be appointed' she asks that It
be not the father, but some third per
son in whom both parents hive 'confi
dence. -The hearing of Sutton's peti
tion for guardianship is set for today,
before Judge Sturteyant.
Father Succors Girl, Victim -of
; Ratt!er, and Mother Kills;, \u25a0
.-.- Reptile : /»"L . v-
SANTA' ROSA. ' May 21.— His ';t*
year - old. daughter suffering from
a bite . by a rattlesnake, Robert Mills
drove 14 miles from Hood moan
tain this morning and brought the girl
to Dr. J.-W. Jasse. The child had been
playing beside the Los Alamos creek",
when she discovered a large rattler
about' four feet long and started ti>
kill 'the 'reptile, ; which struck her Tjn
the right hand.*-- : • . *.':
"The trip was "made in two , hour*, in
time; to save -her life.*-;, \u25a0 : ; :^,:_ \?-*^ *
' The"" girl's mother" went' out * after
father and - daughter had. ' »t*rt»H -f or
town," ana- kiNea*ttie r snake. '*\u25a0"' \u25a0"" " ' ~
That our American forests at»Tmd la
plants which possess the most valuable
medicinal virtues is abundantly attested
by scores of the most * eminent medical
; 'writers and teachers. Even the untu-
tored Indians had discovered ' the usef ul-
ness of many native plants before the
advent of the white race. . This Informa-
1 .tion, imparted freely to the whites, led
' the latter to continue investigations until
j to-day we have a rich assortment of most
. valuable American medicinal roots.
' I ' Dr. Pierce believes that oar American for-
, ists atibi|nd in most valuable med!ciaal root*
. foi the curtk^f most obstinate sad fatal dis-
eases, if w&wptlid proper iy lnvestigata tb«m;
' anoL jQeJlltisunwi of this cooricttoß. b»
• poloMrw itJti - prin^iiiiSj
mrr* ritrrlfA. hv h\\ "ft (*!**\u25a0* \f>^tr«> nta-
, covery. 1 * which I^pi rmT»;n ltnej^ tf> frfr t)ftg
tnyfl Rlh^linL »tr.m.rh fo-.1/» >W»r tnrignr-
rt> i bf^ f^iC WH d irralatof,'anrt h>oodj
cleanser known to m»dlc»< Dytpep-_
ata, or. indicestlon. tbrsid llferT Tonctiona*
- and even valnilar and other affeetlOß* of
: the heart rleld to lv curative action. The
reason why It cores these -and many other
| affections.. is clearly shown In a little hook
of extracts from the standard medical works
- - which Is mailed /re* to any address by Dr. R.
vYPtarce. of Buffalo. N. V.. to all sendicx
: reonest for the same. - '-> :- .
\u25a0 • • \u25a0• ' .' . <^i»
' .Not less marvelous. In the unparalleled
| cures** it :ls constantly makinr of woman's
many peculiar affection*, weaknesses : and,
> * dlsti^sslnc * derJncfjnents. Is Dr. Pierce"*
• FarortteNJ'rescTipUoUK" Is amply attested
] by thousands of^u^bUc^dJtestJnipotals coo-
tilbated bvWttfgfal patftuia w>k» ha^g beeo "
geTfooVirregPiarUlea^ pro|ai>sgs J^nd othe^
\u25a0fcrbtfnir^* T«pr* r V wfjtn^-ipiger-
\u25a0t^ of mero^^na^fndrtKl iffectlon^ etgn
after many other advertised rneJicUies, and
physicians bad failed. . .
.- ; '\u25a0--'- '<*>. " \u25a0<>. .-O -:.. f\u25a0 -
\u25a0 Both the aboTe mentiozied^medTelaes'an
' wholly made np from toe f lycertc exttacte of
native, medicinal roota. Tbe processes eaa-
" ployed la their manufacture were ortatoaJ
with Dr. Pierce, and they are carried on b»
/skilled chemists and pharmacists wtth .the
aid of . apparatus and »rpUan<res 'specially
designed and built for thli ptsrpose. \u25a0 Botrt
medicine* are entirely free from alcohol and
all other harmful, habit- forming druars. A
full * list of their ingredients fes prtaicd oa
eaca bottle- wrarDtr ---.;\u25a0

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