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« . ——.11—
Cecil Cowles Plays : Difficult
.Program With Great Self-
Walter Anthony
What arrests the attention in Cecil
Cowles* piano playing is its freedom
from restraint and its self-reliant ln
,diridnallty. Last night she played at
X,yrlc hall before a room full of listen
ers,'after an absence from the concert
.stage of over a year. She is now a
young: woman, long frock and ruffles
end all, but ehe has the engaging airs
of a child, though she does not play
llk« one. You expect her. to turn and
address- you from the piano stool, so
intimately \ friendly and childishly
**r«n« Is she. Like Da Pachman, the
Chopin revealer. Miss Cowles seems to
vent to tell you about It, for fear a
•lower talent might lag and miss the
beauties under her ..fingers.
. It Is probable that such genius as
2£les Cowles - assuredly owns . requires
but littl* drllL She. seems to come
naturally by a technle -which Is lim
ited only by a physical emallness of
hand. "Whether It- was in Raohman
laoit's "Barcarolle- In G minor, with a
left hajvd " melody .as swaying as a
rutji-in a ripple, or RosentHal's almost
impossible -Papillons." which Is a
•warm of fluttering butterflies, there
-was the earae Infallibility of technio
which found the right notes, as the
reed, its. haven or. the butterflies their
Chopin's" "Concerto" In E minor was
given an authoritative reading by the
young planitte, while "Warren D. Allen.
• t' a. second piano. \u25a0 played the tran
scribed, orchestral score with nice dis
crimination . and ready . sympathy.
Another number of Interest was Father
Dominions "Ex Abundantla J Cordls," %
< irge In remembrance of Liszt and ded
icated to Miss Cowles. There is not so
xmxch of dirge as suave melody in the
piece. , It Is more roi \-intlc than
funere*.! or solemn. While Miss Cowleii
gaye • Moszkowsky's "Valse.de Concert"
In E major a beautiful reading, it was
xiot & waJts for a concert so. much as it
\u25a0^•a* a. waits for two. Its measures sug
gested the touch and the swing of the
dance. There was. fire and passion in
the playing, and the Interpretation was
Miss Cowles' own. . Evidently her
teacher -has been content to. free her
genius rather than laboriously lead.lt.
At the conclusion of a taxing pro
gram, 'which contained, among other
things, Beethoven's sonata, "Appas
sionata"; much Chopin, a Liszt
."Rhapsody" and a dainty but unre
markable composition from the play
er's' own pen. Miss Cowlea was given an
enthusiastic reception by the large au
dience, and the flowers that were sent
to her nearly filled an express wagon.
\u25a0Etandley Gautereaux. the Oakland
author who was arrested on complaint
of the postal authorities for sending
obscene literature through the mails
to Mayor Taylor, was given a prelimi
nary hearing yesterday before United
States Commissioner Heacock. - Harry
J. JlcKsnnay, private, secretary to
Mayor Taylor, and Postofflce Inspector
James O'Connell were the witnesses for
the government. McKannay testified
to opening the package containing the
book, which .was sent through the
malls to Dr. Taylor. Gautereaux ad
mitted sending the book, which was
entitled "The "Woman I Love," but de
nied that It was obscene. \u0084; _v. v
Several pages of the book were
shown :to Commissioner Heacock by
Assistant United States Attorney , Mc-
Kihley. Commissioner Heacock said
that be believed the author had been
too frank in expressing his experiences.
Gautereaux was ordered held in $1,000
bonds for further hearing. .Judge Gib-
Eon of Oakland appeared as 'counsel for
jGautereaux. •.\u25a0.:. . ; i \u25a0 \u25a0 .
* Clarence A. Stllwell, a bar tender
out of work, was arrested yesterday, by
Detectives WTen and" Rlordan and
booked at the city prison on a-charge
oi grand laroeny. The complaining*
r>.-itness against him is E. J. Cava
na.ugh, an Australian, who is stopping
at too St. James hoteL . . : f 7.
. Cavanaugh- wu at Ocean Beach •on
Sunday when< Still well - accosted him.
Cavanaugh Bays he was induced by
Stllwell to go . to the latter' s , room jat
"1960 ; Height street, .where he drank
some liquor and became unconscious.
* Cavanaugh did not recover his senses
till late Monday afternoon and told: the
hotel people of his experience and that
he believed he had been drugged and
robbed of a $100 bill. He supposed that
Htilwel! had taken -him to his room in
tlie hotel. The , police were notified and
Stllwell was arrested. . .
...Four suits'. were ordered dismissed
from the court • calendar, yesterday •by
Judge Van Fleet in the United. States
circuit court.
The suit of Jake LevlSr. against the
Atchison. Topeka and Santa Fe railway
company to recover $25,000 for personal
injuries was dismissed. because the at
torney for ". the • plaintiff ; neglected - to
have' the case eet for trial on three
snccesslve terra day*.
?>.The suits brought by ' the ' United
States against three Chinese were dis
missed because the government *• was
\u25a0unable to locate the defendants. The
original action was brought In 1892 and
the sureties have disappeared. . .\u25a0„ '-,:
The suit of the Brown-Cochrane
company against .the Beck-Wakefleld
company was ' dismissed because .. the
surety company employed by the.plain
tiffs refused to be responsible for the
bond 'any longer., ,- > ' ;
> The intervening claim of Charles. P.
Doe against the; Metropolitan redwood
lumber company,' owners of the steamer
ijan' Pedro, to"- recover salvage forree
cuincr the San -Pedro, was "decided by
Judge de Haven yesterday ia favor, of
Do«. .Judgede Haven ruled that Doe
was entitled, to collect salvage from the
original value : of the San : Pedro after
It was towed In port- The San \u25a0 Pedro
collided with the steamer Columbia last
July, and the steamer George W. : Elder
came to the rescue of the, former. '
: TJie value of • the PteamerJ after ; the
collision was placed at $20,000, and
Judge de Haven ruled that" Doe's claim
for salvage should be the flrst claim
T Joseph D.; Spero and Leslie Phillips,
recent arrivals ; from the east, \u25a0were'ar
rested ' yesterday by /Detectives : Ryan
and ' O'Dea^ and " Policeman tH. j L. ; Cook
on;a char^ejof grrand* larceny.' .They
are * accused ; of : stealing: a \ sett of 'ivory,
billiard.b alls valued at J76, from, the
billiard . room In . the . St. James * hotel
on May 23, .which 'they are', alleged* to
.hkvefsold for~*lo.~ L y .--•/* •
MUST PAY $12,000
United Railroads Given Ultima-
turn by Supervisors Re- *
garding Outside Loop
• If. the United Railroads 1 : wishes ;' to
continue operating trolley cars over the
outer rails in. Market street-from.San
some street to the ferry landing the city
must Jbe g paid . a . monthly i rental of
$1,000, and in addition the Calhoun cor
poration must stipulate' that any other
line, wishing totuse the. ; tracks will' be
permitted to do. so. -Unless the com
pany acepts these c terms '•> the: super
visors will not "permit it 'to » use -the
outer rails after. June 1, when Its 'tern-'
porary permit .win expire. -> This course
was, decided upon, by .the utilities com
mittee !of the i supervisors 1 1 yesterday,
when {he " United ' Railroads and the
Sutter street company, '\u25a0 which . holds the
franchise o\ f er. tha "outer^ rails '.in; Mar
ket street, refused .'to, offer the: city any
terms for a renewal of the permit.
The United Railroads, through] Thorn
well Mullally, . renewed : the request
made last week for. permission to with
draw the bid made' by George'B..Wlll
cutt, secretary of 'the company, for the
Devisadero Street-Mission cross ' town
line franchise. Mullally. also asked to
be allowed to withdraw the $10,000
bond given by "Willcutt,when he filed
his bid. He said that the company
dldn't^care to build the :llne or accept
the franchise as amended by the" su
pervisors, after \u25a0 they . have discovered
several jokers in -. it. He presented" a
new form of franchise over the same
route on which he said the company
would be willing to bid.
The committee deferred action on the
entire matter ' until next week, :so
that the members may -have tlme^to
examine the proposed franchise. A'cur
sory examination of jj It \u25a0 yesterday
showed - that it ' con tal ned little which
\u25a0would be of value to -the city. v
RULES ARE "ADOPTED . \u0084 .^y
The committee adopted, a set of rules
and -regulations' to- govern - : the - opera
tion, of streetcars. The, new scheme
of designating the: different lines: by
means of numbers - was > agreed upon.
The companies. will be required to pro
vide fenders for all- cars, but no special
design was .recommended, as the com
mittee considers that. the fender prob
lem is still : In the experimental . stag.c.
The committee will recommendUthat
$2,500. be set aside to.seoure necefsary
surveys in connection with the Hetch
Hetchy valley water project. City En
gineer Marsden Manson estimates that
the Hetch Hetcby water can be brought
in to the city for: $30,000,000. This es
timate . does not provide for _a_ distrib
uting system.
. For mor* than ,an hour yesterday
afternoon a detail of police who had
rushed out In' a ; patrol wagon-in-re
sponse to -a-hurry call from, citizens,
fought a I grass- fire \in \ Calvary | ceme
tery, one .of the oldest of the city's
burial grounds, in an effort to save the
graves of .early day; pioneer* from des
ecration. ; Before the .fire was -brought
under control many of the old fash
ioned: wooden headstones had - been
charred and the names on -them oblit
erated.'- • . -' ':''' '•\u25a0'-\u25a0 •'\u25a0 : ">- '; \u25a0"- : :>'""-
Boys are supposed to have . started
the . fire. A small blaze in .. one corner
of the old. ! graveyard . spread . through
the dried, uncut grass with such .rapid
ity and. flercenees that it.. was , feared
nearby houses- in . Broderlck • street
would be endangered. . Many -, of the
graves hold remains of persons who
were once famous in California pioneer
history, but the names of most of them
have now . been forgotten. . To prevent
further desecration, however. Chief -of
Police Blggylast night detailed a spe
cial guard, of -patrolmen, to do sentry
duty around the cemetery. : . . -. •;.' •
E. J. Baldwin.* better' known as
"Lucky" Baldwin, one of. the famous
characters of pioneer days, has deter
mined to begin at once the redevelop- ;
merit of his Placerville* mine- on< which
work was stopped' at' the. time of the |
destruction of the. Baldwin hotel- by j
fire several years -ago. : .; -= • \u25a0.
Baldwin arrived |at the : St. [ Francis
hotel last night from. Placerville,, where
he has been to inspect his property,
and: stated that work would £e started
within a month and the development
taken .up where .it was leftY off. > In
speaking 1 of - the < Gallagher • outrages.
Baldwin said:, •. . ,
"It Is time that a. new .vigilance
committee should: be. formed „\u25a0 ln. San
Francisco and its work should be car
ried 1 out- as It was | in the old [days, - " I
was the thirty-seventh- member; to; Join
the vigilantes in; 1853 ' and. I am ready
to join another committee of the kind
jiow. . In my. opinion,- the "i decision <of
the appellate' court . in' the: Schmitz
cast> Is largely responsible -.for' the con
ditions, that, exist at; present." ' \ .
A collusive attempt to get a divorce
was balked- by Judge ; Graham .yester
day. - The suit was . that '-. of Mac ;'- R.
Fiuren against John H. Fluren," a metal
roofer, v on the "ground 'of 'cruelty.;. Be
fore going on. the \ bench 'the .-judge, had
received a letter from a man signing
himself ""John Williams," stating , that
the case had been "framed , up," 'that
FJufen gloved " his I wife, ; and , that \ the
woman* had agreed to remarry him In
five, or six months. - . . .. ". \u25a0\u25a0 '\u25a0: '\u25a0 \u25a0
Questioned by the Judge, Mrs. Fiuren
at - first denied • tha<"> there .was j any., ar
rangement with Y her husband,'^ but j> In
the", end: admitted that; she 'had? had 'an
interview with; Fiuren in { the office of
her attorney; at " which 'it -wes. agreed
che should. get a- divorce.. . , " <:
. 'This ' is ' collusion, . and your \u25a0 petition
for. divorce^ will* be denied," t said /the
judge. ' ', - .'\u25a0' \u25a0\u25a0'"'.* " '" . " '•' ."-\u25a0'\u25a0• "\u25a0-.''." \u25a0-.''. *.-.
„ .Charles .O'Callaghan, 1 attorney.f or
Mrs. : Fiuren. ; seemed .very, much i taken
aback at r the turn .of events. : He < in
formed the judge- that . he had : not- seen
Fiuren • at- his office.: :.;.-, ;\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0,\u25a0/ * - : :
' >ITH« - fol lowing^ divorces i were 'granted
yesterday:.. By f Judge ".Hunt-^Adelaide"
B.'Jardine'froni Robert *Jardlne,i willful
neglect. \u25a0 ; By "Judge ' Sturtevant— Helen
Meyers from William D.. Meyers,' failure
to- provide.^ *?:"*'i\''-~\, ';':';-\u25a0.*:. v.-"." \u25a0'•
Articles (of- Incorporation* of; the \Cos-'
mle"_ assembly,"; some " : of/ the >; objects; of
which*. are !-"tor develop? practical j'study
of .-, psychology, y: economics.-;.' science"; and
philosophy.'.^ "toj put 'intolpractical ex
pression: co-operattve- systems," and , "to
assist :• In' the j deeper * study ; and ' better
understanding "'Oof ?J? J psychology *.' and r sof
clologrJ'.'V.werelfiled -yesterday ."vThej'di
rectors. are \ Dr. , Ay -, C.v Hl ck s . and D nT J.
E. Collinge* of \ San , Francisco,^ Roselle
S. :- Robertson vof i" Frultvale,'?? Henry.K E.
Curzon.VW.» H.; Powers.? H.> O. '/Whistler,
Tena G. Hills,"? Ellen ; May t Comt ort ; and
Delia. B., Rockel, -of Oakland. ; :
At Tacoma — T«com« 71j 'Atterften 0. >'- -"*. '
At - S«at tie— V«jcoorer.« s,'t fleattl* r2. - " ; -
At ' Butte— Batte-Spokut ~ fame ' postponed.
Miss Alma Birmingham (Bush
neU, photo), who will -be brought i -
forward <at piano recital^ >:^ i
Among the pupils to ; be brought-for
ward-tonlght'^by .Mrs.i, Oscar.; Mansfeldt |
at ' her piano recital will be \u25a0 Miss Alma
Birmingham,' daughter of Mrs. Lillian
Birmingham, .".whose j singing^- is cone ; of ]
the ; large ."assets '?•' of : - Sahr-^, Francisco's j
musical life. Miss "Alma- is < said < to ; in
herit " a decided musical •temperament
from "her , mother, -whlch'/,her/, teacher,
Mrs.. Mansfeldt,"- has'/ developed- toj^a
point of authentic; artlstryl ; y :-".'- ',U...
Otherztalented students of Mrs. Mans
feldfs class who '.will appear tonight at j
Golden-" Gate" i'commandery : hall j are :
Misses Edna Goeggel, Alma de Mamiel,
Mabel Cuthbert and Lela" Cogglns; , ,The j
program: embraces ; compositions; of ? the
old- and modern masters and promises I
an -entertaining evening.^ . " I
TACOMA. i&y , 27.-l-The Atlantic' bat
tleship fleet . today ; completed , anojher
leg .. in' - its * memorable I- cruise j and j
anchored In the; r blue depths of Com- ]
mencement .bay,.the>fartherinost inland
water of Puget sound, r 2oo^oo -people '\u25a0
looking : down 9 f rom : - the Esj precipitous
amphitheater ) extending -.'from .Point
Defiance to' the' center of the city: \ r.
At' 11:30 the Jflagshlp ,Co*n- (
nectlcut poked its /white • nose-, around j
Browns .'point," leading ,t the "• "other p..ye«p ..ve«- I
sels'.'advancing regulation ,ii? 46 61
yards 'apart.':- Tber flagship-" continued j
due west, followed by the Kansas; \u0084Ver- j
mont,« Louisiana, Georgia, New ,' Jersey,
Virginia, . Rhode Island and the hospl - i
tal -ship- Relief. '.reducing speed' from j
10 knots -to J slow.- ; J - - r H . r.' v*. • |
I Scores .: of*. ' small ,* boats > soon - were
scurrying" here and- there.*' ** ' ' , ,
.In leavng^S&attle-thls .-morning 'the
Georgia had a slight -trouble-in raising
herCanchors :and: was. detained nearly
half- an-hour, but- she caught the "fleet
long; before Browns point "was reached,
coming up the sound at increased speed.
\ Off- Bremerton the Illinois/ Kearsarge
and Minnesota left^ the "line and put j
into the navy yard. vi \u25a0• • *\- \-,r, r >,\u25a0 \u25a0
Rear, Admiral Sperry -will remain; in !
theriharbor until ;;tomorrow morning,!
when -the. flagship;: followed.,- byr' the i
Kansas. Vermont and- Louisiana, ,\wlll !
( sall for _San .Francisco' to -prepare" for !
the voyage across the" Pacific. > .• j
V The s Gecfrgia, vNewr Jersey, : Rhode I
Island and Virginia/ under '.the 'com- I
mand.of' Captain Richard Wainwright, !
will-, remain-. in-Tacoma' harbor 'until
Saturday.- when they will"go.to'.Bremer
ton'to'be.docked' in'their. turn*. ; ' <
The^ fire. commissioners .yesterdayTor
dered that" the 'name' of ' Charles Murray
of engine ; 4,'w!io r rescued".Gedrgre.Sco
vllle from suffocation in the hold of ,the
Ceylan, -be inscribed /in" the book; of
merit.', "..'..;• :';;\u25a0:,: ';;\u25a0:, -\u25a0 .;.•.; \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0X^:. : ;s:'- r ::^ ''
, ; A. rule .was adopted requiring:. all ; new
members -of >• the • department',' to, l serve
five years; in -til c' district t, east of Six
teenth and • Market)'stfeetsi'andl east' of
A'an Ness avenue.,. This rule was adopt
ed " to "prevent, .all ." of. hew
members being 1 shown- favoritism by be
in^ assigned to easy berths' In 'the* out
side districts. ••:". i.r •;•;:! '\u0084:-; ',. -. "•
v.lt;was announced: that the ;civll : ser
vice examination* for i battalion „ chiefs
would begin on;' June 17. » . Th e; exami
nation will be written and oral ond will
require three days. • ' -'•'.. -\u25a0;•' V"? " v '
. A-rcquiPtn high piass.'roridWwised. members
of • . the - gentlemen* arebconf raternlty ' t>t \u25a0" tli»
holy family of- St.* .Tobn'ii • parish will be celp
brated Snturdsy. May So; •at 9:30 a. m. t at i St:
John the Evangelist church -In St.* Marys ?a v«
nn».- . Relatlres and - friends of deceaxed mem
bers .. bBTe ln»en \u25a0 iuvited {'.to \u25a0*\u25a0 attend. "\u2666 i. Rer.'
J. n. Cantillon Is director of the. order,! TT.'; C.
Welnholi is preKidcut.n. J.. Smith Is secretary ."
and the : executlre, committee, consists '• of *• I»ro
fessor Taaffe; B.V Burns Sr.; John s Tamony.*
Thomas : Meyero." Michael O'Connor.' T. W. Ciil
!en,*-Puniel O # Canaghan, Jobn O'Grady and
T. E.">Hullng. \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 -..-..••\u25a0- , ; --: \u25a0-..\u25a0 \u25a0> -:'\u25a0: : \u25a0 ,
- Henry. Stapf. , tbe youns ronch hand who con
f*«sed to robbing ihe 'Ssn • Ardo pOßtofflce,:- was
ordered | bold for f- trial -by j UDlted 'State* V Cora
m)Bslf>cer.'Hfacook; yesterday in-SSOO bail.*>.-><'
.There is ; no need . of, anyone 'stdier- "
Jing#*ong^withjth» dl»e«»e, for- to r
effect a quick'curejitlis only neces- ':
. skry to take" a few doses \u25a0\u25a0'of r ,.' f ''\u25a0'\u25a0:' \u25a0
Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy
"In ,: fact,- in most 'cases one dose Vis t
sufficient. '^. It never. fails and can be .;
': relied upon in the most severe and i
dangerous cases. It is equally val-
uable for children and is the means
of saving* the* lives of many children
each year. '•\u25a0.-.-•',.••.-;'
In the world's history no medidne it
'- V s . • T *^l I »* t; H** ' greatsr^aecesi^
Board of ty Education y Selects
Delegates to Attend
•? « The board of education : yesterday .\u25a0 se
1 ected * Miss VAgnes\ Regan, ' Mra. : : C.^ R. :
Pechin, '>\u25a0_ Joseph^OycdnnorVand^i James
Ferguson; as .^delegates 'of -the' San.Frah
clsco-school 'department - to
|tidn:*ofjteachersiwliich will /be* held in
I London; in September -and . October.*: „ r
• : 'L: F.; Hammer, secrota^ of > the play
ground , ; association :\u25a0 of V; "' America,- = ap
peared. before v the y board ? and -discussed
the advisability of r organizing, athletic
leagrues «i' in x the I primary I and ) grarninar
schools. 'i{ The iflf th,"* Blxth and i seventh
grade • classes * of 1 > the , Sherman ' evening
school ft were > ordered^ consolidated 5 and
placed under the :of '\u25a0'Miss I Kate
liahaney.y " ,' y \u25a0 '"..'"; '• "
y "A", resolution (was;paised" authorizing
the: secretary.; tor draw.sdemanasr.ini be
half -Jhight school? teachers, ;*.i :or .Hhe
I balance ;: ' due \u25a0•£•. them '••* for ,1. services '\u25a0.\u25a0 per
*f prmedft inj the * fiscal £ year. U»os-7 ; .t the
money . is to-be ; taken \u25a0 f rom •' the surplus
fund • of- the present". year.'? /s.The resigna
tion lof iilT*.\C+: M. i Sohulenberger ' as; a'
, teacher | In ', the j department - was • accept
ed. ~' Mrs.. Tessiß t ßell • was r transferred
from ;the .Fairmont rschoolltb | the 1 unas
slgned * list. -The , secretary, was ordered
to f prepare? advertisements \u25a0.'calling^ for.
sealed < proposals for - the \u25a0? removal '\u25a0 of
garbage \u25a0' and • refuse > f rom v " the '.schools.'
; /.The \u25a0 following transfers : and^ assign
ments were , made, , to take . effect June . 1 :
\u25a0 Mlm » J. -' Baa,*- Uneohiv school; ;'JTennie* Red
mond^ Lincoln «ehool; Charlotte -Estes, "-'.Lake-'
riew primtrj; - M»y - O.*- Murray, -: Cooper pri
mary; Madge ' Nagle. ' Holly Park primary ; * Zora
De I Wltt,'r Holly -Park I primary ; Selma I Laurent,
Irrlng 'primary; .-• Marlon ;; Parker,^' Cooper pri
mary; i Elizabeth- O'Flaherty, . Lakarlew- primary;
Beaaie . Rea, Cooper primary : Katharine Barrett,
Oriental \u25a0 primary; ' Edith -: Austin. Oriental \u25a0•\u25a0 pri
mary; Mary Hawthorne, Richmond: grammar;
Kate Lahaney,- Sherman^erenlnf. school. : , - \u25a0' ..
The f following. teachers , were ordered
placed on: the day substitute list. • They
secured the highest grades'ln the com
petitive examinations! held April 18: > \u25a0 -
Marie Hanlon • -. ' Emma L. Woelffel
Ellen. Kyne . :. . > . Helen .Wa«ner '.-\u25a0
Josephine Searey "•; Freda -Wendte- "
Amy Ennewold .jf K.- r. Kedrollranaky ' '
Mary : Bpencer \u25a0 ; .' ' Loretta " O." Mnnro*
Lillian t Myra iWaltenspiel " .
Alice. Cassamajou - Edith L. .Conner. -
Amy M. Mack / ; - Mary. Teresa Ryan :'
Clarice Kirwin ' Matilda v ß. -Richards .
Gertrude Flanagan r . Frances Erb v
Kthel Harrievv. -.'- Adelo Kellogg : '\u25a0-
Lulu'Schoof /--.-\u25a0 .- :.' Mary:McOraw : .
Dorothy- Schnlthtla - - Helolse Winchester -
MaDel Drewrjr - ;..; !\u25a0 Alice Purr lne " .
Mary E. Cavanaugh .. Essie Tobriner
ViTian Bailey «; , .. .• Mary. C. Flanagan
Irene Ayer <_\u25a0• ' '•\u25a0 \u25a0'\u25a0 '. Alice E. Folsom :
Alice McDonald v . \u0084 : Marie ; J. 1 Connolly .\u25a0 .
Lena Anderson ' / lEltle Schoa . '"
Amy Fischer ;> : \u25a0;: |Mrs. 'B. S. Faure _
- 1 The ball of . J.; Ail Mb'rfell.' the airship
man,, who was held for trial on a charge
of .violating section* 664 ;of the penal
code,' was yesterday fixed by Judge Law
lorlat $1,000 \u25a0 in. bonds, or X. ssoo , cash.
Morrell; It : transpired -from, a physi
cian's : certificate, will : probably ;be con- |
fined to his ibed : for .about;- 60\ days as
the result .of injuries sustained in the
collapse? of , his 1 airship 1 at* Berkeley on
Saturday.; ; •\u25a0^ i [~"\ , v,?;-yv ,?;-yl .' 'A.' \u25a0* . .*\u25a0 ;',
;;r The "charge - upon 'which v : fie , Is "to -be
tri«dis; that 'of publishing false.-fraud
ulent r ' and exaggerated | reports,- 3 about
thVaffalrs of t the .National, airship com
pany.-: 'He; Is alleged In" the information
to ; have issued -^a } glowing
stating that the; company, owned, eight
independent -power -plants, ; that an- air
ship had been constructed with 16 pro
pellers yaoid \ 3^280'.;; actual ";' Korsepower
capable of carrying -500 passengers and
40 tons of 'mail matter, fromv. New York
to' London; in \24 ; hours 'at" 4 an expenseVof
$875, that^the lower, part'of the airship
was . "covered \with;alumjnum, weighing
only ; a few, pounds and v was arranged
in parlors," sitting! rooms j and bedrooms, j
andythat '.the^' chairs ; weighed, only-,17 -j
ounces and the beds and* bedding only
27 ounces. . ;....„; ; :. :i - : \u25a0", :,.^\
sue stock holders of
: wrecked Institution
. r A -suit . against w the stock, holders .in
the' Call forniaV. safe*, deposit -.and .trust
company ,by_ I ' Frank '. H."j Gardiner; 'as
ass|gnee .of; several.^ large, depositors,
was filed yesterday.^ , The amounts siied
ffor ;, and ', the • names- of ? the ' depositors
concerned; are. alifollows^ P.. J. Walker,
$15,919.95; American: savings. bank,' $31.
35i;65;.F.^H/ Gardiner, $7,297.65; J. vT.
Miller,- $15,336.88. . ';.• , •: :.. " .' -.-,. }. ''...
* "The [; amount .for : which { each * stock
holder- is T sued .l In ; satisfaction •of the
claims is. as follows:^" •,'••- ".. \u0084-," : ...y,; -":., 'j:.
"Oliver . Twlit,-^52.967.59; Z Bank ,' of Alameda.
$2,097.89: Mae?L. *\u25a0 Bergevtn, 1..'1 ..' 11.088.41 ;
Blthei;. $1.088.41 ; \u25a0J. ? Dalzell Brown. $1,841.21;
James".'! Conning," $1.570.40;; ; \u25a0- Lonis '.'--. Fatjo.
$1,260.45; I 8. . Fernandea. $I,0&?.35; Fireman's
fund-- insurance .:• company, .'; $1,632.35; \u25a0\u25a0'' Black
White; 51.ti32.33; *K. D.Frjr, $i:84.'3.93; O.r 11.
OrcenewaW/ v -.$1,360.45; - : William- -'\u25a0- Green
$1 ;3«0.45; . Isaack Kohn. \u25a0 $3,729.32; Richard Doe.
$3,730.02; •M. A. - Murphy. ,$816.24; /Andrea Sbar
boro.". $945.49 ;• Jack- Frost.- $945.49;. 'J0hn -Spru
ance, $1:411.20;-.. John. Doe. $940.08; James
Trr-'-vell,- $4,687.85; Darid_ F. Walker,
$?,lf.6**v; i -..:.,.-• »V ..\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0.--.'\u25a0.> :\u25a0\u25a0:\u25a0,\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 j- -.-I
Luther Bvrbanfc
*' Luther i'Burbahk and ' liis new en
vlronment,V-by, E. J. .of 1 the
University -i'ot T % California;; is -the /-title
of an'articleilirthe June Sunset dealing
with *;the wwlxard'ss success \u25a0 with.- the
spineless, cactus and his 1 work under, the
pa tronagre; of ; the Carnesrie Institute. ; r a »
I The Insurance Companies' Loss Your Gain I
I Great Fire Sale I
H Don't look ;f or. trash wbeu yon come into our store. I
'm Our clothing" is/all high-class,\ tailor-made. Our
;\u25a0-- furnishing; goods are all standard. makes. Our hat :\u25a0
I department pnly the- best? grades. I
I Off on Everything I
By^ 'yXll' go^xls marked^ in^ plain fibres. Altera- I
B tions made, exchanges^ made, moneyi refunded, : as B
By. usualji as xwe > ariejgping \ to continue in^business} I
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111 J- UILUtR O Ull.Coiv Grant Av^lß
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ff|ins of SpmdA Merest
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.from'";/ ' .r \u25a0 .: . .il* '. >r. T" 1 V -{.. .; •-> special sai,e sEcnost _y ..
', " ; Division :No.- 205
'ff^QMJyKS^ouScEl . of. the carmen's un
\u25a0^4jßfsSsS&^ '"ipn . is working
-+. .. .„,.\u25a0 \u0084 ». * ' s : along "ith*-- line, -• of
organizing . \u25a0 a.;.': union \ with ;.. the -men
now i at >: work : >on t all .'„-« the ].; city
lines 0f . .: streetcars. • Last- .Tuesday
and ... yesterday.-, the -officers .of - the
division "had -several 1-, men and .half
a : messengers -delivering ?" letters
to -the platform | men:- The United Rail
roads company heard of this and' at "once
sen t ;' out . a * number \ of ; its \ men j in ; plain
clothes to* 'prevent'-' the handing^of ;\u25a0 let
ters to r the; nien •on the" cars. : . :* " \u25a0\u25a0;
: ;^The following is a. copy { of the -letter
which,: the .' company, is endeavoring "to
Intercept: ' . : \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0.'\u25a0'^'"'\u25a0'
v To the; Street Railway. ..Employes ;«f , B*a
FranclßCo— Greeting: , . ;. ... . • ' I
\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0 By .. the "authority ' and " apprornl of th« amal- |
gamated . association of street and «l«ctric t
railway employes of - America,: -the execntlre ;
committee ; of Dlrlsioa ' 205 directs • your . sttea- ,
tion to-the.followlnit:facts:." \u25a0 i" - • !
Yon «re .working for 25cent« aa hour.. The 1
streetcar men 5 of, Oakland get SO to 42 ceata !
\u25a0 an.hour..- ,",•"-. \ \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0.••\u25a0 \u25a0;\u25a0 - . ]
You are .the lowest« paid labor ia San Fran- ;
cisco..;. --\u25a0;,. ';. -\' •\u25a0 ,• - .--! '_ • j
' Streetltweepers get|3 a "day. \(* -\u25a0\u25a0- •-— \u25a0 ]
It coots you: more 'to; IlTe. than, the Oakland'
man : - yon \u25a0 pay , : the * same : for - food and ; clothing !
that. the. San Francisco workingman i pays. . |
':\u25a0?- Why/ are the San Francisco streetcar - men
underpaid? •- . ! V \u25a0 <- • I" ,_• ',-\u25a0 \u25a0 ,
- Because • they are '^^not ; organized. -"
i You , should come Into the | union— Pi rislon 205
—for yonr own , good \u25a0 and - to : do.your fair : share
In the.Ubor. movement. .'This; Is. not a. scheme
to get. you to strike. -bnt Is a; legitimate effort
to persriade yoato get into the. union. \u25a0\u25a0; -- fcj tW
;•.; •.. The .-only; Increases \u0084In ..wages for.- streetcar |
men in -this i "city were obtained -by \u25a0 organization |
and -Vcoltectlre bargaining. - Thl« can ;be done |
againwhen; the men themselves ; get ; together. ."
\u25a0 The officials of i the union recognise the oppo
sition - and difficulties .' attending ? the i. unionizing i
of. the - streetcar men, - and appreciating-: th«M |
conditions, •;. It ". is 'planned 17 that ? all r preliminary i
correspondence and ' discussions . are strictly 'and
guardedlT ; confidential." V-; •_\u25a0- \u25a0_ v •;.-•.--•'
If you are- Interested In restoring better-Con
ditions for .streetcar^ inen.\sond your -name to I
Richard • Cornelius; Sl6 - Fourteenth -j street. San ;
Francisco;; _ Your , name will ; not . be disclosed , to i
any one.- \u25a0=' '-;'.-, ."'.-' -•;\u25a0• \u25a0• - ;\u25a0*•.—\u25a0*.. .-|
' -'• .s Foar - hundred \u25a0 and fifty of • your . fellow work- ]
men have already enrolled , In .the .union. -\u25a0- : { |
; >Y6ur. cost'of Hrlng won't; decrease :and' your j
rra *es 'won't I Increase i unless . you - have a union,.
:-; We \u25a0' repeat >we are - not .organizing- a "•strike.
We 'arc reorganizing , our union on: right, lines
for i legitimate * purposes. -\u25a0;-..:..\u25a0;••\u25a0 •;,. r "«\u25a0
; Tiie"attentiori of the local bodies' has
been .called to* 'the Xfact" that! the fif
teenth" convention ?" of- . the
united^ brotherhoods of Icarpenters and
joiners of \u25a0'America is to tbe. held, In Salt
Lake? City." Utah: September^ls. '. They
are Informed "that General Secretary I
Frank Daffy -of Indianapolis • recently
visited the"- city chosen ' for. the conven- J
tlonj and .made .all arrangements for
CAUF ii AIA ft!.
9 An aggregate saving of $1,474 was made at our :
store Tuesday and/JWednesdav by sixteen piano buy- :
ers— people who know a bargain when they see it and
appreciate' a good; piano at small cost— an average ;
saving-^0592.12 per. piano. As one buyer put it: ; L
"I've- bought^tlieVb^st piano I ever saw at anywhere '
near theVprice and saved three months' house rent.'.! ;
• \u25a0\u25a0''•• -•"•-.\u25a0\u25a0',- \u25a0••-\u25a0-\u25a0- - - »-j -- '.'•\u25a0\u25a0' .-.'\u25a0".
9 Thisyis^one ; example of the saying effected by
shrewdy buyers .'of • pianos at our Annual Clearance
Sale." Both our San Francisco arid Oakland stores
fiave felt (the rush. Genuine Money Reductions are
tneyaHtoactipnV- Ten to twenty-five -per cent off— in
real^money-^of ; : ; prices always lower than the lowest
have^ proven an irresistible attraction.
fly New pianos, of extraordinary quality, in finest
mahogany .cases, are -selling at $156; some in special I
art cases as_ low as $184,*; others at $165 arid $190—';
$200 to \u25a0 $232 takes a piano in richest mahogany that-
would cost you $350; elsewhere and be cheap at the
price. Knabes,^, Hardinans, :Ludwigs,Packards-^and •
in fact bur: whole rlineare subject ito these :reductions -
this week^ and are being ; :'sbld in^numbers. Compari-^
-sons are what^we^ask. Look at the best you can find '
:at $156 ; i $165 or ; up to $500: Then \ see wha^fc we are
offe^irigjaridlmake'your, own selection.? If we haven't •
better piarios for dess; money and on more fayorable
terms; than ; caritbe}Kad{elsewhere we don't want your
fl; TMs isjan ra thatoc T \
curs with; ourliouse once each year and but once. It^
is'seris^tibnaKonly iißthe Talues offered; genuine in
eyeryilrletail,\and' eyeryj: transaction is backed up by
the^ i^exible guarantee of The Wiley, B. Allen Co. ,
Two tbusinessvd^ys remain^ Come in.
Payments. OPEN E^TJNINGrBJt V^y ;
Oakland Store, 510 Twelfth St. 1220-24Yan Ness Aw :j
:.: . Other Store*— Lo« Angeles, S*n Dieg<v Sacramento,' San Jo«
• * '\u25a0. * \u25a0 *
holding the meetings there. A large
and comfortable hall has been secured
in which to hold the sessions and hotel
and railroad* rates have been obtained.

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