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Shipping News and Gossip
of the Water Front
Thousands of Visitors Throng
Warships in the Bay
Uncle Sam's warships rvere Kreat
drawing cards In the bay yesterday,
and thousands of persons availed them
selves of the fair weather to go out
on the bay. Not since the great At
lantic fleet came to the port have so
many visitors gone to view the ships.
Launches were taxed to their capacities
in carrying out the crowds of sight
All the battleships and the cruiser*
kept open house to the public. The
battleship Georgia attracted the most
attention yesterday. The splendid run
the vessel made down the coast was
the cause of many compliments being
paid to its chief officer. Captain E. F.
<jua! trough. \
Among the first visitors of the day j
was Admiral Uriel Sebree of the cruiser
Tenr.os>sep, who spent an hour on the
battleship. Captain Qualtrough "said
that while the, Georgia had steamed 19.2
knots an hour for four hours under
forced draft, and 18.2 knots without
pressure and had beaten all speed rec
ords in vessels of Its class, the ship
had also another record to be placed
to its credit. That was its coaling
record. While at Bremerton It took
on 1.750 tons of coal in five and a half
hours. It began coaling at 5:30 a. m.
and 11 a. m. the vessel was Teady to
proceed to sea. \u25a0
Now that the Georgia holds the pen
nant for speed and speedy coaling, it
remains for the jackies to wrest away
from the Louisiana the pennant for
The Louisiana up to the present time
:..is i>o« n the kingpin in the navy In
Hthletic sports of all kinds. Now the
jackies of the Georgia will make a
great attempt to win those laurels.
Boat races will take place this week
between crews of the two battleships
and next "week baseball games at the
Presidio will be. the order.
Kj'cia Resume* Voyage
The N'orweglan steamer Rygja, Cap
tain Svendson, which put into port
Saturday to land James Johnson, the
< ook, who was suffering from sickness,
left port again yesterday for the
north. The Rygja was bound from
La Boca to the sound waen the" cook
became ill. Captain Svendson put into
l his port to secure medical treatment
for the man. Johnson was taken to
the marine hospital. :
Jaunt on the Hnj
Members of the Risdon iron forces
enjoyed a jaunt on the bay yesterday in
their launch No. 2. Captain Parker
was at the wheel and gave the party a
fast spin. Sausalito, Belvedere and
California City were among the points
Put* In for Fuel
The steamer Samoa, Captain Madsen.
put into port yesterday for fuel. It
was 15 hours making the run from
Caspar. It departed again late in the
afternoon for southern ports.
\u25a0;-;BIj5 Crowd G«»«-s (o Martinez ' '--
The steamer J.'.K. Cochran took, a
large delegation of the Italian colony
to Martinez yesterday. It was a basket
luncheon party and over 500 partici
pated in the festivities of the occasion.
Picnic «t Glen Cove
Three hundred persons went up to
Glen Cove yesterday In the steamer St.
Helena. They all had a jolly outing
«nd enjoyed the beauty of the day to
*.he fullest extent.
Pcteraon Beats Spates
Charley Peterson won out yesterday
in his foot race on the water front,
beating Archie Spates by four feet.
Peterson has always prided himself as
being a sprinter and Spates (generally
known as Slim) thought he was some
what of a sprinter himself. .The run
took place -on Howard No. 3 at 11
o'clock yesterday and was witnessed by
a large and admiring throng of water
front people. The race began from the
east end of the dock and ended at East
street. Thomas Simmons was the
starter and Albert E. Bartlett refereed.
Unfortunately Bartlett dropped his gold
Flop watch into the bay, so the time
wa« not recorded. Harry Johnson held
the stakes. Ten dollars was the sum
put up by both men and the winner
after the race entertained his friends
in his office at the foot of Folsom
street. I
Lumber Arrival*
Lumber arrivals by sea from north
ern coast points yesterday amounted to
2.962,000 feet.
I'uulla Due
The Italian man-of-war Puglia is
due to arrive in port early this morn
ing from San Diego.
Will Sail Tomorrow
The Occidental and Oriental steam
ship company's steamer Asia, Captain
Gaukroger, will sail for the orient at
1 o'clock tomorrow.
Items of Interest to Mariners
ot the Pacific
TACOMA, Wash., June 21.— Clearances of
lumber and mill product* from the \u25a0 local nix-
torn i bouse darlojr tbe past week w«>re pxcep
tionally h«>avy. Th«- clearances by the British
steamers Suverif. Riverfortli and Strathnril and
French steamer Amiral Duperrc totaled 5,855,-
ICS feet, but the amount actually shipped from
Tucorna ascrecated' 3.714.W8 feet of lumber,
lath and pickets. valu<Hi at $43,775, In addi
tion to box «book*. v satUi. doorv and windows,
Tbls csrgo is going to the orient. Australia.
7'asmanla and tbe wrri coast. This week tbe
German ship Ainterkatnp will clear with 1.700,
000 feet ot Inmber f»r Callao. aud the German
•teamer Tbeben with 3..VJ0.000 feet t or .'. JLa
After a cruise of 12 4ajK the fishing- yawl
Admiral Dewey retnnied to <lsy with 16,000
pounds of baltbut. _
Steamer City of Puelda spent the day on her
regular forlaifktiy Tlslt. Itwdins for |an I'ran
ciseo. •
Immlsration Ic^pertors Tappan and: Jarvls
l«av» tom«.-row for Pt. John*, N. F., taking
P*ter Elley, an .insane alien,, who bas been
ordered deported.
Steamer l>elhi left f«ir Seattle to complete
canro for Skagwar and porto.
SAN PEDRO. ". Jnne 21.— The steamer J. . B."
Stetaon. Captatn.Boonlficld, arrived t«day from
Willapa barboTTia Kan Francisco with pisnen
(rera and 550.000 feet of lumber lor \u25a0 tbe Salt
Lake railroad. B *
After bavlßff <Jocked today the *team*r Sbua
Yak, Captain Huttoa. arriving from. Aslnna
*»it» ' a cargo of grain, was ordered to the
outer narbor to awslt quarantine inspection.
Tbe steamer Queen, Captain Hall, called to
'f.!>T from San Diego, and after taking freight
: end passenfera cleared for San Francisco and
•i *ay ports.,
Tbe steamer Vanguard. Captain Odlund, ban
chartered by, tbe Merchanta' - Independent
Steamship company to take the place of ttu»
vteamer Banalel while that Te^Kel Is koine re
; Iraired. Tbe Vanguard clears from San Frau-
Icit^"* today. - •-\u2666"••
i Tbe steamer Coos Bay. Captain Nicholson, was
>ln and out today from Sau Francisco \u25a0 and way
'rorta with a csrgo for the Pacinc coast steam
•«lill> company. ' ' ',
. The oil vtearaer Roma, Captain MrLane. -Is
Scheduled to clear tonight for San Francisco. •
; Tbe ateamer Santa Barbara. Captain Zaddart,
>)\u25a0 do* tomorrow \ from- Grays harbor lumber
' ASTORIA. June 21. — The steam schooner F.
18. Loop, with a rargo of 550,000. feet of lum
ber for San Frandseo. Railed this morning.
\ Tbe British steamship Aeon arrived tbll
'morning from Eureka with a part cargo of red
- wood and proceeded t« Portland to finish ' with ,
ti. It will carry 350,000 feet of lumber to ,
Australia.' \u25a0 . \u25a0 ' i
Tbe rteamer Alliance sailed this morning from ,
Owk bay. with "freight and: pawenpem. . '•\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 i
Ttf flfim irSwnT Johan Poalsen'. arrived*
* from f«n Frandaco thl* ' morning and went up
tfce river to Joad lumber, t- t ?*\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 <\u25a0 \u25a0 .- - . --,
Tba Gcxman shin Albert' EicVmeri. C»pWlB
From | Steamer | P"» "j
Portland & Antorln . . . : T. I^. Wand. ;.! Juno 22 !
Netr York rla Ancon . . City of Panama June 212 !
O.vatpr Harbor Tordenskjold ..June 22 I
San Pedro.... Northland June 22 ,
Humboldt North Kork ...June '£1
Antwerp. Japan & B C Am. Duperre . . June 22
Comox, B. C... Siratbord June 22
Portland & Astoria .... Yosemlte ...... June 22
Portland & Asforia Cascade June 22
San" Pedro ......... Centralia June 22 !
Hamburg &. Way Ports Kadames ...... .Tune 22:
San Diego & Wsy Port* Queen June 22
Portland & Astoria Koee City .... Jnne 22
Portland & Way Ports. Roanoke June 22
S.-nulp & Bellingham.. Tsllsc Jnne 22
Ooquill* River Elizabeth June 23
; Crescent City Del Norte June 23
i Cam* Bay M. F. Plant. .. June 23
PuK*t S.mnrl Portu GoTernor June 23
Seattle 8: Tacomiu.... Wat»on June 23
Japan t1» Honolulu... Csrarel'ss June 24
; San Podro tc Way Port* Coos Bay June 24
Honolulu Hilonißn June 24
Point Arrna k AlWnn.- I'onin June 25
San Diego & Way Ports Santa Rosa June 25,
Seattle tl i Thetwn Juna 25
.San Pedro .V. .... Vanguard June 2tt
Ballna Cmz Texan June 26 '
<jrays Hsrbnr .1 Coronado ..'... June 27 !
Pan Pedro lloanoke June 27
Puiet Sound Ports.... City of Puebla. Jnne 28
New York via Ancon.. City of Sydney. June 28
Grsrs Harbor Newburg ...... June 28
I Destination | Steamer | Bails |Pier
June 22—
Ixm> Angeles Ports.... J. Htgglns.. 10 am 2
(Vxiullle Rlrer Bandon 5 pro 2
Grays Harbor Jim Butler.. 2pm 2
i Astoria & Portland.... Northland .. 10 am 2
Humboldt F. Kllburn.. 10 am 13
<;rnjs Harbor Centralia ... Bpm 7
Pugct Sound Port* President .. 1.30p 9
Los Angeles Ports Roanoke ... & pm 13
Jane 23 —
Willapa Harbor^ .. D. Mitchell
Humboldt 1 City Topeka 10.30 a 0
Cbina & Japan........ Asia 1 pm 42
N. York t. Tehauntepec Neradan ... 12 m 23
Jun«» 24 —
Coqulllp Bltot. Eltxabeth ...12 m 1C
Grays HaAor S. Monica... 4pm 2
Humboldt . ...i% North Fork.. r» pm 20
\u25a0 Mendocino h Pt. Arena Bea Foam... 4pm 4
Astoria & Portland Washington spm 1 ,,
June 25 —
Coos Bay M. F. Plant. Bpm 8
Urerpool & Way Pts. Am. Duperre 12 m 10
San Dtejro & Way Ports Queen 9.30 a 11
June 20—
Hamburg & Way Ports Theben 12 m 19
Kan Pedro & ,\V»y Ports Coos Bay . . 2pm 11
June 27 —
Point Arena & Albion. I'orao 9 pm <2
Seattle A: Tacoma Watson ... 1 pm 20
Portland & Way Ports. JOoauoke ... lpm 13
Astoria & Portland.... ftose City ..11 am 27
New York via Ancon.. Indiana ....12 m 24
Puget Ports.... GoT«rnor ... I.SOp I 0
Destination , | Steamer I Dat«
Nome direct Senator .!J,une 23
Nome * St. Michael... Oblo Jtne 24
ValUee & Seward...'. .. PennsylTanla .. June 24
ScldovlH & Way Ports. Bertha June 25
Skagway & Way Ports. City of Seattle. June 20
Skagway A- Way Ports. Jefferson June 29
Yaldea & .Seward Santa Clara.... July 1
Skagway & Way Ports. Cottage City... July 2
Sun and Tide
fuited States Coast and Geodetic .Snrvey — Time
and Hcifihts of Tides at Fort Point. For city
front (Mission street wharf) add 25 mlnntes.
Sun risen 4:4CISun sets ...........7:36
Timef ITime ITlmel Timel I
Jne 1 Ft ( Ft 1 Ft Ft
LW| 1H W LW( H W
22.. 0:32 I.S 6:33 4.0 11:50 1.6 6:31 3.5
23.. 1:22 1.2 7:33 4.112:48 2.2 7:33 5.6
24.. 2:20 0.6 9:03 4.2 I:3S 2.S 8:12 5.7
25.\ 2:12 0.0 10: l« 4.1 2:28 2.8 8:40 S.B
36.. 3:58—0.4 11:04 4..T 3:1.'. 8.1 9:25 0.8
27.. 1 4:40|— 0.7| 11 :ST 4.4| 4:02 3.3 10:02 5.7 !
l\ 9. Branch Hydrogr-aphJc Office
A branch of the United States Hydrographlc
Office, located "at the Merchants' Exchange, Jb
maintained in -San Francisco for the benefit of
mariner*, without regard to nationality and frpe
of expenoe. Navies lors are cordially invited to
visit tbe office, where complete sets of charts
and Railing direction* of the world are kept at
hsnd for comparison and reference and tbe lat
e«t Information can always be obtained regard
ing light*, dangers to navigation and matters
of interest to ocean commerce.
g Lieutenant, U. S. N., In charge.
Dirks, arrived at this port this, evening after
a passage of 159 days from Hamburg. Tiio
Rirkmem will carry grain to the continent,
Tbe British steamer Forerie sailed today for
North Cbina with a mixed cargo.
The oil steamer Santa Rita arrived from San
Francisco with oil .for Portland and proceeded.
Tbe British steamer Inverkip sailed .this
morning for Port Pirle with a cargo of 350,000
feet vt lumber. »
The transport Sherman proceeded tbls morn
ing. \u0084 •: ..^
Tbe Overdue IJ*t
American kui» Bangalore, out im:: days from
Norfolk, for Honolulu. 00 per <*nt.
Norwegian bark*- Kuter. <mt IJH> days from
Amsterdam, for Moejimar. 15 per cent.
British obip Ful wood. .out 137 days from Port
Talbot,' for Iqulqne. 10 per <-ent.
British , nuip Ancenir, out 161 days from
Puget sound, for Kings Lynn. 8 per cent.
Swedish bark Medea, out 149 days from Eu
reka, for United Kingdom, S per cent.
British bark Gange*. out 91) days from Callao,
for Sydney,- 15 per cent.
British bark OarneUd I.iwellyn, out 124 dayg
from Caleta Bueua. for Falmoutb, 10 per cent.
German bark Urania, out 127 days from
Iqulque. for Hamburg, h per cent.
French ship A. I). BonJeti. out 122 days from
Pisagua, for Duuklrk, 8* per cent.
Army TrannporlH
The BurnKide I* at Seattle.
The Buford sailed June 16 from Honolulu for
Manila. \u25a0 - . ' .
The Crook Miled for Manila Jnne 20.
XU«« Kllpatri^k Is at Newport News, Va.
Tz*. £)ix - sailed June 2 from Honolulu for
Manila. V
' Tbe 1.0g«3 Is In port undergoing repairs.
The Meade.is at New York.
Tbe SUerman I" at Astoria.
Tbe" Sheridan 'sailed June 15 from Manila for
this port/ «- 'r\
The Thomas is in port and will tail for Ma
nila July 6. .; • '
The Warren is at Manila.
Sunday, June 21.
Rtmr- City of'Topeka, Glelow, 20 boura from
Stmr F A Kllbnrn, McLcllan, 22 hours from
Eureka. . . '" .'.\u25a0'.
Rtmt Maverick. Daniels, — hours from Re
dondo; up-river direct.
Stmr Sea Foam. Lee. 15 hours from Mendo
cino, via Point. Arena 10 hours.
6tmr .Brunswick, EUcfsen, 14 hours from
Fort Bragg. \u2666
Stmr Northland, Erickson, 38 hours from San
P«»dro.-. • - . .
• Stmr Svca, Allen, 70 hoars from Grays Har
bor. .> -o' : ';; \u25a0••-\u25a0\u25a0 ;
• gtmr Samoa, Madsen.. 15 hours from Casper;
bound south, put In for fuel.---" *
Stmr, Tampico, Zcb, 07 hours from Seattle.
Stmr -Cannei, Donaldson, 52 hours from Se
sttlf. "M I '!' '\u25a0"' ' l **lf Mg lff l^* > lff*ll*# !
Stmr Msrshfield, Dettmers, 18 hours from
Bsrdy creek. • .
Schr J <» Xorth, Erlckson.." dajs from Port
' Srhr King Cyrus, Rosendahl, 5 days from As- j
torla. '\u25a0 . - \u25a0 -\u25a0 . - - \u25a0 -i
Sunday, June' 2l. |
Stmr '\u25a0 Santa Roia. Alexander, San Diego.
Stmr Norwood, Martin, Grays' Harbor.
.. Stmr Vanguard; Odland. Eureka. ;-. ' -,>\
Br stmr Ashubula. Harding, Mororan. -
Xor stmr Rygja. Svendsou, Seattle.- '
-; Stmr Samoa, Madsen, San Pedro.
.'-. Sohr - Monterey, Kelly, Monterey; In tow tug
/Schr Santiago, Engalls, Monterey; In tow tug
Navigator. \u25a0\u25a0•\u25a0
, Schr Uelene, Thompson, Port Tpwosend. ' •
'.POINT LOBOS. June 21. 10 pm — Weather
bazy; wind northwest; velocity. 18 miles an bour.
COOS BAT— Sailed June 21— Stmr Czarina, for
San Francisco. . ll '
Arrived June. 21-^Stmr Eureka, from . Astoria.'
ASTORIA — Arrived June 21 — Simp Johan Poul- 1
sen, from Eureka: stmr Breakwater, from Coos
bay; Br stmr Aeon, from Eureka ;<G«r ship Al
bert Rlckmers, from Hamburg; stmr Santa: Rita,'
from' Port San Luis. \u25a0
Sailed June 21— Stmr Alliance, for Cooa bay;
Jnne 20, stmr. F S I/wp. stmr Rainier.; for -San
Francisco; June "I. Br stmr Forerie. . for \u25a0 Poget
•ound: Br stmr'lnverklp, I'for1 ' for Port Pirie. s ;.:'
-TATOOSH— Ps sued out Jun* 21— Stmr Melville
Dollar, i from Mnkllteo" for ; San Pedro; Br stmr
Farley ,'*from - Victoria for Australia : U' S stinr
Goldi borough. . 0 ; » «taw Ecwan; : June 20, Kor ,
Weather Report
*L'n!fed States Department •> of ' Agriculture —
Weather Bureau. San. Francisco,; June '2l, 1908.
Xa*t \u0084 Seasonal ' \'
Stations — 24 brs. to date. Normal.
Eureka O.QCy 33.98 45.90
Red Bluff ......... 0.00 , 20.08 24.96
Sacramento .0.00 J2.20 20.09
Mt. Tamalpals .....0.04 24.99 "22.80
San Francisco .. Tr. 17.35 22. 2T
San Jose r.... ...... 0.00 11.68 22.20
Kresno ; 0.00 7.64 9.68
Independence 0.00 5.29 9.53
San Luis Ohlspo .... 0.00 18.06 , 20.51
Los Angeles ......... ». 00 11.72 15. 04
San Dlegi -t).00 5.55 10.01
STATIONS I H ?" -. 5 gS"
5 j ? •\u25a0\u25a0:: \u25a0.\u25a0\u25a0. f \u25a0 : ;
Baker .... 30.08 54 40 N Pt.Cldy .OS
Blalne -..-... . . .30.06 66 .. SW Pt.Cldy .00
Boise ......... 50.02 (52 46 NW Pt.Cldy Tr.
Eureka .......30.24 56 48 :NW Clear .00
Flagstaff .....29.68 7H 43 SW Clear .00
Fresno.. 29.90 78 62 SW Clear .00
Independence .29.00 SO 60 : SV\" Clear .00
Los Angeles ..29.»rt 74.54 SW Clear .00
Marshflfld ....30.22 62 .. NW Pt.Cldy .01
Modena . 2».r.8 SO .. SW Clear .00
Phoenix 29.68 100 64 W Clear .00
Pooatello .....29.94 fiO 46 8E Cloudy Tr.
Red Bluff .....10.02 74 ftO N Clear .00
Beno 29.96 <54 40 N Rain Tr.
Kosebnr* 50. 22 64 48 W* Pt.Cldy .00
Sacramento ...30.02 74 46 NW Clear .00
Salt Lake ....29.78 64 . . ' NW Clear .00
San Diego ....29.94 04 58 W Cloudy .00
San Francisco .30.06 64 50 W Clear .00
San Jose ..30.06 72 .. NW Clear .00
San.lj.-Obhtpo.Bo.o2 66 150/ W Clear .00
Spokane . .....29.92 66 50 NW - Cloudy .00
Summit 44 25 8 Pt.Cldy .22
Tacoma 30.14 62 50 W - Cloudy .00
Tatoosh .......30.16 54 50 NW Pt.Cldy Tr.
Tonopah 29.74 08 48 NW Pt.Cldy .00
Walla .i. 30.00 70 60 W Cloudy .10
Winnemucca ..29.96 66 38 NW Clear, .00
Ynma ...... /.29. 60 100 62 W Clear .00
The pressure has risen steadily over northern
California and Nevada and the weather has been
clear in California but cloudy In thp Sierra,
with -occasional light showers. There has been
a rise of 8 degrees in temperature. at San Fran
cisco, but a fall of nearly 10 degrees In the San
Joaquln valley. .
San Francisco and vicinity— Fair, warmer
Monday; light north winds, changing to west.
Santa Clara valley — Fair, • warmer Monday;
light north wind.
Sacramento valley — Fair, warmer Monday;
light* north wind.
San Joaquln valley — Fair, warmer Monday;
brisk north winds.
Los- Angeles and vicinity— Fair Monday; light
east wind, changing to west. ' .. \u25a0
. A. G. McADIE. District Forecaster.
r»_rLru-ijTjTj-»JTj-u-in^jTj->^^ * * - -
stmr Tordenskjold, from Ladysraith for San
Francisco; Br stmr Wimbledon, from Victoria
for Australia.
Passed in Jnne 20 — Sohr S C Holmes, from
San Pedro for Townsend.
SOUTH BEND — Sailed June 20 — Stmr Yellow
atone, for San Francisco. -
BANDON— Sailed June 21— Schr Ruby, for
Ban Francisco.
FAKALLON ISLANDS— Passed June 21, 2
p m— Stmr Tamalpals, .from Grays Harbor for
San Pedro.
EUREKA— SaiIed June 21— Stmr G W Elder,
for Portland; stmr Roanoke. for San* Francisco.
SAN* PEDRO — Arrived June 21 — Stmr Coos
Bar, hence June 17; , stmr Queen, from San Di
ego; iimr J B Btetson, hence Jnne 19; stmr
Shna Yak. hence Jnne 10. •
Sailed June. 21 — Stmr Queen, .stmr Roma, for
San Francisco.
LUDLOW— Arrived June 21— Batk Fresno,
hence June 1; stmr Tlverton, hence June 17;
echr J H Bruce, hence June 3. .
HONOLULU — Arrived Jnne 21 — Stmr Lurllne,
from Hllo and sailed for San Francisco.
VICTORIA — Sailed June 21 — Br atmr River
Forth, for Australia; June 20, stmr Governor,
for San Francisco.
Arrived June 20 — Ger ship Wilhelmtne, from
Panama. t ;.•-'.*
MOVILLE— SaiIed Jnne 21— Stmr Columbia,
from Glasgow for New York. ' +
LONDON— Sailed Jnne 21 — Stmr Minneapolis,
for New York.' \u25a0 • . . •
HONGKONG— SaiIed June 20— Stmr Lennox,
from , Vancouver via Yokohama.
NEW YORK-r-Arrived • June 20— Stmr Cale
donian, from Glasgow and Movllle.
SOUTHAMPTON— Arrived . June 21— Stmr New
York, from New York. \u25a0 \u25a0.: \u25a0
LIVERPOOL — Arrived June 21— Stmr Caronla,
from New York. \u25a0 • ' -•\u25a0•'.»-.\u25a0-.
, DOVER — Sailed June 21 — Stmr Finland, from
New York.
QUEENSTOWN— SaiIed June 21— Stmr Cam
pania, from New York.
\ Woman Loses Valuables and a
Cheap Handbag Is Sub
stituted <
While kneeling in prayer not 10 steps
from the altar in St. Mary's cathedral
yesterday, a thief stole the purse be
longing to Miss 8. Coutesse Sewall
! of Norfolk, Va., a. guest at the Hotel
I Stewart, and in its place substituted a
shabby Qld handbag.^ :„\u25a0\u25a0 .
Miss Sewall's purse contained $20 sin
gold and |5 in silver, besides two rail
road/ tickets , to Yosemite valley and
return, one in her own name and the
other in the name of Miss Eleanor T.
AVood. In the handbag were only a
few nickels.
Only a few people were in the cathe
dral at their devotions when she en
tered. She dropped the purse in the
seat next to.-., her. When she- ceased
praying and was about to go to the
confessional, she again looked for the
purse, ' but it • was no longer there.
Miss Sewall Immediately notified the
priests of the church, and^by their ad
vice she reported the mattec to Chief
Biggy. " /. - ;^^ ;;^\-
Buys Out Sullivan & Consi
dine in Portland, Seattle,
Spokane and Butte
Morris Meyerfeld.a well known the
atrical manager, who arrived in this
city from Portland'last night, brought
the news that the Orpheum circuit has
entered the northwest field. The "ex
tension will Include^the cities of Port
land, Seattle; Spokane and Butte. The
aters in these; places 'have been leased
from Sullivan & Considine, who have
taken stock in the Orpheum circuit,
and who will confine their own activ
ities in the future " to smaller show
houses. i . -- '\u25a0•'.- \u25a0.-\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 V " V
- The theaters leased at<» the. Marquam
in Portland, the Coliseum in Seattle,
the Columbia in Spokane and a . new
opera house in Butte A 10 year lease
has been taken on each one of : these
buildings. This invasion of the north
west gives the Orpheum entrance into
all the large cities west and south of
Joseph O'Farrell Is Married to
Miss Annie Foran at
Pretty, Ceremony : •
A pretty wedding ceremony, was -sol
emnized yesterday, „; In /'Joseph's
church when Joseph O^Farrell, a young
businessman of this; clty^was* married
to ' M iss* Annie/' Foran.Va j yoiingfgir 1
graduate of* St. ; .VlncenUs j college.'.'Rev.'
Father Mulligan tied \u25a0 the \u25a0 nuptial * knot
In • the presence .- of a~? number £ of ' the
friends of the ; happy".pair. ; ' ' v; i^.-^y
The church: had; been- prettily: deco
rated for .the' occasion, and standing
under* a % mammoth , bell of ; flowers- the
bride was given " away ; by - her sister.
Miss Marie Foran. \u25a0« Miss Irene; Buckley
sang two very ; pretty ; songs.: •
' Mr. and Mrs. O'Farrell left last night
for Los fAngeles. Af ter , a three i weeks'
honeymoon in the southern part of the
state they.wlll: return to San Anselmo,
where a pretty home awaits ; their com
ing. . . -'.r-'-'^SB^SttStKSBBmMBBtBKA
; Down in Texas an enterprising water;
melon * J grower jh as; : invented : <~tf^rriachiri«
to* seeds* the S melons, and nowA melon
seeds • are^jßellingi as \ low : as \u25a0 15 :• cents ; a
pound. «.' Hundreds !£ of ,< acres - of ' melons
are grown^Jn 5 Lipscombe j county
each ; ; year^ f or. 4 thel speciflct purpose ; : of
obtaining,* seedjs,' 'the: melon itself not
being uaed. \u25a0$,' ~.ty ' V : ' ; -.. \u0084; ,j,;.; : -:-v
Entertained at Dolores Church
After Ball Game AVfth
Columbus Knights
Hospitality, for which the old \u25a0Mis
\u25a0lon Dolores has long been famous, was
extended ; to the members of the base
ball team from; the United States ship
Louisiana and many others by. the
women members of the old parish last
evening:. ..Yesterday afternoon a ball
same, was played at' Ingleslde between
the ball teams of the San Francisco
council: of /the Knights of Columbus
and the team representing: the. United
States ship Louisiana. The game re
sulted in a victory for the Sari Fran
cisco Knights, the score being 1 5 to 1. "•"
-The proceeds of the contest are to be
used inrpreservlng the old church which
was established : mere, than a century
and a quarter ago. The members of the
parish have started a movement for the
preservation, of .the ancient \ edlflqe.
Several hundred ;; dollars were raised
by .yesterday's ball, game 'and/ this
money will be used in making repairs
to the church.
Immediately after the game the sailor
athletes and the team representing the
Knights of Columbus were invited to a
banquet which was given by the women
of the parish. The hall was decorated
with flags and bunting.
: Brief remarks were made by A. JVtLe
Breton, who acted as toastmaster; Rev.
P. J. Cummlngs, pastor of Mission
Dolores church; Rev. Father Gleason,
chaplainof the fleet, -William A. Kelly,
Gavin McNab and Rev. Father John P.
Tobin. ''!'.-•••
The women who aramged tha ban
quet were: .
Maud I.athnn . Annie Lynch
Julia O'Neil ' Kate O'Nell
Kate Shea- \u25a0 Joaephlne Shea
Margaret King j Lillian Rusac
Margaret C. Torpey j Katherine L. Torpey
Margaret O'Brien j Sylvia O'Logblen
Nora Cotter j Mary, l. Tobin ;; ;
Mary I. Murphy ! Mary G. Murphy
Anita McMillan | :> V: -
Noted Divine to Consult Com-
mittee Before Accepting
Post in Washington
MANILA, June 22.— Bishop Charles H.
Brent, who recently was elected bishop
of the Washington diocese, will not
reach a final decision In the matter
until after he arrives In Washington,
and confers with the standing commit
tee of the Protestant Episcopal church.
Bishop Brent will leave here Juno 30,
going first to Boston, thence to Wash
He feels that, his duty lies here, but
he may, after conferring with the com
mittee, accept the Washington see.
Blrtb, marriage and death notices sent by mall
will not be inserted. They must be handed in st
either of the . publication offices and be indorsed
with the name and residence of, persons author-
ised to have the 'same, published.', Notices re-
stricted simply to the announcement of the event
are published once in this column free of charge.
' \u25a0'. ' -^ BORN' -\u25a0\u25a0•• \u25a0:
BRADLEY— In this city. June 18, 1908, te> tht
wife of Mark H. Bradley, a son.
Blxler. David...... 77 Perez, Fell* J...... 28
Bush. Annie T....V — Peterson, Mary L... 59
Davis, Maria. 75 PlnHottl.. Glacomo... . 31
Gallagher, John 73 Remu5........ (Infant)
Groneand, • Mary A.. 6 Sarry, Mary. Vt 0... 19
Hector, Antonette.. 54 Savage, Mary G..... 18
Hewelcke. Maria T. 59 Schell. Sarah O .07
Higffv Elizabeth J.. 68 Sbeehan, Jeremiah... 40
Hodge, Catherine... 80 Shrewbridge, Thomas 28
Hooker, Thomas..;.. 61 Wallace, James.... .". 87
Larkin, Margaret M. — Walterstein, Albert.. 53
McAvor. Michael... fin Williams, Thomas... SE>
McGrath, William.. 63
BIXLER— In this city, June 20. 1908, David
Bixler, beloved husband of Augusta Blxler,
a native of Baltimore, Md., aged 77 rears S
months and 1 dar. '
Funeral services will be held at his late
residence,' 2845 Pierce street, today (Mon-
day), June 22, at 11 a. .m. Interment private.
BUSH— In thlsi city, June 20, 1908. Annie Ten-
nent Bu«n, wife of the late Henry Bush of
Hamilton, Nev., and mother of Henry T.
Bush of San > Francisco and A. J.. Bush of
Hamilton, Nev., a native of England.
Friends are respectfully Invited to attend
the funeral today (Monday), at 2 o'clock
p. m., from -her late residence," 3tt Sixth, ave-
nue ' between Lake street and Presidio reser-
vation.' Incineration private.
DAVlS— la' Oakland, June! 21, 1908, Maria Da-
\u25a0 vis, dearly beloved wife of Jsmes Davis, and
loving mother of William T... James 11., Mary
K. Davis. -Mm. Carrie W. Jacks and the -late
Robert F. na vis. and sister of William Me-
Uiilre of Oakland and Mrs. It. Woolbart -of
Martinez, a native of County Roscommon,' lre-
land, aged 75 years 7 months and 21 day «.:'.*
Notice of funersl hereafter.- - '-\u25a0,\u25a0,\u25a0•\u25a0•.."
GALTjAGHER— In Livermore. June 20,-1908,
•• John Gallagher, beloved brother of the late
I Patrick Gallagher of Oakland, a native of Ire-
land, aged 75 years.
1 ! Friends are respectfully Invited to attend
the \u25a0 fnntral tomorrow (Tuesday). June 23.
1908. at 9 o'clock a. m., from 403 Oakland
avenue, .Oakland, thence to St. Frances de
Hales cburch, where a / Solemn : requiem high
mans will be celebrated for the repose of bis
soul, commencing at 9:30 o'clock. Interment
St. Mary's cemetery.'
GRONSAND— In this elty. June 21, 1908. Mary
Angela Gronsand, dearly beloved daughter of
Fred 11. and Mary E. Gronsand, and darling
- sister of Vera Frances Gronsand, a native of
San Francisco, aged 6 years and 9 months.'- :.
The funeral will take, place today (Monday),
'. June 22,; at 1 o'clock, from the residence of
j the parents, 370 Lexington avenue. Interment
private. , . \u25a0 j '
HECTOR— In Berkeley. June 21, 1008. Antonette
iS.,. beloved .wife of Robert . 11. . Hector, and
loving mother of Robert Jr., Antonette and
Vlvla Hector, a; native of California, aged 64
rears, 6 months:. and 15 days. : , '..
HEWELCKE— -In this city, June 18. 1908,
Maria _-T.,_- relict of the w late Edwin •H.
HnwelCSe, ; and dearly beloved mother of : Ed-
win J. - and Herbert H.v Hewelcke and the
late LydaM. King,- a native of St. John,
N.. 8.,- aged C9 t rears and- 18 'days. A mem-
ber of Franklin circle No. 115, C. O.'tF. '•\u25a0*\u25a0<•.
- Ftiends and acquaintances are . respectfully
.invited to attend the funeral today , (Mon-
' day),: June 22. at 8:30 \u25a0a. m.. from her. late
residence, 123V4: Clipper, street between Church
and Sanchez, and thence to St. Paul's church,
corner - of : Twenty-ninth and ; Cburch • streets,
whore \u25a0a' solemn requiem high ; mass will be
. celebrated for^ the \u25a0 repose , of ber " soul; j com-
.. mcnclng.at 9*o'cjock a.'.m. Interment ' Holy
! Cross cemetery, by carriage. . -
% Franklin circle No. 115,. CO.. FS-Tothe
; offlecrs and members: >•\u25a0 You are -requested -.to
- attend - the -funeral of our - late companion,
Maria -.-T. -- Hewelcke, ' \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 today v(jionday). June
• 22. at 8:30 ». ra.. from \u25a0 her -late residence,
'- 123H Clipper street near Church." By order, of
, _ U. L. WOOL, Financial Secretary. 1 \u25a0.;\u25a0.
HIGGS—InJ- Berkeley, Cjune2l. j 190S; 1 Elisabeth
I j J., beloved! widow of the late Thomas ; Hlggav
'• and loving mother of Frederick G.,: Arthur P.
:' and : Maud ; Htggs, \u25a0 Mrs. ; Lizzie Price ' and ' Mrs.
Florence Abraham of Berkeley and Mrs. Marina
Ropers of Alameda, ; a native. of Bristol, : Eng-
\;land. ; aged 68 years and 13 days.
HODGE— In this cltr, June 21," 1908. Catherine,
; dearly beloved wife of J.R: Hodge, and loving
'-) daughter of - Mrs. \u25a0• Mary ! - Donovan \u25a0 and lorlng
y , sister of Mrs. W." S. ;• MacDonald.; Mrs; H. . 8.
' . Mitchell i ßnd Mrs. 1 James Watson, 'a native \u25a0 of
i,! San Francisco, aged 80 rears and ((months: r,
' " Remains ,; at the J residence of -: her \u25a0' sister.
:Mrs. ,W. S. Mac Donald. 2126 Hayes street.' No-
.:; « tlce \u25a0of j funeral ; hereafter. 1 : ' '; .
HOOKER— In ' this r city. " June 19.* 1908, Thomas
; Hooker,', a native, of Ohio. a?«-d 61 years.
LARKIN— In : this city," June 20. ! 1908,. Margaret
£. M.,< beloved daughter of i Michael - and : Annie
= I.arkin, T and loving atster of Anne Larfcln and
' Mrs. John \u25a0E. Cornyn, \u25a0a \u25a0 native :of San : Fran-
;- elsco.:.- \u25a0- -^M^WWitf^sAtgaWßßgMßßwajSß^
L , V.' Friends and acquaintances " are respectfully
' '. Invited *to " attend the ; funeral \ today r ( Mon-
-;.. day)," «t 9 a. ; m., -, from her; late " residence,
; 4444, Twentieth; street; near Eureka. Uhencft to
I- Holy Redeemer church, • where 1a 1 requiem j mass
will -be celebrated \u25a0 for ; the repose ; of ' her soiil.
V"- ; '- ~ : - ,"; '\u25a0 '-\u25a0. ; ..--OFBlCB:':^--^";' : 'y>;^^' : :^:
804, ; SOS, SOS and 807 Union Square =' Bulldlnav,
'. \u25a0 '-J-- .'-'-•..: 850- POBT,OT;^'. -' •'. .- .
Xtltpaoßt, Douglai 18M, \u25a0---:\u25a0
rcommenelnj; 1 at \u25a0 9:30 a. m. Interment Holy
'\u25a0''. Cross cemetery."
McAVOY— In \u25a0 this city, June 19.'. 1908. MlcUaeV
7 beloved i husband 1 ot - Katherlne MvAToy, and
'-• loving : : father, of '- Frank -and Edward ,' and ' liie
• lute Barbara and " Emma SlcAvoy, ; a: natlTe, of
Ireland, aged 1 63 J years. ; : : ,; .; : '"»
. Friends < and ; acquaintances \u25a0 are - respectfully
- lntlted 'to "\u25a0 attend - the funeral \u25a0 today . (Mon-
. *ay); June - 22. at 0:45 o'clock, -from his late
: residence, 22T ' Twenty-serenth • street. : thence
to-fit.: Paul's church, -where "a requiem high
1 mass wlll.be celebrated for th»repose of his
\u25a0 soul, commencing - at -. 10 r. o'clock.", Interment
Holy Cross cemetery, by train leatlng Twenty-
fifth and Valencia atreeta^af 11:40. o'clock.
McORATH— Ia Oakland, Junk 20^ 1908,' WlUlam.
beloved ' bsaband of - Mrs.~ Mary .McOrath. and
father of Mrs. R. E. Major. Mrs. Ed Williams
fand Richard, • Alfred, Frank, Nellie, Charles
and Vernlta , McGrath; ; a natlTe of California.
, aged 63 years. •- . /\u25a0 '• ' \u25a0
PKRB^— In San Pablo, June 20. 1909, FelU
Joseph, belored son of Mrs. M. Asears and
, the late Fella Pereis. . and brother of Mrs. , C.
Oomez,: Mrs. R. Lynch,' Mrs. C. Lawrence.
Belle Perea and Mrs. D. Gray, and nephew of
B. A. Montoya. a native of San Paolo, Cal.,
agfd 23 years 9 months and 9 days. -c £\u25a0 mem-
ber of Point Richmond " aerie No. 354r*F»-O.
X.. and Court San Pablo No. 8218, A. O. F.
: . : Friends : are respectfully Invited to - attend
- the funeral tomorrow (Tuesday), at 9:30 a. ra..
from his late residence, thence to San.l'ablo
- church; • where ; a requiem high : mas* will be
.... celebrated for • th* repose of \u25a0\u25a0 his noul, com-
rumeneing at 10 o'clock. Interment -San Pablo
\u25a0.cemetery.,^ \u25a0 .... \u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0'\u25a0-\u25a0':-
PKTERSON— in Oakland, Csl., June 21. 190S,
\u25a0 Mary L. - Peterson, widow of the late Andrew
J. Peterson, and mother of Mrs. Henry L. de
Leat, Andrew J. and Martin L. Peterson. Mrs.
Engen* H. . Baker. Emma 8..; William A.,
'Henry C. and Arthur H. Peterson, Mrs. Harry
''J. Haesloop, and the* late George 11. and
.: Annie jM.- Peterson, and sister. of George, H.
and Louis N.* Strieker, a native of Louisiana,
i jtgti 59 . yeara 11 * months and 14 days.
PISSOTTI— Ia ' Oakland, Cal.. June 17, 190S,
Glacomo- Plssottl, a native of Italy, aged
.-•3 l years. •.- \u25a0-,-.-.
=.? Friends and . acquaintances are respectfully
invited to attend tbe funeral today (Mon-
day), Jun« 22. 1908, at. 2 o'clock p. m.. from
Foresters' hal), Thirteenth * and Clay utreets,
under • I th«, auspices of .Court \u25a0 Vertano No.
168. F. O. A. Remains at the parlors of Cunhn
& Caporgno,-13U Clay street-corner of Seven-
teenth street . and San Pablo • avenue.
REMUS— In ! this city.' June 21, 1908, 1 Frederick
F., youngest and dearly beloved son of Herman
. and : Mamie Bemns (nee Bartholdy), and
brother of Roy Remus, a native of San Fran-
cisco, \u25a0. aged 7 months and 14 days.
SARRY— In Harward, June 20. r 1908. Mary
Vlella Grace ' Sarry, dearly beloved dsutthter
\u25a0 of Mrs. W. A. Duncan and the late Stephen
Sajre \u25a0 Sarry, and loving sister of Mrs. J. -R.
Wells ; and J. S. Sarry, a native of Florin.
Sacramento county, Cal., .aged 19 years 3
. months and 24 days. \u25a0 \u25a0
SAVAGE— In this city, June 20, 1008. Mary
.Gertrude, dearly beloved * daughter of Patrick
and Elizabeth Savage, loving sister of Katber-
ine,^, Margaret. Anna and William D. Sarage
and Mrs. ' Josephine Crowley, and niece- of
William H. and Michael Savage, a native of
' Vallejo,' Cal., aged IS years 2 months and 5
days. "
Open wide are the silvery gates
That lead to the heavenly shore:
Onr Gertie has suffered in passing through.
But her sufferings now are o'er.
•- \u0084: .. . . :-z : v ; w.;P."
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
Invited to attend. the funeral tomorrow (Tues-
day), June 22, at 8:30 a. m., from her late
residence. • 473 Vermont street, \u25a0 thence, to j St."
Charles Borromeo church, where . a requiem
high . mass will be celebrated for the repose
of her soul, commencing at 9 a. m. Interment
Holy Cross cemetery.
SCIIEIX— In this city, June 1«, lf»08. Sarah
- Chase Schell, beloved wife of the late George
W. Schell, and mother of Mrs. Lena A. Dick-
son and Fred W. Schell, a native of New, (
York, aged 67 years. \u25a0\u25a0• ' - .- - -,"
Friends ; and acquaintances are respectfully.
.Invited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Tues-
day), at 10 o'clock -a. m.. from the funeral
l parlors of Bunker & Lunt, 2666 Mission street
Twenty-second and Twenty-third (Ml#
\ slon Masonic ' temple). ; Interment > private.
SHEEHAN— In this city, June 18, 1908. Jere-
miah, beloved son of Joseph and. . Ellen Shee-
ban, and brother of Daniel, . Dennis, James
. and Joseph Sheehan, Mrs. D. J. : O'Connor and
the late Patrick and Mary Ann S.ieeban, a
native of Courtbrack, Blarney, County Cork.
Ireland, aged 40 years. A member of Phoenix
grove No. .179, D. A. 0., of D. (New York
- and Boston papers please copy.)
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral today (Mon-
day), June 22, at 8:30 a. m., from his late resi-
dence, 818 Douglass, street,', thence .to St.
James church, where a requiem high mass
will be celebrated for the repose of his soul,
'commencing at 9 a. m. Interment Holy Cross
•v cemetery. \u25a0 ; ' ' • ' '
SHREWBBIDGE— Ia this city, June 21,-1908.
Thomas F.. dearly beloved son of Thomas and
'" Margaret Shrewbridge, and loving brother of
Hannah. John, Lizzie. Martin, - Margaret and
Peter Shrewbridge,- and nephew, of Ann Don-
nelly and Andrew,- Peter, and Martin Shrew-
bridge, a.\u25a0 native of San Francisco. . aged 2S
rears. A member of Guadaloupe parlor No.
231. N. S. G. W.
Remains at his late resideno*. 74 Paris
street near China avenue. Notice of -funersl
WALLACE— In this elty, June 21. 1908. James,
S beloved husband of the late Mary Wallace, and
loving nncle of Lizzie Butler and Mrs. Mary
Savage, a native of County Limerick, Ireland,
aged 87 years.
-- Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
\u25a0 invited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Tues-
day), at 8:30 a. m., from his late residence,
83C8 Twenty-second street between Valencia
and Guerrero streets, thence to : St. James
church, where a solemn requiem high mass
will be celebrated for the repose of his soul,
commencing at 9a. m. Interment Holy Cross
WALTERSTEIN— In this elty, June 19. 1908.
Albert Walterstein. beloved husband of Ella
Walterstein, \u25a0 and \u25a0 father of * Frank and Ella
Walterstein, and brother of Frank Waltentein,
.' a native of Germany, aged 53 years.
Frttnds and 'acquaintances are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral. today (Monday),
June 22. at 12:30 p. m.. from the parlors of
Porter & White. 1214 Eddy- street near La-
guna. Interment Odd Fellows' cemetery.
Members- of San Francisco 'lodge No. 3,
B. P. O. Elks, are notified to attend the
funeral Of " our- late brother. Albert Walter-
stein. today (Monday), June* 22, 1908, at
1 o'clock p. m.,' from the chapel of Odd
Fellows' cemetery, , Point I.obos and First ave-
nues. .By order \u25a0'. - *
,« F. J. S. CONLON, Exalted Ruler.
-t Attest: HERMAN KOHN, ; Secretary. .
WILLIAMS— In West Berkeley, June 19. 1908.
' - Thomas, beloved son \u25a0of \u25a0 Manual and : the late
= Anna Williams, and brother of \u25a0 Antone Wll-
- Ham*, a native of Boston, \u25a0 Mass., aged -25
\u25a0" years 8 months and IS days.'
; Friends 1 and acquaintances are ' respectfully
invited to attend the funeral today. (Mon-
day), June \u25a0 22,. 1908. at 9 o'clock a. m..
. from his late home, 901 Bristol street, thence
to St. Joseph's church, corner of Addlson and
St. Joseph streets, where a requiem high mass
"will be celebrated for the repose of his soul,
commencing at 9:30 o'clock. Interment St.
Mary's cemetery. \u25a0 \
Member Stock and Bond Exchange." '- \,
\u25a0\u25a0'— PHONE KEARNTT^BIS— V ;V
. ' '.-'\u25a0- ":'.', -' '.' \u25a0'..* .'.-v \u25a0 . \u25a0"- ' - '
Office Furnish-
ings^:: foesks,^
Tables, Chairs
(549-657 MissionSstreet
\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 ':-rc:\yr:^ ,:, \u25a0 : - \u25a0\u25a0•.>.v,-j.:' > V:.%:' £;.j- -:;;\u25a0_».;;
\u25a0 OCB ABT TR AVEIi \; '
\J la\|O0» Topi Twio-fcrew Passenger St eattej a
i : —-\ »..„ . : Direct 1o \u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0
Norway, Sweden and Denmark
- * ",.\u25a0 Sailing from ; New I York at noon ' ": *
Helllg^ Olav..;.June 25'C. ! sF." Tletjen. ..Uuly 16
United BUtea.V. July V QJOscar > II.". ::.\ . . July 23
A. E. Johnson «£ Co., 1 Broadway, N. Y.
• ' ! ;Or Local; Agents.^ *'/^. ;• -
; _ ' ,'. ';.'., ?/;?\u25a0 ;
« Montleello B.^ 8/ Co. \ and ' Napa ; Valley : Electrh
B. ? R- V Co. J; Close; connections. ; \u25a0 \ \u25a0- . \u25a0 ; •;
'\u25a0: 6^ROUNDITRIPS,DAILY--« ,
/\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 Boats- leave 1 San: Francisco' 7:oo, »9:45 a.|aj.;
12:80 noon.!3:lB,i6:00, *8:S0 p.im. -• t
H San i Francisco < landing ' and - office. ' Clay street
wharf,': north * end i ferry 4 building,"; Market street
ferry. Meals a la carte. HHSSBHTfI
3»lMfli;J«"»Tjr.:Xard,'/di«ci \u0084 :~7j£&£?i £*\u25a0
Office 601; McAllister >ti Phone Park ISOS.
Important Auction: Announcement
San Francisco Relief and
\u25a0Red Cros^ Funds
At the Relief Headquarters, Corner
' Qeary and jQough Streets
Remaining In the Above Hcailijuarters.
Thursday, June 25, 1908
At 11 o'clock a. m.. at the RELIEF HEAD-
. \u25a0 „ QUARTERS,
Corner. Geary and Gough Streets
\u25a0 The sale 'will comprise In part Bolters. Fnr-
naces. Warehouse Trucks. Kecs Steel. NaU«. W<>
Doors, . 450 Windows, Double- Washtabs, Stop
Cocks, about 4.000 pounds Gaspipe Fitting. 200
KEW GAS RANGES, about 10,000 feet Gaspipe.
sundry lot of Second Hand Gas Ranges.
• All the OFFICE FURNITURE, comprfsto?
Roller and • Flat Top- Desks. <»ffle» Cbalrs, 6ft
Victor. 'Falroji ami Library V Burean Flips. 21
Tvp»writ*Tß ((Il?frrent mak^s). Oil and Gas Heat-
ers and an immense quantity of goods too numer-
ous to mention. , "\u25a0
Terms caHh. Deposit from all purchasers.
Chattel mortgage Sale
THURSDAY, JUNE 25. at 11 A. JL. at
931' Folsom St., bet. sth and 6th
. To satisfy the mortgage in the above case I
will sell 30 head of good horses, also some har-
ness. Horses at stables Wednesday, June 24.
Remember the date and place. \u25a0
S. A. JOHNSON. Attorney for PlamtltT.
- JOHN J. DOYLE. Auctioneer. /
AUCTION SALE by. Order of J. 31.
Toner. 20th and Kolnom- Sts.
I will sell his entire stable of some handsome
matched teams and a stylish lot of rigs; 1 trap,
1 surrey, 3 fine buggies and harnesss. with team;
also 23 good horses from the ranch. His new
auto will take the place of his horses. Also
several large consignments of horses and rljs of
all kinds. Sale Monday, Jane 22, 11 a. m., at
13th and Valencia sts.
\u25a0 . - WM. CLOUGH. Auctioneer.
Jte *5& -£\u25a0££
At the Oakland Horse and Vehicle Ki-
1 change, WEDXESDAY, June 24th
II a. m., I will sell at Public Auction. Com-
bination Consignments. They consist of Big
Heavy Mares, Mules, Saddlers. Roadsters.
Buggy,' Family,-- General Business, Camp and
Ponies, all thoroughly broken; Pack Saddles.
Vehicles In Camp. Buggy and Delivery ; SO
sets of Harness. 665 4th St.. Oakland. J. W.
MEDEIROS, Licensed Auctioneer.
.<Y7"""J!n. Steamers Leave Broadway
/£\V?£-&C^V Wharves (Piers 9 and 11).
MnMa m\ berth .and meals.
I I \l3sk 1 | srECIAL> R'»' : Nl) \u25a0 TRIP
SANTA ROSA ...Every Sunday, 9:30 a. m.
QUEEN....... .ETery Thursday. 9:30 a. m.
PRESIDENT.... June 22, July ". 22. 1:30 p. m.
GOVERNOR June 2T, July 12. 27. 1:30 p. m.
CJTY. OF PUEBLA... July 2, 17. 1:30 p. m.
\u25a0 And Every Fifth Day Thereafter.
Round Trip, Including Berth and Meals, $43. "
June 23. 2S. Juiy 3. 8. 13. IS. 10:S0 a. m.
And Every Fifth Day Thereafter. ,
CURACAO...... July — . 10 a. m.
-The palatial Alaska Excursion steamship
SPOKANE will leave Seattle, 11 p. m., July 1,
10 81. August 15.
Bight reserved to change this schedule.
SAN FRANCISCO— S Market st.. 112 Market st.
and Broadway Wharf — Tel. Kearny 492.
General Officps '. 112 Market st.
Freight Office Broadway Wharf
OAKLAND ' Ticket Office ..063 Broadway
'CD. DUXANN. G. P. A.. San Francisco.
TAHITI. SOUTH SEAS— S. 8. Marlposa sails 11
\u25a0 a. m., July 1. Round trip, first class. $125.
Bcenlc line to NEW ZEALAND, via Rarotonga,
Cook Island, Ist $167.50 to Auckland. 977.50
HONOLULU— S. s5. Alameda sails 11 a. m., July
•4. Round trip. $110.
Passenger Dept., 673 Market st; Freight Offlco,
,\u25a09O Clay st. Phone Temp.* 1231.
Compagoie Generale Transatlantiqne
„ Sailings every Thursday, Instead of Saturday.
at 10 a. m.,' from pier 42, North Rlver.foot of
Morton st. : \u25a0 . .
First class to Havre. $70 and upward: second
class •to : Havre, $4r> ; and upward. ' . GENERAL
ADA. 10 State St.. New York. J. F. . FUGAZI,
Manager Pacific coast.. R3O Montgomery" st.. San
Francisco. Tickets sold by all railroad ticket
agents. . - >g£> '.-
Northwestern Pacific Railroad «Co.
May t>, 100S r
; - For SauKallto, Mill Valley, San* Ra-
fael — Daily: " Every 30 minutes /'from
6:45 to 9:45 a. m.. hourly until 3:45
p. m.;* then: 4:15 and every 30 minutes
until 7:45 p. m.; 8:00, 10:35 p. m., 12:15
a. m.
.• On ':- Sundays additional trips ias .fol-
lows: 10:15, 11:15 -a. m. and- 12:15, 1:15
p. m. • " ?
For Fairfax— Week days: 6:45, 7:15,
8:15 a. m.; -2:45, 3:45, 4:15. 4:45, 5:15,
5:45 p. m. Sundays: 8:15, 9:15, 9:45,
10:15,- 10:45,. 11 m& a, m.; 12:45, 1:45, 2:45,
7:45 p. m.
For Snn Qurntln — Daily: 7:45 a. m.
and 1:45 p. m. w » . . -
,8:15 a. m. andj,2:4s p. >m. daily for
Lagunltas, Camp."Meekt»r. Monte Rio,
Cazadsro. and* way/ stations'..
5:15 p. m. dally,"except Sundays. 9:45
a.- m.- and' 7:4s' Arirn. Sundays. only for
Point' Reyes and: way stations.
For Tlburon, Dflvederr nnd San Ra-
fael— 7:33, .B:oo, 9:00. < 11:00 a. m.; 12:30,
3:30. 5:10,:5:30, •6:2sp.;m.daily.
\u0084'.On 'Snnday additional, trip at 8:25
p.*'m.'ifor San .Rafael and intermediate
points. \ -A ;
-> 7:35 •a. .m. dally — For.' Petaluma,
Santa Rosa. Healdsburir. Cloverdaler
Uklah. V. Wllllts.':: Sherwood. Sebastopol
and way stations. SAtaSMHMBtfI
8:00 'a." m: daily — For \u25a0 Petaluma,
Santa. Rosa, Camp. .Vacation, and way
stations. ' ; *VHv a VS£4HfB'MiBMt*
,9:00 a. m.. dally — For Glen Ellen and'
way ;' stations.. . . '•* *
ll:00"a. m. dally^For Petaluma.
Santa Rosa and way stations.
3:30 p. m. daily— For Petaluma.
Santa Rosa. .Healdsburgv Cloverdale.
Uklah.; Guerneville. Sebastopol and way
satlons. : .
-. 5:10-"'p.^ m. daily— For Petaluma.
Santa" Rosa and way stations.
I '6:30 p/'m. daily— For Glen Ellen and
way,, stations. ' r
* 'TUxiron ; only; ; • \u25a0 . :
~. Pacific: Transfer, Co.'s agents are au-
thorized -to - check baggage direct "from
residence. , MPVBPsvMHB
Ticket • 0ffice. . . .'. . . ;. . . ....... :. Ferry Building
G eneril o races. . . ,y X . ., . t .iamec flood ' BoUdlaz
: ~ ;- \u25a0'' .\u25a0 \ -~~~~~
y^STT^s^ Train (•«• tad at* t sts t
\?tM$MrJ an Francisco
X^/otfyf Fhosi SLwr 24," 1808
\*ic7*\/ FERRY PEPOT,
Foot of Mafeet Street
~6UOa Hayward. N k ilss.a«Jo««.. Li .A. v 7JW*
7.00 a Ricamond. Port Costa. JBwkaa, fan
- t -.mn. Dixoa. Bacrameßto.RoaeT|l«;
Marys ville. Bedding. Dunamar.l. . 738f
7.00 a Etoirs, VacaTflle, Bumsey^f.. A. 7JBf
' 7.00 a Davis. Woodland; (Marysvflle. or\-
TJUe). Williams. llAXweO. Wfflow*
fiaaulton. Coming. Tduaa. Rs4
Bhiff /••;•»— \ 7*2Bp7 * 28p
740 a Vallejo. Xspa. Caiistoia, Santa Rosa.\
Martinej.San Ramon. ...\ BJJSf
740 a Niles. Plesssnton. yTennore. La- \
tarop. Stockton. Traejr. Los Baaoa, \
Kennaa, Hanford, ' Vnaba. Porter \ ,
yffle. Bakersflsld. . .............. T-28i
B.oot Rassel. Newark, tentcrrJDs, Saa \-
Josa, Los Gates. TVrifbt, tfLsur«l) 9M*
BJ2Os Port Costa. MsrUa es Brron. Traey. A
Stockton. Merced. Iresno, Goshen \
Junction (Hanford). VissJia. Porter- - V
rille. Bakersfisld .: *-<$»
BJOa Yosraits Vafle/ t» Merfed ..... . . *.**•
9.00 a Niles. Uvermore, EtoektonfMilton)., >
- Valley Sprint lone. Sacramento. 4.48»
o.ooa Sonora. Tuo!umn« and AtgAt. ....*' «•«>
».00a Atfsntio Exprts*- Sacramento. True
kee. Oa-lff n. Salt Laks Dty. Eoter. ;
Kaasajaty J,-28>
9.40 a Richmoad. Port Coita. Martmej.... 6.4 a»
IO.OOt Th* o»r:snd Limited— DenTer.
Ksnsu Oty, 0 mahs. Cfcictfo ,?*S >
10.20 a Vallejo, Mars Id and, Napa......... 1 1.28 a
10.20 a Los Aagslea Pa ssenpr— Pert Costa. .
Martine*. Byron, Tracj-, fitoektou.
Merced. Jresno. Hanford. Visalia,
• Tulare. Bakersfield. LosAnplea... 7.48>
10.40 a GoMfldd Pass.— Port Costa. Benicia.
Ssersmsnto. Trnckee. Eafra. Mina. . -
Tonop«h.Goldfisld. Laws, Keeler.. 7,48«
1 0.40 a Marysrille. Chico. Red Bluff 4>48»
1 20? Niles. San Jose, and Way Stations.. |4|p
1.40 a RuaseL Nmrk,Ban Joae, | j|o3B»
2^o^ Beaida, Sufaon, Sacrsmeato......'.* IJ>8»
2.20» Portland Express rria Davis). Wu-
liams. Willows. Rfd BinS. Ash- '
land. Portland ...-. »2^Bi
3.00» Beaieis. Wintera, garramento. Wood-
; laad. JUrysrills and OroTflls 10.48 a
3.00p Saa Lwndro. N Her San Jose/. ..... »^Ba
3.20p P3ft Costa, Uartuex. Bjroa.Mo-
desto, Merosd, Fresno. 12.08 a
3^op Via Tiburon, W tst Napa, St Htlena,
CaSston 10.30 a
4.00? Vallcjo, Martin es. San Ramon. Naps.
Calistoca.3ao.ta, Ross .' .•-*s* V
4.00» Niles, Trsoy. Sto ekton. LodL « 0.2*
4.40p Saa Lesndro. Haywsid. hHn.l tt^tk
Pleasanton, Llvsrmors 1J11.48a
B.oos Tha Owl limited— Newman, Los
Banos, Mandota, Fr«no, Tulare,
"Bakenfidd. Los An feles .".J. 8.48 a
8.009 Russel. Sat. Jo sa. Los Gatos. Wright. 9CB »
6.20? Sin Leamiro. NUes. Sa» Joss 7.48 a
\u0084 8.40p Vallejo. Port Costa, Benicia. Suisua. ..---\u25a0.
Sacramento : I I^Sa
•.20a Eajtera Express— Ogdtn. Pueblo, *
Deirrar. Kansas City. St. Louis. . «
Chicago....... i ••-
Port Costa. B saicia Sacramtato, "
Raao, Sparka ..'..;...-..... «^f»
••40» Harwari Nile* aad Ssn Joie. . 2*55*
t7.00p Vallejo. Martinea and Way Stations. : 10.33 a
8.20? Oregon Express— Sacramento^arys-
Tills. Reddinj. Weed (MaedoeL
Doms. Klamalh Falls). Portland.
Pujet Sound and East ••2»
9.00p Chiaa aad Japan Fast Mail—
Oj Jea. Chf 7 enne. Deafer. Xaasas
City. Omaha. Chica go. *ABj
«ar(Third and Towuswnd Streeta)
"iSISOaTSautUa — 23d S&wt. \u25a0 Eouth Bsn \u25a0' -
Francisco. Valencia St., Third aad
Towassnd Vi t a^o«
8.40s ShatUa^Vaiea eia St, Ocean Visw.
Ceas-^ries .Sou th Ean Francisco. 23d
' Street 31 and Town icnd 8.50 a
9.20 a South 3aa Fraa cis co, Palo Alto. Hay-
field. Saa Jo» 8,30 a
?B.sQaHonteray Sx«rsion. Ean Jose, ttl
Iloata-Montarey, Pacific GroT«.... JIO.Oop
7.00 a South San Fraaeiaco. Eaa Jose. G3-
roy. Hollistor. Pajaro, Wateonville. \u2666o*s.
Saata Cms. Bo older Creek. (fDaTrn- JSjSI
po-t).Del Monts. Monterey, Paeifio \u2666•"^*
B.ooa Ths Coaster— Saa Jose. Castro* ills.
Saliaas. Sm Ar do, Pato Robles Ho* *
. Spnats.. Saata 11 argarita. Saa Loia
Obispo. Ocaaao. GuadaluDe. Surf.
Lompoe. SaaU Barbara. Ventura,
Oxaard, Los Aa jcetes 1 1.45*
\u25a0 •.00a Ptjjiro. WatMBT ill-. Saata Crm. . . . I MS*
B.ooa Bouldst Creek. - ( t Davenport) 8.43 a
j B.ooa Del Moata, Moat trey. P»afie Grave. 1 1.45s
8.23 a Sooth Saa Fr-ta elsco, Palo Alto. Saa -
r • Jose, Way Stations.; ....... .V..'.. - 7^Ca
8.20 a Los Altos. Monta Vista, LosGato*. . B.ooa
9JOO* San Jose, Qilroy, Salinas, Paso Roblea
Hot Sprinsa, Saa Luis Obisco—
Los Gatoa. Alma. Wright Trea
Piaos, 3ant» . Crur. Cleawocd.*
Del 51-nta. Moa terfy. Pacific Grove. 4.00p
10.40 a South Saa Fraaeisco, Burlbgame,
San Mateo, Palo Alto. Pan Jose f7.40a
10.40 a LOl Altos. MonU Vista. I.cs Gstot.. 8.40 a
ll.30» Valeacu St. Oetaa View, Colaa,
Cemetsries, Baden, Baa 8run0..... 1.35 a
1 1 .40 a Snatb Saa Fraa eisro, daa Jon ..... t&.2oa
1.00? Stwrdayt— South Ean Francisco, \u25a0
Pab Alto aad Way Stations,. B.ooa
2.00s South Saa Francisco, Palo Alto. Ean
Jose aad W» 7 Stations 8.40 a
t2.00s Lns.Mtas, Moata Vists. LosGatos.. I.loa
3.00 a Del Monte Express. Saa Jose.
GUroy. Chittea dm. Pajaro, Watsoa-
TiUa. SaaU Crux. Del Most*.
Monterey. Paeifio Grore. EaUaas. 12.30?
3.20? Sooth San Fraa cisco, San Jose. Gil-
roy. Hollister. Tres Pinos 10.25*
4.00 a Sunwt Express — Deminc FJ Paso,
Hoostoa. New Orleans^
Paso Robtss HotH ot Spriaga. Ean Luis
f Obirao. Santa Barbara, Los Annies. 11.40s
' 4.009 Dei Monte. Mo a ter ey. Pacific Grove. I 1.45 i
4.00? Pijaro. WationT ille, Saata Crui.... 1 1.45»
4.00» Kansas City. St Louis, Chieaio. ... II .40a
F 4.20? South Saa Fraa eiseo. Saa Jose. . . 1 9.00 a
14.20? Los Altos, MonU -Vista, Loa Gatos.. J3.40»
tS.OO? Saa Bruno, Saa Mateo, Pab Alto. Saa
• JosesndWay Stations'. 9.40 a
.tB.OSp Shuttle— 23d atr eet. South Saa Fraa-
cisa% Valend* Street Third aad
Townsead tS.ISI
15.20? Redwood, Palo A lto. Ma) field. Bunny- -
vale aad Jose... ...; ....;... I.los
t5.20? Los Altos. MonU Vista. Los Gates. . f3.20»
f3.25? Buriinsame. Saa ]|*teo, Saa Jose.. . 3.20?
5.30? ShutUs— Valencia- St.. Oceaa Vie*.
Cemeteriea, South San Fraaaseo.
23d3treet, 3d and Trcawad i.4!3»
8.40? South SanFraa d«co , Eaa Bruno, Eaa
Mateo. Redwood. Palo Alto. Saa
Joss— 3aaU Clara, Lcs Gates,
Wright...... 8.401
8.00? Palo Alto, May Held. Loa Altos.
MonUVisU. Los Gat 05....:..... BJDC*
8.03 Shuttle — 23.1 Street, South Saa
, Fnaeiseo, V aleaeia St. Third aad *
Towasead |.|8«
t8.23? Shuttla-^Val encia St. Oeeaa View.
Cemeteries South San Fraaeiaeo.
23dStreet, Sdaad Towasrnd t?J°>
8.30? South Saa F nncisco, San Jose B. 50»
8.00? Los Aaplss Ptasea fer— Saa Mateo.
Redwood. Palo Alto. Eaa Jose.
Saliaaa, Paso - Robles Hot Sprints. >
Saa Luis Obwpo, . Santo Barbara,
LosAnceles 8.30 a
11.45? South Saa Fiaaeisoo, Palo Alto. Saa
- Jw»..,\,-.':............;.,; t ..." 7.201
_tl.oo>t 1 .00> Sacramento River Steansrt........ tlUo>
Union" Traasfer Conroaay ajents edflect batjjj* aid
eaecks oa trains of Soathern Pssifiu aad oelrm to
re 'idsace. They are authorized to ebtsk bagpze direct
from residence. '
A for Moraine ' P for Afternoon.
itSnaday exeepted 13uadajoaly
wot or maahst ex.
iT.torraeto tMtrtrWuft lT.T»tla>a
wr.K sen- vrzzx. sex. \u25a0 week stj*-
9:45 a; t7:15 A. I:*s p. 10:40 a. 7:25 A. 928 *
... '8:15 a. 2:40 r. 12: X r. 1:40 r. 11 10 A
1:45 r. t9:15 A. 4:45 T. 1:40 r. 4:14 p. 12 : 16 p
3ATUR- 9:4|A. 2:45 r. JZFZZ {\u25a0% t.
DAY jije J : f!'- DAT 3:10?.
Taoal- IJ:*5 a. 5:4 a p. OJtLT 4.40 p.
pais- i-T?** t Tanualn. only ,9:50 p. *:\u2666<>».
+ /2- Iy f? 45 I •"»»«' Wood/- 8:13 p.
I4:4o p. •*-* :> *•! only - •
Depot 12th and Mission sts. Dally except 3nu-
**T— ******* *•:«•. »:15a.»1:43p. R:3on. Ar
rlre: ;., :33a. 9:00 a. M2:S5p. 5:33 p. Saadays sad
holidays— L*.«t«: 7:35 a. 9:tsa. 12:0O aoon/»:3Op.
Vi'S:-.^ lr V. 7 : Xi *' »:00a.. n^S>a. 5:35 p.
C.o2p. 'Mixed. freight an«t pa»*»og»r.
Toyo Kisen Kaisha
(Oriental Steamship Co.)
Ju?" 11 'wos 7*7 * Klirn " <^» M *«> 1»)» Saturday.
8. Bj* "America Mara." . Saturday, Auanut 1.
190 a. f - "^49SSf^^S9P | sva | VBJVGVSMMMMidi'ajHtflflii
,-S;'. 8 ' "Nippoa Mara." Saturday, Aua;uat »,
1909. ... \u25a0-, -v.t'.;' > 89"S8fes^t^BsMSjsjnMSHl
r Steamers sail 'from' company's piers. Xo»."" 4*
44. .near, fo«>t of Second *t... l p. m.. for Yokiv
ha ma and HnnKknnar. rslllnx at Honolulu. k©m
(Hloso). Xasaxakt and Shanghai, snd conneetlnn
at HonekooK with stesmem for; XUnIU. ln<tln.
etc. No cargo : receWeit on \u25a0• board \u25a0oa - day «f
salllnz. - ,\u25a0:_ . .;\u25a0 « . • . .
Round, trip ticket* at reduced rat#*. *
For. freight and passage apply . at n?n>»! 210
James Flood bulldlaz. - * W. H. -AVERT.'
•'\u25a0 " - Asalstaat G«aeral Uaaagtr. .

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