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What women are doing,, -what women
are thinking, and some splendid things for
women to do and think about, are to be
prominent features next Sunday in
The Sunday Call
H. Pierre Smith, in Machine
With Companion, Disappears
When Car Overturns
Young Woman, Stunned by
Fall, Is Taken to Hospital
and Then She Flees
Oives False Address to Surgeons
and Is Spirited Away by
Mysterious Friends
H. Pierre Smith
LAn early morning automobile ride
in an ugly accident in the
J great highway in Golden , Gate park;
*the utter disappearance of H. Pierre
"Smith, a widely known San Francisco
•photographer; the mysterious spirit
ing away of a handsome and remark
ably well' dressed young woman from
: the * emergency ' hospital — these
strange' events resulted in fruitless
search for Smith by wildly anxious
; relatives all yesterday afternoon and
From the time a big touring car
overturned with him and four com
panions "he had vanished utterly, and
the young woman, the accident's only
• victim, "bad left a false address at the
i-hoepltal whence ' Ehe had been hurried
'by, unknown companions.
Smith's Etudlo at 1117 Geary street
:is .one. of the , better known of the
• city. Smith occupies apartments In
ipolk street near Filbert He did not
; return to his rooms Saturday night. In
• the late evening he and two younger
itnen and .two young women, whose
. appearance, according to those who saw
[ them, was that of women of refinement,
'were out at the beach. A part of the
! time they spent at Sheehan's beach
tavern. They departed from this place
« after midnight.
While speeding down the south drive 1
.at the entrance to the great highway
Jat" 1:30 in the morning the machine
I ewerred, ran upon the curbing and
\ overturned. The five occupants were
j thrown out.
One of the younger women lay un
conscious. Another auto which was
! passing stopped and took the injured
j girl to the park emergency hospital.
'The two young men companions went
Uo the E&me place. The surgeons found
; a concussion to be the extent of the
girl's Injuries. When this had been
- given attention she joined the young
(men who had waited for her outside.
! Sh« said her name was Hoffman, and
; that she lived In the Dolores hotel
»»t Sixteenth and Market streets.
At the Dolores hotel no Miss* Hoffman
lives. Nor was any guest of that place
.Injured Saturday night, according to
the management.
Smith did not appear at his rooms
yesterday and his daughter, Mrs. Stan
ley Dollar, who phoned to every one of
bis friends, was unble to learn any
thing ot him.
The wrecked auto was taken to a
neighboring garage. It was a hired
machine and the garage people knew
nothing of the occupants. ' Nor could
anything, be learned as to whither
Smith had gone after the accident or
•what had become of the second woman
\u25a0 fn the automobile.
;Stamboal Quarter Swept by
Flames and 1,300 Houses
and Shops Destroyed
broke out this afternoon in the Stam
' boul winter and .within a .very br Jcf
period a terrible conflagration was
inking -'A -strong, wind -carried ; the
flames along at great speed and for stx
hoars they swept over the section, de
stroying 1.500 houses and shops. The
fire etlfl w«* burning at 9 o'clock to
\u25a0 Eicht. but the : wind * had decreased
The San Francisco Call.
MONDAY. AUGUST 24, 1,908
YESTERDAY — Clear; \u25a0\u25a0 west wind; maximum
temperature, <&; minimum.' 54.
FORECAST FOB TODAY—^Fair; wtnatr; light
northwest wind. Page T
With both feet la the trough. , Pace 6
The future of the republican party! Pase 6
Don't waste the oil. Page 6
To encourage blackmail. Page 6
VTlUlen J. Krjan plans a prolonged speaking
campaign la the east and middle west. Pace 2
Bryan's proposal for guaranteeing national
back deposits Is denounced by Postmaster Gen
eral M£jer. Pace 2
Ksrapt--? boll goes on the rampare and Is cap
tared after hour's chase by mounted policemen
with lariats. * Pace 1
Artist and girl glTe false addresses and disap
pear* after wreck of automobile. Pace 1
Fonaer San Franciscan ( farorites return to
American theater and recelTe warm welcome for
their work In "The Lot* T«le« of Hoff
inana." Pace 13
Ploaeer fisherman pulled Into bay by baby
shark, but Is rescued by boatman. Pace 1
! Robert William Fltzpatrick. builder, killed by
i blow frota United Railroads employe, who pleads
self-defense. Page 13
"Mad dog" wanders Into lodging bouse, in
lower Turk street and makes police riot squad
Jump to capture It. - - Paste 13
Oocntrymen of Claodianes brothers, in prison
la Alameda Jail, fail to risit them.- Page 12
I. W. Hellman Jr. . arrested for speeding by
! Eying squadron of Oakland police. " Pas* 1
Rot. Dr. Adams returns, from globe girdling
itonr and tells members of Congregational church
of his trip. Page 7
Wounded burglar and companion elude pursuers
after being shot and escaping through sky
light Page 13
Visitor at St. Francis admits be represents
kisedom or Greece and maybe be Is doing some
thing for Claudlanee. Pace 4
Captain Arery, who will face court martial
in connection with stewardship of Presidio offi
cers' club, says trouble is due ta his slipshod
i methods. Page 4
Secretary of trans-Misdnlppi congress arrives
and prepares for coming sessions. - Papc 4
President Newhall of California Society for the
Prevention of Cruelty to Childrea forced to apol
ogise for criticism of supreme court. Page 13
French laundry men organize for wax on Japa
nese rlTals. Pace 4
California dub the first to enter field .with
completed calendar for Its first month's work
this year. Pace 6
Miss Julia Phillips to wed Dr. Clarence Page
next October.' Pace 4
Young couple wis consent of Irate father of
proem and are married. . Page 4
V-f>=3a is possibly fatally hurt sad husband is
, -seriously Injured in Berkeley runaway. Page 3
Small boy ca high trestle, borrUled by onrush
ing train, remains oa track until hit by -U»
: engine. " PageS
Los Aageles electric ear strikes ' automobile,
six - persona ' being . Injured, \u25a0 one - probably, fa
tally. Pace 3
Italian shoots iato crowd of men and women
at Santa Rosa- dance and three men are
wounded. Pace 1
Attorney for Ocean, Shore road' tells how John
-JT. Lynch, la Jail at Beso, disposed of bonds
glTen him ss security for loan. Pace 1
Comet, San Jose made automobile, breaks its
coast record by going a rai> ia Santa Rosa race I
In 5S seconds. Pace 3 !
Forty-fire prisoners Ccc from Reao Jail ef ter I
deputy sheriffs are overpowered, and new re
main at large. Pace 4
Xan Boooey. profp.«sonal woman - gambler,
wins $10,000 from Jack Flynn, mine operator.
In Reno. .'? ' Pace 3
Army officers subscribe for defense of Captain
Ham« and his brother and propose to raise
$1,000,000. Pace 1
\u25a0 Mystery of theft of $175,000 from Chicago sub- |
treasury is sol-red by arrest of George XT. Fitz- ,
gerald. former assistant teller. Pace 3
Charles E. Magooa, prorisloaal gorernor, de
clares people of Cuba qualified for self-goTern
ment. Pace 3
Special commission appointed by president
lauds work oa Panama canal and Colonel
Goethala. Pace 4
Custom boose authorities Intend bo Immediate
prosecution of Mrs. Chadbourne and Mrs. Gard
ner. Pace 4
Leaders la Morocco yield to rule of the brother
of the soltaa. Pace 1
More tfrf-" a thousand American bluejackets at
tend services in Sydney churches; officers and
men banqueted by Catholics. Pace 3
Tommy Burns stows away Bill Squires In tht
thirteenth round at Sydney. J Pace 5
Luke Martscb'a speedy pacer, Little Dick, wins
the blue ribbon at matinee meet. ; Pace 8
Tralee's Best easily wins class state at Ingle
slde coursing park. Pace 8
Good sport Is promised at the national cham
pionships of the Amateur athletic union ; of
the United States at New York September ' 18
and 19. \u25a0 Pace 8
Portland and Oakland break erea oa day, but
Oakland gets away with the series. Pace B
\u25a0 Annual dinner race of the California yacht
eltA OTer 10 mile course is won by Captain rred
V. 8u BrutJ's sloop Jessie B. Pace 5
"Scrub" tennis tournament la park results* la
final honors being won by Fred Adams and
M. P. Martin. Pace 5
Pacific cricketers wia from Barbarians • and
Alameda defeats the Golden Gate. Pace 5
H»nnaa Rosenfeldt U erownad Mag of the
' Xard&eutscber schuetzea rereln at Shell Mound
partc Pace 5
Big crowds wateb Gaas, AtteU, Neleou and
Moras work out for coming fights. Pace S
Promoter Luke Marfsch hopes to match Ket
chel and La&gford la October. Pace 5
State - J««pne acoraa: Sea Jom 1, Fresao 0;
Stockton 2. Alamefls 0; Santa Ores 8, Oakland 2;
Saeraavento 6, Sta Francisco •*. Pace B
Eighteen Teasels with cargo tor thta port
passed la through the Golden gate yester
day. :. - ; ,' Pace 7
New York Attorney \u25a0-.? General
Begins ProceedingsiAgaihst
Lines Hauling Anthracite;
ALBANY. N. T^ Au*.? 2*.— Attorney
General Jackson tonight announced that
he ; had Instituted proceedings against
the various railroad companies \ In the
state and' their subsidiary companies
engaged In the transportation * of :- an
thracite coal. He alleges that in viola
tion of the so - called Donnelly antl
monopoly act they "have • effected " and
are now carrying out •an agreement
which In effect constitutes a monopoly
of the hard coal -business within -this
state, and that B uch. an agreement re
stricts the production and regulates
and fixes the prices at which coal can
!be sold ia tiao ptaie of • New. .Xork." . \u25a0
Assailant Shoots Into Crowd of
Merry Makers When Re«
buked for Attack v •
Backs From Ballroom With
Smoking Pistol and Escapes
in Darkness
Bloody Fray Ends Santa Rosa
Festival and Posses Trail
Murderous Gun Wielder
SANTA ROSA, Aug. 23.— Shooting
ruthlessly into a throng of "men and
women who had' remonstrated with
him over his treatment of an old man,
an unknown Italian tonight wounded
two countrymen and an American at
a dance and then escaped from a mob
that set out to catch him and'admin
ister summary, justice. Up to a late
hour the man had not been captured,
although the entire police force of
Santa Rosa and a posse >of deputy
sheriffs were on his trail. /> It I « is j
thought that one o- the victims * may
die. -.
The men who were shot are _ Babbo
blni Duerino, wounded In the left
breast near the heart, and whose con- ;
dition is critical; Stabino Cassaccia,
shot- in the left ankle, and a man :
named Ritchie. -
The flght occurred atTatinl's Italian
hotel during the usual Sunday night
dance. The man who did the shooting
was a comparative' stranger to his
countrymen. He behaved -boisterously
during the early evening and in a fit
of -temper attacked an aged man who :
had taken offense at the rowdy tactics
of the intruder, knocking him' over a
chair. . \u25a0 *£•; ..; : ; v :;.. -' : .. -;""-,'- i
Immediately .the place was in an. upr.
roar. Men and women- stopped;. their
dancing and turned on the .stranger.'
A young woman friend of ; the 'aged
man-- denounced his assailant,* bitterly
and; her , escort advanced | toward him;
when j the \u25a0 fellow py lied revolver* and
fired five shots Into the crowd that i a
moment before had been making merry
to the| drone of 'an' accordion and con
certina. '. . C *\u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0 "
Duerino. Cassaccia and Ritchie fell
before the bullets. Menacing .the
dancers with his smoking weapon the
gun wielder j backed' out of : thefdance
hall into the street and by, a. sudden
dash disappeared from view. Instantly
the dancers, men'and women, started In
pursuit." The: police were' notified and
are! carefully searching the quarter for
the'felllow, whose Identity, is suspected.
Officers Propose to Secure One
Million Dollars for Defense
of Brothers
NEW YORK/ Aug. 23.— A fund of
$1,000,000 is being raised by United
States army ofHcers, according to a re
port . tonight,- to be applied to the de
fense of Captain Hams and Thornton
Jenkins Hams. - -\u0084''
Within the last three days officers of
various forts have called upon General
Peter Hams, father .-. ot:: the prisoners,
and assured him that the army men
are deeply in ' sympathy ; with his sons
and are eager^ to aid in getting them
out of their predicament-- ..: . '• ;.
The gigantic fund was started last
week and - already, according 'to the
report, considerably more tfian $100,
000 has - been pledged.^; It Is doubtful
If anything ! approaching ; 1 1,000,000 , will
be required ' for \u25a0( the -'.defense/ but f-the"
army men have set that as the amount
toibe" raised. ."\u25a0-... : - :\u25a0;-;. .;/.'. s :- : v '".' -i-'-^'r 5 -
j John F. Mclntyre, chief counsel for
the defense, was asked if any further
advances had been made by Mrs. Hams
or Her counsel , tending toward a recon
ciliation with' her husband.' .-,
"There have been none excepting the
first Intimation that reached me," he re
plied. ... "I do not expect that Mrs. Hams
will be a witness for the defense unless
the situation changes."" w \u0084'-\u25a0',y l\
"Mclntyfe said he doubted if the state
would call "Mrs. Hams, but added that
If iit did the defense would certainly
put her through a severe" cross examin
ation in -an effort *to 7 make*, her ? reveal
all* her -^relations'; with'.* Annis.
Captain 'Hains received : bia army uni
form from Port Hancock today. "'.When
he shot Annis he ; wore J civilian 'clothes.
Although accused %of *.; murder \u25a0: by,, the
state Captain Hams' status as a soldier
remains unimpaired, i. ;• ;
Strict orders have been issued by the
war department at Washington against
allowing i, Mrs. > Hams' ;; within s the \u25a0£ Fort
Hancock reservation.' .;.-. The iwar,' depart-,
me n t acted * after \ receiving I word ? from
the ' quarters '* of General ' Hams. " p?y^
Upon, her visit! to ; the 'fort': last '; week
Mrs. Hams.: after • making, a desperate
effort,^ failed Uto ~.i secured even a 3 sight
of the three children. I; She was 1 refused
admittance \u25a0to > General , Hams', quarters.'
As a result : of \ the ' order * from VWash
lngton ' the"; strong I guard .{surrounding
Fort Hancock has been increased. V ;J "»
'\u25a0 N. S. : Lloyd, cashier i for ; the " r i Pike
hardware .-company,? 891-895? i Mission
street, iwas arrested> yesterday f : by j De
tectives j Mulcahy - and -Tom j Murphy i on
the * suspicion , of thavlngjembezzfed the
funds ?of- his semployers.'c'l Lloyd "Jleft
Ids position- about, three, days ? ago^with
out •notice,^ and* a* brief of
his books led to the suspicion that he
was ' short ', In . his ; accounts: ftTo Ipre vent
him leaving town he was arrested and
plaoed" la dctlnu*. : :- -.-•.:_..,\u25a0. .^_ t_^
Bull Runs Amuck in Golden Gate Park and
Men, Women and Children Flee in Terror
Scene] in Golden Gate park ; yesterday when a buft stampeded the . throng • that '.was gatKered;On the
: i 'vi;- ' : ".' : ':'-, v L :- f \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0 .<. ''\Z ,'. - v :.;rnaih-i: .;rnaih-i driveway. " . •'•"; • \u25a0". ;'"-- ' -^-'\u25a0: "-.•;
Ocean Shore's Attorney Says
Security for- Loan Was Dis
posed Of by Promoter
RENO. NevJ, Au g. 2 3.— John J. Lynch,
the San Francisco mining promoter who
is accused of having ; sold Ocean Shore
bonds which he held as security for a
110,000 loan, will be taken back to Cali
fornia; in the-mornlng. -Burke* Corbet,
attorney for the railroad, received word
tonight that requisition * papers had
been issued for the return of the Im
prisoned man, and a detective from San
Francisco is expected to* arrive on a
late train.
Corbet's Interview - with -' Lynch was
unsuccessful, the prisoner - refusing to
discuss his plight .without having con
ferred with his . lawyers ; and friends In
San "-Francisco. • To the newspapermen
who saw him during ; the day Lynch's
only statement was. that he would talk
on reaching ~"the bay." ';y"\ : :.
" . The details - of . the ' disposition of ' the
Ocean Shore: securities is told by Cor
bet. He said tonight: ; ' : ~
"Lynchr. who \u25a0 has been In -the mining
promotion \ game -In > San Francisco,; ar
ranged X through -brokers to; loan the
Ocean Shore" ~ slo,ooo 'in " return for
$40.000 "worth of bonds. : The : loan ; was
executed," tha money • being advanced
when yourv our- stock " was- -placed- in- the
American' national bank."- Lynch- was- to
receive - 10 '> per V celit 1 interest "for A two
years,-, payable I monthly/ About August
6 j some: of the bonds - held by Lynch ap
peared In the '\u25a0- market,' being sold i for
lesa|thanj their face value. We traced
the * sale' as /best we could and immedi
ately started out ;toi finds Lynch. 'He
was 'located -at 'the Overland hotel here.
He probably was on^hls, way ; to ; Ra
whide,": where ' he ' is ; saldito have i inter
ests." . • ;-' •-\u25a0 -I - -\u25a0"•;-._ .. ; V . . .
Blaze Sweeps All Before It and
A Residents Left -Without
.vFobd or Shelter; V;;
- RENO, Aug. ; 23.-—The: town of Hazen,
on ; the : Southern r- Pacific ; railroad,-; was
entirely/ wiped I out -.by fire ithls ,: after
noon^, which smarted \u25a0 In . the rear., of i the
postoffice. .-': \The;^ only/building: * left
standings in [ the"; business .district is tha
: new* depot* and eating house.
% The • flaWes were -.i at V 2
i o'clock' in^the rear, otthe"pbstofflce, i and
a) strong % wind - made r all ' efforts ) of i the
local * cltiz ens iof * no> avail .-; in ; checking
theispread;of;the'flre. »-The loss Is estl
matedat about: $200,000.- -^, U'> ;
i" The. people of Hazen; are all homeless
tonight I and ; many, are .walking Ito ;Fal-'
i lon i, to ' secure ii f oodj and • shelter. ;;.; It : was
; thought J that i two i lives l> had f been i lost,"
1 but?thiSHreportthas'not^been|verlned.
I All ? the I mall Jinf- the | postofflce was | de
\u25a0 stroyed,^ the » postmaster^ not \ even- sav
ing:the:keys;to^his:sa£e^ -^ - .^.^
;*v A." relief train -from: Sparks, arrived in
Hazen t at. 6 1 o'clock > tonight and > brought
several' f of JtheEshelterless\women^and
children Ho Uowns | this | side,^ibut many
were V left Ito k sleep ; over Z night? among
the sagebrush: -•\u25a0'.'..-"'.
*5S,The £ oriirln lof i the j fire has i not « ; yet
been t ascertained. |s but^ is Sthou ght ?*,; to
have 1 started I from f an % explosi on % In " a
-gasoline flighting i plant f near ; the roar
[•fthenoßtoffice. ----.\u25a0 -^ —^s- -
- \u25a0-.:. .'~- - \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0;\u25a0\u25a0
Banker ; ; in Dashing Auto Be
comes - Prey for Oakland's
Flying Police Squadron
OAKL/OvT), - Aug. 23.— Twenty-three
automobillsts, among whom was L- W.
Hellman Jr., the \u25a0 San Francisco banker,
were arrested, at Twenty-third avenue
today by ; the flying squadron of ; the
police departmen t, charged with exceedi
ing the? Bpeed- limit. When 23 arresjs
had been made 'the, police found their
own operations " Impeded by small boys
arid youths with motorcycles, who raced
ahead ;of ; the. 'patrolmen and . warned
speeding autoists '- that ~ a snare . bad
been laid for them. '- This ; compelled 'the
"squadron"' to . suspend chase for
speeders. \u25a0'..'. • ; •'
Hellman ,was coming , from his,coun
try home -at > San \u25a0 Leandro when - taken
Into \u2666 custody./ Policeman James ; Flynn
trailed ;. him ' f or 4 about : a ".'. mile ;on a
motorcycle, and policemen etationed at
Twenty-third /avenue * intercepted : the
financier. .He was; taken to ; the police
station .with a": policeman In; the ' ton
neau of his own machine, and gave J25
bail '- to : be allowed :to proceed through
the city. > ; 'f ' : *~ ' '\u25a0\u25a0 : -'
_ Dr.lG.'A. Smith, a physician, who also
was arrested, gave - $10': In . silver ; and
three '4 $ 10 ." gold i coins ": which \ had j, come :
out of the ; San- Francisco -\ fire stuck
together. L; They .were . placedr apart- in
the i police •: safe, ; and '\u25a0: doctor-is j ex-^
pectedlto ; redeem \ them ttomorrcw. ; f» %
Others ; who were" arrested were: ;M.
Levin,*; a - San • Francisco -'grocer;; G.~= M.'
Merria'nvVa^ merchant Tof VAlameda; : J.
C, i Wright,' V merchant, « Berkeley ;".: L H.
Bennett, merchant,*.San'Jose;\W.\Rale
hold,' merchant;-' Oakland ; 71*. j E.i Bulke
ley,; cl er k.~ Oakl and ; W. ; C.' Heattle," San
Francißco;;H.vC.; Gray, San Francisco;
John Micha,: San Francisco; AlvKAxx,
Berkeley; = George jDawson,; San j Fran
clsco;-;J/:: Johnson, I San'; Leandro;^ Paul
Mohr," a '- teacher* in f.thel Friiitvale - high
school; MA; ; l*h Wllllf ord, . Melrose; Roy
IBorgan, ; San -^Leandro; p M.^ J. \u25a0;\u25a0 Brown,
merchant; : Fred \u25a0Miller,>iM.^H.;Dunbar,
Sunnyside; '-: A." Hamlyn,\ San Francisco;
W. \u25a0H. r.White. Berkeley ; • F. J. : '.Wilson,
Oakland. : : -: V^ i - !^ \u25a0 ; ~- : t - '--.-••...:\u25a0-
Chicago Specialist Passes Fourth
Day Sincerlnoculation'Witli
:';out^ Development
• ,; v CHICAGO, ? Aug. - 1 3.7-f-Four days hare
pass ed '? since ; the : d eadiy \u25a0; germs M>f hy
dtophobia-J fastened ', Dr7 \u25a0. An tbnl o
who Chai^saved i the 5 lives 7 of * 3,50 0 per
sons i attacked \u25a0; by;> the % same . agonizing
disease. 3^^m - •"« s_ \u25a0<- ; >>J : '-<">vVi- '^;:-r* v ;- v... .= .
i--j As. yet there have been no sypmtomat
lc | developm«nts.*,The ; physician, . a j little
more v conscious £ of -i the ~ fate
which i may^ be " awaiting s him/ is j going
on < steadily vwlth*his ' work.l ministering
to; the appeals of patienta,- mixing: his
serums I and I trying i to * forget
am z not t going i to t die.*t£ he t says.
1 ; can be j prevented — gen
erally.'^ Excuse me,; here : Is ; a ; little \u25a0 girl
who ;VU "• bitten j last .week. «s I— — -" • :\u25a0 $•.>. > os.
: '..The S physician |is **• treating ; v himself
heroically, R mora'i rigorously, •# perhaps;
than '; ever.i patient \u0084was ? treated
He is selecting his Instruments and is
injecting! into; his
powerful I antl-toxlns ! known |to > science.
;-f According Jnto re every ~i precedent - J he
must | continue I this I for three \ weeks ; |at
the S end of *- that time he ,wIU", Jsnow
2trfc«shaj^li*i Javki'Jirsj o* aia, .:.;;,
7J6l'- lijkoi winners of cash , prizes 'and the
)^^jco contributions of dozens' of 'clever
j^OTtteij- •published' j» yesterday.- \u25a0 'More on
.Housekeeper's Page! next \ Sunday. '. iVVatcH,
The Sunday; Call
Pioneer Line Wielder Starts to
Sea Behind Odd Towi but •*
Is Saved by Boatman
Jack Flnnlgan. pioneer among the
Sunday fishermen, started to sea unpre>
medltatingly yesterday in tow of the
strangest tug that ever operated in the
vasty deep that lies off the shore line
from the aeawair to Mission rock. A
shark was Finnigan's tow. For a few
wet \u25a0 moments "It looked as if - the ' old.
old story , of "Offiagin; on agin, gone
agin.* Finnlgan" was to be sadly drama
tized, but Harry Johnson, boatman,
came, heroically _ to Finnigan's* rescue.
Johnson himself engages in the -tow
boat business when he is not .taking
folk : from up country out to see our
nation's .defenders, the .battleships, and
It aroused his professional jealousy to
see a* man 'towing shark, and a baby
Ehark at that. Intruding in a field that
| by rights belongs to licensed pilots who
: can charge a fee for their services.
: The shark in -the case did not even have
a permit from the ! United States in
spectors'to go Into business. He was
a bounder, k ; ' . •
"'Finnigari hag been fishing along the
water . front on Sundays for 10 years.
His ? particular point of vantage : was
Fremont , street wharf, < but the unfeel
ing state board of harbor commission
ers razed that dock, and Finnigan had!
to seek a new, place. He went to Main
street- wharf yesterday, but his luck'
had changed. ; - • < .
r On . the_jiew.-territory - Finnigan fell
asleep.; ; leaving -his 'line with its suc
culent • bait trailing In - the tide. Sud
denly he' awoke. , There was a tremen
dous {tug ; on the 'twine,' and with true
fisherman instinct and sameness Finni
g-an" followed the tugr, even thouKh It
took . him v into .-. the ; waters of tMe bay.
-•-Finnigan; held onito, his line and his
mysterious 1 tug: started 'him on an ex
cursion "down -the: bay. Then Harry
Johnson "espied - the -.unusual combina
tion '.. and ' rushed 7to .the rescue. With
Johnson's s . aid ; Finnigan ' drew in ; his
line • and found that' a, Baby; ; shark was
attaTchedJV. 7 ..:, \u0084 , ._ t _
Mulai Hand, ~ Having Defetaed
Abd El Aziz, Is "Proclaimed
as Ruler |^MSB
\u25a0\u25a0'* 'TANGIER, Aug. 2J.^The defeat of
the sultani r Abd f El Aziz, •by the . forces
of 5 his i brother, -Mulal . Hafld, has been
confirmed.!' Abd'ElfAzlx wad surprised
omtheinighttof August'l9 and most 'of
his troops \u25a0 deserted - to ; the - side - of ' the
usurping: sultan: after; the: firing of a
few.-shots.v^". : .v ..-,.- <:--:\u25a0.'-'•'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0-\u25a0-._\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0'•\u25a0 f" \u25a0
'\u25a0 ''=\u25a0. Reports Indicate \ that v the defeat of
Abd El Aziz was due largely. to. the.be-
. trayal -:• of * his ;• own - tribesmen."" '. Mulai
Hafld-has V been "proclaimed sultan of
Morocco at Tangier, and announcement
of ,~ the. proclamation - has L been < tele
graphed -to all , parts of the country. "
w ? All» the officials -who s previously.: have .
been under . the rule >of Abd \EI v Aziz In
this » city* declare * that I they • hav^ ; ac
cepted * Mulal ; Hafld «• as £ their - leader,
thereby^maklng. him supreme' in" all the
large cities : of Morocco. \u25a0 --\u25a0*
i-' BERGENV- ! Norway, ,V, An?.;. 23.— The
Norwegian' steamer I- olgeFonded," from
Bergen i« to -Haagesund; -oa:;the west
coast Sof * Norway. -was C wrecked ' last
night'near.Skoneviks and sank In threw
min utes. ;'*The '. steamer^ carried 70 j pas
sengers and 3 it! is ' believed* 40 vof ? them
were 74 drowned. ,: : : Fifteen^ bodies; have
been irecovered.; The: captain of the
jteamer w« amoaa: those eavei "'-«
Mounted Policemen With Lar- ;
iats Capture Beast After
More Than Hour's Chase
Vehicles Approaching the Scene
Enter Into Melee and Add
to Confusion
Terrified Women and Children
Climb Fences and Trample
Shrubbery and Gardens
Big Throng of Merry Makers
Join in Battle to Drive
Brufe From Park
A maddened bull, rushing
suddenly up the main drive
way of Golden Gate park
yesterday afternoon/, sent
the crowd of merry makers
into a panic, causing them to
flee wildly in all directions.
Women hurdled, fences,
nursemaids gathered their
charges in their arms and
sped away in mad terror and
the. 'crowd trampled flower beds
and shrubs in the frantic en
deavors to get out of harm's
way. ,
The^ bull — a gTeat black .and
white Hoistein — entered the park
from the main entrance off Stan
yan street- at about 4 o'clock in
the afternoon; when it V. was
crowded. There was no warning -'of
the animal's approach. The first the
crowd knew of it was to sec the big
hull charging madly through- gjonps
of playing children. The little ones,
shrieking and affrighted, ran to their
parents, and with one accord the hun
dreds ot persons rose and fled. Near
the main entrance there is a wire fence
built to keep visitors .from trampling
the grass, and over this the crowd
In close pursuit *of the bull were a
couple of mounted policemen, risking:
their lives to head it of?. In their
hands they swung lariats, but the bull
met every effort to rope him by short,
fierce charges, which forced the no-ant
ed policemen back.
\u25a0 The panic was intensified by the
passing, vehicle* which -.were driven, to
the scene, . the drivers, all Ignorant oZ
the danger, being forced to come to a
sudden stop and drive back . again as
fast as the horses could travel. The
bull repeatedly got away from the
mounted poUcen>en and on every occa
sion would put his head down . and
charge toward groups of persons along
the driveway. .
In the melee clothes were torn, hands
and faces lacerated .and numerous
women became hysterical. It was not
until after a struggle th&t lasted more
than an hour that the hull was cap
One of the mounted poUcemen. riding
Vaquero like alongside of the ant mat as
Is charged, threw hi 3 rope over Its
neck and brought it to the ground with
a smash. The next . moment the rope
In the hands'" of the second mounted
policeman spun through*, the air .and
was drawn taut across, the heavy. neck.
Between. the two. men the bull was led
away, fighting every Inch of. the road,
to a corral at Thirty-sixth avenue and
C streets. The police were ; unable to
find the owner of the animal lxst night.
Married Miss Frances Edwards
of Winters ' Less Than
Thjree Months AgoJ
: SAN JOSE. Aug. 22.— Edward , "W.
Dayton, : a prominent socieQr and busi
ness" man of San Jose, who", was mar
ried . less than' three v months , ago. died
at his residence/ 471 Norta First street,
at . 12:30 o'clock this morning. His
bride, who : today became* his widow,
-was Miss Frances Edwards of Winters,
a graduate of .a San Francisco hospital
and of the San "Jose high \u25a0 school.
Clayton was suddenly taken 111 two
weeks "ago while : playing golf on .the
Linda^Vlsta links. Among \u25a0 the physi
cians \u25a0- summoned - to* * attend him ".was
Dr. S,'E._Moffatt of San Francisco.
Clayton was the president of James "W.
Clayton & Co.. real estate dealers. rand
a son. of the late James W. Clayton, a
prominent Califomlan.
RENO. Aug." 23. — Prof., E. Whitney
Martin, formerly of Stanford university,
arrived here tonight to accept the chair
of philology, made" vacant by the resig
nation o-f Professor. Church, one of the
oldest \u25a0 professors =in the "Universlly < of
Nevada. Church has ! resigned to devote
the next few years to studying weather
conditions under the . direction of the>
government; on 'the top, of Mount Rose.
- MERCED, : Aug. 23J— James «' E. Clark
of Fresno.the SantaFe engineer who
wasrstruckby.aniail.hook while run
ning ~hisi train yesterday, died * laat
night- He> never > recovered < conscious
ness alter tie accident, v

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