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You can confer a lasting favor on the
children of your acquaintance by tell
ing them of The Junior Call, issued every
Saturday, for the boys and girls of San
Francisco and California, which makes
every Saturday seem like Christmas
Collier's Exposes Inside History
.of Standard OiLMissives
Used by Journalist
Files From Archbold's Office
Stolen by Negro Clerk Nearly
Three Years- Ago
Originals Photographed and Re»
turned to Cases at 26
NEW YORK. Oct. 19.— Under tfaej
i headline "Mr. Hearst's Thieves'* there J
will be published ia Comer's Weekly,
out tomorrow, what purports to be
the true story of the manner in which
the founder of the independence
league obtained the John D. Archbold j
Standard oil letters which have fig
ured so prominently ia the presiden
tial campaign. The editor of Collier's j
describes the article as "the story of!
a white man who crossed the color \
line end his negro friend, the stepson !
cf John D. Archbold's aged butler; ho-nr j
they sold the Standard oil c2sce files to j
the Hearst newspapers for a triiie over
1 12. 000."
"It was Willie TVinfield aad Charles
Stcnip," says Colliers, "who sold • the j
letters." Tfiafitld, a negro, tras file j
clerk, a messenger and door tender of i
Archbold until ISOS. He I» tte stepson i
of Archbold's trusted and now aged j
regro butler.
**Socn after the presidential election
cr ISO* Etuzrp became a fars::iar figure
tt rights in the editorial rooms of
Hearst's New York newspapers.
Some cf those who obserred' him
thought him consumptive • because of
his remark&tle pallor. He wore a frieze j
overcoat and aa air of the utmost self t
assurance. He had tatsr whispered con- j
x fer«acea. calling two or three times J
k: week for daisy week*. It Is hard tot
Tensember back three years In » Hearst
cSoe (so much is in the air there all
the time — from ideas to tissue mani
foMlsg paper*, bat to those, who es
caped from the maelstrom with their
brains least impaired it seems now
quite certain that these visits lasted
from eariy December until the middle
of February. Along toward the end of
his visit* Etump became generally
known to managing editors and other
authorities of the office. Including, of
course, the oflce boys, whom he
•corned, as the man with the Standard
oil letters.* It was known that the two
h'.gh officials In the Hearst offlce,
Slump and a photographer, met in the
photograph rooms of the newspaper. A
cafe in the oSce became known as the
•safe with the negatives of Standard oil
letters in it." TYben news was dull and
the editorial council was dolefully be
wailing the fact, it \u25a0was commonplace
for one editor or another to sigh, 'Wish
the boss would let us into those Stand
ard oil negatives in the safe.*
"Early in ISCS Mr. Archbold discov
ered the theft, and 'Willie and Stump
were discharged. They had cleaned up'
a little over $12,000 by the series of
transactions in Park Row. and a small
part of this they invested in the saloon
£t the southeast corner of One Hun
dred and Thirty-fourth street and Sev
enth avenue. The rest they dropped
"Concerning the letters. Stamp says:
•We've stirred up the campaign for fair.
I wrote a letter to 31r. Hearst when he
began reading the Archbold letters,
raying that, considering the sensation
they were making, he ought to send me
a little money. There's no use trying
to see him. You can't get through the
office force, but no money has come
from that letter.
" 'And yet. do you know, Mr. Hearst
hasn't begun to read the best of the
letter*. He's beginning easy. Walt till
you hear him read the Senator Penrose
and the Senator Aldrich letters. Then
i there'll be a sensation. 'What's hsppen
[ Ing row Is nothing. He hasn't the
I originals, you know. They were re-,
turned to the Standard oil files. Pho
tographic copies were made, and those
ere the ones Hearst Is using. He
hasn't the originals, except . a few
1-lar.r.a letters, which may not come oat
at aIL After the photographed " copies
of the letters were sold to -the Hearst
people tome of the letters were re
turned to Sir. Archbold by a friend of
mine (Stamp grave his name, which is
here suppressed because he is living
honestly). Mr. Archbold had offered us
$1,000, but be didn't pay It after he got
his hands on the letters.
•* *We knew it was too much risk to
rteal the originals jdd then keep them.
Archbold would be eyre to ask some day
for some one of them, so we had to
photograph them and then return them.
"'Willie fetched the stun* to me, but
he never showed xip at the Hearst oSce
at a!L They've never laid eyes on him.
It's me that stands to lose on any pub
licity. Willie has nothing to lose. He's
got his Tarry town home. He's fixed,
living there witii his stepfather, who
has the job with Archbold.' "
ALPENA. Mich-. Oct. IS— The certi
fied known death list resulting from
the forest fires in Presque Isle, and
&lpesa counties stands tonight at 41,
with several persons «tlll reported
sisslng and a probability of severe
loe* of life in northern Pclaski and
Krakow townships in Presque Isle
c*inty. At lea*t.€o families were liv
ing near the shore of Lake Huron in
the northern half of Pulaski and Kra
kow townships, and nothing^ has been
heard of them since the -fire.
CHETEXNE. Wyb., Oct. IS.— Two
persons were killed and *S others more
or less s*rloaslr injured as the result
of a email tornado blowing, the caboose
ef m. Cnion. Pacific worktrain down a
three foot /embankment near Sh©rmaa,
£9 Biles west of here/ this evedsz.
The San Francisco Call.
TESTEEPAT— P»rtIx docfly: tr«t wiiuS;
nMTingca texsperatarr. 63; lataimass. S2. -
FOaECJLST FOR TODAT— F«ir; coder; freA
Eonh wjimU. . 4 • '. rji, J \u25a0 Pace 13
Merehr »a exbibitiOß of Hearcft tn*l
**• ' Fa«c 6
V»r«aM« w!;h • metsxg*. Page 6
Gorerwapnt work tfeat teli>. Page fl
Se* York's sopreEMcy tiret :eL.ei. -- Page 6
T»ft e*Urm ttrtlfkt tit* «t oppoaeat la *4
crpsscs dellrerFd Ja e»«t. * Pace 3
Joes* I>unse Is 10 to 7 f trorite ia betting,
with bet Sew txkers. , . Page 2
Mnr^y «aa N>irtwr?l». iafilct** Bwr Uwxers.
!g«p irsrajr. «>n tier appear la wort f or «r
rdf=ss«st ca charge & attesptlas to bribe
Jurcr. . , Pa pee 14
Jucgt iMtrioc U *rpect*4 to mtXt *a mitt
tr^ej- alaed to preTpnt RxitVt t«-cotai*-a fnsa
alssling with 4jJ*saen. Pace 14
Repre*e=tatlT» of Blcbznood district taproT*
~ezt r!sb trlZa 'fecperrlscrs people «r* firm
«^»ia»t bellying tactic* of United BaUroadi ia
attezspt to r^ab lover Market street saoaopolj'-
Cooi^«Ey c-Cers f£,OM) a year for . perma
la-nt pennlt. . Pa^e 1
I Saperrisor* ist roters to ksow nad«r''pro
i p<:«*d ftxactise grrb. Pace 1
Dire kepperm explored v ofaciali ia Carroll
Cook'i court. ». Page 1
JTocng la£!ec' Mdalltr of Holy Redeeater
ch=rch to pr**est farce at library fscd
| be=e*t. Past 7
| Sc£rs£*ttp* ttU! inaiatiia hea£ccxrtrrß ia Sac-
I »2»«:to catil >j:«lat=r» ad^oorss. Page 3
I Grtad cfcayter cf Esttern Star of Califorcla
|to dff : ia aaseal cotsauxicatica at F&lr
j isocr' todij. Pa«e 5
Local sercbasts to &£&t applicatioa of Beao
| taeaxfor tersitoal rate*. Page 14
PoUre fan to csptsre nimdeier of Mrc. Glo
ra&aa Cercgb!&o. - Page 3
Al&n Aedenoa accepts pomioa »s secoad
ri<?e presWest of the Ixndoa-Paria aaticatl
I bask. Page 14
rowell »treet «tr daebes dewn "ateep bill and
! -\u25a0'\u25a0-*\u25a0 ;::«-Lr»:t are Injured. Pace 14
I »«•\u25a0«!: D«tcr car eatbstiacte ;-laa tiro dare*
! road reclß?. Page 7
State MiEeraloebt Aoberj- urr« § lav* to pro
tect forwt resource* 'of stare. \ p Pace 11
Dessscd TltzseznU. acted hjdrasUc esglaeer,
wia report oa H^-:ci Hetcay water sapplj
K>b«ae. • Page 14
Ferris HtTtn«a cad coEptaj presest "The
OT2>e Boy" for their farewell week at ' tae
Priacess theater. - Page 3
EreljTi V* = rtaa as»zai«» role cf Bret Harte'a
! berc£ae aad Bakes big bit: > " Paare 3
i Seat *«> fee the Saxrta teetiztoeilal at tbe
Prlncees Tbcrsdar cpeca aopfdoaslr. Page 3
ut£a& M. ilartxeli; t VexlUjr retired • steel
Eusaate. aaooti blai«elf at Hotel Bafael^i*,
re»n!t of grief over the deata <•; bit
\ . - v P«ce 1
( Wii«Uisx solalit to iU St. , Uarr's college
be!ȣt ia Dressilasd risk. Pape 4
Babr Joha Marda most face ordeal of cross
exemtsstloa today. . Page 4
Koted lawj-ers vHI ;st« series of lectsres to
StasTord law ctsdeats. Pace 4
Arcbbisbop Blcrdaa is ere?: of boaor at
•laborate. receptico .at St. Patrick's ter
n Page 4
Work oa new Carcael experSsteat rtatioa to
bexia by trrt of year. Page 4
Miss Etael I. B&ttls2«r, scrse .at Eooserelt
bczp!t£l. comslts ixlcide aad depctr coroacr
witLbolds facts. Page i
Teraj offi-rlal» refsse to release WulUia Hat
field to Sberl3 Laagford calee« $Z.OOO It guar
anteed as reward. I . Page 1
Despcsdent ia sickaeas. Mrs. Losise HoUea
beck of Boclder Creek kClj herself wit*
rl£e. Pace 3
**ColUer'«" exposes Hearst's SUadard oil letter
thieve* . Icside blstorr of gtaadard oil lalsslrea
bared la detail. . Pace 1
Operatloss cf ice stock pool are bared dortCf
trial of Gbartes W. Morse ia X*ir Vert. Jodge
brands operators a« "awodatloa of ad-
Teatarers.** . Page 4
Japcsese giTe Axsericaa sailers royal welcome
la Tokyo aad frieadsbip betweea catloss Is more
trzzly cessrsted at dlaaer U> officers. . Pace 3
B-s«iaa press jolrs la deaiaadiag release of
Aisericaa csjastly tepris-ssed ia St. ,. Peters-
Harrr StOTer of Petalcsia will hare 74 borses
la traisiag tais wiater. . Pace 8
Presideat Booc«Telt aec«pts . boeorary- -rice
pres!deacy «f scbool ataletle league. » Pace 8
Polo usas prepare iai the cpeaisg of
•easoa. . . Pace 8
Locosx&Se ettabllsbes record orex Vander-
Klt eocrs*. , Pace 8
Fair Play will be cbipped to Esglaaad for ha
portaat race laeet. .. I Pace ß
PoweU-Merphy figfct tiiU \ witboat a ref
eree. " Pace 8
Staaford TZrcirj- sea selected to sit at trala
isg table. PaceS
Users China aad Maacberia will both be here
frees orient withla tte next week. Page 13
Jii»s He lea Joees will xsxke fcer debst at a
tec ca Xorcmber 7. Pace 6
Preddest Haicrey cf Oceaa Sbore railroad ex
presaea . wSUccness 'to - settle dl£Temce« with
electrieUst* csioa. Pace 3
pVtRY eledor who
f— ' fails to vote for
Assembly Constitutional
Amendment No. 3 casts
- a vote for boss rule and
; against direct primaries.
The dir e c t primary
I amendment* will be at
the top of the last \u25a0
column on the general
election ballot. Do not
leave the booth on No-
vember 3 until you have
voted for Assembly, ;
Amendment No. 3 .
Improvement Club' Member Tells
Supervisors His People Are
* Too Patriotic to Yield
United Railroads Offers $2,000
Yearly for Permanent Sut
ter Trolley Permit*
Compte and -McAllister Move
Acceptance, but Proposition
Is Quickly Voted Down
"We have enough American blood
in our veins .and enough* of American
' principles in our hearts to oppose this
Sutter street grant utterly," said b.L.
Stott of the Richmond i improvement
club to the board of yes
terday. "The United Railroads have
tried to bully the people into 1 " coming
before you and begging you to grant
it this, privilege. If we should yield
and acquiesce in letting this valuable
permit go to the company for little
or nothing tomorrow it would begin!
again on some other scheme' in the <
same old, bulldozing way." ;
The sum of 12,000 per year for a per- s
manent trolley permit : on the outer i
Market street tracks was offered X the [
city yesterday by the United Railroads I
through various intermediaries find j
after the curiosity had been . handed j
i around the board for a while in debate •
it was sent to the public utilities com- j
mitteee for dissection.
Pollok at once called attention to trie I
company's change of front, all previous I
negotiations having been, on the basis !
of a 'temporary" permit only. Pollok I
insisted on offering a temporary. priv!^ ]
lege to the company at SJOO per month! \
As soon as the $2,000 proposal was j
before the board Comic and McAllister j
moved its acceptance and the . making j
of the 23 year award, I but the board 1
having defeated Pollok's [%ZQO- motion j
in spite of, the eight* "ayes" of Ban- ]
croft,, Comte, Jennings, VMcAllister^ j
Murdock. Payot, Pollok jjj and cßixford. j
sent the matter back to the public mil- i
Ities committee. V !
- .'President^ Beckman. of '^tbe~-Sutter «
street corporation stated in answer to
questions from Murphy that his com
pany controlled about 12.000.000 worth
of securities and some 160,000 wortb
gf; rolling stock— the cars . not burned
In the fire— and added he could • give
the board "assurance that the f 2,000
would be paid." /
Murphy replied that board did
not doubt the financial, outcome as the
"United Railroads undoubtedly .7 could
pay the money.'V •- • . ••. ,: - :; \u25a0-..,; -
Thornwell Mullaily ar.d General Man
ager Black" were present. Black saying
nothing and Mullaily stating only that
the road would not pay - for. a, tempo
rary permiC- They withdrew upon trie
reference to cominlttee.
Clever Actor^ Succumbs in New
York as Result of an Old
.. NEW YORK. Oct. IS.— Gus Rogers of
the stage comedy team of Rogers broth
ers, died here late today of appendicitis.
Rogers had an attack of appendicitis in
Chicago in; 1902. but he deferred the
operation. He improved' and. so was
able to resume bis work. on the stage.
He was taken eick in Utica, N. V., three
weeks ago. .
Gus Rogers was one of the best
known low comedians on the American
stage. The brothers. Max and Gus,
started their Etage career In Austin &
Stone's music hall in Xew York in 1599 '
They did a German dialect and knock
about act." " '\u25a0-.\u25a0;. ';\u25a0 _. i \u0084. \u25a0- . - :_.: ,-!
Ten years ago. after • becoming well
known in vaudeville, they- were signed
by Klaw & Erlanger. They appeared
firsts In "The .Round of Pleasure" and
later starred In "The Relgu of: Error."
*The Rogers Brothers In and
other pieces written for them. - -;
Gus Rogers : was said to .be worth
1300.000. most- of which Is invested In
theater property in .this city; A widow
Maude Raymond, a vaudeville player,
and two children survive him. -
George Carter Frightens" Nuns
and Pretty Young-Board
ing Girls
SAN JOSE, Oct. 19.— George Carter,- a
hobo. In l some inexplicable ; maririef. :
managed to get inside of the high -wails
of the Notre Dame convent of this 'city;
and the unexpected sight of a villainous
looking individual Yon -ithe "> premises
caused a panic among, the pretty board
ers and nuns. Carter conducted himself
in a shocking manner and an appeal for
help was : sent -over the telephone.- Ex-
Pollce' Commissioner William McCarthy
was the first man to arrive. on the scene
and he handled the. fellow very roughly.
He dragged' Carter outside of -the gates
and turned bim over to; trie police.. In
Justice Dougherty's court. an hour later
he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to
serve three^months^inithe-county-jalL'
Men Argue j Over Statements of
the Bible and' Both Are
-Killed >
WALLACE. r Idaho. Oct. v 19.--^As the
result of a. quarrel as to there
Is a d!ety ; and ' asi to whether7the state
meats : of i thel blblefare', basedfbn ."myth
ology,':- Peter J-Rukavana^ and i? George
Mcl lck ? are , both' dead tat :Taft,Ta v settle
ment^ near Ay Wallace. v?Mellck? asserted
that there Is no God and that the bible's
statements '- were I untruc^clri •% t he % heat
of ; the* discussion £he 4 drew«*a\'rerolver
and.shotßukavanain;the;moutli f kill
ing 1 i him ' almost ?. instantly.";, Melick " es
caped.'?but -while s trylns,iUo*g»l n -' the
shelter > of a the; bills "fell I over 5 an •fem
bankment I and I landed lon v his head.*? lie
received ilnjurles^ from £ which 5 he ; died
yegt«rday r morning;'; ;--.-.\u25a0:-\u25a0-- \u25a0\u25a0- - ';^_ L , 5 ,
"J r Stand oh^
Demand $2,000 Before They
Will Permit. Sheriff Langfoni
to See : Dunham Suspect 0
SAX JOSE, Oct. -19.— Following an
interchange of. telegrams between Sher
iff JLangf ord, . who - has , gone-: to»Sher
man, Tex^ to bring back TVijliam Hat
fleld," the -Dunham - : suspect. District' A
ttorney Free tonight gave out. the ;fol-,
lowing statement, in ' regard to the sit
uation in Sherman: -v- \u0084
"Thcofficers »of the county In which
Sherman Is' located are 'refusing to* al
low Langford- to' even see Hatfleld, and
they agree : that habeas corpus . pro-;
ceedings r- noW; pending wwily.l y. be X dis
missed if- 12,000 ' in ' addition J to. the
51.000 .offered üby.u by. the\-Btate - is \u25a0 guar
anteed." "This means; that the Shermacr
officers themselves ; are f behind; thetha
beas-'corpus'-'proceedings ; in ;.-. behalf Jof
Hatfield.; and tha'tlthey I were lnstitated
to hold up the. SantalClara officers^and
not j to" protect; Hatfleld's .rights. ,. .'.The
attitude, of^ the iSherman officers . is, an
-absolute' violation, of t the laws; of , the
comity,- of - states -\ : and r*a*: yiery% high
handed , procedure, „ particularly '.as!, the
Texas i': governor ~ has * already, honored
the requisition "of 7 the governor Vof
Calif ornia." " \-' : .'\u25a0..". \u25a0» .-...., - '\u25a0\u25a0';'\u25a0- ',;
A telegrain: was sent^tonight.to Gov
ernor;-JGHlett,; who 'r 'speaks ;ati; Long
Beach* asking; him r to 'take 'up . the case
! with Governor ;Carter,\ of 'Texas.- : The
attitude of thelTexas^offlcials; is 'an in
explicable 'one. '\u25a0;\u25a0•:: -*\u25a0 They J are ; attempting
to .force" ;Langfordto;guararitee* J3.000
reward, .which r he; has ,'no ' power." to do
unless ;h; he "i takes ? the 'money, f rona , his
own': 1 pocket.'.- €\u25a0> -'\u25a0'-'.''-\u25a0' ', \u25a0''"\u25a0 - s \u25a0 v
;The . SI,OOO . offered^by > California for'
Dunham's arrests Is {only payable^Jupon
hi s con victl on. I ** Accordin gto an agree -
ment signed by/cltUeris whenthe'eoun
try was stirred by the murderer's'fiend
ish crime." the; sum of ; 11,247' Is
within "> 10 Vdays '< of -Dunham's :"capture."
dead > or; alive. ;*? This agreement "is : now
in the possession *of : ; District f /ttorney
Free. - ; The ; signers ; are^ promlientrsan
Josearis.-f J"r;-s"n'- 7 ; \u25a0" -' '. -tW---V-^" *•»'-, ' z^- '••\u25a0
}f SHERMAN.\Tex.. Oct.' 19— The appli
cation • for Ja'.hiabeas; corpus forWVilliam
Hatfield was - postponed^ today ;in »the
district 1 , co-urt. -. -,-i Hatfield\ hopes r to ; pre
vent? Sheriff *Langford'; and; his deputy
taking; hlm^to; Sam Jose^CaL/ where it s
is : believed J Hatfield %Is 5 J.% C.f Dunham.
[ who j killed.-; six -( persons ; a":nuriiber4of
\ye&ri.Bg6'..-:.r:'\'-; : ' \u25a0'''.:':\u25a0-'. y: '\u25a0',' \u25a0"~ :--.' ; '-a
i'• \u25a0'\u25a0:, " \u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0-•-'".\u25a0 .-. . .. - — '•*- =\u25a0 ' ' --• .'• '% . '- .
;; JAMESTOWN, X. I T..; Oct-^l9^_-The
Oolorinade, '^ the . niost - substantial Varid
costly}; building'- bri ' the ; Chautauqua "as"-'
sembly £grounds,M\raskburned sto -the
ground early- today. « Among <the i losses
ls?lTaylor's: prlnting;,offlce.nf, including
the 3 entire 's Aovember,i edition*, of ¥ the
Cbautauquan. "^Xoss.^ about ;Jso.ooo '--- •
I ;>:*£. J KILLEDj IX .; SXOWSTORM : *r*vi
|i \ DEXVER^^^pct. ;i IS.— Six ; accidental
! "deatiis|^r^ tiaceAbJej^toXthelbllridlrig
! snows to'ritn; which :p re vailed tlrili Colorado
; Saturday? night I and?; Sunday, js Besides
sevenp persons a sustained j: serious . In
juries! In jrailroadfoolliaion»iori by.' comi
liogln cootAct^wUhUveVHrtreg,'^ -~-^_^
Supervisors Inform People
Through Resolution About
Proposed Street Franchise ;
if * Strong action to defeat the .street
I grab contemplated in John** J. Egan's
] 219 mile" railway 1 franchise proposition,
| illegally put" on the . ballot of the No
vember 3. election,; was taken yesterday
at the ? meeting of "the board of super-"
visors.. \u25a0 . \u25a0\u25a0;.'';._" ' '\u25a0*.*'\u25a0'.:'
Mayor Taylor declared the : election
commission should never have Inserted
the franchise proposition on the.ballot.
The. board \u25a0 passed'a resolution inform
ing, the' people -of the immensely valu
able character* of therights sought; to
be obtained and; of; the^ fact* that-. Egan
proposed only the jninlmum. charter
percentage - payments jto • the city. =\u25a0 arid
. calling, upon ' the voters to . snow under
the grab^at Uhe^ poll*. -
-.f: Egan'* was ~ granted the"; floor.- and -be-,
sought," the : board not ,to .condemn his
project >bef ore the' people.' Questioned
as; to s bis "l intentions 'and backing, he
disclaimed any; United Railroads .affili
ation^ and ; wouldTonly \u25a0 say. 'his backers
"represented easterri"capita.l." . ' ;.--,:.
t;""A°large, "vague and^expanslve' affair,
this eastern ca'pltal,** 'said f Pollok," but
J Egan refused any -more ripeclSci-irifor
!'riiatidn*. He : declined Rafter j the session
j to give his.resldence"a.ddf«s and stated
I that'he^'hadvnojbuslnessraddress.'*...^ ;
\i Supervisory Center/declared the board
t should^ not^lower^, its 'dignity »> to^treat
j.with; such, a yisioriaryj" schemers or ito
[discuss 'so "absurd a ; proposal.-- but Giari
[nini held- the members'should'; guard the
' } people 'agairist'i event ,'the j possibility :of
trouble; should ; Egan's i ordinance 'i slip
through," and all.^the? other 'members
' supported f, his resolution. It was 'as
follows: «,:;,;; .
,* AVhe'reas.": It i has^ come to: the notice
of '.thls-boardJithatapetitiori' has been
filed r , with 't the \u25a0 election .commissioners
, to : have : placed' upon; the ; official^bal
- lots at - the- coming: election "an - brdi
; nance* granting jto • one • John - Egan < nu
merous .: street \u25a0 railway^ franchises," and
Hi • "Whereas, T 3» the " said #; proposed rr ordi
. nance i provides that 'onlytthe- niunlcl-
I pal" percentage J of>the^ gross s earnings
! prescribed «>y the ; charter, shall •be paid
to , ' the * city i: for t said \ and
'Js iWhereas.f the ; said ? franchises i are •of
gf eat's value,-.* and ?; if ibld
'. dingi therefor weres permitted la? much
larsrer * return f* to ?\u25a0 theK city ~. would v be
' realized nnow.^theref ore,: be it-- .-\u25a0:
\u25a0\u25a0 l-^Resolved,"; that ' this board surge upon
all: electors In city4to«vote:against
the, proposed ; ordinance i for : the " reason
that the same, if legal, will deprive the
\u25a0 city of -valuable -rights without ade
\u25a0 qua te * return.* u-'.;;':' V : . v vVI {'•\u25a0 ;-';f""; -';f " " - --.- :
*; DIE>IX^ FIRE , "
; MOUNT i STERLIXG,_; Ky'4 * Oct. }}.—
cittnty,ilastJnlghV^Geor^|Staffpfd '\u25a0\u25a0. and
three v'chlldren^ were tburned l| tojf death;
Mrs.*-! Stafford ? Jumped ?f rom j' as second
story .window, and - her neck yr&s broken.
~J.\u0094- '\u25a0•*\u25a0' "..-""\u25a0. «v.-^-a-- \u25a0-..\u25a0-:\u25a0/,- -\u25a0-. : " \u25a0'. r*> * .i- -'.'\u25a0'. - '
/:CLATTOX.>^3JL;^Oct. : 19-^Four per^
sonif were 1 n^aridfneajrl Clayton
were^moreFor'SlessS Injured.- 1 *: three #of
iTgwtfftti^ifCair awards watches every
'&&& : /or. leuer^^dm bojrs; aiid, girls be
*kE£§lLi9| j?.nd^.6^ars T of age, \u25a0: and paint"
to puzzles by boys
gIrLS Cnder .lo years old. Every boy
and girl : is invited to enter the contests
0. M. Hartzell, Millionaire Steel
Magnate, Grieves Over Wile's
Death and Kills Himself
SAN RAFAEL, ., Oct. 19. — With a
strange calmness .born of the conviction
that his broken heart could never heal,
Othan; M. v Hartzell.^a^wealthy retired
I steel magnate of Pittsburg. wrote a se
ries ;of 'farewell letters and telegrams
in his apartments at the .Hotel Rafael
this afternoon, took one last look at a
lock of hair of the wife he recently lost
and then shot himself through the head.
~He' lingered through the afternoon and
night, but; his death is merely a matter
of moments. ; : -
-Although certain-elements of mystery
exist, ; ,the; general belief or those who
knew; Hartzell best is that he had de
cided after; grieving for two years to
follow bis wife \u25a0to the • grave. The let
ters : show - that he » had prepared for
death,, even ?to the minutest detail of
thej: expense ; of . his ,' f uneraL _ The dis
passionate 1 language of the correspond
ence i vouchsafes ' nothing more definite
to his friends ; than* that he was prompt
ed *T>y good and sufficient reasons." -
% This , expression was used In a letter
written^to A.. T.deT Forrest, manager of
the . American 7 steel and wire company
of • : San t- Francisco, who was Hartzell's
closest- friend. ; /.De;Forrest was shocked
at .the news,* Vat could [offer . no solution
other? than "'-that^Hartzell had been un
able to overcome hisgrlef. '-
.^The precision* and almost weird clar
ity - of Hartzell's; mental faculties , were
reflected .practically in" the moment' of
death.,; It was « 15,' minutes : before-, 5
o'clock this afternoon whers he had com
pleted •« his ' correspond ence* in his ; room.
"He arose ! and' walked ! to ,the telephone
and v called ; Manager F.'N.~ Orpin, in the
office below. %
\u25a0 TThis is HartielU* *he ~ said. "Could
you step ' up, in about 15' or 50 minutes?
I 'want' to ; see 'you on a matter of busi
1 . ;• It i ,was * . an .-, ordinary /•> message , and
Orpin --- replied ,. perfunctorily, , that .he
would 3 keep ithe ; engagement. At the
appointed time, ho called at the apart
ment, and ? found i Hartzell . seated in a
chair, v a. : gaping 'wound *in ; his • temple
arid * the \ revolver,- lying » beside' him on 1
the floor.'! ln. the" upper coat poefcat was"
a\wisp\of; dark? hair >tled -with^a tiny
blue ribbon." *ItiTraa >a." memento: of
what" had been dearest to him' in ltf £ "
%_ Hartzell F was . taken Jat . once to the
.Cottage {hospltal»^whera> Dr. w. J.
.Wlcknian ) attended st hlm.v \ It , was « ap-"
parent that Jhe could ; never i regain~con
sclouariess.XV.'\u25a0' •X'~-' : ..T \u25a0
De.Forrest'wasinotJfied'at his home
In t Palo f Alto ; and >t fonce . came *to Sari
Raf aeL v , He, found V here- 1 -, a.'? long v letter
Hartzell . had j written during > the
iaftejrribori.VlnHhe'ribtelHartiell stated
that .he^hadj taken ; his life ; for ; good "and
'sufficient reasons.*^, that Xhe was .'„ not
afraldUojdle' arid 'was : prepared for; the
life -beyond- : ;' He mated -: that he had
beenXat/church^yesterdayjand . that be
'had*^«njoyed*. the t_ sermon.'; 'He 'asked
'th'at^ his srejnalnsjbe [cremated at. Cy
pressjiljawii^andithat ;hfs a*hes be in
SSMWIUSi 19 F*S* 3j ColoßUi 5
Keepers of Infamous Dancehall
Attaches in Court of "Vice
Direct Barbary Coast Campaign
of "Judge" Who Stands , '
on "Record"
Jurisi Who Would Return to
Bench Associate of Grafter?
and Social Outcasts
Denizens. of Underworld Work
to Re-elect OScial WTio
Will Protect Them
The employment of Bar
bary coast dive keepers as
officers of his court and as
associate campaign man
agers is one phase of the
judicial "record" on which
Carroll Cook "stands," but
it is a phase which he has
seen fit not to discuss with
the voters whom he asks to
retain him in the office he has de
graded ami disgraced.
"Joe" Stevens, stenographer in
Carroll Cook's court, is one of the
proprietors of the "Dash," 574
Pacific street, one of the vilest saloons
and dance balls eVer maintained" ta San
Francisco. Associated with him Is tha
management of the "Dash" and of Car
roll Cook's campaign on the ' Barbarr
coast are Jim Stevens, clerk in Carroll
Cook's court, and Billy Harriagtoa. no
torlotis dive keepers related to the Ste
vens by marriage and to Cook by nat
ural affiliation.
Carroll Cook, -whose office entitles
him to be called "Judge." seeks re-elec
tion to. the bench upon which his acts
have earned him popular suspicion and
distrust. Cook demands re-election be
cause of his "record" on* which h« says
he "stands." Beyond r his intention to
stand upon it Cook has never discussed
his "record" with the voters of Saa •
Francisco. There are £some things that
even Carroll Cook deems unfit for dls
' cussion. ,
Carroll Cook has a record. H« nest
stand by it. HJs attempt to stand on
It as a candidate for the appellate
bench resulted in a disastrous upset'
: for, him two years ago. Cook had com
pleted a record then without a parallel
in the history of the bench of Cali
fornia. He had . attempted to prostitute
his court' to . the political purpose* of
his friend and sponsor. Abe Ruef, H©
had suffered, exposure at the haads
of the attorney general of the state.
who removed a cause from. Cook's court
because he knew that the people could
not, get from Cook a fair trial of an
Issue involving the interests of Cook's
friend. Ruef. He had used the sum
mary power of, his office to make the
superior court of San Francisco tha
tool of the unspeakable proprietors of
the lowest dens of vice i^ San Fran
cisco. • ,*
Cook had stood between th*. officers
of the law he had sworn to uphold and"
the hell holes they were endeavoring to
suppress. He had prevented the police
of San Francisco *; from stamping out
crime and arresting criminals. Ha had
summoned a. gray haired priest, who s
had dared to . demand that th a law b«
enforced, for 'contempt— contempt of a,
court which the court subse
quently Intimated in Its reversal oi
Cook v&s beneath the contempt of hon
est men. ;
• : Carroll Cook, the judge. . had asso
ciated on tena3.of closest personal intl- .
macy with grafters, social outcasts.
enemies of the law that he was sworn
to preserve and administer. All these
things Cook, had .written .into his
"record" before the people repudiated
him'- In . 19*4. ." Ha had, not then cursed
an honest Judge who attempted to keep
Cook's employe ' from violating the se
crecy of a Jury. The management of
the most notorious dive in San Fran
cisco had not then been made "an ad
junct 'of his court and his campaign.
These things Carroll Cook wrote into
his* •'record" after 1905. Here is ona of
the more recent chapters in tha record
of* Carroll Cook: fflßjgßMH
«joe~ and "Jim"* Stevens are stenog
rapher and clerk, respectively, la Car
roll Cook's court. They: are intensely
interested In Cook's campaign for r*-,
election. -They are interested. too,la
the record on which Cook "stands." So
deep is that interest .that one of them
has announced loudly that Cook "ought
to shoot th« — — i— - — —"whom
he-blames. for. airing that record for
public inspection*
"Joe" Stevens bought from Ed Pincus
the latter*s Interest sia tha Seattle bar.
now ' renamed tha "Dash." at 574 Pa- -
clfiCiStreet. [Froaa the "Dash". Carroll
Cooks, campaign oa the Barbary coast ,
Is - directed. Tha "Dash", is conducted "
nominally *by Billy Harrington, who
was associated with Pincns la its man
agement :: as *' the ; Seattle bar. Pincai
admits that he sold his interest to **Jo«"*. .
Stevens. He declines to admit that h« ""
knows ; that ' TJoe*! and **J!m" ara
interested ia; the management of :tha
cSive. but police officers and ; friends of
Harrington,: who assert : an Intimate
knowledge of ; the situation.' Insist that
"the > dive _' is"; owned fby * the ? Stevenses
jointly .arid t- that .Harrington Is I, only ' \u25a0'
goplsall j; 'a : pax tgery ";• Juat as : hV jraj]

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