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You can confer a lasting favor on the
children of your acquaintance by tell
ing them of The Junior Call, issued every
Saturday for the boys and girls of San
Francisco and California, which makes
every Saturday seem like Christmas
President Writes Letter to Sen
ator Knox, Taking Issue
With Labor Leader
Attacks Democratic Injunction
Plank and Calls for an
Declares Proposed Legal "Rem
edy" Empty Sham Used to
Delude Workingmen
WASHINGTON. Oct. 21.—Cam
paign literature was enriched today
by a letter from President Roosevelt)
Addressed to Uhited States Senator
"\Philander C. Knox of Pennsylvania,
in which Mr. Roosevelt pays his re
spects to Samuel Gompers. president
of the American federation of labor.
Speakinr at Philadelphia on Tues
day. Senator Knox took issue with
Uompcrs on the question of the atti
tude of organized labor in the present
campaign, and the President's letter
of today is in support of Knox's views.
The letter follows:
My Dear Senator Knox: In your
admirable speech of yesterday you
ppeak of the action of Mr. Bryan and
certain gentlemen claiming to be the
ppectal representatives of organized
labor. foremost among them Mr.~~
iiompers, to secure the support of la
boring men for Mr. Bryan on consid
eration of lils agreement to perform
certain acts nominally in the interest
of organized labor, which would be
really either wholly Ineffective or else
of widespread injury not only to"or
ganized labor, but to all deoent citi
zens throughout the country. You have
a peculiar right to speak on thr- labor
questions, for it was you, who as
attorney general, first actively invoked
the great power of the federal govern
ment on behalf of the rights of labor
when for the first time in the history
cf rhe government you. speaking for
the department of justice, intervened
in a private lawsuit which had gone
against a locomotive fireman who had
lost an arm in coupling cars, and by
your . Intervention secured from the
euprcme court a construction of the
safety appliance act which made It a
vital remedial statute, and therefore
has secured to hundreds of -crippled
employes and widows of crippled:em
- rt^yes compensation which they would
j V,r* have otherwise obtained.
The dgliy papers of October 13 con-
Lain an open letter from Samuel
Oompers. president of tlxe American
federation of l^bor, appealing tor work
ingmen to vote for air." Bryan.
In that letter are certain definite
statements which interest the Amer
ican public quite as much as those to
whom Mr. Gompers makes ' his APPeaL
Those statements warrant all you have
said In your speech, and they would
warrant you In asking Mr. Bryan to
Bay publicly whether Mr. Gompers
states correctly the attitude of his
party and himself on a subject that is
of vital concern to every citizen, in
cluding every businessman, as well as
every farmer and every laborer who
looks to the courts for the protection
of "his rs glits.*
Mr. Gompers in his letter asserts
that the judiciary of this country is
destroying democratic government and
substituting therefor ten irresponsible
snd corrupt despotism In the interest
of corporate "power, and he further
makes ciear that the means by which
he believes this alleged despotism has
been set up In the place of democracy
Is by the process of injunction in the
courts of equity.
Mr. Gompers in his letter states that
his appeal to the republican conven
tion at Chicago for remedy against
the injunction was denied and he then
goes on to state not only that the
democratic party promised a remedy,
but promised him the particular reme
dy tnat he had already asked of con
gress. His' words are: "Labor's rep
sesentatives then went to the demo
cratic party. That party made labor's
contentions Its own. It pledged Its
candidates for every office to those
remedies which labor had already sub
mitted to congress.**
The last sentence in this quotation
indicates very definitely the specific
remedies to which Mr. Gompers under
stands Mr. Bryan's party lias pledged
His statement now makes perfectly
clear an Important plank In the
Bryanite plattorm whlcU has hereto
fore seemed puzzling to a vast number
of earnest minded thinking people,
who are sincerely interested in the
neady advance, the legitimate asplra-
Jr lions of labor, and who carefully read
*J both platforms to know precisely what
V hope* each bold out for the improve
ment of the conditions of wage earn
The plank reads as follows:
"Questions of judicial practice have
"arisen, especially in connection - with
industrial disputes. We deem that the
parties to all judicial proceedings
should be treated with rigid'impartial
ity and that injunctions should not be
issued in any crises in which injunctions
would not issue If no industrial dis
pute wore Involved." '
This Is the plank that promises the
"remedy" against injunctions which
Mr. Gompers asked of Mr. Bryan's par
ty. - In actual. fact, it means absolutely
nothing; no change of the law could be
' based, on it; no man without inside
knowled«"» could foretell what its^ncan
ing would turn out to be. for no man
could foretell how any judge would de
cide In any given case, as the plank
apparently leaves each judge free to
say,- when, he issues an injunction in a
labor case, whether or not It is c case
in -which an injunction would be issued
if labor were not involved. Yet this
. plank Is apparently perfectly, clear to
Air. Gompers, and In his letter to his
followers he indicates beyond question
just what he understands it to mean.
He asserts that'be has the requisite in
side knowledge, -His statement that
Mr. Bryan's;- party <for it was Mr.
Bryan who - dictated the platform)
pledged itself "to those remedies which
*4abor had already submitted to-con
gress" is a perfectly clear and definite
statement. :
The "remedy" which Mr. Gompers has
already submitted to congress is a mat
ter of record and the Identification of
his "remedy" against injunctions In
labor disputes is easy and ' certain.
This "remedy" Is embodied .In house
bill No. 74 of the first session of the
I sixtieth congress, .the complete text of
' which 16 hereto appended. The glst'of
th«:biU, as can be seen by referring to:
the complete text, is this: .
First, after* forbidding: "any federal
judge to issuo a. restraining ordor for
Csb(!bu«-(! on Pace X Coluuin X
The san Francisco Call.
CVERY elector
*-• who fails to vote
for assembly consti-
tutional amendment
No. 3 votes against
the enactment of a
direct primary law
by the next legisla-
ture. Ratify that
amendment by an
overwhelming vote
and compel the
bosses to re-
deem their pledges.
Amendment No. 3
will be at the top of
the last column on
the official general
election ballot.
YESTEUDAV — Clear; east vrlnd; maxlmam
trmp^niture, 66: minimum, 62.'
FORECAST FOR TOD.^V— Fair; light north
east winds. Page 15
Tbree amendments iffwtinf legislation Page 6
Just ou»- day Jn Stn Francisco. Page 6
In I.Hiirk we trust. Pace 0
nof'sevelt writes letter to Senator Knox,
taklo? Issue with Gotnpers. . Pnge 1
"Brjan carries campaign fight into Taft's
state and attacks railroad for threat to reduce
wasres. Pate 3
General Stone «»aUs for district mass ' meeting*
to wind up republican campaign, despite Lynch*
objections. . Page 2
"Pcsh" workers wager heaTr odds that Jodjre
Donne will be elected. l'age 2
One scat remains Taeant in Ruef jury box, each
side n&ing one peremptory challenge. PageS
Postponement of sentence of E. A. S. Blake
and bis conference with Burns leads to belief.
that be will Bake a confession. ' _ Pace 18
CITY^-~ \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0-.- \u25a0-^\u25a0-\u25a0--. - : ;-"' v -
Secretary Barrett of gas compasj 1 admits that
corporatloa has . double schedule of . rates and
sells in competitive district at CO cents a thou
sand. - ; ' Page i
United Railroads agrees to restore old transfer
system, and put cars on old routes.* . j Page 1
Bear Admiral Hollyday says Pacific coast will
haTe two great naval bases. Pace 1
Razing of city hall bnlldlng stopped by in
junction secured by Frank. J. Sullivan. ' Page 1
Surgeoff > "general of public health and marine
hospital service orders discontinuance of quaran
tine restriction ia San Francisco. Pace 1
Commissioners will oust Chief of Police
Blgyy. % Page 10
Case of Jobs J. Lynch probably will reach
the Jury today. Pace 10
Nevada bad man is stabbed, to death in Bar
bs ry coast saloon. Pnjjc 10
Talented artlats to appear at benefit for St.
Mary* college alumni. . Pace 16
- Slot machine cases dismissed on the ground
that play in; for ' merchandise violates no
law. Pace 13
Grand chapter of Eastern Star to elect officers
today. Pace 0
Grape growers organize to work for favorable
legislation. Page 7
Kolb and Dili will begin engagement at Prin
cess theater Monday. . Page 7
Alexis Erman boys sit of old California bonse
and Third 6treet property attracts : the'- In
vestors. VvT! ,- Pace 8
Milk Improvement association lacks funds for
sanitary dairy inspection. - Page 15
Social auto club Is being formea. ' Page 9
MonsFer benefit for mother and sister of, late
"Bob" Smyth occurs at the Princess this after
noon. PaceS
Unlvereity of California may take «Ter Cali
fornia women's hospital. Page 8
Mother lore leads Mrs. Nellie^ Miller Strange,
once popular*. Oakland society beauty, -to defy
mandate of tbe Contra Costa county «ip
perior court. '.v. - Pace 1
Oakland traction company agrees to rush work
on new crosstown car . lines. Pace 4
Ancient Indian relics are found In Santa Bar
bara f orckt preserve. j Pace 4
M. Mecnges Indulge* In flowing bowl and can't
escape from "The DevlL" — - Pace 4
Clttrens* ticket is only one filed for Berkeley
freeholders' election and commission . form of
government Is now Inevitable unless charter is
voted down. P«c«4
Zeta. Psl fraternity sued for $21.50, alleged to
be due for washing linen. Pace 4
"Baby John" Martin Hestifles against bis re
puted mother in trial, in Oakland."" Pace 4
Oakland city council refuses to indorse Council
man Jackson's scheme for $3,000,000 \u25a0 bond . Issue
for wharf improvements . , * . Pace 4
Lunian C. Mann, indicted for murder of Mrs.
Thompson In Chicago, freed when It Is shown
that be was the victim of mistaken iden
tity. Pace 13
- Witness in government inquiry bares secret
methods of powder trust. Pace 3
British cabinet members appear in public conrt
at citation of suffragettes. Pace 3
Mikado's ministers honor American officers, and
Admiral Togo gives garden fete. . .J? Pace 3
VajKonver Rugby team leaves for this city
for games with University of California next
week. Pace 10
P. A. A. discusses the amateur baseball
question. ' Pace O
- Stale lists at Emeryville track will' set: new
record mark. .. "'r Pace 10
Bobby Groom wings 10 Oaks'; to bench *;. and -
wins game, 4 to 1. , Page 10
Favorites make clean sweep" of program 'at
Empire City track. Page 10
License of the Latcnia : Jockey ' -club 't, Is
revoked. Pace 10
Aftell and Driscoll may be Coffratb'a card for
Thanksgiving day. '. . Pare 10
1 Manager McCredle of the Portland team'tranta
to head another' sine in bis borne city. Pace 10
; Admiral Hollyday," chief of the bureau of docks
and yards. \ makes Inspection ' of.' big' drydock : at
Hunters point. - Pace 15
sociau : :x
Miss Doris Wllshire enlertalnK debutantes 'of
this and last year at Informal . tea. Paces
Secretary Barrett Says Com/
pany Makes Low Charge to
Meet Competition \
Admission Secured From Wit
ness at Hearing; of Suit to '
Enforce Dollar Rate
Until July Last .Highest Figure
Was Eighty-five Cents
Per Thousand
Charles L. Barrett, secretary of the
San Francisco : gas and electric com
panj, admitted while - on the witness
stand yesterday that although the
corporation was fighting for a rate
-of $1 a thousand it was selling gas
ias low as 60 cents in some j districts
of the city. This' admission was
made during the cross examination of
the witness by Assistant City "Attor
ney Thomas E. . Haven in the hearing
before Commissioner Heacock. This
is -• regarded as : the most damaging
testimony -yet produced against.the
corporation in the pending; injunction
suit.'- -. . ' "\u25a0 ' '\u25a0':. -- : -*" \u25a0:
< Barrett stated that .the
maintained two separate schedules of
rates, one in- the competitive "district
and the other in that section „ 0f ..-. the
city where the company enjoyed a
monopoly. The rate In the competi
tive district ranged from-75 cents down
to 60 cents; while In other parts of the
city an 85 cent . maximum 'prevailed.
This schedule was modified- In July of
this year, ;when;the company, sup
ported by its temporary .-\u25a0'- Injunction,
raised the rates in the noncpmpetltive
section to $1. ':
Barrett had been called to the stand
by Attorney. 'Joseph -Mayer \u25a0 of; the gas
company. :. Haven began .the <". cross ex
amination by asking: . " \ \u25a0 ,r, r ' r
; >"AYe you familiar -with" the;, gas
rates, Mr. Barrett?". ; I ,
"I am." was the ; reply.- '\u25a0*."/ f - f '."'. i
g "What . is • the -lowest* rate i the fcom-^
pany Is charging?*'" continued Haven-'r
"Sixty cents," was the Immediate re^
sponse. , Barrett added- that J .the v ; low
rate was unprofitable and -was .made to
men the competition' of the Metropoli
tan- light and power/ company. \u25a0 The
competitive 'district' Includes most'- of
the" downtown business 'Bection and has
been extended recently Into China
town. • \u25a0.\u25a0'-'/ - .';- '\u25a0'\u25a0 - '.'\u25a0' ;' ; ••
'.'Why does your company continue; to [
give this 60 cent rate,"" asked Hayeni |
"If, as you say. It is unprofitable?""
"We are willing to continue it until
theithing can: be, worked out,".: replied
Barrett. ; .-. ' \u25a0'. ' -: ';..-:-- ''\u25a0-,-:" — .^ '•'• \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0
"What do you mean; when you say,
"Until the thing can be worked, out' —
that you , will buy the other company?"
persisted Haven. .
"That may come," was. the answer.
The other witnesses examined '-yes
terday, included Auditor }Butler .of the
gas company and Supervisors McAllis
ter/ Pollok, Bancroft, Giannini, John
ston and Murphy. • ; -; ;.\u25a0:\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0" . \u25a0 :.
Miss Blanche Donnell ' Will
.^Marry C. ,E. Knecht in
Johannesburg^ - r .
LOS ANGELES; Oct. 21.--TO travel
all the way alone from-Los- Angeles to
Johannesburg, South Africa, •' there to
meet and wed her j fiance : and sweet
heart of her schooldays, Is .the .< journey
undertaken' today by Miss Blanche Don
nell. daughter of Major and-Mrsf, J. -A.
Donnell, ,6312 Pasadena avenue,* this
city. Miss Donnell-, will her
16,000 mile journey, in December, . and
her marriage will occur, shortly after
her" arrivaL -.; The groom to.be.ls C. E.
Knecht. a - mining engineer," of South
Africa, formerly of Los Angeles. .Mr.
Knecht's duties -will v keep .him busily,
employed in the Boer: country, for sev
eral years and this fact was responsible
for the journey. ofthe bride. Both parties
are. well, known- in local:, society. - Miss
Donnell will- spend- a' few; days in the
east, then sail for^ London,; from; where
she will; embark; for Cape .Town,' South
Africa,. From v there she'will go^dlrect
to Johannesburg, where her future hus
band Is: awaiting^her. 1 . \u25a0\u25a0'
Owner of Machine Declares - It a
Hoodoo. and Secures.Permis
sion for Novel :• Display :
SANTA ROSA, Oct. 21.-f:The"clty coun
cil. ' last night .was petitioned : for .per
mission ;by. JacklLuppold, proprietor of
the Senate saloon on Main, street,; to -be
allowed • to, burn • an : automobile ; in, the
public ''streets'! bn'electibnfnlght.-- LThe
request - was so novel; and { unusual that
it.created considerable; comment" The
request-w as granted, and it Is probable
that there .will be. a large crowd *to
watch the scene.: >\u25a0\u25a0 \ ',";:,,. \u25a0;: '^-- •-.\u25a0•-• \u25a0:
\ Luppold 'recently purchaseduthe: ma
chine ati a jconstable's,salev to
his rights in! a' judgment which he : held
against t, the owner.- and ; he declares ! the
machine has been .a lioodoo since it has
been: in , his ; possession,!; hence S his 3 de
sire to : celebrate the . result \u25a0of the elec
tion; with; tho auto as f uel. • : : ~,z:>
EOSEBUBG, . Ore.. Oct. h 21S-^lnforma
tion was - - received,'-; yesterday."; from
Riddle, 1 a small; town • 28 : miles ; south ; of
Roseburg,; that t AJexanderi'.'Frank.ia
Southern j Pacincibrakemantof ithls
was- shot and* instantly ."killed? by fKarl
Weber, - his s companion, .who "- ; mistook
Frank for a:bear.7-^/'" \u25a0:.-.. ''•:', I* \u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0-? '•-\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 ' -:
- r CARSON". -I Nev., ; Oct. ? Sl.-^The's Nevada
state prison; is to .be^on sa ;par,witli\the
penal r, institutions Jof sthe^ other J states
of the vunion.l^ The^Bertillon"? system \\%
belnjj. inaugurated^among ithe J 226? con
victs of ithe. Nevadajprisontthrough -the
instrumentallty,Sofi*.tlie r i;Nevada j. state
police: in. co-operation". witn the warden.
United Railroads to ;Re»
suthe Former3Traiisfer:Sys
tern November' 10>
Company \ Sends '\u25a0 Board Commu
nication Protesting AgainsY
General Manager- = Black • Re>
' ceiyes RepriniandoFfom j
, Chairman Giannini yjlL>
The United Railroads k has f surren
dered. While no
has been \u25a0\u25a0 made ]by .the , company the
supervisors have been given- assur
ance that the road will on ' November
10. return to the .old transf er; system^
The I intimation came alsoXf rom : the
company that the , old routing of tHe
cars would be reinstated within; a few
The ; mayor will, sign > the : super
visors* ordinance ; tomorrow. , -The
company's officials, However, .desired
it \u25a0 made plain that ; their i action in re
storing.:,the' 'old transfer 'system*, and
the former routes was- not; to r be take"n
as an ; acknowledgment that/thcy^cori-
sider'the board had : an.y|rightTto legfs
late r in. the matter. General .Manager
Black' is understood to havf expressed
his ''own. 'conviction that the D*>visadero
"gap",.. was. an indefensible ; thing, and
gladly /abandoned, i;-- r«V-; - . ; -
;The company sent', a, formal, com
munication:; to the C supervisors, i to ;- the
mayor, and to "the'lCityCand'County of
San Francisco yesterday, •rehearsing
its - old I arguments "; that- the -/\u25a0Sullivan"
ordinance .was bad:' law, /-"unconstitu
tipnal,: unjust, conflscatbry;vdiscrlml
nat6ry,**.etc.! It is understood the. com-;
pany.-will; Issue a- statement that' its
restoration fof the , old transfer -system
Is, ah act *"6f!: the free'.;wlil;of»the.;c6m- r
pany . and. that' the- company, still -main
tains; the \u25a0'*s v apervisars i have $no 'right -to
"interfere, :in'. such r.a-^'natter^ of
road's M "lnterna.l^. ma hagenMnt."/'.' ."
%;i The^ordinance^lß; to ,bo" obey*rd,%howf.
ever." after November; lp, andt-the super
visors j yesterday '\u25a0, seemed' satisfied "' with
that.''- As Doctor Giarinlnl^sald: . •'\u25a0:* •'. \u25a0'
|j "Our relations are' ; f rlendly and 'everyf
thing Is entirely .'-satisfactory.'*',' *. 1' S
; That -does not quite'describe
day's- Hearing.iof the'interm'nable:S?tt
ter street o track- and trolley matter be
fore the public utilities committee. ,\ '\u25a0\u25a0.- \u25a0'.
'Black , hadHbeen r^splalrilng -single
and double loiiplng^ at- the "ferry, - -'and
how" lmpossible ;if;Was for, the^ four Siit-
I ter; cars-^-the: proportionate V quota— to
be^ on the; iqside Market \tracks: at' the
same time .wit,h all ; thefother'illnes , notv
going to" the.water* front;, when,; In\ the
warmth of debate,' he^saldrfc ' \u25a0 -
; '"I > know ! what .1 -am | talking
and you= (the^6mmltteemen):d6n't."; '.
"Now,: that wiH- do, -Mr.' Black,", said
Chairman Glanninl. i"Stop tliat-kind of
talk- right now. T „• We'll i have jno more
of it." \u25a0-.; \u25a0\u25a0•^-r: --;>'•;\u25a0' - \u25a0 . , -
Black{shut up.llke;a'clam. ; - "
' •A" "short V* time *la ter; f.wlieh' . G en eral
Manager Black. begamagain in a some
what.laying "down Z the**.' law f fashion;
Giannini interrupted: him/With: "... t -
• "Standup, jMr. Black, when you -ad'
dress .'the >, committee."'- :"\u25a0 ;'- , ] ' • .^ \
•Which 'Black. 'proceeded -to' do.:*' ;
: There' was nothing' remarkable in the
two I hoursr'of^ yesterday's ;;dlscusßl<jn.
Attorney, Oscar t Cooper \u25a0 persuaded • \u25a0 him
self '\u25a0 that' the, supervisor's . were gullty'of
a. greatrvmoral ,; wrong" Inv not , cooking
over! the; out \u25a0\u25a0 of rdateVhorselc.ar. 1 permit
of tHe road: Into j a' modern.^ full r nedged \
trolley * franchise; without charge,^ 'but \
the supervisors' failed to concur. \u25a0-\-V. '
The: committee- made -the? company a
proposition. It j was :toi give TT a-perma
nent; 23 -year," trolley -right Jn'excaange
for ;the *rlght';given 'the .city ; to .have
a: "municipally, "owned*, and
road" J over th e rsame \ tracks. ;V At : this"
the company officials shook 1 their, heads
and the" hearing closed. v ' •
Identified as >B.^ T.t Pratt ; and
Had Succumbed £tbVStarva»:
.; V % tion i /Two Ago
LOS ANGELES.' Oct;v2l.— G. w. Lewis
ahd'.'St J E. £ Shankland, *who> have J just
returned -% from va: prospecting : trip t ; in
the] Argus . mountalns,llriy6 •county,.' tell
of ",th*e discoverytOf^the.body of a man
approximately*! 60 i, years '; ; of 1 , age,", who
had perished '; of s ta rvatlon ; in ; the' des
ert "on ' account \u25a0of r a-, lack : of food 'and
water. ;\u25a0'-*\u25a0*'•\u25a0£',;-' *"l,^?.v- \u25a0. \u25a0"\u25a0./ •'\u25a0 \u25a0,\u25a0'\u25a0'\u25a0 ;::v-
' ' B^.T.' Pratt" was ;the; name of "the man
found •>. and i a'i. notebooks taken -from- a
vest ' pocket*: by^Lewls f gave the date- the
man started iout feto^lcross :the,>desert.
He had'ibeen "dead',nearly ; two 'months."
-. The. scrlbblingilnither. book gives no
cle vrf. as t to I how^; the .man % happened » to
be "; over^ SO f miles "'^from any,, habitation;
The fact that, he -was 1 without -prospect
ing; tools. ; blankets « or i canteen^ would
tend; to* show* he* was,.not* prospecting:
The; notebook .'tells "aistoryjofija^nerce
struggle "and suffering ore! the wan
derer tperlshed.'Hi The r. last'; entry -reads:
»,~i i'l j left '\u25a0 Grape -.Vine.l Inyo county;. Cali;
July^2B.* i; *4Tbm s Sprattltold; me '1, .-would
perish.^ l Lthought^rcouldrmakeiit,* but
got "loßtfsot guess *I<will?.havesto;irive
in/--'? I Vhavevno j water," j. nothing i to'^eat*
andrcan'tvwalkJ s *l:have;brothers, C"H.'
Pratt; i .atvßanner,]Springn,7 Wyaridotte
county,' Kansas ;-E. ! . B.* Pratt ; in St" Louis
and A.'WV" R. \ Pratt/^Custer J coun ty| i Wy
omins."';..-- - ; -%-• *-\\ '\u25a0: ... . : .. /•
ThVfc Porte vißefiisesi to 1 Accept
:: '" Anne«ti^]ofjß^nia2and i ; :^
N , iHerregoyiriaJ ".:...
if, PARISH Oct.t [2l.^fJL'i special^dispatch'
f rom ' Constantinople^ Bayal th^
tions'r between '; Austfla-Hungarytjand
T^key^ h^Vel definitely; been J brokenfo ff;
the]porte ;ref usingfltb; accept "annex
'atlonipt; Bosriiafand .Herzegovina S&b 'an
accomplished fact. v _, .;-.-.-.
' -.'\u25a0•% \ \u25a0- \u25a0'.-\u25a0> ;\u25a0\u25a0;->\u25a0-£ y" ; ?"? I *:- : _ -,;-.'..:.-\u25a0\u25a0'* v - : . "% l 'i {'":\u25a0\u25a0' '~-'Z-*:: %
MrsA : -Nellie"''Milier/".Sfrange.;ahd^her'son,. i GirardvMiller, for: whom she
,;. .; : .-"L",V.v'."'/'': r ;":'"•'* "'l-v'-'-t.'' : ":;-.: defied court order" /v..~/" '.'-". .'. > "- " *(.
Frank' J;: Sullivan (Secures- In«
junction Aigainst Spending
Money in Wrecking? v : :
On the 'ground- that ~the> mayor Sand
board : 'o£ supervisors jhave not' the*', legal
right- to" expend.'jjnoney?: in,,",raaing i ;.the
city, hall ' ; with: the;intentlbn,ofierecting
a : ne w. "_structure^v^rank;i J.' . SulHvan,'
-throughi; his ; * attorneyVVHarry , : Tj ;\u25a0 Crea
well.vsecured?;a*t temporary \ injunction
-yesterdayi. re'strainihg^/tn*em .from 'so
•doing 1 ?.";" 'i~?-'. • ? « T ?i\,t- -\u25a0•- V' '• -.-7:- : -> *••-•;
\u25a0•' All .'wasv in * readiness :•\u25a0 for , thei work
when^ the ? injunction /was v issued. •'. The
bids ; f or »" contracts §! had jibeen .received
arid ropened.^-Tl\e;board of works, was
! preparing- to 'award the contract :[ when
; the order, of .the' court- was 'thrust; upon
it, "preventing *the. ? commissioners -from
taking ; any - .further, I . action/'* *.-s -\'^ ',': '\u25a0' ,
Attorney '• Creswell^ was ..' ever " strong
in : his 'opposition a against the
of a" newbullding. tHe appeared 'before
the board -of^'superylaorsi.'repcatedly^
claiming':. that Y the - present
could \u25a0' be reconstructed ' and V that*" there
was 'no; reason Jf or' HherbuildingVof'an
entirely*: new.: :structurer^'-Findirig'-his
efforts > with i the I boa-Yd \u25a0•of ' s upervfsqrij
in vainr he" ancTSulll van •yesterday*, took
an :' extreme^ course carried*, thei
proposition courts. '.V-'-Vv-V.'.'^'^,!
_The^ complaint ;sejts ; out;;that r 'accord
ing",-~ tbj* the"* : charter;?. the\lmayor,:«and
board of ' supervisors^have'not'the = legal
right! to;': erect! rie'w? buildings twithout
a : .* vote;.' -" o f .;" the^",peopler;. and^ that? 'the
exp end iture^ of j money *fo r I tearing" ' do wri
the ruins * oT? th'eTprescnt .Tclty^ hall' is*
"As t liHave^sefiOUt An I my; coniplaln t;"
sald'*Attorney.*"Creswell- ( yesterdayif'. r the
building'; as^ifiStands-Jtoday^lszworth
mated r by^ "experts.^ To | tear f : this «*do wn
would^nieanK l a*'lqssJrof^si;2^!o.^)oo,VUo^
gether. v wi'tlTh the : cos ; t/ofVdoing^ the tw'ork^"
for ? "which"* 550,000 Sliasjibeen app'ropri-"
ated. ".-; A' ne.wici.ty.*hall^built^on\the < site
of ithe/ present »oneVs.would;costA"|si2so.^
000."? bringing ; the" totaltexpenscs/jip Tto
$6,500,0Q0. v .Undei-;thejpresent^conQitions;
this.Jis** too ? tor lay^on "\u25a0 thY;' shoul-;
ders \ of I an I alrVad >%"ove rb urd_ehed,*V. tax"^
payingjpublic^^* .^^v'ty'i'V v > - -,'p^l^
j '"Mys contention -is; that jthejcity^ has
not th'ei lega.l=i ! rightt,t'p;*experidsmoney,
provides j^thatSa^otef of "^the-^peqplef
should ~g taken j arid k bonds > issued "for
the\erectionJof. ; nesvJcity f ,bulldings.^Th;e
claimf of | 'the %mayj>r •' and?the .-board; of
gern^db'Xnotl^believe.^ The {contractor'
jWhbi pulled \u25a0;*down^the\ southwest ftwing
dynamlied' down^'l^cannot see;wheref the
dangGr.ra"rises'.V-Jv;r? ; ] ;: .--. • v v "i;; \\f,
\[v[Cresweil ideclared tthatj he^bijt^ rep'rer.
sehted^the^yiewsjofjal large VnuroberTpf
personVj-lnilthe;Scommuuity."'itTh*e' In
jurictk>n£waVSgranted,l by,2 Judge . Sea-
( well^an"djwin^coihe*"up£for \u25a0*arhearin*g
oniFrl&ay^ij-I*r- r **^v* r^- : ' V : ; ; X'-
': * Presiderit^Casey^rbf ;5 the V' board m of
Jworks^remarked.T-when *i the? Injunction
"was" served' yesterday^ afternoon : l-"There
, f 6ur/ s otlierjjbidsiwas3 l 'prtji 4 ?,000,*sI"ahd
each^d Iff ered % wiQ c lyj£f rbnig the f b the rsj
Pending i decision,; J.the 3 bids
'wer€|talsjßn»;under7adviieme'iiU'rjf* : '^ 1 -i^
The Ju^jcfr^all awards^^ watches every
f^^^^beffpers from boys and girls be-
16^years offage, and paint
boxes for best 'answers to puzzles Byibbys
ami girls undergo years^old; -Every 7 boy
;and r girl is invited to enter "the: contests
Quarantine .Restrictions on
Shipping / 6! City, to Be
'* Discontinued
\u25a0 -\ -Uncle. Samj: in^tjiejperson^ of the' sur
geon .general \u25a0 of . t he^ IJnlted-;States;pub
lic health; and -marine-. hospital' service
gave "San Francisco' a" 'cle'an^bllf- of
heal th m\\ from 'now : oii ..the
'.quarantined restrictions? on v local shlp
tngYiWUlsi bev^discohtinned. • ' The' -rat
guards;that have beena cause'of grief
aiid^. expense^ to*- the ship owners and
disappointment '.to .many -, a • rat. that
'thought.- it -could . jump \u25a0 may; goi,to the
Junk*- pile - for • all-Uncle Sam' cares and
steam schooners J and; ocean j liners,"^ bay
.scows ?.and <\u25a0 sailing ; vessels, Vmayj snug
gle yas ? close .as. they-^please '; to-^the
wharves* and .piers.* .The-^sxnell^of sul-
Phur * wrtl •. no - longer 'be known* to : the
bay* breezes "and such: of the diminished
rat; colony c as iniay be suffering 'from
.wanderlust:, may • now *go> voyaging' in
as-many directions as, there are points
onjone-balf of the i compass.- *
/:.The!,shlp -.owners are' happy \u25a0 and Dr.
«W.\ C- --Hobdy;; v chlef,.quarantlne offlcer
at this .'port- and the man. who gave out
the J good' :news,. .'-.is' -not' 'sorrjv-^-Dr;
Hpbdy;-? announced Uhe good \u25a0>. news In
the .following, letter:. "":,*--'- : ':
.;2.u",T0 ;the i shipVowners' ; association • of
theJ-Paqinci "coast^Geritlemeh:> "By- au
thorltyr of \ received
,f rpmtth^e -surgeon- general.' public health
;a~nd [; marine i i.hospj tal ; ,servlce,"' 1 5 have •to
Jnfofin ,-you;.that> all.-.existlng/outgolng
restricJ.loris T ,iln'» the ; bay- of
Saps Francisco f, will i-be: ; discontinued
fromTa'nd rafter," this* date,* October 21;
1908; v" Respectfully, »'-'; ' - — ,-
:> : " -;;^v/Caiiobdt.- |
:-t "United '^States iQuar'antiji.eiOffieer."^ j
< . -.-The f shipYowners*.; asspciatiohrprompt
l>VnoUfied>it.vmembers; and ithe^,l6ca¥
shipping fwo^ld.V^andj.. todays, there-will
be'-a )chance^to*-buy-at less than" cost a
QpUecnori- _"of v v ;si'xy ~- t ra.t
\u25a0g uaVd s^Vn'd* S*u I pli u"r pots.,*. The f f umlga
tioniOf^aUivessels touching^at^wharves
In^this Nharbor", has-been- enforced *t or
hfore^thanjaj'year ;a^d>between''fumiga
- tlons^ vessels * havex'beenj? cprnpeH'edo to
ifeVd^lx-*f^et"away;frp*m;"the .wharf and
to^.Avear'rat" guards ;ohlervery;line.'7' The
'jenforcementVof V.the^o * regulations ln
volyedlthe;shlp^ownersjln constant ex
"pehse: and ' kept ;a" large "f of ce > of "federal
• empldyeVf. busy.^.^^-r' . ; %r-".% r -" . .j 'y . *
;'-;,Dr.'V ; -llobdy, • \u25a0 who \u25a0\u25a0- lias \ managed the
'Campaign ?bf : fumigation " from ; tem
;poVaryV.. office I* .ln"*l' the *,L ferry.: "postofHce
-bullding>has;performed* a 'disagreeable
ta^kjs'oifalrlysand- with Jsuch" tact' that
.lieiretires: to "his'ipbstt at \*Angel? Island
,with-the^ friendship: of ;every/man .with
: ,w^bnv he"; has 'come t ln | contact.:.". .'.
Miss jAgnes \Tobiri * io^ Speak for
;^Aidjof^Sistersiof;the:Holx^ \u25a0
j'-.;j '-. ; • ;- specxai/ dispatch' 1 to \u25a0 the ca li>
;fjSAN|JOSB;t Octf 2I_."^MI js ; Agnes To
; bln"/; the":Calirornia»author.-, is ' to -'deliver
aiii address fa tTthe*' Hotel kVendomc Octb-'
ber;3l.'f Her,subject.\eiHjbe;Celtic"liter
ature.t%The.affalriwHl,be*ini the .nature
ofa^beneflt'toaßalstiinthe.work of the
Sisters fcofUhelHoly^Family^'-nraBMI
l^AmongS those .-.who^willhdeliver ad-"
dresses jdurlngJthejevening'are: Charles
Warren Stoddard^author 'of ahe^'South
Seavidyls c : * Mayor j, Charles gW7*Davlson,
,Congressntan?Hayes,f Judge "J^E.-Rich
ards jofsthe|»uperh>ricourt." himself ! an
author, ; . apt! Judge ;M.*H. *liy land.
Mrs. Nellie Miller Strange
; Rees Into Hiding With Boy
in Defiance of Writ
Ordered to Answer Sait Brought
by Husband, but Takes Son
Oat of Jurisdiction
Woman Was - a Noted ;and
Handsome Society Leader
of f Oakland
Stipulation at Time of Divqrfce
Decree Provided Lad Sh ou ld
Not Be Removed
OAKLAND, Oct. 21.— Mrs.
H. A. Strange, who, as Mrs.
Nellie Iffiller, once was one
of the most beautiful and
popular young matrons in
Oakland's smart set, has
dared to disobey the man
date of the superior court of
Contra Gosta county by . going
into,'- hiding with her son, Girard,
rather, than grve..the child -up -to
her former husband. -£
A year ago Mrs. Miller was di
vorced from her husband, J. G.
Miller; who is a prominent official
bi the Gowell lnne \ and , cement
company "at 'Martinez' and aprom
inent:,. society.- man and jclubman.
Thei custody of tseVchil^Vas"' awarded
to;Mrs:.; Miller, wtth,' the "stipulation
that she : should not take • him » out of
the; Jurisdiction "of the rsuperlor court
of Contra Costa county. - \u25a0\u25a0> - : -•
\u25a0 ; Three month* later; she .married ! H.
A. Strange." a well to do contractor Uv
ing at 1753 Ashland avenue, in the
fashionable, residence district -of Chi-,
cago. When < she ,went , ea3t >to7«llye
with her second husband Mrs. Strange
left her son with her sister,* Mrs.-Ash
by, In Clayton. . Some time afterward
she learned that her.- former : husband
.was about to attempt to get po3sesslbf
of ;.h.er' child: and she. immediately, re
turned to Callfornla-and'lt is supposed"
took the, child away.»with her. - .
\u25a0.Miller -secured an -order from-. Su
perior- Judge Wells directing -Mrs.
grange to. appear in court and answer
Millers. petition.- for "a , modiflcatlon... ot
the \u25a0'\u25a0' divorce decree so that- he • should
secure the: child-after his former wife's
second marriage. ;" \u0084.
. iMrs. Strange's. answer was. to disap
pear with -her- son, "and, thus_ far th«
authorities "have' been, unable*, to ".find
anyitrace of her. . 'ilrs.' Strange" Is said
to be. in < Los Angeles, where. It: is un
derstood, she has been negotiatting
through-her attorneys for, a settlement
of the "dispute. . .When the hearing *of
Miller's petition .was ,set It had" been
supposed that Mrs. Strange would ap
pear." •.."-.-.- - :".' -.- " . ' '\u25a0>-• - "•' \u25a0- " '
".It Is the7 opinion of those, interested
that the anxious mother remained away
fearing: -that- she would lose .the ;"cus
tody of the boy. As Mrs. Miller she was
quite , an entertainer socially at her
former Piedmont home.
Declares ' Standard
Oil Letters Will Be Made V
-Puljlic Saturday ;
-> "IXDIANAPOLIS; Ind.. Oct.; 21-^WII.
Hani Randolph Hearst stopped here -to- ;
'day on hls<way to Petersburg. 111., to.
speak . there •at a meeting In ' honor? of
Thomas.!^' Hlsgen. \u25a0'...', : , ,
' • "Will you answer an article in Col
lier's Weekly in . which It is charged
that-you paid two men $12,000 to steal
those; letters from the. office oC John D.
Archbold?'* Hearst was asked, r \u0084*•-:
\u0084rOh,'t hat article is silly rot," h« an
swered. "3BSPHB ' '\u25a0-.""\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0
•\u25a0> ."There Is not-a word of truth In It.
I -' never saw them. It says something
about letters|from'rSenator. Aldrtch-'V
'Mr.. Hearst, however." said additional
Standard oil lettersof more Importance
i than any thus far read sw<ito bemad*
public " in i the • Independence party : meet- t
ing .' In-New \u25a0- York Saturday night.-'. He *
declared .they are better than any thus- 1
far -given -publicity,; and that "> he had
saved them for the finish of the cam-
Officials; Nominated by, the Pope
*" Last '_/ June: Are Pub
i ROME. Oct. • 21.— : The Osservatore
Romano, the \Vatican? organ.: publishes
the * appointments? of j the : new ; officials
of Rome as "reorgan
ized L?bjr; the' pope. last *Jnne. .The con
slstorial"; congregation., which .replaces
the 'congregation ;of the propaganda In
the nomination of American bishops 'and
which *is v presided over \by t the 'pope,
will . p&vfT. as * its .secretary - Cardinal de
Lai.' The * members * of '{ this \u25a0 congrega
tion, numbering ill, include \u25a0: Cardinals
Merry 'del iVal^Moran; Oreglia,; Serartno.
Vannutelll; > Ma r t inel lt. + Ram pola , and
Gotti. ; "The r,- Rota* \u25a0 Roma - 1 tribunal i; is
composed' of \u25a010 - members.' lncluding M.
Prior." rector.of.Beda' college, for Anglo-
American -affair?. % J,Th«* tribunal/ Segna
tiira;l a'Jklnd lof supreme^court,*; is ; com
posed of Cardinals .Vlricenzo.W*a*nnutelli.
Agliardi, I ; Satollir Matheiu," Gasparrt "an«»
Sesna, »

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