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Francis J. Heney Sends His First Message to the Public Through the Call
I humbly thank Almighty God for my miraculous escape from
death- It was the corruption of man that leveled the murderous
weapon, but a Divine Providence directed the bullet. * * * Toward
the poor wretched instrument of this crime I have no feeling but
* •\u25a0 \u25a0
pity. * * * The seed has been sown and we must reap the .harvest:
lean Pucheu and Wife Are Both
Stricken by Electricity in
Their Garden
Woman Dies on Touching
Clothesline and Husband Elec
trocuted as He Lifts Body
Children of Deceased Say Father
Telephoned to Company Con»
cerning Broken Wire
Pathetic Scene Occurs as Alan
Hurries to Spouse to Warn
Her- of Danger
w^LECTROCUTED by the same wire
fl j which a minute before had car
j . ried its fatal voltage into the
* body of his wife, Jean Pucheu,
'employed as a driver by a liquor firm,
fell dead yesterday afternoon in the
garden of his home at 504 Athens
street. The current which killed the
devoted couple also made orphans of
four loving children. A statement made
last evening assigned as the cause
of the accident gross carelessness on
the part of the electric company. A
searching investigation of the double
tragedy will be made at the inquest,
which will be held tomorrow.
In the rear of the Pucheu residence,
in Athens street, there is a garden
containing some gum tres. which had
always engaged the attention of the
father. Yesterday afternoon, while
trimming the trees, he noticed an arc
light supply wire lying across a
clothes line fastened to one of the
trees. \u25a0 The wire had been broken, so
.Pucheu wrapped it around the tree to
get it out of the way. According to
the statement made last evening by
one of the children, he then telephoned
the electric company to either repair
th% wire or keep the current off.
'Juice" Burns Bark
In spite of these instructions, the full
voltage was turned on and burned the
bark of the tree. Pucheu noticed the
smoldering and attempted to extin
guish it with the aid of a garden hose,
but was warned by neighbors of the
dangers of such a proceeding and de
sisted, again telephoning the company*
to remove the dangerous wire.
An. hour later Mrs. Pucheu, who had
been busy with her household duties,
went to the yard to remove some ar
ticles of clothing from the line, which
was also attached to -the gum tree, and
as her hand touched the heavily
charged wire she fell over dead.
The husband, who was just following
to warn her of possible danger, crossed
the threshold as she fell. He rushed
to her assistance and was tenderly
lifting the body when his head came in
contact with the clothes line, and he
fell forward lifeless. Neither one of
the aged couple uttered a sound. The
_c?irrcnt had passed through the electric
wire Into the tree and to the wire on
which the clothes hung.
Neighbors Witness Tragedy
• Neighbors who witnessed the heart
rending accident summoned physicians
immediately, but the doctors on their
arrival announced that death had been
practically instantaneous.
The children who survive the couple
are: Mrs. Rogers of 1072 Washington
street; Jennie, aged 16; Thomas, aged
13, and Alfred, .aged 9.
At the morgue last evening the chil
dren stated that they could not be
mistaken in saying that their father
!*£« "notified the electric company of
tlf« danger. They bitterly condemned
those who had neglected to attend to a
trivial matter that caused the death of
their parents.
Inquiry at the electric company of
fices last night failed to disclose any
knowledge of the warning.
The San Francisco Call.
Francis J. Heney signing tho message he sends to the people through The Call
Back of Mr. Heney is his wife and standing beside her is John F. Ney ( lan, Call reporter, and at his left is Ben Heney.
Former Secretary of Navy-s
Name Linked With Presi»
dency of First National
OAKLAND, Nov. 22.— "Former Secre
tary Metcalf would make a creditable
president of the First national bank.
"If such a deal were on, do you think
that it would be good policy for me
to discuss It?"
The foregoing remarks were made
today by P. K. Bowles, president of
the First national bank, when he was
questioned concerning the current talk
In financial circles on- both sides of
the bay to the effect that former Sec
retary of the Navy Victor H. Metcalf
was to return to his home in Oakland
to become the head' of that bank.
Bowles distinctly left the impression
that some such a move was in con
templation. He refused to confirnTor
deny the report.
Metcalf and Bowles have been close
friends for a long time". When the
former head of the navy department
came west last summer to • welcome
the Atlantic fleet .he made his home
at the Bawles residence In Boulevard'
After the news of Secretary Met
calfs resignation readied the coast,
speculation was freely indulged as to
his plan? -
San Francisco, mond^
Mass Meeting Called by Branch of Citizens'
League of Justice Pledges Support to
Battle for Justice
We propose, In addition to the set of rraolnttoris
indoriieil by the . CltUena' ; 1,1-a^iie "of Justice in . Dreanilnml
rink a lveck n«o, the \ foljov»ln S special resolution from
the '.women of this .meeting: - '.
:- [w. .Whereas, we, the women of - Snn Francisco, realizing
that the criminal corruption .which has * prevailed and does
still \u25a0 prevail in - this /city .is .a r menace ;to the moral \u25a0peace
of our homes and the future 'of our children;' therefore be it
Resolved, that" we! pledge our earnest . support to the
Kraft " prosecution *in \ its battle -' for -justice, :\u25a0 public honor
and the moral peace; of our homes. \u25a0 , . = :\u25a0' ' \u25a0
—Resolution passed by the v>vomen'« branch of the
Citizens*. l-eagoe of. Justice at a meeting held at Calvary
church yesterday afternoon. . ; .'; \u25a0- ; .; ' ' .'\u25a0\u25a0
The womanhood of San Francisco rallied • yesterday to
the cause of civic decency and .at a. mas3 'meeting; called
by the women's branch of the Citizens': League 'of '_ Justice
pledged its active and determined support to the. graft
prosecution in its battle for justice, public honor .and the
moral peace of "the home.
The gathering, was held., in the chapel of .the sacred
edifice and had a moral rather' than^ a political tone
Though the thousand women . present realized the serious
condition of public affairs, the deep degradation into which
the- community ! been/plunged' by the corrupt joiiists
and, their criminal sympathizers, their utterances were*" at
all times sane, conservative, lofty, womanly. ' ; - =
Justice was their watchword, the meting out to^the
criminal his just punishment, the upholding *bf \u25a0the- officers
of the .law and- the' condemnation of those , who -by ob
struction' 'or „ the ;- 'dissemination .of \u25a0 poisonous V principles
Cont lnucd 'on ' Page" 2, Column • 1
:' To my friends and to ; the public who- have so long and so
faithfully stood by me and cheered me on dujirig days of hope and
during jays of despair, I send my heartfeltgreetings and thanks.
Great and Queenly Creature at
Peak of City Hall Dome Soon
To Be Torn From Throne
The goddess who has reigned s,o long
at the peak of the large city halldome
is in dire straits, and watchers -of -the
dark- say that -/romi her great iron
eyes there rains down" nightly on the
ruins beneath "a flood of tears. • .
The goddess has suffered many , tribu
lations. • She -has seen, the- men who
| served the city within her halls at
' tempt to extinguish the flame of justice
'she- has long'held aloft. She r has felt
• the buiiding under her tremble- and
crumble;; still she has kept her guard
over the city, serene and splendid ?in
her^diszy height. •
The -goddess „ was- .modeled after
Marian Nolan, the ' California .Venus,
who* was murdered \u25a0-\u25a0 some '-years ago.
Marion Wells designed the figure." It
stands 22& - feet : high, -'weighs ;"; "1 7,500
pounds and costr s7,soo. It has<a:steel
vertibrae that weighs a tori'and a half,'
which would makea valuable haul for
a junk dealer. Contractor Simon, who
has charge of the demolition: of the
dome,: is willlr.g'to; donate>the; goddess
torany- public \u25a0 .institution .or public
square, jbut. none has - come forward to
claim the prize.- . ".'. \u25a0-',,'/
Victim of Inspired Assassin's At
tempt to Murder Promises
to Continue Fight
"I'll . Be Back in Court Pretty
/Soon," Says Chief Prose
cutor of Grafters
Signed Statement Expressing
Gratitude for Recovery Given
."Out Through the Call
John F. Neylan
I was. accorded the privilege yester
day of being the first' newspaperman
to interview Francis J. Heney since he
was' carried from Judge Lawlor's court
room, supposedly dying from" the effects
of an assassin's bullet. - -.'\u25a0\u25a0 ••
My -"admission to the room : followed
days spent In the Lane hospital watch
ing .the "wounded ''prosecutor's condi-,
tion hour by hour, waiting for the
moment [when, his physicians would Jet
me see him and ; talk to him for The
Call. -It: was a few minutes after 1
6'qlock yesterday when I was allowed
to .enter.- I found , the 'great \u25a0\u25a0 graft
fighter propped up in a big chair, smil
ing the same, as ever. ' Before him sat
i his..' devoted- wife;- who, during the past
week, : has proved a formidable guard
at the door, of the. sick room, her great
love and keen solicitude., making her
jealous of..any interruption th"at might
in any way retard his recovery.
1 My desire^ to see Heney . was not
merely professional. I wanted to in
terview, him. but above that I wanted
to extend my personal sympathy to the
manwho had been my good friend. For
several years I. had heard people in
Arizona \u25a0 refer to. *nim proudly as be
longing,to the territory, and later I had
known the quality Of his friendship in
San Francisco.
Wife and Brother Present
Heney wanted The Call to. be the
bearer \ of his message; to the people.
It had been arranged that Ben Heney,
his brother, should take his dictation
of a statement for The Call, after
which I \u25a0was to be called' in. The sum
mons finally, came, and'l started up the
stairs to the sickroom. The thought of
his having been shot down, and from
the back, ...recurred- again and again,
and I could almost see the hole through
his head. \u25a0 Then the picture of the maii
whom I had; last seen In vigorous
health, i fighting the battle of- justice
against Ruef" and the graft cohorts,
lying pale and. .emaciated .as a result
of the'eowardly attack, come up before
me. . . , .. '•."'.
; There. were three people in the room,
Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Heney, and Ben
Heney,_ brother, of the prosecutor.
, In a. big armchair placed beside a
window so, that he could'enjpy the sun
shine sat the- man against whom for
more 'than; two years :the' most vicious
attacks have been directed, culminating
in the attempt of an inspired assassin
to; end I his life. Hcwas propped up
withpillows. "Around him .was a heavy
comforter to protect rhlm from 'cold.
Seated' beside her husband and facing
him: was Mrs. Heney, and in front of
him hia brother.
No • Bandages Around Head
Prepared. to see the robust Heney re
sembling the picture 'of [a chronic in
valid, I was startled to hear:
"Hello, Aeylan! Come in and- alt
down.'' \u25a0)\u25a0\u25a0'..<','-\u25a0:\u25a0\u25a0':
: "With his hand outstretched he smiled
and remarked:,
' "They can't kill one :of 'ns r Art*o
nana—especially with a .38. They ousrlit
to have given that f elloTr a real gun."
?'.-, For the first time,' as I congratulated
him jon his recovery, "the opportunity
came to iook for traces of the mur
derous attack which had : laid him ; low.
.Instead of an emaciated face I looked
into * a full ; countenance, ruddy, -With
clear blood. J The same old fire ; lit
the eyes 'that have made many a crim
inal wince and -whine ; f or mercy. There
were ;:' no /bandages \u25a0'.. around - the • : head.'
Continued on Pase 2. 'Column 4
1 l \u25a0\u25a0- A I
The^atches which axe being awarded
in the history contest in The
Junior Call now serve as badges of clev
erness ! for scores of boys and girls all
over California. Have you won yours?
Prosecutor Says Providence
Directed Bullet; Corrupt
Men Leveled Weapon
1 HUMBLY thank Almighty God for
my miraculous escape from death. It
was the corruption of man that lereled
the murderous weapon, but a divine
providence directed the bullet. Hence
forth my life shall be consecrated to the
just enforcement of the law and to the
principle that NO MAN SHALL BE
\u2666\u25a0 ' \u25a0
Great Human Battle' Against Vice
In this great human battle against vice
and corruption let no one believe that the
true source is to be found in the individual
dynamiters, jury bribers, kidnapers and
assassins, and that their extermination
means ultimate victory. Such beings are
but the bubbles emanating from the pool
of filth that has been years in the making.
The seed has been sown and we must reap
the harvest, but in gathering the tares let
us be satisfied with nothing but the roots.
Plea. A gainst Tolerance of Crime
Let us all now highly resolve that we
shall not only not tolerate crime in any
form, but that we shall likewise cast out
and discredit the tolerators, the apologiz
ers and the abettors of crime; that justice
shall not be made a mockery in our courts
either by. violent methods or through de
based performances of men, professional or
otherwise, sworn to uphold the law; that
the plausible shall not be accepted for the
true, whether uttered by the higher ups
or lower downs, by, honest minded weak
men or by designing trimmers.
Greetings and Thanks to Public
It has been a terrible sacrifice, but if my
blood has not been shed ni vain, if the as
sassin's bullet has suddenly disclosed to
the public eye the hideousness of the gigan
tic conspiracy to defeat the law, then I
shall feel that I have not lived in vain, that
niy poor efforts have met with immeasur
able benefit to my beloved city and state.
Toward the poor, wretched instrument
of this crime I have no feeling but pity.
To my friends and the public who have
so long and so faithfully stood by me and
cheered; me on during days of hope and
during days of despair, and to all those
who have helped by word, deed or thought
in this last tragic battle I send my heart
felt, 2reetings.and thanks. :: i

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