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"VIAVI system of health: natural, simple: cloth
bound bvgienic book sent free opon appuca-
,'\u25a0 ttcn. The Vlavi Co.. Inc.. 630-652 Pine st.
\>ll. E. J. CREELY. 1818 Market St.; phone
Mfct. ;C7Q Special ward for dogs: dogs bonroetU
eT9T LYING-IN Home. 1191 Oak st. nr. park.
PR. I.OKD. fhy. in charge: iviijnwiifn^^
PILES of long standing cured to stay *L°
knife or delay from v.-ork; guaranteed. Ttfoa.
J. KISSER. M. P-. IflSl Fill more «t.
REFfKED cultured yours? widow, highly edu-
cate. arti*ti<- and musical, would be I'l* I "*^
to meoi rena-d p.-ntleman of pleasing address
• and m-ans; must be able to travel: object
matrimony: no triflers need reply. Box IJOI.
' Call r.fnee.
M:AT and refined young lady, amiable and
lovinz disposition, wishes to meet houorable
centieman «t moans, under » * wnM
appreciate and provide a pleasant home; object
matrimony: no triaers. Box 1953. call.
IiKNTIFMVX in pood business with small capi-
tal wains Isdy to Join him; object marriage;
none but thpse sincere need answer; give par-
tioiiUire. box ISO 2. Call offlce.
INTFILIGENT Gorman widow, who has & lovely
'home desires the acquaintance of gentleman
bet 30 and 35 with some means; object mat-
rimony- Bos IHS«. Call office.
SOBER, industrious man. 35. would like to
meet co^d iady bet. _.'« and 40: must give
nt • tare, cior.ey ami property; object matri-
mony. Box 1371. Call office.
KFFINED widower. ."•". pfx-d position and salary.
wants to meet refined honest youuz widow
t. or working lady: object matrimony. Bos li>_4.
Call office. _______
YOUNG man. -0. civil engineer, seeks corre-
spondence with young lady mmf are: object
: matrimony; working girt preferred. Box ISC3,
- Call office. - ;
YOUNG, beautiful girls and wealthy widow*
peek mates: the only responsible agency on
the coast. 260 Holli* st.. Oakland; details 25c.
DO not be deceived: the only reliable matrimo-
nial bureau you will find at MRS. A. WOL-
TER'S. 1752 Gearv st.: established In 1900.
GET married? 5,000 want correspondence. Send
for free descriptive list with photos and P. O.
addresses. CUPID. P. O. box 1-1. Oakland.
YOUNG peatlemaa of good appearance and posi-
tion wishes to meet an honest youne lady,
object matrimony. Box 2000. Call office.
WHAT o_>r for $75 piano bond? Good as cash
on any new or second hand piano at ELers
~ piano store. Box 1764. Call office.
STOCKS bonds. Investments: loans on approved
securities. F. E. CORNISH. 62 Bacon block,
--- Oakland. _^ __.
YOUNG businessman desires the acquaintance
of a working girl. 20 to 35 years of ape; no
objection to nationality: object matrimony.
Address box 65. Call office.
MATERNITY Villa house keeplns apartments
previous to confinement. DR. FUNKS. 1416
Sth ft.. Alameda. -
MRS. J. L. BLUM, graduate midwife; confine-
ment <-m-w= TskPTi. IH4 *th st.. Oakland.
WIGS and toupees of my make defy detection.
I ynarantee It. An artistic man wig maker
waits on gentlemen; private gentlemen depart-
ment upstairs. Hair dressing, 6bampoolng. etc.,
by experts only. A large stock of pure -human
hair goods constantly on hand. Switches, pom-
padour puffs, etc. Mall orders receive prompt
attention. G. LEPERER, 2271 California st.
near Webster. Established 1566.
electric treatment. 2024 gutter. P. West SSO2.
A — MISS A. LUND, graduate masseuse, 1705
OTarrell cor. FilL. suite 3; phone West 6536.
WEAK BXtd nervous men — You can cure yourself,
as thousands of others have done with Dr.
I/>re_2's firy cell storage body battery; sold
tmder guarantee at factory price at DONLON
DRUG CO., 765 Market 6t.. S. F. Call or
write; booklet free. We 6ave you money,
time and worry. .
' A — MRS. L. E. HARTMAN, graduate masseuse
and electro specialist; clean, sanitary. Koenig
building. 101 Post cor. Kearny. Open Sundays.
UNCALLED for ei;lis. overcoats and trousers' at
less than cost at CHAS. LYONS*, the London
tailor. 1432 Fillmore st. bet. Ellis & O'Farrell.
Tnerube's Inst.. 1742 Stelner nr. Sutter — Swedish
' movement, elec. light baths, mcd. gymnastics,
by grafi. masseur Prof. Rohrer's inst.. N. Y.
UNCALLED for garments at less than cost at S.
JONAS TAILORING CO., 1023 Fillmore near
RHEUMATISM positively cured In 10 days. Call
or write MBS. T. JEFFERIES, IS3IA Powell
et.. S. F.
LADY detective wants work, $5 per day; quick
. results. MRS. JOHNSON. 1232 Market st.
SECONDHAND clothing bought and sold. I. M.
DE MANN. 1629 Market: tel. Market 2542.
GOLDSTEIN Co., .theatrical and masquerade cos-
tnmes; sne to Jahn. costumer. 621 Van Ness.
office 349-351 Pacific bldr.. cor. 4th and Mkt.
MISS WALLACE, eastern masseuse; baths. 124
Turk, r. 210. Ist floor, rear; 11-10; open Sun.
I EASTERN massage, scalp treatment and manl-
curing. 1643 FUlmore St. bet. Post and Geary.
' E. M. REID, graduate masseuse: electric needle
specialist. Rooms 1-2. 1705 O'Farrell st.
CHIROPODY and Battle Creek treatment. 1261
Golden <?»te »t. near Fillmore wt. '_j
San Francisco's Successful Peyehle.
After yon bave read all the clairvoyant advpr-
ti6eme_ts on this page you will • know exactly
what MR. HOLDEN can accomplish and do for
rou. He tells everything you came to know with-
out aEklng you one single question. Offlce hours.
* 10 a. m. to 6p. m. Readings. $5: no more, no less.
1239 O'FARRELL ST. 1239
A— MRS. DR. F. CLARK, the well known trance
I medium, gives truthful advice on all affairs of
life; thousands have been helped; If you are in
ttrrable of any kind, unhappy, not satisfied in
life, have domestic, love or business troubles,
you will be told how to overcome them all;
readings $1. MF*B. DR. F. CLARK, perma-
nently located at 1552 Ellis st.. Saa Francisco.
RETURNED— MISS M. WILLE. great crystal
eeeress and medium, can he consulted on all
Blatters of business at 1399 O'Farrell st. cor.
Lacuna, flours 10-S p. m.
BEE PEOF. SHELDON, the world's gifted clalr-
voyant; for 7 days bis $5 reading for &0c and
*L PROF. SHELDON," 2000 Sutter st. corner
of FUlmore. • : -\u25a0;.-•?'
MISS ZEMDAR, young, gifted clair. and palm.;
a wonderful prophetess: name; L. 50c; G. $1;
2 hours 10 to 9. 14101s Geary st. near Octavla.
" MME. PORTER, clairvoyant, medium, cards,
palmistry; full life reading; born with double
t«U; 2d sight. 1408 O'Farrell st. near Laguna.
MME- LCISA. S; anish palmist, clalrroyant. card
" reader. 1037 A Golden Gate _v., rooms 1 and 2.
MRS. WASMER. gifted clairvoyant and planet
reader: hours 10 a. m. to 8 p. m. 1103 Laguna.
MRS. SHAFFER, test and business medium;
clalrroyant; sittings dally. 907 Buchanan st.
MISS E. HALL, card reading. 097 Golden Gate
ay.: hours." 1 to 8: room 23.
MISS LEE — Fortune telling. 25c; boors, 10 a. m.
to 8 p.- m. 1232 Market st .
GARLAND, world's greatest clairvoyant. 1917
Post *t. \u25a0 near Fillmore.
A — Mrs. J. J- 1 Whitney, trance medium and life
reader; sittings dally; full readings $1, at her
_; borne. 1164 O'Farrell; by mall. 4 questions. 91.
MRS. L. H. KINNAIRD. circle Sun., Mon.. Wed..
Frt., 8 p. m.; readings daily, 10 : 4. 1439 Flll-
raore st. ~ — . •
MME. MAXWELL.' cony. messages Wed.. Frl.,
it Sun- 8 p. m.; test rdp. daily. 323 Church st.
-MRS.. SEAL, spiritual reading; readings dally;
officiate at marriages, funerals. 786 McAllister
I>R. HOWLAND'S 25c circle tonight; 50c reod-
inc« today. 1230 Fillmore. over Coney Inland.
I PALMIST — Tells the past, present and future;
gives fell names of friends, enemies and sweet-
heart • tells yoa all concerning business.
MADAM VIRGINIA. 522 ; 27tu st. near San
Pablo «*., Oakland.
MRS. B. BELMOXT. great English palmist and
dair., assisted by Mrs. MscLean, astroloser;
2 reads from cradle to grave without a question.
1117 Washington st, Oakland. Phone «709.
MME. BUSHNELL, expert palmist. 20 yr». 209
Ke»ray. O to a. eg. Sunday. Tel. Dongl»» SffTO.
A GERMAN upright, $75; Steinway sqnare, f73;
F.Mey oprlgbt. $200. and many other bargains.
BO WEBS _c SOX, 629 McAllister st;.lv«r» &
(Trka? reward sale going \u25a0oa at' BYRON
MAUZT'S. U~o O'Farrell. Write for chance
on piano free. * •
ALMOST given away; storage : piano dirt cheap.
Whitehead's Storage. 1504 Market Bt.-S.-F.
A GOOD piano for rent at $3 a month.
\u25a0 SCOTT CURTAZ PIANO CO.. .SCO Hayes «t.
NEW pianos for rent, $3 per month; rent al-
lowed If purchased. STATHAM. 24 Hill st.
SEE oilier pianos first, then examine genuine
Steinway piano. STORAGE CO.. 415 Van Ness.
$50— Chance of a lifetime;: rosewood piano; good
«-caditlon.> SCHMITZ. 4.'iO Dcvlsadcro st.
150 PIANOS at factory prices; cash, payments
or rent. C2l Van , Ness nr. Turk.
AT HORNUNG'S. best bargains in second hand
pianos. 1.V.4 Eddy »t. nenr Flllmore.
I>O YOU WANT $6,000?
. \u25a0 • i' v ~ {
Can loan as a whole or In two amounts at
7 per cent, secured by first mortgage on im-
proved Oakland realty.
Loan Department
(Investor of Capital),
SOC San Pablo ay., Oakland, Cal.
{SJ«SJUI « $ J J »J
?$ $ f $ S $ $ 5 ? 5 * .$ * * «
$$ We are loaning all salaried people on vss
1$ new 6ysteni and lowest rates. Your em- $$
$$ plover never knows of an/ transactions $S
j$ -at our offices. • • - 5$
f J 40S Call Bldg.. 3d and Market st*. $$
f$ Offlce Hours, 8:30 to 6 p. m. ; also J$
f$ Men.. Wed. and Sat. till 8 p. m. $$
$?sisssSs S ? $ $ $ J fS
$$ $^$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$
We will advance you money in sums of $10
to $200 on your furniture, piano, horses, ve-
hicles, etc. (without removal) an short no-
tice. Low rates, easy payments; absolutely
private. Call and let us explain cur new
up to date plan. Courteous treatment.
HOUSEHOLD LOAN CO., 357-359 Pacific
b!dg., 3d floor, 4th and Market sts. : phone
Douglas 3265. Oakland office, room 3, Mac-
donough bldg.. 14th and Broadway.
Does it keep you guessing how to make both
ends meet? SMILE. Don't worry. See us and
your troubles will leave. Call and get acquainted.
You may like us. Others do. Terms lowest.
Quick, frafe. confidential methods, without delay.
THE CITY CREDIT CO.. 1001 Call building.
MONEY LOANED on furniture, pianos and other
security; lowest rates; most favorable terms
in the city; see others, then see me and -be
convinced; I will save you money; $2.23
weekly repays $30 loan. Phono Market 3029.
SOO9 16th St.. SW corner Mission. Room 35.
MONEY made daily and Call Want Ads help to
make it. Advertise your wants: make them
known to the public through a Call Want Ad.
An investment, not an expense. For full par-
ticulars read Call Want Ads daily.
MONEY loaned salaried people and others upon
their own names without security: cheapest
rates; easiest payments; offices in GC principal
cities; cave yourself money by getting our
terms first. TOLMAN. room 137, 787 Market
\u25a0t.. S. F.. and room 9. 4CO 13th St.. Oakland.
LOWEST rates, quick deals, no delay. Loans
on second mortgages, estates, legacies. Un-
divided interests. When you need money see
HERMAN MURPHY. 546 Market et.. S. F.
ADVANCES made on diamonds and Jewelry at
lewest rates; safe deposit vaults; greatest pos-
sible care taken. BALDWIN JEWELRY CO..
Van Xff» and Sutter.
ANY amount on real estate, first or second mort-
gages, or on any security; no delay; low rates.
O. W. BECKER. 2111 Flllmore near California.
AAAA — Money loaned on diamonds and valu-
ables; private and confidential. Portland
Jewerly Co.. room 235. 268* Market st.
INVESTMENT sought for $3,000. where I can
employ part of my time. Address box 53,
Call office.
MONEY to loan at low rates of interest on
real estate. HEEOLD & LEVITSKY, 407
Pine st. . : ,
A— LOANS on salaries. HOME CREDIT & IN-
' VESTMENT CO.. 523 Pacific bldg.. 4th & Mkt.
ANY sum. Ist, "<i. 3d tnort. ; interest In estates.
R. McCOLGAN. r. 214-315. 26 Montgomery st.
AAA — Loans to salaried people. THE WHITE
CO.. 367 Monadnocfc bid*.; phone Douglas 3250.
household goods; also on salaries. 1516 Eddy.
Original . Uncle Bill (Modern Loan Co., Inc.). 38
Ellis nr. Mkt.; 40 yrs. in city; tel. Dong. 33.91.
ON furniture, pianos, etc.; strictly private.
BECKER. 2111 Fillmore st. near California.
CASH loaned to salaried men on note without
indorser. MORRELL. 922 Monadnock bldg.
ON furniture and pianos;' sls up; no removal; no
com. TREMAIN. 726 Buchanan near Hayes.
SALARY loans; other propositions. San Fran-
cisco Discount Agency. 411 Pacific bolldlng.
Amounts up to $10,000 at 8 per cent for mtge.
loans. DU RAY SMITH. 1015 Broadway. Oak.
WANTED — $500 on house and lot at 8 per cent.
K. SABIN. 1719 12th ay.
STOCKS offered for immediate sale
1.000 shares Calif. Pressed Brick C 0...$ .40
1,000 shares Monterey Coal Co .25
100 shares Hubbard Elliott Copper 1.10
100 spares McCarty Wireless Phone.. 2.75
100 Burlingame Typewriter 2.60
7 shares Chiapas Rubber Plan 40.00
Address P. O. box 754, San Jose. Cal.
sale at $675; each yields you 7% per cent net.
D. E. BESECKER. 248 Pacific bldg.
WHEEL stock buyers, call at office. 785 Market
St.. rooms Nos. 711-712, and get information
you should have before buying outside stock.
CAN you Invest $500 to $10,000 in legitimate
manufacturing, where large profits are sure?
If so. call 948 Market St.. roem 201.
WILL buy or sell McCarthy wireless telephone
etock. J. H. MCCARTHY & SON, rooms 10-11,
Bacon bide. Oakland.
M'CARTHY Wireless bought and sold; highest
price. Full information 40 Bacon blk.l Oak'd.
BEST investment. $1,000 up; large income quick;
personal Interview. Box 1781. Call office.
BUILDING. -\u25a0' • \u25a0
BANKERS and businessmen, investors and trus-
tees— A safe, profitable and long time 20 per
cent yearly investment. Address box 1678,
Call office.
ABBOTT will sell $1,000 Ocean Shore railroad !5
p«r cent I«t mtp. bond fi.r $050. 311 Bush Rt.
CALL BRANCH OFFICE, 1651 Fillmore st. near
ALLGEWAHR BROS. CO., assaying In all its
branches; accuracy guaranteed; send for mail-
leg envelope. 313 Cth st.. Oakland.
GOLD, amalgam, \u25a0 rich ore bought, cash; assaying
50c-. Plon><»r Apsar Co.. 131 Bth St. nr. Howard.
Excelsior District. San Francisco.
To close out tbe. few remaining lots. this month
16 choice homesites are offered on these very
easy terms. An investment for a', home. , for
profit; for saving that loose change which es-
capes from you every month. In a settlement
of homes and stores. Two fine schools. 4 car-
lines, including owl. service. Sewers, side-
walks, taxes ; free. ' and M/:Enerney -title 'guar-
anteed. Yon will . never . have such I another
chance at city property and you must n:t
quick." , Delays are dangerous; apd — expensive.
Take Polk. Larkin. Onondaga ay., Ingleslde.
cemeteries or San Mateo car via Mission 6t. to
junction of Onondaga and Russia ays. Tract
office cor.- Russia ay. and Vienna st. Come
Saturday or Sunday. T. F. A. OVERMEYER,
agent. 270 Van Neas ay. Tel. 'Market 3229.
for a home or an investment. Lots,' I ; tot tages,
flats. Terms. :W. :F. ALTVATER & CO., 295
\u25a0 t!tb ay. near Clement st.
$250 to $600 — Lots, -desirably located in this
city; $5 down and $5 to $10 per month; Im-
mediate possession given. r JOHN- H.f GRADY,
151 Sntter st. / X '* .: •;
$1.000 — Terms; 50x114; 30th st. bet. ' Sanchez
and Noe. . JOHN H. GRADY. 151 • Sntter > wt.
C. R.- WILCOX & CO., real estate,, removed' to
\u25a0 £U, iJalboa building, 2d and Market stSv; .\u25a0\u25a0;<
SPECIAL— §I.3.SOO: great bargain; not far from
Market st. and south of Hayes fit.; in the
very heart- of Satf 'Francisco; . double <-orner;
almost 30x120 feet: 3 frontages; Improved with
jrood. solid flats, paying :$l3O per month; this
lot is worth $11,000 conservatively; .we. sold
this holding a few days before the lire for
SIO.4CH"* an<l an offer of $10,000 made shortly
after the. fire was refused; this is a rare bar-
paiu; must be sold. lmmediately. \u25a0 CRAN-
STON. BELVEL &. DWl'Elt, 573 California st.
near Kearny. .•-.'' -'-'
$100 down, balance like rent: 2 cottages. $1,100.
$1,500: 5 rooms; Mission fct. cars to (Crescent
ar., on, to first street to right. J. MOORB,
17 Roseoe st. \u25a0..- -.-'- - . - ' \u25a0'\u25a0 \u25a0
MONISY made daily and Call Want Ads help to
make it. Advertise- your wants; make them
known to the public through a Call \vant Ad.
An Investment, not an expense. For full par-
tlculars read Call Want Ads-dally.
IF you are looking for city property or a home ip
Berkeley, Oakland or Alamcdu. fall or send for
our new descriptive - list. ' ROTHEUMEL , &
CO.. 247 Buks building. San Francisco. ---,-\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0,\u25a0
2 MODERN flats of G rooms and bath each, now
being completed, on easy terms; must be seen
to be' appreciated. * Apply on premises, 655
6th ar., Richmond district. . . ' \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0*'\u25a0\u25a0•
FOR sale — Up to date residence, large lots, in
block facing carllne' and Golden Gate, park;
12th ay. and I St.; Sunset district. See E. B.
HALLETT on premises. . "• '. \u25a0
FOR sale — 3 modern C room flata, panhandle dis-
trict; marine view; pood, investment: ' easy
terms; will exchange for building lots. Apply
owner. 1230 Ist ay. -..-;--:\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0',\u25a0
TAMONY & CO., NW. cor. 29th and Mission.
Real Estate and Insurance.
' Call or Phone Market 3452. :
$7,300 — New, 5 and 6 room, up to date flats; 2d
ov. near California st; $2,000 cash, balance
monthly. F. NELSON, builder. .
FOR sale — 2 fine flats, almost finished; 5-6
rooms; everything up to date. Stanyau St., 100
. ft. south from Parnassus at \u25a0 ' -
ELEGANT houses for sale, in 20th ay. between I
and J sts.. Sunset. D. CONLON, builder; new
electric carllne In 20th ay. . \u25a0
2 SPLENDID flats, 5-6 rooms; everything up to
date; lot 2Sxlor». 130 Alpine st. bet. Duboce
ay. and 14th st. \u25a0'\u25a0 - . '\u25a0 ; / "
A MISSION lot for sale; fine view of bay:' 2o
mirmtes from center of city. Owner, box- 1751,
Call ofOce. • :
$1,200 — Any terms; lot 25x100: 21st near Castro.
JOHN H. GRADY. 151 Sutter st. ' -
C. R. WILCOX & CO. removed to 211 Balboa
blrig-.. 2d and Market sts. - \u25a0
$1.000 — 2 flats. Baker near Bush. jpHN 11.
GRADY. 151 Sutter st. '
WILL sell for cash 12 lots in Sunset, $233 each.
Box 1750. Call office. "
J. A. ADAMS, surveyor. 323 Bush st. Phone
Pm-rlns 2104. -.\u25a0\u25a0<\u25a0
Wants a beautiful home; here it is, a gentle-
man's home, with a large steady 1 income, nest-
ling among the beautiful foothills, overlooking
Monterey bay, within 40 minutes' drive jof
Santa Cruz beach and casino,
72 acres dark alluvial loam sloping to south
and east: modern residence, 9 large rooms; su-
. perb bath; wine cellar; exquisitely furnished;
also 5 room farm bouse; stable; garage; drier
and packing house; 40 acres choice apples; last
season crop $6,000; see them . drying \u25a0 out and
packing now. Sell on. easy terms; perhaps uo-
cept bay property part payment: $25,000.
• Removed to 430 Eddy st. near Leavenworth.
One of the most beautiful homes in Santa
Clara county, consisting of 5 acres in suburbs of"
Palo Alto, half mile from University ay. car
line; beautiful pines: eucalyptus and pepper
trees. Besides young family orchard, there are
in full bearing, apple, apricot, almond, chestnut,
cherry, loquat. fig, persimmon, peach, etc. | A
hew 0 room bungalow and house for . servants,
automobile garage, etc. ; fine water, sewerage,
etc. Inquire of DR. McINTYRE, box 32, Palo.
Alto. . . ; ••\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0
5 to 40 acre farms in Sacramento vallejv rich,
deep, sandy loam soil for fruit, walnuts, vege-
tables, alfalfa, etc.; 2B daily passenger trains,
no farm more than 20 minutes' walk from a
station. The best laud and best living condi-
tions In California. A 10 acre farm means in-
dependence. Excursions every Saturday 5 p. m.:
round trip $5; return Sunday p. m. F. L. HILL
& CO., No. 6 East st. opp. Ferry bldg. Phone
Kearny 302. \u25a0 '\u25a0__
$3,500 — Farm; only $700 cash required; richest
bottom land; only mile from new town
Pand railroad: planted to alfalfa, apples
and 'Lovell- peaches; has yielded big- re-
turns for years and should pay for itself.'
The c\tiinc9-\4>t \u25a0 a. lifetime. Call for full
, -53 Post. st., San Francisco, Cal.
I OWN and offer 240 acres level land near Wil-
olws; house, barn, 2^ acres bearing Tines and
fruit trees; can be irrigated; will produce
grapes, fruit, sugar beets, alfalfa, without ir-
rigation; $35 an acre; 1-5 cash, balance in 4
years;- will sell in pieces of 60 acres or more
at Email advance; easy terms: principals only.
Address U. J. CORCORAN, lOIOVi Washington
.St., Oakland. .-.. ,\u25a0 ... . :.\u25a0-. \u25a0\u0084 . '._-\u25a0
CALIFORNIA land, $1 per acre cash payments,
balance purchase 00 cents month per acre;
close San Francisco; no taxes, no interest;. 5
acre tracts; level, rich, clear, ready to plow,
irrigated; perpetual water rights; immediate
possession; particulars, maps, photographs free.
STEVINSON COLONY, 1414 Market St.. S. F.
THOUSANDS of chickens— Buy a chicken farm
on the Cotatl" ranch uear" Petaluma; several
hundred families aJready raising thousands.
Apply to the COTATI CO., 310 California St.,
San Francisco, owners, of property.
5 and 10 acre homes ". in Alameda county; rich,
level land with 2 railroads. 2 stations on the
land; cheap, $25 down and $10 per month.
Rich Valley Land Company. 540 Market st.
GRIDLEY. Biggs and Sunset colonies — Choice
fruit, alfalfa and orange irrigated lands, sold
on easy terms. 'For particulars call or address
T. F. A. OBERMEYER. .270 Van Ness ay.
FOR the best list of -country; property, farms,
fruit,, poultry ranches, stock ranches, alfalfa
and timber lands. - send for '\u25a0 new catalogue.
ROTHERMEL & CO., 247 Rues bldg., S. F.
FOR sale — 15 acre orchard; 1,200 full bearing
trees; Buena Vista; 1 "mile f rom ' Sonoma ; 3
minutes' walk from station; lovely home. D.
LEONHARDT. 2003 Golden Gate aw ... '
SSO0 — $400 cash; 20 acres Al orchard land," suit-
able for chicken ranches, near Sebastopol, So-
noma county; timber ' and water. WELLS &
BANGS. Chronicle building. .
WE have for sale, exchange or rent ranches,
farms and city - property. McFAUL & , ED-
WARDS. 327 Chronicle building. : .
FIRST CLASS barber wants Job, city or coun-
try, where he will have chance to buy., Ad-
dress box 2459. 1108 Valencia st. \u25a0
HOMESTEAD and desert claims located;; level
land; good soil. - PACIFIC LAND CO., 110
Bacon blk.. Oakland,* Cal. : "/
FARM Jn Santa Clara county to exchange for
lodging house in San Francisco. Address box
1379, Call office. / . . -
IMPROVED 5 and 11 acre poultry ranches; terms
easy; cheap. Owner, , A. . STEPHENS, Peta-
luma. Cal.. R 1. ' ' '\u25a0..;.'-.
BUY a home in Sonoma county; write for list.
JOHN A. WILLIAMS. Sehastopol. Cal. < \u25a0
Mr. Win. J. Dlngee, owner of ' Dingee ; Park,
is placing \u25a0on the market ;\u25a0 the ' most - desirable
tract for home sites, in California; beautifully
wooded with oaks; the streets are . being . macad-
emized; sewers laid; cement sidewalk; curbs put
down. Easy terms. 7 Lots average 05x130 feet.
Only 36 minutes from San Francisco: 2 minutes
trom station. ' For further particulars apply
Room* 331-817. Crocker building..
RANCHES, 2 "a. up,- improved;;' town property;
lots. : F. H. Parker/ 125 Pac.'»T..''Santa Cruz.
; .. .— „. . ; !
$4,500 — Modern bungalow 1 year old; *5- rooms
:tnd high basement: 2, mantels;, gas "and
electricity; hot ' and '. cold ' water: \ pood
*:. neighborhood; ; 5- minutes'.; walk ;to j Key
Route station' at 1 22d,and* Broadway;, will
*: sell ' on ; easy terms, or, exchange for .vacant
lots.' . Call or • address. ' :
rA.VK.PERCIVAL.,- Owner,"
Room 90,' Bacon 81k. , : Oakland." v.
Oakland 4S2 — Piedmont 014.-;
$50,000-rFrult ranch; .- flne improvements; deep
«> sediment soli: nicely located; good income pro-
ducer; for -. sale :or ; exchange - f or San • Fran-
• cisco. -- Oakland or Berkeley*- inside :• property.-
For particulars write. H. A: MARCKEES COM-
}•& PANY," San Jose. ; Cal."; owners. ,. . ; v . . ; , ;
FOR . exchange— Vacant - lots ': in ' burned district,
\u25a0 and residence lots- unlncumbered. for -improved
property; will' assume ; mortgaee and. pay cash
difference. GEO. . D. . SHADBURNE JR.', 45
-post sti : . ;\u25a0.\u25a0 ."^fe":?,^:- 1 ;-^.':^':
FARM •In Santa" Clara': valley « tor exchange for
lodging : house =in' San: Francisco; -$0,000. •: Ad-
dress box 1302." Call ; of flee. t& "r -\u25a0•"-\u25a0 .,- •'.-".'. \u25a0 ;."
WANTED^— Vacant lot or, lots in or 'out of burned
' district i for " improved t property ; > "will^assume
mortgage . and • pay • cash ?• difference. • CEO." I ! D.'
\u25a0SHADBUENB.JR.,;4S:Post;sU> '--•\u25a0"
\u25a0;>\u25a0".\u25a0'; legal xotices;
IN the district court of the United States -for
; tho, district of. Oregon— ln the. matter of Paul
'. Strain. bankrupt— The .undersigned will receive
sealed bids up to : 12 o'clock soon of Saturday.'
November 2Stb. I'JUS, •-. fnr the following de-
soribert property belonging \u25a0*» said estate. ',<»
wit: A stock of merchandise, consisting of
clothing, shoes. v furnishing goods, bats and/dry
poods.- together with a lot of store fixtures,
located at Nos. ' flirt. 015 and 017 Market St..
. San Francisco. Cal. The terms of the sale
are cash and each bid must be accompanied by
cash or a certified check /or 10 per cent of the
amount offered: and the said sale: is subject to
confirmation • by the 'court. • Inventory of said
property Is now being " prepared and will be
.' ready, for Inspection at -the. of lire of the board
of trnde.-100 I'ine St., San Francisco, Cal.; and
. at the "office of the' undersigned. 7 First- st.;
Portland. Ore... on and after November 20,
KK3-S. and , the property may be \u25a0 inspected .on
application at the premises. Bids may.be. pre-
sented either at the office of . the .board of
trade of San Francisco or of the undersigned
\u25a0nt Portland. R. 1,. SABlN. Receiver.
JAPANESE Employment Office— General con-
: tractors;- furnishes best help. 3SI Bth St., Oak-
land. Phone Oakland 3158, Home A 4513.
HARRISON St., 12G8— 2 sunny, well furnished,
front rooms; best close In residence section;
all conveniences. - - \u25a0 ' \u25a0 "\u25a0 ' ~
HOTEL. Si.' PAUL, 528 12th st. corner Clay-
Rooms 00c a day up; $2.50 week up; special
rate by the month; open all night. ;•
MAGNOLIA Kt., 931, Oakland— a rooms to let
la lower flat; , furnished or unfurnished; rea-
sonable price. \u25a0 •?'•-- __ ;
SUNNY, front rooms; modern; grate; elegantly
furnished; new; reasonable; 2 blocks from
city hall. , At 1212 Jefferson st.
BTH ay.', 1121 — Large alcove front room; on car-
line: 7 minutes from 12th and Broadway.
Ai-ICK st., 1317—1 large, sunny, bay window
room suitable for 2, with privilege of light
house keeping; also 1 large, partly, furnished
room with small kitchen for house keeping;
large yard; use of laundry, bath and phone;
close to cars and locals; every accommodation.
Phone Oakland, 9257.
CLINTON ay.. 2125, Alameda— s room apartment
furnished' complete for house keeping; gas
ranges and French range; electricity; bath;
fine marine view; elegant home; adults; $30.
ONE furnished bay window house keeping suite;
•East. Oakland; 1253 11th ay., East Oakland..
Apply OlOMs East _12tlf St., East Oakland;
phono A3O7S. \ '^: : v : \u25a0 '\u25a0'\u25a0'
1 UNFURNISHED house keeping room; 1253
11th ay., East Oakland. Apply 610^ E. 12th
St., East Oakland; adults only; phone A3O7S.
2 NEATLY furnished sunny rooms for light house
keeping;^ close ta Sth St.- car line and S. P.
local; central location; rent reasonable. 031
Magnolia ay. ' - \u25a0 -
FOUR rooms for house keeping; clean; completely
furnished; coal and gas ranges; . piano; rent
reasonable. 12CS Sth ay.. East Oakland. '
SAN PABLO ay., 1231— Single and light house-
keeping rooms and bath. - \u25a0_.
THREE elegantly furnished rooms for house
keeping In a private home; bath, gas, elec-
tricity and use of laundry; rent reasonable.
Address 1527 Telegraph ay., Oakland.
TWO large airy furnished house keeping suites;
East Oakland.. Apply 103# sth st\; rent $8 and
?lit: adults only: Kast On bland: phone 81323.
COLLEGE ay., 2540, Berkeley— Desirable board-
ing place for couple; also single rooms.
MARKET st., 1496, Oakland— Furnished room to
let; private family; board; near Key Route
and within walking distance of town.
PRIVATE residence; charming, large, sunny
room, open fireplace, furnace, modern ; Im-
provements; desirable; suitable for 2; near
Metropole; Oakland 2901. Bos 2322, Call ; af-
fice. Oakland. -
ROOMS TO JLET— Berkeley /
CHANNING way, 2632, Berkeley — Furnished
rooms, to let_ln private "home: fine location;
all convenlPncVs: nnnrd near hy.
PRINCE St., ISO", South Berkeley— 3 rm. fur-
nished apt. : neat, clean, sunny, modern; S. P.
and Key Route; Oakland cars; private en-
trance; aduits preferred. :
WOOLSEY. 1914 — 3 minutes from. South Berke-
ley station; cozy furnished apartment of 2
rooms, complete for house keeping; every con-
venience and references.' ; ' \u25a0•\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0
YOUNG man to board .In private, family; room
well furnished and sunny; $22 per month. 1624
Mtlvla st. Phono Berkeley 2322.
FLATS TO LET- -Berkeley
THOROUGHLY modern 6 room upper flat; hard-
wood floors throughout; sunny; fine view; large
yard, flowers, etc. ; east of College near Uni-
versity: references required, i Address 17
I'.-nior.-unic way, or tel. Berkeley 1061.
•<>*3W.?HOUSES TO LET — Furntslied^^^
FOUR room cottage, partly fiirnis-hed; bath, pan-
try, basement, gas and s,chicken, chicken houses. 1507
Liese ay., on car line, near boulevard, , Fruit-
vale. Call between 10 and 4. -'
< 2JOUSE^T^^E^--O^iWan^^^
NEW 7 room house; Alta Piedmont, half blo^k
from.Vernoa ay. ; marine . view.' 232 12th St..
TO LET — Two new 5 room flats: on 'Harwood
near College and Claremont; $20 each. J. L.
RANKIN. College and Claremont.
APARTMENTS — Berkeley \
A comfortable home for permanent guest; apart-
ments of 1,2 and 3 rooms, with private bath-
rooms; sunny, south rooms, steam heated; tele-
phone service; excellent table; liberal manage-
ment;- transient; tourists \u25a0 accommodated. Tele-
phone Bprkeley 1615. \u25a0 : '
,_.^^A P.ART31 ii E X TS^-O vk la nd \u25a0 . . - r
THE MOLITOR — Furnished house keeping rooms;
also transient; 2 blocks' from 22d Bt. Key
Route. 865 San Pablo ay., Oakland. %
HOLLYWOOD INN apartments, newly furnished
suites. 2-3 rooms. $25 and $35." 933 San Pablo.
' ' TO LEASE ':'\u25a0. -:. ;-\u25a0"\u25a0-. y'-^;-
BARGAIN— House of 10 \u25a0 rooms, : furnished good;
.all rented; piano; sell separate. - 616 ISth St.,
1% blocks \u25a0 from San Pablo ay.. Oakland. \u25a0"\u25a0\u25a0*•\u25a0'\u25a0'
FOR SALE-^anted"
CONTINUATION sale of extension tables and
furniture, at 11. SCIIELLHAAS 1 lltli and
Franklin sts..' tli» busy corner. ''Oakland. \u25a0 '
FOR SALE— Mlscellnneona
OAKLAND'S furnltnre dealer, H. Scbellhaas, has
, made arrangements | for j this a sale .to deliver
•goods, rain or shine; at your service 0 a. m.
to 5 p. ra, at the busy corner, 11th and Frank-
lin sts. \u25a0 - \u25a0-\u25a0'---\u25a0\u25a0
FURS ! \u25a0 " : ' \u25a0' : .
facturer of all kinds of .-furs;" remodeling and
dyeing. 5.-.1 inth st. corner Sao Pablo ay." -
.:\u25a0'." .V.. ACTOMOBItiES
BARGAlNS— Runabouts $200 and up.' and touring
!{• cars; : repairs our > specialty.*.- Imperial Garage.
•.ViS'-ISth St. west of Sun Pa bio ay.. Oakland.
NEW, and Eecond hand: typewriters ; bought and
sold." rented, repaired :. guaranteed. SMITH
,BROS.; 462 13th st.V Phone : Oakland: 12. * ;
GEO.' -r K. MERRY— Smith . Premier : agent ; , all
;i makes. repaired.:. 878 Broadway.' Oakland.'
NKW : YORK Bicycle ; Works, • 072 ;7th ; st. near
Filbert ; new . aud secondhand ; bicycles bought
and sold; air repair work reasonably done. \ -.
ELECTRIC I' lA i°^_^^x^o
WK' have -moved: -it /will pay' you- to see us' be-
f fore! buying.' VAN BROS., factory,; and sales-
rornn nt 3~th'and San Pahlo: Piedmont 304(i. '
MEAT market in rapidly-prowing vicinity; sales
§175 week.. cash trade;;horse and wagon; -large
corral : i 3 . barns;: 2 ; sheds ; '\u25a0 a snap ; I good reason
H for. selling.' \u25a0•. FULLER." 1115 1 Broadway.' Oakland.*-
m^S}^B Hoiißp's : .for Sale— Oakland^
2G.T . Bacon - block. \u25a0;. * Phone Oakland • SlSS— The
' '-. best » bargains siu j rooming I houses " In « the ) city ;
iist \u25a0 rour . houses .with jus "for • quick ? saleH' ."•r_r
:: i VQ'a'jaAWP oriwa'CTiga wm &^— S~^^^^e^^~ S^^ >^~-^i'^ ss * a ' iO * im \u25a0»-*"*«"^n?
bureaus, desks, davenports and curios
bought and sold. Cor. 7th and Brush. Oakland."
-\u25a0'\u25a0BUH.DEnS \u25a0AXD-COXTRACTOBS.; >
JACKS, the - bouse inoyer; •. houses- raised and
moved, 4Sth . st. and ' San Pablo, Emeryville
P.^O. 'Phone Piedmont 3050.~ »- -\u25a0
GOLD MEDAL -Steam Carpet Cleaning and Reno-
vating \u25a0\u25a0 Works, 956 Clay St.: : first class work
guar. Phones. Oak. 4154.' A4154. A. LESTER.
MATHEWSON'S Carpet Beating Works, 315 East
12th St.: tels. Merritt W>s. 81655. , .\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-;\u25a0?\u25a0,'-
'_ il?!^?^ J '*} \u25a0**s£%£ \u25a0 WJ , J^...,'...,.
SEWING by day by experienced lady; phone Oak
5429; residence OSS .Willow st., Oakland. .
EXPERIENCED dress • maker . wishes engage-
ments by the day. 1190 23d ar.. Oakland.
JAPANESE Emp. and House Cleaning Co.. 311
7th st. Phones. Oakland 5522. Home A 3522.
KEYS furnished at factory prices. Key Works.
855 Clay st. Phone Oak. 6717. A 2574.
• Ask your grocer for the M. &B. brand of ma-
ple syrup. The best on the market. New England
Svrqp_Co.. distributors. 4«1 21st St.. Oakland.
JAPANESE Emp. and House Cleaning Co., 311
7th st. Phones. Oakland 5522. Home A 3522.
._\u25a0__. _;y_ ROOFING 1
ANY kind of roofs repaired or painted. A. HIL-
MANVSOfI East 12th St.: phone Merritt 450.
SPIRELLA corsets, only parlors west of Chicago;
\u25a0 "our boning guaranteed. 611 14th st.
?? _ T . ° ' R Ac g Az^J!l2XlziSLJy^iiSlZ,
LYON Storage and Moving Co. — Packing and
shipping. 493 11th St.: phone Oakland 2071.
ROBERT. G. FULTON, M. D., leading specialist
for women. 518 11th st. near Washington,
Oakland. -
PRIVATE home for confinement; adoption; best
of care. -1303 Market st.. Oakland.
"TALKS ON RUPTURE." by Prof. Pierce, just
issued; copy free. PIERCE & SON. 1417
Chestnnt St.. Alameda. Phone Alatneda 17SO;
LANG AN & MEN DEN HALL, 201 Bacon building;
phone Oakland 1431. \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0.-.\u25a0
San Pablo ay. and 16th St., Oakland — New and
modern; 12 schools; greatest facilities and
strongest influence. COMMERCIAL SHORT-
COME to Oak. for bus. edu. Polytechnic Business
college, - the great bus. sen* of west ; free cat.
and narr.o cards. 306 12th St.. Oakland.
INVESTMENTS— Securities and lonas, 333 First
Xtl. Bk. bids.. Oakland. Pettia & Bnrbeck.
$25 month and small first payment buys new
strictly modern cottage of 5 rooms, mantel
and electricity: price $2,500 If sold immediate-
ly; a genuine bargain. Owner, 1014 Eagle ay.,
Alameda, near Bay station.
$100 down, $25 monthly, buys good 6 room house,
lot, barn; widest street; block from trains;
$2,150: Ing. 1622 Clinton; phone Alameda 2661.
FIVE room cottage, IC3O Pacific ay.. Grand
station, Alaraeda. GLUNZ, builder; phone
Alameda 24*3. .
Do you know that | the First national bank
Is going to- put up a class "A" office building
in Center st. west of its present building and
that the Shattuck estate is to construct an-
other, a modern office building, just weat of
that? - Have \u25a0 you seen the new town hall at
Grove and Center and the reinforced concrete
Reporter building?
If so you will realize what a future there
1s for Center st. west of Shattucfc and we have
the best buy in .that thoroughfare, a lot 40x
/ISO in the south side" of the street between
Milvia and Grove at $162.50 a foot. Price
the other land in that locality and you will
find it is "held at $200 a foot and up. ,
$3,000 — Factory site on the Southern Pacific spur
track in 2d st.. 26,500 square feet. Where
can you do better than this?; ;
$6,000 — Cash; new house of 8 rooms in Benvenue
ay. ; lot 50x120: very large living room.
polished floors, big closets, furnace.
i is $1,500 under the real value, but owners
want to realize on it at once." -;
2062 Center st. Telephone Berkeley 320.
FOR salP—o " room house • within . 1 . block of
North Berkeley station: good .view;, large lot,
45x120. facing south; $750 cash, balance $35
per month, including ' interest. - A bargain at
$3,750. Phone Berkeley 3145. F. R. PEAKE
. & CO., 2131 Center St.. Berkeley.
$3,250- : -Almost new 5 room cottage; bath, pan-
try, electric lights and gas; lot 35x120; 1 block
.to Key Route station; termß. • $300 cash," \u25a0 bal-
ance $25 monthly. O. A. RUDOLPH, Alcatraz
station. Open Sundays.' \u25a0
NEW modern 5 room bungalow, with sleeping
porch ; centrally located and convenient to
trains and schools; cars pass door. Apply own-
er. "l72l Grove St.. Berkeley.
$2,500 — Modern house, 5 rooms; variety fruit;
large garden; chicken yard and houses; wind-
mill; terms.
$I,soo— Modern 4 room house. .1 block from
' carllne; best street In town; corner lot; terms.
. .$3,000 — 2 \u25a0 acres ia heart of Elmhurst, \u25a0 suit-
\u25a0 able for •' subdivision; along the line of the
\u25a0 new \u25a0 Southern. : Pacific; this is a chance to
double your money very soon..
.We have choice lots 'In all parts [ of , Elm"
burst; price* are right; come out where the
sun shines. ' Open \u25a0 Sundays.
Cor. Jones ;, ay. and E 14 th st.
FOR sale by^ owners— Just i being completed, '2
I high basement 5 - room { cottages;* modern la
'every respect; $500 down; monthly terms; rea-
soaable: on car line and 5 minutes from S. P.
"depot; located at 14J9-81' Leise ay.. Frultvale.
FIVE room modern cottage and basement with
" rooms; in nice'flower garden.'frult trees.suni-
mer house. \u25a0 3206 ' Putnam St., Frultvale; near
train and cars.*^ .' -\u25a0-.-.\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 - * \u25a0
, $50 — We have a few more oil land locations
to fill out in the proven. oil' district: $250 has
been paid for, these: very, choice locations. Full
particulars with the "ALDES CO., 1003^
Broadway, Oakland.
TWO ' lots in : Lakeside . subdivision of . Adams
]>oint_:for sale: away -below the' market value;
buyer has obligations to meet before December
1 and Is forced n> sacrifice; a chance for right
invfstop to make; at 'least a thousand dollars-;
\u0084 •. most ' unusual J , bargain ;we \u25a0 have ; nad - in our
• ' offices - for, months. \u25a0• Call ' or address ' FRANK
.; X: MOTT C0.,*»1060 Broadway, Oakland. "
\u25a0} ':':\u25a0- SEE .THIS. OAKLAND; HOME. •
• Splendid 0 room house:; on Corner; good* condi-
tion;' lot GOslOO: -close; to i.'car" lines: 10: minutes
to Oakland's business center; price $5.2.'K>; $1,500
down; balance^ on. mortgage at 0 per cent net. If
you 'n?t>d; such a place i now is your chance. \u25a0
WM.M., BUTTERS, 46S 11th st., Oakland.
BEAUTIFUL ; home, corner i lot.- 30x130 : :6 ; room
modern cottage,. barns/. windmill, chicken house.
. fine : garden;; fruit'and shade \u25a0 trees., completely
P furnished ; . near r Melrose; ± price \u25a0 $3,500; worth
$n.000.' \u25a0 Call- or i address : WILLIAM HOKF-
SCHNEIDER,. room a»e. Bacon block, Oakland,'
£i Cal.", Tel; 1 Oakland # 452."> . ,->, ?
.-Her Homes ) the "Pride Of the: West."
Piedmont's "Crocker Tract'-'—^Cream of Piedmont.
•My lot one of 'the' choicest. • '
Will sell :f or, HALF.; real value.
C." H.' CONKLIN* owner; 1218" Broadway. Oakland.
FOR sale— s7. ooo; fine; home just completed; Al :
,J^7 (. rooms ; .' ba tb ;in metile ; .-< cement : basement :
ra v - add t den : .' hot * air,' hea ting : • wased i rloors :
\u25a0J, lot :3ssl2S; .'W.l side TAdeline et. bet; 12tb and
14th;r: v Apply :to \ owner, ? 1115 \u25a0 Adeline st. ; v at
'togme "eTeaings: and; Sundays,.,^ >\u25a0 ;:.-.i^.! - \u25a0
$!>. 000— Terms.
Owner leaving California and must selL Pos- 1
session given In 10 days. Finest residence neigh-
borhood la Piedmont; half block to carliue; lake '
and marine view; modern throngbout; hardwo«Hl
floors In every room except kitchen: sleeptns
porch, furnace, - cement basement, side porch,
choice ' flowers, palms, etc.; an Ideal home,
bungalow style.
"Let us ' show you this property at once; can he
seen at any time. (1S14)
west side. (1741)
Best buy on our books. (1S06)
72x130; $2,230 cash. (1S15)
f>oxl4o; 51,900 cash. (G.)
* "1172 Broadway. Oakland. Cal.
ELEGANT residence, choicest part of East Oak-
land; select neighborhood; fine, view: lot
70x145: modern. 10 room house- See owner
at 1157 Franklin st.
ARE you a rent payer? $1,400; $100 down. $20
per month will buy a 4 room cottage: street
work, sidewalk in. Add. 1420 Bdwy.. Oakland.
HOMES on monthly payments; banking interest;
we will bnlld or bay you a home. Pacific
Home Building Co.. 952 Broadway. Oakland.
PAIR of 5 and 6 room flats, in good district,
close in, on lot 30x150; less than 1 year old;
rented $55 per month clear; - will exchange
for vacant property; price $fi.250. I>. F.
MINNEY. 422 11th St.. Oakland.
A RANCH of 400 acres with plenty of water, in
southern California, for city or Oakland prop-
erty. J. I'.j NASH, room 90, Bacon building',
Oakland. /
GlENGER— November 21, 190 S. to the wife of
Charles J. Gienger, a daughter.
SCHORD— In this city, November IS. 1908. to
the wife of William E. Sehord. (nee O'Reilly),
a daughter.
Adams, Dr. Frank L5O Kruze, Esther 32
Armstrong, Anne E. 31 Langan, Gurdon F... —
Aylieff, Susia 29 Ma*sa, Maddalena. .. 67
Bielskl — McQuade. Margaret.. 76
Borchers i { Infant ) Miller, Adam 5S
Bury. Allan B 32j Nugent..." (Infant!
Cogtilan, Mary — O'Connor, Charles. . . —
Coleman, Richard. . . 64 j Parker, Louis 69
Ellis. Mary E. 72 Renahan. Mary 75
Frick. Christian 75 Short, Edward .55
Gibbert. Nora S 75 Stockmann (Infant*
Gilligan, Bartley 33 Sullivan, Nellie 40
Goldman, Mas 61 Szakal. Mary 44
Graham, Thomas.. . 65|TuUy, Mary 74
Gump, . Solomon 75 Vincent, Frank. . . ; . . 37
Harrison, Charles. .. 36 Walker, Rachel V..79
Heaney, George M.. 19 Walsh, Ellen 67
Joseph, James L 51
Knorp, William T. . 4SJ Cunningham.... (Card)
ADAMS— In Oakland, November ID. 100S, Dr.
Frank L. Adams, husband of Dixie L. Adama.
father of Nellie Leigh and Camille Bowie
Adams, brother of Carrie Adams Humphrey
and cousin of Dr. L. P. Adams, a native of
Troy, N. V., aged 50 years 3 mouths and
20 days.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral services to-
day (Monday), November 23, 100 S. at 10:30
o'clock a. m., at St. Paul's church. Inter-
ment private.
ARMSTRONG (nee O'Sullivan)— ln this city.
November 20. 190S, Anne Elizabeth, beloved
wife of Ernest Armstrong, mother of Helen
•Armstrong, beloved daughter of Dennis and
Isidora O'Sullivan, and sister of Mrs. C. E.
Malta and Dennis Jr. and Henrietta O'Sullivan.
a native of Oakland, aged 31 years 11 months
and 16 days.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Tues-
day), November 24, I'JOS, at 8:30 o'clock
a. m., from her late residence, 101 Chatta-
nooga street, thence to St. James church,
where a requiem high mass will be celebrated
for the repose of her soul, commencing at t*
o'clock a. m. Interment Holy Cross ceme-
tery, by electric funeral car from Twenty-
eighth and Valencia streets.
AYLIEFF— In Oakland. November 21, 190S,
Susla, beloved wife of the late Harry Aylieff,
and mother of Beatrice, May, Harry and Lilly
Aylieff, a native of England, aged 33 years
and 11 months.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral services today
(Monday), November 23, 1908, at 2 o'clock
p. m., at her late residence, 1473 Eighth
street. Cremation. Oakland crematory.
BIELSKI — In Breslau. Germany, November 21.
1908, dearly beloved mother of Mas Bielski
and Mrs. Fannie Jacobs of this city.
BORCHERS— In this city, November 22, 190S,
Martha, beloved daughter of Herman and
Abbie Borchers (nee Janda), and sister .of
Theodore Yolland Borchers. a native of 'Stock-
ton. Cal., aged: 2 months and 3 days.
BURY— In this city, November 22. 190 S. Allan
: 8., beloved brother of Valentiue, Genevieve
and William Bury, a native of California,
aged 32 years 4 months and 27 days. A mem-
ber of Pacific tent No. C 4. K. O. T. M.
Remains at the parlors of H. F. Suhr &
Co., 2919 Mission street between Twenty-fifth
and Twenty-sixth streets.
COGHLAN — In Alameda, Ca!., November 21,
190S, Mary, beloved daughter of Eva and the
late John M. Coghlan. and sister ef Nathan C.
and John C. Coghlan and Mrs. L. B. Haseltiae,
a native ofi Napa county, Cal. .
Friends can view the remains at the parlors
of N: Gray & Co., 219S Geary street corner of
Devisadero. Remains will be shipped to' Napa,
Cal.. tomorrow (Tuesday) morning for Inter-
COLEMAN— In this city. November 21. 1903.
Richard Coleman of Vallejo. beloved husband
of <be late Minnie L. Coleman. devoted father
of, Mrs. W. F. -Akers and Richard Leon Cole- I
man. and brother of John Coleman of Benlcia. j
James Coleman of Vallejo. W. F. Coleman of
San Francisco. Mrs. Mary MeDermott. Mrs.
B. Costello and Mrs. J. Sutherland of San
Francisco, a native of County Limerick, Ire-
land, aged 64 years 6 months and 6 days.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral services tomor-
row (Tuesday). . November 24, 1908. at St.
Vincent's church, Vallejo, upon the arrival of
the 7 a. m. boat, via the Monticello steamship
company, from San Francisco, where a requiem
high mass will be celebrated for the repose
of his soul. . ; Interment St. Vincent's oeme-
' tery. Vallejo. Remains at the parlors of the
California undertaking company, 2210 Stelner
street between Sacramento and Clay.
ELLIS — In this city, November 21, 1008, Mary
Elizabeth, beloved wife of D. W. Ellis, and
beloved mother of Mrs. Dornlce Helmbaeh, a
native of Missouri, aged 72 years and 10
months. .-.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Tues-
day) morning, November 24, 190 S. at 9:30
o'clock,' from the '- mortuary . chapel of the
Golden Gate undertaking company. 2475 Mis-
sion street near Twenty-first. Interment Mount
Olivet cemetery, by carriage.
FRICK— In Berkeley. November 22. 190 S. Chris-
tian.', dearly' beloved hnsband of Winifred
"Frlek. and father of Christian 31., Andrew G.
and Eugene Joseph Frtck and the late Mrs.
Mary Campbell, and grandfather- of Miss
Winifred. Veria and Jennie Campbell and John
J. and_Winlf red Frick. a native of Germany,
aged ••> years and 15 days. A member of
Lookout Mountain post No." SS. G. A. R.
Friends and acquaintances are respectf ally
. Invited to^attend. the funeral tomorrow (Tues-
day \ morning. November 24. 190 S. at 9:30
-o'clock, from , his late home. 2110 MeKlnley
avenue, Berkeley, thence to St. Joseph's
church, \u25a0 corner of Addlson and St. Joseph
streets. . where • a requiem high mass will he
celebrated \u25a0 for the ; repose of .his sonl. com-
mencing, at 10 o'clock.' Interment at St. Mary's
cemetery. \u25a0 • \u25a0 ' . \u25a0 '\u25a0 ;
GIBBERT— In Ocean View. November 22. lOCS.
Nora Spooner Gibbert, beloved wife of Pilepp
Gibbert, . a native of San \u25a0 Franeiiico. aged 75
rears:- •
GILLIGANt-lu' this city. November 20. 190 S.
. Bartley Gilligan. . dearly beloved husbnml of
'.Theresa Gilligan," and lovine' brother of Jnhn.
• James. Michael. Thomas,' Hannah and Ellen
GUligan. Mrs. B. Seiton and Mrs. T. - Hunt,
a native : of County Sllgo. Ireland. . aged 33
years. A • member of the \u25a0 hod carriers* union.
(N>w :York' and Pennsylvania . papers plea.-su
copy.). ' -i .
\u25a0 ' Friends ', ami acquaintances are respectfully
" invited :to attend the . funeral today (Mon-
day). November 23. IDOS. at S:3ft n'clock
• a.' m.. from- his . late resilience. 407 Oetavla
, V street.^ thence to Sacred Heart chnrch. where
•a; requiem high mass will be celebrated for
repose of his soul, commencing at 0 a. m.
l'\ Interment Holy. Cross cemetery.
GOLDMAN— In j this city. November 21. inns.
Max Goldman, brother of Mrs. L." Strauss,
• . Mrs. , C. -. Slchel and Bernard. Joseph nwl ttio
•late Morltz" Goldman, a 'native of Bavaria,
Gerniaav. apod- 61 years.
.;' ;. , - Friends , and . acquaintances are respectfully
invited to .-attend :the funeral to<l*v (Mon-
day). , at. f>:4.*> o'clock, a. m,. from King Solo-
mon's hall.>Fillmore street ; near .Sutter. na-
<!«••' the nnsplres of •Fidelity lodge No. 120.
F.-& A.'M. IntPrment\Hf>m<* of Peace ceme-
tery. ..by ; trnin' leaving; Third and Townsend
stiwts/at. 11:30 s.-.m.'
-- Olive Branch :" chapter No. : 16!). L 0. . E, S-— •
-~ Of Dcera 5 and - members i are i hereby '\u25a0 notified . to
- eit£id the \u25a0 <uneral of - our . deceased brother.
Max Goldman, today {Monday*. November 23. -
at 9:45 a. -ni.. from King Solomou's tem- f ~>
pie, 1T33 FHluaure street. By order of
. JENNIK BRANDT, Wurtby Matron.
SADIE J. K.UIS. Secretary.
GRAHAM— In Liv«-rmor«\ Cal.. November 17.
IWB-, Tbouias Graham, a native of Cuunry Fer-
managh, iielaud. ased X> Tears.
The ; funeral ; dervieva will be held today
tM<>Dduy>. at 1» oV!"ck a. 'ni.. at tbe parlors
of llalsteit & Co.. f-1 FHlmore street, luter-
mt-ut private. '<
GUMP — lv this Ht.r. November 21. 190 S. Solo-
mon, dearly bel>>v«>d busba'nd vt Louina liump,
father of Lafayette. Alfred's.. Abe L. and
William E." Gump. Mrs. William Schwarta c-f
this city. Mrs. William .11. Brouner of New
York and Mrs. Lou S<-hwabaeher of Wheellus.
W. .Va.. a native of Heidelberg. Germany,
asied 75 years «i months and 12 days. tNew
York and Wheeling. W. Va.. papers please
Funecal (private) from the- residence of his
son. Alfred S. Gump. 104 l*resldlo avenue, to-
morrow (Tuesday*. Interment (private) Home
\u25a0 of Peace cemetery-.
HARRISON— In this city. November 21. 1908.
Cli sir le» Harrison, beloved son of Eliza and
ttie late James Harrison, ami beloved brother
of Mrs. William E. Wolf and Mrs. George C.
ShurtleCT. a native of Bryan. Wyo.. aged 38
years S months and 12 days.
The funeral will take place today (Mon-
day >. at 11 o'clock a. m.. from the residence
of his sister, Mrs. William E. Wolf. 1538
Tenth, avenue South between Railroad avenue
and M street South-. Interment (private) at
Mount Olivet cemetery.
HEANF.Y— In this city. November - 19. 1908.
George M.. beloved son of John F. and Louisa
A. Heaney. and loving brother of Frances
Irene. Hazel. John. Harold and Viola Heaney.
a native of San Francisco, aged 19 jear» 1
month and 20 days.
The funeral will take place today 'Mon-
day). November 23. 1908. at 8:30 o'clocK
a. m.. from the residence of his parents. 1401
Guerrero street, thence to Sr. Paul's church.
Twenty-ninth and Church streets, where a
requiem high mass will be celebrated for tb«
repose of his soul, commencing at 9 o'clock
a. m. Interment Holy Cross cemetery.
JOSEPH— In this city. November 22. 1908.. Jame«i
L. Joseph, beloved husband. of Harriet M. Jo-
seph, and father of Mrs. George Loudon. Wil-
liam Lucas and James Ludlow Joseph, a native
of California, aged 51 years.
KNORP— In this city. November 21. 1908. Wil-
liam T.. beloved brother of Albert. George H..
Dr. Francis F.. Edward L. and M. Lotjlse
Knorp. a native of Sulsun. Cal., aged 43
years and 3 days. !
The funeral will take place today (Mon-
day), November 23. 1008. at 9 o'clock a. m.,
from tbe residence of his brother. Albert
Knorp. 1017 Ellis street, thence to St. Bonifac* >
church. Golden Gate avenue between Jones ami
Leavenworth streets, where a requiem high
mass for the repose of his soul will be cele-
brated, commencing at 9^Jo o'clock a. m. In-
terment (private) Holy Cross cemetery, by
electric funeral car from Twenty-eighta and
Valencia streets. Kindly omit flowers.
KRUZE— In Berkeley, November 21. 190».
Esther Kruze. dearly beloved wife of Henry
Kruze. and sister of J. D. and M. Confclin of
Vallejo. Mrs. M. Schunway of Oregon. Mrs.
Mary Wall of Sacramento and Mrs. Mary Said,
a native of Ohio, aged 32 years A month* and
11 days.
Friends and acquaintances are respectful!?
invited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Tues-
day), November 24. 1908. at 2 o'clock p. m..
from the chapel of Jameson & Nlehaus. 2434
Telegraph avenue. Berkeley. Interment Moun-
tain View cemetery.
LANGAN— In Hayward, November 22. 1908. Gnr-
don F. Langan, attorney, husband of Lydla
A. Langan. father of Selah and Ann* M. Lan-
gan. and brother of George W. Langan. ft na-
tive of Wellsboro. Pa.
Notice of fune-al hereafter.
MASSA— In Fresno. Cal.. November 20. 190 S.
Maddalena. dearly beloved mother of Antonio
F. Massa and Mrs. Victoria Peraffo. a native
of Mezzanego, Italy, aged' 67 years.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
notified that the funeral takes place today
(Monday). November 23. 1908. at 10 o'clock
a. m.. from the fnneral parlors of Valente,
Marinl. Mara;* & Co.. 649 Green street be
tween Stockton and Powell. Interment Italian
McQUADE— In this city, November 20. 190 S.
Margaret, beloved wife of the late John Mc-
Quade. and loving mother of Patrick. John and
Arthur McQuade and Mrs. R. McElearney. Mrs.
J. J. Connolly, Mrs. T. Concannon and Sister
Mary Placidus of the Holy Names, a native
of Ireland, aged "G years.
The funeral will take place today (Mon-
day>. November 23. at & a. m.. from- the
residence of her daughter, Mrs. R. McElear-
ney, 1519 Masonic avenue, thence to St. Agnea
. church, where a solemn requiem high maw
will be celebrated for tae repose of her soul,
commencing at 9:30 a. m. Interment Holy
Cross cemetery. Kindly omit flowers.
MILLER— At Heidelberg Resort. Calistoga. Napa
county. Cal.. November IS. 1908. Adam, be-
loved husband of Anna Miller, and lovins
father of Louise and Alma Miller, a native
of Cleveland. 0.. aged 5S years 10 months and
11 days. (Cleveland, 0., and Vallejo. Cal..
papers please copy.)
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
lirvlted to attend the funeral tomorrow iTue«-
day), at 2 p. m.. from the parlors of FT. F.
Sohr & Co.. 2919 Mission - street bertweea
Twenty-flfta and Twenty-sixth. Interment Holy
Cross cemetery, by electric funeral ear fTom
Twenty-eighth and Valencia streets.
NUGENT— In this city. November 22. 190S, in-
fant daughter of James and Kate Nugent, a
native of San Francisco.
O'CONNOR— In this city. November 21. 190 S.
Charles, beloved husband of Mary Jane O'Con-
nor, and devoted father of Charles D.. Lillian
C.. John J.. May E. and the late George H.
O'Connor, and cousin of Patrick Flood, a na-
tive of County Longford. Ireland. A member
of Phoenix lodge No. 3SO. A. O. U. W.. and
Court Apollo No. 7SCC. A. O. F.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral tomorrow <Tue»-
day>. November 24. 1908. at 9::u> o'clorte
a. m., from his late residence. 914 Ualgbt
street, thence to Sacred Heart eburi-h, where
a requiem high mass for tbe repose of his
soul will be celebrated, commencing at 10
o'clock a. m. Interment Holy Cross cemetery.
Officers and members of Court Apollo -No-
7502. A. O. F.. are requested to attend the
funeral of our late brother. Charles O'Connor,
tomorrow (Tuesday) morning, at 9:30 a. m.,
from his late residence. 914 Ilaight street. ' By
order of J. K. JOHANSEN. Chief Ranger.
PARKER— Id this city. November 21. 1901.
Louis Parker, -dearly beloved husband of
Teresa Parker, and devoted father of Mrs.
Virginia Perfetto and Charles Parker, a native
- of Cosenza, Italy, aged 69 years.
The fuueral takes place tomorrow (Tues-
day>. November 24. 1908. at 9:30 o'clock
a. m.. from the funeral parlors of Vslente.
Marinl. Marais & Co.. 649 Green street be-
tween Stockton and Powell, under "the aus-
pices of Reali Carabinierl Italian society.
RENAHAN— In this city, November 21. 190S,
Mary Renahan. wife of the late Edmond Reua-
han. a native of County Limerick. Ireland,
aged 75 years.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral today (Mon-
day), at 9:30 o'clock a. m., from the parlors
of J. C. O'Connor & Co.. 770 Turk street,
thence to St. Patrick's church, where a re-
quiem high mass will be celebrated for the re-
pose of her soul, commencing at 10 o'clock
a. m. Interment Holy Cross cemetery.
SHORT— In this city. November 22. 1903. at h!«
late residence. 211 Clipper street. Edward
Short, beloved husband of Mary A. SBort. and
loving father of Joseph E. Short,' J. George
Short. Frank E. Short. Albert A. Short. Mrs.
Jennie Louis and Mrs. A. B. Cochrane, a na-
tive of Bath. Eng.-. aged 55 years. (Sacra-
mento papers please copy.*
Notice of funeral hereafter.
STOCKMANN— In Fruitvaie. Cal.. November-22.
19CS, at the residence of his parents, IS2I
Comstock avenue, Lenard E. Stockmann. dear-
ly beloved son of William and Mary .K.
Stockmanu, and beloved brother of Lester ami
Myrtle Stockmann, a native of Fruitvaie, aged
1 - menth and 15 days.
SULLIVAN— In this city. November 20. 1903,
Nellie, beloved wife of the late Michael Sulli-
van, and mother of Walter P., Albert F., Mary
A.. Thomas M., Joseph and Louisa Sullivan,
and sister of John Donohoe. a native of County
Cavan. Ireland, aged 49 years-
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral today (Mon-
day). November 23. 1903. at 3:30 a. m.. from
the funeral parlors of Samuel McFadden & Co.,
1070 Uaight street near Baker, thence to St.
Paul's church. where a requiem high mass will
be celebrated for the repose of her gonl, com-
mencing at 9:30 a. in. Interment Holy Cros3 .
SZAKAL— In this city. November 22. 10OH,
Mary, beloved wife of Kajetan Szakal. a na-
tive of Austria, aged 44 years 4 "months and
7 days.
TULLY— In this city. November 20, 1908, Mary.
beloved wife of James W..Tully, a native of
' Ireland, aged 74 years.
• Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
invited to attend tbe funeral today (Mon-
day >. November 23. 190 S. at 8:30 o'clock a. m..
from her late residence. 3339 Twenty- first
street, tbeoce to St. James church, where a
requiem high mass will be celebrated for \u25a0 the
repose of her 3oul. commencing at 9 o'clock. ,
Interment- Holy Cross cemetery.
VINCENT — In \u25a0 Newbope. near Stockton. CaL.
November 22. . 190?., Frank Vincent, beloved
son of Isabel Vincent, and brother of the late
\u25a0 Joseph. Vincent, a native of. California, aged
37 rears. •
WALKER — In Oakland. Cat.. November 22. 190?.
Mrs. Rachel V. Walker, formerly of Tuolamne
county, Cal.. mother • of Mr*. Ella Hallahaa.
H. I*. Lawxon and the late A. B. Lawson. -a
native of Indiana, aged 79 years 6 months and
8 days. . , \u25a0 ' " •
WALSH — In this city. NownNr 21. 1908. Ellen
Walsh, beloved wife of the late « Thomas
Walsh, and \u25a0 loving mother of Mrs. Kydd and
L. Walsh, a native of Ireland, aged H7 years
10 months and 28 days.'
Friends and acquaintance* . are respectfully
Invited t» attend the fnneral tomorrow . iTues-
day*. November 24. 190 S. at B:.V> o>lock a. m..
from her late residence. 14 Delgado place, off
Hyde street near Green, tbence to St. Bri Kid's '
church. where a high requiem mass will b% 4
. said for the repose of her soul, commencing \u25a0
at. 9 a. m. ~ lnterment private. Please omit
flowers. " \u25a0
CUNNlNGHAM— We' herewith desire to express
our • heartfelt . : thanks to the many . friends
who gave so many evidences of their heartfelt
and comforting sympathy . and beautlfa] Barnl
offerings during our late bereavement In th*
loss of our .brother. •->-\u0084
\u25a0r.':',%\ A. M. CONNINGHAM AND riMir.T * .

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