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Shipping News and Gossip
of the Water Front
Liner Mongolia Arrives With 556 Passengers and
Raw Silk Valued at More Than $2,000,000.
The Pacific Mail iiner Mongolia, Cap
tain Henry IS. Morton, which arrived
hcr^ yesterday from the orient, was
< inistoncd "the royal yacht" at Hono
lulu on account of the number of roy
alties among its passengers. The pa?
eenpers. of whom there were 556, in
cluded a fjueen, a princess, two princes j
. and a. viceroy, and from the liner's fore •
there fluttered the royal dragon flag of.
China. The liner looked like a yacht
.•ts it rounded to off the barge of
lic-e in the early morning sunshine.
Freighted with a cargo that trimmed
the hull to show Its line to best ad
vantage the Mongolia's paint work was
fresh and the brass work shining. It
was big for a yacht, but it looked tho
part just the same.
The liner's cargo included the ban
ner shipment of raw silk. This- ship
ment comprised 3,070 bales and is val
ued at more than $2,000,000. As soon
:is the liner touched the wharf a gang
plank was shoved out, and before the
lines were made fast the bales of silk I
were scooting from ship to the special j
train as fast as an army of stevedores I
• ould hustle it. The interest on a $2,- j
000.000 shipment of silk grows rapidly."]
und every hour's delay in transporta
tion means loss to the man whose
immey is invested in it.
The Mongolia's arrival was delayed |
ni'ire than 12 hours by R. P. Schwerin's i
orders so that the Chinese viceroy and
• prince might have a daylight reception
at this port. The special silk train j
will have to burn extra coal to make
up the time lost. Schwerin's courtesy
to the distinguished Celestials is at I
the expense of the man who is awaiting
the arrival in New York of the raw
I The royalties on the Mongolia were:
<^ueen Liliuokalanl and Prince and
Princess Kalanianiole of Hawaii, and
Prince Tsai Ku and Viceroy Tong Shoa
Vi of China. Captain Morton, master |
of the liner, traces his descent from
one of the kings of Ireland, but has
never claimed the title for himself.
Among the passengers from the orient
were Captain and Mrs. Frederick
R:schof. Captain Bischof, for more than
-3 years, lias piloted the ships of the
Pacific Mail line through' the inland
sea. from Kobe to Nagasaki. He is
accounted one of the best pilots in
Asiatic waters and has never had a
serious accident, although the inland
sea is one maze of problems in navi
gation. He has come to the United
Statf-s on an extended vacation for the
.benefit of his health.
The Mongolia's passengers included:
Arthur !\ Albertsou ji'nm.is B. Loomis Jr
Mr*. Arthur F. Albert- J^mile 11. R. Manley
! Miss Rarbara 1.. Mac-
Miss Martha L. Albert- j Konzie
*\u25a0'?, , mm Marie J. Moors
J'aviJ 1.. Anderson Jr. | William A. N>w.-oml c
lii'J. C An«i^rsou jMiss Mary \\\ Mies
Mrf-rlieM Aeefcer; jUume M. de C. de Xo-
Ml*rt c. Bilicfce j renha
Mrs. Albert C. Billrke Mrs. Annulet \. Ohl
*Mi,t. Fred. P.i*Si.,f ;M!sb Jeau K. Olil
Mi*. KrM. Biscbof tSUinjire Oki
'•Villimn o. Bunuer -tim. C. O'l-augiilin
Unfa* A. n.vers illrs. Jno. C. Ol^iucb-
Mis. Psitx.la O. <Lapp | lin
F.iiwer.! J. Ccman ;otig A. Ppole
u r.l C. rroutp Un. Alice J. Head
J'-ss.- 1., runin^im iMj ss Cora Kca<l
Miss Caroliue J. iliigraham -Road
i »>erko* I Max Schmidt
Mr». Acnie 3. Frost Mrs. Dora .vjjwoiucr
«•©. U. Glbeeo ;Mlss Victorine I*aporto
Mr*.. «,.\u25a0<>. R. «;ii*,n a ; Mis» Augustine Nohorn
Ju<>. L. M. Glbaoa iWilltam W. Simpson
Alfred p. (jriflitJj jMrs. William VF. Huap-
Ow«. F. Banrock t son
Mr*. «;ias. F. Hancock Miss Lily Riirej
r.HvrjHri a. Har.swk Uao. Steinberg
Mis-x .\»at- M. Hunter {Howard O. Stevenson
Mr*. \.kIA Hireshiasa 'Mr*. Howard O. Steven-
Mr«. Tel End*? | son
\«har» Endc ;Miss Clara Stevenson
Miss Bo].hii C. Irwin Mrs. Helen B. Taylor
Miff Alire Jsy (Miss Helen B. Taylor
lilmabctra Knkin<-lti iTnisufce I'ciiiU
'i'-vrfo <;. Keithcl ;Mlsk Ellasue C. Warner
Tom himhara .'Bisbop ,S*r!i Warri
Frauris B. Iyy>inis iMiss A. Helen Wikox
Marj B. Knowlos ;Mig» Ruth Watson
Mr*. Francis B. Loomisi
Urm. Mf>rpan fioos !F. A. Hallabangh
< harleK E. Stokes Iff. R . Harr
V.rr. M. E. Totan IJ. M. Hale
Frank E. Thompson ITin<-e <'. Kalanianaole
Miss Elizabeth Wood ! Queen l.illuokalanl and
3. I». Aiaioka t maid
W. C. Bailoj- jMiss Mabel F. T.an?evin
Mr*. W. «.ameron } MiM K. McCndden
Mrs=. M. IVane i I>r. F. H. Metcalf
Charles Kdpon n. S. Ollrer
I.«<Jr Ci Oarrick Mrs. 1^ F. Prior
Mis? Jennie Hoppia Mrs. G. A. Perry
VT. H. Hoogs General J. H. Seper
<bri?tiep Husar U ITioinpson
1.. E. Knoilj-s Miss Virginia E. Thor
n Alexander LJndi ton
"oy Jr- ! Mrs. C. M. Wood
C. M. Leested | H. Yoknmizc
K. J. Lord ia. M. Brown
Mrs. J. s. McAnany W. Cameron
Miw S»di« I* Nicholson! U. Uaska
1. F. Trior . JMlks Marj Edßon
H. A. perrjr Miss A. Flower
<;eorpe F. Eeekitt . Colonel A. G. Haires
I-. P. Srott it. n. Harris
Fred Tom» Captain Gus Holmes
Mm. F. B. Cpham Mrs. J. M. Hale
Mis*. Florenre Wood Princess C.Kalacianaole
Ml?« M. Bittner W. Laust
V. B-acdoin J. s. McAnany
,\ ! ", 3 < , n ' rk t'.ptaln Charles Madisom
Walter I>illia^faam Mrs. S Oliver
K. R. Elrin Mrs. W. H. Perry
Mls« Oarrit-k Morgan Bos*
The Oceanic steamship company's
fteamcr Mariposa sailed for Tahiti yes
terday at 11 o'clock. It carried an un
usually large number of passengers,
among those on board being Governor
Joseph Francois, the new governor of
Tahiti. He was accompanied by his
wife and daughter and a retinue of
The MarJposa carried a large ship
ment of oranges and lemons that are
«re to be transshipped at Tahiti and
forwarded to Australia*
The vessel carries the following first
class passengers:
I>. Atwarcr A. BlsisJeJl |
Miss Susan X. Carpea- H. E. Brown
t«r Master Frank Cherry
Arthur K. Doe M. Denis
11.I 1 . Duffy Miss Nellie Donobw
Mrs. Margaret Evans Mrs. F. I>uque and child
If. nil«w C. C. Griffin
•iTt-rnor Joseph Fran- A. Honey
cols and valet Mrs. Honej end two
Mme. Frjtnc<»lK and maid children
Mile. Rene Francois E. Hvdcs
Tbomss Geddes F. I«acueese
J. <i. Grundel Mrs. I.agueFse.
A. R. Kelly Master Lacuessf
Mm. Kelly Mrs. C. I^e Page and two
M. Katsenislrin cbtldren
Mi»>s Mary McE. Lee <i. Osborne .
M. I.afuaiijrne Hal Snowden
J. I^ownKbuiy A: St. Leon
Mis?. Mareliand C St. J.ion ,
liurts" Meoe] <>onre J»r. Leon
Mies Mildred Morris It. tit. Leon
!>r. Albert Srkes \-v S. St. Ijp<m
Mm. tyke* C. Smith
I»r. 15. Talmadge Mi Ilawalon
TVearlr HUh Farnllonei*
The schooner 11. C. Wright ,w"hich
arrived in port yesterday had a nar- i
r«iw escape from befjut wrecked on the
Para I tones. Th*> Wright was approach
ing the coast Friday when it ran into
a dense fog. and at, the same time the
wind died out. Captain Nielsen had
all hands, keeping" a sharp lookoutf a*
'he knew his position and was on the ]
watch for the islands. Suddenly the
fop lifted and Captain Nielsen saw the
IV.rallones a quarter of a mile away.
T!i<-- schooner was rapjdly drifting 1
toward them. At. the same time a
breeze pprung up and Captain Nielsen
was just able to Flie^r the vessel off
the dangerous point. Tlje schooner was
II days in making the run .up from
Mahukena. It brings 4.539 bags of
sugar to Williams. Dimond &. Co.
I)ilil>i-rl By VOX
Four vessels that arrived in port
yesterday were delayed outside the
heads by fog for more than 24 hours.
VAll anchored when they came to the
Violden irat<». They were the steamer
'IV. If. Murphy, Captain Conning, four
days from Eureka, with $00,000 feet of
lumber; the steamer Tamalnais. Cap
tain Anderson, 3S hours from San
Pedro; the Meamer Despatch, Captain
K^kcrltzi from Eureka, with 5T.0.000
feet of lumber.and th« barge Santiago,
Captain McAvoy. from Monterey, with
JI.OOO barrels of oil for the Associated
oil company. The Santiago .wag in tow
Kimn | Steamer; 1 Date
OoqnPLe lilrer |Bllzabetb jNov. 23
I "• -II I;i n<i A: Astoria (Nome City jNov. 2:5
liraya Harbor |T. 1.. \\ and. . .|Nov. 23
Kveroil jitiverside ...... jNov. 23
Mendoclno Ac It. Areua Sea Koam (Nov. 23
(jrayg Jiarbor ;t>anta Jlouiea. .|Nuv. 23
<imy* iiarbtir ;*.'arl<>s |Nkv. Z'.l
Scattlp JAminon [Nov. 23
JSau I'edro |J. lli^ijiiis i.nov.
Grars J 1 p. , I .- • r '<'i>r<>iiiii)n (Nov. 2;5
linyt Ii« i t.f.c jClaremout j Nov. 23
Com Bay jIL F. l'iant. . .|Nov. 23
Hruili.Jiit ,I'ity of TotH-ka.|Nov. 23
S*attl«" A Tacoma jVosemite INov. 23
Crays JlarLior ;Ca«-ad« ....'.. ,|Nov. 23
Portland A: Way Ports. ilSotiuoke |Nov. 23
Portland A: Astoria jKose (,ity INov. 23
San IMego&Way Ports gaeen 'Nov. '£i
San IVdro Haualci [Nov. 24
Honolulu ;Alain«Hla |Nov. 211
Seattle & Tacoma iWatson (Nov. 24
San P«»(lro [Carmel |Nov. 24
1 1 hijj !•• -I \u25a0L i j Vanguard |Nov. 25
Sau Pedro jCentralia INov. 25
Puget Sound Ports jl'resident Pi ov - " s
Point Artna &. AlbionlPomo jNov. 20
San Dirgo &. Way I'ortsjSanta 1t05a.... Nov. 2<J
(Jrays Harbor r.T.jChahalla Nov. 2(!
Willapa Harbor |K*inier Nov. 2rt
New York via Aucou. .[City of Para... Nov. 27
Seattle iTallac Nov. 27
San Pedro JNopie City JNov. 27
• Jrays Harbor 'Santa Barbara. .'Nov. 28
San Pedro ju^anoke JNov. 28
Mexican Ports jCnracao (Nov. 2U
Destination | Stcamor | Sails (Pier
November 23 — | I
Hawaiian Ports Arlzonan . . . ; . 3 pm 23
Havre Jc Way Ports. .. .;Ouessant ...|l2 in IJ*
Ixw Augoles Ports JYosemite .. Ipm 2
Lot Angeles Ports |Koanoke .... 5 pm 13
San Pedro & Way Ports Coos Bay... 2 pm 11
November 24 —
Willit|>a Harbor jD. Freeman
Astoria & Portland |Carmel spm 2
Ooquille Hirer ;KHzabeth 10
Ciiina & Japan !Asia 1 pm 42
l*u«et Sooad Ports Governor ... l.SOpj U
November 25 — <
Coos Bay !M. F. Plant 3 pra S
Grays Harbor |S. Monica ... 4pm 2
HumttoMt |F. Kilburn.. 10 am 13
Uumboldt -iCity Topeka.|lo.3oa 9
I»s Angeles Ports Hiiuali'i .1 3pm 7
Mendocino & Pt. ArenalSea Foam... 4 pra 4
Grays Harbor [Coronado 3pm 7 j
Seattle & Ta<"oma ioisn & Mhnr spm 7 i
Hamburg i Way PortS'Ammon )l2 m 19
November 20 — ; '\u25a0
Ix>s Angf-los Ports jChehalls ... 1 pm] 1<»
San Di^eo A: Way Ports; Queen 9.30ai 11
November 27 —
Astoria »fc Portland. .. .INome City. . spm 7
Humboldt j Vanguard . . | 2
Seattle & Taeonia IXorthland ..[Sprat 2
Grays Harbor 'Claremont . .' 2
November 28 — : J
Grays Harbor lOarios I .... [....
IlonMulu ...lAlameda ...ill am! 7
New York via Aneon..'City Sydney. 112 m ! 24
Seattle & Tacoma ! Watson . .". . 1 pm 20
Astoria ft Portland I Rose City . Jit am 27
Portland & Way Ports, j Roanoke ...| 1 pm 13
N. Y. via Tebuantepec. iMesiran ....j
November 29 — '
Puget Sound Ports IA steamer..' 1.30p J»
Pt. Arena & Albion. .. .'Porno ! C pm] 2
Destination | Steamer | Date
Skagway & Way Ports.) Humboldt . !Nov. 23
Valdez & Seward lYucatan INov. 24
SeMovia & Way Ports. ißertha jNov. 25
Valdez & Seward jPennsylvania ..|Dec. 1
Sun, Moon and Title
Ln'teil States Coast and fieodetic Survey — Time
and Heights of Tides at Fort Point. For city
front i Mission street wharf) add 25 minuteß.
Snn rises 0:59
Sun sots 4:54
New moon Nov. 23. at 1:44 p.m.
I'irst quarter Nov. SO, at 1:35 p. m.
ITimel iTimel iTimel ITlme
Nov| 1 Ft | 1 Ft I 1 Ft I Ft
jL Wl 111 \V| |L W| |H W
23.. 1 4:10| 2.2 ; 10:0*1 5.0| 5:071—0.51
n w !l wini |n w |L w
24..0:10 4.31 4:471 2.5110:41 6.0 5:50 —0.7
25.. 1:05 4.3 5::50 i 2.8111:13 5.9 6:35 — O.S
26.. 1 2:00 4.4f 6:1 SI 3.1111:54 5.S 7:21 —0.8
V. S. Branch II j ilruaraphlc Office
A br«nr-h of the United States Hj-drographio
Office, located at (lie Merchants' Exchange, in
maintained in San Kraneisco for tho benefit of
mariner*, without regard tf> nationality ami free
of expense. Navigators are cordially invited to
visit jho offk-e. where complete sets of charts
an<l sailing directions «f the world are kept at
hand for i-omparlson and reference and the latest
information can alware be obtained regarding
lights, dangers to navigation and matters of In
terest to ocean commerce.
Lieutenant, IT.l T . S. N.. in charge.
of the tug Dauntless and was 41 hours
on the way up the coast.
Lumber Receipts
Lumber arrivals from north coast
points by sea yesterday amounted to
3,100,000 feet. •\u25a0
Items of Interest, to Mariners
of the Pacific
SEATTLE, Nor. 22. — Steamship Humboldt ar
rived from Skagway-'with fresh and salted fish
and d" paftsengprs.
Steamship City of Pnebla arrived from San
Steamship President cleared for Pan Francisco
at 10:S0 a. in. ..,
Norwegian Rteam«hip Elr arrived at Royal
roads', off Vancouver. B. C, yesterday from
(jUiiynißg to await orders.
Standard oil tank steamer Catania arrived last
evening from San' Francisco with oil and will
rlrar in the morninir.
Steamship Maveric sailed for San Francisco
thin inorainjj.
Steamship Meteor arrived from Taeonia and
•vent to Bellinprharn.
After boine tied up for a lons period, owinjj
to the owners not flavins cleared up all th<» bills
apainst her. the Russian, etcamsbfp Sungari,
which finished her cargo of lumber at Everett
for Australia several weeks ago, cleared yester
BAN PEDRO, Nov. 22.— Pacific Coast com
pany's steamship Queen. Captain Thomas, arrived
from San Kit-en. .After takin? freight and i>at>
senders the cleared for San Francisco via Re-"
dondo and Rsnta Barbara.
Steamer Wellesley. Captain Linqulst. arrived
from San Diego and after discharging a small
consignment of lumber cleared for Redondo,
Where remainder of rarjro will be discharged.
Merchants' Independent company's steamer
Hanalr-i. Captain McFarlane, cleared for San
Francisco this afternoon with -large frelgbs and
psFScnger list. . f
Steamer Stanley Dollar. Captain Thwlng.
completed discharging lumber for the Nationul
lumber company and ' cleared for Mukilto to
reload. " —
Steamer Whittif-r. Captain Scamens. arrived
from San niejro. will load 10.500 barrels of oil
at Terminal for Union oil company ! and will
clear tomorrow for San Francisco.
ASTORIA. Nov.. 22. — Steamer Wasp arrived
from San Francisco to loud lumber for return.
Steamer Grace Dollar arrived from San Krnn
clsco and left up tbe river to load lumber at
Steamer Homer arrived from San Francisco.
Steamer Alliance left thi* morning for Coos
; bay nvlth freight and passengers.
Steamer Yellowstone left this morning for
San Fr»n<-I*co with KOO.fiOQ feet of lumber.
Steamer Joban Poulsen left this morning for
Sa« Francisco . with 550.000 feot of lumber.-- ;
Schmmcr Taurus arrived down river today
with 550.000 feet of lumber loaded at Portland
for San Francisco and will sail at the first
German steamer Alcsla of , the Portland-Asiatic
steamship company in anchored here nwaiting a
favorabl«« ppportanity to leave for Hongkong
and way port?.
Army Transport*
Tho Buford In in port and will sail fur Manila
on Doj'pmlMT r».
Tb<? Crook loft' Hoaolula November 1" for
thin |>ort. .
Tlip Thomait. h»meward bound, called Norem
brr 15 from Manila.
The Kllpstrick In at Newport News. Va. '
Tho ..- l»ls sailed Octoher Cii from Honolulu
for Manila.
The f/igsn Is in jvu-t.
The Meadp in itt Newport News, Va.- '
The Sherman in In port.
.The sii*»ri«l«n sailed November 14 from Hono
lulu for M.miU.
TbP Warren is at Manila.
•Saturday. November £1.
Stmr Vet, troi, 35 hoars - from Ua vlota.
Weather Report
United States Department , of Agriculture-
Weather Bureau. San Francisco, Nor. 22, Ismis.
Last'- Seasonal Normul
Stations— 24 hours, .to date, to datt-.
Eureka 0.31 7.55 r • 7. .'.5
ltd Bluff... 0.32 V 0.U9 4.4*.»
Sm-ra.iieuto 0.2S 0.59 2.Brt
Mt. Tarualpais..,. 0..1.1 ' - 2.t>4 3.34
San Francisco' O.:« 1.10 .'5.20
San Jose.... . 0.10 (».:{» 'A.'iS.
Kres'.Ki o.«> 0.27' I.M
Indepcudonm O.(Hl 1. .">!», V,€S
San I.vis Obi-=po .-4MS l.tit 2. fit
l^>* Ailtfeles 0.02 -•, I.Tm - "1.81
Sun IMiro 0.00 . 0.1(!) 1.11
% 5 p c S S2
STATIONS g .\ -?\u25a0- . \u25a0 £ =5"
:• 1 . . \u25a0 2. o' g. : 3 o-r
f? ? ? : . : :
Ilaknr 29.9U 4S 40 S Pl.cMdy T.
Koise 2S».Smj :,'! 44 NW. Pr.Cldy .20
Kiirrka 29.8* 60 02 SK Hslu .01
Flagswff 29.U4.45. 20 W Rain .01
Fresno 30. 00 ."8 »4 SK Cloudy A)*>
Inde|K>adpnre .29. MS 04 :M W Cloudy .00
Kalhipell ......2!>.so 44 :;o S Pt.Cldy .02
Ix>s Angeles.... rut. oß 00 54 SK , Rain .02
Modena 20. !W 4« — W Cloudy T.
Mt. Tamalpais..3O.O7 50 44 SW Cloudy .00
North Head.. ..23. 0S 54 «stt X Rain .22
Phoenix 29.92 74 44 NW Pt.Cldy .00
Puc«t(>llo 29.92 42 30 SW <;icar .OH
Pt. Beyes Lt... 30.01 57 52 NW Fojxy .00
Portland 29.715 54 48 S Ruin .02
Rod Bluff :10.00 00 50 SR tMoudy .04
Reno 29.00 54 40 W Cloudy .00
Roseuurg 29.7S 48 40 SE Cloudy .01
Sacramento ...;».O4 60 52 S Cloudy .OS
Salt Uke 20.<)2 40 — S Pt.Cldy .08
San "Diejro 30.00 02 ."4 \u25a0\V Cloudy .00
San Francisco. .30.00 02 R4 W Cloudy .00
San J05e...:.. .30.04 04 54 NW Cloudy .00
8. Luis Obispo. 3o. oo 04 54 SB Cloudy .18
Spokane .29.80 50 42 S Cloudy .00
•Summit 36 20 S Snow 1.10
Tacoma 29.78 B4 50 Calm Cloudy .08
Tonopsh 29.98 46 34 SW Cloudy .00
Walla Wa11a... 29. 5S 54 48 S Clear .02
Winnemuccft ..29.94 54 38 SW Clear .00
Yuma 28.04:78 44 W Clear .00
\u2666Snowfall on ground 11 Inches.
— SYNOPSIS ':\u25a0 T"'
The storm has remained nearly stationary off
the Washington coast during the last 24 hours.
It has cansed raiu over the Pacific slope as far
south as Los Angeles, with snow in the moun
tains. Raiu continues along tbe northern coast
this evening and will become general tonight
and Monday.- At Summit the average depth of
snow on the ground is 10 inches. I The tempera
ture has fallen slightly over tbe entire Pacific
slope. High southeast winds are reported from
the mouth of the Columbia river. The follow
ing relative humidity U reported: Eed Bluff. 92
per cent; Fresno, 88 per cent. Conditions are
favorable for fresh south winds and showers pv,_r
the entire state Monday.
San Francisco and vicinity — Showers Monday;
fresh southwest wind.%
Santa Clara valley— Showers Monday; fresh
south wind.
Sacramento valley — Showers Monday; fresh
south wind.
San Joaquin valley — Showers Monday: light
south wind.
Los Angeles and vicinity — Showers Monday;
fresh southwest wind. Gi H. WILLSON,
i Local Forecaster, temporarily in charge.
Sunday. NovemDer 22.
Whal stmr Jeanette, Long, 02 days from Arc
tU: ocean.
Stmr .Samoa. Madsen, 41 hours from San Pedro.
Stmr Arizonan, Nichols, 4>£ days from Seattle.
Stmr Nome City, Haasen. 93 hours, from As
toria; bound south,' put in to land passengers.
Stmr Geo W Fenwick, Miller, 35 hours from
San Pedro.
Btmr V A Kilburn, McLellan, 22 hours from
Stmr Wm II Murphy, Corning, 4 days from
Stmr Tamalpais. Anderson, 38 hours from San
.Stmr Despatch, Kokerltz, SS hours from Eu
reka, i
Strar Mongolia, Morton, 20 days 15 hours 4S
minutes from Hongkong, via Yokohama 17 days
17 hours 0 minutes and Honolulu 6 days 10
hours and 45 minutes.
Stmr Shoshone, Asplund, 96 hours from As
Stnir Roma, Dickson. S days from Astoria.
Rktn Echo, Palmgren, 10 days from Coos bay.
Schr H C Wright, Nielson. 27 days from Ma
Schr Salvatore, Hosengren, 1$ d«ys from
Schr Santiago, McAvoy, 41 hours from Mo«
terey; In tow tug Dauntless.
Schr Sausallto, Nelson, 13 days from Tlllt
mook. '
Schr Sausalito. * .
Sunday, November 22.
Slmr Oeo w Fenwick, Miller, Astoria.
Stmr Bee,. Wrogr. Olsen, «Jrays Harbor.
Stmr Quintiult. Carlson. Wlllapa.--
Stmr Nome City, Ilansen, San Pedro.
Stmr Tamalpats, Anderson. Grays Harbor. .
Santa Kosa. Alexander. San Diego.
Stmr Mariposa, Hayward. Tahiti.
Stmr Porno. Lilleland. Albion and Point Arena.
Stmr Columbian, Colcord, Seattle.
Schr Roderick Dhu, Hasklns, Monterey; in
tow tutr Navigator.
<ser stmr Mera. Jurgenson, Seattle via Eureka.
Stmr Temple B Dorr, Panzer. Eureka.
Schr Sehoine. Daimuvijr. Grays Harbor.
Saturday, November 21.
Stmr South Coast. Kllnker, Caspar. '
POINT LOBOS. Nov 22, 10 p m— Weather
thick and calm; bar roujrb.
SAN DlEGO— Arrived Not 22 — US stmr So
la*^, from Magdalena bay; stmr Nevadan, from
Sallua Cruz: stmr Carmel, from San I'edro.
WESTPORT— Poesed in Not 22, 3 p m—
Steamer; 7:20 a m, steamer; 7:30 a m, steamer.
Passed out, 11 Stmr i B Stetson, for San
Francisco;. strnr Daisy Mitchell, for San Pedro;
strar Cascade, for San Francisco; stmr Clare
mont, for San Francisco; stmr Fulton, for San
Pedro; stmr Svea. for San Francisco; stmr- Grays
Harbor, for San Francisco; stmr Harold Dollar,
for San Pedro.
Arrived Nov 22 — Stmr Jim Butler, hence Nov
18; schr* Henry Wilson. Allen A, M Turner.
Chas E Kalk, Oliver J Olson, Wm Rcnton, all
bar bound.
TATOOSH— Passed in Nov 22 Ivunhoe, — ;
bktn Archer, hence Not 14 for Roche harbor.
Out — Ger stmr Ammon, from Seattle for San
Francisco. Outside bound in — Square rigger.
Weather Not 22, 9 a m — Cloudy;" wind SW;
velocity IS miles an hour.
CLALLAM — Anchored Nov 22— Br ship Lati
mer. from Tacoma for United Kingdom; Chll
bark Belfast, from Vancouver for Callao. *
POUT SAN LUlS—^Arrived Not 22 — Stmr Cen
tral ia,' hence Not 20 and sailed for San Pedro.
SAN PEDRO— Arrived Not 22— Stmr Queen,
from San Diego; etmr Wellesley, etmr Whlttier,
'from San Diego.
Sailed Not 22 — Stmr Queen, stmr Welleeley,
for Kan Francisco.
CRESCENT— Passed In Not 22 — Nor stmr Elr,
from (.tuajmas for Victoria.
EUREKA — Arrived Not 22^-Stmr Roanoke.
frotn Astoria: U S stmr Madrona, from cruise.;
Htmr North Fork, hence Not 21; stmr Geo W
Elder, hence Not 21.
Sailed Not 22— Stmr City of Tppeka, for Saa
TOWNSEND— SaiIed Nov 22— Br stmr Harel
Dollar, for Shanghai. \u25a0 ,
COOS BAY — Arrived Nov 22— Stmr Eureka,
from Astoria. Nov. 21 — Stmr . Czarina, hence
Not IS.
Sailed Not 22^ — Stmr Breakwater, for Astoria.
SEATTLE— Arrived Not 22— Stmr Humboldt,
from ' Skagway; stmr Catania, hence Nov 17;
stmr City of Puebla, hence Not 19.
Sailed Not 21— Stmr Maverick, for Snn Fran
cisco. Not 22 — Stmr Faralion. for Skagway;
stmr President, for San Franctsco. ~
EVERETT— ArriTed Not 22— Stmr Winnebago,
from Ludlow. \u25a0 . ; . .
Sailed Not 22 — Stmr Shna Yak, for San Pedro
ASTORIA— ArriTed Not 22— Stmr Wasp,
hence, Not 19: stmr Graco Dollar, hence Not 19;
stmr. Homer, hence Not 19. j
Sailed Not 22 — Stmr Alliance.;, for. Cooa bay;
Rtmr Joban Poulsen, \u25a0 for San Francisco; stmr
Yellowstone, for San Francisco.
\u25a0 Outside Not 22 — Br stmr Uganda, from Vic
toria; stmr Atlas, hence Not 17.
HONOLULU— Arrived Not 22— Bark S C'Al
len, from Grays Harbor.
VICTORIA— Arrived Not 22— Nor atmr . Elr,
from Guayinao.
Sailed Not 22— Stmr President, for San Fran
cisco. - .'\u25a0-.--
SOUTHAMPTON— Arrived Nov 21— Stmr St
Louis, from New York.'. V;
QLEENSTOWN— SaiIed Not 22— Stmr Cam
pania, for New York.
> • ' • . . " ~L."'J-''.'.--~
IT S life. : saving station reports Crowley's
lighter drifted back on the : bcacn again', this
Per schr II C Wright, from Mahukona Not 22.
First 11 days out bad calms; thence head winds;
on' Nov 20 In dense fog and \ no wind drifted
within a quarter of; a mile . of Farallones;
thought vessel. .would jro . ashore: "toreete - came
up and drifted out into 25 fathoms of Vater. v
Per stmr Nome City, from Astoria Nov 22— bo
Not 19.- off the Oregon coast,- a strong SB gale
and heavy si-a running.
Complaint having- been lodged. 'with
the police by, several of. the women. res
idents alone the beach aguinst Andrew
Hie?, who lives In; a. little cabin in- the
Sutro forest. Detectives Purcell and De
la Guirre arrested him yesterday morn
ing. Ries, who wears his hair downhis
back - and a long •; beard. - had acted
strangely- for several .weeks and was
accused of having. annoyd and fright
ened several women by allowing a large
goat to chase them. " Ries and ? hls goat
wer« toffetlier yesterday when, the de
tectives placed him under, arrest. * -.
Do You Want 95.00 f
Head THE CALL'S -. weekly offer on
Daxre 12^; ' , ' -
Chief City of Alameda County
Benefited by improved
Financial Conditions
Architects Are Busily Employed
in Making Plans for Pro-
.OAKLAND, Nov. 22.— Many, influences
that have manifested themselves dur
ing the week are contributing largely
toward the growth of this city. One
of these is the greater, freedom with
which money is offered; Many of the
dealers in the street report that no
difficulty is encountered in flndjng cap
ital for their clients. Capital has been
cautious and timid' for more than, a
year, to the detriment; of this cora
munfty, but is evidently now seeking
investment In Oakland. , During the
past week this has been demonstrated
in several instances by' "all cash" pur
chases. •
Another feature which has contributed
largely to real estate activity is the be
ginning of work on the Southern Pa
cific company's new power house which
is to be erected on- the north side of
the tidal canal near the, Fruitvale ave
nue drawbridge. This power house will;
when completed, supply the current for
the great electric system to be oper
ated in the cities on. the east side of
the bay.
Still another feature that has con
tributed to the general healthy feeling
is the settlement of the condemnation
suits brought by. the city to obtain title
to the land along the lake outlet for
park purposes and the completion of
.other plains for the general, park
project that have brought that scheme
to a culmination, which is having a
good effect upon the property values in
the vicinity of the : proposed pleasure
Building of homes is increasing, with
great rapidity. All the architects" of
the city have their "hands full," they
say, preparing plans for new homes
which are to go up in as short a time
as. possible.
Among the more expensive private
homes to be erected in the near future
ia that of Charles L. Stevens on the
boulevard in the Adams point tract.'
The structure* will face the lake and
when. completed. will represent an out
lay of more than $47,000. The house
will be finished in.- mahogany and
pepperwood. It will contain 11 rooms,
two baths, a laundry and a porch with
two sundecks. The banquet- hall and
-ballroom will measure 20 by 30 feet
and wlir be finished. In. mahogany, the
beams In the celling also being of the
same material. The E. H. Kueffer com
pany are the architects.
All kinds of options are being sought
in the new retail district in Clay street.
The Touraine hotel property owned by
the 11. C Capwell company is soon to.
•be supplanted by an immense modern
store to be used by its owners. This
firm said that it is not prepared at this
time to give out its plans, but it is be
lieved that before the end of next year
a start will have been made on the
building. The locality has proved to
be popular and at the Taft & Pennoyer
opening reception last Tuesday, night
one of the largest crowds 'ever seen in
Oakland thronged the three" immense
floors of the building. .J. J -"'
The Financial Underwriters predict
that the majority of six to one in favor
of the Hetch Hetchy .water supply in
San Francisco- is 'a 'fair sample of the
vote that will be given in favor of the
Oakland harbor improvements as soon
as the bond issue is placed before the
Oakland people.
It is now firmly recognized that Oak
land's great harbor will be the founda
tion of the future commercial activity
of this city. Here are all the overland
railrpad facilities that any city can
enjoy and the only thing needed is the
development of the, harbor so that
water and rail can be more firmly
welded together to the end that ship
ping will be made less expensive here
than in any other port on- the coast.
The large concrete building to.be oc
cupied by Sherman,- Clay & Co., at Four
teenth and Clay streets, will be com
menced within a few days. The ex
cavation is almost completed and actual
construction is to be rushed with all
possible speed. Many-plans are being
considered . for the development - of
Clay street, and up to its junction with
San Pablo avenue it is almost impos
sible to get any kind of a lease or op
tion. Stuart. W, Booth, who is qualified
to speak generally of "Oakland's com
mercial prospects, says there is every
indication that the coming holiday
business will be phenomenal and far in
excess of any past record.
1 • Wickham Havens, president of the
firm of Wickham Havens, said:
Any one who has not been out In tbe resi
donee soction at. the head of Lake Merrltt dur
ing the last few. months will do. well to take- a
ride o:u that way on, the neit clear, day. The
chance? and, improvements are.goins ahead*)
rapidly that the district would hurdly.be recog
nized by any one .who ; has not seen It lately.
Houses are springing up on all sides, and the city
gardeners are busily engaged in : laying out the
small- park directly- in front of Piedmont by^the
Late. There are 13 acres in this park, thot
will be covered with rolling lawns and flowering
cliruh.3. ; , ' • .
Speaking of- the situation George
Austin sard:
If I owned a bank I could not place any more
real estate loans than I' am dolnp.now. Every
good loan applied for in this office is- made in
side of 48 hours, and the result is a lot- of well
satisfied! clients, who constitute my best adver
tisement. " : Seven per cent is low enopgh wheu
you are: borrowing, and still It is pretty attrac
tive tothe lender. I take all comers, no mat
ter which side, of the deal they ; are on. Even
building! loans can be made now, which Indi
cates a mighty healthy condition of the money
market" and will stimulate business In building
and other circles. 1 . \u25a0
The following Is a summary of build
ing permits applied for at .the board '
of public works for the week, as com
\u25a0 490 California st ' \ San .• ' Francisco
Bt. Francis Hotel. ;/ Tel. DougUs 2457.
lit ' West Sd St.. Los Angeles. •' .\u25a0"'•'•:'
ISOI F St.. Washington. D. O.
' \u25a0-.;' 1", ,' ~ MEMBERS: " ' '
. New Tork Btock. Exchange.
\u25a0'\u25a0•". New < Tork- Cotton Exchanjr*..
; New lotk Coffee Exchange.
' Chicago \u25a0 Board of Trade.
Plonee; : House.' ;-<; -< V, „: 4 ",
Private wire : to Chicago, New . Tork Or-
ders executed • tbrouith any New York Stock
Exchange bouse, affording , Easterners r tb»
opportunity «' trading with tbeir own brok-
ers. ( B. E- MULCAHY, Manacer?
; ;/•: ATL, fXTIC OCE AX t TRA YE \4\ 4
Compagnie Generale Transatlantiqae
\u25a0'\u25a0'v:t>ireCT LINE' TO HAVRE-PARIs!,^ tS
,S«Ulnjr every Thursday.* Instead of •; Saturday.
nt'lO a. m.,' from pier *2. North river, foot of
Morton^st. \u25a0'] -.;\u25a0"'- - ...~ -\u25a0 \u25a0
'. First :;«'laer. to'; Havre, -v: 577.50 and : : apwarrt;
(Mfond^laM to" H.«vn?.:?.V) snd'unwarfl..--; OR.V-
CANADA;., lfc' State; *t.,N>w York, : J., H. FU-
G AZi; ; Mansjer Tadflc Oast, ma ,. >Jontsrotner.v
st.'.v San -, Francisco." Tickets sold ,'. by \u25a0; all :• rail-
road ticket flgcats. WSUttmSSKsSSKSmi
Capital Again Seeking '
Investment in Oakland
Residence to be erected for Charles J. Stevens in'boulcvard facing Lake
Merritt. The costiof therbuilding is to be,547,000, and the architects are the
E. H. Kueffer company.
piled by Walter B. Fawcett, secretary:
Permits. Amount.
One 5t0ry , dwe11ing5 ........:...., .; .30 f 30.833
One story-, dwelling, with store : 1 I.OWi
Two t-tory dwellings « 2l>,Mi
Two story flats...; ;. 4. 1.H,4!0
Ope story lunik building. 1 4.475
Two story laundry.... _\u0084... . 1 4,100
One story foundry.. .. f ...... 1 2.45't
Garages, bank' frames. and sueda 6. . 'BM
Alterations, additions and repairs. ...2!* 12,8tiS
Total .....;. 7S |115,y(n
\u25a0\u25a0KKi'OKTS.BV WARDS
First ward...... 28 $48,050
Second . ward. *> • w I»>,!>S7
Third, ward... 3 V 1,233
Fourth ward....
Flflli ward .....15 1?,35)
Sixth ward, « * 8.276
Seventh ward 17 27,105
Total.. ....... .: ~H 5115,003
Among new building contracts are
the following:
. George D. Durkee. two story 20 room Bats,
northwest * corner of * Fifty -second and West
street*; $7,500. . _
. P. Lafon, two story eight room laundry, east
side of Shattuck, avenue. 50 feet north of Forty
ninth ttreet; $4,100.
Mrs. M. McDunaM. two st»ry 10 room flats.
542 Sycamore street; $5,000.
J. Mauerhan. two story t»even . room dwelling,
west side of Santa Ilay awnue, 200 feet east of
Viona; $4^495.
Values Leap in Berkefey
BERKELEY, Nov.. 22— The final pas
sage by the board> of trustees of this
city of affranchise granting to the ban
Francisco, Oakland and San Jose rail
road a 48 years' permit in : Sacramento
street through; the whole length of the
city from north to ; south has been the
direct cause of the leap in real estate
values which the sections of the city
traversed- by the new-line has .expe- :
rienced this week.
In the past these districts have been
handicapped by a lack of proper trans
portation facilities, but with the com
pletion of the new road residents in the
west and north ends of the town will
be provided with rapid and easy access
to San Francisco. The increased ac
tivity of the week in all sections
threaded by the proposed line presages
a\building' boom.'in that district.
In' addition to the extensive improve
ments planned for their 'local systems
by ,the Southern . Pacific , and Key.
Route .companies, ; another street fail
road project is beginning to take\defl
nite shape. .The latest of the maze of
new lines is a three line system, the
franchise for which has been asked by
Duncan McDuffle of the Mason-McDuffle
realty company. • McDuffle wants fran
chises in the northern part<of ; the «ity
and .in ( the Northbrae district. One
of these is an extension jof the
present Northbrae line in Grove
street and a part of the line
between Berryman street and Monterey
avenue in Grove street that, since the
incorporation of that district into
-<!»" i^^. Steamers leave Broadway
ygß*i?-sD_\ Wharves (Piers 9 andJl).
I ( Ytouiak) I SPECIAL ROUND Tllll*
':''\u25a0, - -SAX. DIEGU
SAXTA ROSA, ...C... Every .Sunday" 9:30 a. ra.
QUEEN V. Every \u25a0 Thursday,' 0:30 a. m.
CITY OF POEBLA... ...Dec. 4. 1:30 p. ra.
00VERN0R... ...... N0v. 24. Dec. 9, 1:30 p. m.
UMATILLA... .....Nov. 29, Dec. 14. 1:30 p. m.
i \u25a0'.; And Every Fifth Day Thereafter.
Round Trip. Including Berth and Meal«, $45.
CITY OF J0PEKA. . . .'".. ... . . . .... ..... . . .
..Nov. 25, 30; Dec. 5, 10, 15, 20, 10:30 a. m.
':•-'*;• ; . And Every Flftb Day Thereafter.
; .Rosalia. " y ;\u25a0'.' ;...." .; .. ' \u25a0:,
CURACA0. ....... .."th of each month. Iff a.- m.
Steamship SPOKANE will leave Seattle 11
p. m, June 15, 30, July 15, CO, Aug. 14.
Kight reserved to change this schedule.
SAN FRANCISCO— 3 Market St., 112 Market st.,
and Broadway Wharf. Tel. Kearay 492.
General Offices/. ; ... 112 Market st.
Freight . Ofnve. . . ': .T.. 1 . ....... Broadway Wharf
Oakland Ticket 0ffice.. . ........ .0CS Broadway
CD. DUNANN. G. P. A., San Francisco.
Toyo Kisen Kaisha
8, B."'Teayo Maru"........ Friday, Deo. 11, 190$
8. 8. "Kippon Maru" (via Manila) ......;•.... .
.....................Baturday, Jan. S. 1909
8. S. "Chiyo Ma.ru".. ...Saturday,. Ja». 30. 1909
, Steamer* sail - from . company's piers, Nos. 42
44 near foot of Second st.. 1 p. m., .for Yoko-
hama and Honßkong, calling at Honolulu, Kobe
(Hlogo). Nagasaki and Shanghai, and connecting
at Hongkong with steamers for Manila, India,
etc. No cargo received on board on day of sail-
ing. Hound trip tickets at reduced rates. ;'
For freight and -passage apply «1 office, 24
James Flood building. W.H., AVERY,
; : ,, \u25a0-.- -."Assistant General Manager.
HONOLULU— S. VS. V Alameda"' sails 11 a. m..
- Nov. . 28. ~ Round/trJp. .sllo. \ •..-.•
TAHITI, SOUTH SEAS— S.S.. Mariposa sails
11 .: a. ra.. Deo. 28: . Round trip, flrit class.
$125: Socnlc line : to New Zealand via Rara-
tonca. Cook Island: first. $167.50, -to . Aaek-
land: $77..'.O. third. . .
Passenger Dent.. . 673^ Market sf.; Freight
.; Office. 00 CUy. >t..\Puope Temp. 1231.
Xallejo, .Napa, St. -Helena , 1
Montlrfllo S: S.jCo.I and Napa. Valley; Electric
I R. R. C».' : Close fonneetlopa.
'Boats leave. RanTFranrlsico r 7:00. *n:45 a;'.m.',
12:3<1 noon," 3:15. K:no.^*S:3O p. m. ;
* San - Francisco: Isndhig^ «nd office.. Clay street
wharf, north, end frrry buUdlny, Market .street
frrry."-: .M*-*l*'a l»rc»rte. '•'•\u0084 ' • ' * '-
Ph-)n'e 5 Kearay \W.
•J^agds Navy Yard direct. ,
Berkeley, has been running without a
proper permit. The plan.s. also Include
the construction, of two other lines, one
of which will extend north from the
Grove street terminus to the city lim
its, while the other will extend west
in Marin avenue to. the new town of
Opean View,'
It is the belief of residents* of, Ocean
View and of the northern part of
Berkeley that the Southern Pacific, too,
has every Intention of including Ocean
View in its scheme of extension. This
could be easily accomplished by ex
tending the. proposed Ninth street line.
Agents of the Harriman interests have
purchased considerable property along
the proposed right of way during the
last 10 days, and the latest of these
purchases, a lot in Virginia street, is
regarded by many as the probable lo
cation of a station. \u25a0• : \u25a0 .- '
Fred E. Reed, lessee of the four story
Acheson building, nearing completion
at the terminus of the Key Route line
in University avenue, has announced
that the structure will be equipped
for an office building for physicians,
contrary to his original intentioa of
opening.it as a first class hotel.
Pickpockets robbed Samuel Stenberg.
439 Georgia street, of $5 in money and
two valuable diamonds Saturday night
while he "was riding on a Sixteenth and
Bryant- street. car. The diamonds were
nipped from: two rings on his lingers.
.Stenberg did»not discover his loss until
he put his ha'hd in his. pocket to pay
his fare.
Despondent because of a quarrel with
her lover, Annie Wilson, a young
woman, attempted suicide by taking a
quantity of bichloride of mercury yes
terday in her room in th** lodging house
at 601*% Pacific street. She is expected
to recover. ,
' Among the richer classes 343 persons
in 1,000 live to be 60 years of age; in
the middle classes 175, and of the la
boring class 156.
\s^^ Market St. Ferry
| Leave for— - | A.M. | P.M.
Bakersfleld ..... 8.00 8.00-10.00 ~
Chicago B.OQ-JO.OO
Fresno 8.00 8.00-10.00
Grand Canyon .. ... 8.00-10.00
Hanford 8.00 8.00
Kansas City. .... .:. 8.00-10.00
Merced ..: 8.00 8.00-10.00
Stockton 8.00 4.00-8.00-10.00
Stockton, Oak-
dale & Sierra
Ry Points ..... 9.45
\u25a0Tulare .« S.OO 8.00-1 0.Ofl
Visalia 8.00 8.00-10.00
Yosemite 8.00 ...
California Limited through to Chicago
leaves nt 10:00 P. M.
673 Market Street and Market Street
Ferry Depot, San Francisco
. 1112 Broadway, Oakland. .: }
Northwestern Pacific R. R.
\u25a0 -. -\u25a0• r • \u25a0 •
< SOUTHERN^ mVISIOX). Oct. 5, 1 90S
For Snunallto, 3t|ll Valley. San Rafael
—Daily — Every 30 ralnutes from 6:45 a. m. t«
0:45 |t, ru.; hourly until 3:4J p. ra.; then 4:13
and every SO minute* until 7:15 p. m.; D:00,
10:35 p. m.. 12:15 a. m.
On Sundays additional trips as follows: 10:15,
11:15 a. m. and 12:13. 1:15 p. m.
For Fairfax— JVeek Days — 6:45, 7:13, 8:15.
10:43 a. m. .(2:4s'*p. va. Saturdays 0n1y), '3:45,
4:15, 4:45,. 5:15, 5:45 p. m. .
Snndays and Legal Holidays — 8:13, 10:45,
11:45 a. m., 12:45. 1:45. S:4j p. m.
For Son Quentln— Dally— S:4s a. m. and
2:45- p. m. -
8:15, a. ra. dally for Cazadero and way sta-
tions, j
2:45 p. m. Saturday only, for Casadero and
way stations.
For Tlburon. Belvedere. Snn Rafael—
7:35, '9:10. 11:00 a. m.' (*12:30 p. in. Satorilay
only), 3:30, 5:10, *tt:3o p. m. Dally.
On Sundays - additional trips at S:0O a. m.
12:80 and B:30 p. m. for dan Rafael and Inter'
Mediate Tolnts. . '
7:35 a. m. Dally for Tetalnma. S«nta Bosa.
IleaUlsbnrp, Cloverdale, Ukiah. Wllllts, Sh«r-
worxl. Sebastopol and way itatinos.
7:35 a. m. Daily, except Sunday, for Glen El-
len,' Cneraevllle. Blver Landing and way sta-
8:00 a. va. Sunday only — Petaiuma. Santa
Rosa. Healdsburg-. Cloverdale. Glen, Riles.
Ouerneville, River : Landing and way station:*.
11:00 a. ra. for Petslumn, Santa Mm* and
way stations, and Sebastopol Scnday only.
,3:30 -p. in. Daily for Petalsma. Santa Ro»a.
HealdsbarK.' Cloverdale. l>klab, Uuerneville, Sr-
baßtopol and w«y stations.
5:10 p. en. Dally for Glen Ellen and way
•To Tlbnron only.
Taelfle Transfer Company "n agents are author-
ised to cheek •btjrca;». direct from residence-
Ticket Olflcf. Ferry Bnildins. Uptown Ticket
Of Bee. 574 Market ir.. Flood Building (Ground
Floor). ... ' .' -.;. -
; U. la» TrwciM* | tf.MiitWwte It. Italia
9:45«~6;45a 7:2O» 1 1 :45 a f7:2oa lO:4Ca
l:4op 9:45 a 1 :40p 12:50p 1 :40p 1 1 :43 a
*4:45t ! 10:45 a e2:4op 2:50p 4:14p I2:t£a
.. 1 1 :45 a 4:20p 4:05p *3:lOf> 12:45s
...... l:4spj ...... 5:15? ...... 2:45»
1 *6at only. tMondsy only. f£»Tamaipni» only. \
Ticket Officw^-Sausalito Ferry and 872 Market.
General Offices— Mill Valley, Calu'ornia.
, • (12tb and Mission »— Hairy ex. Minday— Lt. ;
•7:4.".. , n.-loa., 1:4*9,' 3:.V»p- Ar-: «:•"•«. n-.f*"*.
*12:35p,- ;."»::c>n." SiitidayV-Lv.: ' 7:0-1a. ..l):l.*>a.
••!ft:oft*.^lO:*m.'.l2:ni» rnxm; l:43p^ 4:;!0|>. 5:30 p.
Ar.:.,7:3.->a, »:00». 11:23». 1:22 p. S:.Vip, ••s:f)Ap,
3:33pV~0:15p,°.- *UUe4. ' **Qranada Ex., no atopa.
-£ffi £s J£s3
AXCTION at DLBOCE STABLES. 13th, st. near
Valencia. SUNDAY. November 23. It a. m.. I .
will s*U by order of MR. KNOBLOCK 'b!» en-
tire contracting outfit of horses mule*, harness
and sand wagons, 2 fa«t pacer*. hNi I"i> bussle*.
wagons and horses. Outside *fock sold on com-
mission. EverytUins must be *s ret>re!H-nte<l or
money refunded. Phone Market 1400.
WXI. CLOIT. 11. Auctioneer.
&£ 3-JS
TUESDAY. November 2s. 1008. at 11 «. m.. 60
Horses, city worn r SO Horses dhrect from tlie
country; 11 Business Bngglv.4 and » lot of siug!e
and doable Harness. Sale rain ur autne.
VAN NESS STAB LF.S. oo Vao N*»a avenue be-
tween Grove and Fulton street*.
A. H. SCOFIEI.I>. Livestock 'Atictlunw.
Wednesday, Nov. 25 ££g
At 1 1:00 A. i\\., in Oakland
: - -
SO head bis Mares^ Males and Uorses at I*i>n>
lie Auction. They are tli» all pdriHise kiud ia
', single and spans; Just the kind U> mm the
1 farmer for plowing, eontractura. grocers Mint
family; all horses guaranteed will be booked
after tbe sale. 50.' 4th «t.. Oukland; ralu or
sbine. -'.-> ; J. W. MEDEIROS. Auctioneer.
We will sell to the' UK-best bidder without re-
serve 35 head of geldings from 4 to !>.yfars old.
600 to 1,600 lbs; 30 head mares 4 to 10 year*
ohl. 1,000 to 1.600 lbs; some nice combination
saddle and harness Horse*, wasona. buggies and
harness; outside stock sold on commission. ATt
•toclc sold nnder guarantee. Sale WEDNES-
DAY. November 2.". at 11 o'clock, rain or shine.
10th and Harrison at*.
PHSuS^ j San Francisco
\?Q^j\/fty From Not. 8, 1908 '
__^—-< l< *^ Foot of Market Street
Leaya —VIA OAKLAND PIER— Arzire .
6.40 a Hayward. Nile?. Saa Jote 7.08*
7.00 a Kidunotid. Port Costs, Benicia. Stii-
i -in, Diz^n. tiaeramento, itoKvilia,
Mary»vil>. Rrddioc Duoaauir 7.ZBp
7.00 a Umiro. VaeaviOe; Kameey 7.28*
7MOt Davis. WtnidUad (Mar}sville. Oru-
viils). WiUiama. UazwtU. Wjlto»a,
Usmiiron. Corning, lied Bluff. . . 7.28?
7.40 m Vallejo. Napa. Cahrtoj*. Santa Rosa,
Martinci. &n fiamon 9.23 m
7.40« Nil-s, Pleaaanton, Livcraore, L»-
throp, Stockton. Tmcv, Loa Banoa,
Kerman. llanford. Visslia. Porter-
\u25a0 Yille.Bakersfield...'. 7.28f
8J)0i Rusel. Newark. Onterville, San
Jose. Loa Gates. Wright, laurel 5.45?
8^0» Port Costa. M.trtir.ei. l^jron. Tracy,
Stockton. Merced. Frrsno, Gothcn
Juwetion (Ilanford), Visalia, Porter-
rille. Bakersiirfd. 4.48t
8.20 a Yi>«»mit« Valley vis Mrned 4.48>
9.00 a Nilea. livermore. Stockton (*Uilton),
Valley Spiinj, looe, gacramento. t.ZB>
9.00 a Sonora. Tuolumn c and Ancela 4.28?
9.00 a Atlantic lixprraa— Sacramento, True-
kee, Ossden. Sali Lake City. Denver,
Kaaaas City 7.28»
9.40 a Richmond, Port Costa, Msrtinrs.... 6.48p
10.00 a The Overland I inute<!~ L>nver. •
Kansas City. Omaha. Chicago 8.28s
10.20 a Vallejo. Mure M.m.l. Napa 1 1.28 a
10.20 a Im Ang-les Phasenger— Port Co*ta,
Martines. Byron. T nry. ttoi-ktun.
Pierced. Fresno. Hai:ti:rd. \ iNslia,
Tulare, Bakersfield. Los Apgpleti.. . 7.48?
10.40 a Goldfield Pass.— l'ort Cotta. Brniiia.
" Sacramento Truckre, Hazrn. Mm.i,
Tooopah. GoldS eld. Laws. Heeler.. 7.48 a '
1 0.40 a Man-sviUe. Chico. Red Bhiff 4.28p
1.20? Nile*. San Jose and Way Stations. . 2.43?
1.40p lluasel, Alvarado. Newark, Agaew,
San Jose 9.58 a
2.00b Saturday only. Hunters* Train —
livermore. Tracy, Newman. Los
Banos, Fresco :i0.38?
2.20 a Benicw, Suisun. Sacramenta. ;. I.oBb
2.20? Portland Expresn (i» Davw). Wil.
- . - Earns. Willows. Red Blnff, Wted.
(UiicDoel. Calor. Kin math Falls},
.Wihml. Portland. 12.23?
. 3.00 a. Hettim. Winters, Sacyamreto. Wood- .
' Nn.l. JLirysville and 0r0vi11e..... 10.48 a
3.00? San Leandro, Nil* s, San Jote 9.28 a
3.20? Port Costa, Martinez. Byron. Mo-
> desto, Merced. Frwno. 12.08*
3.30? Via Tiburon. West Napa. St. Helena,
Calistogs, 10.30 a
4.00? Vallejo. Marti nes. San Ramon, Kips. •
Calistoga. Santa Rosa. 6.03?
4.0O» Nile-s Trscy, S^ckfon. LodL 10.28 a
4.40? Sao. Leandro. Bay wan). K3es,f 1 8.28 a
Pteasaotan, Livermore \ Jl 1.48 a
5.00* Th» Of I Limited— Newman. Los . .
. Banos, Mendota, Fresno. Tulirs.
Bakersfieiii, Los ATgfles . 8.48 a
5.00 a Russel. San Joss. Los Gatos, Wrigat. 8.48 a
5.20? Saa Leandro, Nilr*. Sao Jose 7.48»
5.40b Vallejo. Port Costa. Benicia. Suisun.
Saeramenhr— Ro«evi2«. Lincoln,
Marysvill» Oroville 11.28*
6.20? Eastern r'xpress — Ogden. Pueblo,
Denver. Kansas City, St. Louis,
Chicago '..
Port Costa, Benieia, Sacramento,
Reno, $D«rks : 7.28?
6.40? ILiyward. NHes and San Jose. 6.48?
17.00b Vnliejo. Marlines and Way Station*. 110.33?
8.20? Oregoa Kxpress— Sscramento.Marys-
ville. ReJding. Weed Portland,
Puget Sound and East. 9.48»
9.00p China and Japan Fast Mail—
Ogden. Cbeyenne. Denver, Kansas
City, Oauhn, Chicago 3.25*
o.oo* Saturday only HuntersT Train— Saa
Jose and Way Stations, vU Newark. J3.28»
*TL'liinl him! 'lowuimikl Slretjt-j>
t5.3C» Shuttle — 23d Street. Visitacion,
South Ssn Francisco, Valencia fit. t6.40»
6.40 a Shuttle— Valencu St.. Ocean View
' Cenuteries, South San Francisco, 23d
Street, 31 and Tnwasend 6.50 a
6.40 a South San Francisco. Ssn Jose. Gil- }
roy, Hollister. Pajaro. WatMnvSle. I • ka.
SanUCrni,Bon!derCreek,GleDwood. f o#ou '
Del Monte, Monterey, Pacific Grove. J
fjJQQI The Coaster— San Jose* Csstroville. -t
\u25a0 Salinas, Soledad, Paso Robies Hot
Springy Ataseadero. San Luis
' Obijpo. Pizmo, Ocr.mo, Gi.-adalupe.
' F'jrf. Lorapoc, B*nta Barbara,
Ventura, Oiaard, Los Angeles.... 11.43*
8.0 C» WatsonvUle, &nta. Crui. Boulder
-- \u25a0 (Vek. Glenwood. Del Mont*. Mon-
\u25a0"• tersy, Pacifio Grov« 11.43*
8.20 a South Saa Frtneisco. Palo Alto. S*,
Jose. Way SUtions...... 7.35 a
8.20 a Los Altos, llsnta Vista, Lot Gates. . { \fjs£
9.00 a Sag Jose. Gilroy, Saline*. P»«> Roble*
Hot Springs; A tascadrro. San Luis
Obispo— Lo» Gatos, Wrigbt. Laurel
—Tres Pinos,— Sants Crui, Eel
Munte. Monterey. Pacific Grove. . . 4.00*
10.40 a South Sao Francisco, Burltngamet
San Mateo. Palo Alto. San Jose 6.30*
10.40 a Los Altos. Mom t.i VuU, I.os (.atn«.. 1.1 Cp
1 1.30 a Valencia St.. Ocean Vi«w, Colma,
Cemeteries; Baden. San Bruno. 1.35b
1 1.40 a South San Kraut wco. Hn Jof« t8.20i
2.00? South Saa Francisco, Palo Alto, San \u25a0 •* .'
Jose 8.40 a
t2.00» Los Alto*. Mqpta Vista. Ua Gates.. J3.20?
3.00? Dei Monto Express— Sao Jose.
Gilroy. ' ChitUnden, Warsomßle,
Santa Crui. Del Monte, Monterey,
PaciSs Grove, • Salinas. 12.304
• 300? Fetton, Boulder Creek 8.50?
3.20* South San Fra ncis.o, fan Jose. Gil-
roj'. IloHister. Tres Pinos. .... 10.25 a
4.00» Sunset iiip-ow— Tucw.n, Demrng,
El Pat>. Houston K«w Orlesn^,
Paso Robl«» Hot ?rf» 6". San I.vis
Obispo. Santi Barbara, I oi» Asgeiea, 1 1.40 a
4.00? Pajaro. \Vat»onvi!le, baqta Cru* 1 1.45?
4.00? Del Monte. Monterey. Pacific Grove. ' 1.45?
4.00p Kansas City, St. Louie. Chirsgo 1 1.40 a
4.20? South San Franriseo. San Jot*. . . t9.00a
f5.00? Saa Bruno. San Ma leo, Palo Alto, Ssn
Jose and Wav Stations ».40a
15.03* Shuttle -23d Street, Vijitarkra. S^olh
San Franrisco, Valencia Klrret. t6JS?
t5.209 Redwood, Palo Alto, Maj fit-Id, Ssn
Jose I.IOf
|5.20* Los V!to". Monts Mbta, Los G:it"s. . t7.20»
f5.25? Buriincvme, S:m 'latpo. FnnJo'*... *3^o»
sJoj> Shutde— Valen eta St. Oresn View,
Cem«terisa, South San I'ranrisco,
23 1 Street. 3.1 and Townwnd 8.4 D?
5.10? Soatii Sin Fran eisro. S*an Bruno. San
Mvteo. Redwood, PsloAlto, Santa. 7
Ciin. San Jose. Los Catns, Wright. 7.40 a
J 3.10? Loa Altos, Mnn t;i Vista. L»>s Gstos. . ',5.40?
. tS.OOp Bay Shore, Visitation. Pan Mateo.
Pilo Alto. May field. Los Altos
Monta Vista, Loa Gatos..., tB.ooa
tC2S? Shuttle— Valencia. St.. Ocm n Vie».
Cemeterir^ South Sen Francisco,
-23 1 Street. Sd »nd T0«»*«id . .«. . . . t7.40»
. 6.3o?'Sji;th Sut ?r»nrisra. Sun Juki 5.40*
8.00? Los AngeJes Pasßeager— San Msteo,
" - -Rsd-fooUL Palo Alto, San Jote.
Giiroy. Salinas. Paso Robles Hot
: Springs; Ata»e»deio,* San Luis
Obispo. Pirrao, Sani* Barbara, Loa
Angeles . . - .:. . . .:.' 8.30t
1 1.45? Snath San Fnaeisco. Palo Alto. Ssn \ 7.20?
J<*s^ . . .j. ._.„ . .^.-. ..-j,^ -JL-JL.-J- 7^o*
tl.OOp Sacramento Rmr Steamera ft>-30>
Uawn* Transfer Company agents collect haggas* «°d
shecki on . tnins of iwutWn " Pacifia »n-l deliver to
residence. They an authorized to ebeck bassage. dii*o*
from re?idence\ '
a for Moraine.-- - 9 'or Aftersomv - * i* : . ;
t?'inciav et<*n«*4 \u25a0 |3uaday osl/ |
c Saturday only, '.

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