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Rob Hotel Loriii in Suiter
Street and Make Sensa
tional Flight
Seize Buggy at Revolver's Point
in Effort to Elude Their
Police in Auto Capture Bold
Burglars After an Exciting
Hue and Cry
Feley, Bakulich and Gicman at various
points and started with them after the
Conlin had been attracted like Dohr
mann by the ehouts of the pursuing
crotvd and had caught only a glimpse
of the fleeing pair. When the police
men had climbed aboard Conlin started
to pick up the trail.
Continuing on Van Ness avenue the
thugs In th« butcher nagon drove to
Pacific avenue and here they turned
directly back on the track they had
taken. They turned at I^arkin street,
&oing to Jackson, where they turned
into Polk street and then jumped out
of the wagron.
Into the side entrance of an apart
ment house at 1507 Jackson street -went
Adaman and "vVieland, and right on
their heels Tvere Smith and Dohrmann,
who had again caught up with the
burglars after notifying the police.
Once in the hall one of the burglars
snapped the Jock on the inside of the
door, checking the entrance' of their
\u25a0pursuers. The thugs ran tlirough. the
hallway to a rear window, and Jumped
into, a. vacant lot a few feet below. • A
small boy on. the corner, who saw the
men running across the lot, warned
Smith. Running over to Sacramento
and Polk streets they boarded a ferry
bound car and attempted to bully the
ccew, but at Larkin and Sacramento
streets Conductor A. G. Percy oC 1110 A
<CJay street pulled the bell and halted
the car. \u25a0 Motonnan O. Ratto of SB4.
Chestnut street thereupon : refused to
go any farther, and noticing that a
rrowd was pursuing; the pair called
to the passengers and conductor to cap
iure Adaraan and Wjeland. Seeing their
danger the burglars attempted to es
rape, fcut were compelled to draw their
revolvers and fire four or five shots at
iiieir assailants to get clear, None took
effect. While the shooting was going
on the participants in the melee left
the car and, th«_;fl.Bht continued In ja
vacant lot at the corner of Larkin and
i Sacramento streets. *
Seize Laundry Wagon'
The burglars rushed across the street,
where two Chinese laundry wagons
\u25a0n-c-re standing. Seizing the one belong
ing to the "U'o Lee laundry the fugitives
drove off toward Pine street.
" It was at this stage of the pursuit
that C. Conlin and the policemen in his
automobile drew Into sight and over
taking the pair at Pine street, directly
in front of the board of education,
Policemen Foley, Bakulich and Dieman
covered the burglars with their re
volvers and ordered them from the
wagon. In getting 1 down Adatnan stum
bled and lurched toward Policeman
Bakulich with his revolver pointing *i
the latter's heart. He was Quickly
seized, and both burglars were hastened
to a nearby fire house and thence taken
to the Bush street station. Later, they
were transferred to the city prison.' 1
Adamau was weak and limp asa;rag
when taken. into the fir* house and the
precaution of hand cuffing was almost
unnecessary. He was seated in a chair,
where he moaned and seemed on : the
verge of a. complete breakdown. - ;
In a quieter moment he turned .Jo
Policeman Bakulich and said: "I could
have got you if I wanted you."* t '\u25a0\u25a0
The men were removed to th« Bush
"street station separately. -'
At the Bush street station - Ada.ma.xi
said that he had arrived only a, few
nights ago from Denver, and said r 'that
he had stopped at a Hayes streetTobm
ing house. - \u0084\u25a0• \u25a0• '-; \u25a0\u25a0
V.'ieland ga\y» his address as the Se
attle hotel. Adaman claimed- to , be a
printer. * • '
Much of the stolen goods was : recov
ered from places waere It ha"dvbee4
thrown by tlie burglars in their.. flight
and F-onie wa? found on their persons
when searched.
Tells of Robbery
Charles R. Smith, proprietor of th«
Hotel Lorin, said:
"The robbers got into the room of
Mrs. George F. King by the use of a
jimmy, and from there they stole sev
eral silver backed harmrushes.'a couple
of silver backed combs and minor
trinkets. Then, by the use of a skftle
ton key. thoy gained entrance to the
room of Mrs. Henry D. Becker. From
there they took some more silver
backed brushes and combs, a few minor
trinkets anr1:?1.75 cents' in money."
At the central police station the men
were placed upon the detinue book
Captain of Detectives Kelly believes
i hat the m*>n committed several other
crimes in this city, as they had other
valuables on their person^ when !
searched besides those stolen from the
Hotel Lorin.
It Is believed by the police that
"SVieland is a local crocfk and frequenter
of Chinatown opium joints. Adaman*s
record is now known.
VIENNA. Nor. 2S. — The German and
Italian students attending the Univer
sity of Vienna came into serious- col
lision in the university precincts this
morning, and before tho police drove
tlifin away revolvers had been fr<**]y
Tis^d and 150 students w^re wounded
.The trouble was occasioned by an Ital
ian demonstration in favor of th«res
tablishment of an Italian university at
Trieste SBUBtmiimnaSeSm
To (ore a Cold In One Day
T«ke laxatiTe Bromo Quinine TablfU. Drtg
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Grove's feiguature is on each box. 25c.-,". •
S3.— Ttir official voi» for president lv Wl«i"raisin
»nn<nin<v>d today- follow*: Tsft. 245,763; Br^aa
i«!.iu7;i>xb«»_2S4l6;-aj«isn,- 11,578... '• -.
witt?,b'e prosecuted J for his, perjured testi
mony today. I; mil-present the matter to^Jcrgraiid:juryV'
—District Attorney Langdon.
te lGotsS aDaytoKeep
Out erf Stated Says Lathan
Alexander Lathan, who testified yesterday in; the Ruef trial I
Judge Lawlor ; Orders Ach to Finish His Cross
Questioning of Gallagher Today
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statements were not true. ""Without
giving the witness time to foresee the
result Johnson secured a further ad
mission that the same statement had
been made by Lathan seven months
previously before the grand jury.
From this point Latlian's breakdov.-n
was rapid. First he denied, then he
suffered lapses of "memory, but finally
he 'again grudgingly admitted the
salient- features of his former story.
Latlian admitted that he had been
taken away from the city by Clark,
father in law of Luther Brown of the
United Railroads detective agency, and
that Clark had paid all the expenses of
himself and his wife and 'had given him
$5 a day for seven months. to keep him
away from San Francisco so lie could
not testify. 'He consistently /denied,
however, that Ruef had paid hlni a
lump sum of money to leave California.
• On cross examination Ach made every
effort toinduce Lathan to accuse Burns
of suborning of. perjury, ; but this the
witness refused to do. When finally
dismissed Lathan was sent back to the
county Jail.
District Attorney Langdon said last
night that he purposed presenting the
Lathan case to s the grand jury for its
"Lathan will be prosecuted for his
perjured testimony in the Ruef case to
day."'said the district attorney! •
. .. Lathan - appeared \u25a0• before Judge Ca
baniss yesterday mornings -He -was
held in l>onds of $10,000,' 0r cash bail of
half, that amount.
William J. Burns ..was the guest last
night of the men's club of the Hamilton
Square Baptist church, and in a brief
address before several hundred persons
fflf-' Our store at Fill mo re and
O'Farrell streets will 1 be i. discon-
November 25. Our new store at
Market at Stockton and Ellis will be
Our store at Vein Ness Avenue
at Bush, will be continued until
some time in the Spring of 1 909;
THE •;-SAN;\"I(!R-AN!OIS(^;^O^L-':^
who filled the church told the story of
the graft prosecution "since its incep
tion. At the close of his remarks the
club adopted resolutions indorsing the
graft prosecution and thanking Burns
for lys interesting address.
Speaking of tlie attempted assassina
tion of Francis J.Hcney, Burns said, In
a most dramatic manner:
•'There willbc .no wavering on the
part "of tliose^ enlisted ,in, the. cause of
justice in San Francisco though they all
bo removed. There are' public spirited
people of ability who would Jump into
the fray voluntarily and go on with the
trials till every criminal shall have
been •convicted' or rac«iultted,.;by a jury
of- Ills peers':" 1 ,'
Vlt was Ruef himself who uncovered
Lathan to me," said Burns. "After
Ruef; had-: confessed I asked :him if lie
had corroborative evidence that \u25a0\u25a0 he
might place in my hands. He referred
me to Alex. Lathan.and.l ; went/ to hini.
Lathan .knew: nothings about the four
trips to the United Railroads carbarns,
and when I told Ruef of this he com
municated with Lathan. When I made
another trip to. see Lathan he told me
his whole story and corroborated in
every detail the confession of Ruef."-
Burns told of the chain of events
following the discovery of Lathan and
h'owthe ex-chauffeur left the state and
returned, only to leave; a' second time.
He blamed Luther vßrbwnV for -having
effected Lathan's' escape. '. ."/ <^ '••':"\u25a0 *
"It is' to, be hoped -that .'the graiid; jury
will be'able to fix the responsibility for
Lathan's perjury on the witness stand
today," ;-sai,d Burns In closing. "Lathan
declared that he did : not remember, but
that the statement of the shirt Ibox
episode'inight betrue." •
Frank J. Murphy in Court on
Charge of Attempting io
Bribe Talesman.
Counsel for/Accused Casts Slurs
on ; and Tilt'
With Langdon Follows
J;The^ trial, of Attorney. Frank . J.
Murphy,: -' charged J-with- attempted
bribery of J; M.Kelly.'a talesman *on
the" Ruef panel, r was begun yesterday,
before . Judge' Miirasky. Five jurors
were \ temporarily., passed by both sides;
one was ; .partly ; examined .; and three
others were^ excused... •:- , ;
Attorney • Bert 'Schlesinger's insinu
ation- againstTtlieihonesty , of the' pros
ecution,. made r. in an attempt to in
fluence Peter 'Bernard, - a : prospective
juror, against the" testimony of. E. A. S.
Blake, thetprosecution's; witness, was
neatly /stopped, by District --Attorney
Langdon at the • afternoon session: This
was the chief feature of yesterday.: -
Bernard, ;afFrench liquor:, dealer.-of
1821 Harrison" street, who had acknowl
edged that he was "sick and tlred", t of
the prosecution and also that he had
frequently \u25a0visited Abe; Ruef : in his ofr
flco "about 15jyears ago," had admitted
under examination by Langdon that? he
had read Blake's "confession made to
Judge Dunne after his conviction of
bribing the talesman, Kelly, but that
he had "taken no stock" in that part
of it which involved Murphy. -i Robert
F. Ferrall, oneof the attorneys for the
defense, had argued that it waspossible
for a man, to believe one part of a "dis
credited witness' " story and yet dis
card another which would ; involve
others, and the witness had said, that
he was "not altogether" prejudiced
against Blake as a witness, and would
not f. "altogether" i^disregard . his' testi
mony, against Murphy.
Schlesinger then attacked the good
faith of "the;conf e3sion and the honesty
of the prosecution by loudly expressed
opinions as .to the "purpose" of Blake
making the confession.
? "Why; did Blake make the confes
sion?'.' roared Schlesinger,' and, with-;
out pausing. for a reply went on: "For
some purpose: not disclosed, but; which
we can; easily guess, the convicted man
at the eleventh -hour shifts some of
the blame on some one else. Some
tliing made him say— "
"Yes,; •something,'", returned the
stentorian' voice of Langdon, effectually
stopping': the -other. "That 'something';
was conscience, the greatest power in
the human mmd,; notwithstanding the
fact that ' you, Schlesinger, :;aeem": to
kn'pw but little of Its promptings. . It
was ; the . guilty man unburdening; his
soul: at the* bar of justice."
Further argument on this point was
prevented : by- Judge Murasky and the
only tilt, of the day came to an end:
For . the most part the" proceedings
were conducted quietly and with dis
patch. .
\u25a0 Bernard, the liquor dealer,, was • tem
porarily passed and . his -.examination
will be resumed this morning. .
It is evident from the .questions
asked.' th«. talesmen that; the- defense
wi 11 'lie that / Murphy^ instructed Blake
to find Kelly'sstate 6f -mind in a legiti
mate jnanner, and ; that; a • money, trans
action was not entered- Into, as ;far -as
"the talesman : was . concerned." -They
will/no douhti try \u25a0to | prove "-that the
$500 which Blake received was a pay
mehtto himself for his services in dis
covering the . talesman's mind "in i a
legitimate, legal-way, as allowed by- the
courts." .' v , \u25a0 ./•
J. T. Gllmartin, a stationer, of 2589
Van; Ness avenue, :took up a consider
able' portion of; the session
on account of. his; : ignorance, of r 'court
procedure. was finally passed' under
protest from ; Schlesinger, 'who '\u25a0 tried
to prove that Gilmartin was prejudiced
because he hadlan'opiniongained-from
thepapers that could be set aside, and
a" decent respect^for the.grand Jury. ;
r Other jurors who : were passed tern-"
porarily are \u25a0 Simon Cohn, a clothier of
Sixteenth and Mission streets; , Fred
Steuerman. grocer, 2; Falkland avenue;
John H. Herbst, retired,, 1 628 Octavia;
.George A.* Brown, Teal 'estate, '76l.Clay.
street, and Thomas Eland Jof the: Buil
ders'./, exchange. ; ] j /Talesmen "excused 1f or
bias were Henry L. r Dunk, Lucian Levy,
Edward Paul Levy.
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Frank )\u2666 Murphy, Attorney : for •
Boss Grafter^ iWliose Triallor -,«
_ -; Attenapte j Bribery' Has Begun
Secretary of Dray.age Firm Not
Found When Explanation of
Accounts Is Wanted •
: VDanleL H. Everett, former state sen
ator and secretary of the Stetson-Ren
; ncr drayage.: company, -whose- accounts
we're, found to be in a tangle several
days ago, is '. not to be found. /At the
'time the shortage was first discovered
Everett was allowed to leave the city.
1 He -went to Howell mountain; 'near,
bt. Helena, and promised, to" return 'at
; any time. ; Yesterday his former em
ployers sent the police .to 2192 Fill
more street, where he resided previous
to -the -discovery of the " shortage, . but
no;trace of the manor his family could
be found. \u25a0 - ; v» •
• George Renner, James McNab and
George Renner. Jr. will hold a meeting
asi soon;- as. the experts have completed
their; work, .and if : it -is found that
Everett- has attempted to leave the
state in an effort to evade arrest, com
plaints will bo sworn to Immediately.
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Convicted Bank Wrecker to Be
Temporarily Liberated From
Walter J. Bartnett. the convicted
vice, president, of the California safe
deposit /.and trust -company, will be
liberated on bail today. His bonds .were
approved :-. yesterday , morning . by J udge
Conley, but -the. failure of Bartnett's
attorneys, *Gr,ay- and Cooper, to secure
the .signature* to a necessary affidavit
until late in" th« afternoon resulted In
the 'banker being forced "to spend an
other night, in ;the county jail.
" Bartnett's \ sureties ' ari=i the "National
surety, company in ?100.000;fI{enry P.
Sophy*'arid Edward FVSophy. real estate ;
men,' $20,000; and Simon Hick?, pfopri- j
etor of the Bonita mark?t..and F. J.
Horswill, capitalist. $30,000. making
$150,000 in all.
The names were presented to Judge
Conley by Attorney Oscar "Cooper, and
after the necessary Inx'ostlgratlon were
approved by the court, the district attor
ney's office raising .no objection as to j
their 1 efficiency."-" i
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