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Mrs. Joseph McCormick, Ar
rested for 'Stabbing Hus- ,
band, Was Ada Long
Unfortunate Young Woman, In
jured in Polo Game, Drops
From Luxury to Poverty
Millionaire Syrup Manufacturer
Will Have Daughter Cared
for in Sanitarium
lier daughter to the retreat. But the
girl refused to stay, even though the
mother proposed to stay there with. her.
The pair returned to the city.
Fear of Sanitarium
Then the daughter knew that the
family intended to put her in a sanita
rium sometime. She felt that acutely.
Two months after the trip v to Belmont,
while the mother was ; out of . the
house. Miss Long packed a few be
3onpings In a suitcase, silently left
the house and was seen no more by any
member of the family until she was
located at the city prison.
In a year a vast chasm was bridged
by the girl, where her steps led her
through the dark period none of the
family knows, they say. She married
Joseph McCormick. a. waiter: For a
"while' the i" couple -'lived^ : ln"a' Mission
street lodging house. Their subsist
ence was precarious. But their felicw
lodgers were quick to 'realize^ the" na
tive refmement and culture in the
woman, in Kpiteof her, at times, er
ratic conduct.
From Mission street lodgings the
couple went to humbler dwellings. 'At
3ast they lived in a house perched high
on Twin peaks. From the narrow win
«3ow the wife could- look "over the" Mis
sion toward Sixteenth street,
the expensive, plant of her father's
sirup works lay, i
Spoke of Her Family
At times she mentioned her family to
her casual associates, but never did she
Co near therm Slie feared that if she
returned she would be put under treat
ment, restricted of her liberty, and the
girl, who had once been robust, active,
the heroine of many athletic' adven
tures, could not, evȣi In her woeful
Ftate, consider; .^..curtailment »yf *.-hepj
"While the rvsroman was slipping from
poverty into' absolute want the pros
perous home- 'at -647 PieJTPe street was
an abode.' otvSorrow. Jamfs M. Epn^,
the veneribie;*i father, exerted e£ery
means io;find JiSs daughter/-. In.her^b^'
Fcurity*ttoe uhlfappy child evaded all
eearchz-'cThe^iJUother is ]ieartbrok*»V.-~-
At tlK!.£iimllyUu>tne last evening Mrs.
Lor.g ajiswered.'a. summons at the door.
' 'Her' brothers' are taking care of my ;
daughter,' 1 said the mother. "We shall
care for'ierindw so tliat she can not
escape. We .shall have her placed in
a. sanitarium. Prior to the time of the
* accident at Denver my daughter was
absolutely hormiri. Since then she has
never .been' the same. Although we
made every effort to find her after her
disappearance we were unable to and
did not even know that she was mar-
Disabled Vessel Is Run to Shal-
low Side of River and
'SACRAMENTO. Dec. 13.— The South
ern* Pacific mail and passenger steamer
Modoc. plying between this city and.
Sajj' Francisco, was rammed -by the
freighter Valetta on the river three
iriiles this side of Courtland; at 1:30
o'clock this morning and sank In about
seven feet of water.
Owing to the prompt action of Cap
tain D. N. Rideout of the Modoc the
disabled steamer was run to the shal T
low aide of the river. /lashed to the
bank and • the' passengers and part'of
the -cargo transferred to the Valetta
viihout mishap.
The total Joss because of 'the acci
dent, it is estimated, will be $10,000 in
«argo, damage to the steamer and char
tor money for a vessel to take the run
until the llodoc can be placed back in
Where .the blame for the accident
l>eJon.c:s is a matter of speculation. The
Fteamers collided in a. dense fog. Ac
cording to reports received tonight the
*:rew of the Modoc claims no signals
were heard from the Valetta. which
was roing down stream. On the other
hand, it is ftated by residents. of Court
land that when the Modoc passed the
town at 1 o'clock it was blowing a fog
"whistle every few seconds. .: - .• ' •
Ottoman Cabinet Wants More
Indemnity for. Loss of Two \u25a0\u25a0}
CONSTANTINOPLE, Dec. 13.— Marquis
Pallaviclni, the Austro-Hungarian am
bassador to Turkey, had an interview
today with Kiamll Pashai the* grand
vizier, and the foreign -minister, at
\u25a0which he submitted Austria's proposals
for a settlement of the dispute with
reference to the annexation of Bosnia
and Herzegovina.
Later the cabinet held a meeting, and,
it Is understood, decided that the sum
\u25a0which Austria offers as a compensation
is quite inadequate, ... •
It is rumored that as a ' means of
exerting pressure Austria threatens to
stop the purchase of tobacco from Tur-
Key. for the Austrian monopoly This
amounts to $ 6,000,000 annually.* •
Fatal Explosion Caused by
Laborer Striking Overlooked
Charge of Dynamite
SHAFTKR. N'ev.. 1 Dec * 1 3.— The ex
plosion of, 'dynamite in. the Western
Pacific tunnel near this station yester
day,- in which' six workmen: were-killed
or Injured,; was caused by the pick of one
of th*» men, striking, a hole in --which, a,
heavy blast 'hati .'been placed,-, but.w hich
had : not been ' fired . and! was- otferlooJtod.
The laborer , whose pick set.yoff ;tiie
charge was'Wown to .^pieces; and''an
other workni&n dit»«J bni the; way: to the
hospital <at Salt* Lake City.:: Two men
were mafle- totally, blind, one lost one
rye,. one had both arms blown off and
another "lost one arm. „ ' *. ./.\u25a0*»?. 0 ; .
Of th u -»>ix w orkaicj* -«JJ? Vut J oni> 'iwerSj
Crocks. . .
Hospitality and Good
Will Mark Excursion
Businessmen's Party Returns Enthusiastic
Over Imperial Valley and Vicinity
Physically tired " but buoyant with
enthusiasm, the ninety odd members "of
the chamber of commerce returned to
this city late last night, completing
their four days* trip to Los Angeles
and the Imperial 'valley.
Although they had pretty nearly ex
hausted their supply of admiring ad
jectives during- the excursion" the solid
commercial men mustered strong terms
of panegyric for the south when they
came to the summing up of their ex
periences. ,
"By Jove, boys," said Charles C.
Moore, president of the chamber,
"what a magnificent country God has
given us in California! Why, we have
hardly begun to realize. what resources
there are waiting to be developed..
"Just think of that Imperial valley.
Three years ago it was known as , the
Colorado desert. Now. it is. a garden
with a soil of such wonderful richness
that anything can be grown there.
"The development of the south has
gone on, almost In secret, as far as we
San Franciscans are concerned. This
trip has opened our eyes. It has done
incalculable good to them and to -\ib.
Henceforth we will think of them and
they will think of us as brothers,in
stead of having that spirit of rivilry
to which perhaps we have all been a
little bit disposed In the past.
"From "a business viewpoint our ex
cursion will have many important re
sults. Men from the south will know
henceforth whom to go to see .when
they come to San Francisco on busi
ness. "-~
"And weren't they delighted to see
us? Tou know, every man in this
party represents a big business. .There
are no employes here. The south ap
preciates this fact and is grateful 'for
our visit.
"The future is not for Los Angeles
or San Francisco. It is for the, whole
of California and It. is the duty of all
California businessmen to work .to
gether for It. ,
; "Let me tell' you that ones of these
days — *md It isn't far away —
California will have a population of
ten millions."
All the other members of the party
spoke In a strain of simtlar optimism
and enthusiasm. AU were impressed
Official Inquiry Ordered to De»
termine Cause of Premature
Blast on Isthmus
• COLON. Dec. 13.— The explosion yes
terday at Bas Obispo was the most
serious accident in connection with the
building -of ;-. the Panama canal* since
the Ignited -States "tookr control. A
tbirpiUgiv investigation ; ; has -been or
dered^ and/already^offlclals are* taking
*¥viffence, "endeavoring 5 to ascertain .the
_.£au&e,Jjt the.-premature discharge. . -\u25a0 -.-.-
""For" a "space of 800 fee£ iii length and
400 feet in width the Bas Obispo cut
presents a graphic picture of the ter
rible, effects of the explosion. ! The
whole - hillside has been devastated,
the dynamite rending the earth and
tossing- boulders in all directions.
A 90 ton steam shovel lies a complete
wreck. ...crushed ."under, the weight of
falling rock. Every one of the crew
was killed. AIT the tracks in this sec
tion were torn to pieces and are now
covered with tons of debris.
. A long time will be necessary -to
take 'away the great heaps of earth
and rocks in the search for the burled
dead. Hundreds of men were on the
scene working heroically to find the
bodies of their dead comrades. Many
evidences of the terrible force were
seen, as here and there pieces of flesh
and bone are turned over with pick or
The charge consisted of 51 holes. 6o
feet deep and spread out over a large
section of territory. The last hole was
being charged .by John *J. -Reidy, an
experienced" powdertnan, when It ex
Three Americans Killed
i WASHINGTON; Dec. 13. — Fourteen
are known to be dead, three of them
Americans, and 50 injured as a, result
of the premature explosion of 21 tons
of dynamite at Bas Obispo in the Pana
ma canal zone' yesterday, laccordJhg-'to
an official dispatch received today .'from
Chief Engineer Goethals^ ,The- Ameri
cans killed were:
James L. Hummer, carman, steam shovel
Dnimellen, N*. jr.. .. \u25a0-. \u0084 • ..-. - •'\u25a0'..', *
John 3. Corp, steam gborel engineer, Phillips-
John J. Reidy, powder man,- Indianapolis,^lnd
Seriously" vronnded— Benjamin H. Cole, fore
man, liochester, N. Y. '.'.'- \u25a0 .•\u25a0 \u25a0'\u0084'' \u25a0\u25a0.-\u25a0':
Sliffhtly ironnded^Arthur H. .KassctV. fore
raan. Philadelphia: W. G. Bell, foreman •' New
York- city; C. . -W. Haydcn, steam sliorel engi
neer, Sandusky, O.
Predict Canal Failure
PARIS, "Dec. 13.— rSlnce the accident
to the Gatun dam, part of which re
cently sank, the French critics, who
disagree with the American plan for
the construction of the Panama canal;
have been actively predicting its com
plete failure./ : '
The Figaro declares 'that the fatal
mistake on the part of the American
engineers when they,. adopted-. the- lock
canal project, whose- author," the. Figa.ro
Bays, J was Godinde^'X.epinay;* was '.the
substitution "of dams- at " Rio Grande
and Gatun' for L.epinay.'s'plan -lor dams
at Miraflores and h -JBohio, : whe^e ftYie
foundations were demonstrated to" be
solid. : \u25a0-\u25a0'-;-•->
Expects to ; Be Able to Leave
Redding for Sacramento
; ' Next ; Wednesday
. REDDING. Dec.' 13.-rGovernor Gil
lett was strong enough today to sit
up for an hour, and a 'half. For the
first time since he was '- taken \u25a0: ill here
a week ago heiwas- permitted to see : a
few visitors. 'X^Bfiaßlllf' ff M|MPHßWwdMMWi
The governor's condition is improv
ing rapidly,' but he^will require ,; com
parative quiet' for -a* few days*- accord-"
ing to his physician. , His : digestive
organs are- still-, considerably,-' inflamtid
and^ it probably, 1 will be a week or ten
days before he can safely -. eat- solid
food. ..:-\u25a0; :\u25a0: \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 ; \u25a0" \u25a0•' " - --\u25a0 \u25a0 .:. ~\ \u0084\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0
Governor.- GUlett was Jn - good -spirits
today and expressed the^hope that he
wou ld : be able to leave f ori Sacramento
Wednesday. -\u25a0\u25a0'?„ >-\u25a0'-.\u25a0'. :v-;V' V' -; ••'.-.-\u25a0.• - \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0/
•COUNCIL "BLUFFS/ Jr., D<»e-13^-Wlth
exhibits' of fruit from?many,rstatcs. 'in
oltidlngr both AtlanUc-andiPflcifloicoasts,*
tlK!=-fli st. nationalfhorUculturalf congress
willi b^slnl-ini: thl«Ecity; tqmorrow.^Thc
pxhibits'fYom -' Washington,'^UlahiYand
Idaho arc particularly. larsre.^j.Silas^Wil-"
*on7'>t*'-M^ho.*will2ijiaJco2: ani addrees^al
the oi>eningr:of- the congress."
b>v the : trip through the valley to/ the
south and, the' return/ along the coast.'
While some were moreVstruck^by,, what
they had seen,at Los; Angeles or' Riv-:
erside, others by r the; wonders tof.^the
Imperial valley and still /others; by: the
oil fields of Santa .Maria, ; there- was
unanimity of praise; 'no ; sentiment": of
pessimism, no : complaint ;;of discomfort
was heard throughout the excursion^or
on ; the ' arrival of the "party I here.' The.re
was nothing .to> justify, any -word > but
the word- of praise' and ?kindness: •
. For ,a moment yesterday; Dr. "Ru
pert Blue, who made one of f the party,
thought that his "professional : services
would be required, not as" a; rat exter
minator, but as a surgeon; ". ;V^ -\u25a0
> Returning from. a visit to the, Santa
Maria oil fields,' an automobile carry
ing four citizens of .Santa! Maria, bore
down upon the \u25a0car.ln which Dr. Blue
was riding with' Charles M. ; Elliott, .the
genial' lumberman. To avoid imminent
collision the ; speeders threw ' the/car
around so suddenly that; It skidded and
overturned; spilling, the, four occupants
into the 'road. Dr. Blue, rushed to' their
assistance, but by sheer good luck they,
escaped injury. • ; .. '
The- excursionists arrived at Guada
lupe, Santa Barbara county, yesterday
morning. They'were, met.by adelega
tion from j the . chamber of commerce of
Santa Mariaandi conveyed through the
sugar beet 'country,! to Santa Maria. .
"; Forty-six, automobiles had been pro
vided for the 1 5 mile - ride to the "oil
fields in the foothills. After the local
men had. examined the "; Palmer gusher
and other properties, they -were: con
ducted to the crest of ; a hill where a
barbecue had been .The
guests fell to with. .Tteen appetites
while Gavin McNab.one of the favorite
spellbinders of ; .the party, returned
thanks to Santa Maria for its hospltal-
When the party returned and before
it left for .the, north on the special
train, little girls went about present
ing to each member of the party a
bunch of violets*.
"These violets," said one business
man who mixes a little; sentiment with
business, "typify our whole trip. It
has been" fragrant with hospitality arid
good will." '," , , */
Armada Drops Anchor id Harbor
of Colombo After Good Trip
From Manila
•'; \u25a0\u25a0•.\u25a0-\u25a0•:\u25a0\u25a0•- \u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0<:\u25a0\u25a0'., i- i !>\u25a0•<\u25a0:\u25a0, -,:%;
COLOMBO, Ceyl6n;- * Dec. 1 3.' — Tlie
United States, battleship fleet was anx
iously awaited here by, a great . gather
ing of Europeans and^nativeii" !<ot^C!d
lorhbb. v The.- fleet, whfch) Svaai sighted"
at 7 o'clock*' this '• morning, approached
slowjy ih',sin*gle/|lle. ''ThG'flagship'Cgn
h'ecticut; " with Rear Admiral;" Sperry
aboard,; entered; the liarb6r ; r at",9 o'clock,
the others following at short intervals.
The fleet -left Manila -December, 1; and
passed, Singapore' six days- later. ;y The
voyage was uneventful, the weather be-*
Ing fine throughout and/ the .battleships
proceeding at about 10 knots" an. hour.
The. health of the crews is. excellent
with the exception of one case of small
pox onthe Georgia. The smallpox vie-;
tim is seriously, ill and all ; of ,the, Geo
rgia's crew have been- vaccinated. '
This is one of the most difficult har
bors the fleet has yet entered,' but all
the- battleships .were /berthed /without
incident, and perfect maneuvering -; of
the vessels occasioned admiration.-Coal
ing will begin immediately. .During: the
period the fleet; will remain here /the
officers and men will be entertained^ex
tensively. - The- official -reception:; will
take place tomorrow,, and' after /that
every hour" of leisure will, be fullyocV
cupied in enjoying the excursions and
festivities, which, have ;boen arranged.-'
Qeheral Firmin Urges People
to . Support the Liberal
< PORT >! AU PRINCE,! Dec:; 13.— The
steamships '.Virginia .with 116 exiles ion
board,-, including ..P'irmin.'Var-"
rived here -.today. .^General ;Flrmin ; was
welcomed lsy -, rfepre'sentatives , of General
Simon-; and srode? (o ( they palace in the
presidentjal carrjage. : : . \u0084?;
\u25a0'There the distinguished revolutionist*
told j General ' Simon ; that; heQhad , sur-'
rendered all' ambition? for. political
erment."'/ He r; listd ." twice ;, attempted;-, to
rid :his country T of;the despotic tyranny
exercised. ": over /4t- -by,' Nord"- Alexis; : Jie
sald,Vandi"h&d : -f allied. i; andyit was only
natural ; that'-; General : - Simon, 2 ; who '•: had
succeeded *. in : this \u25a0''same, effort, ; should
be" rewarded. '\u25a0\u25a0 "?'- ' \u25a0 \u25a0'\u25a0:/. ':'\u25a0 :\'.l.',> •-.'\u25a0: >--?...t*\'iJ
• . He'urged'all -Haitiens/tojrally to :the
support of the liberal; governments and
predicted-, that 1 General -.Simon:<.would
lift ..'the - •country-^ to "\u25a0' prosperity Si and
power by achievements of ? peace -i and
labor. -\u25a0 : • ' ,
V ST. LOUIS, Dec. 13.— Mrs.i:Charles
Clark,; wife of ? Charles Clark, the : mil-;
lionaire% owner, of '\u25a0 -the '^Granite =-'Moun-"
,tain- silver mine; died'^ today 'apA the /re
sult of ; 4 an"; operation ;. following? a;: long
iilkiess." She .was-; 69 -years'- oldtind had
'long:; held a prominent > place! ln, 'St. 1
Louis ' society.- ''iffflflßHmSF' ti* :
Formula AY It one <luit-k Action Surprises
Expert ; DootorM
- - Tlie Increased use; of
back ; and 1 rheumatism^isScausing^con-
siderable : discussionr amonglthe ; . medical
fraternity.'.. It ? is :v ana almostS. infallible
cure .when r mixed iwlthi certain! other iln^
gTedients ; and;takeh'properly.^ The: fol-
lowingll^;the;formuja:g, H •> ,>!-; 'rf
>;."To one-Half pint* of good .whisky add
one ounce vof : Torls' compound sand;! one
ounce '/ syrnp**;Sarsa'pa'rllla^ compound;
Take in ; tablespoonful ; doses \u25a0 beforeleach
meal and" before? retiring.
,'; : ; It is surely worth?trying>byany one
who imay -be^afflicted.": c?; \u0084-.': '\u25a0\u25a0':''\u25a0-.- L:l'-~-'<]:j,
* "\u25a0 Not \ only/ will* this f formula- promptly;
relieve the muscular^pains.^but^it^ also
makes :oneiOf; the: mosti'effectiyei system
builders % known % to '{. the 1 * profession?, It
will f increase \u25a0 the;-" appetite if and?? if |use
is;; continued :{will| restore « fulls physical
vigor to^airpersonslbf ifailirig^strengrth; 1
'4 The tToris:- compound''? in connection
with . 'j the pother.: ingredients ihas|suchla
decidedvaction* iny purifying,?, the^blobd
that the goodCresultsfofithisf treatment
can^-be r , felt i after," the); first sfew.Kdoses,"
but ,-lt'i would ; be »;aT serious Smista keg to
discontinue;, until \u25a0' the i healthrTisx-dm-"
pletely recovered." ' ,•• < ,
> ; - : Baggage or Anything '^Else : , :
MoTCtl' anil forwan]«l r aiijwiioiP .. promptly .<: aird
Claudianes Brothers Prosecu
tion in iOaklandrto; Be 'At- \u25a0'.;(:\u25a0
, tended by^Langdoii,
Newburghf anid^Cajhoun to Get
Ballots v \u25a0
: District, Attorney :WUlia'm ;"ll: : Lang<
don'-'and his assistants .will *:be . busy
this .week attending "to /tlie ilvaribus
ifraift^ cases rthat*'^are .ready "ifor^trial?
LangdbnV.wilff appear :. this ; morning.: in
Judge "WftH.l-Waßtfe's. court in" Oakland
to * conduct ri the : ,; prosecution 'o( !r John
and- Petef^ciaudianes,- the , confessed
dynanxiters. *-;.;;;.:: *\u25a0'*<? Xl^'f.
-Adolpli; S.'Xewburghr' associated with
Frank v-J./JMurpliy". 'during • the • early
stages^of; the";Ruef •' trial, t Will be 'tried
500n.'.,;:- liang'doiv will: request ; that -an
early ; date-; be set -for this r'.imp6rtant
•trial;,,-, Ngwburgh'Vwas { indicted f^y. the
grand v jury ;; upon^ 1 \u25a0 thV ' charge Vof \u25a0: at
;temping- to *influerice ; :the;vote v of:John
Martin /f Kelly; ;. \^-y- Ruef • . ' venirenian;
thro ugh .theVassis-taflce V: of "E. A'.vS.
Blake,; the confessed' jury fixer. :;\u25a0! It* was
of :a: similar charge "\u25a0[that -Franki'J.
Murphy , was acquitted --"by- a jury <Sat
urday: night: - ; • * % , t *> "
Patrick..(Calhouri^will >also figure, in
the graftf developments this week, for,
ace or dj n"g_ \ t o> 1& n 'gfi Q ' n ;' -, Cal ho v n ,'w 1 11 1 be
notified' that, his "trial upon, the charge
of bribing.tJohh.'J'.'Fufey'; in the^ trolley
franchise .matter, 'will ibe commenced
as .early >as" possible:: ' ; Calhdun-' is' in
the., east,; andi.itiifi.'-necessary. that he
be' given; one "week's- notice of '.the'be
ginning^of -'hls-trlal. 1-'1 -' ' :" :^ - >: '
IThe;, verdict;: of Vnot guilty" in r the
Murphy case caused much comment Jfes
terday. \u25a0\u25a0-' > ;\u25a0;:" .^v^ :.';:. :: ' r ': ::'".'
The situationMn the jury room.dur
ing the ' deliberations of the : Jur y"was
described-, yesterday.v.with .'much vari
ance by : the; : jurors/; \u0084, \ . '':./:'
/William- FahGy^a^jurbr, said.that.ac
cordingrto; the, first .ballot j seven ineri
stood forjacquittal r and four forconyic
lion., : -.-,It I% _is 'that' the. pien
who,.were .for : acquittal on' the 'flrst
bal lot . were J. R. Leese. • James Ryan.
Williamv Fahejv P. B. Bernard," Fred
erick Heitmeyer, George A. Brown' and
Thomas;Elam. V; . . ;\u25a0 : '
Two more ballots were taken with
the same result. On the fourth bal
lot eight :; voted for acquittal and four
for conviction." -Until the seventh'bal
lot the, situation remained unchanged. 1
On this ballot i the vote was ; nine to
three. On; the tenth ballot the vote
stood ten to two for acquittal., John
H. Curley then voted for acquittal and
tho sole ; man ; for,; conviction was -Wil
liam ;A. Tyrell. On the twelfth" ballot
Tyrell [joined the majority, after^ the
court's instructions had been' reread.
Special Features Will Be In-
troduced at Regular /Social
Tomorrow -NigKt
.: The original Gaelic dancingiclub .has
arrangedj/aj' special p'rogram*-of^lrish
Jniisic, iVqng-" and'T'dlnce" to : bej,glven in
con junetloniWith|iVs Vegular;social ; next
Tuesday. r ,eveningi at vfPuckiejti's? hall,
Church * street .and \u25a0 Market. ; "Cele
brated Irish dancers, including .W. B.
AVhelan, .the second 1 :'/ clog, "i dancer
in the r world, avlio defeated '24 'competi
tors in an open contest, invfingiand,- and
local dancers and performers will bo on
the program and special flrishlmusic will
be furnished by the Gaelic "players dub
under, the direction of; Prof. VWVMcMa
hon. Professor Cummlngs will -render
selections on the \u25a0 bagpipes." t- The club
will repeat 'the ; Gaelic. balLfand'i indoor
meet'; that was given Octobers 29 : last
adding several new. features. Thisiaf
fair will be given at; the Auditorium
Thursday evening, February IS.
};.t RENO, " XeV.. Dec^ 1 3.— Clarence H.
Mackay has presented to .T. ; V. : Comer
ford,/'.principal of the Virginia City
schoolsj^;s7so to aid; in the equipment
of ; the high school physical and chemi
cal r laboratory. Mackay 1 haa' a tender
spot, in his heart for Virginia City,:: as
it was the home of his fathers-triu
mphs./ J
.. CHICAGO, , Dec. 1 3:— Phel ps B. : Hoy t;
secretary: and f treasurer : of the --. W.'V M.
Hoyt-company,/:who- was injured 'in an
automobile ' last night, died
tonight- from'his injuries.
Called : by _ ; ' ;\, \u0084 '". \ ,.."'' mi...... ' ;,,.'; ,,.' Department ' " ' " — _______LExtended K^ -
; Entered" by.;"'.'" ; ' \\u25a0 \ ; '..,:,; — • '\u25a0 Turw»t™n F^wminftj hj . - •• ' • •
r CHE ™ ;*' . • W** ll ? ','. \: .y '\u25a0'.':. \u25a0'\u25a0'."\u25a0 '\u25a0\u25a0..- : -j" - DESCRIPTKSK . PRICE . t - EITEMSIOM i
. ; STOCK TAKING MADE iEASY : Mh7 " i :. TV:"^" ~ " " ""
\u25a0 Simplify Your Methods !! Economize. ! I'"" T "~~"" —— «
— — V : - \u25a0"\u25a0\u25a0'.' ~ ' \u25a0,: ';- * ' Your Work!;! \u25a0' •— [ '"; .:; 1— ---__... 9
~~~ T ~ . "" Inventory Blank ' tjjo. 421 1 v -r —
:.;.-\.. r:-- «*'\u25a0 '-\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 ;. "- : \u25a0 :\u25a0 • ' 10 ° "slieets to Pad. Per Pad 75c ' ' ~- —^- —— — ; - l_l L «_ .
v", ''\u25a0-.'" :\u25a0",. holding sheets. Each;. $1:20- */ " ""^T "" " ~ ™^T "™" ~— — - — — \u25a0 \u25a0 — **
. . '._ . ".. .... .-. ,_.., .. , _. mmmmm . • No;>2 : : -"Automatic Lock-^ Binder; full : canvas, — — • mmmm _. _; __, "• \u25a0 ___ .". '.. -
'" c 12x9/^, fo? binding^ coiTfpleYed;. : _im'ento^?"s2]ooV'; ; : """""".
: 'r: ;:^'-l\ - v-\v ; '* ' . \u25a0 ' •\u25a0".'•:\u25a0', TT 1 is now in.geheral use : by , .• "TTT T"r — - -7— -i —- — —
'\u25a0'- ;y '\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0'\u25a0 - \u25a0'\u25a0:'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0-..- v-.'-:- \u25a0 |;Yrnercantile^h^
' I;. - :'-\u25a0\u25a0[; ;-':, '\u25a0 - * 6f;the^heete|^rovides]thefsimplest and "^7 -.. . \u25a0 "~~" ™" — \u25a0—\u25a0 — — — — -—— _ " - "
; ; ;. " | l - i ; , . most
\u25a0— '. "',''\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 ' ,".'.' ., \u25a0\u25a0.., "— " \u25a0•;.• AsTsbbn'asaVsheet (oneqr more) ; has been V — . ' ' • ; '"\u25a0 \u25a0 -
- ' v ' -.';,-j filled,;it^san;be ? returried» to* the office 'for^ * """"""\u25a0 .. """" ""* — ~ — — •
-' - '-\u25a0'\u25a0 \u25a0"- '\u25a0-'\u25a0' ' \u25a0 ' .:\u25a0\u25a0 pricing and extensions. The -loose sheets In 'b 1 B
Ia: - ' . " arel held "temporarily i iii :'our No/2'SAFETY "™" """ """"" ~"~ ~~-— ~ — -————- J_ _.. /' "' '
*'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0- HOLpEßiV'AWhVnJnventqry'is^fihishediit . - ! . ..: :"'. : . \
.".' " "",' r-^ is-boimd-permahVriUy inour No. r 2AUTQ- "- -'-'-"' | . •
:\ ; •MATIC f ;LOCKrBINDER. • I . ;._" "" T— " -— --- - — -
r-^— Schwabachei>frey Stationery Co. ;: : H~^~~~ ~U~"~o ~
.. • "•'-', . -Manufactttriog and Stationers ] \ ?""?" :\u25a0;•.';" T^ ]
- Salesrooms - - . - • : ".- T Plant """""" - 1 • . \u25a0 - "~~~ ~ — —r-r— — — -—— J. _», ___
\u25a0.*-.-: ~ \u25a0 • •.- \u25a0- ' ; \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 :-:-.7--;-- ':•;-.. Tf-.:i. •. .-.:::,--\u25a0 ; •-\u25a0 ' ' ".. \u25a0 L \u25a0 • •\u25a0 -\u25a0 .... ' '
Police Investigate Actions of
> 'MiaeJ, ..'Maria , Malard, a :\;::: \; ::
Rags Soaked With Kerosene
; *y AndiOther Suspicious
; V: *<; VCircumstancesi
\u25a0 A mysterious fire broke out.-in.a.flat
at^23l3^californla'jstrcet^ about. 5:30
o'clock iyesterbayj- .morning po
lice s.aTej; investigating -jthei actions '/of
Mme: 'Maria ! : Malard, •; a \ dress
and^'several" of \u25a0*\u25a0 her "companions^ have
been ; atv police
headquarters -this ;morning and .explain
many 'circumstances. ; . •' . / '• . ;
vuTheiflnding.'.ofifags' soaked -in .kerot!
senej'byyiremenp whenj'.they;. forced . an
entrance? to 'the fsus-'
;Picion; : >and • ahl.investigatibn^wasijbe
:guri.-V^..,TheVoccuparitsiwereVabsent at
;.theHifrie*of ; the- flre,^ but'Mjme. \u25a0 Malard,
'a'c'compa'nled^ by, " h'erVdaughter;^ iJquiiar
»i r S?jl n(J t wo ' friends, • Gaston I Clement
arid .Ferdinand Mas Son," were. taken into
custody when - they : returned to : the
house- at: 6:306 :30/ o'clock ; last evening./^ > :i;.! - ;
..Thef prisoners, 'were - taken -to police
headquarters, f where :J they "were ques
; tio.ned: by ' Detectives: Edward AVren* and
;Timothy; a Riordan, and \u25a0 Fire v Marshal
Charles ..Towe.!;,; When -the ; woman c was
searched ; fire ;insurance>policies,,aggre
gating i, JISiSOO- in "various companies,
withTother? private . papers,' were :, found
oh her \u25a0person. ;r AH of , the.Volicies had
.been, secured^wi thin. 'a'sKort time past.
There Avasalsb an itemized; list iof r val
uable'stock supposed. to be in the apartr
ment, although-.the.flreraen^claimlthat
there -was;' nothing, there at >he. time
of the fire except -a" few • hats on pedes
tals: and other 'artlclesjof little value.
The woman' said that she had' left the
house 7yesterday,>at.'4 1 . o'clock visit
friends ?at;'Sausallto, \u25a0 and'ihad, not been
home- until last evening;. . | She said I that
she .had secured the policies through the
assistance, of: Paul .Bergerot, president
of ; the French "bank.'-* She" was asked
.how it Lwas ; that she [yvsfs carrying the
valuable papers with'. her,' and replied
that Bergerot had advised her To do so.
could not be seen last night,
but his son said that he didnot believe
his father, had advised the woman in
any way. ',
The woman and her companions were
allowed to go to ;their home last.even
ing. on condition that they. 'would ap
pear at' police headquarters this morn
ing and explain the circumstances sur
rounding the fire. ;
Detectives Say Evidence Will
WaVrantChargetbf Murder *
Against Wilson
' Preparations -for the coroner's Vn
quest' fnt.6 tlie' death of Henry Boas by
poisoning: were .-made.;, yesterday \u25a0 by
Chief Deputy Kennedy. Su6penas were
issued for C hief -of "Police \ Haley and
other residents'; of San Jose.
Although 'the local police were' un
able to tlirow any additional- light on
the -matter yesterday, Captain Kelly
feels \u25a0:- confident that enough evidence
hiis-i already been secured to warrant
the charging of J.. Walter Wilson with
murder. ; ,
\u25a0 -The proprietor of the hotel at which
Wilson .formerly lived said yesterday
that ; at . one" time the I suspect had posed
as J a : ; detective, .and often- brought ' a
woman \,to .the i house /on the pretext
that; she/was working/with him on a
case. , According to this person Wilson
left Uthe house rin - the : middle of the
night .\u25a0"... without settling, his . bill. : but
later sent 1 , a >note saying he would call
<Jnd \ settle \u25a0 his indebtedness. The names
of "several , of the' suspect's associates
have been learned rand these people
will> be ? questioned by ;the police today
-'- The/German American • league,
through; Its,:. committee on \u25a0. education
will, act as host? at- a" Christmas cele
bration to.be given: on December' 19 In
honor of the 150 (Children now studying
German in the'grammar : schools of the
city. V. The festival will be held in Oak
woodi hall in- Devisadero street, '": near
Sutter. -
Pile* Cur*d in « to 14 l)n>« . •
\~ Pazo Olotuiont ils guaranteed ! to "cure "any rase
of litchiiiK,'. Blind. .Weeding or Protruding Piles
In 0 ti» 14- days;; or money; refunded, ,50c. \u25a0\u25a0 •
L-, One/, London .hotel has had -.6,600
American* guests since March, with an
average bill: of $250."
Plan to Fight "Dodie" Valen-
cia • s Claim to ' \u25a0 Sharejin
'. v - \u25a0.- •• \u25a0--*\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0• --. - .'.'
- \ J, - : "' \u25a0 5 - \u25a0- -. \u25a0 , .\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 UJ^rVv-
Mother and Brother *of Dead
; Millionaire] Arrive From i
: London to Attend Case
t Mrs. Veronica. -Baird, mother of *jth_e
lite "i David {-Jennings r Balrd.', and -' her
eldest surviving son,,' Miles. Baifd," ar
rived;last night" from -London and .took"
apartments \u25a0-.-'< a t^ the .t Fairmont .hoteK'
They were ;in : the -British capital! when
the . news' of -David's death was /cabled
and hurrled'to^.thls 4 city r to attend the
burial;, service ;and*to fight; the 'contest
against, "Balrd's"' estate already begun
by-Lydia ; ._r M. L Valencia, mother, .and
'guardian'of th'el2 year old; child, David
Jennings Baird "Jr.," f reputed son of ' the
late \u25a0'millionaire." o, •..- -.- ' " '\u25a0'•''\u25a0
yJJohnfi S. .Partridge, attorney \u0084forV the.
estate, on instructions from'Mrs.*Baird,
has rtaken; charge- of the case
arid "will -any •_ claim- put; for
\u25a0ward I by; Miss either.' for her
self >6r for Balrd's "child."
• Miss -Valencia ': secured letters of
guardianship over the child last Thurs
day morning. The contest on the In
fant's behalf will -begin- this morning.
Timothy ..Lyons "represents • the child
andjitsrnother. '
Miles BaiVd arrived just in time* to at
tend ' the i preliminary skirmish ;in ' the
courts this morning. - He said last night
that'he^wasrunfamlliar'with the. exact
conditions of the affair,- not ; having had
time, in his hurried Journey over "the
ocean ; and across the continent to ob
tain~,sufncient information to' warrant
a statemerit. .
Seven Are Now\ in Use in City
and Society Will Build
Four More
Two of the drinking troughs for
horses which the San Francisco Society
for the Prevention of Cruelty to Ani
mals Is; erecting in various parts of
the city were placed in commission
Saturday, one at Eighth and Bryant
streets and the other on the San Bruno
road near the Six Mile house.
A ; number of temporary troughs
erected soon after the earthquake on
the suggestion of George Renner of
the" Draymen's' association proved so
useful that- the society decided to con
tinue this work permanently.
There are seven troughs in use in the
city'and' four-more will be built. The
troughs will be erected in those parts
of;the city where heavy teaming makes
them moat required. The troughs will
be ; maintained until f such time as they
cari.be replaced with ornamental foun
tains. The Draymen's association will
co-operate with the society in this
An ..; effort was .made to have .the
Spring valley water company furnish
the water for the troughs free, but
this failed. It has therefore been de
cided'to pay for the water from funds
bequeathed .to the society by Mrs.
Rosalie -.Colombat. • - . ,-
Committee of Bankers' Associa-
tion and State Legislative
Committee to Confer
The legislative committee of the Cali
fornia bankers' association, which was
appointed at the bankers' convention
last May to confer with the state legis
lating committee In '\u25a0 reference to pro
posed changes ' in the banking laws of
the state,' will meet in the 'rooms of the
association.: California and Montgomery
streets, this morning. "* ~
. , The meeting, is to be the last held by
the 'committee * before the convening of
the} legislature next- January. Tuesday
morningrthe ;committee will meet: with
the \u25a0 legislative committee and confer
in. 1 regard: to Mhe proposed new laws.
The main subject that will be gone over
by/ the .Joint r. committee ' will be the
clause, referring, to the, appointment of
a superintendent: of. banks, to. take the
place of ; the present board of bank com
miss ione rs.*«B£gSkMS3iHHßttH
' TOKYO.' Dec. 13.— At a 'dinner! given
today to the: neWJapanese minister to
Chile.^it .was announced that the Toyo
Kisen ;steamship;company will start- a
new,- line: of;, steamers': between Japan
and South/ America commencing Janu
ary 1. with three streamers % on, a. regu
lar schedule.* ; ~
. During Month of December
These rolls are all new and gitar-
Stelnway Pianos-Victor Talking Machines
Broadway at 1 3th, Oakland
25 His Stigrar (pure ca.ne> $0.»0
23 lbs Potatoes (be5t). . . . .tT.Ti... .......1:*.; :.Bft
; 2 qtB Cranberries or 2 pt<i Minoe Meat.- .2i
3 pt^rs Seeded Raisins or ~ pkßs Corrants.. .25
lib Citron or 2 lbs ETaporated Apples.... .25 .
2 lbs Tea (an/ flavor) or 3 lbs Best Coff»e. 1.00
\u25a01 pt Flaroring Extract «r 2 lbs* Besrt ColTe* .75
Trans Ilisbland Milk (tbe best), rrtr. loc. .60
2 lbs Table Raisins or 3 lbs Golden Dates.. .30
2 lbs Mixed Nut*. Walnuts or Almonds 35
Ilb can Plum Pudding or 8 lb-* Fancy Figs .23
1 large ' Jar Strawberry Jam 25
Total for all. unchanged $3.00
No." ll tins Oysterc. 3 for 25
Genuine French Castile Soap • .25
4 glasses Jelly f0r. . .~. . . ;:. .>..,.»..>. . . . . .25
3 cans Imported Sardines...... 25
Malta Vita Breakfast Must), per p.?.. 05
6 cans Tomato Soup 25
25 lb boxes Prunes, per box. _.... 1.00
No. 1 size Spanlsa-Amerlcan Pork and
Beans, per dor... .'. 95
Hire's Root Beer (Extract). 2 bottles, for.. .25
Loose Muscatel Raisins, 3 lb« for 25
Trunks and Suit cases marked at cost.
; A full line of Cook Stoves and Heaters at
manufacturer's cost. :
Home Circle Cnsh Store, Successor <9
' Telephone Kearny 1036
Wholesale .Mall Order Rates to Families
Write Us for Prleert Catalog;, S«ren 1-3
Please A»k for Complete Catalog
Foj All Departments
Apply Superintendent's Office
'-« /~\ T** T'^ T"^ T '^
Schillings Best is the
name that returns your
money if you 'don't like it.
Your grocer returns your raoney U yon don't
like Schilling's Best: we pay him.
W.T. HESS, Notary Public
ROOM 1112 CAI.I* BL.D4;.
At residence, 1460 Pagre St.. between 7
p.;m. and S p. m. Residence telephone.
Park; 2797.

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