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Venezuelan Coast Guard Vessel
'- Alix Captured Under Guns
of Fort
Crew Sent Ashore and Fighting
Craft Tows Prize to
HHBI Willemstadt
The Netherlands Government
'Declares Act Is Reprisal
| % Against Little Dictator
• \u25a0 i WILLEMSTADT. Curacao, Dec. IS.—
= *The Dutch cruiser Gelderland e l ame
lpto this port this morning: towing the
. Venezuelan coast guard ship Alix with
•***« .Dutch flag flying: and a Dutch crew
' ok. board. The Gelderland captured
\u25a0Jthe Alix off Puerto Cabello Saturday.
\u25a0AX that time the Alix was lying close
"Jrr^ore, a.nd notwithstanding the
'""*/: roat which > the Venezuelan govern -
Sricnt had njade to fire upon any of the
.•Xttitch warships committing: a hostile
Bcf, the Gelderland steamed at full
• fcpeed toward. the mocred ship and sent
••en -officer and guard in a launch to
seize" her. This they did without re
. and no shots canie from the
;jorts on land.
tr.VfvEs prize away
.vC-'The crew of the Attar was put ashore
:|Bnd the Dutch officers and marines re
/ftalned on board-, the Oelderland finally
i&\iin^: the Alix in low and steaming
• {if-ajr with her prize,
. -.-THe seizure of the Alix was in ac
cordance with the plans of the Hol
la,n<3 government when instructions
'trere' issued to the three Dutch war
:iphips- now in these water,*; to make a
demonstration off the coast of Yen
; eimela.aud toVcapture any Venezuelan
...chips of war or guard vessel that they
omig-ht :ind. The arrival of the Gelder
j.Jartd at Willemstadt this morning was
"..\u25a0grceted with unbounded enthusiasm by
• • tli'o.se-* who noticed th- cruiser approach,
• feji'd. .'soon the entire population were
\u25a0 iidr\A..-u> the water's edge to welcome
.-.\u25a0;^ie-:." "return of the Gelderland, towing
" tin* 'first -of the enemy's ships, as
=tji6p"jjh from a great conquest.
• • -JC&turally the people of Curacao, who
-•Jiaj.ic! e]ieet» long clamoring for activity
on the part of the tmtch government,
'.Are., greatly rejoiced over this evidence
I'that Holland has at last began active
:. measures against Venezuela, but the
I povevn^r of Curacao discussed the in
cJdeni as follows:
• # VTlie capture by. our warships of
coast guard and -war vessels is not to
• fee considered an unfriendly act against
tlie Venezuelans. It is merely a re
prisal against Castro's government,
whicli tends to give satisfaction for
' Jiis "a'nfricndly acts toward Holland.
The seizure of these vessels will
. fcnake It impossible for th© Venezuelan
government to carry troops or am
munition to and from.the various ports.
A communication to this effect has
been forwarded by the Dutch govern
ment to the German minister at
It Is learned from the officers of the
-Gelderland that the battleship Jacob
Van Heemskerk and the cruiser Fries
land are now off La Guaira and that
further captures may be expected at
fcny time.
These -two vessels left here on Fri
day, cleared for action, and it was be
lieved at that time that the intention
to make a forcible demonstration
«v La Guaira. The opinion is held here
that" the* Venezuelan government, -In
the absence of President Castro, will
not go no far as to fire npon the Dutch
\u25a0warships, which, in view of the fact
that "Venezuela is practically without
« navy, hold ihe Venezuelan ports at
th^ir. mercy.
The naval force of Venezuela con
sists of ,10 vessels. Of these three, the
Jiolivar, Miranda and Maragaiita, are
eun boats. The others, with the ex
ception of "the Restaurador, which was
formerly the steam yacht Atalanta, arc
Jiardly worthy of mention. They are
Siothing more than armed tugs. There
Js a 12 pound gun on the Restaurador,
tout aside from this there Is no gun in
the fleet lugger than a six pounder.
The Venezuelan forts, however, mount
t-i'iiie modern six inch Krupp guns.
Castro Leaves Paris
PARIS. Dec 13. — President Castro of
Venezuela and his party left here to
day for Cologne, where a consultation
of phyeidans will be held to determine
upon the advisability of an operation
on the president. If an operation Is
found necessary Dr. Israel probably
i>vill perform it at Berlin.
On the train today Castro said that
»s he was leaving France ho felt at
liberty to speak freely. The interview,
•while guarded, fully confirms the rep
resentations made by Castro at San
tandcr to the effect that he wanted to
_#st;ttle Venezuela's diplomatic difficul
ties, and so far as France is concerned,
Jiad already made the first steps in
that direction. He said, however, that
everything for the moment must be
subordinated to the restoration of his
While avoiding a direct question as
to what he expected to do toward set
tling Venezuela's foreign quarrels, he
xnade it clear that the resumption of
diplomatic relations with France de
pended entirely upon the settlement of
the French cable company, controversy.
"It Is incontestable," he" said,, "that
the* French cable company was against
my government in the Matos revolu
tl is specifically denied that Castro
offered a basis o.f settlement to the
government while here. A member of
his suite, however, declared that the
president's personal representative
called upon Foreign. Minister Pichon;
pointing out that this might prove' Jo
be an entering wedge for future
Interest in Washington
WASHINGTON, Dec. IS.— Great in
terest attaches to The Netherlands gov
ernment's next move , In which It ap
parently intends to force matters to' an
For some time there was- talkjjof sa
blockade, but such a proposition might
cause Holland to come in conflict with
GcTwiany, England and other, powers
for/Tthe claims against Venezuela, the
payments of which are pending.
The state department*s,^attitude has
been to let " Venezuela disturbances
\u25a0work themselves , out gradually, ob{
•serving strict ; neutrality there .unless
,ttic commerce or other Interests of this
fcountry are interfered witn. \u25a0 flPf
Taxicabs Filled With Pretty
Girls in New Year's Eve-Parade
Modern Carriages Will Be Oper=
ated in Opposition Jo the-
Cab Horse !
The taxicab is to make its debut in
San Francisco, with the new year. ; Its
introduction to the ; city, will Ye made
underthe most elaborate circumstances,
It will appear on the streets, of .San
Francisco as part of the carnival pa
rade which will signalize the departure
of the old and. the. entrance of the new
year. Filled with pretty girls, four of
these vehicles* will? glide 'down- Market
street under the blaze of electric: lights,
comprising one of the main features of
the big . celebration in • the downtown
The taxicabs will -be. introduced;' un
der, the auspices of a coterie of finan
ciers and society men who have im
ported the • modern carriages from
France. After they have had their
theatrical entrance into the city the
taxicabs will be relegated- to. the". more
serious and prosaic-business of ; oper
ating in opposition .' to" the. cab; horse.
They are to be features of- the city life
as they .have already become* s part of
the life of Xew York and Paris.
Four taxicabs will be shipped from
New York to this city by express. They
will be grouped into a squadron in the
Xew year's eve -parade and will, sail 1
through the streets piloted -by Clarence
Ward. To Ward has also been ascribed
ilie task of selecting; the young -women
to occupy places in the machines. Ward
is an artist and he has given it out that
he will have the cars filled with the
most beautiful women in this city. The
members of the family club, who are
interested in the enterprise are backing
their representative to arrange this
feature of the parade.
Five beautiful cups, have been se
cured for* the automobile parade. There
will be " a first and" second -prize; for
the best decorated cars, a cup for the
most grotesquely decorated car,, one for
the make that has "the largest number
in line and a special cup for the Chinese
who will be represented in the parade
that night in their own cars.
Celebration in Mission
The death of 190S and the birth of
1909 will be celebrated in. the Mission
district on a most elaborate scale. The
Mission Promotion association has ap
pointed its various committees,' which
are acting in conjunction -with the rep
resentatives of the 'merchants'- -ex
change, and a monster celebration will
be the result.
In the Mission varicolored electric
lights have been strung "across the
principal streets and the different busi
ness houses are decorating their build
ings for the .big. event 'of New Year's
eve. Greens are being Imported and
will form an important part of the
The .general committee in . charge of
the arrangements of the celebration
consists of Dewey Coffin, chairman;
Henry Frohman, Thomas P. Degnan, J.
H. Boyson;. J. G. Gallagher, P. S.Hig
gins, H.W.Lascelle.F.J. Churchill, M.
Jaenicke, C.H. Brown, M. Clark," Wil
liam Scheppler, M. Lachman, Charles
Schubert, G. M. Hickman.S.'J. Lazarus,
Henry Feige, E. S. Fyfe, W. N. Kelly
and T. J. Clancy.
Golden Gate Branch No. 214 of
National Association Holds
Annual Meeting
The following* officers "were chosen
at the' 'annual . of. Golden
Gate branch' -No. 214 ,'ot "\u25a0 t lie 'na
tional association:- of letter -car
riers Friday evening: Thomas Mc-
Keever, president; D. A. Cameron,', vice
president; ; J. -• C. Daly, ; recording .secre
tary; Conrad Trlber,- financial secretary;
William tHanekamp, treasurer:. Thomas
Nixon, collector;-Charles de la Fontaine,
clerk disability association : "M. M.vHoar
sergeant afarms;J.'Gode.TCharlesßey
an and 'A. C. Leider, directors, of Golden
Gate ' branch ; - J. \u25a0» J. -; Morgan,^ James !H/
Fraser, 1 Charles McAuliff c,- James -Welsh'
and. James . Mulhern, v directors » of mu
tual aid association. \u25a0'•\u25a0*, -':*\: -.. • :
.Arrangements for thetw'eritletharini
versary. ball' of. Golden Gate branch's are
being; made and the s affair v willrberheld
January 16^In"Golden'Gate!hall." r •- \u25a0:
The ball committee consists of the fol
lowing: carriers: ; James- J, Murphy, M.J.-
Hoar,: D." 'A^ ! Cameron,"- J. 'J. ; Harkey, "H."
Voss, J. F. O'Connor. C.\A^.Bevan, -W.
H.. Barry,-- J.^ J.^Morgan," William" Ca'peL-
Thomas -- Nixon,". J. P., : Mulhern.v H.- Mc-
Mnllen and G.CI aussen.il JWMUHul<M—g
Graduates : of .Univer-
sity \ViII Gi ve = Inception to
AVelconie Noted ; Educator
Presidents Schurman-. of/ Cornell uni-!
versity .will -be ; guest{of 'h'onor.'at' a re
ception; and lunch .given ".-.by^the '?mem-;
'bers "''of '\u25a0 the' Cornell "club? of
northerns California* .Thursday.';* Decern- 1
ber. : 24, '• at \u25a0•I » o'clock *in * the* afternoon.* 1
The '\u25a0 affair: will cbelheld?inithe£Fairmont
hotel: The invitation" was > s«nt ! to ; Pres
ident: Schurmani by the club, ln;. ! San
Francisco "\u25a0 a ; few da ys < ago -when tit \ was
1 earn ed tb at ;; Schurman -, ii n tended; pay-;
ing\ a visits to I Seattle.' 1 ; : The 'entertain-*
ment. committee 'having -Ithe:* affair! in
charge is - composed \u25a0 of" R.~- B. <Da gprett,
chairman; Lloyd Rally and 'Allen- Mc-
Donald ."
THE SA^ FRk^GISeO €M^L, MQM)A^;; DEGE]VIBER 14, 1908
The upper cut shows cups which. will bej awarded as prizes for "autos
in the carnival, parade. : Below is \ shown a taxicab. Reading * from* left to v •
right the •occupants' are:jMfs/:Fay;Beal, Kenneth^ Beal; Miss \ Coyne,; Rene^
•J. Marx; and; Fay Beal^ .'.;;.'"•-; ''. ' / .' '; : \u0084;.; - ; ; .; . ;.:";,:""-. ' ' ' -;'; '
HsuiPing CHen Has Flarihg^Red
Proclamations Posted ;in ;\J
Chinese District
Chinatown was placarded.' yesterday
with . flaring proclamations *in • red Js
sued at ; the . instance -of 'ConsultGeneral
Hsu: Ping Chen,: in- which fan "appeal* Is
made to the warring : tongs ;^to •' cease
their, : fighting. ,The . proclamation', is
also in, the form; of ; a; warning J and
threat that in case, they ; do' not ,- cease
fighting. their families in I China' will jbe
punished- for the crimes committed; in
this: city. . . ; ' .
These placards .were posted', in all the
conspicuous places and" on allVpromi-/
nent corners of , Chinatown^ All. .'.day
yesterday ; a' crowd; of -Chinese- could be
found standing v in* front Tof ; the obrick
walls reading, and discussing the warn
ing.V The -notices -state 'that -the j ton g
war must stop" immediately; or the-min
ister in. Washington . will; bo notified
of the' conditions ; existing; here, with
the result that; the- families \u25a0• of .o the
members of the warring' tongs* will "be
compelled .to suffer 'for^their.rdecds^ in
this country. ' . : , v "
The police: squad in Chinatown- was.
doubled last, evening lowing _to ;the
uneasiness . displayed "I by . the ', highbind
ers throughout 4 the r day.' ' ; Detective
Sergeant : George 'i; McMahon, r; who" has
charge of the ; squad,; saidCthatihey;ex
pected-to: see the -bloodiest ;battle; ever
fought between .warring; tongs -break
out at any \u25a0 moment' in this i city. V > \u25a0
Will; Arrest Gunmen : .;,\u25a0\u25a0.
; OAKLANb; Dec. 13.-^Ghi ef -° f \u25a0 Pc » l . ice i
Wilson' has 'announced : that»he' : will' ar-^
rest and imprison 'all- members of the
warringr ;, tongs ;; i ]go^about
the -.'streets armed and .keep: them tin
captivity : indefinitely ..unless a peace
treaty.,- is .: : immediately ; made ; between
the two* : societies;; Otherwise; he "'^in
tends-to adopt the .novel' expedient fof
locking' up" all' the 'gun ; fighters, 'thus
forcing - a cessation -of : hostilities. v.The
highbinders willlbe- arrested 'ostensibly
on*- the :". charge ' of *fi carryingiconcealed
weapons andt they .will be * k'e'pt^ in - de
tlnue-until-the-war;is;ended.': W ; ";
: ' ln^"cas'et they] obtain jtheir" releases bY
habeas "corpus >\u25a0 proceedings r they y. will
Immediately be -rearrested ; on:; similar
charges'and again? placed; ih v detinue.v *
'. This" announcementUva^niade'.byV the'
chief • this "\u25a0evening f during .; a. (cpnf ererice
at police r; headquarters "~ *the
chief, :', Captains J~ Petcjrsen,'; Lynch \u25a0< arid
Bock . and . rQpresen'tatives 'iof "the'-.two"
warring I.'1 .' tongsi ; ; . including^ '.<- Gee.~ ;On,
president: of.' the : On» Tick^ society.;^ ; ;.*
\u0084 George, Mahoney, la *» 1 aborer*\was-ar
rested early : yesterday, and
Some (Advice to Youriff Movers. -First
\u25a0 Symptoms of an'Atta^ci^^andL^Hpw . -
.to Guard ; the Disease. >: - ;
. The great fdangeri f rom* crou p|i« ] f Qlly, re-,
altaed . bj most -" mothers of ; young 'child ren.
There are mznj, h'owever^who do not \u25a0 know
that an attack of croup may.be prevented by
proper treatment as toon as . the -first symp-
toma ! appear. .The first indication of an at-
tack of croup ' is 1 boarsenesß. iThe" child? _fc«-
oionms f qnite - hoarse; % this f is " followed I byTf a'
rvagh cooeh that haa sonaething ofa'ine-.
tilic »ound aod ! has ; been , compared to the
crowingV of j a icock. rf I Gi ve * Chamberlai n's
Cough -ilemedy accordiDg .to the printed di-
rectioas with «acri bottle as toon as the child
beobiaes t hoarse, : or ; even ''i after the cnwpy
"oovgb ' appieart,' and | it|will | prevent 'J)£t Tatj
t«ck. .Itm, in huA, » certain cure" for croop,
and •. faas never been "• known \u25a0to rail,' 1 but it «
better j ami .aafer to give "the •: remedy, before
the attack , of croup"-: u^f^^develjraed^lt
tkeu arn^ B-nffering fo^ tb»^ldj»nd_iinxiety
for) ito'p^nmts.i; ; Th^re,^iw' danger J in givj
ing » this • remedy^ freely, ;»\u25a0; it}^contains| to
ophißror other. £ar»tic.3 ; i^lt }u|the^«Umdb7^
aod sole reliance in many thousands of homes
end never diaappbintrthoiMs who depend upon
. iL^.Tbereare^wojmen who took thu remedy
in childhood.* jiow &TJ&& 11*1*?]^^TsTSS^
eh i Wr«^"M>dw iti thesame bnifonn success/
j charged, "with ' malicious i and
I of having; committed'an- assault.- James
Swords,' a' bar tender; alleges , J that "Ma
honey -entered r.his ; -salooni at;,Twenty
\u25a0f ourth and :; Folsom ' streets s* and faf ter
being,^ refused ;" a drink* \u25a0 picked 'up a
slot /machine f and hurled";- ltVat*- him.
Mahoney; then ; went to: the -lunch: coun
ter- and t picking ' up a . plate * smashed! It
on T the head of ithet complainant. "
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• convenience i? and t beauty;' .;<_;; <Jv^"^^/ ' ;" . ;^C*^^^ ; •"/ \u25a0 V* ;V«P^";lOr«pJLO^ \u0084 - Perfume is J always
'; . ,. <>^, '. w -.-'-- \u25a0..||/"-"' : * ' :'-.: '-. '\u25a0':••''\u25a0'-"- " Collar ; ' -Finer -gifts for - men..; -Made .; *.\u25a0\u25a0; ;.\u25a0 , * ' ~, :. :. •; >, -A ; s ' great variety; in -Genuine .
- m^v wSm* '''\u25a0•' '' ' - ' \u25a0\u25a0-?•\u25a0* .-. ' \u25a0 i. a-'ii ._ I > \u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-. \u25a0\u25a0'.\u25a0 .'...*-_'.-." «." " ' i^^T? srJSC
<mm> , In San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles | <an3a>
Pretty Ruth Hall of; Skylands
Crushedxto Death byJ San
Jose Streetcar
- •\u25a0-;\u25a0\u25a0'.\u25a0\u25a0 "• \u25a0 ' ' '-" . '\u25a0 :\u25a0 '
Tragic Ending of a Young
Girl's Christmas Shopping
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
• SAN JOSE, Dee. % 1 S^^^PickuVg- her
way across the street with her- arms
fuil. of Cliristmas toys purchased , : in
a .shoppirig'tour- of San Jose last.even
ing, pretty; Paitlf Hall - was 'by
an inbound .Santa ; : Clara. car and
dragged to dea^h '] in. the • f ender , uhder
rieath'the".vehicle. '
;oMis'sf Hall's ; S^ year, old nephew,^Hos
kin i Shairi, Jwas 'with her. at ; the 'time of
tlie; accident/ . -; .- . *; .
: The . motorman , of -the ear, A. ; C. Mc-
Millari) :? -,was* arrested j and '• a -charge of
manslaughterrplaced against him. -Later
he),was^released ? ;on ;s2^oo-^bail^as; se
curity, for, liis presence in the.police court
Monday •afternoon] for; arraignment. ; j
;It k was '[ reported ' to . the -police - today
by one: of the 'witnesses '.to , : the?acci7
dent ° that \u25a0 the'^car; which 'struck; fc the
youngjlady; did i not: cafrry, a >hea'dligHt :
The» management: of v- the ; company.% the
motorman* and" the; conductor^- in /charge
of ; the ;J car Tin question claim that it
.was <~ lighted.;;^ v; ' ,;'. '_}.': ' :\: \ J
':k;: k ; Corone'rVKeil i and th c \u25a0 police: a re f con -
ducUhg : an|inyestigati6h; of -the r affair,
andl;an : ; inquest will be iheld Monday
"evening. , : ; / V' ;
>g:Miss:Hall,rWho -was 15 years; of , age^
was Uhe daughter -of ' Mrs. ; Lizzie ; Hall
of i' Sky lands.v Santas Cruz ; : county, "and
of \the;" lateVJudge^Seth'Paln'e.Hall of
San- S Francisco. . .; ."" :.
-•W Henry « Engels of . San Francisco, an
uncle tof I .the j unfortunate i young : lady,
was In: San Jose! today investigating his
niece's i death and ' arranging .*'f dr. ; : the
funeral. 7 - - L .\u25a0-. \u25a0...".
;'. ; The young lady's mother: received the
news i of Uhe"-= accident^ last: night • from
the ;; trainmen on .the ." mountain 'local,
which leaves here- '-shortly" : \". after J}' 7
o'clock. .The mother 'had rarranged*. to
meet .her.; daughter^ at frights -station
with :-aV carriage, r . ; f6r.;f the*:', purposed of.
carrying : her" to • her; home:. The I kind
hearted train 'crew: broke i the* terrible
jiews to/her^as \ gently las ;'p6ssl_ble,*vbut
she . was . prostrated - by*the :>shock:i- ; ,
-•TULSA. / Okla.;De^l3. :^live
back; ; who : was shot ' by his] brother - Lee
over/ a" religious. dispute''at*the'Jlatter's
home "near, Catoosa,; died "here ? tonight.
Lee Marshbank is under; arrest.
BRIGHTON, England/}pec. -13.^— King
Edward, liap \u25a0 been^ so journlng ; here
€or a ; few? days/ will t return ito - liondon
tomorrow. :;He ;;hasv entirely." recovered
, his : heal th;t apparently. * :: '. \u25a0 . > ,:. '
President=elect Speaks at Dedi
cation of Memorial Organ
Story of Appointment to Govern
-<\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0:\u25a0?. \u25a0 \u0084\u25a0"\u25a0"-\u25a0':':- \u25a0;.-:-"\u25a0-\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0':\u25a0:-\u25a0'
Philippines and Policy There :
Evokes applause
;-XKW . YORK,;; Dec. .13.—President
elect William ir..Taft.. speaking tonight
at : the' dedication of the McKinley, me
morial organ' In temple,
itokl an audience which- repeatedly in
terrupted, him .with" applause the story
of '-his^official association with the late
president." declared with refer
ence to 1 the ;Pliilippine islands that the
policy ; laid down ; by; McKinley Tin 1900
hadbeen thV policy, of the. present.ras it
.\vllll be 'the. 'policy.' of. his "own adminls-^
tratlon r in cthe'.White'HouseV \ Andrew
Carnegie, -and" John J. McCook'also
spoke.' ."" . ... \ ' .
- "It: was ;, in /February, 1900," said
TafC-in relating; the personal
of :hls resignation from* the* b'ench ; and
'entry.- into: public i life, which In : eight
years *has : . \. b fought ' him ' to ; the ! presi
dericj%v"that;-ir received from jMr.VMc;'
Klnley. a which." read like this:
•If :you, have , no : other engagement 'you
will do me f aTgreat ; favor by calling .on
me in Washington 'some time next
week.' ;. '•9&gsfgsfli
' "I \ did i not know of • any vacancy, ex-
i sting 'on* the \u25a0 supreme court bench . at
that j time," :biit :;I - went to ;. Washington
: just: the samel Arriving at_the White
House: I -.was '.ushered into the cabinet
room I and -. %there ~\ I . niet \ the president.
.'Judge,'*she-;said,T'rd =like to have' you
'gb-.tdj the" Philippines.'. I said, , 'Mr.
President^ whauflo.-yoia mean by-, going
to^--tljer;Pliilrppines?' \u25a0 .He' replied: 'We
m ust ; establish* a* government there . and
I) would' like lyouVt'oihelp.' 'But, Mr. l
P. rcsiabn.t/'l^said.'.r'l-'am sorry we have |
got; thevPhllippihes.j »I don't .want them
and MS triink>yoiT.- ought to" have" some
manjwho 'is "more "in sympathy with' the
situation.'. . ' - •' '
'" 'You don'twant them any less -than
I ; do,"^replied ithe.'Presldent. 'But 'we
have : got ;them^. and in~ dealing' with I
them I {think \u25a0 Is'cari trust - the man '.who
didn't jwant' them better than 1 can the
man; who; did.' V "
W ' "You can , readily 'understand," con- [
tinued.Mr.tTajt;; "the^feelings, of a. man t
whose ; only in going ; to Wash- j
irigton . was'''iri/the hope- of - finding a!
Vacant *• on 4 the supreme ; court
bench,!to" be.,asked; to; go 10,000. miles I
from r- home.;. .-But -; after I _ had . talked -
with ;Mr."^ McKinley -arid ; with Secretary r
Root ;I> decided? 1^ would -go, \u25a0 and In '\u25a0 a I
hurry.".- '. ; -; - - : j
.'Taft- said -that : it was the cause of
deepest sorrow, to McKinley that it was
necessary to ; secure -tranquility in the
Philippines "^through" the exercise of the
sword, adding: ; '
' "We are. trying; to* educate the people
inf the <islands ; ' and/ to teach them
through' partial. self i government to at
tain .the ; point -where T, ultimately . they •
will; be able to 'govern \ themselves."
Preparing for- Inaugural
"WASHTNGTOXX. Dec. 13;— James S.
Henry.*- Washington correspondent " of
the s Philadelphia Press, has 'been ap
pointed chairman of the press commit
tee \ and t Charles H., Boyntoniof New
York.rlce chairman of the 'committee
on finance for the inauguration 'of Wil
liam ?H. Taft.on March 4 : next. Major
General Barry. * commanding the *Arm>»
of Cuban Pacification, has been destined
to ' command the ' regular : army division
of the inaugural parade and Rear Am
miral;Sperry. commanding the Atlantic
battleship fleet, will command the na
val division.
Prevents La Grippe, Fever
and Chills, and Cures
The cause of la grippe is dis-
puted, but that the functions of
stomach, liver, bowels and kid-
neys are affected is certain.
They simply "quit work." To
get these organs to working
again, and to do it quickly the
following preparation is
recognized as the most effective.
It seems to be the most effective
treatment known for- fever,
chills, la grippe, constipation
and liver disorders. .
-\Take ' two * or. three teaspoon-
fuls at once and f then follow
Any leading; druggist will mix
it, or get the ingredients and
mix at home to insure against
substituting. . <J-<
- One "ounce aromatic fluid, cas-
cara^ one ounce compound es-
sence cardiol and two outfees
aromatic syrup of rhubarb. Mix.
and adults take from J4 to 2
teaspoonfuls after each meal.
Children,' may. be given flve.dropa
to a teaspoonful after eating.
This may be used with everlin-
creasing. benefit until a cure is
effected. *"
Hotel St. Francis
Under the Maaas«m*at ot
Take Yoar Broken, Csl*rA^nr«*A
Dented and Tarnished MlVerWare
to Bellis' Silver Factory
BetTrern Van 'Una At. aad Folk ?t.

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