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Classified Advertisements
Sleaths Charge Invisible Bond
Connects Bribery in the
East and West
Police Chief Declares Jury Fix
ers Confess and More
Arrests to Follow
Pennsylvania Authorities Say
: Cpuncilmen Paid Salaries by
W: Big Corporation
Dhpdch io The Call]
|HS TTTSBURG. Pa- Feb - 14 -~ U is
"-\u25a0f; charEred tonight that there is an
l Jl\: ? jnvisible bond connecting the
bribery and jury fixing in San Fran-
Cjito asd the counci'inanlc "bribery and
'X'Ty -fixing in PJttsburg.
.' "JLTter 3S hours of continual sweating
-J>r--f ouaty detectives, live of the nine
vr.?n arrested last night and early this
tODrnlag fcav«* confessed and told their
•s>art in the alleged attempt to bribe
•itvrn'e of the CS talesmen who had been
rfr'awn to try seven councilmen and
tsro bankers, charged -with receiving
tcrl triving bribes when they come up
.Cor trial Tuesday next.
". :?evrn of the men have not been
bTPugrbt to jail, bet after their capture
were taken to a house near McKres- ;
•X'Orw near here, where they were placed <
\u25a0j'brough the sweating process. There ;
has been no official notice of the ar- 1
r^fts fo far as 'the jail is concerned, j
iiurit is known that these seven men]
have t>?en Tralked up and down a long
haU Fince 3:30 o'clock thJs morning by
detective?. If they wished to sleep i
thry were prodded into \u25a0wakefulness
ur.t;! worn oct from their long vigil, j
Five of them broke down and revealed
{he whole p!oL
More Warrants Issued
- The revelations of fbese xnea has.re
frnjted in the israance of 12 more war
'jnts. which bad b^^n signed In blank
by .AMerman ilcMaster. and turned
o-vp- to Chief \u25a0VTae^oner of the county
dete-ctives. Tli^y are said to impli
cate several men connected with the
PltlstiUTg railway company, a sub
sidiary roncera. of the United Railroads ;
crunpany of P^n Francisco.
• Daring the preliminary hearing of
itie co»incllni« i; 7j it was declared that
znupy of theta were drawing sal- ,
ari*-* \u25a0onder axsnin^d names from the
Plttsbzrg'VzCirays company, and it is]
asserted that tlse confessions obtained;
- . i
,trxsay fcrnlsh the connecting link.
The story of these men," «aid one
pf.th* deteciiTe*. "Implicates the lead
ing rplrlts of big: corporations of the
/•itr- Ajs fa«t as a new name is men
\u25a0tioced in a cr!sili:al manner and one'
prtsoiier corroborate* another, that !
Ears* !* used to 211 in one of the blanks
of th* 4 0 -warrants already In the pos
'i»sfi«B of Chief Waggoner."
Confessions Arc Secured
Chief TVagyoMr ab*plat*ly refuses
to give OTjt the xxaaies of the men rm
t*tr airre^t. or ClrnlSf th* namei of
the mea implicated. He declares that
h* <!ar* not lodg« the in»a In jail until
h» has their fnll *tx>ry. mrorn to under
path, so that la cac« they decide to
change it after I** "Interests" have
«<*eri them, te can have them jailed
Jot perjnrr, If not lor th« more serl
6u« crime.' He audtntrwledge* he has
t h« - conf *^sslon*.
Several oi the X3C3 -n-fler arrest, it
d^olarM, at oa« i!«« -were In the
'•nploy of th« PJttaburg rallwaye com
ptinjv The mala of these men
conrtsV-d.in h«nglrg around the coart
'hous*. Tier had no apparent Income
am* tio apparent <latle«. They, however,
pj>p*sir'*l to tx ou frlendiy terms -with
many of the talesmen called for the
purpw* of trying ca*e? In the cl\-ll
Ob* of fhe c<m«tr C&GC-.We* declared
If-nlfftit tfcat. exactly tli« «am« vneitirAn
\u25a0vr-re fol1o»f«d lv lHls t'lty a« w^re
folitrwed in Sat» Frs^aclsco -w^nlch ended
.In th« political <Jcat^» «n«3 degradation
of Mayor ScTmltx a^4 A'oq Ruef.
Congratulations end Blessing
Received on Goide^ Jubilee
[Sp*xttd Dvpddt to TU Col/]
£ACEA3JE*TTO, jr ci»,c 'i», M, — Brother
Adrian Tt'em^r, Ci, V. ?*„ Jia« received
fn-m J»c>p^ P3«s a >"*SV»srapli of the
poj>e \t*^&r / iti% ati *x}U*ZTnp% c<«£ratula
xUm nii6 tiae apo«tolJe t>l*j«singr for
P.rotJier Adrian on tit* «*s<;aj«i<>a o* the
Jatte-fs gulden jut»»le-w jLa a jseml>er of
ihe Order of Franeiso*:* jMonks,
Brother Adrian [js v*'J Jinowa all
over the United Stitr* t;«>^aus« of his
.. extensive, travele, I>ti* «M«-ai»erf of the
order In California ctai»* Mm, because
li*> has bee-u instrumealal in construct-
Snjf many 'e«t»t>Jlsljnie«t£ for the order
la Ibis state.. He ba« fe«.^ tie arcin
• t*n?i lor alnn>!st eve»y fryiUiiag of the.
*«>riety in Caiifm«i«.: .
Anujng tiieta sic tlj<* i>tiilding «*"St.
r'Antbeny's <:ollejfe at ?se-ssa &i*-oara, the
rtiorctoj n-Kiiaisterj- e«^ £»'WsJ at Ix>fi
Angeles,. t?'y, Bonifaee'ts (Ctwrctj, monas
tery *nd 'school in S?a« Francisco and
th# ditjTCh-.and r**ideß*-*s of th« Fraa
d»cs.n £athei» in sSe/rraia-ent^
The San Francisco Call.
VnSTEnDAV— Houdjr; trac<> nf rain: nonth
*t«t wind; tnaximani tpmprratarf, 56; mini
muta. 4d.
FORECAST. FOR TODAY— Cloudy, with show
*r»; light \u25a0outbTrext wind. t'tiße S
TeseUblp jtardenj and water *npplr. r«Et 4
Th* customary whin? nf thf grafter. Page 4
Scolding NeTada and California. race 4
C«fflmlta|ourr Loyrland'n plra. ruse 4
An ImrfstmMt in good health. I'wse 4
Nat Cochlan Bay» there in ••nomethlng rotten--'
»t sUte hospital for insane at Napa; and oppose*
ippropriatioos. . Pase 3
Senate is haunted by woman In black/ daugh
ter of artist who painted picture* for 'state, but
wai not paid. Pace 3
State building in San Francisco to be erectrd
: within' next few months. . Pngc 3
Saa Mateo graft trial* will begin Tnes
j dtr - Pase 2
CITY r ;^
Margaret Illington nays hrr desire for home
life , caused \u25a0 her to lea»e stage and decide to
secure dlrore* frmn Daniel Frohman, who ap
proves of ' the arrangement and of *K. J.
Bowes. Pate 1
Mother of District Attorney Langdon is criti
cally ill. Vase I
Walter H. Graves, professw- of languages lit
Oakland high school, wounded and robl>ed In
mysterious manner. , Page 1
OH company said tn plan purchase of property
of BeH estate for $500,000. Pace 1
Woman slain by brother in la^ in children's
presence. > , Page 13
Many pastors discourse on Lincoln's life and
character and R»t. E. Bradley describes Em-,
ruannel raoreieent. Pa Re 5
"Merry Widow" welti will be one of the in-
I teresting features of the kirmess. . Pace 12
: Moslc!ans* ciub In heated controTersy orer
plans for concert. Pace 4
One legged watchman on dock sates drowning
sailor. . Pase 3
Athletic meet and ball to be gi^en by Gaelic
<Jancics clnb. ";••; - Pas* 12
New aotomobile ordinance in effect to<Jny and
police motor *qnad will enforce it. Page 5
European firm to erect local factory for- un-.
derwear. Page 12
Police unable to Had Pierre Ijfon, who
Is accused \u25a0of atteicpticg to poi.«o r i ' two
Kwmes. \u25a0\u25a0 Page 12
Bererford play, "Wlo'i T»ur Friend?** aranses
Americaa judienc. : Pace S
New risnreh to b# bsflt for St. Luke's: J^ilsco
f.il parisb- at Van ;-J»esa- avenue and \u25a0' Clay
\u25a0troet. .\u25a0 Pase 3
Bishop Don Enrique da SilTa'teaOered farewell
reception. Page 5
Mowbray hall, built by public subscription in
i Piedmont,' to be dedicated Thursday: . Psgc 7
C<«i"» plead for a chapel and dally rellgtous
! eerrice* at university, epeaking at Baptist
church. • Page 7
\u25a0 Joe Pla^.the gardener, accused of San Rafael
oTHrt£f. prepares 1o proTe alibi and Italian con
sul asked for a«*irtance. Page 12 ;
Eer. !; waiter E. Tanaer resigns because flock
Captain TrniLttn Mogg . and crew abandon
whaling •ebooner Olga, in ice and seek safety
at Point Barrow. .I*«eel
San Franciscan fro»n to death In snows form
on Alroid de»«rt In Oregon. \u25a0*\u25a0*? \r\) Page 1
Two men killed when freight leares rails and
plunges dowa embankment. Page 1
Canned chili con came is eaten with fatal
result. . \u25a0-.\u25a0•'. Page I
Pop* Phis sends blessings to Brother Adrian
Werner. Page 1
Tltlting Salt Lake Elks brave swollen Ti»
Jcana rtrer to riew bull fight. Page 3
n. B. Loodon. wanted In Vallejo for embezzle
raent. "aiietted tn Reno while watching \u25a0 faro
Invisible link said to evnoect Ptttsborg and
Ssa rraaeisro grafters. ' Page 1
Snowstorms In northern MHnlwlppl valley' and
t«>ras<!«» in Alabama 'and Mississippi In.wlilch
s*Teral are killed. Page 2
, Names of Taffs' cabinet Is coaflded ito hl»
friends In Cincinnati. Page 2
Niagara falls blocked with. Jee for tbtrd tlm«
clnee white man settled la region. Page S
Ontre«», VJrind In Its work, m»y bold night
»es«sont. . Pnge fl
Giant wn» vmashec starboard nil oa Atlantic
liner Lultanla. Page C
lowa to pay homage to General Weaver, twice
candiCate for tne ' pr»*!deney. Page 8
Chief Fore»ter . Pinchot write* letter, approving
dry farming In the west. Page 3
Father • Jam** - Carroll, formerly »f Philadel
phia, cooteerated bishop of . Vigan »t. Ma
nila.' Pagel
Yimnj: Turks can«» cabinet crtsl*. " forcing
grand vlslfT to 1 resist! and sultan to appoint
tbelr nomine. Page>3
Eartb<iu«V«« .. are »tlil shaking tlie . stricken
towiw 'of Italy. ; Page 2
!*" Lor* ' Bereaf ord to b*"_retlred and naval career
Is closed. . Pose 2
F)f ty-tw« dt-id 1b th* Pengula 'disaster are
wcovf-red,.' . Pages
Klng-Mawuel of Portugal wed-'Priarefc*
i Beatrice. , Page 3
(rood wort* um<W V»y raarVsraea •is practice
shouts at St»H M«nnd raug*, PageO
IMvof-nlx lila* of St. U»ry'»nA'eg« defeats All
Stars by »oor« vf 2 io 0, Pace 9
<"1« -.•"\u25a0»\u25a0 field of S year olds will c<ja|p»t'iu «'all
furaia «i* - rl>>', aJelUr attractiua at Emeryville
n«*xt Uc-aday, .. Page «
i t'ii'kz f»»* - gatlwr ai \u25a0 trtiaiug <|««rter¥ io
watck hoirrg work «>ut. \u25a0 P*iCe 0
I)iri£ Hyland in t-iitl clamoriag fvf v ctiaS/-« to
U,x Bsttling .: Seism, "'«ge 0
. Myrtle beat? Trails Ji«*t f>x first feoaors Ir
clagjs stake «t Ingl***d« park. Page 8
Anst hil:»b fooffcsil : yH*ym. wli«» will 'depart
for .Va*cWrer t&aigbt, e*pr«*» regret it lea riug
C«lifor«ia, ' . l * a . 8:e °
Perr-y i.«»t***v »Ib* five mile handicap biry
cip r»c* i«.».-**»*e*fini»*.. ' ';'Paie6
<>ny I.TtifNU win*; w.-on-< HiiiHjßj fi*nniF loiir
nanuMil tar >"»th«n-Do*irroiinh cup, .«-<>n:fnittee.
placing , MpLwiplriiu .in default \u25a0 fov. Uoinz
late. . PageC j
''.Sr&AOaer H<v<s P. Dww |un* ialo per. w-;:ij
ltujjiv-r cexro "lifted."-' : Page S
. Wfccorcry ot new ; mineral - dep«»it« ia . varinue
jVrtioM'wfCaUforcia' uwu* i»\Jm%t\«t tmlaiaff
«£*.*\u25a0\u25a0- Pa*»eH
Mystery Surrounds Predica*
men t of Oakland High
. School Instructor
Loses Memory and Goes to the
Ferry With Gash in Throat
and Many Bruises
Suffering intense
agonY \u25a0 from • an
ugly gash in his
throat and numer
ous other lacera
tions and bruises
on .his body,
Walter H. Graves,,
professor of lan
guage s, in the
Oakland high
school and distin
guished among
scholars as an
eminent authority
upon the Greek
language, talked
blindly into the
ferry building,
early yesterday
morning and 'was
taken to the harbor- emergency hospital
by. Policeman Casey. The story, related
by Graves — and 'that portion of his ex
periences which he has been unable to
tell — enveloped him in a -deep mystery,
which the police have been unable to
unravel- > *: , n
For six hours Saturday night Graves
wandered aimlessly about "the city/ and
so.far as is known was not seen by
any person. From a" jumbled account
of his experiences, .which he narrated
at the harbor, hospital,' he fell victim
to thugs shortly after. 5 o'clock Satur
day afternoon, when' he left the Prin
cess theater, where he, had witnessed
the matinee performance. \u25a0 From- that
time until 1:30 o'clock Sunday morning,
when , he* was found at the ferry build
ing, his mind , was a plank and^hls at
tempts to explain—^way the mysteries
of his evening of harrowing . experi
ences only, served to make tne ; affair
more puzzling. , . . c .
Loses His Memory
. When seen at his home, 142S Seventh
avenue, Oakland, yesterday afternoon
he made a feeble effort to tell what
had occurred just before his mind had
been dimmed. \u25a0 According to this state
ment he had taken two drinks in a sa
loon near the Princess theater."' One_ of
these . visits to the saloon was' made
during. the intermission inthe perform
ance and the other at its close".'
"After that," he said ' yesterday, "I
can not remember what happened, and
I am even unable to relate what hap
pened to me at the harbor hospital."
The police rwere inclined to' believe
that Graves "was attacked; by -thugs
intent upon robbery, as his gold, watch
and chain, overcoat and J3o. were miss
ing. His purse, relieved. of its contents,
was found in his pocket and a valuable
diamond ring was left untouched" on
his finger. His clothes were bespat
tered with mud and filth and- his hair
bedraggled. In every way his appear
ance was strongly indicative of brutal
treatment, but the police, have been un
able to get the merest clew upon which
to work. •:,
Begs for Ferry Ticket
Graves arrived at tlie ferry depot at
1 o'clock yesterday morning* in" a dazed
condition and first attracted attention
by begging for i a ferry boat ticket,
stating that he had lost his pocketbook
and would pay later for the ticket.
ThtuMbe ticket seller refused to do.
Policeman , Casey, on . watch at th«
depot, observed the unusual appearance
of the man \u25a0 «nd accosted, him. but
Graves could" give no clear accountof
himself, and Casey assisted him to the
harbor hospital. His wounds were
dressed and early yesterday morning: he
was taken to his home in Oakland, lie
fell into a deep. stupor at the hospital
while the surgeons were dressing his
wounds, ; but rallied later when an un
successful attempt was made to; solve
the mystery. v
Professer Graves ha» aeeupied a chair
in the .Oakland hlsli school .for about
10 years. 'He was formerly professor
of Latin and recently \u25a0 was, mailo head
of the : department of languages. '' He
is widely known' en this" coast .as "a
linguist.. " :. . .
Says Son Vlctl m of .. Th _ie ves
\u25a0V.William I£, H. Graves/father of the
injured " man, :. when soen at- h"iß '.Oak
land .home last night, could' throw no
light upon the mystery,' but coincided
with the general belief, that his son
was the victim ef thieves. '
The elder Graves, saidr "My sun's
memory failed himwhile he was stand
ing in front of the, Princess theater.
After}' that ' tie' does not ; remember.'any
thing until he was taken toithe emer
gency' hospital. I believe that he was
struck from behind while li<*.was stand
ing on the sidewalk and then dragged
into"; gome house and; robbed. His foyer-*
coat and watch, were missing 'and. all
the money he hari, r amounting to about
$30, was gone. His head wasicui.nnd
bruised, in piany, pla<.es . and' he bled
copiously during UienlKht."
.' Profeppor Gravee^may.' not^be"abl«". t4
resume * his work for some: tim^y t r ,
Captain Mogg and Crew of the
Olga Have Thrilling Ex
perience in -Arctic v f.
Whaler Becomes; Hopelessly
Wedged in the Ice and
Is Abandoned :!,
[Special Dispafch to The Call]
SEATTLE. Feb. 14.— Captain William ,
Mogg and hls'crew of four men la the
whaling schooner Olga, long- believed to'
have been lost In a gale at seaj-15
months ago, are allveand spending the
Arctic winter at Point Barrow. ? The
news- comes In a letter., from Captain
Mogg written November/ 1, 1908, ; and
dispatched by Eskimo' messenger to
Teller 1 City, 800 miles -over; an. almost |
Impassable ' trail, thence by dog. team
routes . through Nome and St. ; Michael
to : Valdez and by steamer, to PugeL
sound. I
Caught in Icebergs
The'Mogg expedition left Port Town
send In* June, 1907, equipped as a;whal-.
ing venture in. waters of the Arctic al
most unknown and equally unexplored.
It had the backing of the g-eograpMcal
society of London, and planned to go to
the Banksland district.; a region that
has not been visited by white people'
since the visit of Explorer Captain Me -
Clure in 1832. The actual destination
of the expedition was Point Cape,
Prince Albert, nearly 2,000 miles north
east from Point Barrow. \u25a0
/ After" unsuccessfully combating the
ice •:' on the ; Banksland shores during
the brief summer season of 1907 and
1908,- the voyage ended In bringing; the I
schooner fast in the icebergs 3SO miles
frdm Point Barrow. A refuge was
sought for the' present winter and" to
outfit for renewed attempts at progress,
northward the next summer.'
Vessel Abandoned in Ice J
\u25a0-'. A description of the Jong stay .0n.4 the
bleak shores oC • tb<r nninhkbltetl 'Arctic
island- furnishes a thrilling account>of
Arctic adventure. ; In a career of 25
years whaling and; sailing the ! Arctic,
Captain Mogg-wrltes 'that- he has never
seen, such quantities of ice as assem
bled . many ' miles . from shore -lines as
prevailed during the. last open . season.
Every mile- of progress that his little
command was: able to make was at
tended by danger of being crushed be
tween gigantic bergs or- massive. Ice
fields. The' season whereby the vessel
could hope to navigate commenced July
20.' .September 7, off Flaxman island,
nearly 400 miles 'from Point Barrow,
the vessel became hopelessly wedged
between the rice/and was abandoned.
Canned Variety Cause of Con-
vulsions That End in Death
LOS ANGELES.' Feb. 14.— Mrs. H.E.
Bennett-Is dead and her husband ha»
but a slig-ht/chance- for 'recovery as a
resuH of eating canned chili con came
Saturdaylnlgbt. . ;
Shortly Rafter, eating the .chili, Mr
Bennett, who is connected with a real
estate and insurance concern, began td
feel ill! and sobn'fell to the floor. Mrs.
Bennett summoned a physician, but had
hardly left the telephone when she was
also, overcome, '-and -when the doc
tor arrived' he found the two uncon-
Bclou«.on thftfloor. t *\u25a0 -''.- . ; .
; Mrs. Bennett died atll o'clock Satur
day .'night. after suffering horribly from
convulsions. , Bennett's chances of re
covery are- Klight.
A\bther^ of 'District \u25a0 Attorney
Langdon, In Critical Condition
Mrs. Anna 1 "Lanifdfin. mother of Dis
trict A ttorney • W. "'\u25a0 11. "Langdon, la crit
ically ill Vt her home as the. result of 'a
broken ''Vwriat •sustained on; New/ Year's
morniris^and ia under. the constant care
of two physleianiCandLi two; nurseier. "
Mrs.' L.arigden slipped and ; fell \u25a0 on ; the
steps of her heme. and besides fractur
ing -her wrist; sustained; several, pain
ful \u25a0\u25a0•\u25a0 bruises' and suffered 'frem •sheok.
She appeared* to rally -and until a few
days*fl go was ; tlious h t . to be': Blowly'; re
covering... . :..---.''-, ; " :
Home days age Biie Buffered a relapse
and Drs.vOallwey. and 'Shumate were
summened TlmTHediatelyl. and.: ordered
Mrs I>ang(lon \u25a0 v nder f t He care ef . nursfee.
Oh account ' of 'her <advanced , age "her
condition is regarded ai^eritical, •
Henry Miller^ Nickel Loses His
Way in Sriewsterm
BUIiNS, Ore., Feb.. 14.— Henry Miller
Nickeij:23years,Gld,'grandsbn bf Henry
"Milley,Hmniionaire|catU_e^andiland t "own-.
er,' was found frozen" to* death- on Aj,-
Void desert., in .thi'Xpouth, end "'of ; !this
county'February.:;!^".:/', ;:•; -:- '^
I Nickel, I whose -lionie''is in Han. Fran-,
cist'o. Imd'' been .visiting';. at .^the" Alvoid
ranch : r for,. the flasj -'_t.hreei monies, 'and,
it is .supposed, -'.was ; OU C r^' n X horsei'
back and; became •lost,, when -over iaken
by. a! snowstorm;'. .... . * *:£;\ v'; ' ".1
fThe>ody / will" be ': shipped /Ui "Ban
rranclsca.;V~. #• :: . \u25a0\u25a0 " "\u25a0\u25a0 ,\u25a0.'.'"\u25a0'"{
:"l crave, domesticity, '
home) life and chil
dren: I want to darn
I "I left. Mr. Frohman
beoßuse I could -not
\u25a0be-'happyon the :\u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0.
'\u25a0.'"\u25a0' sta'fle. 11 -;: ;. " : .'
Frohman Gives His Consent
I Margaret Illington,-; the - beautiful • actress, ; arid her husband, who have
I agreed oh, separation and .divorce. .
Oil Company Said fo Plan Pur=
chase of Remaining Prop
:| erty Jor $spp,oooX
Financial salvation Is at last- in* sight
for; the "estate of ;, Thomas* Bell, who
d!ed ,in this- city leavrng-property val
ued at $1,000,000, which later deterior
ated inVa'startllng. manner. . Six months
ago the Union' oil company -"purchased
the estate*, f0r '5446,000^4, 000 acres of.
land/- In" he v oil? belt- off Santa jMaria,
Santa \u25a0'- Barbara.' county— and now. .lt is
understood' that -the', same ; company \u25a0 is
seeking ,to ; buy the 'remaining: 10,000
acrVsTof the. original tract for J500.Q00.
If that "sale, lß;conßu'mm:tted the estate
will not only, be freed from debt, but
\u25a0vvlll be' in; a. position to bet aken out
of: probate.
.At --the 'present outlook :the , estate
will'j.be .'.. settled- up during the com-
ing.summer,- and Mrs.'.Theresa Bell.'the
widow, will receive 5100,000 and 'the
five surviying. ; B«'ll children and rArthur
S. "llolman.: widower oC i Mrs. '.. Bell' 3
daughter," ,will' receive'^O.OOO. each. , ."..
', The S.inta'Barbarai oil lunds bear ahe
same relation 'to' the Bell" estate that
the Western Pa e.ilic* stock ? bears toward
the California 1 safe "deposit - and trust
company: Previous to ; the discovery of
oil on' the land' the; lf. ( >0». acres earneTl
little .more V than / $l;S00 v for the
estate- It-Was heavily nyortgased.CthV
San 'Fr:incis<o v aaving;s Uinion; holding.; a
mortgage ' of ;$179,060; 5179,060 : on ' the property*
\u25a0 Last ;JuiVe. according" ; to ".- A ttorney T."
Z.'l3lalfeman,:\vho; represents Mrs^'Bell,
4 ( ooo':acres • of the tract' was sold ; to; the
Union *oii 'company 'for 's446,o.B6^ half \ot
wliil'h"amount Was paid \u25a0irTJcash.; 'That
. enabled"; the , ! estate.to/s ettle
\vith- the'savings* union" and clear the
title';' to; the entire ; property: .'The -bal
ance 'of the pjiyirierit is due ;' Jun o, 1 5;
,Viext-- ; Itywni ? *bV;sufficient''ao,">meetVa^
outstanding/ claims.' \u25a0 -._'. '.'.\u25a0•
Tot- the 10,ftfl ft, acres i still- unsold, 3.800
is ;clHirned ; to jitei oili bearing.: It -is' held
for $506. 0f 6, Blakeman said 'last"even
ing"- 'The attorney;. would /not -discuss
thY r possibilities" {otj an "immediate : *ale
to : the':oircorupany t ';^ ' : " 'Zj*
> : ; Aaothe*^ Th^Callk great colored
- S*^^^> P^SP* illu^ra&ag; j^fe jySan Francisco
\u25a0 '" ::j '''''"^*^__r^r ' ' ' ' ''.
i call
" Stage success did not
satisfy \ me.- It ' was
bumiiig^e* candle at
Track j Spreads, ; Derailing. Part
of Freight Train With
; Fatal Results
[Special Dispatch to The Call] \
GILROr, Feb. . 14.— Two men, sup
posed to be Darwin "Wiegarr of Trini
dad, Colo., 'and Ambrose ; Glenn Searle
of Oakland, were killed today by freight
cars overturning at - Betabel, a small
station on the coast "line between Gil
roy and Sargeants. •
\u25a0;".The. men jwere evidently stealing a
ride v on extra No. 25>3, a north I bound
freight. v« "Whilje/passlng^Betabel, where,
on^ccount of the recent heavy rains.a
section^of the track j had spread, the
train % v,-as derailed and a portion of the
long string of freight cars was over-,
turned 'down- a small embankment.
"Papers found upon the persons of the
victims of the wreck lead to their prob
able identification.' They • were cigar
makers by. trade.' Searle is thought to
have lived at 10S3 Adeline street. Oak
land.': ; .; '-v ~'\ • \u25a0\u25a0 • -'• ' • •' - * \u25a0.':\u25a0'
; "The v accident ha 'pj^nVd. shortly after
noon and : the^track, was. cleared of the
debris :by .10 o'clock this ;eventng._ Reg
ular service was resumed at* that ; time.
Both of the . men,. were well dressed
and had : none -of .-the appearances*.- of
the ordinary hobo. •
Don't Want to Hear of Wall
\u25a0Street, but Says 'Tm Resting"
'/\u25a0* BIRMINGHAM. Ala.. ; Feb. If:— E. ;H.; H.
Hafrlman- and: party left- Birmingham
c^n" a epec'al train* for San ".'Antonio.
Tex., .' where, 'it Is j understood," Harri
man .will re'mafn until April 'ln!an' ef
fort; to, regain, his health. "
.' "Marriman.; received" about" 50 promi
nent men 'of Birmingham, who called
tpVpay. 'their respects. \u25a0 Men who -had
known 1 him; before remarked upon' hU'
pale":and weakened appearance.
/..One man,- thinking, the railroad mag
nate would Jikete see' some of. the late
New York newspapers, took . a bunch
of; them' to the. car. "but Harriman
thanked - him . arid waved them aside
with the remark:
."'I don't* want' to^hear of Wall street.'
I 'am Treating." * \u25a0
Impressive Ceremonies Per*
-formed in, : Manlla Cathedral •
: iIAN'ILA, . Feb. r"H.— Father James
Carrol!, "\u25a0 formerly of Philadelphia, was
today 'consecrated bishop of Vigan with
impressive ceremonies . -at the ;" Manila
cathedral -in. the .preaeucebfi" score*' ef
clerjry'jand' an- iminense-coneregation.
Papaipele^ateAgius officiated and" was
"assisted rr ' by,; .-Archbishop \u25a0 Harty 'and
Bishopc Hendrick and f>ougnerty»* "
"When I found Mr.
Frchman would keep
me en the stags my
loie died."
"! would lows to tell
you I will marry Mr.
Bowes, but 1 cannot
say that"
Beautiful Actress Says She
Yearns for Home Life
and Children
Husband Approves of Bowes,
' and She Would "Love to TeIT
of Coming Marriage
Weary of Slage and Its Trials
and Anxious for Chance
to Darn Socks
to exchange the thunderous ap
plause of thousands of jeweled
hands, rising from the darkened pit of
a theater, for the faint little dap q£
two tiny palms.
The fame, the glory, the praise that
would peur to her over the footlights
if she chose to stay on the stage under
the management: 4>f her husband, Daniel
Frohtnan, head of the theatrical trust,
has been discounted by the young?
woman. She has quit the stage and
she has decided to secure a divorce
• from Frohman. Now she is a rest cure
patient at the Clara Barton hospital at
Post and Gough streets. Seen at the
hospital yesterday afternoon, she af
firmed the statement made regarding
her future "plans by Edward J. Bowes,
who is living at the Hotel Normandi©
at Sutter and Gough streets.
Craves Home Life
"I am to get a divorce from Mr.
Frbhman," she said, "and I would love
to tell you that when I am free I 3hall
marry Mr. Bowes, but I can't say that
now, you know. But I 'did not Jeav«
Mr. Frohman to marry Mr. Bowes or
you or any one — I left him because I
could not be happy on the stage. The
life of an actress is abnormal. I cravw
domesticity,- home life, children. I want
to, darn socks." .
Mrs. Frohman, as she might now be
known since she has dropped the stage
iand; probably molted the brilliant
feather of her stage name of IlHttif
ton, would not say just when she would
apply for a decree of divorce, or where.
It will not be In New York or in Cali
fornia. The retired actress agreed that
the laws of California w«re not pro
pitious ' toward those who set their
lance 'at a new golden -ciTclet before
the smith had filed away the first ring.
But there will be no contest.
Husband Approves of Bowes
v "jir, * Frohman approves- of Mr.
Bowes," said the handsome woman
who would "love to tell" that she will
contract an . alliance with tc« San
Francisco real estate promoter as soon
as »he Is.fre^
. The isosceles triangle, with Frohman
as the short aWe, that is presented fn
the " IHtngtbn case, is a concise drama
which may . be. twisted someday and
offered to Frohman for presentation.
' Mrs. FTOhman has been at the sani
tarium for a week. She is attended by
her private physician, a woman. Dr\
L. M. Welzmiller of New York. AN
though the severe practice In rest
cure cases Is. that the patient sljall not
receive visitors nor discuss thrilling
incidents, Mrs. Frobman was permitted
•yesterday to receive an intervfew«r.
Reclines fn Luxury
Tfc« actress was found !n a com-*
modloua room on the second floor »f
the hospital. Sfce was half r«cltnlns
against -pillows that were supported by
a rest. •• \u25a0 A bed stand swung over the
white counterpane. 1 On it was a cluster
of pale :\u25a0 yellow acacia bloagoms with
' which Alias Illhagton toyed as she
talked. She wore a heavy silken peig
noir ever: her pink* beribboned muslin.
\ Her dark brown hair was enjoy ins un
• fettered liberty!" screening her tore
; head, framing her, flushed cheeks and,
barring her dark brown eyes at times
j with- a flimsy web. Her rounded fore
arms,, reached , out from the silken
| sleeves that the jeweled fingers might
; play ;With : the acacia - blossoms A
sparkiing jeweled bracelet with an In
credible number of brilliant facets cir
cied! 'her left' wrist, and on a ttageroj
her left hand a huge, amethyst ring
i Mnolderert- wittr its violet' light. On an
other couch reclined I>r. Wllzmlller. On
a.stand near at "hand w«V heavy »U->

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