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Changes Made, in Payne Tariff
Bill Reduce Measure's
Productiveness > ' \
Free Trade With Philippines
Considered One of Most
Important Provisions
. WASHINGTON. April 11.— The esti
mates of the revenue which the Payne,
tariff bill will produce have been "re
•iuccd nearly $20,000,000 through the
amendments made by the house. The
s'-nate finance committee must pro
vide means for making up this differ
ence if the original estimates are to
be met. The striking out of several
countervailing duty clauses will lessen
the bill's productiveness another
The amendment taking off the S
cent duty on tea subtracts $7,000,000
from the estimated revenues. The
f»iriking out of the countervailing dim
on, coffee disposes of what' probably
would be $15,000,000 in duties.
Taking out the countervailing pro
proviso for lumber and for petroleum
means a lost opportunity to increase
the revenues by several million dol
lars, it is estimated.
The senate finance committee mate
rially reduced many of the Dingjey
>HVs schedules as it passed the house,
but in order to increase the revenue
producing power of the Payne bill the
oommitiee must take different action
with regard to the latter measure.
In 1897 the senate committee placed
a duty of iv cents per pound on hides,
nhich was later changed to 15 percent,
'•in 8s it pased .the house the Payne
•nil pla.es hides on the free list.
Under the Dingley law hides have
.produced more than $3,000,000 revenue
annually. "
There are many changes in the
Payne bill from the provisions of the
JMngJey lav.-. Its maximum and mini
mum retaliatory feature, the addi
tional method of valuation for the
purpose of preventing undervaluations j
and its provision for the $40,000,000
issuance of Panama bonds and a $250.
"00.000 issue of treasury certificates,
are- new. An inheritance tax, by
it 's hoped that $-0,000,000 will
\>k collected, is provided for.
The two increases that stand out
most are those in women's and chil- i
<J.rrn s gloves and hosiery.
The duties on lead ore and pig lead
«re materially reduced, while the
lumber schedule is cut in half. The
differential on refined sugar is reduced
•> cents per hundred pounds. »
One of the most important provi
sions of the bill Js the Philippine free
:?ade provision, which permits the tren
• ptry of every product of the islands
except rice, and exempts from duty
*ny articles imported from the United
States into those islands. The amount
of sugar which may be imported is
iimu«»d to SOO.OOO tons annually and
tlie -free importation of tobacco i« re
stricted to 300.000 pounds of wrap
per. 3.000,000 pounds of filler tobacco
\u25a0 and 150,000,000 cigars.
\u25baSenator Aldrich asserted tonight that
75 per tent of the articles used by all
-the people had been reduced and that
the free list had been lengthened to an
extent that would be surprising to
everybody. The committee members
• have tried to make their recommenda
tions popular and they predicted to
night-that their efforts would be appre
. The Payne bill increases materially
the rates on brandy, alcohol, gin, grain
spirits and cordials and liqueurs, but
made practically no Increase on cham
pagnes. The senate committee has de
cided upon an Increase amounting to
about 2a per cent above existing rates
on wines of all kinds.
A number of other articles regarded
as luxuries have been increased, and
the tariff experts feel confident that the
bill will produce as much revenue as Is
needed. All of the increases on per
fumes and toilet articles, provided by
the Payne bill, will be reported.
An especial effort was made to re
duce rates on the co called "breakfast
table" articles of commerce.
' The senate stands about two to one
against free lumber and its advocates
fear-lhey will not be able to maintain
the reduction agreed upon by the house, j
The fight for free hides has begun al- !
No attention was paid .today by the
senate committee to the so called
••joker" in the Payne bill as it passed
th«» liousp. Petroleum and its products
are among the articles to be reported
to the senate without recommendation.
Tbe biH as "amended by the senate
committee on finance was sent to the
oublic printer late tonight and will be
\u25a0eadv for presentation to the full com-
X mittee at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning.
\n effort will be .made to induce the
minority to consent to the reporting of
I the bill to the senate tomorrow.
British Inheritance Taxes
WASHINGTON. April 11.— British In
i hi* substance of a report by Charles
•M Popper .who has been investigating
tii'e subject for the bureau of manu
fuctir^e- department of commerce and
labor? in" connection with the tariff
revision- *• '
Dr. Hirsch Asked to Debate Im
migration of Russian Jews
• NEW YORK! April ll.— The federa-
II] on of Jewish organizations of the state
„' \>w York threw down the gauntlet
today to Rabbi Emil G. Hirsch of Sinai
\u0084m n!r Chicago, defying him to prove
J»mi the immigration of Russian Jews
,ar£S '3 Sg
an opportunity, for education. If the>
Triust emigrate l*>t th«m:go to Mesopo-
Smla . tli "land near lestln VATjl^V A Tj l^
.•ojnmunity of their own people is to^ be
tO Tll'^fedTation.- th«» officer* of which
}ar«, fo-li wn »i Edward?, l-auterbach;
Voroner Imlas Harburger. Justice;. Kr-
Vangr-r. Justice. Gr«rnb«um- and Jud**
r.Aps l*k v ofiter to pa V :' X>r. , Hin=oh »c* -
iten«*«; to' New York.%orany place
th*t he mjsy meet. Russian- J«wp jn-de
hiuo.and prove, if\he»can, his 'conten
Calaveras Beauty
Enters Big Contest
Mrs. Ida Casey as Pctruchio in "The Taming of the Shrew"
Mrs. Ida Casey, One of Recent
Candidates in Portola
Contest >:
Among the recent candidates in the
Portola beauty contest who have
caused a great deal of favorable com
ment Is Mrs. Ida Casej-, daughter of
Colonel William Robinson, a well
known mining man of Calaveras county.
Mrs. Casey has" on many occasions
taken an Important part In amateur
theatricals. and_ won a reputation as an
amateur actress of more than ordinary
The photograph forwarded to the
Portola beauty committee shows her
as Petruchlo in "The Taming of the
The contest closes April 17, and the
winner, will be proclaimed "the most
beautiful woman in -California." She
will be "queen of beauty" at the bis
carnival in October, and her likeness
will be sent throughout the world % as
the "Portola poster girl."
One hundred dollars in gold goes to
the winner.
Burlington Passenger Derailed
in Washington.
TACOMA, April 11. — Burlington train
No. 16, which left Tacoma yesterday
afternoon at 3:30 o'clock eastbdund on
the Northern Pacific, -was derailed one
mile west of Bristol, between Cleelum"
and Elleneburg." at 8:23 o'clock last
night, resulting in the death of
gineer Franklin ' J. . Hammond of Ta
coma and Fireman John' Johnson, also
of Tacoma, and the injury of nine pas
Hammond was found by a searching
party today buried under: the tender
of his engine. Thernine injured pas
sengers were about to proceed on their
journey, and left the Cleelum hospital
this morning. No • cause has been
found for the derailment.
Fireman John Johnson's parents live
in Centerville, la. Engineer Hammond
was a widower and .' left five children
residing in Tacoma.
Overvalued Meats Basis' for
Claims Against Railroads
WASHINGTON. April 11.— The prac
tice of overvaluing dressed beef-trans
ported and of using such overvaluation
as a basis for claims against railroad
companies when the beef is injured or
destroyed in transit must be stopped at
onfce, according to a decision reached by,
Attorney General Wickersham as the
result of an investigation made because
of, complaints against one of the large
beef packing concerns of Chicago...
The complaints say ; the company had
placed a fictitious value on beef claimed
to have been injured or destroyed In
transit. . \u25a0 ' -. ' ..." ' , .
The attorney, general says tbe:calcu
lated cost price oftjie beef in question
Is too large, as no allowance is made
for the large profits from the sales of
the hides and other valuable byproducts.
f- a II • cS 3eS^es* s ''' 1 \u25a0\u25a0 '"'\u25a0' ''\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 * i -' i -i il r *'""^ i .'?>ii^2iß3*S
\u25a0m II . . \u25a0 \ WM • > -^fcj^^Kr^KS-'^WtyS^' ' - - ''^liLjmr
In the " TREMONT'' r there
has feeh success&lly^j^^
. \u25a0 a collar /cmnKnin^ comfort:
w i t h ; sriiar t a p p ea :raLnc]e./
I '' t 15c. ; each— a for 35c.; Cluett,' Pe»body & Co.; M«lcer» \.-
Yen'l! • find "Arrow . Cuffs "• just { as"; good *as Arrow \. Collars—asc. Ka'« pair.
President of Los Angeles City
Council Determines to Secure
Author's Scalp
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
LOS A.VGELES, April 11.-If the
president of the : city council, Nlles
Pease, has his way, Charles F.-Lumsnls,
the picturesque author, archaeologist
and wearer of green corduroys, will
lose the- position' of librarian of the
Los Angeles public library. "
President Pease has sided with Miss
Julia Blandy, a former employe of the
library, \u25a0 whose . position \vas -abolished
soon after she' r had made charges of
incompetency against: Lummls. \- *
Miss Blandy said that the library
was mismanaged and that Lummls used
several of the employes for his own
work, dictating articles for publica
tions that had no connection with the
library. .
These allegations were denied by the
librarian, who offered proof that he
: had never used public employes .for
! private service. The*n came the. city
auditor, who held up the librarian's bill
for several hundred cigars' smoked by
workmen who moved the books from
one building to another 1 .
.To "cap all his troubles the presi
dent of the council is after Lummis'
scalp and says he will not rest until
he gets it. Lummis is at present rusti
cating on the desert.
Passengers Terrorized by An
;tics of Italian With Revolver
TACOMA, April 11.— Conductor W. J.
Hilby of the Northern Pacific east bound
passenger train was shot .twice by an
insane Italian named Antohoßsa just aa
his train was pulling out of Bristol this
morning. •
The, Italian .walked through the
coaches flourishing a. big. revolver and
terrifying the passengers. .Conductor
Hilby .tried to. secure the weapon and
a; fight for its possession took place,
during -which the pistol was discharged,
Hilby. being shot in the hand and leg,
but both are flesh wounds and will nut
prove serious.-- — * \u25a0->- \u25a0
;Antonossa. was taken, from the train
and brought to ; Tacoma, v where he will
be examined as to his sanity. . :
Maiden Target Practice Com-
pleted by the Mississippi
' ; . GUANTAKAMO, Cuba, /April .- 11.— Tlie
United States battleship MississippiVun
der command of Captain John' C Fre
mont, has just completed ; its maiden
target praoti"'- ~<r Cape Cruz'with'verv |
creditable results. i ,\u25a0 | i'-^g CUBRKU
1 --.The.'toiai" v \u25a0\u25a0\u0084 <?e of hits on.a^lioat- I
ing- target was .87 perfcent. The best
! scores were r made by the 12>inch'- and
i the 8. inch guns, whlchtallied fourhits
! each= in four shots, in. L'minuto- I
| 48 seconds, and the; 3, inch; guns 10 hits i
j in 10 shots /in 43; seconds. .
j *\u25a0 The lowest; score, 50* per cent of hits,"]
I was .' made:;by \the 7 lnchc guns. '.\u25a0•\u25a0'-\u25a0 The
I latest type- 3 inch ; guns? scored 65 per
cent of hits. . , .
Man's Legs and Back Broken
in Tunnel and Woman r s
Arm Snapped
Six Thousand San Joseans
Take Part in Quest in Alum
Rock Canyon
[Special Diipaich to The Call]
' SAN JOSE, April: 11.— The greatest
Easter egg hunt ever held in this
county or. perhaps on' this qoast was
participated in today ; by 6,000 San
Joseans. One thousand colored eggs
were secreted in Alum Rock canyon
yesterday evening and special prizes
were offered for those who securedthe
greatest ."number-, of ;eggs. The best
prizes fell to the lot of a number of
enterprising youths ; who rode their
bicycles to the mountain resort this
morning ' before sunrise and com-,
menced the quest before it was fairly
light. ; One youth discovered 139 eggs.
. The -: pleasure of "the /outing was
marred '/by.;: two .serious accidents.
Richard Brown was' swept from • the
platform of a crowded electric car
while it was traversing the canyon
tunnel, and was knocked back- and
forth' between the' side of the car and
the side- of the tunnel; like, a: ball in
a game of tennis. His legs and back
were broken- and it is not believed that
he .will recover. ; .-, .
An -unidentified woipan was clamber
ing.out of a crowded car in- the park
when a man in" the crowd attempted to
force "his- way . into the r car. He
brushed violentlx. against tier arm,
which was extended across the door
way, and the bone snapped like a pipe
stem. She pluckily. refused to .give
her name to the traction company em
#\u25a0 " •
Town Trustees Asked to Stop
Neighbor's Tree ' Planting
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
SAN ANSELMO, April 11.— The ques
tion as to whether, a': man buys a view
and is entitled to a good square look
at a mountain from his front veranda
or not probably will be decided shortly
by; Fred Sheldon, who wants- the town
trustees to obtain an injunction and
enjoin Arthur Coldewe, ' Pacific coast
manager of the American can company,
/rom planting his 50 foot lot with
eucalyptus trees.
For some little time Coldewe has
been setting" out a number of small
gum trees. His property near the
schoolhouse Is covered with saplings
that within a. few years will be mag
nificent trees, provided Sheldon" does
not 'win. : For -. Sheldon Is as great an
admirer, of mountain vistas as Coldewe
is .: of '( artificial forests of 'eucalyptus,
and in consequence Sheldon likes to
see Mount Tamalpals when the ' sun
tints the peaks and buries the canyons
on the sides under a mantle of -deepest
purple. According ; to him the trees
will rob him "of this delight.. • \u0084• -
Instead of : Tamalpais Sheldon says
that only v a wallnof. leaves .will greet
his eyes, 'and ' in v place of * the ' fragrant
breezes from': the. mountain top - the
scent of eucalyptus exuding, from the
leaves of Coldewe's forest .will harass
his -nose. - In consequence -he wants
things stopped before the- trees ob
struct his view of the Imposing moun
tain. \u0084 ', \ '\u25a0: \u25a0':\u25a0\u25a0—:-. \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-
Salvation Army Observes
Founder's 80th Birthday
NEW YORK,- April 11.— At the cele
bration of the eightieth anniversary of
the^birth of General "William Booth,
which began here today, it was an
nounced by Commissioner Thomas Estili
of Chicago that the founder of the Sal
vation; Army is planning another^ trip
throughout the ' United States -and Can
ada next fall, -i The corpa ;-,all"; over the
world held meetings today > to celebrate
the general's birthday." ,
Attends Easter Services: and
Holds Informal Reception
"WASHINGTON. April 11.— President
Taf t attended Easter services ' at St.
John's Episcopal church today. \u25a0 After
ward . he : was . compelled to hold an : In
formal .reception* on the 'steps of ! the
church. The • president made his exit
from the church in advance: of -Mrs.
Taft, andiit was;while waiting for her
that a large k number of persons pasaorf
by and saluted him. ;: - . -.--.'\u25a0-
E- '\u25a0 \ AND CREDIT
There's a Difference
T^HERE'S^one low/ price here; whether you
\u25a0-*\u25a0 buy on credit or payr cash. All we re-
luire is ai small sum down—the balancein;
mall pay men ts to suit your ;conyenience;\
)ur terms /meet your condition. - Ounstock
3 complete; v You. can get any kind of furrii-
urcjhere^-the low priced or the higliest grade.
nd/credit talks as ef f ectiyely^
: : , ; • -'*..',' \u25a0./ ' ~ ., .
2200-2212 Mission-Corner 18th
;Y6ung Woman \ Jumps From
Window With Hair Ablaze)
and Falls Beyond Reach
SiXvPersons, Killed, Three In=
jured and ; Property Worth:
$200,000 Destroyed
. - LENOX, -Mass.,* April 11.— Six per
sons;lost their lives, .three-others were
badly burned and a property loss of
between- $200,000' and $300,000 - was
ILIJUIIIVH* I "iTliiil'j' \u25a0II Jiillrji' \u25a0; WTI n .
caused' byafire in this city's business
section- early' today.
/While' the blaze was at, its height
Alice French was seen to climb out of
a flame filled room on a veranda on
the second story /with her night cloth
ing and her hair, ablaze. Staggering
to; the railing she leaped to the sida
walk beneath,- landing in a heap within
five 'or six feet of the blazing walls.
Some of \u25a0 the horrified onlookers - at
tempted to rush in to drag her out.-but
the \u25a0 intense ; heat T drove ; them ) back, ; and
not I until - the ' flames had . practically
died [out.v^everal; hours later, was the
body Recovered. . _ " .
/Tha dead: iEdward C.Ventress; elec
trician; "Mrs. Edward C.'Ventress; Miss
LilaTentress, aged 13 years; Miss Alice
French,' Miss -Isabel' Cook, :Miss Mary
Sparks. ': ' ' \u25a0 * :
. The /injured: *Mrs. Catherine Root
and her, two sons,.George. George and, Arthur,
severely burned:
The'loss^ofilife occurred in the Clif
ford'building and resulted from a series
of explosions of turpentine, paints and
oils and ; dynamite : stored, in the cellar.
Four business blocks and four houses
were destroyed. / v «
Rancher Slept on Wagon While
Employe Slipped From Sight
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
, SAUSALITO, April 11.— The ghost in
fested road to the big Lagoon ranch
is ; haunted no more. Constantine Bello
is : happy \u25a0 again, ; and \u25a0 superstitious per
sons who have j been . shunning, the spot
where Manuel Silva mysteriously dis
appeared a few days ago now pass over
the place without dread.
Manuel Silva, who some thought had
been carried away by spirits, has been
found and it appears that the' supposed
supernatural ._-\u25a0 carriers were Manuel's
"own legs. *
\u25a0"When - Manuel left his - employer,
Bello, sitting on, the seat; of the rig 1
while he .'dismounted to shut the gate
he bad decided to leave his home, wife
and .baby for a time. ..The road at that
point is •- near Mill Valley.', and > while
Bello -dozed' on the seat Silva "beat" it"
for the t(\wn at the.foot of Tamalpals.
He had traveled over the ridge before
Bello, soothed. by the sun, awoke suffi
ciently to gauge the .time or discover
that, his erstwhile employe had dis
appeared. ..'/ \ !
The.- only- spirit to be - found In the
matter In the light of the explanations
now \u25a0 is " the s spirit of discord- between
Silva ;and his wife on. the. b\% La croon
ranch. " That," according to the "lost
man," is i.why - he left ; his . home. \u25a0 Before
marriage .things looked, rosy, and ; the
skies were i always bright. -.- But things
apparently were not what they seemed
when the, wedding bells chimed, so
Manuel took a vacation and is now
working near . Olema. It: is expected
that he, will return... • «
Project ; Carried Unanimously at
Second Election
SAN MATEO,> April' 11.— The Home
stead, sanitary district has finally' been
formed, the project, carrying by &
unanimous vote." yesterday. ;Thei.resi
idents of that district became 'alarmed
over the possibility of theiirbecomlng a
portion, of . "greater San ;Mateo" a few
months. ago and called an election then
for the purpose of, forming a sanitary
district.- ; : \u25a0 *\u25a0 . \ \u25a0 :\u25a0•
.A majority of the '25 voters In .the
district voted \u25a0in favor of- the district,
but the election. was found to.be tech
nically illegal. ;. ..-..' ' . :;i
The trustees elected yesterday, were
R. W. Bliven, E. t*.. Croop. George B.
Childs,/ George- Finger and "William
Stine. ; Henry T. Teall was chosen as
sessor. \u25a0.- . ;•,-'•\u25a0: •' \u25a0 '.. : " :-T "\u25a0;• . _•' . ••'. \u25a0, '. .
ASPHYXIATED IN BED— Hiram " Mcliangh
lln; aged 57 years, of 5532 Twenty-second street,
was asphyxiated. in his. bed Saturday night. -On
retiring he neglected to properly turn off the gas
jet.: . \u25a0\u25a0--;:\u25a0 •:-" \~v:-^: :_.r •:-\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 ;. > ; . -
McCullough. 2023 Market street,; has
the third floor Joists on the .McCartney
apartments, .Second avenue: and Lake
street. Vs... *-"".-,- \u25a0 '•: .; V : ' . \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0" -". -"\'::'^ ._.•\u25a0\u25a0*'-.\u25a0
VMBuk'VM Awtianl ft fc "^Sfc \u25a0SS^r)ft'nV^i^^^^«^™^^*fl» '
Anty Drudge's Idea of Clubs/
Organizer of Woman's Clvb — "Anty, we want you to join
our club for the study of sociology, economics and*
the general uplifting of womankind. ' ' \ -Jt I
Anty Drudge—^"All right, my dear. We'll begin by tell-
ing all women about the new way of washing^ clothes
with Fels-Naptha in cold or lukewarm water. Itdoea
\u0084 away with boiling and hard-rubbing, saves work,
time, worry and money, and does more to help women
; than all the sociology, and economics in creation." .
When women first began to wash
clothes, they soaked them in a stream and
beat them with a paddle. A hard job it
was then to get rid of dirt. >
Then someone found that fat and lye
made a substance which, mixed with hot
water and rubbed hard, cleaned things
pretty well. This was soap.
Finally, came Fels-NaptKa.
Fels-Naptha isn't simply good soap;
it's different altogether from soap as you
\u25a01 .\u25a0 -' :«.V'v.'-' '"."•.'.\u25a0"
\r x\ c\\\t if .........
Fels-Naptha marks as big an advance
over soap in its usual meaning, as ordinary
soap itself did over the paddle.
Ordinary soap calls for much hard-
rubbing and plenty of boiling water to take
away dirt. Some kinds of stains, greases
and blood it simply won't remove.
But Fels-Naptha cleans without hard-
rubbing and you don't use hot water at all.
With Fels-Naptha all you need is cool
or lv kewarm water.
Think how this cuts all the terror, out -
of washday.
Full directions printed on the
red and green wrapper.
Get your votes In at once Jn the WIX-
every vote counts. . HELP your organ-
ization ;NOW. to win this . beautiful
Piano. :- Piano on exhibition at DOYLE
A .McGOWA'S. Haight at" Cole. Ballot
Box at SILVER BOW, 1641 Haight. See
THE CALL every Monday for the result
of^the voting". .
-Votes with every 25c purchase from
Halght Street Merchants listed below:
Art Good*— The Art Shop.
Book* and Statlonerr« — Arthur C.
Moench. _ • -.- - '
Barber shop — Hugo Schunert.-
Bakery — C. F. Dowlingr. .
Billiards and Pool— The Pall MalL
Confectionery— The' Silver Bow.
Creamery — Crystal . Creamery.
Clgrara and .Tobacco — Bob Blalne.
DfllcntPMen — Del Monte. -
Family Liquors— Pure Food Liquor Co.
Groceta — Doyle & * McGown. •
Grocera— Von Issendorf Bros.
Gents'. Furnishings — Allen"s.
Hardware— Graves-Taylor Co.
Jewelry— E. H. Gottscha,lk.
Ladies' Tailor— H.' Cassel.
Meats— Held & Beathorn.
Printer I—Ashbury1 — Ashbury- Heights- Advance.
Paints and Wall Paper — Clarke &
\u25a0 Dlckson.-: •. • - \u25a0 v
Photogrrapher-^-Etter. Studio.
Shoes — W. E.^Secombe & Co.
Saloon— Gold > Bar.
Teas and Coffee— Golden Gate Tea &
--\u25a0': Coffee -• Co. - . • , \u25a0•;•• > i
Tailor and Rrnovatory — M. Goodman.
Upholsterlne and Draperies — B. O. Mc-
Millan. ; \u25a0 • -,
.Vood and Coal^T. White.
\u25a0Votes Cast Friday, « p. m., April 2, 1909
St. Agrnes Academy 16,438
/Oriental . Rebekah: Lodge :..... .. 16,087
Crocker. School. .;:..:..- 8.03S
Engine 'No: 30 -. . ..... ..'.... .... .'6,960
Elk Dramatic- Club- 4,750
St. ,lKnatiuB' College'. ....... ..• 1.449
Sunset Theatorium - ; . . . 1,285
Dudley Stone School- 972
Francis Lyon , School •r. 36S
Haight Street Imp." C1ub. ....... 222
; . \u25a0 -- • --.•-'•. ;;// ,'; \u25a0-/,-;• t \u25a0 >'_,-. -. . - \u25a0
At THE CAI<Ii ; buainesa office or from
anybody that \Tcarn the button
ejSaye Time andTrouble by
i •; '; •
Member of Associated Savings
Banks of San Francisco
Paid np capital » 800,000
Total assets 94U270,500
Does a strictly savings bank busi-
ness. Open Saturday evenings from
1 to 8:20.
CHARLES CARPT... Pretldent
ARTHUR LEG AIXET... rtrst Vice President
LEON BOCQDERAZ.... Second Vice President
A. BOUSQUET.... Secretary
P. A. BERGEROT .Attoraej
N. C. Bf bin O. Boslo
J. A. Berserot J. M.Dapas
Charles Carpy Leon Bocq-oeraa
' Arthur Le?alle t 3. E. Artl?a*a
O. Beteney J. S. Godean
H. de St. Seine John Glnty
The California Promotion Committee
(The - State" Central Organisation orsanizp<i in
11*02 — An association for tbe romm«rctal and
. industrial deTelopmcot of California.)
; "PROMOTION! The act of promotion, adrtnee-
! - m^nt, 'eneoura cement." — Centnry Dictionary.
: The committee has for Its object the PEOMO-
TION of California* Interests. It has nothtog to
\u25a0ell. *It fodtera'all- things tendlus to the XV-
VANCEJrBNT of California. It is aa authority
on all matters relating to California. It EN-
COURAGES' the establishment of new Industrie*
und fosters those already established. It invites
desirable immigration. It present* the ocportu-
nltles and needs of all fields of business soil
professional activity. It Is supported by popular
subscription and make* no charge for any service
rendered.' It has affiliated with it 200 commer-
cial organizations of the state, with a combined
membership of more than 30.000. Meetings of
representatives ' of these organizations are held
semlannnally . in different parts of the state,
where matters of California's interests are dis-
cussed. ' Headquarters of the committee ar«
maintained in California buildln;. Union Square.
during the fiscal year, ending June 30,-1910. «»
follows:: Paints, .\u25a0 Varnish, Shellac. Red and
White Lead," White Zinc, Japan Drier. Gold
Sixe. , Kalsoinine. Paint Remorer. Otis. Turpeu-
tine. Gasoline, Adds, Alcohol, Coal Tar. Antieor-
rostTe \u25a0 CompoMtttjn, Lubricating Grease. Graph-
ites,. Alum, Sal Ammoniac. Caustic Soda. Sat
Soda. Potash, Beeswax. Floor Was. Metal Poli.ih,
Store Polish, Tallow. Candles, f.ye. Soap, Borax.
Bath Brick. .Solphar. Resin. Chloride of Mm*.
Tripoli., Vaseline. Gloe, Flour. Lamp Chalk.
Ground Glass, Rock Salt, ' etc. Sealed proposal*
frill be - received at the ofdc» ' of the General
Purchasing Officer. Isthmian - Canal Commission.
Washington. I*. C. until 10:5u a. m.. May 3.
1009. at which time they will be opened in pub-
lic. for famishing the abore mentioned article*.
Blank* and general information relating to thin
Circular (No. W-> may be obtained - from thH
office 'or the Offices of the Assistant Purchasing
Agents. 24 State, Street. New York Cltj; Custom
House, New Orleans, La..' and 1086 N'orta Point
Street. . San ' Francisco, Ca!.: also from the U. S.
Engineer Office* In the following cities: SeattK
Wash.; Los Angeles, Cal.; Baltimore. Md.: Phil-
adelphia, Pa.: Pltt*burg. Pa.: Boston. Mass.;
Buffalo. -N. Y.;- Cleveland. Ohio: Cineinnsti.
Ohio; -•\u25a0 Chicago. I1L: St. Louis, Mo.; Detroit.
Mich.;' Milwaukee. Wls.; St. Piul, Minn.; Chat-
tanouga. , Term.; LouisTllle. Ky.: Mobile. Ala.,
and GalTeston, -Tex.; ' Commercial Club. Kan«s«
I City. Mo.; Chamber. of. Commerce. Qulncy. lit.
and Chamber of Commerce and Boartt of Trade,
Tacoma. Wash. — F. C. Bojtrs. Captain. Corp*
of Engineers. U. 3. A. . General Purehasin;
\jtrieulture, t Office of the ' Secretary, . Washlns-
ton <D. C. AptlH.'-ISH»." S*>ale<l proposals will
bereveired *t:the Office of the Dtsbursins Clerk
until 2 t». m. Friday,. M»y. lt. 1909. for fuorl»h-
inz supplies • for the '\u25a0 ose of the forest ScrTice
durlnsithc-ascal'jMr endim: June. S">. , 1910. •;»*
follows: : Stationery ami ofa^ » »opp!I«i. furni-
ture." instruments. * t^Tophon* - wire awl : ttiturc*.
D<«HTerr to b* rns'lc at the rf»rei«t Service .Supplr
I^not vat oiru>n. l>'t»h. ' Full informatfon • fur-
nbiiiefi «n application 'to 1 the- IHsbursint; Clert.
Bids-must be: waled' and afidre«»e«l to the S*cre-
tarr. «t - AprU-ulturr. h» aerordaoce with Instruc-
tions chrea OB:»cb*Hiiil<* > '. '
.. ;;. JAMBS ,WILSO>-. Secretary.

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