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Son of Rich Eastern Railway
Magnate Makes Flight in
De Ltfxe Style
Gets Aid From Southern Pacific
Officials and Wins Way.
to Freedom
telegraphed to the police of New Or
leans and also of Denver to head off
the de luxe deserting party. The de
serters tried to throw out the hint that
they would travel via Denver.
Ackerman was 22 years of age when
he enlisted on December 21 last. He
s 5 feet 9 inches tall, has brown hair
and eyes and a ruddy complexion. Ap
pleton, his companion, is a Wond and
a moving picture show of a man. On
one arm he has tattooed a daring: cow
boy, on the other a beautiful woman,
and on liis back is a sprightly design.
Applcton had been In the army two
years and was not accounted a particu
larly good soldier. /
Lieutenant Beck admitted yesterday
that the two men had overstayed their
leave, which was granted Friday, and
said that he had convincing informa
tion that, they had deserted by rail
eastward. From eoldicrs in the com
mand it was learned that Ackerman
had secured the remarkable concession
from the railroad company.
Military history contains no record
>f any soldier's desertion in such com
\u25a0'\u25a0 \u25a0 # 1
-. __
Banquet Follows the Impressive
Ceremony at University
BERKELEY, May 9. — Initiation of
new members was a feature of the
final banquet for the term of the Golden
Hear, senior honor society of the Uni
versity of California, which was held
last night in Senior hall.
Prof. Henry Morse Stephens presided
atthe banquet following: the impressive
i.-«remony. Among . tnos*» attending
were President Benjamin Ide Wheeler
of the university and Victor Henderson,
secretary of the regents.
Following is the list and records of
the new members taken into the so
Ivan J. Ball '09, captain of the var
sity crew and member of the Phi Kappa
Sijrma fraternity.
J. A. IX Brookmen '10. English club,
•lobatT and Ftudent thespian.
Claire B. Crossfield '09. varsity yell
leader, member of Phi Beta Kappa
scholarship society.
Stephen W. Cunningham '10. presi
dent elect of student body and member
of the Abracadabra club.
William A. Edwards '10 of the Beta
Theta Pi fraternity.
Edward A. Freeman '10. varsity foot
ball man. Wing and Helmet and. Skull
and Key honor society and Sigma Al
pha Epsilon fraternity.
Chaffee Hail. Winged Helmet, editor
elect of the Daily Californlan. Occident
ataff, English club and Sigma Nu fra
John 8. Hardigan. yell leader elert,
Rlee club, De Koven club. Phi Delta
Theta fraternity. . ,
Herbert S. Johns, varsity track cap
tain elert. manager 1910 Blue and Cft)ld.
varsity football team. Winged Helmet,
Skull and Key and Chi Phi fraternity.
Fayette A. Lewis, captain elect var
sity baseball team, assistant yell leader.
John J. MeClellan "10. manager Daily
Californian. Winged Helmet. Skull and
Key and Delta Upsilon fraternity.
Irving G. Markwart, varsity football
team, varsity crew.
Stuart O'Melveny. recretary student
body, debater. Phi Beta Kappa, Winged
Helmet, Skull and Key. Psi Upsilon
Walter Z. Smith, captain manager
and coach baseball team. Skull and Key.
Oswald S. Robertson, varsity crew,
Allan C. Van Fl«*et. editor 1910 Blue
and Gold. Winged Helmet. P«i Upsilon.
Percy E. Webster, varsity football
team. Winged Helmet. Alpha Delta Chi.
Boston Professor Will Later Try
European Voyage in Air
BOSTON, May 9. — A balloon trip
over the Atlantic from Boston to Eu
rope is planned by Prof. Henry H.
Clayton, who recently resigned as me
teorologist at the Blue Hill observatory
After lti yearn of study of the direc
tion and velocity of wind currents.
Professor Clayton belie\'e» lie can
\u25a0 roFn the Atlantic by taking advantage
of an upper air or planetary current
which his experiments have shown
flows constantly eastward two miles
MXd more abov^the earth. He declares
3ie can make the distance of 3,000 mile*
easily In three or four days.
As a sort of preliminary test of the
possibilities of the trip Professor Clay
ton is now making plans for an air
voyage from San Francisco to the At
lantic coast.
Miss Josephine Leszynsky Bride
of Abraham Scharlin
Nearly 200 guests witnessed' the mar
riage ceremony which united Miss
Josephine Leszynsky and Abraham
Sch3rlin in the colonial room of the
SL Francis yesterday afternoon.
Dr. Jacob Nieto officiated. The bride
v.-as attended by Miss Viola Leszynsky.
Nathan Scharlin attended the groom.
Canton Leiderman of the Temple
Sherith Israel had a host of Fingers
The couple will spend their honey
moon in the south, later making .their
home In this city.
Sheriff Arrives to -Find - Black
Man Riddled With Bullets
JACKSONVILLE, Fl*:. May 9.— Mrs.
John Deas, wlfe'of a prominent farmer
residing at Camden. was struck early
today by an : unknown rysgro. who was
later captured by a mob of citizens and
When the sheriff reached the scene
the. mob. had raptured , the 'negro* -Mrs.
Deas had identified htm. his throat had
been cut and his body riddled: with
bullets. • • : \u25a0-." • k :\u25a0
•The sheriff could gain no information
as lo'the identity of those in , the mob.
PARIS. 'May- 9. — W. K. -Vanderbllfs
Nesofol . finished fourth '.today- in U Hi*
Prix . Groffulhe" I Produce 'stake* for 3
year olds) at lO^i:furlonK*-at '.the'Bols'
«ie Boulogne track. His Sempietro was
unolafed. ,
Clubwomen Plan to Stage
Humorous Dutch Comedy
Four Members of Thursday Club Who Will Aid in Presenting "The
Knickerbocker" Dames
San Mateo * Organization Ar«
ranges to Produce "The
Knickerbocker Dames"
SAN* MATEO, May 3. — As a climax to
a year's study of HolJand, its people
and customs, members of the Thursday
club will present a farce comedy, -"The
Knickerbocker Dames," May 25. The
event is also being scheduled as a
means of entertainment for. the, hus
bands of the clubwomen. The farce,
which was written by Mrs. Ella" M.
Sexton of San Francisco, will be' pre
sented in the spacious grounds':sur
rounding the residence of Mrs. James
Brown. Mtf. Sexton has undertaken
the coaching' of the amateur thespians.
Cozy nooks with just the proper
amount of light filtering in from Japa
nese lanterns will be-in evidence, and
a reception committee will hold forth
with entertainment and refreshments
for theclub's guests at the conclusion
of the farce.
The cast Is as follows: :
Mrs. Vw Plank "Van der Plank, president of
the Knickerbocker Dames, Mrs. Frederick U.
Colbnrn; Mrs. StnyTesant Smythe, secretary of
tbe Dames, Mr*. U H. McCrockey; Mrs. Van T.
We»terrelt Roblnaou. past : president of -tho
Dames, Mrs. 11. H. Walling: Mrs. John Jacob
Astor Jones, Mrs, James Ninblt: Mrs. T. Roose
velt Van TawellT Mrs* H. W. Hagen*. Mlsn Dor
othy Wentwortb, Mra. W. H. . Hammatt; Mrs. G.
Van Brunt Sweet. Mrs." H. WWTelgersenrMits
Charity Keertank, Mrs. B. D. Mwk; Mrs. UTlng
stone de Witt. Mr«,.C. J. Brown. • ;• '
BERKELEY, May 9. — In the presence
of- 10,000 persons; packed into the
Greek theater this afternoon, Rev.
Charles R. Brown, pastor of the First
Congregational church of Oakland,
preached the baccalaureate sermon to
the senior class of the University of
California. His theme, "The Prince
of -Peace," was, as the eloquent clergy
man declared, a departure from the
conventional baccalaureate" address. He
pleaded for the disarmament pf the
nations, and urged that the millions
now being expended for battleships
and armies should be used in the. de
velopment and the conservation of the
peaceful arts.
Rev. Mr. Brown derided the idea of
war between the United States and any
of the other great powers, especially
referring to Great Britain, Germany,
France and Japan. He heavily scored
Captain Richmond Pearson HobHon for
his assertions that there will some day
be war with Japan.
He said that the United States has
increased in population*- 10- per cent
In: the last decade; and.; that its .war
expenditures have increased '. 300 . per
Continuing, he said In part:
"We have an enemy to r light. 1 - but it
Is not France, nor Germany, nor Eng
land, nor Russia, but, hunger, disease,
graft, all of which . need "good ' states
men, knowledge and the- best type of
citizenship 'possible' to secure from' the
country. • .." .
"There is no reason why peace should
not be. Two countries sometimes
make a treaty to leave a certain
boundary line dispute to arbitration.
Why not have the same. treaty to ap
ply to a larger principle and say that
war should not exist between two
countries? >
"H has been^ advanced as. a Justifica
tion ' for the statements of Impend
ing war with Japan that our'posses
sion of the Philippines would cause
fighting. If this is so it would \u25a0be ; a
poor ?ause for. fighting. .We..; do ".not
need the Philippines. They -but hinder
us. It would . be profitable ' f or \u25a0us\u25a0 to
pay some • respectable nation $50,000,000
to take them off our. hands." ' ;
The clergyman spoke at some length
on the duties of 'lcitlzenshlp about <to
be thrust on, the- graduates,, the' duties
to be performed' and the proper' view
of. Hie/.-; . .:.- ; . • ..-\u25a0:\u25a0 \u25a0'\u25a0 t :> "'; ;
\u25a0i Inclde'nlal to the address was a rare
musical' -program. . \u25a0 Following was -a
lialf;. hour of instrumental numbers by
a.* largo, orchestra led .by Alexander . T."
Stewartof Oakland.: who arranged s the
unusually interesting music' programs
of the; day. * - : -: : . - -\u25a0-,:\u25a0\u25a0- \u25a0\u25a0.-;:
ThompMin-Jmilui I'ntf
i Closed temporarily for reorganization;
Will be opened under new management.*
THE SAN^^FRA^()ISeO^-QMjL;-..^ONI)Ay y );.''MAT-^l^^l»o9.
Contest for Presidency May
Cause Split in Del Monte
Continued from I'iirp 1
the re-election of Mrs. Hume, because
she has made an excellent officer."
It is impossible at the present time
to predict the outcome of the fight.
The nominating committee, .in 'whose
hands.-the selection is,, will meet at
Del Monte May 18 and .the claims of
the respective candidates will be pre
sented. It is possible that the contro
versy will be. carried out of the com
mittee to the floor of the convention. .
Advices from Los Angeles last night
indicated, that "the . southern delega
tion would probably be divided, .but
that a strong: figlit against the re
election-of Mrs. Hume would be led by
members of the Friday. Morning club;
Delegation May Be Split V
LOS AXGELES, May 9.— lt iis prob
able that the delegation of the. Los
Angeles district to the state conven
tion of women's « clubs at Del Monte.
May 18 will be divided on the question
of the re-elQCtibn or Mrs. James B.
Hume of Oakland to the office of presi
dent. It was rumored today that Mrs.
Oliver C- Bryant, recognized leader of
Los , Angeles "clubwomen,, had .taken a
firni stand against the proposed, con
tinuance of Mrs. -Hume Jii - office, on
account'of the' precedents according to
which. stkte presidents serve only one
year. ~ Mrs. Bryant Is ill and no ex
pression could =be secured from her to
night.'; j :
' Mr>." R. J. Waters, prominent in the
Friday Morning . club, \u25a0 expressed j seri
ous doubts about- the propriety of. of-
fcrlng Mrs. Hume's name' for the presi
dency, . , - l \ - \u25a0'- ' •
"The one term' precednrit 'has been
rigidly 'observed," said Mrs;. Waters,
"and a division will surely arise on the
question of Mrs. Hume's ; re-election." '
Mrs. Will.iam;Baurhyte of the Friday
Morning cLub is strongly In favor of
the re-election of Mrs. Hume, and- will
support her'candldacy at" Del Monte.'r
Other . prominent clubwomen" ex-,
pressed strong opposition to the idea
of a re-election.- \u0084
Chi!>— \u25a0 "•;,,>. : Won Lout Pft. 1
Frultv*!e ..'..... 5 1 &»3
Alameda Al«rt«.... .;.,,... 4 1 - : win
Uoltftd IlallroudK... :i I ,780
TrtDfportation r1ub.. ............ a 1 uno
Olj*n|)tc club -a 1 : r.««
Berkeley \u25a0 Cha5e5. ;....... 3 :t boo
Oautner A Mattern ; 1 • .*{ i!SO
Wiley. B. AU«n. ..:;.. .;.... .... 0 rs 000
Oakland Tribunes ..;......O 'i 000
\u25a0 »\u25a0 ,i. • \u25a0 •\u25a0\u25a0",-•---\u25a0_...
Three game* were playM t yesterday by '\u25a0 the
Transbay .leafuem. , . Tbe Olympic club shut out
Berkeley,. 8 (to 0; .the United; Railroads beat
•FroltTale,7 to 4, and the AlunWa Alerts "hung
I%' on the- Wiley B. Aliens. 7 to 2. 'Berkeley's
defeat at' the hand* ut the Olympic club; caused
them to change place*. In ; tbe percentage;-col
umn with the clnbboya; otherwise' the teams
retain the- same^relatlTe- positions." '\u25a0 . \u25a0 \u25a0
. lTie^ vlqtory ..of tbe: United Rallroadg team
caused KraltaWe: to suffer It* v first -defeat of
the season, haring . won nil of the lire games
It bad played since the' Transbay league opened.
Tbe scores: . / . , : . \u0084
.\u25a0 At Alaiueda— . .. / It.' 'ir. E
Alameda \u25a0 '. iv; .*.*•.'.•. , .". «. : v. ;; . . . .\u25a0.', : 7» •'- fi ?*.\u25a0'*
•Wiley B. Aliens... .:....: 2'i fi 4
Katteries— Whito and Hood; Mack le and Ryan.
At Berkeley— , R. H. E.
Olympic club..;". ......:'. .V.i. 8 14 \u25a0 0
Berkeley ; ;; ..;...\u25a0.,......'...;';.. .;•. 0 > .J5 1
Batteries — Dnnn and GrlnselH" Waterbury and
Storrkk. , .•:- ';:>.\u25a0.\u25a0 -.-\u25a0', - «
"At Frnltrale^-' • - - »; - . •\u25a0 - - 'Tt. it. c.
TTnlted Railroad*. ..:.....; 7. \j\ 2
Fruit vale . : ; ....." "4 , *v U~ •' a
Batteries— Lowe and rerktns; LeVy !aud^ Ja
cobscn. -\u25a0 .•'.-,. - :
: MODESTO.' May o.— The; Modesto' Reds lost 1 to
WTermor* . by ' a<• scorn ; of 1«\u25a0to % 0 ,In \u25a0 a came
marked -by high V class plsylng :en both ait Jen.
Score: R., H. ,E.
Modesto ..; ...• :.;.';.'.n 4-::2
Lirermore ........;..;.;*; 1 • - ; B '\u25a0 > 3
Batteries— Modesto. Mobley and Palm; Uver
tnore;- Sharks ad ' Os will. ' \u25a0 \u25a0?. >\u25a0 \u25a0<; \u25a0.-\u25a0 \u25a0 >\u25a0< \u25a0•= 1 ,-.-\u25a0:
On May 11 Northwestern Pacific;Rall
road will change time. .Steam trains to
or from>points p ?on: i \rinitsninelwimrun
to or, from (Sausalito , viafyCorte Wa
dera : Cutoff. 'Frequent boat : service
between . San . Francisco „'; and. > Tlburbn."
Suburban .electric 1 strains :.and.->boals
connecting, therewith ".» will?'runi- half
hourly in. rmorning-andi'afternoori^ and
hourly .In middle '- of "day.:-: OniSnn
days^iialf-,:'hourly .'.}servlcejs ? practically
throughout the -T^ea\-lng *\u25a0 time
/ronnSan Francisco, will cbej fifteen
and Rafter,* the* 'hour:
from ,San>Rafael*;atttwenty-»eveh>>and
flfty-Beven minutes Safter^tlio. hour,; and
from-AMiHVV'alley /fifteen »and"? forty- five
minutes -after . it he .-hour. '-; Increased
Fairfaxsprvice," especially In -afternoon
and. eVenins:," v \u25a0 ". * \u25a0.-;\u25a0\u25a0-:';\u25a0., *:".--: • -.-'\u25a0.• .-..\u25a0: \u25a0,', •\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0.\u25a0;\u25a0
Failure to Take Names of Ex
hibitors Delays Compilation
of Completed List
Santa Rosa Judges Announce
Awards by Numbers and
Some Are Not Identified
[Special Dispatch lo The Call]
SANTA ROSA, May 9.— Owing to the
failure of the ,women Judges to take
the names of the exhibitors in the rose
carnival parade here yesterday to
whom ; awards ,were made it has been
impossible to learn the names of all
winners of prizes.
The judges made their announce
ments, at a late hour last night by
numbers only. ; As far as they -can be
traced to 'date awards 'were won as
follows: .'
I Automobile-! section, touring cars,
natural flowers— First prize. No. 21, Mrs.
O. L. Houts, $50; second, No. 19, Sena
tor Thomas Reams' car. driven by Kd
ward Kearns, $30; third, No. 10, $20.
"Roadsters and runabouts— First, No.
15, Miss Hel«n Thurston, $40; second,
No., 20, $25; third, No. 17, Mrs. Thomas
Bacon, $15. \u0084 '\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 \u0084. > (
Touring cars, paper flowers — First,
No. 16, "X. Y. C." $40; second, No. 26,
Mrs. Herman P6hlmann, : \u25a0: $25; third,
No;- 14. Isls club, $15. - -
Roadsters ; and runabouts — First, No.
18, Mrs.. Raford Peterson, $35;. sec
ond. No. 5, $25. ' •
Floats, natural flowers— First, air
ship. No. 33, Santa Rosa Woman's im
provement club,- $75; second, No. 42,
?50; third. No. 2, $25.
Two seated vehicles — First, No. 43,
MI3S Martha Hahman, $50; second. No.
3, $30; third. No. 33. $20. -\u25a0\u25a0'
One seated vehicles — First, No. 46,
Mrs. If. H. Moke, $40;- second. No. 43,
Dolly Fitts, $25; third, Mrs. Jack
Sarrhl. $15.
Features — First, No: 24, Irene club,
hay rake, $40; second. No. 1,-$25: third.
No. 50, Court' Santa Rosa, 1. O. F., "Old
Oaken Bucket," $15. -, ; - \u25a0
Paper flowers, two seated vehicles—
First, No.' 25. Mrs. J. XV. Clark, $35:
second. No. 42,theMisses Laurena and
Gwendolyn Overton, $25.
One seated vehicles — First. No. 49,
$25; second. N0.. 39, $15; third, Mrs. W.
A. Nichols, $10.
Features — First, - Healdsburg gon
dola, $20.
Float— First, Dunbar district, $10.
Boys and girls on -horseback, natural
flowers — First. Earl Rogers, $5; second,
Ruth Anderson; $2.50.
Pony carriages- or carts, natural
flowers — First, Mrs. Lawrence Prsss
ley. $20; second. Miss Ruth Hall, $15;
third. Miss Bertha Magor, $10.
Kxpres« wagons, natural flowers —
First, Bernice-Dryden, $3.
Coasters and handcars, natural flow
ers — First, -Dwight Barnett, $3; second,
Donald Drysdale, $2; third, John Bar
ham, $1:1. ..-•\u25a0' \u25a0 \u25a0
Doll 'gocarts or buggies, -natural
flowers-^First, Elaine and Rose Rab
bino. $2. ; . >
Special mention, • dog carts— First,
Will Boyd; second, Eskimo sled.
Features, drawn by children—^First,
Mrs. C. Pomeroy, $15; second, Lorraine
Johnson, $10; third, Mrs. : Vineyard, $5.
Bicycles . and \ tricycles, natural . flow
«rs — First. Harvey Ward, • $5;
Loretta Gardner, $2.50. - .\u25a0'. ~"\-'.-
San Mateo Wins From Golden
Gate and San Francisco De~
feats Wanderers
The San Mateo team yesterday con
tinued its victorious progress by de
!ctsively defeating the Golden Gate
cricketers by a* margin of 119 runs. H.
Elliot 56, and Moran 36, gave a good
display of batting/although both were
\u25a0missed from catches r more* than once.
Reading; 17, was: the only other man
;to reach double figures. The batting
\u25a0of the Golden' Gates -was very weak,
• aiilJen, with 16 : runs, being the only
batsman to make any stand against
ithe effective bowling of Moran and
Howard. Scores: '<'
B. B. Major run : out 1
A." G. I'alce c. Mornn, I>. H0ward. ........' 3
T. E. Mlllen <\ Mellei, b. Moran.... ..10
J. Taseell ,b. Moran.. .". .V". '.'2
B. Bird <\ Hlchards, ». H0ward.... ......... 1
J. W. Idlest c. I leading, b. M0ran. . . . . . .. ... 9
F. ;J.- : Spencer . 1. b. w., b. Howard 0
./. Oochrane b. -. Moran. ;*.;. r... ,.'. 2
,F. ; J. Lewis not. 0ut. .......... .i . - . '. . ... . . ; . t»
K.'Halles c. Richards, b. H0ward.."... ...... n
K. Walton b. Moran r. ...'.*.. 1":. ...'.....":..... U
\u25a0Extant ir^ .. • '\u0084 ... • . . .*. . . . • 0
! .i-Totai ...-.1-.."*. • .-. :.v.v..: . :. . . : .'. r." :u
\u25a0 Bowllnif Balls. MaiiJens. Run*: Wicket*.
Moran ....... 4.4 t 1"
Howard \u25a0\u0084...'. 4'i . \u25a0• ;: 17 , i
' v ' ' SAN' MATEO
A\y E. v Monin-:c. and b. 8ird..... ......... .5C
H. *F. Elliot c. »Spencer, b. V Pa1ce. . . ...... ..">6
W. H. Howard •b. Paicp.' . . : ..... : . . . . ; . . . : . 5
G.-i Panwnsb.. Palce. ...\u25a0....,.........;..,.. . 0
1.. H. Reading b.1'a1ce...... ;........ ..17
V. ' Richards {b. Priest. .. . .-.'.;. ..:.. ..\.V
».- Oaldwellb. Palce. .-..V. .\..\3
W. , Klttlewell i b. ; Prle«t ;.......- 1
A.'^Shrcwsbtuy b; ; Pa1ce. .................... 7
B. ,; Kapau ; b. Palce.. .........;.. 6
R. B. Meller . not ; 0ut. ;.............;......":.' 5
Extras ......... :....... : . r. .-. . . .16
\u25a0"^Totai: ..... .....;: . . . . :..\ '. . .-. . . . . . .ikj
\u25a0 Howiinif /.Balls. Maidens. . Run*:.- Wicket*;
J. PriPSt. ... .. 84 -.0 33 .2
J. Taß5P11.. ... 42 i: (i ,v:O'-;", v: O'- ; " >
A. - Palce. . . .\ "JS : ' .»2 , 47 .7
V. -.1.cw1».. :.. fi (i i : n
B. 8ird....... 42 . 0 .11' 1
The,' San Francisco team ], was lucky
in. snatching. a-'Jclose game' from^the
iPennlngton, 30, and Hath
away,34,. not^outr saved the situation
for their, team: r. Scores : ,; C- ;
R.: Stuhrt.' b. Sterling/. ....:. ..../. ...... .... 6
C." Banner, c. Dewhnmt, b. 5ter1ing. . ... ... . . .' 6
C. • (Jrown, : c. substitute, . b. ; Sterling. . ; . . . .'..:. 2
P., Charlton, -! run 0ut. : . . . .' ..... . . ........ . . ; ; n
H.'iPennlngton.- c* Bubatltuic, b. Pet#rsen.V.r.3O
S. Hy land, r b. ; Peetrnen ......;.....".:....\u25a0.. .'. . 5
VA Hathaway, not n0. . T.t.': .;'..;....'. . . .'..'. ..34
W. Dustln.'. c." substitute. . b. Petersen .% . . : .". .'.O
J.,W00d,"-st."Dewhurst b. 5ter1ing. .......'... 1
E. Strike; at. Dewnurst.b. 5ter1ing........... 0
J. - Chown, run : 0ut;; . . . . . ;•. .... . . , ; '0
Extras. ..........;.....•. .•...'.: .; . ; ........... H
Total . : . . . . . . ;. ..;.:... . /. . . ;"..... V...\»7
V* ; ..? '.'..". ~z~U :\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0>•" ' : Balls. Msld.Tßuns. Wlefc;
A::5t«r11ng. .........;. 72. 0 50. *«.
E; \u25a0\u25a0 Petersun r. .;.....;. ?.•> \u25a0 4 10 3
R. Raym0nd. .......... 12: ;' - 0- , 10/ 0
W.5m1th.... r. ;.;....'. ]S *O /. :." - 'o:
J. William*... :. .. 19 " 0 7 ,0
"•. -'I- SAN FRANCISCO ;V.*"'* 'V
K.I Raymond,' b 5tuart;! . . . . . ...... . . ....... . 10
A.* Sterling, c Stuart, b.Cnar1t0n..r..V...... 5
E." Petersen, b.': Penn1ngt0n. . . ,..".; ..*..:.; .*. . 07
V;! Smith,, b.^Pf-nntngt0u. ;.......%.;.. ;. . . . . v. 0
H.^Phillpotti.sb.t Hathaway . . ; ... . . .'. .. '.'. 7:':.u 13
I).' Williams; /c. "Wood, b." Banner. .V. . . . :'..".'. .16
AUSwayne.-rjuu out;;;-; ,.:;•..\u25a0;..\u25a0.."•\u25a0.••...;. ."i.> 11
C." Ferguson.i cv- Pennlngton.' b." 8r0wn ........ ;•\u25a0 o
. Yon * Fa gen a not ; 0ut .".". . r; .V..v ; '..".".':" ;. r»', ; ; 0
H.. G. Ramsey, c. Hathaway, b. 8r0wn .". . , ; ;v- v 1
Extra 5" . . ..' .....;:.... ; .. .7.;.. .....;. 7
. Total ......... *. .:.. ;....'. ... .*. .... ... . . . 115
\u0084 . ANALYSIS. : \u25a0:
<V . :•>",;' . Ball*. r Maid. 'Runn.Wirk.
R.SStitart. .':\u25a0:;. .:.v.*ilj?2.-; • '-\u25a0 :<:" -I,'.
S.-jl'lisrltonrr. .W.v.r.V? "-"fi-'l 4 ' ,\u25a0 14 ' 1 "\u25a0\u25a0•.
EAStrike;V'':T'.;;,..,;;: ; i2 -~ .'\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0-(•-- !•' -C O
H.Jl'poulniUon.,.^;..,. t 4S, t;vU; .•."*\u25a0:.•. •?»•*.
n.iHatfean»j-: ; .;;..;.;.5 S4' ;'. .1 .\u25a0; .21. , 1
i".' Brown ; I T . . V.'^ • V .~. ;;r -' 2" * • r~ -' \u25a0-*' 1 1 • * -*\u25a0 2 •* \
t C.i Banner. :..7 : . .V. ;.',,'; is ;v Q Z • V
Rev. E. R. Diile and Dr. 1^ C.
v Meserve preach rr on
, . Home Topic
Fealty to Family Essential to
Highest Development of
Set'asidcas .••Mothers' day," iri^o'rders
issued throughout' the/Uni ted States by'
the \u25a0commarider.7iny chief |of - the Grand
Army of tho ;Republio, yesterday\,was
fi tti n gly ;; o bserved ii n * two of San \u25a0 Fran
clscp's churches.' 'Rev^ Dr. E. R. Dllle
of the -First Methodist church and Rev.
Dr. j. " C. Meserve of the Plymouth" Cdn
gregational • church-preajChedi on the
subject last night; Lincoln post /and
relief 'corps, G.i A; r R.i ; .were present' at
tho .sermon by JDrc. Dille. - \u25a0 • ' ;
"Nojpeople who. have honored, father
and mother and', whdVhaVe "'cultivated
the' domestic .virtues," have- ever degen
erated: so as to, be, subjugated and.ox
termlhaied, I ' / said tho" Key. Dr. Dille,
"but no x nation that 'has loosened the
bond of marriage and "relaxed the fam
ily tie :has long survived." " -
Rcvj Dr. Meserve said. in part:
•.'Motherhood is. the noblest and most
sacred privilege . and *. duty' of woman.
Motherhood is higher than maidenhood,
as; the of Mary, in the "gospel,
shows. 'Always men have .""adored
beauty, yet It has never been as": profit
able .as '"goodness, any more \ than the
top, of: a mountain is more profitable
than a- cultivated fleld."\ y' ; '•"*
"lii : the ; . homes of the. rich- and
mighty," said the Rev. Dn Meserve.
"it -is nature's mighty demand that
saves many .a- woman from- simple
selfishness and 11 frivolity." '.'.»
Kept in Philadelphia ;
PHILADELPHIA. May- ' 9.^-Mothers'
day was 1 celebrated here today by men
and; women: »in . every walk.r of . life.'
Everywhere tho, white carnation, chosen
symbol of tho new. celebration, was to
be seen. : The movement . for, the . es
tablishment of Mothersyday as a worldr
wide holiday, was originated in this city
by Miss Annri. Jarvis*- whose mother
died • four years ago. ft* \u25a0" \u25a0\u25a0.
Celebrated in Seattle
SEATTLE, May 9. — Mothers' day was
celebrated in nearly all of the Seattle
churches today. The demand for white
carnations was large and the local
supply was soon exhausted.
Los Angeles Observes Day
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
LOS ANGELES, May 9. — Temple au
ditorium, seating 5,000 persons, ' was
crowded to the doors this afternoon at
the meeting in honor of "mothers' day."
Women's clubs, churchei and fraterntrl
organizations joined in the work of
raising funds .for destitute mothers, and
it is estimated tonight that nearly
$3,000 has been collected In -Los Ange
les. The day was also observed, in
many of the churches and white car
nations were everywhere in evidence.
In the towns surrounding Los Ange
les special services and meetings were
held, and it is estimated that $500 will
bo added to the found from Pasadena,
Long Beach and Santa Monica. •
Miners Near Jackson Quit Work
• Pending Settlement :
; .\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0•-.\u25a0•• r . \u25a0 . './•.-\u25a0 \u25a0 . v .
JACKSCOC, May 9.— The minors going
on the day; shift at therArgonaut mine
refused to go to /work this* morning: on
account r "of the interpretation of the
eight: hour law., .They fully intended
to work,'. pending a settlement of tho
difference existing between the oper
ators and themselves, when some of
the night shift induced the men, to quit.
They refused to allow the company to
keep the mine free from water.
Thl3 afternoon a meeting was held
and a committee of six was appointed
to on the superintendent .tomor
row to adjust the- difference, if possible.
The operators have made no concessions
whatever, . and Intend . to maintain - the'
agreement' entered Into . at,, the San
Francisco meeting.
It is freely reported that a force of
Italians, with a few English speaking
miners, intend to go. to work at the
Kenncdyrin the morning. _
sallto, -May 9. — Milk and Impure milk renders
will. be lnTestlcaUd hy the town board / of trus
tees, and the matter . of the milk atipply for
Saasatlto consumers (tone into. If the. charges
are found to . have foundation in fact.' prosecu
tions are promised by the trustee* under the
pure food law' that prohibits sale of impure foods.
Buy Waye Power and Electric Stock
Today —Tomorrow Price Rises— f-
A Lifetime Opportunity
-Tears ago: somebody gave your grand-
fatlierjor ' grandmother the opportunity
to" buy Bell Telephone or "Westihghouse
Air Brake stock of stock In a score of
other ''- great ;; world ; wide utilities. . If
they had: taken* advantage of their' op-
portunities 3 you would ; be \u25a0 a . millionaire
today, by 'inheritance; If they did not"
take .advantage .;. of }.their 'opportunity,
your r to ,; be wealthy has
come today,'- forlybuj have the ;chance to
buy] Way ei Power; and: Electrlo", stock at
11.00 :n r shire. '• A. •" small ? allotment of
this stock is \being' offered today- only
at this price, for at; midnight . the : price
rises i to $1.50. v We urgeievery -man or
woman who'; wants "to In
dividends iandv.who'l wishes to start -a
fortune,-: to announcement
and- act upon^ lt immediately- — today be-
fore * six ; o'clock. '.This lifetime oppor-
tunity, to acquire a holdlngin the Wave
Power i - . and ; Electric •".\u25a0 Company \u25a0 is : re-
markable.v.-i Th e;, demand ' for. power ;is
enormous and the : Starr Moto£i is
the * acknowledged : solution of ' the : great
demand for 'cheap, power today. What
Is - the ' Starr, Wave v Motor ?:."- It Is ! the
wonderful" invention -of; Mr. 'Fred Starr.
As vessels rise and 1 fall: on the ocean by
the.terriflcjpower of the. waves,' so with
the 5 Starr>wave < Motor." vi A^ large j ba r ge
of many thousand tons capacity, moving
up I and 1 down;, conveys I the> motion : . to | a
shaft i operating; in one: direction, vwhere
it -becomes-; power. '\u25a0\u25a0 to j this
shaft is an i : ingenious device,' consisting
of^continuousiirolling^welghts.: which
become h the ;\; medium;" fory, producing
static-' power. One -of itheV most '• Impor-
tant^ parts "of* the^Wave J Motor, \which
makes I the kwheels % and ~, shafts r of >the
power ! ;plant> revolve "Ins one -direction;
is *, the c Starr! Patent* Roller.* Clutch, one
pfs the jmosti remarkable -inventions of
thislcentury.^Thei field '< of utilization sof
th«» JStarri Roller; Clutchij to mother; mech-
anisms.'vißuch \\a sv the.- Sewings' Machine;
the;Mftinsf;-jack;ithe ! >Wind Mill^etc.t in
. beyond ftcalculation.t;.; At v 301 -'^ Market -
Street >ac.tualllworkirig* models;: of. 1 the
fitarr^Wave-Motor^andjthei Starr^ Pa tent
C^utch?are,inow^.onSexhibitlon...3 .Thou-:
chineryS and j| thousands tgos;i away 'Im^
pressed! upon ithe of the in-
$4.85 Is Today's Price
, More bed than was e\-er bought for that money
: *y'' before. It is so substantial, so well made. You
couldn't get more service from a fifty dollar one.
Made in three-quarter size. Enameled in white or
nile -green, as you prefer.
No use talking, the Sterling has the lowest metal
bed prices in town. And another thing, no matter
how low. the price, it doesn't cost a penny extra to
get all the credit you want.
V Pedestal, $2.75
fr^t Very low price, but a very good Pede»tal.
%M Made of. birch in mahogany finish. 3«
feA inches In belght; column Is 4 inche* in
jjT diameter. Turned and' proportioned ex-
£~) You can better realizo this whea you
jSa • visit oar model cottage. Everything con-
£fT) tatned in its four rooms represents a de-
}&{ partment — the kitcbenrr — the beddlns —
CW) the glass and china ware.
fi|i_\ Convenient to secure every thfnjr in on*
/^i^^^^*^>- :ount — one small payment — let the rest
- 4&S£2^s^ ' {in alons for a ear -
Instruments Prevent Vessels at
Sea From Sending Messages
In the small boy of San Francisco
and . his experimental . wireless Instru
ments there lies a menace to the safety
of shipping: on the Pacific ocean, ac
cording to Charles B. Warren, purser
and wireless operator of the steam- i
ship Lurline, which, arrived in port .
yesterday from Hawaii. i
Warren asserts that he has had great ,
difficulty in getting tnis port by wire- <
less at all during the daytime and that
he has been compelled to wait until ;
after midnight to send a message to '<
San Francisco owing to j the constant
"breaking in" of instruments operated ,
by youngsters here. .
Warren declares tnat the attention
of the government should be brought j
to the conditions and some action j
taken at once to protect shipping. j
The Boyson Apartments, Twenty-first
and Dolores streets, are plastered. Mc-
Cullough would be pleased to have you
call and look them over. *
ventions and the financial possibilities
of their adaptation;
• The 1 Wave Power and Electric Com-
pany are arranging to exhibit this won-
derful Starr .Wave Motor and - Roller
Clutch at the Alaska-Yukon Expos!- 1
tion in Seattle and' at the Golden West:
Industrial Exhibition in London. Eng-
land. English capitalists, upon its ex-
hibition in London, have virtually guar-
anteed the sum of $5,000,000 for tbe
rights of the British Isles.
' Only a . few thousand shares of the
treasury stock have ever, been issued,
and then only for the purpose of experi-
menting and perfecting the patents.
The stock has been sold at $1.00 a share.
Within. a year this. stock will be earn-
ing dividends. through the sale of the
foreign patents; of which this company
owns nineteen, and from the profits of
subsidiary companies. Every certificate
of stock entitles the holder to the profit
from the patents which this company
owns and on all patents which Mr. Starr
will secure in ithe. future. Why not lay
the foundation of your fortune with, a
few", shares \u25a0 of " the • Wave - Power : and
Electric. Company stock?. There"' ar«
only. a few thousand share* of the first
allotment to be sold. .They will be spjd
for the : purpose Jof enlarging , the * fac-
tory and manufacturing, the appliances
based ' on the Starr \u25a0 Roller Clutch: • To-
nlght at midnight^this- stock now'sell-
ing.at, $1.06, Avi1l be advanced-to- $1.50.'
Wecpnsider it: ourduty. to "the invest-
ing! public to inform them of this -raise
In-prjce socthat they can?take "advan-
tage: of -the -one .day /(today}, in :_whlcb
jto;securesome : stock. ThisisTyour op-"
portunity '; to ,Uay > the-"* foundation ; of
wealth.Swhether. you T much* or. lit-
tle-money; -:' You have until six o'clock
tonight -« to I take advantage of it. ,«We
thinkilttthelwisest investment on* tho
market \u25a0- today. ; Doubt : ; can f not \u25a0 Ueter
you; '.for -there' is the model producing
power at"^3ol'. Market > Street. Let your
owncgood "J sense ; and: -good^judgment
guide you: to your future fortuned With-
outi dbubt^the: small jblock^of stock of-
fered ijtovi sale? todaj' -.will ; bei'eagerly
bought,up.i'iThose-who send infor bring
in \u25a0• thei r k subscriptions i« : , first v 'will Cbe
served ;> first:*; Ca lit at=3ol 'Market. Street,
where ' the -modeirls^lnroperation.N'orJat
thei?ofHce ;of |the ;campany,"6o9 Phelan
Buildins. • \u25a0 t-m^OtSSSKBBBBSk
Commercial Union
Assurance Company, Limited
OF LONDON. ENGLAND, ca the 31st dar
of December, A. D. 190S, and for tbe
ye*r ending on that day. PnWUhed pur-
suant to the ProrUlons of Section 611 of the
Political Code and complied from the annual
statement filed wltii the Insurance Commissioner,
of the State of Calif orata.
Heal estate owned by company
Loans on bond* and mortgages 23.0C0.00
Cash market valns of all stocS* and
bonds owned by company 4,373.230.00
Cash In company's office t.268.23
Cash ia banks 473.133.1^
Interest dne and accrued oa bonds
and mortgages 61.589.23
Premium* In due course of collection 731.560.9t
Bills receivable, not matured, taken
for fire and marina risks 33.22tt.23~
Rents due and accrued ...' 9.723.31
Due from other companies for rein- \u25a0
surance oa losses already patd.... 5,656.41? •
Total ns«ts 1 •.»&.»».2g&87
Lo«sps adjosted and unpaid • $75,017.1 D
Losse<) in proee«s of adjustment or
ia' suspense ..t.. « 267.674.7'J
I^sws resisted. Int-lndlnsr expenses..' 453.353.00
Gross premiums en flre rUka. ninnlns;
one year or Jess. $2.456.5»42.24; \u25a0
reinsurance. 80 per cent 1.243.471.12
6rou pr^inlozns on flre rtak-* ruaniii;
more than one year, |3,77J).255.3ti;
reinsurance pro rara .;."- '•• 1,577,37 t5S
Gross premium* on Inland naT!;atu>ii
risks, $197,68">.2t : relnsorance. 3<>
pec cent . 99.532.60
Gross promloru* on marine risk*.-
fXs.7u*.2t:; resns>jranL-e. 100 per
cent • 53.705.2S
Amount recl»im.ible by ' ia*ur»d on
pen>etoal fire Insurance poli<»i«s. . . 09,5~>2.9G
Commissions v and brokerage dne or
to become due' ..1. ......... 103.57^.00
AU ether liabiUtles 106.M2.M
Total UaMUUes '.S*.4t«t.*4Mo
INCOME \u25a0
Net .cash tetaally receWed far flre
premiums - ....$3.338,003..17
Net cash actually recelTed for ma-
rina premiums 584.156.52
Received for Interest «n mortgages.. 833.00
Beceived from Interest and dividends .'
on bond*, stocks, loan?, and from .
all other sources 2U.153..".?
Received toe rents ' 70.149.65
Received from home. office ........ 159.034.01
Income from all other sources y,.... 23,695.91
Total tncome -$4.167.1*2.<tt
Vet amount paid for flre losses (In-
eludlns $4&3,046.53» losses of pre-
Ttous years) ...... -\u25a0;..:....»2.0P0.741.0ft
Net amount patd for marine lossea. 163,331.51! .
Expenses of adjustment and settle-
ment of losses '.....\u25a0...\u25a0..\u25a0..'...... 73,347.02'
Paid or allowed for commission or
brokerase •• 709,C65.8«
Paid' for salaries, fees and other
charges \ for officers. - elerksi. etc . . 225.463.20
Patd for state, national and local
taxes ................... 97,0fi».70
AU other payments and expenditures 232,730.0.1
Remitted to acme office 810,272.83 '
Total expenditures , J ... ,»4.41«.004.ii8
— Flr«. Marine.
Losses * Incurred durinj
tbe year ........... $1.7&1.253.04 9154,637.44
, . : • ~~~~- j *'lre Risks. Premlamst "
Net amount of risks!
written during • the t - .
year : . .". 5437.710,139 $4,633,329.40
Net- amount /of "risks
. expired ' during the
year . ... ; 477.608,899 5,090,37U81
Net .'amount rlnr In -force . ~
December 31; '1905.. 5n2.fi.<<0.453 «.2fig.23o.sq
~~~ ~ '. ' i ~ Marine : " ' """ -
. yeir .".:•. .Y. V.*. . .... J251.124.420 $472^3«.4a
[ Net - amount of " risks •
expired dnrlns the;
1 -year ........*. .....1 275,383.593 403.351.23
1 N»t amount in fGreeK$ttAMMW IpiTWiiijliwijß.il
j December 31. 1905.;.| 14.610.5f10 533.873.4 i
I \u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0;\u25a0\u25a0 a. h. wbay.. :
: , 1 Lnlted States Manager.
. iSehKcribed »nd «worn to before me. this 3d daT
cfj February, :15KO. . .
• - H. R. RAY.
Notary_ Pnbllc. Kings Co.;' X. T.
Security t:Bnllfllus. ,San Frunrlaeo, Call.

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