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"A San Francisco Novel by
Two San Francisco Girls 11
Identification Not Complete, but
Remains Believed to Be
Those of Leon Ling
Recovered From the. Hudson
and Answers Description
. of the Murderer
Cause of Death Is a Mystery,
Suicide Being the Most
Plausible Theory ..'
\u25a0. • • * - * ' . * **
NEW YORK, -July 1. — Although
complete.* identification was im
. possible tonight, there appeared
4o'b<» strong probability that the body
of a Chinese which-was found \u25a0floating
in '.th*> Hudson 'river* near the upper
.•part -of this city this eve«4ag was" that
of .L*on Ling, or William Leon,, the
njurdere^ of Klsie Sigel.
. The man's height; weight and general
,Rppearano<e correspond with that of
Leon Ling,- but as the body was nude
'except for a sjlk undershirt v and had
Tbecn'in the water for more than a week,
a thorough" examination will be neces
raxy to, identify It. Coroner McDonald,
viio was. the first to. inspect the body,
believes il is Leon's, .as .do the police.
Suicide.. Believed . : ...•\u25a0• .- *' '\u25a0
If it'is. Leon, -the cause bt.his death"
v.ill be another mystery, although one
theory, that' of suicide,; would appear
reasonable. '.• \u25a0 '. . ' ;-: '• '
The body was- discovered by Clinton
AY. Belt' a "resident; of. .Harlem, who
was out. on the riyer in a motor. boat
\u25a0with a young woman. ' Officers were
dispatched immediately to tfie scene
-and th>^ body was taken to. a morgue
in the Bronx, where the examination,
was begun. • • '." V
In ealient \u25a0 features " there was a
marked resemblance between the dead
Chinese and the official descriptions of
the missing Leon Ling. The teeth were
good, as were. Leon's; the height about
5 feet 4 inches, which was Leon's;
height, and the weight I*s pounds,
which vras abo uT~ the ""figure"*"^ which
Leon tipped the scales when be dis-.
Age Corresponds
The age of the dead man appeared
to be about 25 or 00' years. Leon's
sege was "given out, by .the police as 30.
The coroner was unable tonight to
arrive at any conclusion as to how
the Chinese met his. death.
Quon Yieck Nam., the local Chinese*
interpreter who-wRI be replaced by
Professor Gardner of San Jose, Cal., in
an endeavor to unravel the Sigel mys
tery, said he himself suggested Profes
eor Gardner's name to the district at
torney's office.
"I was angered." he said, "by the in
sinuations of court police officers that
I might not be sincere in my work."
Turns Knife* on Himself, but
Fails in Suicidal Attempt -
SAXTA CRUZ. July I.— Daniel Fell
cnan, a Russian railroad laborer, in a
drunken frenzy this afternoon killed
li;s 1 year eld Eon -at his home near
Glen wood by cutting the child's throat
with a knife and Uicn attempted to
commit suicide by drawing the blade
across his own tlirOaL- Fellman failed,
however, to "Cut deep enough to sever
the jugular vein and probably will live.
Fellman had until rec«ntly been em
ployed on the Southern Pacific tunnel
nev/Glenwobd. Tor more than a week
lie has been out of work and drinking
heavjly and several times threatened
to kill his wife and three children.
Marie GonzaJes Found Dead in
Dupont Street Hotel
After a quarrel with her lover last
right Marie Goroales, who lived at 1226.
Dupont street, killed herself by shoot
ing herself through the head.
Joseph Roberts, the proprietor of -the
house, found the body, of the woman
about 7 o'clock. »}A pistol was grasped
in" her right hand and powder, marks
were on her face." She had been^ living
with a man named Raymond Lugo and
the couple had been quarreling' vio
lently. * * •
Lttgo disappeared • yesterday after
"nooii and Detectives de Sola. and' Mu
rphy have been > put on . his . track. . .The
dead woman, was only 18 years t) ld and
very handsome. ; > "
Rents Room, Puts Child in Bed,
and Disappears
A young and attractive woman called
at the Hotel Merritt, 18§6 Geary street, 5
yesterday morning and rented a ', room
from the proprietor, M, S. Judd,* paying
a week's rent in -advance. She went to
the room for a few "minutes, and then
departed. *
Later in tile day a baby boy, about 10
daj'B oid was discovered In . the .: room.
The babe was taken to the central
emergency hospital. The name of the
woman is not kun'own.
The San Francisco Call.
FRIDAY. JULY 2, 1909
TESTEEDAV— Clear; southwefct wind; maxi
mum temperature, SS; minimum 50."
FORECAST FOU TODAY— Fair. with fog';
brisk west winds. face 17
Mr. Tntt ppeaks a tunely word. Paze 8
A "to different" B^rrice corporation. Page S
llore about "hurting business." , pp ageßa geB
Independent League of Republican Qhibs
pick model ticket led by Maazy for
mayor. l'ug«4
Anti-McXab democrats to support Heney as
candidate for district attorney. foge 4
Stuford parlor, X. S. G. W., installs Its
new officer*. . ' xaje«a
Chief of police ' orders arrest of all persous
shaking dice. ',' Page 2
Norsk practically proTCd innocent of murder"
of Brasch. " * . |-ai;e I
Nickelodeon owners protest to superiors that
laws are too rJjridly enforced. ' » a*i^ •
Erlinger's orchestra at Idora park scores big
success. • i'axge 3
Opening of new Ciyf house on ' famous, site
draws thronga to popular resort. \u25a0 t -uk«.- 7
Jerry O'Shea will test the anti-betting law on
Monday at 'ingleelde coursing park. «-«;ie U
Calkins' finances in an ngly tangle,' two
Usue»» «f stock tor one paper being ad
mitted. — - Vmc;
Dlrorce granted R. Stanley Dollar five iiilnutes"
after be ' enters courtroom. ' J'uue IS
Nude in art Is beld up to scrutiny in police
court, detectire appearing as guardian of public
morals^ \ ..." f^ud
Mrs. George H. Burkbardt, wife of wcg.lt,hy
Los Angeles publisher, obtains di'rorce on ground
of cruelty. \ Page 9
Vnited Railroads files Its death roll -for. rionjtlt
with. superTlfiorg. i fage IS
.- Women of Outdoor art league to'ralse flag "op
Telegraph hllL .' -. ;*•»».".\u25a0.: !ij» .'
IJfe of Major Charles L. Tilden threatened by
his brother fir law. .-.. r_ . i-ajve -tis
Contract for seawall work_ for£elti>d: by Gray.
Brothers is let to another- firm at ud van cod
figure. \u25a0\u25a0;.-• <-m«c 7.
SUBURBAN : •; "•...-; v ;i : \: :
Woman scientist says human. Wood stains. can
be detected and prores it in - criminal
trial. -. . Page 11
• Mayor Mott "has . words . with.- State -Su
perintendent Burke of Anti-Saloon league.: and
orders liini from office. \u25a0 ' , I'aue'lO
Mayor Uodgbead of Berkeley deliTCi;s his In*,
augural address. ' \u25a0 .- Case 11
Oakland, fire chief asks, for betterments' for"
department. ' Pasre 10
Berkeley trustees* attempt to boy land for In.'
cuicratur site^ foiled by attorney. " PaticlU
Health officials of city of AJam-:da defy Mayor.
Noy and refuse to resign." " . »agelO
Young wife, prey to homesickness, becomes in
eaoe'aod tries to kill bet babe. .' J'melii
COAST ';: \u25a0•..'•v'V
Girl giTes blood to* -care' father's ,Ufe In Tt
coma. — .• -• l*agre 1
Steamer Isleton \u25a0 burned to . water's edge at
Stockton dock.. ' eugeS
Innocent children sent to -Whittier reform
school eunply because ' they had no
homes. "*"" , . • " !'\u25a0(« 5
Steamer Mackinaw ashore west of.Stewart Isl
and, Alaska. . \u25a0 •'ute S
Jiew banking law will broaden power of. state
to deposit money in bank. .• Page IS
Mayor 'McClellan remores Theodore A. Blng
ham , from office of , police commissioner of
New York. Page 2
Body of Chinese, -belleTed to be Leon Ling,
slayer of "Elsie Sigel, found in Hudson
rirer. v Case I.
Orrille Wright makes wonderf nl flight with
t f roplaue at " AVathins ton. ' ' rage 3
Former President Eliot of"H«rrard tells why
he omitted the bible and Shakespeare ' from list
of books for model library. , * »•«*«- s
Sugar trust magnates indicted. . Page 3
Jndge and Jurors who tried night riders threat
ened with tfeath. PageS
gesator ' Root speaks for corporation ' tax in
opposition to income tax amendment to tariff
bill. . P«*etf
Startling doable assassination' of 'political char
acter at London gathering. - , Pagel
Second earthquake In Italy lays' Messina
and Regglo low six raoutbs after first great
casualty. Page 1
Betting on coming fight drops another point
and Ketchel Is nof»r 10 to 4 choice. .* face 13
Fast trotter .break* leg in , races *t \u25a0 San Ber
nardlno/|BiHfl \u25a0 Pagf a
i Ad "Wolgast starts trahiisg for his bout with
Battling Nelson. Page 12
Jeff, plan* trip to Europe on expiration „ of
theatrical contract, : but will'- post forfeit -for
Cght with Johnson before learing. Pace 13
- Tie scores made In golf tournament for Hig
gtfns trophy. : PageU
Lon Rushing* to meet Charley Miller tonight
for the third time. . % t ' Vag c 0
Many entries for. field day meet to be held In
park July 4. Pare- 6
Oakland • wins again and makes it thre e
straight from Portland. Pace 13
Crimson blade* . sweep Ha»rard to victory \in
contest with Tale.- ".' . Pase 13
State - league magnate* decide to begin new
race for pennant. ._ . . Pas© 12
Seals again feel clubs of recently awakened
Senatorial aggregation. _x .. - , Paif e_ia
Oaks prore easy money for^ prune picking
aggregation. • \u25a0 '_^. ' Pate 8
MARINE \ :-."-;" A .
Fire started :by cigarette ' under . bulkhead
threatens .with . destruction Pacific Mall pier,"' on
which* Is piled 'enormous quantity pf .'.valuable
freight. *Bjgfjg | § / - PaicelT
Many boase parties In country homes are be
in^ planned for national holidays. ' Pare 8
>', \u25a0 \u25a0 RIOT* AT GUAYAQUIL
Troops Called Out Join Mob in
BEM Fighting Police
.GUAYAQUIL, July I.— At a celebra>
tlon yesterday in honor of St.' Peter and
St. Paul a mob attacked the .police!
Troops were called out," but v many "of
the soldiers joined"- the*'- mob v and* a"
pitched battle was f ought in which* 16
persons were killed and '3o wounded. *
• ; . *'.': '."' :"\u25a0\u25a0 . - ;- \u25a0 -\' ' \u25a0-'\u25a0-;\u25a0\u25a0 7 - \u25a0*.\u25a0'\u25a0'..-•
sMv frMcjb^
M essina and Reggio Once Again Laid Low
Indian Student Kills Lieut. Col.
Wyllie^nd Dr. 0. Laiieaca^
ihe Motive
LONDON,' July I.fAA. startlip g j double
assassination" of a -political
occurred .late tonight toward;. the -con
clusion of .Valpublic. gathering ' at v the
Imperial . institute, • An; Indian student,
whose name, is , not .known,' .shot' and
killed Lieutenant Colonel Sir . William
Hutt ' Curzon 'WyllLe :\u25a0 and \u25a0 X>r. Calas
Lalieaca of : Shanghai. • ,'" '\u25a0.\u25a0"•'.;*
Wyllle, who ; had -.held important In
dian; appointments, fell . dead' on ;.th«j
spot. 'Dr. 'Lalleaca' showed : signs of
life" after. he fell and'was hurried, to St.
George's hospitals but 6n r arrival there
it was found that he* was deai .
-. Those near \u25a0 the assassin seized and
him until the arrival of the police,
lie had- two revolvers, *a' dagger and 'a
knife.*, ' ' \u25a0•;' T;* ; ' ; ;
The gathering at the Imperial Insti-*
tuto, a' "building devoted to Indian^^ and,
other colonial. Junctions/ was an "at
home" to. Indian ''students'-
Lieutenant* Coionel Sir William Hutt
'Curzori Wyllie was born? in 1848, being
the youngest' son'- ot the i late General
Sir William Wyllie,. C. C. B. He was
political aide'de camp to the secretary
of stale-for India sincei9oir In 1869
he entered the; Indian ; < staff corps and
served in Beluchistan' during the .Af
ghan war in 1879-80, and accompanied'
General Sir Robert. Ptiayres' force to
the relief of Candahara, for^whlch'serv-"
ice fie was decorated.; : V"*~i:^^
. x - - •• -- • ... \u25a0
Sole Chinese .Case .Goes Over
for the Term
W. D. Ho well of New York, sitting
as a : special**?: appraiser '," of-- customs,
opened \u25a0 court in ' the custom - house • yes 7
terday for the purpose of hearing pro
tests -from -Importers: objecting* to ad^
vancedj valuations \u25a0\u25a0 placed 7j. on various
merchandise and : oriental goods enter
ing this port. "The) court ,, convenes,
twice j a " year and * during the last"? six
monthsva world ; of . work' had -accu
mulated,- none of it, however, being
out of the ordinary. :•'
. : But brie-C hinese case was, called dur
.i n g ; the • dayv "V That * was a protest from
theiflrm^of : Sing-FaC and; atj the.re-
. qjiiest of the attorney '< representing -the
Chinese -the matter, was ; continued; for
the. term, f,:-' - „>\u25a0!"- \u25a0'.' -.'\u25a0•--- •;\u25a0\u25a0:: "' ..:_<• ': •\u25a0\u25a0
V.It T is. expected; that, niany others Chi
nese and «\u25a0• Japanese -} protests -<' will ' be
heard -during: the' session, "as, Appraiser
, Mattos,' since v Special ; Agent *\u0084 of , \u25a0 the
Treasury ~" Johnson . took ;\u25a0? charge "here
four ; months ;ag>>.; has ibeen^raisingithe
valuations :. of \u25a0.Chinese; and -Japanese
goods.; No seizures, however,; have been
made. ; it being r a*: difference in"
opinion between ". the .importers and the
customs h : officials s as -to\; the -value cc'>
oriental 'merchandise.';'. '\u25a0>".'
\u25a0The entire, morning was occupied sin
filing ; the ; many, jprotests..*<. This : routine
.work ibeing,' done,? theSmatter,^ of jhear-:
ing i specific) cases -and tthe^takingf of;
testimony relativeMo Evaluations,^ was
commenced: > Most of -the afternoonlwas
devoted ,* to 7 determining T the % value a - of.
Keene'SvCement,*" imported i-byi the? firm
of $ Balf our,\Guthrle f & < Co.; />The fpro- ;
testscof s George? de ilaiToure.lran^im-""
porter? of 3 . the? protests
of M."rP.*, Coda,-; an^importer sot chocolate'
completed the work; of 'the' day. , '
Italy's ruler and -wife, and , the; stricken city;^hjch has f^ffereduts<sexdnd^gfeat(e«A<iuake.
' ' """ \u25a0 ''• '' " ' \u25a0 \u25a0' ' '"" ' ' '-'"''' * ' '•'-)' :/\u25a0" ", . " - '_ :
' . " ~ .-'. • . ;- - . .\u25a0 - ' . % ;;\u25a0 J-*J -* \u25a0\u25a0•.-; '; . . ;": \u25a0\u25a0". •'\u25a0•;. iVs'l
Temblor Worse 'Than Great Qneor^
\u25a0;.. .Months Agq,but'C^
• MESSINA, July 1. — : Messina experi
enced . terrJflc earthquakes at ab'oiit
7:30 o'clock .this morning, which- were
accompanied by roaring sounds and are
said to\ have . had a stronger and more
undulatory movement 'than the earth
quake of last December; "which "de
stroyed ' 'Messina,: Re'ggio ; ami _ other
cities,. laid low; many villages in Cala-,
hria- and killed 200,004 persons, "j \u25a0
: Although: the shocks today^had no
such terrible consequences, the- 25;000
residents of the city were ; thrown into
terror. ' They, ran into . tlie 'streets panic
stricken .and tonight nfearly entiro
population \u25a0is ' encamped • in> the L'openi
'places, .fearing to return to the struc
ture^ which have' "served them ; as
"homes sinoo the city "was.destroyed.," .
Mother and Child Killed ;
The -broken 7 walls [\u25a0 of/ibpS old riiins
'were.thrown. to the * gryuufi^ and Mes-"
sina was for a f ew^minutfJßVsmotherftd
in a cloud r of dust., J The cWual ties' were
few, and >the only' persqsasßkliie'd, ,^sd
far as . is ; kno\y n," wer'e^|^ng| W omaff
and her ; infant! Thji^ot^n^[rrad|corrie'
here only : ' a few. daS's|agro^'and^ijad|'set"-
tied in rooms .»whlch^the*"g'r«-Jpea*rth r
quake had left^relatlvely'Vurt^maged.*
She was standing^ at itnorftor?^^hes( the
shock occurred;! and rust^^^nsfdeifo
save -• her, chi Id.VV? Before \ g\|Vipou Id \ ea-]
cape I from the*; room,' the< second-; shock ;
threw 'down the j";" walls, ' burying ( botli'
mother and ; child^under the; d«ibris^ ;§-"\u25a0
Several \u25a0persons: were j-struck. r by; de
tached - stones, but" so : frtr as 1 is known'
no one was'fatally'injurld.. .' ' ,•
The first shock was 'followed quickly^
by a; second,^. and' tlfe-piopl© fledjpeli
mell -to ; the 1 American J; < uarter, 'which,
they- seemed Ho 'feel/^wis^tlieir;' safest |
place f, of '-i refuge. •.; fireat" iwas \ 'the*
rush' to 'thei American tlipuses ' that*-the
authorities were " unabl« to ' check the
invasion.- \u25a0„;> . . . /., •
The;' soldiers « soon'' 'Wcew , a cordon
around, this quarter arjl a guard Vwas;
mounted- at the bridg< ! leading, to "it."
Many of the panic stricsen people were
driven, off. and! orders vere issued^that
no one .should'ybe, perniitted. to- occupy,
the} American 'quarter,' inding further
instructions. _ • ,^.^.";v .' -I"' ; \u25a0
Thousands'- Made Id c ; • .:•
AH f coil, nerce 'ceased \u25a0• i : the city; and 1
the'-plact'^of '^business long.'the 'seal
front w<jf<>,^closed. As a result:, several
ithqiTSand'^workmen ; are • i le ; and - special.
procautionfC: are -being" iken /!to' pre
iVanti; disorder.' ; ' \u25a0* " \u25a0..';_ .'-\u25a0'-\u25a0 : "-' ; :-.\: -.\
' ; Reggio] suffered*, alrao; : .'as j severe. \ a
shock'aa Messina; but no casualties r: have
been {reported h at .• that - pace.^ Accofdr
ing.* to- the the^ 4rthquake-/afi.
fected practically, the sai c zone' as that
of^ IJeceinber,^ but \u25a0 the Ui juries to per
sons.weref relatively.; lni!gnificant,v be
:-\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 :-; > ••^•\u25bafiMiOKmWfWJ^-- ." \_ [i •-- v*-*.- .;\u25a0\u25a0 t-..- .-.-.\u25a0, . ; -:
cause, few/ as* yet* inhabi xlthe "houses.
TheY; seismic felt -fat
- - \u25a0 .\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0h\ ':::\u25a0' ' V^-- \u25a0•\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0';ir^V- r >-', -; ' s,-
Taormina, - -but : no ..'damage v was ?donei
theret Within ;24 -hours the shpcksf at !
Messina numbered 23. '* '"•*,''</\u25a0
Many Walls Fall .^ -^-O'
:-\: -\ REGGIO, Italy, ._June' 21.— A strong!
earth '; shock -.was experienced J here\at"
7:30 r o'clock this morning;" Many;wall3'
were* thrown' down,. buVup to :tfie pres
ent «timo . no r casualities have-:been'-.jre"
ported: -The-people are 'in*a' ; 'conilitl6n.
of panic." ;. , .;• j %'
Regents. Are-Grieved •
\u25a0_. 'ROME.v July. . I.— King.: yictdr}. Jom :
ltianuclland Queen^lieleha- were deeply
grieved ,r, r to; learn .of the *: second : earth,
quake .of iileSsina, _and J they . inquired
anxiously f or. '__de tails. - 'Her^ majesty
.was'gratifled; to- learn that 'the":-Village
of "Reggina' Elnia,blfilt ? on) the .out
skirts* of Messina ;'under^ her', auspices,,
had'":. been uninjured.*- The '•""" houses^in>
this- village ' all^are.-of ' wood * and
somc-iof frthejn"- were contributed from
America. -.. - * '. - - .- *\u25a0-'' \u25a0 -V \u25a0
-J Father J.II. Hagari" of Chicago.jdirec-;
tor'; of \u25a0 the Vatican" obs.ervatbry,\was ] the
first ". person \u0084t o- .inform*" the. pope* of a'
strong' > earthquake. 'i' : HisT; information
was}c'onflrmed r shortly afterward Iby
telegrams from \u25a0 ther archbishop of^Mes
sina'anditheiblshop'ofrMileto.t ,
The under • secretary t of»'the .Interior/
answering ;^ an A interrogation "r '. in' " j the
•qhambert'o r f } deputies '.today, 1 ; read; a tele
gram 'from ,Messina.^deciaring*"that ' the
earthquake there "was- not-. so {grave'' as
had< at \ ti rs t ' app ea red-.': The ;wal Is \u25a0 s till
left- standing after the December, earth
quake were: shaken -down; andithe'jpeo-'
pie ; w ; ere ~c throivn . into ! a 'condition' of
terror. '.' .\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0"\u25a0.; " : ' ' -, ";.\u25a0;•\u25a0\u25a0• \u25a0:\u25a0'\u25a0' \ *
;. Private '.y telegrams* from : . Messina
state jthat the wounded ' 10, ; " in
eluding/ a" lieutenant/' two> soldiers 'and
two carbineers. it: is "< of
ficially that; the^sHocks were felt-.prac
tically^ in - the same \u25a0 zone . as - that -.which
was last^ "'December.' :.';"
Shock- in California '
tf SAN3ERNARDINO; -July .l.^A slight
earthquake 'shock ': was, felt: hei;e:at r 5:30
p.Vm..^; No /damage 'was.: done.- iThe
atmosphere .'was.' : . unusually. s heavy
throughout^the, entire day vVwith : the
thermometer, registering .105.
Transfusion Operation Is : Sue«
. " cessful mi Tacoma
' v.^-COMA; July Vi l.^-To • the -• devotion
and- self-sacri flee i: of ; > his : sister,; George
Moore; owes -his* life. *•'.-; ' , ;
ir. FollowiagTan .operation^ for t pleurisy,'
ay hemorrhage';- developed '. Sunday? last,
andiinVorder; to^arrestt it \ and
his "strength^ transfusion !\u25a0 was Vresorted
to,";; his ; sister consenting Jto .i part f^wi'tn'
her"; own -blood^for lii3.T sake. ; • \u25a0 Wj*".
si/An'ii incision ''. was/ made > in y her,'- left
wristii. which;'*. was^boundr to*: his", left
arrh,i:in^whlch '\u25a0\u25a0 an ;inclsion * was i made
nearlthel elbow.\ ... . ;^ i
San . Jose Clubman Receives^a
on P^ityJbf-'Death "f,-
SAN" Jp:SK,- :J.ul>r-l'.— As the!result-of \u25a0
the \u25a0 failure of * a; ; Vap- t6."-captur.e' the
[authors -of. a : . "black 'hand';' -letter j steps
H^ve; beenf taken Jto^
of. John. K.^ Chatie,^ manager -of the As
sbclated'.oil'cornparij-,' profnirientrauto
m'obilist and clubm&n^of thisVcity.'.'A.
fevvvtlays s ajr.b""GhaVe*. received''. the", fol
lowing .letter; through^ -the "mails: \u25a0\u25a0
-"React this letter.tp the- end, Yor your
life 'depends- uponjt.- -We'comhiartd you
to '• leave : J1.000" in: a Tjlace ,-d-escribe.d :as
follows: v Tuesday,^ June 5 2' V at ;B ; p. -m.;
you- wilHgo *to'} tHeillawrence isalo'dn at
the.'corner of -Alvlso rOati aod'Hamiiine
street .on; the north ; side* of the 'cityi^
You7.will leave your conveyance, there
arid* go; west "on lllamillrie", street; (and"
you' wlll.go alone) till ."you 'reach " the
Guadulupe,c"reek bridge ;> then you will
go ; south^-upoh the -west 1 bank past the
'first). bunch »of^"willows :iirider ".-the ' little
flume, "arid >when" you; get to the second
bunch'- of .willows \u25a0: go .onVabout 25 feet*
and «-you; will. -find- a .willow ..branch
overhanging.: your path*;' here /you 'will
turn ''sharpf to- the lefC^go* through ithe
gap -'In- thejbushes ;dnd^ step ?down' : on
a»tih'y> sand. -bar at: the; water's: edge. v *
"Look; close, around jyou and find. a
•green : willow" stick /with", about*, eight
inches "ofiwire.tangled'arouhdCthe top.
Dig ;.onejlnch;lnt»\ the- sand'atUhe' bot
tom' of -this^ ; find a v canvas -bag "eight
inches square, put the moneys in,; this
and ' draw, thV string" at'thVmouth tight
and, throw' itMnto" the' stream .'about- 16
feet and 1 then: go <\ home. ... .
"Kfyou""mix;the police up.in'this, no
attempt "will be- made"; to get -the money,
and ;yjour t life will Tpay. , / ', "f-- 3 : • '
y /''WARNIXG^-if ,y"oujdo'not.do*as\we
tell you," never £ open ;a;; a ; letter'again—
1Q may/ contain "poison ';orV fever"*! germs?
Never r 6p^n\ a package— it ; may-. be \a
bomb. ;; ; Don'f get anything, fronva gro-.
cer^— -the r dellvefyman* may poison '« it
Don't ; go outside --of t the house, or a
poison > bullet may, find you. ;' '
Y\ ."f . ;, "THS " BLACK :HAND."! "'~
-Chace consulted Private r Detective"T.
_W. ; Carroll.' He ; then went to. the .'place
indicated, found 'the 'bag, filled jt 'with
.washers , and threw > it , into '^the"* "water.
Detectives watched aIT night. .-but no
one attempted'to f get"the bag. ; . ".'•.•;" '.
. At , dawn the :. detectives searched ; the
joeighborhood.' - They -. found : a : boat,- to
of .\u25a0 whichi aTstring vwas I at
tached^ At the, 1 end of the string ; were
'several 'hooks. .The' Intention *may have
been;to^dragfor the bag. ..\u25a0>\u25a0 . •/- '
;Chace : - issued ': a" *; tonight
stating that : he \u25a0 thought -that the ; letter
had j. been _wr itten ; by : boys \ who have
tending- moving; 1 picture .shows.'
/Advertise for it« in, r
Laborer Suspected of Crime Is
Arrested, but Practically
' Proves Alibi —
Businessman Who Saw Mur
derer Says Workman Is Not
. ..the Guilty Person
. y ...... . . . ,
Police. Secure New Evidence
.Tending to Reveal Identity of.
• : Miss Brasch-s Assassin
Developments : in Case Indicate
; JThatßeal Crriminal May * '
; : -Be Jailed. Today ' .
. •
J. : NOVAK, • the former amploye of
\u25a0\;?Gray) Brothers, suspectecj- of the
•,- murder of • Brasch, the
yoring girl ' book keeper killed at- her
desk \u25a0\u25a0 in th'e.-offlee of the stone con
tractors early Wednesday afternoon,
was. captured yesterday morning by the
police. Unexpected developments which
materialized after Ms arrest prove be
yond a doubt that 'lnc man under arrest
for. the murder is hot the girl's slayer.
; .Evidence Yin the. t>os3e,S3ion of the
poiice/ which at* present, they refuse to
• divulge, exonerates JJovak entirely of
any connection, with the . crime. The,
facts that at first-seemed to prove be
yond a doubt* that the Bohemian wa3
'guilty— are 'seen. -in' the. light of these
; .recent developments, .to have been ac
: cepted too- r€adiiy,- and" with too great
I desire to -make the man. under suspi
cion fit into' the facts.-
I Novak Shown I n ri i.cce fit
h- -Novak .is innocent and must be llb
'\u25a0] crated today by the police. .
'•' " The identity of the guilty man will
became* known today , also. " \
, The. events of yesterday, as developed
t " by- the police- detectives,' seemed alter
; nately to .fix tho crime upon Novak and,
at other times, to point to hfs~. Innocence.
•. The testimony of Joseph. O'Malley,
\u25a0; clerk in the. office of the Kno.v collec
.tion agency, -where. Novak cashed his
£hecjc" .after haying heen told by. Mis 3
• Brasch ; , that the .firm could, .not pacy
{ him ' his money,- declared that Nova It
.must* have-been in the collection com
.pany's • office at 413 *Plne street until
. several \u25a0 minutes after the crime had
been committed, if,' as was agreed by
those in ths office of Gray .Brothers, it
occurred at about 1:30 o'clock. O'Mal
. ley held' to it that he .barely reached
his office».at that hour, and. that Novak
was "there' then, and remained .there
for some {en minutes "more. • . " .*.
Fixes Time of- Murder . »"\u25a0\u25a0
- Harry .Gray," ;when- seen late, yester
.day afternoon, went" over the events of
the day ' immediately ' preceding • the
shooting " very' carefully and decided"
t;hat the murder must have -taken place
somewhere between' the hours, of 1:43
and ' 2 o'clock, closer to the latter-time
tha.n the^forn\er. This, statement made:
it seem, possible that. Novak, said -by
the- collection agency _ employes to have"
left their office- at about 2O.minutes "Jo.
•2 o'ijlock, could have' rushed over 'to. the
office of Gray. .Brothers.' ln the "Wells-
Fargo building. Second- and. Mission
streets, and done the shootinsr. . '
It -became a game <>f shaving down
the minutes ..In one . direction and'
lengthening them out in another, .so
ttrat Novak's known. .actions might**flt"
into tlie actions of the murderer.
At~a late hour ; yesterday afternoon
the : polic# became convinced that No
vak, despite their 'earlier conclusions
as to his guilt, w«s innocent and must
be released. It" later became evident
that* they were .working on an en-,
tlrely.- different -clew 4han the one they
have .been following, .though they de
nied" that they did not believe 1 Novak"
the 'murderer. l They did not deny that
they would, liberate him today.
Murderer Is Seen ' ;
F. .-G. Higgins of tlie Pacific hardware
and -steel company, who, as 1 he was
parsing; across the hallway near Gray
Brothers' office, saw the murderer *
rushing out of the "door in^medlately*
after the shot with a smoking re
volver in his hand, was brought to po
lice headquarters .yesterday - morninjr.
and the ; first serious shock given the
police theory was" received when .the :
businessman announced positively that
Novak did n v t look anything Hke the
murderer to hinu.lt was .thought' that
perhaps the" fact t^iat the . laborer had
worn a' different coat« at the time z q£
the shootlrig might have something to
do ' with Hlgginsv failure to ; Identify.*"
Novak as the man he saw* with the
Bevolver, : :and the same 'coat he had
worn" during, the preceding day was put
on; Novak. He was made to walk to
ward and away from Hlggins, to turn
and .wheel, but stiU the only witnes*
to- the" murderer's escape from the
building declared positively; that No
vak was not the_ man hi had seen.
This halted the detectives midway in
the development of their case, and at \u25a0;

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