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rj-HE>- second .week ; of the picture
I .-^uzzleToiitest brought . a tremen
\u25a0 clous amount of mail to -the .office
of The ' Junior Call;. so much, in fact,
tltat extra, hclp-u-as required to open
the"- leiiers as they • .'arrived. \u25a0\u25a0 But
whether the puzzle was more difficult
than the one which preceded it, or
whether the v juniors were in such a
hurry to send in their .answers that
they did not give sufficient time to get
ting the correct solutions, many of the
answers submitted were i.acorrect.
Six watches were awarded to six
boys and .girls, and the names of all
others who sent in absolutely correct
answers appear on the roll of honor.
If your name is^ not on tJie roll of
honor please study the answers and
try to remember wherein you failed.
Six new puzzle pictures are shown
at the top of this page. Semd in your
answers by numbers, thus: No. lls — .
No. 2 is — and so on. These puzzles
are not very difficult, but they require
a little thought- Answers must reach
the editor of The Junior Call not later
than" Wednesday afternoon,, and the
sooner . the better; send In yours as
early as possible.
\u25a0 Six watches will be awarded to six
correct answers showing greatest neat
ness and care. This contest is for
juniors between the ages of 10 and 16
yeaYs. The youn-ger jiinicxrs vrill find
.their contest on the fourth page.
The correct answers to the. puzzle
presented in last Saturday's Junior Call
are as follows: I—LucHe,1 — LucHe, 2 — Keats,
\\ — captain, 4 — Savannah, s—zebra,5 — zebra, 6—6 —
Tlie Juniors to whom prizes have
been awarded lor the correct solution
of this puzzle are:
•Nathaniel Nottagc, 4503 Cherry
street* Oakland.
Pauline Finnell, Yountville, Napa
county. . ' v
•Ernest Berryman, Livermore.
Frances A. Miller, Oakley.
Carlos Clifton, 129 East Julian
street, San Jose.
Veronica Rogers, 1360 Dolores
street San Francisco.
N.ames of the other juniors who sent
in the correct answers appear^ in the
following roll of honor: v^- v^V ; ;
Oarmelita Langland. box 138, Lob
• Leland C Adams, Willow and Lincoln
avenue's, San Jose.
• Harry Chandler,- Vacaville.
Elaine Liddicoat. 473 Fourteenth
street. San Francisco,
i 'Charles Graff, 133. Duboce avenue, San
Francisco. "\u25a0";-\u25a0
\ Dorothy Wilkinson, 361 Grove street,
Saa Francisco.
Thomas Canlwell. San Juan.
'J. McCormick. 3COS Seventeenth
street. San Francisco.
•Adelaide M. Storke,. *973 Harrison
street. San Francisco.
Myrtle M. Conn. Atchison. ' . 'it
. Charles Droge, 1548 Grove street, San
Olive- Slavens. Santa Clara.
inia Gomas, 231t> Cedar street. North
Berkeley. -' .. .-.
Susie ritzell. 1331 M street, Eureka.
Laurie .wcoiaysep, Bethany.
Albert Bryant, ' 428 Thlrty-siztli.
street; Oakland.
Kdla Helena Beall, Newman, P. O
box 246.
'. Clara A. Meelis, 524 B street, Peta
Ruth .Stauffer. 4212 Twenty-sixth
sireet. Fan Francisco. . ""i
• iJdrjorie-A. Trueman,- 360 East Santa
Clara .street. San -Jose.
• Marion Rosso, 1330 Masonic avenue,
S»n Francisco.
Hutli Kinkead, 2600 Piedmont avenue,
Interesting Little Stories Direct From Nature Written for The Junior Call
TO be a lover of nature is tobe^a
true worshiper. "The time was when
the preacher told his hearers '.that
this world is a wilderness of woe and
tlie path our feet tread. here a vale of
tears. I always :f eel sorry for. the man
who gets. that idea. of the life that now
i.«. andl have been much perplexed to
flna out how any one could come to
that conclusion amid so much of beauty.
T/) call these wonderful landscapes"; by
such horrid names Us wicked. This
world is a. beautiful world, aj]d - wo_
must learn its beauties and listen to its
Truly does John Mulr put it when he
saj-s ""There: are no accidents iri. nature.
Every motion of the constantly shifting
bodies in this %vorld-is ( timed'to*-the.oc
casion for some 'definite, ; foreordained
end. The flowt-rs blossom In 'obedience
to the same ; law.. that marks tlie course
of the constellations, and, ! .the. song. of a
bird is the 'echo of : a universal sym
phony." --•
To know a; flower,, to become; ac
-qualnted with birds and insects !/and
animals, to make them our friends'and
foe l tlie sure friendships that may, exist
between ourselves and tlie animate and
v Inanimate is real-education and soulex-:
IT pansionr?:. '.'. ;^ ;
. To find something ; now. : among the
flowers .and. describe it -.50,: that other?
may share, in 1 our joy^of discoveryland
"become • heir"'ol"'i)ur "vf
.Tho. San ffraneisfco Call, Saturday 3uly 3;i9o9— TKeJupior^GaUv
Agnes Oliver. 2009 Golden Gate ave
nue San Francisco.
Margaret Calcutt, Camp Riverside,
Ben Lomond.
Ben Hunt Marsh, Nevada City, P. O.
box 38. V
Walter Burkhard, 1308 Regent street,
Mameda. - - '
Elise P. Buckingham, P. O. box 106,
Elinor Malic, Camp Riverside, Ben
Walter Osborne, 126 Sixth avenue,
San Francisco.
Mildred Levy, Willow Ranch/Santa
Francis Mac Lean," care G. G. Clark,
Glen Ellen. .
Virginia E. Maze, box 166, Mountain
View. \ ; «
Mildred MeAneney. ZlO3 Telegraph
avenue, Berkeley.
Mildred Trecknll, 406 Moss avenue,
Oakland. x
Robert Dillon, 2078 Grove street,
Oakland. '
Donna Geiseler. box 956, Chico.
Alice Klrchmann, San Anselmo.
Marjorie Kincaid, Corning.
.Elmer Eaglin. P. O. box 351. Sonora.
Rita McConnell, Gardener Villa, Mill
Ruth Finn. Mill Valley.
Carol Bolles, 3029 Benvenue avenue,
Josephine Hoyt, 3004 Hillegass ave
nue. Berkeley.
Elizabeth Ritchie, 2713 Haste street,
Chipman Dodge, 734 North Califor
nia street, Stockton.
Sibyl Conklln, 2231 Vine street,
Willie A. Dowling, 115 Stelner-street,
San Francisco.
Willie Sexton. Pinole.
Myron E. Madden, 110 East Weber
avenue, Stockton.
Minnie Rohde, 4409 Eighteenth street,
San Francisco.
Catherine Bohen. box 203. Napa.
. Margaret Elliott, 1603 Turk stjreet,
San Francisco. i '">\u25a0-
Lowell E. Browne. 4329 Twenty-third
street. San Francisco. -a*^
Belle Livingston, 1914 Pine* street,
San Francisco.
Rozella Locan, 799 Oak street, San
Dorothy Hamilton. 571 Thirty-ninth
avenue. San FYancisco.
Ralston Woodruff, drawer E, Moun
tain View.
Willie Terry. Pinole.
Marjorie Stuart.
Faith Rogers. 1331 Valencia street,
San Francisco.
Pauline Bennett, 64 Hartford street,
San Francisco.
Mildred Roberts, P. O. box ISS, Mill
Norman Egilbert. 519 West street.
Jean Wright, 2720 Elmxvood avenue,
Berkeley. .
Alison Stone, 317 Lee street, Oak
Frank Mixon Jr., Woodland.
.Gladys McKinley, 337 C San Jose ave
nue. San Francisco.
Armand White, box 386, Gllroy.
Adele Lutge, 4 426 Nineteen tli street,
San Francisco.
Mary McGowan. 1507 Sanchez street,
San Francisco.
Willie Kennedy Jr., 4*6 Duncan
street, San Francisco. .
Llewellyn L. Boswell, Soledad.
Juliette Barieau, 829 Shrader street,
San Francisco.
Albert C. Bull, 754 Devisadero street,
San Francisco.
Bert O. Weels. Modesto.
Edith Heywood, luO6 Grove street.
' Selina McGrath, 226 II street, San
Willie Sorensen. Warm Springs.
Lawrence Maxwell, Woodland.
- Helen Kerr, 3022 Capp street, Fruit
Mildred Grismore. 1181 East Twenty
second street, Oakland. ~
Ida Jones. 424 Fair street. Petaluma.
Ethel Walpere, Mes*a Grande.
Margaret Wunnenberg, 337 York
street. Vallejo.
Klva-Le Yin, \u25a0 Klmhurst.
Robert Bell, Atlas Way Route, Napa.
beauty is one of the most substantial
pleasures. ". '
In "Kansas, one rainy morning. I saw
a little flower that some-rude heel had
trampled in <-the mud. It was soiled,
but,; as I stooped to^get a closer .A* few, I:
saw that^ it. was 'beautiful.'-. It reminded
me .of the face : of the sweet,' innocent
child,* its face: soiled with tears^but its
beauty still apparent. \u25a0 : ;
'" I "plucked -the waif , and transplanted
it'.in. niy/own dooryard.' - • In ; a ' few day?. •
to my ;surprise,.:Jt was blooming: :' lts;
pure white petal, its silken, slender
stamens and waxy calix made it '..very;?
attractive. I: saw that, it was aprim-'
rose and'knew that it would easily ;.do-^
mesticate. It r bloomed: until frost, and \u25a0
the next year 'abed of the beauties
'came : up',fr6m: the seeds. ;\u25a0-:• . •
It was a new llower to not only our,
eastern; friends, \u25a0wlio were warm- in. its :\u25a0
praise): but new.' to the" florists and na
•tureistudents:. : 1 describediit in several ,
'articles- in' the.press. of thcVstate .'and .
had the satisfaction of seeing my little
flower become a general favorite.
The Ancient Paper Makers
ONE -of the accompanying pictures
shows a wonderful .paper 'house;
found in the Berkeley liills, and
'made by the",littlo people : who were
amons-the first to 'live; in organized
comniunitios-^-the ; hornets.-T
\u0084 The entire : house-Js 'of paper, made
"frdjß~w2od: Dulji^i :"For "aces "iuea' : wrote'
You see today on this p^o the
portraits of six boy« and six j girls
who have won watches in the con
tests conducted by The Junior] Call.
If you are one of the fort* mate
winners and haTe not alrjpady sent
in your picture, please do -so at
once, as The Junior Call wis toes to
publish the pictures of all th p sue,,
eessful contestants in the co atesrts
for the older juniors. A numb er of
pictures will appear each week.
Write your name and at Idress
plainly on the back of the pflcturo,
and state whether or not youi wish
it returned to you.
Elbert Kennedy, Windsor.
Lila Ohmert, Mountain View. . '
Earle Cassell, Woodland, R» D. 1f'0.,1.
Lloyd Andersoin, 1627 Eddy street,
San Francisco. /, \u25a0
Phelps Latimer, 1223 Fourth avenue,
San Francisco. \u0084 . ,
Raymond Clarlt, 2405 Prospetctnstreet,
Dorothy Ash, 42 JEuneka stre«4. San
Francisco. . • ...
Ida Benton, 915 San Pablo avenue,
Oakland. • i
> Florence Sanders, 30 Laskie- street,
San Francisco.
Audrey Spence, 1331 .Weber, street,
Eda Kelly, 569 Fourth- avenue, San
Phyllis M. Hiider, 717 First bvenue,
San Francisco.
Ruth Fotheringham, Main smaet, Va
Lucille Aitken. Ccwning.
Marguerite Fisher, Healdsburg-
Eva Saglaw, Fitchbhjrg. \u25a0»
Thelma Miller, 1710 Francisco *street,
Lorena Anderson, 1102 Louisiana
street, Vallejo. -
Inez Joseph, 2128 Fifteenth street,.
San Francisco. .
Clarence Canelo, '150 Heed street. San
Richard N. Ellsworth, 122 Twelfth
street. Oakland.
Bernice O'Connor, 3190 Twenty-fifth
street, San Francisco.
Gladys French, Johnson \avenue, Los
Gatos.* \ - .
Alice Ilelvitson, Selby.
Mildred Robinson. 277 Frederick
street, San Francisco.
Emma Fisß, 6610 Manila^ street, Oak
Sam Pinkerton, 1931 Beuryman
street. Berkeley. *
JJllian Steindorff, 2422 Stuart, street,
Lyla Bernhard. 9 Twent>»-eighth
street, San Francisco.
Bertha Beard, box 297. Napa.
Alba Partridge, 6446 Regent j street,
Oakland. .
Helen Heywood, 1306 Grave street,
Berkeley. /
Clarence. Snyder, 178 Highland ave
nue, San Francisco.
Marjorie Mauzy, 1185 O'Farrell
street, San Francisco. \
Henry Bergfried, 1933 BerrymaTi
street, Berkeley.
Josephine Campbell, 117 Church
street, Salinas.
Elsie Brown, Marshall.
Cleonice Damianakes, 582 Twentieth
street. Oakland.
Esther Maricich, 101S # Peralta street,
Richard G. Kilburn, 6S North Tenth
street, San Jose. •
Helen Jusix, 21\ Ilenry street, San
Francisco. .
Minnie McPeek. 1136 East Twenty
second street, Oakland.. •
on clay tablets, wood, stone and even
pulled up „ the flags of the Nile and
tied V them together with strings -and
called it . . This is the word
from which is derived the word paper.
I can imagine one : of ourj"ancestors
sitting on a log writing'a family ht§-
thousands ,of years ago' on" a'clay
"tablet : when f a - hornet comes -along: and
\u25a0 says: : . "Mr. Methuselah,.: there are bet
ter things to jwrite on than clay. Why
don't' you write on paper? Come with
-me and , : I ; will sho w you' my • house.
which;is.inade of paper, throughout. . I
.'rockvmv. ! 'babies: in "a -paper .S cradle."
Does Methuselah ; go; and learn the
nature lesson . the. hornet -would teach
him? . NoJ lie.g oes, on .writing in the
same old way, until after a long time
men'^'lind they , can make paper by
, grinding. up^Vaga and wetting; the^ma
terial and pressing it^After a while the
- demand ' for 'pa per : became so great that
the- supply of : cotton : . and linen rags
\u25a0 was wholly inadequate^ \u25a0 Thelfquestion
.was, -where.. to -get '-' the" material -to
supply the 'vast and" growing, demand?
>\u25a0_.\u25a0\u25a0:' One .day James G. Blame -Avas at'din
. ner.'with'afriend.' .His companion said:
"Mr. Blaine,:- do -.you ; know' that there
is a great lack .of stock* from which to
make' paper?- ' What' areKwe. -going, to
. dn?" .Mr. Blame-r eplied:' "''iXdo rnot
"kn'pw." ; can't ;^vye : fi«ake^it \irota
.lames Fenton, Santa Clara.
Mary Peckham, "74 North Twelth.
street. San Jose. .-
Olive Kennedy, 416 Duncan street.
San Francisco. „- ','
Eleanor Manning, 3675 Clay street,
San Francisco.
Lurline Violet Simpson, 691 Brock
hurst street, Oakland.
Paul Jordan, 4022/ Telegraph ave
nue, Oakland, .
Dorothy Jones, 964 Fifty-third street,
Oakland. . ;
Estelle Grant, 4225 Nineteenth street,
San Francisco.
Miriam Mendizabal, 1126 Union street,
Gladys Sargent, 554 Sanchez street,
San Francisco.
_Marcella Merkel, 3S3OA Eighteenth
street, San Francisco. -
Jessie Leonard. 4545 Eighteenth
street. San Francisco.
Frank Roberts, 173 Dorland street,
San Francisco.
Lillian Hegerty, 2913 Shattuck ave
nue. Berkeley.
Ciinton Duffy, San Quentin.
Xrma Wilson, 439 Lisbon street, San
Edith A. de Betteville. 1741 Walnut
street, Berkeley.
E. Beryl Thomson, box 131, R. F. D.,
Santa Cruz. - .
Alan Uren, Oceano.
Dondald Henderson. San Luis Obispo.
. Helen Lightner, Alma.
Edith Crandell, box 81*4 R. F. D. No.
1, Santa Cruz.
.Ernest J. Tweedle, 2025, San Jose
avenue, Alameda.
Mabel Engdol, Fitch avenue. Elm
hurst - A \u25a0
Jeannette Inglis, 1334 Masonic ave
nue, San Francisco.
• Jack Liquorl Jr.. Agnew.
Florence Dettling, 356 Utah street,
San Francisco. \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'•\u25a0.
Grant Merrill, box 202. Redwood City.
Helen Finke, Brookdale.
Carmen Williams, Suisun, R. F. D.
No. 1.
Annie Mansie. Forfßaker.
Anna Holm, Tahoe City.
Muriel Hearsch, 924 Santa Clara ave
nue, Alameda.
Mabel Lund, \u25a0•' 352 Everett avenue,
Palo Alto. '
Charres D. Williams, 2930. Haight
street. Fruitvale.
2040 J<alie Street, San Franrlaeo
I AM a pupil of Bergerot school, and
a member of our class club called
the Knights and Ladies of the
Round Table
. We have meetings on Friday after
noons, from 2:30 to 3 o'clock. We
have furniahed our room with beautiful
pictures and, mottoes, club motto
being "Nobjlesse Oblige," which means
"I do, right because my honor requires
it." ,AYe liave also vases around the
room, in*\v>(hich we keep .wild flowers
or greens. ., We always keep our room
in order, anid-have a monthly commit
tee which sees to this.
We occasionally -indulge in enter-,
tainments or» plays, which afford much
amusement Itor; the school. \
Last term vve studied "Rip Van Win
kle" ln-.Jiteru.ture.. A thought struck
us that we i.ijight make a play, of it>
This we, did, iand after several weeks
of trial and lVractive we succeeded in
our plans. '.
This play -\vas given by the girls
and some of the makeups were so good
that many of us were not recognized.
. A black slouch; hat, old pants, old
overcoat ami b tight red kerchief, made
up Rip's costutne. His son". v (myself>
looked almost the same, only his
clothes were mulch too large, especially
the pants. "\u25a0- Daiine • Van. XV'inkle. with
her black hair disawn "tightly back from
wouu ime mo .wasps -_ ana me norneis
xdo?"x do?" '
.The idea struck the two men as be-,
ing 'worth -trying. Some wood-was.
ground up and mixed with water and.'
pressed through rolls; and' the'flrst. ;
.pulp paper for commercial purposes
was. the result. •\u25a0
This is the history of the beginning^
of the greatest industry : in America. '
. ;The building of great skyscrapers, of
\u25a0 railroads and bridges r and \ the great
r iron > and steel industries do not com 1 - ,
pare with it.
It has -been stated from the office
liof theChlcago Tribune that that' paper:
Vused 20 carloads of white paper in
'\u25a0.printing its Sundayiedition.,. ; .\u25a0:\u25a0
; ; . Thousands 'of £ acres of .are •
ivgfpiind up in tlie / pulp^mills of this
;* country ...aiid Canada \ every day and
s ; into paper, but ,'the'f hornets and
. '^the'/wiasps were jmaklng w'bod' pulp and*
[^building; their houses of itfor'.ages be
fore we were born. '.-.'.;.. -.'. ; .
. ~ x. r. \u25a0 \ ' .-. - . , • \u25a0 -
r A Regiment of Nature's Knights v
r'rTrTlis picture of > the > milkweed- and [
'• i i :j its pod will bringr to niiridthe hum
5 ble weed that^grows. by the way
~ -side and becomes as dusitj'tas a millfr in'
t - the ;cornfiel* and hinders the growth of .
l f^the;corn.,"Buui99kfat^it. '-. jltfdoesfnot*:
Alelvin McKerricher. Fort Bras?.
Wilmar Weston Deavltt, Tuolutnne.
v Kdna^Kllne, Willows.
Kenneth Hicks. B. F. D., box 6-. H»l -
ward. iO
Lloyd Sage. Fruitvale. box 4S.
Ewoghn Lewis, 225 Sadowa street,
San Francisco. _\u0084 «.w^_«-
Katherlne Stone, 1520 Hawthorne
terrace, Berkeley. - A
Erla F. Cooley, 2119 Central avenue,
Walter J. Frost, 2026 Dwight way.
"Day* If at at* f
Virginia Whitehih. 1526 Fairvlew
street. Berkeley. L" '; , *
Ruth Dean. P. O. box 201. Petaluma.
Jane Cardwell. San Juan. \u25a0
Marguerite Chipman. box 2«. Auburn.
._, Elinor Atchlson. 336 Berryessa road,
P. O. box 2, San Luis
Ralph Prather. Fairfild.
\u25a0 Ivan Bine. Lincoln.
Russell Medcraft, 901 Paru street,
Arthur R. Smith, 2017, San Jose ave
Alameda. „ ' „
Harry Trailor. Suisun. R. F. D. No.l.
Hall Schrader. Hall lodge, R. F. D.
No. .21. box 37. Wrights.
Weelum Easton, R. F. D. No. 28. Gil
\.\imee Boysen. LeGrand.
Fulton I. Mather. St. Helena.
Fred Levens. S2S Eighteenth street.
Oakland. _\u0084 . - • \;
E. Mildred Thompson. Kenwood.
Frederic E. Ward, 1723 San Pablo
avenue. Oakland.
Howard Kelley. Antiooh.
Thomas Cardwell, San Juan.
Ethel A. Poe, HealdsburgT. R. F. D.
No. 3. -- -
Bernard Blank, P. O. box 115. San
Henry J. Sturne. Bloomfield.
Amy Felts, Msxwell.
Claude Rouner. Shawmut.
Helen Bache, 612 Taylor avenue. Ala
meda. •
Wanda Alger. 412 S. East street.
Paul B. Shuey, Monterey.
Anita Sheeran, 2157 Santa Clara ave
nue, AlametW*. /
Helen Morrissey, 1557 Sanchez street,
San Francisco.
Ethyl Leone Werner. Princeton.
her forehead into a knot at* the back,
an untidy wrapper and a dirty apron
was a noticeable character. His daugh
ter, a light haired, blue eyed, ragged
little lass, could not have been mis
taken for one of the family. Other
characters, such as the inn keeper and
other noted personages of Che village,
were all- there, but to describe them
would be unnecessary.
In the second act. in which vßip en
ters the amphitheater, costumes of tis
sue paper of every color were used to
represent the " odd looking personages
playing at nine pins. -We played a real
game of nine pins, and a boy in the
anteroom beat a muffled drum at
each rolfxpt the ball, which was to
represent thunder.
In the third scene you find poor old
lame Rip awaking among boughs and
greens. An old keg and a rusty gun
near by. His beard was white and his
clothes were mildewed (with flour).
Tn the fourth and last scene Rip en
ters during- the election, and every
hody seems to be much excited except
Rip Van Winkle Jr.; who is peacefully
sleeping against the inn. He is fin
ally aroused and finishes the scene
with "Come \ on. old dad. and we'll
drink yer health with a bumper of
Holland win?.'*
We have given entertainments since,
but none which were liked as well as
this. Vo ; -
appear xo ,De ac.au nne in anyway,
\u25a0but. It has' on a .royal* dress of the
finest silk. Beneath the rough outer
covering the .strands of silk that
form its back are next . to the spider's
web in the quality\of its silk. A gar
ment made of these fibers would be
worthy a prince?*. -
V.This despised and lowly weed is des
tined 1 to. become one of the .most val
uable of our. farm products. r
Will not the American girl dress in
silk when her father-can t raise tin
material; ori the farm as he does the
wheat and the flax? .The "milkweed
tissue may; be removed from the stalk
in the : same way the flax : fiber : is sep
arated from; the stalk.. Now notice the
picture', of 'the ; ; pofl.' That ts one of
the most interesting of tfe plant prod
uct?. In -that pod* is a regiment of na
ture's knights arranged in matchless*
order.,, Each,knight :has' his. white
plume, and; when we;op*n the pod we
see. v how exquisite the order of thft'
arrangement. T- No ', drill masterKof the
United .-States : army " could begin \u25a0 vto
place hia; regiment on. the drill -gr.oun«l
. in ; the order: these little knights bt na
ture have been* placed 1 in the pod. ~>, %
-The. milkweed ': is one of the most
widely/distributed of "plants.
It 'i grows ! In \u25a0 allT sections i of the '• Uni ted
States, and when, its value as a fiber
product becomes known, it will become
a" staple- crop.; \u25a0;-•-_: -~-^
Theodora Wallet, i i .Sharon street;
San Francisco. v, "\_^ :
Wilroa Bolles. Co**™- , .
Norman Egilbert. vi^ eat street,,
Reddtns- . ~. -ii'ii \u25a0 \u25a0
Frances Michael, Ferndale. > -. .-
Camilla Malone, .Paint avenue. -ban
Rafael. V

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