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Santa Rosa, Where Golden Weddings
are Common
Annie Longacre
QOX«DH2C w»<Jd£ae;« h*v« becom*
an ejsio>mio In Bonoret oounty,
Wlxotbcr It U the w*4t*4 fra.-
Krafioa from the orange grove*
«f th« north; the gentle lowing of th*
.stts« of the dclry ranches on the west;
tb* ctt*r* ritl Influence of hiatorio So
-as* oa the e&st, &>r the homellk«
of th» fruitful Ughorn on the
fftgttl t2uw« !• not tkm «iichU*t doubt
t*»t Boeotns> Is the golden eownty.
IPfttW^T < * :it r- ' Cuptd and Old Fathei
Tte* ewd frith. JmOous seal Its oon-
Ji*trlttusay bas held th« board* to*
liKTOMs-ioo. from time Immemorial. Alt
Start •\u25bc*rjr*o4y tries retting married
it KBM ttzno In their 41t«», and If they
,t»,v« co opinions on the eubjoct before
fifi^y g^nersilr nave afterward. It i«
-.he «/teimath opickm* tkat ar« •« fre
loeo'tiy alr«d In the court* and that
siake headline* tn the dally papers
:t±& like this: "Fourteen dlvercer
rriJQted in 28 mln»te«. M My Jeurney
j.iacnff the matrimesUiUy happr of So
no&a county wu «ua <snier»ble one. It
rather revived mr «*Hh la humaa na
ttrt, £cr ih«r told me of the hardships
cf early Car*; «t the UUAm ondurod la
crossL&c the plain*; of double w«d
ciac* that ufcifth bore traveled mlloa to
atluidi of eJo^ftinente, postilion (uh
len, on oao. bor«e; of h<jxae« long ««
tabUshed; of ehUdren. gremdohlldren.
Crfee.t-snui4cblldren and *r*at»sr«*t
crandchiidrea, and, btat of all, of their
belief la the lore that lasta "until
tle&ia do us pert."
SCot only have many couple* cele
brated their fiftieth -vreddlac anatver
carlea Is Boaoaaa county, but I found
several who had added a few more
;•©*»•»" to Cupld'a heppy cycle. My flr«t
Interview wai with a couple who have
undoubtedly celebrated more wedding
anniversaries than any other couple In
tbe state. For 6S year* Mr. and Mra.
W. A. Burke have eh&red each other's
Joys and sorrows. Think of It! Sixty
three years of* "mutual understanding
aau happlne««." .; ;
In a cozy little cottage, sheltered by
a gigantic maple tree at Burkes sani
tarium, near Santa Kosa, sitting by a
comfortable fireplace, Mr. and Mre.
Burke were enjoying an afternoon
ch_: when I knocked. - A cheery
"Comer* uttered br Mrs. Burke, wel- '.
corned me to their midst. The laugh
ttat greeted my errand when I made
St kn<>»'B was ratber a modest, amused
Married in 1846
"W* were married," said Mrs.
Burke, "in 1846. on February 14, at
Frankfort, 111. The wedding v.as a
pretentious one for those days •»rith a
larfi gathering of friends. I wore. a
dainty swlss dress, which was In keep
ing with my scarce 16 years. That
night w« bad a big dance and the next
clay -"V left for Missouri. Here Mr.
Eurke took up a claim and we made
our start' hy his working for 50 cents
a day until v.-c got our own home es
. tcblished. Ir 1E54 the gold fever took
us and we sold out and started to Cal
ifornia overlaud. I had three children
by this time snd my principal memory
O.t that trip 1* the' terror I suffered lest
the Indian* should steal my children.
I laid awake all night the whole way
across and slept during the day. when
Mr. Burke could watch the children."
"Our home for 41 years," volunteered
Burke, "was in Lako county."
"yes," eali Mrs. Burke, "we have
been and to the fact that we
"have uad'a home for which we had to
work I attribute our matrimonial hap
»ir.c*is. The great trouble with young
doupies of today is that they don't
fcave. enough work. Work keeps peo
ple out of mischief and eaves a heap o'
trouble. That's the solution^of the di
vorce problem today."
Mr. end Mrs. Burke sold their farm
aot long since and now make their
nome at the sanitarium owned and
itanaged by their eon. Dr. W. P. Burke.
Their other children are: Francis M.
Burke, Dr. Thomas Albert Burke. Isaac
Uurke. 'Alfred Burke and Mrs. William
Gordon. There are 14 grandchildren,
threo creat-grandchildren and one
From Eurkc-'e sanitarium we motored
into . Santa Rosa, out Sonoma avenue,
past the world-famous Franquette wal
nut orchards, skirted the hills that sur-
Cround picturesque Lake RalphinC and
''ound ourselves touring, down a lane
on which at not infrequent intervals
iiad been piled an array of cobblestones.
* tl "1 sr;nt dismay to our hearts. So in
t t ,_ Vere we in avoiding a puncture
tl-k* it was not until we had reached
"iVend of this rocky road 'that. I dis
covered, situated in the center of^a
rain's cram field, surrounded by
Lci^t oaks, a Queer old^^sMoned
house, tne home, of Mr. and Mrs/ A. J.
V:?c c tug chug of our. engine wildly
elcited a magnificent Diaclt horse that
riain the barn yard, and Jn turn
brought out to greet us a thorough
bred Boston terrier, which with wild
yelps' told hla ', mistress that company
was at hand. Mrs/Mill* stepped/out
en the porch, sowing In. hand, to greet
v*. She wag a dear little old lady^ln
iwat house gown. Just the sort, of a
rrandmother you read about In books.
Mr, Mills, she explained, had Just re- v
turned from town and. was lying down,
resting, but ehe would ) willingly giv* >;
me the Interview I *oughtr "We ,wer«
married." e&ld Mrs. Mill*. "Jn St Joseph,
Mo.. In IS6B. on April 28/. It wm a horn*
wedding, with, only; my.' family present
1 was one of seven girts.- all? of \u25a0. whom
bed: been taught i to *ew. cooi and l&o
greseral housework. I, cooked. . myrows
wedtiins: dinner, and have ooaked^every,
iuinlver»ary dinnar f slno*/ .There \u25a0= havo ;
frees M of them. Af tor &m woddlnc w*
left directly for California, ononrway
to make our fortune in the mines, so
you see our honeymoon was spent in
Uie big farm , wagon, drawn by oxen,
crossing the plains. We came by South
Platt. and Marysville was our first Cal
ifornia stopping place.. From there we
went to Rough and Ready, but a year
later came to Sonoma county, took up
this land. 320 acres, and here we have
made our home ever since. .
"We built a cabin 12 by 14. and for
some time two families occupied it. Ac
commodating ourselves to that cabin
laid the foundation of our matrimonial
happiness, for I firmly believe that all
couples have to learn to accommodate
themselves to all circumstances, or
there is no happy uniori. We have lived
within ourselves, built this place up to
what you now see, and we have never
gone in debt one dollar."
"You were here, then, before ihere
was a Santa Rosa?" I interrogated.
"When we came here Franklin was
the only town near," Mrs. Mills replied.
"Some time afterward they put that
town on wheels, pulled it two miles to
the southwest, and named it Santa
Rosa. I have seen Santa Rosa build up,
fall down, and build into a beautiful
.little city again. We celebrated our
golden wedding eight years ago, at
which time the grangers gave us a big
reception. I think the great number of
divorces of today is caused by drink
and flirtation." . .
Mr. and Mrs. Mills have two children,
Don Mills and Mrs. M. E. Stone, and
have three grandchildren. .
Assisted by James G. Fair
On Fourth street In Santa Rosa, in a
comfortable cottage home/I found Mr.
and Mrs.. Wesley Mock, who 55. years
ago were married in Sonoma county on
the outskirts of what is now the City
of Roses. The wedding was celebrated
on" the 13th. day of November, 1853, in
a shanty owned ' by \u25a0 the late James G.
Fair. :
In speaking of her wedding day, Mrs.
Mock said: "Mr. Mock came to-Cali
fornia In 1849, ahd I ; followed ;him five
years later. . ; Despite . the ., fact -that it
was pouring rain, we . were married , the
next day after my arrival. * The shanty
where my sister lived leaked so
Jimmle Fair told us. ;we^had better
have the wedding \u25a0 ceremony, in his
cabin, a \u25a0 short distance; away. This
we did. The cabin had. one big room
on ~ the < "round and two v above. .The
lower room was half full,; being piled
up with wheat sacks, but that • did \ not
make any difference. I wore a cream
colored chally' dress that had 'a--blue
figure running through ; it.. It 'w was
made -like the dresses of today.: being
short waisted.t with br«telles ', over ; the
shoulders, finished . • with j blue > satin
edgings."; We have always,lived,imSo
noma- county. I , think the; secret of
married - happiness .comes:, f rom^ living
within' one's 'means.';- It ; - seems' 1 to i me
that the young people of today.- live too
fast'and spend their, money '.too reck
lessly*** \u25a0* * rr ' "' * * '- ' "' \* ~"~± <•*'•\u25a0*&'• '•\u25a0 - : ''<\u25a0•\u25a0- '\u25a0
\u25a0 "Mr., and Mrs/ Mock have s always .been
Drominenf " members < of." the? Methodist
Eoiscopal : church: South.% :Mr.> Mock -for
30 years \u25a0 led Uhef choir* in » that :place of
worship. ' ; He;is,:' also s accredited s. with
leading the s grand *march if at f the x first
ball given in : Sonoma county, but : at
this accusation both he and his good
wife laughed,' and \u25a0 that
"newspapers weren't always . reliable."
They showed me, with not a little pride,
their : marriage certificate, to which 1 are
signed the names of the
late millionaire ' James G. Fair, and the
late pioneer editor , of the Press-Demo
crat of Santa Rosa, Robert A. Thomp
sons Mr. and Mrs. \u25a0•, Mock have, three
children. A. W. ' Mock. \u25a0 Mrs. William
Rawles and '\u25a0 Mrs. J.H.- Hunt, eight
grandsons and. one granddaughter. \u25a0
•* It was not a difficult" matter/ to i find
the home of l Mr. 1 and Mrs. L. C- Cooper.
Any small boy in Santa; Rosa ..will tell
you , tc find, the >"flagr tree,"- and right
under Its waving branches you will find
\u25a0 the ' Cooper homer 'It would " never oc
:: cur to : the small boy to . explain* the
"flag tree.":_ ; lf .he did, f.he r would Just
point in the; air from almost any.direc
tion and that Is all" thatvwould be nec
essary; for then . you a could .see ?,for
yourself apine tree of ; gigantic height,
on the. top of which 1 proudly., wavea* the
: American flag. -:Mrs. Cooper was, not
at ' home, i,but * Mr;- Cooper; said : that vhe
; would gladly? tell^; me t anything:- that
\u25a0 would .be k of >. interest'- concerning.- their
"54 years of-i married, life. :.. , «•. .
-\u25a0/ "Our wedding was ' a ; singular" one •In
: some respects,*' ;\u25a0\u25a0 said«j Mr.;l Cooper. "It
was a ; double X one/, ray ; sister 1 and '; her
I h usband,!. my* wif c and il l being ; married
- by.. the same ceremony.'rf; We ; were) marf
rled > without £ a'> minister,^ without t a* 11
, cißhse v- and^wlthoyt jja : £ state/ *; Oregon
'. was at . thattime* a iterritory.VStrarigely,'
couples i welcomed; a 3 , babyj girl' into
the families at ithe 'f same* time, K closely
followedibyijtwlnsjln •both\familles// 1
i crossed « the plains \u0084'SO " and;* then /In
;'s4ffagaln,'; Just^ prior /to I my • wedding,
wif e, wore her/ wedding; g(wrn'on>the
celebration -; of ;/ouri; golden^;' wedding,
. which Just : four.years ago. I
. believe that too much father in law and
mother In \ law causes '.the : greater^ part
of. the domestic unhapplness. I believe
in a young \u25a0: people ; . living; by themselves
, and within themselves. 1 ; I don't believe
lin couples marrylng:too" young. 4 "A man
; should be : able ' to - take \u25a0' care of a-, wife i
before-rhe>'takes ;one."> ;' lf men would
: thlnk ; i of ;- this -• ; there , would /be fewer
divorces.". v '
: 1/ could . not refrain from ' asking
about;the^"flag tree." \u25a0;.'• '.'•': \u25a0"' /*
-"Thirty/ « years ;ago,'.'- explained Mr.
Cooper.ji'l: planted that pine tree. Q Since
llt "i has ibeen r < big renough -J every;* year,'
when 1 1 :' celebrate t* my ; birthday iI * put
'a : new. iflag.'onl the; tree."/ By> the .way."
he jadded.v "I , have jthe « wagon ~ bed and
hoops : that_. held , the ; canvas ." coyer 1 with :
which; I 'crossed the plains." ''X l '*• '
. ;Mr.^and?Mrs.JCoopeV. have : six rchil-
! dren-f-Mrs. "-i Sarah H Harvey. '* Mrs. ' Frank !
Ross,i Miss ; May: Cooper ,*> Marlon* Cooper/
\u25a0 Bert ? Cooper f and I Mis* * J BllaVs Cooper/
;There :ar«; four/ grandchildren/ V//' \u0084r :r
; In aJ 1 rose /covered ? cottage' of pre
tehtlous '\u25a0> sice j in ** College ; ay enue, \ Santa ;
;Rosa, Vi on 3 August';io.'*3l9oß/?Judgeiand'
Crawford? celebrated^; their ;
' fiftieth := anniversary/ v They • wer e - ; mar
i rled ? at \ Lewisburg, ; Pa./ at \u25a0 the 'close of
'Judge , Crawford's *? education."
[ Af ter^thd'eeremony they' left for •Wood
j. stock, t I11.V; where I they;? resided iuntil the
! war^broke^out/'at" which jtimey Judge
fCrawfbrdy enlisted 111.',
f battery.li T At .the nclose'c-f |the Vwafjhelre-
t, turned "ito^ Rockf ord,t,wh'ere^ he* engaged
j:in|thefpractlce\of flow?f ; .lnf July;}- 1888/
s^they s{debided^toß come* '-..'west j : : and the
} beauty £ot | Santa '^RosaK so' 5 ;-; impressed •.
; ; them I ttiattthey/ decided .fiol locate i" there. 5*5 *
Judge Crawford said without any hesi
tatlonithatt he attributed their" success
ful v. married life ;to - Mrs.^ Crawford's
good . house keeping.". . ;j :
"We: have always had a good home."
said the Judge.' "And Mn. ' Crawford is,
without : doubt, - the best house keeper
there ever, was." \u25a0'\u25a0';\u25a0" :",'..-
Mrs." Crawford gave her Idea of happy
married life .In a ivery. brief sentence:
"Bear jj and forbear, that is ' the secret."
'Judge and ' Mrs/- Crawford '. have two
sons— B. -X.'; Crawford i of Rockford. 111.,
and Dr. E. H. Crawford of . Santa : Rosa.
There are two grandchildren. - " : ;. '
lAs ! we drew; up;, before ithe home of
Mr. and Mrs. S. T.^ Fulkerson,. two fero
cious - dogs/ followed -by three ; children,
rushed out, to ; gre,et"us.- Only 'the fear
; less apearance rof, s those f little ; ones .In
the- midst iso; much 4 canine '-\u25a0 ferocity
kept 1 my; courage at the . point/where I
could" enter the well kept yard that sur
rounded a comfortable , cottage, on the
porch of which;' visiting with a neigh
; bor,; sat 'Mrs.' iFulkerson. ;''.'
*\u25a0, '^by/certainly/ 1: will tell you about
my I golden/ wedding,";* said 1 Mrs. -S. T.
Fulkerson \in \u25a0' response r to ; my, request.
"We 'X were '; married h August ; 29, - 1 8 5 8.
Ours was a~ double, wedding/ a Mr.; and
'Mrs:-' Boothe 1 - being- married> at' the same
. time/ ; I^wore ( a' , gray alpaca "•; skirt and
a white; satin I waists? ,\u25a0 Af terj the '>\u25a0 cere
mony'we . had ; a ; big,, dinner i and ; dance,
after, which .' we z rode ;on * horseback cto
'Uncle /^ Dickie' :;: Fulkerson's hi beautiful
: home { on - t the ; outskirtsi of? Santa Rosa,'
and \there fwe - spent' a' honeymoon"' of
three'or-four, days.s Sunday^ night Ta big
1 crowd ;; rode? out ; v to ; charivari i I us; .but
after^they: got *clear|tOfthe^gate, they
backed-rbut;,* because \they ; were afraid
.•UnclelDickle'-i-would ? notsiike 'It,*; as It
Lwas * Sunday,' go J they /waited*? until > the
lemonade^ready,for4tHem'the;next reven
ing.'l.withlcigars-for^theVmen. ;so«they
had ai flneUime.-g Shortly faf terwards we
\u25a0went :..to7our « ownV home!: &% few ? miles
The' San Francisco Sunday Call
to Sacramento valley., but the flood of <
'61 drove us out and" we came home
dead broke, with' nothing- but one cow
and a team left of all . our ; stock. I've
seen heaps o" ups and downs during my
married life, but I. believe In never giv
ing up and working "hard. -The mat
rlageof today doesn't seem to be aa It'
used to be. Nowadays it seems as If
couples ; marry Just. to, get. married and"
love doesn't seem to count at all. I
don't believe' in divorce, and believe if
each • one would do right and 'do his
duty that would solve the divorce prob
lem." . v - •
Mr. and Mrs. Fulkerson- have seven
children— Richard F. Fulkerson, Bruce '
Fulkerson, Mrs. William Wendt. Mrs.
Henry Leggett. Mrs." George Cummlngsl
Mrs. ;Delos Badger and Mrs.; Clara
Grider. There are 30 grandchildren
and . 10 great-grandchildren.
, . If " these - children and great-grand
- children 'live ;to the average age which
' seems to .be attained by the inhabitant"'
' of " ''golden ; Sonoma their com
bined agjes « should total well up Into
the thousands,; as shown by", the follow
ing table. . compiled <: from . ."old
folks'," rallies." held . recently .In Santa
Rosa' and Healdsburg.
; VOld Folks? .
J:.V .The"" combined! ages of 57 of the : "old
; folks'; present at j the Santa Rosa gath
ering -reached •an * aggregate of : 4 ,300
\ years.; The^ average ,'age \u25a0of these !mer ry
', makers ;was , between »70 and 80, as"evi
denced'by "theT following list: S. MoV
!-rrl«on'( 93 .*! G/, M.' '. McConnell " 90.\ Ri Gale '
I &i,'' Jesse Peters 84, : Vernon -Downs' g4,~ \
y J.iM/Hadddick 82/ Mrs. Rosanna Wood =
8 2/' Mr 8. *A. : Tyrbn , \u25a0 8 1 . ' ' John ; Knox \u25a0 \u25a0 8 1/
David "Campbell ' 81/j Mrs. - V J/ P. ; Proctor
" 80. Mrs. .T/ S. Harris ; 80, 'S. M. - Coraan'.
79.1 Mrsi ;J. ; M-^KnoxX 79; Mary ;Co man •
/78;4Mfs/ D. J 'A.iEndicott;7S,.D. N.:Hud-;
Bonr;7B.>Mrk Charlotte" Barmore 77, W^.
:P.;Campbell •.77/ Mrs. > \u25a0Ryners'77/-Mrs.*S '
J.-Reed 177. Mrs; M.J. J7,m!
J. Shephard 76. William Flynn 75. Mr*.
Julia Wright 76. J. M. Collins 76. H. C.
Wall 75. Mrs. L. J. Adams 75. Mrs. W.
T. Anderson 75. Mrs. L. M. Trowbrldg*
75. Z. W. : Bradford 75, Mrs. R. Bolsher
74. Z. M. Biglow 73, Rev. J. M. Overton
73. Charles Da Vanfer 72, Mrs. Lydla
McConnell 72, Henry Mundt 71. Mrs.
Anna Mundt 71, Mrs. M. Ross 71. Mrs.
Sarah Hughes 71. S. B. Mortimer AD,
Nathan Shrlver 70, Mrs. I*. W. ShriWr
70. M. A. Peck 69. Mrs. M. E. Nordyka
68. Mrs. Z. W. Braford 68. Mrs. M. A.
Haddrick 67. R. S. Boyd 67, A. J. San
ford 66, C. W. Hardlsty 63. Mrs. J. M,
Corrlck 6£, Mrs. C. I* Mortimer «*,
Mrs. A. M. Renshaw 63. J. M. Corrlck
61. Mrs. C. W. Hardlsty 60, S. J. Raed
77,. Mrs. C. Ziegler 69.
Among -other, prominent couples -who
have celebrated their golden weddings
are Judge, and Mrs. K. S. Ltppitt of
Petaluma. On July 3. 1903, they cele
brated their fifty-seventh anniversary.
Their children are Prof. E. L. Uppitt.
Attorney F. K. Llppltt. Mrs. S. K.
Dougherty of Santa Rosa and Mlsa Isolm
Lippitt*. ... \u0084
. On July 12. 190 S. Mr. and Mrs. C TV.
Mathews celebrated their fifty- nttix
anniversary. Mr. Mathews Is the only
surviving charter member of the Santa
Rosa Masonic lodge. Mr. and Mrs. A.
. R. Winans.of Petalnma celebrated their
\ fiftieth anniversary on July 15, 1908
Mr. Wlnans Is a member of tha Grand
Arm y of the Republic Mr. and Mr*.
J* t ; p - Kljnberly of Santa Rosa enter
tained a large gathering of friends and
relatives on JuJy 26. 1908. In honor of
their fiftieth anniversary. Mr. and Mrs
James E. Fowler celebrated their gold
/n wedding on August 20. 1907. Mr
Towler came around tha Horn on tha
good dipper ship Brooklyn, landing la
San Francisco In 1849/ and shortly aft
erward settled In Sonoma county. In
1551 ;he returned to New Jersey and
brought; bis f brid© out overland.
A romantic runaway wedding oa May
18,-1858. was that of Mr. and Mrs. L«a
Laughlln of Healdsburg. as they eloped
on Ahorseback, riding postilion fashion.
The Irate parent followed, but not aiuwe
soon enough, for th*e ceremony was
performed In' Knights Valley. A week
later they were forgiven. . returned
home and— like the ending in tha fairy
stories— "lived happy ever afterward."
On May 8. ,1908. they ; celebrated their
fiftieth anniversary. Mr. and Mra. D
Bruner of Santa Rosa celebrated their
fiftieth anniversary on' New Year's eve
1908. Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Green. Santa
Rosa, on December 18. 1907. Judge and
Mrs. King. . Petaluma, June 29. 1903.
Mr. and Mrs..J. D/Olmstead. Petaluma.
April 12. 1907.- Mr. and Mrs. Christian
Sthall. Santa Rosa, December 28 1907
Mr. jind Mrs. Graham. Sebaatopoll
March 17. 1909. Mr. and .Mrs. Fred
erick Braun. Freestone. May 17, 1909
The late Squire Coulter and his good
wife of Santa Rosa celebrated their
golden wedding, as did the late Charles
W. Otis and wife, but death soon aft
erward broke the /golden tie.
If Robert Louis Stevenson had lived
100 years earlier one might think that
these couples. who have honorably *ived
their 50 years of married, life together
t took as their motto his prayer:
f'Tobe honest, to be kind; to earn a
i little - and to spend a ; llttla less ; to
make \u25a0 upon- the > whole a family -happier
for his presence: to renounce when
that shall be necessary, and not be em
bittered; -to keep a : few friends, but
these without capitulation; above aIL
on> the- same grim, condition, to keen
; friends. with .himself. Here Is a task
.for. all that ai man has of fortitude a™*
delicacy." "rixiuaa asd

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