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"Portrait Studies From Life of Beautiful
Women of San Francisco Society."
Merry Dance at Colma Is Inter
rupted by Murder Caused
by Woman
Italian Who Fired Shot at
Countryman Escapes From
the Police
Fair Companion of Victim Veils
Her Identity and Van
1 I 'HE dancers were -wheeling mer-
I rily in Dizzio's park near Colma
'= "; near sundown yesterday after
noon when the music was halted ab
ruptly by a pistol shot. The picnickers
were too bewildered to tell whose
was the figure fleeing down the road.
What they did see, however, was the
body of a man, identified later as Or
ghitti Ragalfo, prone on the ground,
the blood rushing from an ugly wound
in the temple.
A woman 6tood by for a moment and
vanished rapidly into the fast gather
ing crowd of former revelers. The Iden
tity o fthe murderer and that of the
young woman, who evidently was the
object of the jealous assault, had not
been discovered at a late hour last
night. Kagalfo was treated by Doctor
Beasley of Hillcrest. His injuries were
so serious, however, that he lived but a
few hours.
A Sunday Festival
The occasion was a Sunday festival
gathering. The people came in lage
numbers yesterday afternoon to Ditt
zio's park. Athletic exercises were
indulged in. The men played bocci
ball and the women sang and danced in
gleeful freedom. Rafalfo. who con
ducts a saloon on Point Lobos avenue
and VTod street, was one of the mer
riest of the crowd.
There was another there whose iden
tity is unknown, possibly as merry
outwardly as Rafalfo, but his heart
was eaten away with jealousy for a
fair young Italian miss who smiled on
Hafalfo. So far as the rest of the pic
nickers were concerned there was no
outward display of hostility. The
stranger sulked by himself.
But suddenly the merry making,
ceased. A pistol shot had stopped the
guitar and the hum of the violin. The
dancers ceased to wheel and whirL The
stranger had in a fit of mad jealousy
stricken down his rival.
There was wild consternation. Jo
seph Ballanti, who lives at 110 Mont
gomery avenue, recognized the man
lying on the ground with the oozing
bullet wound on his temple as Rag
alfo. An effort was made to get a
statement from him, but the wounded
man was unable to speak coherently.
The woman in the case preserved a
discreet silence, so with the complete
escape of the assailant there Is no
clew as to the caus* of the shooting,
other than mere jealousy.
Ragalfo's slayer was seen to disap
pear down the country road, using
the railroad track t« better his es
cape. An attempt was made to over
take him. but was afterward given up.
The police took up the scent, but did
not succeed in learning the identity of
the murderer.
Experts Scoff at Pistolesi's Fear
for Safety of Bay Cities
. The fear of Supervisor L. C. Pistolesl
of Marin county that the 1,400 tons of
dynamite stored in the warehouses of
the Dupont de Nemours power com
pany at California City as endangering
the lives of 1,000,000 people in the bay
cities is not held by experts.
"Almost incalculable damage could
be done with 1.400 tons of dynamite
if it were properly . placed," said Cap
tain E. G. Davis, adjutant at the Pre-
Fidio. yesterday. "It is sufficient to
Mow up all of San Francisco, but if It
is left in warehouses in California City,
Sun Francisco would be in no appre
ciable danger from Its explosion.
"Should the 1,400 tons be exploded in
the warehouses the effect would prob
ably be to blow an immense hole In
the earth and cause a shock for a wide
range, but I do not think the damage
would extend as far as San Francisco."
Other experts - hold practically the
same opinion as Captain Davis. While
the territory Immediately surrounding
the warehouses would probably be
torn up and the surrounding country
shaken by the shock, the experts do
not think there would be the dire
calamity which is feared by Pistolesi.
The Marin county supervisor has an
nounced his intention of introducing
iit the next meeting of the board of su
pervisors an ordinance against the stor
ing of large quantities of dynamite in
Marin county.'
•Jrcat Falls. Mont., . July : 4.— Mio*ael Papp. a
Hnnjrarian, rw kIH«J by I"ollc«>man M. i.
«"»'Nri!i todaj aft«»r he had - kUMwhI .John .Nblro
In tbf !.".<•!> and twin » ballet • through O'Ketir*
*r.r. Nalco is sfrk'Ofrly wounded, . but will
ErobaWj- rprrsrer. O'NelH baa been exonerated
r a coroner's Jury. \u25a0 '
The San Francisco Call.
MONDAY. July 5, 1909
YESTERDAY — Clear; treat wind; maximum
temperature 60, minimum 50.
FORECAST FOR TODAY— rair, warmer; mod
erate southwest wind. Page 13
What figure* prore about San Francisco. F 6
The campaign against consumption. VagrO
Seaate is giren an object leston. Paye 6
A safe and sane fourth la San Francisco, j p 6
To discomfort the importer. Pace 6
Union leaders mad cititens join campaign
against Infamous "par check" system of Gray
Brothers and other contractors. Pace 1
"The Merry Widow" at Van Ness theater
appeals to senses and emotions. Pace 14
Mystery deepens with police inTeatlgation of
death of Mrs. de Ia Montm.ra. Pace 1
Merry throng \u25a0 throughout bay region to cele
brate Independence day. Pace 3
Letter carriers* mutual aid society entertains
5,000 guests at SheU Mound park. Page 13
Three hospitals are menaced by early morning
C*- Pace 14
Orpheum offers holiday program consisting ' of
acrobatic feats, singing and dancing. Pace 14
Two men wounded by pellets from shotgun
when disturber seek* rerenge. Pace 14
Good company at American theater presents
"Three Weeke," the dramatized Terslon cf Elinor
Glyn's sensual eotcl. - Pace 14
Memory of Benjamin Krleger, the hero of the
Georgia accident, honored by monument in cem
etery. Pace 14
Pickpocket rob* woman oa train and burglars
operate in Oakland. ' Pace 4
California anglers' society to buy land near
Howard and establish trout hatchery. Pace 4
Pacific coast short story writers to meet at
University of California. : Pace 4
Oakland clergyman makes strong addrets on
the menace of priTilege. ' Pace 4
Elaborate programs prepared to celebrate fourth
in erery town In Alaxneda county. Pace 4
Big delegation from all orer- nation expected
at good roads convention la Seattle. Pace 13
Robbers take $700 from railroad ticket office
at Op den. Pace 1
Ten fires in Seattle due to fireworks and nu
raetous accidents during fourth of July celebra
tion . throughout country. Pace 1
Tainted meat brings slight sickness to
throng. Pacel
Man falls into barrel of asphalt and loses
mustache, but life is tared. Pace I
Delegates . ready ' for . Knights of Phythlas
jubilee in . Seattle and Ep worth league to meet
there July 7. Pace 0
Vallejo temperance committee plans campaign
for ordinance to -close saloons Snodays Pace 13
Santa Cruz draws big holiday crowd and naral
militia arrires to take part in th« celebra
tion. " JPacel*
Xerada celfb'rates - discorery of . famous, old
mines. . Pace 9
Fifteen killed and 32S Injured in \ fourth of
July celebrations. Pace 1
Gale orer Bale lake menaces small boats, be
ing the most violent in the recent history .of
Utah. - Pace •
President takes Mrs. Taft to HaTerly, Miss.,
where he will ' pass vacation after adjournment
of congress until coming west. . Pace 1
Philippine laborers shipped to Hawaii to work
on sugar plantations under contract. Page It
Philippine constabulary mutineers are cap-
Coast league scores — Portland 2, .Oakland 0;
Portland- 10. Oakland 2; San Francisco 2, Sacra
mento o:.Los Asgeles 2. Vernon 2; Los Angelei
2, Vernon 1. ' Pace 8
State league scores — Santa Crus 8, San Fran
cisco 2; Santa Cruz 15. San Francisco 2; Stock
ton 5. Fresno 3; Fresno 3. Stockton 1; Oakland
5, Ean Jose 4; Oakland $, San Jose 2. Pace 9
King Whaley,- of Shell Mound club makes 92
out of possible 100 with the pistol. . Pace 9
First race meet of Nevasa jockey club in R*>no
is a declo>d success. Pace 9
Ketchel and Papke await. the gong for great
battle at Colma this afternoon. Pace 9
Autoists come from afar to attend . Reliance
club races at Emeryville today. • Pace 9
Governor comes tnt» port from Seattle* gaily
decked wltb flags and bunting. Pace 13
Four Men Required to Haul -La-
borer from Glutinous Mass
LOS ANGELES, July *4. — Buried al
most up tcv his nose in a barrel of
liquid asphalt, Salvador Talamantes, a
laborer, was found early this morn
ing almost suffocated. It required four
men to get him out.
Talamantes fell into the barrel while
crossing a railroad trestle. Trying to
extricate himself he plunged both arms
into the asphalt and sank deeper. He
was found by Deputy. Constable Mik
laushutz, who wrenched his back try
ing to save the man.
Three policemen .were called, and
their combined strength gradually drew
the Mexican "out. Talamantes' mus
tache was uprooted almost to a hair
as his chin emerged from the glutinous
mass. •
Slightly Tainted Meat Brings
Slight Sickness to Throngs ;
MODESTO. July 4.— As' a result of
eatings slightly tainted meat at a
barbacue in /connection' with -Indepen
dence day celebration at Oakdale,,yes
terday, af least 'l,ooo persons are. suf-*
fering from a mild attack of 'ptomaine
poisoning. None of those stricken are
seriously' ill. '\u25a0* *: . ; _
BAKER IS .LOCATED*— San : . Joiw». Jnly 4.— -
Caesar Augoftns Bak<>r, the affwj ' Rardrnrr,
wbo**^: disappearance four day* atro from Vtb*
residence: of Mrs. C. M. Gorimm. 2*03) Forrest
aTeniie, B*rk»ley, canard : alarm 4 was' located toi
day. at ; the Santa Clara . college, bt
been employed since \u25a0 hl« disappearance.:
Spectacular Blaze in Scattered
Business District Drives
Guests From Hotel
Numerous Accidents Throughout
Country During Celebration
of July Fourth
! July Fourth Casualties,
15 Dead and 328 Hart
CHICAGO, July- 4.— Summaries
of dead and Injured In 1909 fourth
of July celebrations:
Dead . ... . 15
By fireworks... 21 By runpowd«r .. . 1
By cannon . . 8] By toy pistols ... 9
By firearm* ..... 2|
Injured .'...328
By flreirorks ...188 By torp«do©« ... 6
By cinaoa ...... 17 By toy pistols... 48
By firearms ... HBy bomb oanes . . 6
By gunpowder . . 49 By runaways ... 14
Fire loss (08,050
SEATTLE, July 4.— Although the
regular Independence day celebration
will not be* held here until tomorrow-,
10 fires and two serious accidents re
sulted from today's celebration. , With
one exception, the blazes started by
fireworks did little damage.
A spectacular fire occurred. this aft
ernoon In the fireworks store at 140?
Thlrdl avenue in the heart of the up
town business district. The blaze
started •when a "go devil,"' set off on
the sidewalk, darted Into the store, set
ting firecrackers and rockets on fire.
Freworks Stock Ablaze
In an instant the entire stock was
ablaze. .Cannon crackers and bombs
were exploding and * skyrockets and
fiery balls from Roman candles were
bombarding the buildings on the oppo
site side of the street. So : fierce was
the fusillade that the crowd'= which' had
assembled to see the spectacle ; was
driven from the street, * pedestrians be
ing forced to . take ref-uge In' hallways
and vestibules. . . '
Guests; in a* hotel, who occupied the
upper floors of the building, were driv
en to the streetj and one woman, nearly
overcome . by smoke, groped her way
down the stairs /and dropped uncon- i
scious In the street.' - She was sent to;
the hospital.
The.entire stock of. novelties and fire.
works In- the building was destroyed.
The loss will not exceed $2,500, with
no Insurance. Damage to the building
was slight. .
Eye and Foot Injured
- As the result of the explosion of a
large firecracker within a few Inches
of his face, Richard Christian, aged 13,
is in a hospital. It is feared that he
will lose his eyesight. .
Late last night Michael Albergoff was
sent to the emergency hospital with a
badly mangled' foot due to the ex
plosion of a bomb thrown by a hilarious
Joker Loses Right Hand
SACRAMENTO, July 4.— W. H. Gard
ner, a real estate man, had his right
hand blown off ' this morning by the
explosion of a giant firecracker. Gard
ner- imagined that the explosive was
only an imitation and sought to create
a panic in a crowded downtown saloon
by placing the firecracker on the lunch
counten * As the men rushed for the
door Gardner picked up the bomb and
laughed gleefully." A second later the
explosion occurred and Gardner dropped
to the floor, fainting, with his right
hand so mangled that physicians am
putated it this evening.
Boy Killed and Another Hurt;
DENVER,, JuIy 4.— George Newshara,
aged 10, dead, and Leo Myers, aged 9,
with, three fingers missing, "were .to
day's casualties resulting .from cele
bration of the fourth of July. . The
boys wtre playing, with giant caps used
In mine work. Newsham hit one of
the caps with a; hammer, causing the
explosion; - .
Washington State Factions May
"Organize Separately;;
SEATTLE,. July. 4.— The American
woman \u25a0 suffrage • association < -held *. a
mass meeting; in the" auditorium: of the
Alaska-Yukon-Paclflc exposition this
afternoon,, at i which i -'the. ..principal
speakers- were " National President
Anna -H. Shaw, Mrs. . Florence- Kelly" of
New^York andj Henry; R. Blackwell of
Massachusetts;; * The > suffrage leaders
occupied pulpits of various churches
todaj\. -•'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'.'•: \u0084 i .•;.\u25a0-!;' /'}- 7 ,'- \."i;'- ~ "
of 'the national convention
yesterday: in depriving; the Washington
delegation of^votes," while a-moral vic
tory for. the' faction' led; b>'^ D. C. Coates
of ••Spokane,' - former" lieutenant gov
ernor of . Colorado,-; does f not" give 'the
insurgents any 'better footing ; in the
state „\u25a0 association, and ; it r is
thaU they -will; make their? temporary
organization ';\u25a0: permanent '\u25a0 and » form a
Btate";;BUffrage~- r ass6ctation.' •„** " \u25a0'\u0084'\u25a0
The : national} convention ;will , take •no
further part in the state dispute.
Mayor and Citizens of^Beverly
i Welcome Executive, Who
Leaves This Morning :"T
Trip to Coast to Follow Vaca»
tion From Adjournment of
Congress to September 1 9-
BEVERLY. Mass.; -July 4.— President
and Mrs. Taft arrived "af their summer
home at Woodburyj point at 9 a. m. to
day from Washington after an un
eventful trip. .*"
President Taft ' came to Beverly at
full fledged resident; of ; Beverly.' The
mayor and postmaster called to pay
their respects and to make the greet
ing official. Business; buildings and
homes were decorated. Nearly the en
tire city • had' intended meeting the
president at the station, but he came
earlier than expected.
Later the president attended "church
in Beverly and throughout. the service
the edifice was crowded. The road
leading past the secluded park where
the president's summer home is located
was crowded with sightseers. \u25a0' Two
stalwart . policemen and half a dozen
secret service men were on guard.
Quiet Vacation Planned .
President Taft cam eto Beverly at
this time /to bring Mrs. iTaft to the
summer home. Although the trip from
Washington was tiring Mrs. Taft stood
the journey remarkably well and late
today took a short -automobile ride
with the president. He believes that
the Invigorating air \u25a0 of the sea will
quickly restore Mrs. Taft to complete
health. She will endeavor to, have as
quiet a summer as possible, and. the
president,, too, when he finally takes
up his abode here,: will try to have ) as
complete a. vacation as work on plans
of governmental reform which he has
in mind. will allow. i . :
The. president will leave early-' to-^
morrow for Bostonf whence he_goes;tb
Norwich to participate ia the celebra
tion of; the two hundred. and fiftieth, an-,
niversary of the founding of the town.
He then goe3 to Lake Champlain I for
the tercentenary celebration there and
willreach Washington late in the aft
ernooni of July 9, to remain . until the
end of the congressional session.
Senate Pleases President
S The, presjdent would not venture a
guess today as to the date of the ad
journment, but expressed himself -as
more than pleased with the pFogress'in
the senate during the last few days.
'President- Taft's*. summer home is
known . locally as the Evans cottage
and is situated near the. end of Wood
bury point, which projects far out into
Salem bay .and forms, the northern
boundary of Beverly harbor.
The cottage is set among towering
elms, the view from its wide verandas
commanding a splendid sweep of wood.
The picturesque old bay, dotted here
and there with ragged, rocky Islands,
offers' a' marine view of rare attract
iveness. .
Battleship Near Harbor
Hundreds of 'little sloops and other
yachts spread their sails before '-the
breeze, dancing in and out of the har
bor. The president's yacht Sylph,
which will remain here throughout! the
summer, is anchored near the point.
Far out in Marblehead harbor the gray
lines of. the, battleship Minnesota, are
The church where the president at
tended services today at 10 : 30 a- m. is
the oldest in Beverly, the First Unita
rian, organized in 1667. The president
was accompanied -by/Mrs. - Louis More,'
Mrs. Taf t's sister, * and Captain Archi-.
bald Butt, his military aid. He sat In
the fifth pew from the front. "
Special .; Prayer for •\u25a0•Taf £':£ -U^
The minister,-' ' Rev. Benjamin; R.
Bulkley, referred to the president's ar
rival in'Beveriy. and in a special prayer
asked that God might continue to give
him guidance. Dr. Bulkiey said that
the "old north shore"* had known two
presidents — .Washington*, and Harrison
—and was now honored ; In
a third. V I;
' The president .was warmly • applaud
ed as he left and, .with; Mrs. More, 'mot
ored over Uo: Beverly farms" to visit
Miss Mabel' Boardinan."
.The president, after, congress ad
journs, i expects .to • remain ; in. Beverly
"until: September, 19 and then will' start
upon his 'projected trip west. :.
Railroad Station Agent Held ;Up
: . ... by, T wo Thugs ''\u25a0"'.''
' OGDEN. Utah.* July r 4.— At'. 10 Vclock
tonight ,two men/, masked* and_ heavily,
armed, 4 ' surprised^' and, held: up. the agent
in; cliafg« T of , the';local . depot- of • the
Bafnberger Vail road^ and^'got. away with*
more^than* J7OO-in cash.'. ' ..
, They i did:, not' touch ; the tickets ; or
other, valuables^ ln the confining
their^'-fefrorts V.v;'erit irelyi' to i,theli ready,
money] in •the^afejar^^djajwer.'' ' |
.The. 'robbers 'escaped.. Tbe fore the
authorities: could -' be; notified. '_ '
President of _ the . Iron - Trades ' Council
/T is as
tounding to
me that Gray
B r o thcTs
n> o v I d' at
tempt to-em-
ploy the com
pany pay
check system
I in ,a city as
s trong in
c i r g an i zed
union labor
as San Fran
cisco. The
unions have
a dvoca ted
a st a tut e
governing ihu
for many
years and the murder of Carolina Brasch surely
must result in 'such a measure.
Something was required to awaken the public to
action, but the young girls life' is too high a price
to pay for the awakening, ifi
Had ' the bill introduced in- our legislature two
years ago been passed, which would have done
away with the company pay checks entirely, the
young woman would never have been murdered, for
the. cause of the shooting would have been removed.
, Unskilled laborers should be the wards of the
state and not be abandoned to the mercy of the
employers for, whom they are compelled to work. .
' Organized labor will free 1 these 'men. * :\u25a0>• •
jlSeerctnrybf the San FranrNco 'Labor Council .
/ft. San
knew the suf
fering; that
has come to
men and
women— —not
ofily Ih c
workmen, but
their families
t—kK a result
of the com
pany pa\> . . .
check system used by Cray Brothers and other"em
ployers they would not permit' it to continue a day
longer. ". . /
// is a Shylock game of the worst order* and so
revolting to the common ideas entertained by Amer
icons regarding liberty of person and simple justice
that even the most rabid anli'trades unionist can say
nothing in its favor. . .',
Unfortunately these unhappy men and women,
not being organized; can do nothing to help them
selves, but we should do all in our power to aid
Organized labor has fought this, thing for. years,
for it is slavery. Too much\can not be said or done
to put an end to this iniquitous system and to end it
at once. 1:1 - : .. ...
'It should shame us when' we think that it required
I the 'murder of. a. young girl \lo awaken us to our plain
duty m this matter. . • . -
Labor Leaders and Citizens Plan
Law Against t Gruel, Contractors
THE, company pay check system,; as rased by' Gray
Brothers, that goaded James /-Edward -Cunningham,
j -the' former, Gray : Brothers 'employe, 1 ' to murder
Carolina Brasch^book keeper for the. firm, ''seems doomed
in ' California.' v Heads of i organized- labor in this city in
sisted in statements-yesterday that at the next* legislature
a (fight will be made -by. every union, labor -man in , the
state to pass a general statute^makingiit mandatory upon
employers to r pay. their' men at'lcast once a" month and
doit onlyin currency, or, in a negotiable check. , Andrew
Gallagh'er, secretary^ of the San Francisco labor, council*,
and John . W." Sweeney, ; president > of '; the, iron
; council, voiced the sentiments 'of their.' fellow unionists
I when they ''declared; yesterday "that "the ineiqultous com-
I pVriy.-: pay. jcheckTsy stem must go." \u25a0. . , ;•' S~
Whole^Cityilriclignantx - ~-;> •• -; ;
: V Behind the .determined -opposition toj this' form, of
wage slavery, .which -holds'a workman, helpless long 'after*
' Continued on Page \2, r Column 1
./ydthxan get what you want by
."Y for it in
Conflicting 'Circumstances
Discovered by Police
Brother Believes, in Suicide But
Story of Lunch With Men Is
\u25a0 iNOt Disproved
PENDING the inquest into the death of Mrs. Lores*
de la Mpntanya, which occurred at her apartment.
1360 Jones street, Friday evening, the police and
the coroner's deputies are engaged in measuring the cir
cumstances of the case and in balancing the several as
pects of the mystery of the woman's death.
Two women, Mrs. Margaret W. Patton of 2047 Green
street, the friend, and Celia Budla, the maid, know tha
details of the tragedy and with convincing reiteration
have clung to the story of the suicidal death of Mrs. Mon
tanya which they first told when the police and morgue
officers arrived at midnight Friday. But information of
a contrtry character has been repeatedly given, which,
if credible; would make the death of Mrs. de la Montanya
as mysterious as was the death of Caesar Young, the
horseman, who died in a cab in New York. There was
a report circulated that two men were having dinner with
Mrs. de la Montanya and Mrs. Patton and that the re
volver, was being examined as an after dinner diversion -
when it was discharged, inflicting a . mortal wound on
Mrs. de la Montanya. •
/ * ' V .Brother Not in Dowbt,
Alfred B. Bar'bier, brother of the deceased, dismissed
the rumor, as an entirely imaginary concoction, while
Police Detectives; Riordan and Boletto, who have been
working on the case, are keepings their minds open. Rior
dan said yesterday that in the light of the evidence so
far available he believed that the death wound was self-"
inflicted by Mrs.- de la Montanya. He pointed to the fact
that some years ago the woman tried to take her own life
: by severing ah artery with a bit of glass .
But neither the police nor the coroner can reconcile
'the events that followed the shooting.
[*; .According to Mrs. Patton the shot was fired about 7:3Q
o'clock in the evening. Dr. Lewis W. Allen ,house physi
cian of the St. Francis .who was called by Mrs. Patton to
attend the stricken woman, was not summoned until 9: 3 d'
o'clock; That time was definitely set yesterday by S. M.
Becker, "the boy mayor" of Milwaukee, who is a guest
at the St. Francis. Dr .Allen was out of the city yester
| day and could not be found to give his statement, although
I Detective Riordan made repeated efforts to find him.
Called at 9:30 o'clock
"Dr. Allen was in my room at the St. Francis Friday
evening," said Becker. "At 9:30 o'clock there was a tele
phone call for the doctor. A woman's voice spoke to him.
telling him that 'something horrible' had happened and
that he must come out at once in an automobile of a tax
icab. • Dr. Allen immediately left the room."
• . The inquest into Mrs. de la Montanya's death will be
held Friday morning.
The apartment in which the tragedy occurred, was
closed yesterday and the maid had left. Mrs. Heath and
Alfred B. Barbier have taken charge of Mrs. de la Mon
tanya's effects, and today the brother will, arrange for
the funeral .
Athletic Santa Cruz Attorney Protects Hitn-
self From Bandits
SANTA. CRUZ, July 4.— Attorney Ernest C. Rittenbousa
fooled two thugs at a late hour last night when they com
manded him to throw up his hands. Before they were
aware the athletic young lawyer had one fellow down- and
as pummellng him severely.
Rittenhouse was returning home along Chestnut ave
nue from Ihe office of the F: A. Hihn company. At a dark
spot he suddenly found' himself between two men. When
called upon to surrender his. cash Rittenhouse refused and
one thug struck him on the head with a big club several
times.. ** • . : .
-Rittenhouse floored his combatant and had the better of
him when, another holdupman rained -blows upon the head
of.the young.attorney. One cried '.'Shoot him!" and Ritten
house wisely escaped.
Daughter Is Circulating Petition Among Her
[Special Dispatch to.TJie Call}
\u25a0\u25a0;JiAPA,'.. July 4.— Mrs. Lena Remley, daughter of Mrs.
Mary;; Ghirardl. who Is., serving a sentence in, the county
jail in 'this ;clty for selling liquor within one and* a s half
miles of the Veterans* home,, was busily. engaged yesterday
In an" effort for Mrs. Ghirardl's , release.
\u25a0' The daughter circulated a petition to be presented to
the governor, asking that her mother b« pardoned. Mrs.
Ghirardi, was sentenced "to pay a fine of $500. the" limit of
ithe 'law, .with 'the alternative of too days, in the county
jail, and chose to save her money and serve the sentence.
Sho paid a fine of J3OO on a former conviction #om«
time ago.

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