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first Photograph of Water Front When
the Bay Extended to Montgomery Street
Will Occupy Two Pages in
Daniel FrohmarTs Wife Begins
Long Expected Action for
Complaint Not Sensational and
famous Actress Declines
to Talk About It
•ccicl Ditpclch to The Cell]
Ri:NO. Nov., Oct. 13.— Mre. Daniel
took her first legal step away
from : the stage and tovrard permanent
doaKfctlcJty today, a step for which she
had j>reparo?d herself for the last six
p^xsiM^i : itnMJM'' |^^ir"^iiiiLL**'^iiiij || iijijfl|jjugptj"yw*"t
months. In the district court of this
city the filed a suit for divorce from
l»aniel Krohman, the theatrical man
aper of New York. The complaint was
based on the, sole and unsensational
ground that for the last two years
J'rohnian had failed to contribute to her
Fupport. It is not believed that the
iiction will.be contested. The couple
were married in New York November
':'!:<\u25a0 action hail been predicted for
some time and seemed a Certainty about
a year ago, when Miss Illington gave
an interview. to fflie San Francisco Call,
" in .which *h<? *aid tlvat she was tired
of the siiarii of siageVllfe and longed
fur a hoxe: that she was willing, even,
erfoVtn'.ibe onerous duties of a poor
man's '.vift.', Ut darn socks; rather than
je;r.aln' lo'iger; i\<» petted stage favor
ite which Fhe lusd become.
At that '.!:ik- ill San Francisco it was
generally believed ; th.it Miss Illington
was to marry K. J. Bow*-s, a real es
tate* operator of that place, reputed
tv have made a great deal of money in
his transactions. Under the circum
stances that Miss Illington was still
Mrs. Frohman, there was nothing said
definitely by either party, but that mil
' tual interest existed was not denied,
and on -the contrary was lightly con
ceded by the parties most interested.
Nonsupport Alleged
The complaint filed by Mrs. Froh
man today was brief, it merely stated
the required allegations upon which
the action was. based and stated that
the plaintiff had had her residence in
Reno for more than six months prior to
the filing of the action, that there were
no children and no community prop
erty. No alimony was asked for. Xo
mention was made of Frohman be
yond the terse references necessary to
identify him as the defendant and the
alleged offending party.
.."MlSs'lHlnSton has been a prominent
member of the Reno divorce eolonyfor
nearly a year. She came Hire from
San -Francisco, where she had been ill
in a hospital. That was shortly, after
she had retired from her stage position
as the' star of "The Thief" company.
In that part her charm and beauty had
made a flattering impression upon thea
ter goers. .While in Reno the former
actress has led a-quiet .life, going out
in'societj' but seldom, and contenting
herself with early morning waTTks and
horseback rides. .She has changed* in
appearance "since coining to Reno and
U now a large, robust woman.
I jC*e attorneys in the action said to
day that the case would be devoid of
sensational features, so far as their
client was concerned. Miss Illingtbn
wo»iW make no statement.
Oakland Widow Forced Into
Bathroom at Point of Gun
by Supposed Lodgers
Makes Her Escape Only After
Thieves Have Made Away
With Her Money
OAKLAND, Oct. IS. — Mrs. J. C. Jep
son. a widow living at 1787 Tenth ave
nue, was robbed in her home .at 5
o'clock this 'evening by two young men,
I;,ith of about 19 years, one. of whom
fctimidated her with' a. revolver and
locked her in the bathroom," while the
other ransacked the house and ob
tained $7.
The thieves called her to the . back
door by knocking and told her they
were tourists from Denver come to
see the festival in San Francisco and
seeking lodgings for two 'weeks. Mrs.
Jepson led the way into her house and
was showing the callers two down
stairs rooms, when one of them drew
his revolver while the three were
standing in a hall. The woman was
compelled to sit on a chair, while one
man stood guard and the other found
the money. When the cash had been
obtained the sentry put the woman in
the bathroonv barred the door with
a chair and folloVed his companion
down the back stairs.
Mrs. Jepson escaped from the bath
room "through another door which had
not been secured and reached a, neigh
bor's home after the robbers had gone.
She notified the police station and an
investigation was made by Patrolman
Brock and Detective Green, who ob
tained from a neighbor a description of
the intruders. '
After Life in Prison Aged Man
Dies Unmourned
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
.SAN QUENTIN, Oct. 18.— Henry
Hunt, the oldest prisoner in San
Quentin, whose crimes da,te back to
ISSI. escaped 32 years of his third sen
tence here today by death; and, having
no friends or relatives, was buried in.
the prison graveyard with a headboard
bearing the number 19007 to mark his
resting place. .
Hunt/who was SS years of age, was
what the convicts call a. "three time
loser." On April 14, 18S1, he began a
life sentence at Folsom prison for a
murder -which he committed in cold
blood in San Francisco. His sentence
was later commuted to 21 years, but
with the deductions made for credits
he - was "discharged after serving 13
This was in March, 1594, and on Au
gust 18 of the same year he was sent
to. San Quentin. for a term of 10 years
for assault to rob, committed in- Los
Angeles. He was again discharged on
February 10. "1901. Two months later
he was again sent to San Quentin for
assault with intent to commit murder
to serve a, sentence of 40 years. On
his deathbed this morning, when- he
knew that the end was near, he smiled
at Dr. Wade Stone and muttered feebly:
"Well.. Doc, I expected- a pardon, but
this is better." . -
Negotiations for Entrance Now
Under Way
ST. PETERSBURG, Oct. 18.— The
Svct. a semiofficial. organ, stated today
that negotiations between Russia and
the* United States- looking to ; an ar
rangement through .which • American
Jews may be permitted an unhampered
entrance into Russia are under way.
The paper says: the recent. report that
the* negotiations were, delayed because
of the pending change in the office of
American ambassadors ':\u25a0 is ; erroneous. .. •
The San Francisco Call.
TODAY Governor Gaspar jde Portola lands; in San i Francisco ; in the person' of one of r 'i:
the. rare \u25a0survivors of thC romantic period of pastoral California before ; the gringcrcan-ie. j'
His excellency will be made welcome with u pomp and ; ; circumstance, ;\u25a0 .with \;blar*e'- i
of- drum. arid •souhd^of- trumpet. V. Parading, thousands will march- in^his Honor and^r "~i
memories of' a; half .forgotten past' \vill\t>e .revived with tellingleffect. -V ,^x."./: <:%hKs-/- s\\{\
' Ihtleed, 'the history of California 7 and its romantic .vicissitudcs,-the^ useful and! humane, r^
labors of ;.the' Franciscan friars, the'"". arduous "struggles' of^vthe^ays of j^ld/^the .work .ofothe r ;i^i ;
miner, the ;sliipman.-.thef farmer and' the wiuemaker will'alMiave their fit place, in the pageant.-^ *\u2666
One -hundred and fifty ; .years of history, will -be (condensed .'in the 'briefspace of a^week. . '• +
San -Francisco, is ready ..for the, show/-;'. Her? streets are garnished. /The - Spanish colors'"- 1; :
and the American" flag are intertwined in! arti stic* medley. , Thousands ; of hanging lights" will "I
make' night like day. The stores and shops i are" decorated almost without exception. , " >I -
". We -could wish that -there were^ no- exception's, to this \u25a0\u25a0 rule, but a few niggard owners . * r
of stores '; and, office buildings remain ;; conspicu ousjiby ; thejr/ .default. These .jexceptibHs,' of * >
course, do not : mar the general ; effect,;.. liowevecdiscreditable thcy.-may^
San Francisco i. rejoices ' , to welcome^to-; the.- parade^ Uhe^fepr^sentativeVof, interior' cities^t
and Oakland,,; Stock toil |-"-^
put' forth special; efforts to \u25a0\u25a0.promote /the, general v 'effect. >.lt Iwas.kiiidly done; ofAour interior -^ \u25a0
friends; and senses^^ .solidaritvvof (California 1 cities, i ': : tl
. The \u25a0-'.whole civilized world .is now dipping : into history and: reproducing -in dramatic V; I \u25a0
form the glories and achievements *of a past: n o -longer-;, forgotten! : New York . entertained ; a >
ni ill ion', visitors i and \the warships/of ; half * a jdozen^ nations ", on - the;: occasion of Xthe" Hudson- '\u2666
Fulton celebration; San; -.-Francisco.' follows. a] c lose? second witlu aMiistorical;display~ which' we :'|
are \u25a0 certain .'\u25a0':. will > -^compare \u25a0 .favorably in' "'artist ie; effect^ and splendor ' with - anything,, hitherto; . \u2666,
presented /on .'-similar lines. - S&-'. . -V:-: i --\u25a0"'; \u25a0; \ i U:' '"• -^ 'ly--''':- \u25a0"..\u25a0 ; ;'""';'^-'*"-.^-' ;^;^t? \
"'- These celebrations . are : 'muclj>nrore '\u25a0'than merely festival • occasions,"; for ; they .serve ; to/, \
promote -a '-national ahdira/sehsc of; historic?continuity. ;i ;\u25a0 \u25a0': •\u25a0*, ; - .~";;V.t > r
'\u25a0\u25a0'-\u25a0 .'\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0 --/I' *: '.- \u25a0 -"\u25a0". ..'-:- :\u25a0\u25a0:'-.'.','\u25a0 yt.v-C ,- : .' : \u25a0-.- ... : '.-V.- .-'\u25a0•-•.'.•\u25a0\u25a0;\u25a0" V- ">--\u25a0' \u25a0:>\u25a0-\u25a0''; ----- \u25a0.\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0.. /\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-: - ...:-\u25a0;.:.•'.' :- ; '^\u2666' )
Significance of the Portola Pageant
Edward F. Cahill
Don Caspars Colors Fly Gayly
And Undimmed Despite
Nature s Gentle Tears
Joyous, Thousands Frolic -Through- Streets
Ablaze With Decorations in Honor
Of Rebuilt San Francisco
This is the route todays great military parade will take:
Market *<rret to Van »»\u25a0 avenue, to Golden - Onte avenue; elov»n Golden ;
Gate avenue to Market street, doWn Market .to' Stockton Mtreeif 'up Stock- '
ton street to Post; up Post street to Powell; down Powell street to Genry; !
down Geary street to Stockton, forming a hollow square completely around j
Union Square park. •
VyT ESTERDAYthe heavens smiled on San Francisco, smiled with the
V sunshine that only California -knows. All of the glory of all the
**\u25a0 aufu'mn woods of all the hills blazed back and San Francisco, as it is,
arose and faced ; the world..
, Then there came tears, a gentle rain that sent thought back across a
way of busy years toward a waste of buttressed ruins lifting up above the
city as: it used l to be; tears for. the time that was, sunshine and flags and
pennants, broad stripes and streamers waving everywhere, to greet the on
march of the army that is here today.
And so, today the sun may smile on us a little, and perhaps there may
be tears for things that used to be. The weather forecast for today is,
''showers, showers with southerly winds^ " "
• "The conditions of tonight's maj>," said Professor McAdie last night,
"show that a storm centers along' tlie coast of Oregon anil Washington,
and'the temperature falling in the. northern part of California indicates that
the.-3torm /is :slowly moving southward: Because of these signs I have
issued: orders" that : the storm signals; be ; raised over the Farallon islands.
Thesky outside is overcast, and the wind is traveling, at a:rate of 24 miles
an hour.
,- :"Xhe weather for the , entire Portola ; week ,is very uncertain." -
' t ~. And. so coW .fact confronts \u25a0 the city, but Ithe city smiles, smiles at the
weatherman and smiles back at the waste of ruin that was but is not now.
The heavens vestcrday were overcast land, rain came down, but. through it
all-the^colors of Don Gaspar. de^Portola- were not'dimmed. Flags flaunted
bravely, and drapings .swung from^curb to cornice remained unsmirched. The
streets were filled with smiling, happy^ faces, and everywhere everybody was
happy in the frolic about to be. The colors held their "own and all the length
arid'KreadtK'of Market street! showed not a smear or streak.
Upon each side, canyoned high and painted like a flower, the buildings
stood'where once was desolate 'loneliness and the tity resurrected the Spirit
of San Francisco greetsjthe world. Upon'the street the California farmer
rancher,: call him what you "will — was' much in "evidence. Sun tanned, with
. A souvenir of the; Portola .fes
tival, at -once • and at
tractive, was" issued 7 yesterday by
The'rCallTandV it -found favor at
once with'the city's residents and
its guests'.
It "ls>a four -page folder, con
.talning,; in , clear printj '.the .pro
gram for. the five days .of the.car
- nival.';. There also appears a list
of points of interest in and about
San Francisco, 'with a word of
comment on each. ; TKe first page is
adorned with'a pen sketch of. Don
Gaspar.de Portola In full 'regalia,
resting, upon' his sxvord and'look
ing * out upon* the water's of the
bay., .
" The souvenir, is ; : a^ handy com
pendium -of. information, to,.."be- %
tucked away in a pocket and held
for ready reference. * With' its aid
no one : need mlss"ans%'6f 'thel'mi-";
mVrous events- scheduled for the
week. • It maj- be i obtained at the
main; or any- branch -.office or The:
can? "":'\u25a0. ' " -V. ': : '-y. '"
kindly wrinkles at eye corners, he
viewed ; the sights and with him was
the-' -family, bent on seeing Gaspar de
Portola' and his merry, crew ride up the
rebuilt street and on and en into a
glorious future. ,
Prosperity marked all the visitors.
each window . Banking Market street
had interested crowds. The wealth
of California's valleys drifted to and
fro— wealth built up from a wooing
California* sun that smiled upon the
broad and fertile reaches of a land of
plenty and of. peace; wealth brought
to Francisco as the market place
where greatest value . cried for dol
lars to; be spent. „\u25a0
Before a window down In Market
•treet* where Don Gaspar de Portola'a
saddle was the center piece, a "bucka
roo," bowlegged, tanned, uneasy In his
store clothes,! confided' in to an inter
ested little crowd: "The* boss over
at .the U7 near Wells, Nev.. where t
work, has .got a saddle pretty near
as good as that, made byUhe same
feller, over in Elko, an' he rides It
eveVy day." -And so, ' when Don 1 , Gas
par rides oat Market street astride his
prancing 1 , horse, enjoying all the lux
ury of hammered gold and silver
and hand carved leather, Nevada. *r]ii

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