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The San Francisco Call Junior Section
Flag* of Many \nttou» . Float Ovrr
the Uay
7TLTIIOUGH the weather' behaved like
f~\ a petulant cbild Tuesday morning
and shed a few tears before- she began
her day. the festival spirit was - too
strong for her rebellious mbod,^ and
- her frown soon disappeared. The
clouds at first drifted uncertain
ly and then floated away, until,
when Don Caspar . de •• Portola
entered the city, and rode- slowly
up Market street, mounted on his. mag-"
nificent charger, and .wearing his al
most royal robes, the sky was cloudless,
one vast expanse of blue, from -which
the sun shone brightly; not hot and
fierce, but tempering the breezes .with*
a gentle warmth for the comfort. of
the thousands of spectators who, stand
ing patiently, lined the sidewalks along
tbe line of march or perched resolutely
on~housetops, intent on viewing to the
best possible advantage the advance of
the men who keep the peace of nations
— Tor Don Gaspar de Portola was ac
companied by a remarkable escort;
remarkable because in- addition to the
American soldiers and sailors, it con
tained members of the foreign navies
whose ships are lying in the harbor.
Great Britain is represented by the
armored cruiser Bedford. 9,800 tons;
length 4*o feet, beam 66 feet, draught
24% feet, indicated horsepower 22,457.
speed 23 knots. The Bedford was built
at Fairfield in 1903 at a cost of J3.500.
000 and has a complement of 657 men.
In addition to the Bedford Great Brit
ain Is also represented by. the special
service ships Shearwater, and Algorlne.
Germany's representative at our
housevrarming is the third class cruiser
Arcona of 2.657 tons, with length 328
feet, beam 38^ feet, draught 16 feet,
indicated horsepower S.OOO. speed 21 >4
knots, which was built at Bremen" in
1903 at a cost of $1, 172,500 and has <>
complement of 2i9 men.
•f he Japanese sailors who marched
with Portola were from the armored
cruiser Idzumo. 9,750 tons, length' 400
feet, beam 68 feet, draught 24 «i feet,
indicated horsepower 17.300. speed '2l
knots. This ship was built in England
in 1901 and has a complement of 672
Italy sent to us the third class cruiser
Calabria of 2,428 tons, length 249 feet,
beam 42 feet, draught 16 feet, indicated
horsepower 4.094, speed 17 knots,
which was built at Spezia in 1897 and
cost $915,600.
From The Netherlands came the
cruiser Noord Brabant, 2,696 tons,
length 310 feet, beam 49 feet, draught
17* i feet,, indicated horsepower 10.000,
speed 20 knots, and a complement' of
San - Francisco School -..Children Occupied *a- Conspicuous -Place' in the .Big
WITH ithe / parade tonight . «nds tne
greatest, vacation • the' San Fran
cisco juniors have ever^ had. or 'perhaps
"ever will have. It lias been a vacation
where" every hour was : fraught .with
•pleasure, with interest and enthusiasm.
Always cosmopolitan, San* Francisco
was never *so much so. as now,- when
her. streets are and hotels
filled with thousands of. strangers from
all over theworld, andthat it has been
a. show worth coming to see is * the
consensus of opinion "of all. these curi
ous visitors." The .-beautifully "deco
rated city, the 'delightful : autumn
weather and the hospitable spirit of the
people would .'make .a week's sojourn
here one long hour'bf pleasure,, without
any of the special and unusiiaL' features'
tbat were provided for*thei.entertaln r
ment of Portola.^ahd
itors. : Altogether,- therefore, ; the; Port
tola carnival" week at San Francisco is
one- which" no- visiting -'or president
junior or r adult will > ever forget. The :
semlbarbaric' ' splendor of "the decora
tions alone would make forgetfulness
impossible," .conjuring up,- as. it ..does;
visions of an Indian durbar and -all
sorts of weird and mystical celebra
tions of the -orient. It, seems- to our
visiting host almost' incredible that this
is really : the west, the very farthest
west of all America, so. strong is the
note of oriental significance.
In this never to be forgotten fiesta
the San Francisco junior has indelibly
.stamped himself upon the mind of the
visiting public along with '. those .'de
sired attributes, genuine humor and
real politeness." " One woman who . has
attended most of the American fairs
and carnivals, and also many foreign
fetes, was caught in a sidewalk vortex
on Tuesday \u0084 and dragged along for
some distance in the tow of a band of
a dozen or. more boys intent on getting
a closer view. of the queen. She after
ward affirmed. that, the current' of good
humor was so strong that it was a pos
itive pleasure to be borne, along with
it, even when the. invaders were forced
to retreat arid compelled jto walk side- \
wise and backward as; far as -they- had
some. And so through the whole week,"
in all the revelries and ; games, was
the kindly note of courtesy apparent.
"Although the' San Francisco junior:
was very much in evidence during all
the days of the festival it was Wednes
day morning that he came into his own.
Wednesday morning, 5.000 children,
representing the 55 : schools of the city,
all . wearing , the gay '- colors,
assembled in Union square, 'prepared
after weeks of work : and, practice to"
contribute their share to " the official
program. -;\u25a0 ._ '*• •
Promptly at 10 o'clock. Miss' Estelle
Carpenter, super^'isor of • music,- tool'c
her, place on the stand and in a moment
n-iremendous .: volume . ot song • burst
upon, thejatnvasphere..-;Soaring,far-be-
yond the : brass > band -accompaniment'
."The I Stars : and \ Stripes I Forever" rose",
and fell in perfect time;and;key.mark
. ing a : signah triumph " tor,. the" host of
ardent- singers, .^Mlssv Carpenter, and
\u25a0 her corps" of -ableTassistants; the -public
school " teachers of San Francisco. -"A
remarkably .feature /: of the
performance was" the waving
.of. 3.000 .red. -".white rand iblue \u25a0 handker
chiefs, so distributed through- the great
stand in which the children were gath
ered as to form a perfect flag.' .This
Inspiring spectacle was "greeted. -by
wild chers from the "great crowd of
spectators. - ; . ' \u0084 '; : ' " '
The appearance \u25a0 of J the school
children' as .well v^s ;tlieir per
formance, pleased immensely the of
ficers : from • the visiting -battleships. ,
who were being . taken onr an: automo
bile sight seeing > trip"."and '...were at
Union^Kjuare at that time,-' and.they
:were";delighted^ by -having one chorus
especially sungi'for,. them. l'..- .'. '•: ..- r -
The "center :of the. grandstand was
occupied, by a group "of .Chinese chil
dren, • from -the Oriental school, attired
in 'the;. costume; of Hheir; native.land,
the quaintness of .which wasVin strik-;
ing contrast to the girls on "each side
of/them, .the entire length' of: the. grand
; stand. . Wearing- the : Spanish .-.cos-
tume of red and! yellow of early Cali
fornia." .;.\u25a0\u25a0;\u25a0 \u25a0 ': ' \u25a0,:'-'\u25a0 • . : .-
; When the queen came, the children'
[ flung to'- her a shower of . blossoms,
5,000 bouquets all at once, # a veritable
.clouSburst," falling ; to. ea'rtH**as the
fresh young voices soared heavenward!
[What more cbiild any queen desire? / 't
Tonight is the^i end -of "this most
glorious and, successful week. -The
"parade which 'will form at Van Ness
avenue and McAllister street, wlll'start
at .9:50 o'clock. ..It will v-march' down
Van- Ness ;to;; to; Market, down Market" to
the :ferry,~"buildlng .and ,'countermarch
up Market* to Van Ness avenue. '-"
. In' this parade will be contained the
magnificent 'scenic events of^ the" carnl
"valr including,. the various jjloats repre-^
senting the phases of California his
tory. ;vlt; vltv It "will be led "by 'Pbrtola and
his. dfagoons (> followed; by.'- the^lndians,
"Spanish, missionaries, -early settlers,
bull -fighters,.,, mining r camps, stage
coach; Bret jHarte characters, freight .
train, Fremont at.Sonoma, raising. of
the . bear, flag, the driving of the last
spike connecting east and west, agrir
:culturp,'. r a Chinese section,' California
popples, sunshine,. fruit, flowers, Span—
ish girls, the Portola queen and a com
.plete volcano;?, all "brought up in-"the
rear I 'by^horrible bands, clowns and
carnival characters. :
. "The sailors of the foreign /vessels
alsoi take part" ln this parade. ~ .' '
Illffh riaxn Cnnlora Are .Awarded 'the
.. ."-.•£ '. IViaeafV AcitMW ;. the Bay - ' \u25a0
POEtTOLAjhas had his week, and ! the.
dogs,' -too," ; 'haye- had' their'-day. .The
dogsV;. week -ended > last-' Saturday^.night
! with; the; closing of - the. Oakland kennel
club's ; b'ehch .'.. show . and . the "distribution
.of. 100 handsome cups and trophies "to
winning; exhibitors. : : ;.".;; - ' \u25a0
' There is. nothing in .the world that
the average. junior enjoys more than a
dog show. \u25a0 It is such : £un to; walk down
the -different* aisles, -past -the -benches
and kennels, and" observe, the very, keen
and 'intelligent interest. which the va
rious dogs take .in the' proceedings.'
Some are so plainly jeaious,- some, are
so' obviously : proud arid self-satisfied,
ancUothers .would 'So. much rather be/at
home atteriding.\o' the" ordinary 'course
of dog -business, - whether it 1 would be
in' the- hunting««fleld,"on theirange or
lying in a" cozy window. seat basking.in
the sunshine.' ' v--. '-- " . \>- - ' .' .: : .
-. The ,; junior . is -usually.' surprised the
-first;time.he attends adog.show to see
how many kinds of dogs there are, and
he immediately, looks f or ". his- particular
favorite; it may be:thedour Scotch ter-^
. rier or the! sagacious', andt protecting
collie/ with: its kind eyesjra^beauUfuf
shiny 'spah'ielr or a delightful, social fox
terrier, _ like ' The Junior Call ' dog,
Alonzoi- , - ;.-' \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0"'\u25a0• r. '\u25a0.': '"'.: .-;
Of Albnzb was Vat - the Oak
land, dog -.show .and ' contributed very,
-largely -to- the success of \ the • uhder
\u25a0 taking./; lri fact, ..he : doesti't .know how
the judge-.cbuld 'have .picked -but the
prize winners among -so many fine dogs
without;;' his V. assistance. were
two in" particular,: black, curly poodles;
Orchard -Cabin: Boy, belonging; to -Miss
Alice Harrison, ; and l'lnconnu, belong
ing, to. :&liss>Ethel; Dean,- which were
one, " two v Infthe : face; ;"Cabin' Boy is a
very,/ stylish -dog indeed, , with a I par
ticularly fine coat." .';'•.'..-. : ."
Alonzo : says - that ; the ., French bull
dogs., made a- splendid J showing;' ; the
prizes "were awarded to Miss Jennie A.
Crocker's champion* Halcyon
and" M.~ : W.~~ Simpson's Leon, « also :' to
: Boulette'de' la' Mare,' belonging. to Miss
" Crocker,* while Glenwood Marie,.belong
ing to William J Ba'y, received .second^
ary._ honors. : -wonders why
some "dogs have such' fearfully "long
names!-".' He 'says it 'would bother him
to \u25a0 death if ; he had. to listen to such a
lohg'nameevery'tlm'e' he .was' spoken
to, to say nothing. of barking answers
to it/ . J ; .-,"-.; •-'•'; c ; -:; ; .-\u25a0• -\u25a0".• ;\u25a0.,•:•
• A ; very Happy little cocker spaniel
'was ,Charinpion. Spider," who "acknowl
edges, as master "G.W. Ellery, and 'won
;in the. sporting variety class. ,'-• '.. ' -.. -.-.- .'
- The~ toy" dogs are always a great:
source of iriterest^nd have a. large and
admiring^ following at every dog show.
"tt— — '—— — ."-. . . .-\u25a0 -— — — — — ~y

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