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Japanese Consul Entertains Countrymen
Make Wonderful Display With
£ Their Daylight Fireworks
in Union Square \
Flags, Animals and People Burst
From Bombs Shot High <
Into the Sky i
The -daylight fireworks in Union
square yesterday afternoon attracted a
thoroughly representative Portola
crowd. Everybody went ( early and
stayed until the hist, aerial elephant
had lumbered eastward before the gen
tle breeze that blew, in from the
The band concert made a desirable
adjunct to the fireworks display, and
there was no tedious waiting. Music
and sizzling, bursting bombs kept things
moving swiftly, and the afternoon
passed all too soon for the great crowd
that gathered there. Longt before 2
o'clock people began to gather and
watched 'curiously the preparation of
the huge mortare from which the
bomblike explosives were shot aloft.
When, the first projectiles soared and
hurst above the flag that waves over
the St. Francis there were hand clap
ping and cheers. A great American
fla.gFwung to a parachute whipped out
and drifted off before the breeze that
spread It stiffly against the sky beyond.
Then there were flags, Japanese and
American, swinging across the sky,
and a little gathering of Japanese sail
ors became- enthusiastic and applauded
heartily. The roar of mortar and the
aerial bombs which burst high attract
ed many people from Market street,
and as -the figures developed and
swung to and fro a pea of interested,
upturned faces filled the square.
\u25a0 Flag after flag burst forth and ani
mals enough to stock a fair<sired zoo
floated aboat- accompanied by- flocks -of
birds. Then there were men and
women,* goregously arrayed,/ on. . foot
and norseback, while" high 'above "the
colored smoke bombs made wlTble
gardens. of chrysanthemums, flowers of
many different hues and geometric fig
ures tha t traced a mazy lacework far
up in -the air.
The,; buildings grouped about Union'
square . had .crowds of people perched
on their- tops; the windows of the St.
Francis. were i filled with faces and the
streets Tield' automobiles, delivery
wagons, taxieabs and a multitude of
work "and playday vehicles which
gathered and crowded until the street
cars crept "along at a snail's . pace.
Everywhere ~ih.R colors of Portola float
pd. .Swung from high lifting towers
the .flsh flags bounding the square
squirmed" lazily 'beneath the perfect
bluei of one of San Francisco's perfect
days, and . until- 'the last bomb had
Bailed into the air a whizzing, sizzing
uphere and- lumbered off. transformed
into" a- portly elephant, the crowd re
mained.', not wishing to miss" a single
feature- of the entertainment.
Japanese Commander Issues a
• General. lnvitation
Army officers and their families will
be; entertained at a reception today by
Captain Takeshita .'of - the Japanese
oruiser Idzumo "between the hours of
2 and- 5 p. m.
A fleet of'tugp will convey the guests
if».'arijd from tlie ' warships. All the
officers of the department headquarters,
and those station¥<j at the .Presidio.
Fort Miley, Fort Baker. Alcatraz and
Fort* McDowell* have been invited.
Tbe gtiests will wear full dress uni-
\u25a0forms, and- *lie-Fcene on board the ship
\u2666 .probably will be one of the most bril
liant ".ever seen orf a foreign warship
* in th« bay.
It- is. many years since the entire
\u25a0array • contingent was invited to visit
p. foreign *; warship, the courtesy being
unusual. y -'- '
Major Blariton Winship has been
• slated for>lhe position of judge advo
cate of. thls^ department, to
'Colonel • Enoch .H. Crowder, who. was
'Ordered to Washington, and left Thurs
d»y night. . Major, Erneste V. Smith is
temporarily flllfrig;lhe position.
l-'rank . Brovrn. :ap : employe of .the
board -of public, works, appeared in Po
lice Judge CoElarTs .court yesterday on
a charge of baitery." The complaining
Trlt*3e*s against him was Charles Con
11tj. 1444 McAllister street,; who had his"
aose'badry fracttrreil. - '
Itdereioped that Brown and his wife
•were' driving in a buggy along Market
street.o n Thursday 'night, when Mrs.
Bnnra threw, confetti -at Conlin. who
b«eazoe an^rr and, it ,J» alleged. Mrs.
Brows broke W* tat Trfth a stick. Con
lin tried to-tajce the, stick from her
Thra Broira'- struck him on the nose
-vritb m. whlnsugM|p^UoPSß9Btt '
Brows cad : been released on 35 cash
bail; *nd the judge order«»a him Into
•nstodr, .increasing- his- bail to ?50
afid contijininj? the case till today.
Personal Brevities j
-, J. H-^Biordaa «f Chicago 5« at the HoJland.
M- C.ClDii of Lm Aureles J» «t the PilrnjonU
E. E. Pfltter of B«»«le J* » gn«t at the F*lr
Mr. «s4 M.tu J. W. Fellnn of Rrno are nt the
C V. Jackaoa of Euxka.fe: registered At -the
umbx. \u25a0 ' .::<-/ \u25a0 / ..; >,i \u25a0*\u25a0-., .--.". _
G*orge Bajrl«7 of Modoe coauj y I« at the
B- TT. TTarf of Houston in a scnert at the St.
Call Bltner of Seattle is xrgUrtfTßd at the St.*
rrtscia. - \u25a0 . /-- \u25a0- ' \u25a0 •-- •? \u25a0 \u25a0 .-',-•*>
E.H- Tfenastoo \t Tirtoria \x registered at the
L. A. N *;**. *a oOmaa of Fresno,' l* at the
Painnoot. ' ' '" . '\u25a0
Max Jlettelberjr of San Bernardino i» at<the
1.. H- Roberta of, New Tork. U registered- at
the Fainaont.
George C Steirart of Freeao Is registered at
th« SU FnmA*.
Dr. L C Carter aad wife of Los Angeles are
attthe Granada- , \u0084 \u0084 ...
Mr. »a>i Mn. Theodore. L. Lyons of New York i
are al the St./ Francis. " /
Mr. «Tsd Mrs. G. H. .. NeVjy of St. I^onis "are '
guests at the Union Square. ''^fIBHMJHKSHffi
F. W. Cameroo" and -Welter,: W. ; Caiurron x>t \
Hanford are gueeta.at the. Stewart. \u0084„..
. Mr. sod Mrs. K. W. Codin'gton of Greenwood'
CaL, are ruesta at the St. Francis.
3.~8. O. Taylor, a largp grower of sweet potd
tw. and Mrs. Taylor, from Turiock, Cal., are
at-the Argonaut. < -
"^ f»CNTA . ARENA B— Arrirwl -<k^ ls—Stmr
awak \u25a0 f rom \u25a0' Hambnrjs; ot<*.. \u25a0\u25a0 for San . Frane!*eo.
TuJCKLANU — Arrlv«><t . pn-rioot* OH? 22— Stmr
Coptury. from Sao * FrrnwJf co. - for Sjr<ln«».r. : .
PI.VMfH-'TH— Arriv*«d»O«-t. lS^-SSinr-I'rfsldPiit
<?r«nt.-. from N*«V. York, f<»r' Clicrbours auU
• . \u25a0
! Some of the Japanese women at the '-receptionN given yesterday; by .ConsidGerieralNagai./; From /left to
right they ; are: MUsiFloren^Tsuna^-Takega^ : ; Tne > lower-_
1 picture \u25a0in American [\u25a0 costume : is ' a • photograph '[oil Madame j Nagai^ wif ej of /Japanese /consul: i": ; - / }:;.fp'.
Idzumo Officers Tendered Pretty Reception
With Americans Guests
' One of the. most .• interesting events
of the Portola week was the reception
given* yesterday afternoon by Consul
General Nagai of ' Japan and Madame
Nagai at the Century-club ?n honor.of
Captain Takeshi ta and the other offi
cers of the Japanese cruiser -Idzumo. . .
As a delightful adjunct of the • be-,
casion an exhibition was of ; the
ancient Japanese armor -worn by -;he
horsemen in the: parade/ of Thursday. ;
This' armor, of which there wore b"ut
six -of the 13 exhibited, is Jibout 300 !
years old and is of a heavy - silken
weave combined with steel and !ac
quer." fc
' The helmets are of steel and one. had
attached a fighting .mask. . On the cop
of several of the helmets were pe-_
culiarJy shaped golden ornament^,. ,de-^
noting, that they were; worn by men-of
rank. In fact, all of .the armor is the
property of various distinguished and
noble families of Japan, who; consented
at 'the request" of "Consul Nagiii to. lend
them * for the Portola festival. They
were brought- to this country on .the,
cruiser Idzumo and/ will he repacked
tomorrow night for return to J apan \u25a0 on
the cruiser.
A. picturesque .effect .was gained ; j by
dressing two ; attendants -in; suits of;, the
armor -and placing.; them onVelther, £ide
of '.the 'entrance -hall.
Ijater. in the afternoon I the queen • and
her; three 'attendants 'who,; appeared t;'on
the beautiful Japanese Afloat ;on\ Thurs
day appeared;and their .wonderful Cos
tumes attracted .much .'
. \u25a0 Mrs.', Demoto, -who ; took- the ;part ,of
the r queen, wore the ]ong flowing: robes
of- a* royal la dj- of rlong^ ago,l\7hil« -the
Misses Alay .Rikiko?. :lkl,. Sus-eVShizq
Okawa and j Florence ', Tsu na Takejtima
; wore; the'eostumes of "attendant." These
robes were ail specially^ brought from
Japan's. by the Idzumo and , will be rre-*
turned 'also. : ; - '.'_".
An interesting; featureTqf tbd after
noon, was the presence: of. the? Japanese
artist,; Sekko Shimada, ; who" was .seated
at a table t whh. his brushes !and painted
wonderful;, impressionist c/piDiuros/i of
whateyeif-mighti.be tdesifedt in. jthe'wayj
of birds; and.'; flowers, fori thR . gueVtsv
(These Ije^signed, and; they 1 were most
charming and ' valuable sou vehirs of ; rs;e.
affair. . \u25a0 , \u0084 •\u25a0"- -' : ' .." . - /. .; '.;'<.
: ' At; thje dooK in the lower half was
placed a basket, from whi.jh.each de
parting ivisitor^received' a little /roll r of.
Japanese .prints*-, tied jWith. Portola^ ri(>-'
boris -m whicji/was, placed i a .spray.! of
the/dainty/piiik;cherry-blossoms whith'
adorned the .float.'. ;, . • "
/The,- hall '\u25a0-. was /charmingly decorateo
for »the- afternoon j,with. , ohryssn-the
muniH,.,'pih«". boughs* and , other -equally
picturesque '.-blossoms and srceneV;-, 'uiy
i ranged in bronze, bowls with Quaint
Japanese .loveliness /by/ M..Tomita, : : a'
native artist. " '
Several hundred guests /wore
J tamed with - a '. iiospitality'
during the ; two hours of "the reception,"
those • invited 'including the members' of
the .Japan Society 'of the Cen
tury club, the officers and, womeii .'of
the Presidio and the naval training sta
tion and many personal friends 'as well
of -Consul and Madame Nagai. . ,
Prince Gives; Banquet;- • / .'
/.Prince Shimadzu, -ensign v^"on the Id
zumo and a member of one of thc;most
aristocratic families <of vjaipani xl enter
'tamed at a banquet An ithe banquet hall
of Taifs last',eyening -a,; .number; of
Japanese -and /American Lvnav,ilrofflcert»,
officials -of \u25a0 theVjapariese?consiilate and
citizens," among whom were ' members /of
the; chamber r'ofXcqramerce^ party i-that
visited^ Japan; la^tVspring.'-.'-. -, ;/ V >r
; . Japanese f arid '"American";' ilags . were
"draped aboutjthe walls "and -cut; flowers
formed fa. 'tasteful "centerpiece "for ' ; •\u25a0 th?
table. \;/ ; ; ; // r ;. ; /A.>/;- « i^i/vr \u25a0/;' \u25a0- '
James : McNab, r * Captain \ I.', Takcshlta;; C
C.' ; Moorc, : Paymaster S.tMaki, . ' JL TL~ de'
\u25a0 • - -For/ the' accommodation, of- visitors-"-
\u25a0 attending Portola festivities. :" .
and 12:30' f>. ; in: /
trains^; S^i^ay,y October 23d, , from ; y
1 Tliird and TowrisencL streets depbt for
; FLOOD 'bL'ILDI.NG - - - - Third and Townscnd^Sts.vD^ot
/ 13th and 'Franklin'' Sts.V" Oakland 5 : 5 '/' •-
.- •\u25a0\u25a0- ~ ~ — — ~ —^ — .—. — -. k . . - . . «f. '
Young, lieutenant Commander -'ar/Xu-,
ruya, %C.% C. , : 11. . Bentley, j' Lieutenant Ti
Yamauchi./ Frank, 8./AnfTerson; v Mid^,
ship'man I. Sata, , James '. Rolph Jr.« Ad-"
miral Thomas -S. jPhelps, " F. Tv*.' Dohr-,
mahn, - Commander /Albert; C.loaves, :.E: .E. B
S. Pillsb'ury, Captain Edward W. -i,Eb'-;
erly, -Henry C. v Bowie, Commander
James IT. Oliver! W. M. : 'Alexander,' R.*
B. "Hale, '. Consul General .,/ Nagai. G.
Shima. - . /- .'-)-
Reception Jendered;^
/.':;Mrs;; John f.; Swift
Mrs. ••;. John F. Swift, .vice president
general : of, the "National Society of the
Daughters, of the ' American! Revolution,
was the 'guest a of , honor .at a ; reception
given.- last'; night r. at /.the -;St vFrancis
by, the Sons and Daughters . of; the
'American Revolution,^ About 60U-. at
tended ; the .'affair.'^the company :Jnclud-/
irig .many state and municipal 'officers,'
officers of .'the f army/ and' navy, officers
of -the foreign •navies* and members of
the": Legion" ,, of Honor,., .besides many
prominent society folk. •/ ' ... '• tj
/••. The colonial ballroom was the - scene
of the festivity. - It -was decorated
with Americah -banners, and shields. 1
The, glee club/of the of
California J sang v,somef, national v,melo^
dies arid some/of the good [qUl ; rollicking
college ./'\u25a0: songs. .-Refreshments were,
servedlin' the- red'ro6m.";:s-r/-'"v' ; '. : -.^
, '/Colonel j; J.- C.: Furrier/ was "cjiairman
of - t the; committee, of ,- arrangements ,;and
was /busy; receiving arid ''entertaining
the visiting -officers :'of : the . army,;;* arid
navy. , ; He ,was 'assisted^ by £Rfi M.^Sims*
president .'of the ".Sqcietyjof'
Sons -: of :' the ? American :' Re vol u tiqn : * 6.
D.rv ßaldwin, Marshall: Hale and ;L.; L. N.
'Kriight:,\^-> 'f-^--" : i \u25a0/\u25a0• ••\u25a0•<\u25a0:.• '-;/;•. •• ..:..-'./\u25a0:
, .The .ladies ; of .the/arrangement /corn
mi ttee * were : f Mrs. John 'Z McGraw, \u25a0'•,- M rs.
William'Ashbiirrier'/Mrs. William Dodge
and Misa LilylColc. , /*/' - ; :v% 8
//Among'those'whb assisted' Mrs. t Swf ft
mi receiving^ the V«| guests / . were :f, Mrs.'
Frederick 4 ; Jewell' Laird;. Mrs. VAliS.rHub-*
bard.' s ' Miss -Lily 'Cole and f Missj- "Al' G/.
Catlin.V^v*;; ..;.; --_">. -. \ \u25a0:\u25a0 \u25a0-\u25a0."\u25a0 \u25a0 . \u25a0\u25a0
g4 r Amongith'eVv.isitors;were'-Mrs.'fAsheri'-f
felder,/ state' vice .;regent \u25a0 of iNew; Mex
ico;-MfsJ.;S.vL- 'Wiley ;of^- Fresno,'^ Mrs:
11 ; S.V] Lieb'Vbf { Pah ; Jose • and ', Mrs: t. ll. ' A.
Smith t .r>;Hon6luhi.fe /
Prosecutor > Deciares Prograft
Newspaper}; Received "Thou* ?
sahdsl From \ Calhouh
: -, : ; "••\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0: l :> ."\u25a0:•\u25a0/:-'. \u25a0T'-.-.v '*-' •> ' : : \u25a0.-\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0•\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 r;-ir ;-i~ \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0.\u25a0\u25a0 '
'/ "If / the • g'ks (company /Is- making ,- a
.million and/a /quarter^a',ycar-by . charg
ingi a dollar.':! for^gas, sj.canj not it/afford
.to , pay ithVj. Chronicle \ i2o,ooo.'a' year ; for,
printing' lies ?";:askcd' Francis J.* Honey;
last^night.Vaddressing •a": large ; audience
at'Washihgtonf hall, jin^Fillmore; street
nearfPine.:'-", 'rr J'.^-- '../.\u25a0'/,';,'-/'' * •:•'''\u25a0'\u25a0 *
V.".\Vhatt it- .'cani : -! afford .to^do^" it /does
<lp,"\ declared the { graft f prf secutor. "-.' "I
challenge ; Mr. 'de -, Young"," t6.' open /his
[books >f or f c inspection.^ ;They/ wiU'shoW;
he /lias \u25a0}. received fithousarids ? and J,thou
sa'ndst of (dollars ; from;- Pat' Calhoun- and.
jthejjgas: company for *printihg;what v he
;-^ s ri&^v>/. .\u25a0\u25a0". " -:';iS'- \u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0>.'::/ '',i; :' : :
;! , Moti» only, was 3 standing^ room;.* at a
jpreiriliim^." fn^'Washihgton \u25a0". hall^ \u25a0 but '.;\u25a0' it
.wasJalsolliTf demand- in" Steimke_hall, 1 in .
"ei^GpsJJmd.nlie9te"d •• the f greatest "j interest
iJvJnth_3^'aiJd"iress <;6f_v thesjca.ndida.te v f or
uaistrict^attorney ,; and ; , f retiuently? inter-
Tuptedfhim^withVapplause.l* ;'\u25a0 \u25a0 ;./ " f'l
ppijleney,:.? -asserted v . that \ the present
js.tru'ggrtei/was ,f same '\u25a0_-, old j fight for.
[righlt]ji6itriumph}6yer< wfong.'f ?He told
|of^the>;gf6wthSof?^ci'vlc;; corruption* in*
'this^counfryfg and » that -I \th"e*
ipeoplevTveresneareri to nosing 1 , the "free-"
dqm.theyl had: gained Rafter centuries ,0^
\u25a0^fighting; 'than, ever I/before.- / "We > are.
, nearer^ f. to /'anarchy.^ "arid 1 ; .revolution,".
/said^Heney.;y £ >/,* r ...-i;-^- :.v*;v ;->/--: "• ~; ~:J :
/-\u25a0\u25a0'!Hen'ey;£said':'.tnat_i' all; the ilarge ; cities
are I corrupt,"* and ' a3 fa" result -of * the
tiyity <f of papital.'t^ The *.;public';" service.
offenders:^ He i referred Ito the" $ 50,00 0,000
r gas* r 'steal r f in> Philadelphia':,; and uto' A ttie
\u25a0. pernicious -, act ivitles Vof . • the ?gas l . com-,
panyl. in/ Boston until 'regulation -was'
had 'A which" " kept ",the\: company/: out tof
politics,? with; the -result >that cits stock
advanced r4sp* t !per : '\ce'nt ; h'a'nd' \ It/ was
enabled \ to/sell gas ; 1 0 ; cents \u25a0 chea per. :
;'; After % society's ' {•'. attitude"
.toward; -the v ; "higherups'' l ->J~in/ ? Vrime)
vHeriey^sa idi that? he r^id^n'ot'^ care : ,what
Calhoun's(; motive;' had . be.en,' 'I but ''• his
corivictionjiwquldibeithe ; most-, just* in 1
San/JFranciseb'sV? history. //The,Hprosei
cutor's f explanations^of^tne'- motives *; of
those -interests .tliat: are /opposing ' him,
'roused : his/auflience ' to \u25a0 repeated '• rounds'
of I 'applause, /t . - \u25a0-,•'• '\u25a0'.'.''
:t; -Hlramt-Wr-Johnson^speaking:"of "the
flghttfor^liberty";and-et}uality, s . referred
Hehey,-. 'as *."a * candidate >; who has been
pitchforked ; from; aVdoubtful obscurity
and /who { might as /well /be " Pat~ : Gal
houn's .'niotorman' as J" district attorney.**
Attorney /Henry 'E; Munroe and Wil
liam J. /Burns "also spoke.;
.? former/, convict, r. was brought ! from '\u25a0 San " Jose
. .b.ViDetective'o'Connell yesterday on a warrant
h charging • him with petty larceny,- for stealing
3a - team of , horses from* the ' Standard stables,
' . 110U Pierce^ street,, last Tuesday. '
•" nila, ; Oct.-V 22.— Incomplete i reports > show ' that
\u25a0'~ r 12 > persons Zwere,'; drowned ' during, the
"\u25a0-; floods lln northern | Luson.*. 3 The \u25a0' destruction of
'; property: was,heaTy.' : .The. floods in the riein
v. ity.^ of Dagupan I continue, the 1 streets * of :; the
0 place beinpt flooded with " flTe feet of water, .r
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MMwwW 'No' .grays. You can — — — ; 7— TTT \u0084 A - ' 'A^iMto
li|||p-^{^liiom/' ; these : -int^ women. .AH widths, all sizes. At this |&i&|k
\u25a0\u25a0 '^S^lts-In^ price these, shoes are bound. to meet with MWW
: -'WMtL \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0/\u25a0\u25a0•any.^shade':. 'regular 10c : s the approval of" every purchaser — they IsJPiy
-BW' f '\u25a0\u25a0' values.' ! Today -^_H?_»» " ... .-.- --. . \u0084 - STtH/
-TJi'/. , only .......... are stamped witha $3.00 price on the sole.
X aaaß^^_*_B>^-^»«>^BaHß>M***^ H^^ B MM*M^BHM>>^MiM«i>_ a >HiM^M«i«iß« a «BMM S^
£^£ * uio rfe^.
JUST like the -.picture; , come 1/, .and 2 yards long;, in the most : popular, colors." . 4'|%RV^^VM
Made"fbfAGliiff6nV:GlbtlviCrcpc Chiftoli "and ; Silk' Mesh in the most popular- . 'li^^^^U
gcolors." Worth .from. 75c to $1.(30. .','.'• '.' ' '.*. j W^SgyJtf]
Olacc ...Kid and; Pique Seam ' Women* Mlnndkerchlcfw— Of fine, sott - :< -/Ov^^__^^^^^
Giove«— Ev^ery^paif I'fitted" andliuafanteed. cotton,^with ';.U Inch hemstitched borders. -J. -^^im^-^^ '
iAJi^^eV^liVr-Wacfe^^^ .^S^doxen>>? '/A i.. :, VT.h .\ . 25C ~*^
cream.-navy and .white./ - , OCTW' L v iinchlns— lrCbbxes containing^ six Strips. "' ' /!'/////«
:?.>f^i-- ••• • • ' •• • " •'.;. •• • -it Ml .incliesr-lonar. " assorted cstyles/.-white .or - /iSrlilll
\1« B.Uo. KaSSiKo^^-in black and '§^ ...... .-."... .'.I . "35C- . /
he name ln^" re^ > : Talii I,ire ' Stork^-simart,' H^
*thei<niaHty^BHa^i".> •. _ - |simp»e. = new sty.les; ,somp fancily OC - -\u25a0 - •-
;Speqßll^tomorrow^onl>/,pair^.^v.:-:««!;»» i: embroidered. /'Spocial.^each. .r:7. ., \u25a0 .. -. T
-Established his missions a^ day's; Journey .apairt "along". 4
;El;'Camind?Rcal~Lbs ; Angeles r ,to' San 'Francisco. "c" c • jjj
..' -.' "/_ I chain of, old 'missions alcmg *
. •'>; ; ithc King's Hig^yay,.as well; as servingthe famous- - . &
t^vlv V"" :l»«e: l»«e : of Coast Resorts— San- Jose---Santa Cruz— Del '<•
f */, 1, : Mpntje~Paso\Robles;Pl6t'Springs^^anta Barbara.. T
;^Takes You- to 'Los -Angeles in |
7i*.'- ' \u25a0'' 'Oyer-the "Road^of a Thousand Wonders.' \u0084' " : \\
%- f l: X \ From j -Third * H andJ,Townsend . Streets Station.'
.. . CParlor /.Cars'^throughout^-Dining, Composite-. and \u25a0• |
.. •Service/- -~ - \u25a0 • % . ' '.'.
! ;Si©@SiSjifeN- \u25a0'\u25a0 PAQIPIO ::
Spokane of the North
The Inland Empire of Canada
. \" New Townsite \u25a0 on : Grand . Trunk Pacific Railway.
fQftt GEORGE 0
\u25a0 Geographical. Cejiter of ' British Columbia and of the largest un-
developed area of good land on continent. At r junction of
«Great: Rivers>Heaci(}uarters s for* Steamers, plying of
miles ;North^ South, East, West. _- "/'•-\u25a0' :
Half -way between- Edmonton and Prince Rupert,- gateway to^
' great 'Nechaco/Buikley,rFraser, Peace RiverrSk'eena and 'other
valleys: offering of inside lots. on easy terms. Title
guaranteed and insured by the r Province of British' Columbia.
-\Vrite today for free maps and official information about Cen-
/tral 'British Columbia. • .
Natural Resources Security Go. i___
'" Everjrthing Comes to Him Who Uses • CALL Want Ads >

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