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The Sah Praticisco Q^i
JOHN D. 5PRECKEL5 ; :.........; . . ... .... V.fl i . : . Proprietor
CHARLES W. ;HpißNlCk ......^. ..;:.. .. . ..iOener^lAianiftier^
ERNEST S. SIMPSON ; : . . ... . ... .\u25a0.'.v.^.M^rEdltbr
'\u25a0•": AflJre a» All Comrannlcat lona : «o THB' SAN"? FH AXCISCO ; CALL i : -.: '£
Trlrpbone **KEARXT" 86 W — Aal* for The < Call. Tke OseralertWlll Coaneet
* y«*° >V |th th * Pepartmeat YonWlih { '\u25a0•_", \u25a0_:, '-'-.[ X
BUSINESS OFFICE: .".... .Market and Third Streets, San^ Francisco
Open Until li o'clock Every^ Night inUhe-Year • •
EDITORIAL ROOMS. ........'............ ...Market and Third- Streets i
MAIN CITT*" BRANCH. 1651 Flllmore Street Near Post
OAKLAND OFFICE-4M 11th SL (^^^..{g^;^^ jj"
ALAMEDA OFFICE— I4JS Park Street . ......... .Telephone .Alameda 559
BERKELEY OFFICE — SW. Cor. Center and Oxford. . . .Telephone Berkeley T7
CHICAGO OFFICE— I 634 Marquette Bldg..C. Gee Krogness, Advertising Agt
NEW- TQRK OFFICE-jSOS Brunswick Bldg.lJ. C. Wilberding, Advertising Agt
WASHINGTON NEWS BUREAU-7-Post Bldg. . .Ira E. Bennett; Correspondent
NEW YORK NEWS BUREAU— 915 Tribune Bldg., C C Carlton, Correspondent
Forelff* Office* Wkere TMe C*ll !\u25a0 •\u25a0 : File . .' " X „
LONDON, England... 3 Regent Street. S. W. : . ' • - : % . «\u25a0 .it
PARIS, France... 53 Rue Cambon . .\u25a0\u25a0•;' .- -\u25a0%_• .-;':\u25a0'.-,> / -i-r- \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-.. :\u25a0;.<..'.\u25a0>'
; BERLIN, Germany... UnUr den Linden. 9
Delivered by Carrier, 20 Cents Per Week,- 75 Cents Per Month', Daily and Sunday
Single Copies. 6. Cents ...:_
Terms by Mall, for UNITED STATES, Including; Postage (Cash With Order):
-DAILY CALL (Including Sunday), 1 Year ; . . . . . ... ........ ..\ .-: .". . . : . $8.«0 ;
DAILY CALL (Including Sunday). 6 Months ..•...................;... 54.00
DAILY CALL— By SinglerMonth ..• :..........-..;..'...:. ..750
SUNDAY CALL, 1 Year «. ; ... . . . . . *.V; . .'.-. . ; . . .... 52.50
weekly Call. 1 Year ;r..r.Y; .". . $1.00
FOREIGN f Dally .SB.OO Per Year. Extra
Tv?£rV^v < Sunday $4,16 Per Year Extra
..POSTAGJE 1 weekly . . . . . . . . r.-. .-. .... . . : .v.v. ;t;*. r:v. . $1.00 rPer Year Extra
Entered at the United States Postofflce as Second Class Matter
- Sample Copies Will Be Forwarded When Requested : . \u25a0':_;':
Mall subscribers in ordering change of address should be. particular, to give
both NEW and OLD ADDRESS in order to insure a prompt and correct
compliance with their request. .. : . > ;
SAN FRANCISCO handled the crowds that flocked to the city
on Thursday in good shape. ..They were welcomed "and they
were fed "and" entertained, without . seriously \u25a0\u25a0straining the
resources of the town. It was in the enor
mous influx of visitors a severe test of admin
istrative capacity for entertainment. The
visitors, the .city's guests," were well- behaved
and orderly and it . is to the credit of the
. city that there were no; exhibitions of local
hJbdlumlsm. The police were present hr full force, but their
functions were rather directory and explanatory than repressive.
There was no call for clubs at any moment and there was not the
slightest difficulty in controlling the great concourse that thronged
the sidewalks. ' It was an American crowd trained in habits of Self
restraint, respecting the rights of others and understanding the
needs of discipline and the" common obligation to obey orders, -ilf
anybody had his toes trodden on he did not complain and accepted
the apology that was forthcoming, because, in fact, this was a
well mannered assembly. - .-\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0:•;.-\u25a0\u25a0
We venture the assertion that the- show provided surpassed
anything of the sort ever seen in America. —The; features of parade
were undoubtedly superior in artistic and dramatic effect to those
offered by New York in the Hudson-Fulton celebration. We might
say superior^ because the" New- Yprk ; display was not: in
the least" creditable. The carnival spirit and the .'artistic sense are
possessed by only two \, cities in America—San Francisco and
New Orleans, *'- . . v
> -We hope that our visitors enjoyed themselves and contrived
to" get something good to eat in the intervals of other amusements;
San has a reputation., to .sustain in t.t .{ this "regard and
although the city's capacity may have been tested -by .' the friendly
invasion we believe that it proved- equal to the occasion.
Handling the
THE Nebraska State Journal describes the; processes; which
are no secret, by which T. B. Walker acquired timber lands
in- northern -California, already worth incalculable "millions
md certain to appreciate enormously ; in value,
[t is like this: '- >! r '\ :'•*-',
One' Minnesota lumberman,," Tl 1 B? Walker* ~
now. has investments of about i 510,000,000 in
timber lands in ; northeastern California. It is In
teresting to know how an. empire' of 'enormously, _
valuable .pine lands passed out of public into
private ownership. The government gave the
title to actual settlers for a nominal charge. .For many years'it was the "
practice 6f people of all classes to file on these lands, comply technically
with the requirements of residence and then ttirn the property over to
Mr. Walker's agents. It is not claimed that Mr. Walker .engaged these
people to secure title to the land. He merely' let it be understood
through his numerous purchases that he "was Twilling to pay^ enough f or ;
such claims to. make. them worth securing; \u25a0.;, Settler' after "settler, tookl
title, sold to the lumber king, and passed on. Others learned of the easy
way of picking up afew hundred dollars and came in. and 'performed the
same sennce. The result^sf a campaign of a few years'is-the'ownership
by one man of a great area of fine timber that willfadd tens-of millions
to his fortune. The government has received only 'a pittance. for its '
property, and the people, who once owned it- all, will pay^in enhanced
prices for lumber for the carelessness of their, law makers iri allowing
these great resources to slip through the public fingers: . ; : . ".;-. '"' \u25a0\u25a0:..;\u25a0
Mr. Walker is not to blame. He merely -picked up what was
lying around loose for any man to appropriat^^7Ti^/blan^Uieston
the : delinquent government that; left its property 'out^ of doors- for
the first comer to appropriate by : the easy process of putting up
a nominal priced In fact, the process was so easy. and so, profitable
that certain people less scrupulous than Mr. Walker hired companies
of roustabouts to make pretense of settlement on the lands,* Indeed,
this business of . robbing the public domain was .regarded -as legiti
mate until undertook" to • stop . it. Since his iday there is
not so much public; property lying around loose ahd r any official
who iscaughtnnrthe act of opening the gates will have to answer
to an aroused public opinion. .......
How One
Great Fortune
Was Acquired
HIGH MINDED Germans are disposed:toresent the exuberant
war talk in which Lord Nqrthcliffcv tord ;Charles' i.'Beresfprd
and other Englishmen have; recently indulged. , The feeling
is natural. To charge ; a! nation or a , govern^
ment with deliberately forahg ;a war--is; to
impute the grayest crime \u25a0 Icrvqwn i. to modern
life. The worlds at large refuses to believe
that the kaiser : has; made .\u25a0 up his mind \ in f cqltf
blood to p|unge;'twp" of3iUlles.grea.test '{''nations
in bloodshed. This' fueling is; w^ll /expressed ;bjr Gount^ReycntioWi
a retired naval officer of -Berlin, who says: "War; is- certainjf Eng
land declares it. Otherwise it is not at all 'certain: ' '; On the cj^ht
trary, Germany will do everything possible to avoid it" " This
is a sane view of the situation and -the other \4cw^ involves the
attribution of wicked motives to the German go\'ernmeht and the
provocation of a needless war. Count: Reventlow- goes on to sa^:
1. No high' minded^Gcrman.'thihks', for a moment.'th^tiwar is imminent
between Germany and ' England, but that fact is no ; argument? against the
augmentation of the. German. fleet. We must prepare for the protection- '
of our commerce* and at the same.time i prepare?f6r f the protection of
the fatherla^d-jh.thc.event: that . .Germany .iis forced ao:fight.f;A«bigger
navy means* simply'aidouble desire to 'guarantee the growing tommerdal
mterca ''throughout' the ; world and:;'guarantcfe. j)cace. : v; After"all- it is
certain that mucn'of thjs'rostrum talk is r only to' scare the masses of Eng
land and mold their; minds; for the purpose. 'Even then they£shbu!d not •
be, too -much i f r%hten'edr for with the complet?on of existing program's
England; will have' about eighty battleships; to ; Gexmah>,'s I forty. : Then lin
case of iwa.r.tHe^uestion will be one of mutual destruction and of crippling? '-\u25a0
industrial, material and values. "- -X ,
J*he prevailing war^scare fo/assiduously_,culUvat^VinsEnglandi
if it be^iiot merely a: form of politics;, is\cm^
nary; phases; of 'poplar)- psycholo^/khown^
to the Germans ",a~ deliberate purpose to ; engage . in- a .ruinous war
involving "enormous' risks' and with no* substantial gain in* sight in
thA event of victory. It is a theory that does violence'to reason.
Basis of a
War Scare
THE resentment so generally felt throughout the country coh^
mere obstructionist like -,_ Speaker .C Gannon suggests V cojm
parison with -the British t -method adopted by
the. house- of commons to expedite business/
The .autocratic power; of the \ speaker in
gress is justified by the fact that no'business
could be completed were every member per
mitted to -take up^time \u25a0, in 'speech making/
But the /same difficulty:"exists- in a; greater degree in the; house of
commons/ and- it has ; been successfully- overcome without creating
ah autoeratlwitli -practical' : power ftb^usurp the: functions, of; thebody:
The ;: house of commons has 6/o?members, :as cojnparedy'with
39irmembers^of the;house of: representatiyes v and;thV British pailia^
ment has; had some" trying experiences in the obstruction of '-busi
ness by- tlie : use of filibustering tactics. C The trouble has ; been suc
cessfully vme'twitliout, turning ioverthe powers of the house to an
autocrat. Of this' creation the New.OrleansTi'mes-Democrat; says:
unnecessary has -been shown by, the experience: of the
- Britishihouse of commons, the speaker [of,^^which^ bodyj's'selectedxwithout
regard to ? party politics/ so that a conservative may « preside ; over \u25a0 a liberal
'•^ house, iJttid ivice versa: TheVßritishi parliament hadtfourid itself- similarly [
" embarrassed by the pbssibilityTof obstructive tactics, '\u25a0 invented 1 byJParnell
"and the' lrish nationalists ;' and a i plari Was'devised to meetrthisTdifficulty ~\
that- did not entail .theisurreridery by 'the house oi lall its and
\u25a0' their concentration ":• in Jhe ; \ hands ol -its \ speaker:; Oh ; the contrary, * the
latter has remained -a "person: of rcohiparatively little power,, while the ;
1 members>are cornpletelyiindependent; .but a} system Avas'perfef ted; : which ;
prevented theitieup of -public busihess^KutVstill "nreierved the* rights and
1 privlleges"brtKe ; hous« : as apafliamentary body:: In thiscoiihtry a different V;
policyrwas.adopted;AThc;house wasisacrificed; and the speaker raised to
the -position; of autocrat/ - *•. \\ • -^ .
The^rulesof [the \house of representatives are: up reconsid
eration will .-, make an/ issuer in \tne^next; congressional elections:
That is »to say, Carinonism : and (all", that; Cannonism means will: make
the issuW-No
gress meets ;-. in December;' but it I; may. scarcely -be .expected Xtp
succeed, r Chiefly it will "be useful to concentrate public attention
on the 'situation in congress. : T ; ; >-
Sure to Be
An Issue
THE officers of "his majesty's' ship
Bedford are having: a ;<aellghtfur ;
"time Tat teas and '.th^ri more teas;
but it is not fair to insinuate that these •
officers, charming and popular, as 1 they
are, have had ; W monopoly of .the social
attention ing 1 ; the -last; day "or. two^
for Italian officers and other,. foreign
visitors have " had ;. quite as happy fa .'
round of gayety and ; have been promi-; •
nent among :those<present.; One -of ;the; »
most elaborais^of the teas of '; Portola's
week was ' given yesterday by Mrs.,M. -
A. Tobin in the laurel, court , at; the
Fairmont, and the complimented; guest,
was the i attractive .Miss \u25a0
Kathleen ' Farrell, ;the;daug^er of Mrs.
James N. Farrell, who '\u25a0 has \u25a0 not\ really "
made Vher I formal :; bowTto fsoclety,' ? but
will -be ' Introduced '<; at f. the^tea to ;. be.
given 10 at'; the; family^ home
in Broadway." :;Among= those ;to f }
meet. the ? charmlnsVirueßt "of, honor, yes- e
terday were "a doten of ithe^visitlng offl^r'
"cers an d ? othe rs,' among whom we re the :':''
following:^:; V' '\u25a0 ._• _ ':•\u25a0.-:;: •\u25a0.- : ; ;•-\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0"•> J
Uri. v Alexander Loiif- Mlßa'.-AnaajWeller '.'"', ,?
borwurh^ . '«- '..: Ja'lgt Hougnttm ; ,v /- \u0084
Mrs. ClemMJt Tcbln ' Mita Mally , of New York : ;
Mrs. Andrew* Welch Jr. Jo««ph"s o..^Tobin* v. «,- . .
'Ax* -'; J«me« Goewty '\u25a0 \u25a0 Mrs. r John ; McMullln •:\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0"\u25a0
Mrs.' Jatoes Slim '-• - Mrs." W.l E;= WLlHar ;5; 5 ' ;
Miss EH*a McJlnllln Miss Bessie ZaneV >-V-
Mrs. J. C Hayes -r . ?\u25a0;\u25a0•\u25a0 Major Ha ynes^ U. S.. A. ; •\u25a0
Mrs. A. ' F.* Tecda \u25a0 .- . • Donald 3 Morrison .*\u25a0: .;
'Mrs.. -Robert- Bayes Lieutenant Prltch«et,' U.: ,
-.-atnlth^ \u25a0'\u25a0-'\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0 iB.:A-.-i'--- "'':\u25a0\u25a0-'\u25a0'-:\u25a0. :
Miss Ann»'P«ters — Miss Marie Landeen;
r '*> i-~-i-' **-*...': ' : '.* : . "\ • "':/ v \u25a0?'-:i'lS- : :' : r'"- ..r*' 1 "- *,-l \u25a0'•
;' Vhe - officers 'of v his ; majesty's ship
Bedford *wUl;entertaini_this^afternoon at ;t
af«teaVto" - .be|givpn r on '- board" ship; ';; and fi
among I. the Yglrls * from jf to wn .-.who | are ;
going to' the interesting ; .'affair "given !bjr>,
|the«e gallantihost«>fe?M)ssrAnna\Wel- v
lerVr Miss; Jeanne s Gallois;lMi6sf Augusta >
Fbute,*>MissTAnn%t3Pet"ers,|Mißs; Bessie
Zane and Miss Mabel Gregory."; r.. ' 1
The wedding of Miss iVeronicafMlller;>
arid -Charles :- J.; - Houston I: took '".* place /:'\u25a0
Thursday .evening/atUhejhoraeyof; the V>
bride's : parents^ Dr.Tand . Mrs/: J.f Aij Mil** v
l«r, r i in; Grove' street;\|.The] bride
tended by , her sisters, \ Mill Lucile and :.
Mtas^l^dift MiUer7l^»;Wlo;L«ori?A;i Clark I !
actedsas<best: man^;4Thel pretty^ qer«-3n
Rader^arid^waif t ollowed* byjanjelabo{ > \
. rate Jreception^at. the ;hotnev^Houßtoh it "'.\u25a0"\u25a0
aVgriaduate of thefUnlverslty*of Callfor- /
with;the ? claßs"o£,'99;and ; haSia-host v
The Dessert
of i friends In- ; this city. /Mr.; and 'Mrs:
Houston have, gone ! to. the ' Tosemite
valley on their honeymoon, \; but will
retu,rh '; to reside : in this' city, where Van
attractive .Vome. awaits them. ;;
\u25a0 /.The ' reception ( yesterday at the; new
quarters * : of • the "University;' club at
tracted; a crowd of t society^ folk, and
the decorations were in , the picturesque
; I*ortolaj combinations,* making 'an .^ef
.. f ectlve \ setting for, the scores ;'of : pretty
. gowns.' Among , those who called«duV
ihg the~ afternoon. were :J . •• '\u25a0 r ;v
Mre.'rraßk Ntrrls ' ' ilMlss'. Emilia - Hlnehel
:Mrs.: 1 Wortblnpton \Ame» "-.\u25a0 wood •',•\u25a0•': ••-\u25a0
Mn-lJlutneW Hogue \u25a0;: ; Miss : Dolly^MacGaTlß^
Haiikett D«rb.T • ; .-;. r . , Mr».' John Drum .
Mrs. ; Georg c? Moore Miss AtU Sherwood
Mw.i Alfred Ford.," J "W WhartoniThurston*v' ,
MJss^Frances .Taylor ; ? Miss Mary Sherwood
Miss . Nora \u25a0 Evans r ' . • m.-*. Harry Sherwood %
Mii>B Julia r Evans vv 1-*1 -* \u25a0 Mlfs Gertrude Simpson-
Mltm s ;Vera de \u25a0 S«bla ;' • Ml*s "^ Elizabeth '_ tlrer-'
.Wilfred ; Chapman T \ v-. -more ;' ; \u25a0 - .
', Miss* l>orothyi Chapman Mrs.> Marcel -Orf
. Dv sVal Moore ."- : \u25a0-. Miss » SalHe ; Maynard r
; Oeorge: Spencer-/ - ; V x Walter :Blls« / *3'mtm
; Frank Preaf ou j 2.r.V'«^ Oayle = Anderton •'..:.
Cyril Tobin \u25a0 \u25a0-\u25a0-:>. '. John GalloH f ; f ; ;
.Miss ; Gertrude Perry ' wmJHamlltosj- -. '
Mrs.-L. L. Baker - - • Mrs/CyrnsiWalker
Mrs.* Walter; MacGavln- Mrs.tlra Pierce- : :
>rMias Helen. Baker.'.the charminglnan^
icee iof Drumniond'jMacGayln;viilthe",tn^
\u25a0 centlve ; f or "several -; of i the .; : Important
:teaß^_andUuncJi'eon\; parties fef^the'^Por.^
I tola J week,'^ and'fa'l fewj? dinner ? parties
; fill UipHhe "! program ?of i thesei pleasfj
\u25a0 antiTdaysv' f orji the*' popular |brlde .\elect:
jMlss;' Baker iwlll^beTitheicoinpllmented:
: guest ' at fa Uunc|ve6rf< to Jbe 5 given"; next;
Monday^ by} Ml*s «Jeanne*Gallolst at : the
! yalrmont,^ and g again J Friday^ sher#vill '
receive I the s honors Tat jaSluncheon Itoibe
r giveh|: by^ r Miss V Dolly,|MacGayin] !^The
;. tea ; given i y esterdayiaf terrioon|byj Mrs.';
again fat I a*| dinner! given i last ?evenlng^
;by * Miss SClaire? NicljolsJjSAtS the] latterj
jtheSbrldaU:party,^butHhose : at ; the": tea'
yestejrjdayl'afternqohiwere:? 1 \u25a0/\u25a0",- : ; ? >
MlMsSarY>Coilior">. : Miss ' Alexandra Ham-"
MlM'^Ton^chroederi-^ i-; \ \u25a0 •
Mies Suianne Klrkpat- Ml«»e« C«lh«nn . \u25a0 "\u25a0
«*rlck:;.*-i'i." *•\u25a0-•-''' Miss 'Dolly MacGaTln
Miaa 'Lonl»e Boyd \u25a0?\u25a0: Mlai ; Ethel : MeAlUeter : -:
Mlas ; Claire ; Nlchola ' \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0'- .;"\u25a0 ; \u25a0 .' •• • \u25a0,•\u25a0'.\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0- '.»•»'. .\u25a0•'.\u25a0.
• • •
-A The . •\u25a0 late ' letters 1 i from Mies . : Innes \u25a0
Ariswersv; to
SWEDEN-NORWAY^ A.- S.. Petalumal . CaL
Was \u25a0\u25a0 the ' tariff -the " main 'cause -of \u25a0: the < separa
tion of Swedpn and i Norway . ' . ": : - ~
,?jHlstbry says ! that -.".on /June r .7, : 1905.
owing to the, refusal of Sweden to grant
separate;. consulates,- to?^ Norway, .the
storthing 1 ;,'of Norway: passed ;a* resolu-',
tiontc; dissolve lthe- union with Sweden.-
This -.was* finally-:; ratified « by - thej treat;
of 'Karlslad.V by both^ countries, Octo
ber. 16, 1905.7 ' . - /
.T>"-" '.'.'.'• 1 ""--';' r -i;*^- ».\u25a0/-• ;\u25a0'\u25a0 ' \u25a0 , \u25a0 '..'.f
POINTS— C. S.. -Allejhany. ;Cal. -What :<1»
meant by = the' term, "point" used by --stock
broSers? - ;.»-'; . ; 'c- . ' '
' /VPointVMs ' a r :unlt^ of- fluctuation of
price., per , share* or./ other standard i of
reference oh - theXexchange. etc In
stock ; transactions 1 In": the Uni ted States
a:point*is:sl;|in;Great:Brltaln 'it is £1
sterling; :Unt- coffee :. and cotton' it- is
the;', one-hundredth partTof \ a -cent,
and ! in \ oil, grain, 'pork, etc.. If is 1
cent. " '\u25a0;' \u25a0, --^' \u25a0>\u25a0;-\u25a0 -.•';. .*
''• : - ; ,•: . "•_.-\u25a0
years I < hare been ? endearorlng to discover the
name of .the author of the poem In- which are
the following lines,' but- ''hate not-been sue
cessfnl:^-•,::,.\u25a0•-;;.•\u25a0:.-,--..-' \u25a0;•\u25a0--...,-. - - .•.•;-
With !^ smooth ' dissimulation, skilled to . grace,
A,, devil's purpose with an angel's face.
«These' >llnes7.do -hot : appear : in : ; the
books i ; of /quotations.' 7 Possibly j some
reader can furnish ? the ' name. If so,
please send "to this' department on a
postal ; card, i^ / :
-\u25a0 -IMPERIAL VAIXEY LANDS— E., Sebastopol.
Cal.^'jls^ there^to be an. opening of gorenimeiit
lands Aln v tbe ' Imperial -; valley, ? .California, in
the a near future?- Where could one obtain par
ticulars? .-. . \u25a0 \u25a0 ,:,-\u25a0 ,'r ••»\u25a0•:\u25a0-\u25a0 '_\u25a0 - -..-\u25a0
f Communicate with - the general land
-office, Washington, D.,C. S
':'''*;'<\u25a0 >' ; -\s ;•'''\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0. •.,*:\u25a0•-"•:. -' : ; ,
: -POLE^OMPING-N.:£L.B., City. What la
the •• record for,-: pole Taulttng or; jumping? : *
: "-Teri{feetrten:anfl one-haif . inches^ by
G. ; Mbsgrove, England. : 1866,* and 10
feet'! 9' lnches by' D.- Anderson, 'England.
the : guests / of in- Louisville,
Ky.',^ where*; Mrs.'; Keeney's old "', home is
situated.'; 1 .Miss Keeney 'has been at
tending,.' the \u25a0 horsey show, every evening
In the box party chaperoned by her
cousinr Mrs.;^ McAfee, who "'was', also
r hostess at one r of the largest teas given
'or xthe attractive : visitor \u25a0] during her
stay ;ln . the south. Miirs/ Keeney '&nd
-.her^mo^her are ; going '^to /New- York*
; after] th'elr visit^ in ; Louisville > and will
-.visit other .'eastern cities before their
return \ early" in 'December. *
.'\u25a0 ''' "'. •\u25a0•\u25a0' "'-*"-"' : \u25a0'•'' V;V:'.
" Mra^ Sidney Joseph 'entertained ' yes
terday.at feme of^thVprettlesriuncheons
'of we"ek :griven at;the~ St Francis,
\u25a0' and the i colors ...were ;the -yellow , and
fgold r of "the l Portola'a festival I suggested
' in> clusters J of '- marigolds' ; and^ brilliant
i poppies v on • ; the ?r table. ! ;f, Thejluncheon
i was j i n". coiripl Ixrient S to : ; Miss Maud .= Fay,*
and among^thosehbldden-.to -. meet "the
'.. singer .were:; ' t ."..' - . \
Mrs. ™ Stanley ''Fay-' \u25a0•-. Miss Edna Fay ' \u25a0
Mrß.; PW or New .York Mr*." Leon Greenebanm {
\u0084;M rs.; Frank -McComasj Mrs.^Phlltp King Brown
4 Mrs. .:• Arthur (Bacbman^ MisßE6tel!« Fay . .
\u25a0'-' V'" '•'.' "•. :.' : ".- ".•;\u25a0"; \u25a0-•'\u25a0'."\u25a0"->, : - -' : •. .: v,, ;*(
\u25a0 Miss Genevleve King^ is among \u25a0 those
who are expecting'to pass theiwlhter,
r t or j part iof the I gay ? season at * least. -in
/the *-; east. During, iher i?stay :" in < New
|Tork :Uhis i attractive? girl will be? the
£ guest of /Mr.-'and • Mrs.^ Horace ! Hill/ahd
doubtless will-be^ extensively * enter-
<'. ' : .* t > * ..-...\u25a0 .- - \u25a0 . •.-\u25a0 , .-,
&;£&-&% \^:v : *^l ! *- vf { -U. ;.; : - -\u25a0-•; i;-:
'> "'. "i Mr. ; and .-Mrs."; Earl »Cummlngs are en
*; tertalnlng £ Miss Amelia ? Rivas^ of •• ios
vAngreles^durlngiPortola- week., and; the
l jattractlvejyoung^vlsltor.j > who,islatsls* j
;? ter|of jMrs.| Cummings^by^the f way " is
\u25a0i enjoy ing7a> delightful .visit. *\u25a0? Miss RiVas
jis relatadi.to itheS'Aritoine Borels and
|; otherl^an JMatebVfamille*,^ and iher stay
: has "been- i made tham.ofdinarily
of i relatives
; and l friends^ in i this ; She / will'.r'e
? j be Uhe, incentive* for? a* number 5 of tin-?
:;formalj?j affairs^duringK her
; Mrß.^Herb^rt|Mofflttf entertained ?yes-
Sterdayi atjaj : luncheon;, glverv? at \ the \u25a0 St;
yFrairclsSf or£less i ? than|. ax doxen ; guests.'
f affair; werejMlii^VlrflnlatJolliffe;iMrV
i!MoNear{f : * ' - " ' ' '
Qne^ of Dra-
Relates Story of
Gaptufe 6? This City
WHEN^we^captured San "•Francisco!
: Atv^thatJ. jsijthe^-taie .that,; my
/ t^andmoiivtrs like >*>**t tor me to
tell— and jpy ? grandfathers, too, . hare
HstenedVto the story with intent >arV
bent on catching every syllable I had to
utter" of .the 1 brave strnrsle we put" up.
Good ; people all, . my enrandparents, they
would gather about my knees.! 10 or 12
of as * bonny ancestors*! as youngr ; man
ever hadi and listen while I recited the
yarns of (those fair dayae of Portola
cocktkil and : the handsome Blris. '\u25a0'.;. So
well has my , tale . pleased them of a
wi n ter n even! ng J that I '\u25a0: have been bold
enougrh .to^putSitMfo paper, with .what
rude skill la'j soldle'r; may have ,to . use - a
halting- typewriter. More -adroit". may,
I be with" my- halberd or oyster fork.
'\ Our. ; brave -commander. Captain - Don
Gaspar de Portola,"; had told us that if
we approached the : city of San; Fra
ncisco in October, there would be not
even a \ speck of dew % on the highway
grasses. - Those seemed to :be * vain
words'. But he i spoke' by . the card, as
he ; thought. V
*-"\u25a0 "Since : the - first day. of \u2666 the .world,"
said Don Portbla to- us, "since the first
day^of the world .there has never, been
a shower In San Francisco in October —
and I know, for. I have' been there most
of the time, on and oft.
"Even when^Noehjbuilt his boat at the
Union- iron v works: he'; had to delay* the
time of launching:," said ; old Caspar to
as, "he had to postpone the time of
launching: from September 'SO to'- No
vember.- 1. ; for the rain " would not ; fall
that-month." ' ' '.\u25a0:\u25a0.' J v^. c ':V ; '.- "\u25a0 ]\u25a0
•"-, And- so, -. because it was going- to be
dry^then. we picked out -that time for
outstrip.' There^w'ere other reasons, to
beTsure. We 'wanted to at tack the town
to J; save it from the political orators
.who nightly, we understood, were keep
ing^ people from Vle'eplng In their "own
homes and putting ; them to sleep In
public'; halls, .to; their great incon
, And we wanted to go* there at \u25a0 that
time to rescue the beautiful queen from
her' dire plight, as I have told my
grandparents. It was a sorry thing
about that, royal girl. So young- she
•was, too. But she had writ a book— a
sad tragedy, they told me it was— about
a young and beautiful lady who loved
a reckless young foreigner and eventu
ally married him. When a young lady
writes such a story as that it shows
that she \u25a0is sad. It was to cheer this
languid queen that we attacked the
city, like brave men that we were. We
wanted to bring, mirth and the strength
to laugh where before -there :; had been
but^'the'strength to" yield^.and'of, that
my >tory will ' have much to do. . It was
in that good cause of mfrth that I used
my -halberd— see, there it stands in 7 the
corner. ; with • the sinister red stain on
the blade. Weil, l remember, how that
stain' was won. , '
It was on the secoad night of the
brave campaign.. We. good fellows' all,
were seated about the - table when a
hardy dispute arose over the ability of
one of my knights and : companions In
arms to sit his fiery steed, which had
won the third prize In the work horse
parade, butcher cart division. I admit
that hot words passed between good
men! ' There was a crash of glass, the
red dripped — dripped on the floor. There
was a terrible pool, enough to make
us strong and noble soldiers tremble at
the costly waste, and some of the ruby
drops fell athwart my blade, and the
crimson mark la 1 there, till this day. We
regretted the' Incident sorely. For he
was a good ; fellow, poor Rupert'Fitz
tawnk, and ) woeful to ' him ' and to us
was the loss of that claret punch. / '-
Did I say we captured the city? Did
we. save .the queen, from her* pessim
istic cell? — •
;*Ahj niy sunny haired little grand
mother. As I .would say .i n telling the
story, we did more than either of those
things." 'We led two armies on to the
place and it capitulated, weak with
laughter and merriment. Firkt, we
beat a way- through the highroad -into
the plaza of the. brave town, and' there)
we found a : real 'governor. -, He was on
a- platform.^ .. But .quickly " w«i disposed
of him and Installed In his stead* the
noble" and recurrent;" Don : Gaspar de
Portola ; very " li ttle has > been . seen .of
the other . governor . from that day to
thls.V: 1 )- f. - :^- :{;/:" \u25a0J-.V^-"^* '-'
.Then came the queen to meet us. She
was not in chains. , She was In relvet.
She did not carry i a fountain pen ; ktie
handled deftly '&•> ridin g- p. She ''did
not -wear spectacles, but a, golden
We were t olio wed^ into 1 tbe'city, by an
amazijnV^oncoursermy HtUe grandslre;
by a throng "so big; that even your val
iant grandson," m e, whom you know so
well,' was astonished : and ,wondered /at
the '"xnobl'-- ; There was \ much-" noU'e. We
wondered why. the people poured so
freely'after.na.'rWaii it to take tbeclty
from ; us*f.We >were,' a 'small band, but
a; valiant} ope^butf by the sword /and
culrassr* what "chance < would l we \u25a0' have.
stood against the combination of Indi
ans, Chinese and horned f elk, not to
mentlbnVtheJugrly-Cconipanions of th^
former drummer 'boys!
I ißut'whyfhadrthe'people come in? 1
rode? myjjhorfc'e , h itheff and - thither ;to
learn* the ' truth.-. " At '• last I ( found ; it," *It
wasiin* a r ibo6k; stbrel*^ There 'I ' v saw two
lines "! of » people, stretching t from * hither
tojiybn.'V Incoming/. line carried
money- In ; the . palm.*;i Th e ou t goln g car
ried v scarlet * books;J a" novel -of th« sad
love of a handsome lady who eventu
ally married a foreign nobleman of bad
habits^iTherer was "a < clatter, of coin.
j Again ! did ; ifseekithe queen. I ! found
her, InUhe "midst of her; merry-making,
but this '.time " she \u25a0 bore \u25a0 In ; : her . hand a
pen and [ before heif ; lay- a sheaf of parch -,
ment. : I \ looked ? over^the .f air shoulder
of ; the royal girl; . There^ was a* caption
"itithe^tbpyof^thespage.. 5 .;• I thread : \u25a0
\ "The* Strength": to^Laugh.".
';\" I away. ; ;Our^ crusade
was In valn;j Ther^e^remalned \ no Jmore
*pes>lmisni";:ln ; th«'"Tqueen "we, had I set
abqut^-to": liberate from -the : fetters -of
gTief.^v;-;;';'.;;}:;;: ; "'\u25a0:\u25a0-/\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0- •
:.- /But .we ' had; done one \u25a0 thing, ;• my
grandslres,': we ; prevented political
meetings "for a -week."
? OCTOBER 23, 1909
•-.SATURDAY, OCTOBER 23," 1909
YE3TEKDJIT— CIear; west wind; . maxUatfai
tcjnpcratare.* 72; mtelmom. 32,
FOEECAST TOB -nTODAX— Fair Bktnrday:
wana la foreucou, wita light aorta, wiads; po*.
ilMj- tog In the arternoon and cooler «t nljht.
with west wlad*. PmtcZT
i Hxndlln g tie Pcrtola crowds. P»tt 14
How oce great fortvo* was seqolrttl P*r« X
. Unstable ba«l a of a war w«. , Face 14
Cannoniatn son to be as iMme. Fmce 14
Francis J. Fleney addresses two large andl
eaees and flays Calbotm and the procrart
press.' : " " ; - . :. PageU
Completed recount show* Heney trcn demo
cratic \u25a0 nomination by majority of «5 «Ter
rickert. '\u25a0V'-'-^f \u25a0 *\u25a0** 3P! "*»2B
Money attracted to local realty. tb» rebaCd
inar.of city inspiring confidence of eapi
tallsta. Pace 19
\u25a0 4 Portola. festl-ml stimulates laterert tn real
estate and Increased -lwialue— la ; ;. antici
pated. . ' Psme 1*
- Kotante sate «f land to Scutaeru radSe.
which wUI pay $1^75.000 to CofrmtO. eaQag*
for two blocks. ' Pmge IT
Armasd CaJUeaa seil» tot In Satter put wot
of. Powell and pnTcnasers will \ taapxore ' wttl»
handsome balldJoj. Pace 2O
Railroad efflctels estimate tiat 30.000 col
onists are en route - to ' state, taking adTasSage
of low rates. . . Pmse IS
Oveaa Tl«w tract axebansed far iffurttuiiMgy -
(and Caamercial'atreat corner la Coal larslTta?
$173,000. ' Fbs»lß
#, \u25a0 - . .. • .. '.- - • .
Ashbury heights district teatlflea t» wemaa's
skill as builder, attraetlTe nomea ttntng 10
blocks. Place 18
Gorersment abows eoßfideaee la. to* Hzj'%
fotnre by its InTestment of ' mfntwm fa
boUdinn. •<• \u25a0,-.',\u25a0.. \u25a0 raxelS
Port ola cele&r atlon -to end tooigst la iMeoa
torrent of earnlral spirit. PagtO
Program "* for tXm fiaal , kooxs of tl»
f Mtlcal. laeiodlac kistorlcal and alcctHest ear
ntral parad*. ' - ' P«C» 1O
! Poritola . dragoon* . enjoy relief - ttos. escort
dnty ' wita bawjoet * and daac« at Hotel
Manx. Vms*lX
\u25a0 Fhre natloas Join Genoaa. emlasr \u25a0. ta aa*at»
of 2i tons celetratteg blridiy of «o
prtss. * TmM*H
Carotral •ravel wm cJoa* fnrttval. tarfgfct
after pand* of iiaieoui floats t€ ' ktetorteal
slsnlflcaoce.' Pax* U
How . tn* - broom brigade clecas «p couffettl
and otser ctralnl debris. - P*«« 11
Acddests keep the emergency hwprftal a«r
geons at work. "' P»x* it
Beaoteovs fetalnlaity and liij.idsiwu. aflia
did decorations /mark PartoU axtoaobC*
parade. Paa» 12
Consul General Ifacai and wife gtie recepttai
for offlcew of crolaeT Uxmoo. Pax* 13
Festiral brings 1.4C0.C00 cerxns to dty tad
Pertola committee estimates rUltarf 4tj*um*
at J7.OCO.CCX Pa«» 9
"Japaneae mate wwderfttf display wjti Oc£r
beantiral daylight flrewonca. Pa«alZ
Police chief gires cetera to am>^«*«^aurtha*
llie ' rowdyism tonlght-V U. '.; '\u25a0 i ; *r .
Two titrasand aeamea from faiciga wnCjk
gneata' of Portola.cn. asto trip. Piajg* It
city . ;,y* •
Wife "says wboleaale grncer'a «aaai« sag
ports affinity and want* womaa** ;*epoal£SorHi
taken. Pa«»2S
- Aaaociatsd Jobbers of Lw Asgelecffile «m
plaiat wltb the raHrosd commlaaion aak&g: tiat
rate* .to"* tie lower I Saa Joaqala ralh^.bft re
arranged. - P«gje3S
Dr. X West and Dr." Wlnlfrwl Byxse arrested
following death of 18 year old Santa Boaa. girt
after mysterious operation. P«Ce3B
Oakland * attorneys appealaement of
inaerlUace taxes. 'FagfelC
Woman shoplifter witt four aXasa naia-fanc
record «f erlme. .^ _ . . . , P«gf»3tl!&
Judga mstatns rlc&t *«f nnlnwialrjf |&fty ten
to sell milk at retail. •' ~- • Psgcfr 1«
Captain, of powder laden Teasel nas bis mar»
lodged la Jail. '/}, , **S* XI
Miss Margnerite Daniel* of Oakland and Rar>
•Id U. Ball of Ccrte Maderm married..-. Pagre X
Tlrst prlae la sh«rt story c«Btest at mirw«r*fty
awarded Kiss Sara Canterbury Juahy. Pa«fW
Great , futnre In stare 'far Clrfttai.^aaya Camral
General .Wilder. ' J iP«»»l«
* Contractor alaetrocwted en roof at. power com
pany's "tatlon, at .Treatle^ glen.^ r ] .. Pttgre 1«
v Portola' week has beneftted fi» "OaUaad , real
estate dealers. '- 1 Psgce IS
Old trapper ' dies at Uklah • frotn fnjnzfes tn
fllcted by 6tt0.~ P«aj«»
West's winery near - Stockton to itort*
rtroyed by lire. ' , P»*j«i».
GamMlDg: hwtses at tie , nort&eai - «md
of San Mateo county reopen, and do vahiag
bualneaa. . • Pa«eia
Tammany leader says taat Hearst made
"Flsgy" Conner* ' cnairmaa of demacratle state
committee. V * B **^ a
Tale profesßor.annoinice* dedartfea tia* man's
life eaouM^be; ISO years leng.f :; Pas«ia
: President : TafVaa ; ardent.; adToeala ', «f - d**?,,^
waterways, vv- ' .;'*»• 13.3
Death ton 13« and 150 tnj«r«4 ta^eartlMißate
that ; rocks - Befachlatan. Pace »
, ; Count Bonl de Caatelto* aafcm eonrt to
order princess de Sagaa^to'pUee eaCdren Is (
school. " P«Jfe 131
..rinala.of.Portola wrestling matches are. close
and ''exciting. Paajaaa
*:. : Jlm ; JeaWeai back fcfia Europe, ssqrs h« Is
In fine- condition" and read^ to *gbt Jatason
at ! <*c*. \u25a0 £\u25a0 : , \u25a0 \u25a0.-'- - \u0084 v ' *\u25a0»« *"
Winie Anderson defeats Champion Ceorge
Sargent in iemiflnala of nrofe«rfaaal grtf tonr
• Canadians and Callfornians to- play • ocC * r **
Portela' e^»>2at part tato 'aftemooa; V
. \ Keene's ; unbeaten horse. Oolln. retired from
training in England. V ;\u25a0 : ' Pa«» XJ
PorUwsd and San ' Francisco pity XI bmtng
tt* game.'- ;• ; _- / r 'J. .\u25a0 : - P»»»aa
Alameda high '\u25a0\u25a0, school defects Oaklaad Poly
at football. "-; ! \/^, .-/ \ Tm *9* a
All ' Xatlonals beaten ' by Cotsnlm Ma«dt*!i boys
la'Montaaa. v ";\u25a0 . Pa»»a3
yQneea iVergtUa crowns Tlctora of ' athletic
meet; Olympic einb win* most potots; Jarella
record Pa««10
Oakland State learners torn Übles on St.
Mary's ' toners, shntttn? them out. Pave 23
Fourteen Bagby teams will clash today to
seren games. '-\u25a0TwmfXl
'-. Portola : tenals matehea , today : *M» HotchJthw
and ! Miss Sntton win play. Pajp» S
Nippon .' Mara arrtrea from ; orient la : cemmswl
of SteWns." who boMs^a' e«amtsslon|ta s "
royal naVal reside and ' wu "aa ' ofacer far «p
tlme on British erulser Bedford.:;- -^i^Pafa-9 :''.
' 1 1 aiaßUßlaHilMiliiMrfUlTirt J TTTTtfT^Uftttimmn^Tir-uVW-*- ataT'tflU £r£^\
Officers of; the foreign croiseTa .'aw enjortag*
mach social attention. V*S+ \A -'

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