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University Students Receive
Permit From Sir Herbert
Beerbohm Tree
BERKELEY, Jan. IS.— ln a letter
inajsing its work and expressing hopes
'for its success in the future. Sir Her
bert Bocrbohm Tree, the great English
actor, has Piven the English club of
:!,c university permission to stage.
'Nero,- a four act pl«y of the time
..f the great Roman emperor and "fid
dler." written by Stephen Phillips. :»u
ilior of "Paolo and Francesco." Tree
has placed no restriction on the Eng
lish club in the production of the play,
nor has he demanded a royalty. His
attitude In the matter has won the ad
miration of the students, who will hold
tryouts for the principals In "Nero"
Cherter IL KoweH, president of the
Lincoln-Roosevelt league, will address
tl.e members of the League of the Re
public of the university in California
hall January 2C. His address will be
on "The University Man in Public Life.
Bowell will be the first of a number
\u0084f prominent men to address Out league
.luring the semester. J. Z. White, ad
vocate of the -initiative and referen
dum, will make the February address
and Charles M. Belshaw will be the
speaker at a later meeting. An effort
jv being .made to have Glfford Pinchot,
former chief forester of the United
States, address the^cluK
The date for the tryouts for the.
Carnot debating team has been set for
.lanuary tZ in California hall. Lacli
will be allowed 10 minutes, of
vhich three minutes may be taken for
i-fhuttal. Among the men who have
-ipninod their intention of trying for
The team arc: N. B. Drury, T. B. Kit
ired£*>. M. R. Dowd, F. M. Shipper and
.1. G. Sweet.
-* .-• *
The date of the California "informal"
<3an<e. having been changed to next
Friday night on account of the death
of Harold B. Millis, b.ind leader, the
sophomore farces, "The Now Profes
sor' and "Love Will Find a Way,' have
l.em «=ft for January 58 in Hearst hall.
The plays were to have been staged
Friday riight. Rehearsals will be enn
iim:e,i und«-r the direction of the Mask
and Dagger society.
— i
Hearing of County Treasurer
Kelly's Suit Is Concluded
OAKLAND, .lan. J*.. — On the meaning
«if \\\f> phrase "'at th«* proper time" as
ppbjcen by tlie lat^ Mrs. Rosa M. Shat
tuck to John Wi Havens. hinK^R the d^
<lsi.<n whether or not her estate will
have to pay inheritanco taxes on prop
erty worth 1500.000. Judgo WpJls hn
ished hearing testimony in the caso,
crhlcJi is a suit broujjrlit for the collec
tion of the inheritance taxes by County
Treasurer Kelly, aud took is under
advisement today.
Treasurer Kelly insists that Mrs.
Sbattuck pave Havens a deed to the
property before she died, for him to
hold in trust and give to her heirs
aft*r her death, which has been held
to hf an attempt to evade the law and
therefore v<Md.
Havens was the only witness today.
He said that Mrs. Shattuck 1m«l told,
him to hold the property in trust for
ber heirs and to giv*" it to them "at
the proper time." If sh# meant by this
;tt her death, the conveyances- will be
held invalid. Havens admitted that he
had understood Mrs. Shattuck to mean
Nine Year Old Margaret Ras
mussen Victim of Accident
OAKLAND. JanylS. — Speeding along
on roller skates across Grove street
near Thirty-fourth this afternoon, 9
year old Margaret Rasmussen" lost con
trol of herself, and. unable tb -stop, run
in front of an automobile driven by
R. D. Lowell, sustaining injuries from
which sh<* later died. The little
girl is the daughter of Lawrence Ras^
mussen of 714 Twenty-ninth street, an
Inspector in the customs service in San
Francisco. \ Her skull was fractured.
Lowell, with H. Lurie, a realty sales
man, was driving the machine behind
a Grove street car.
Lowell rushed the child to the re
ceiving hospital in hJs automobile and
an operation was Immediately per
formed there in the hope ot saving her
life, but ehe died at C o'clock. Lowell
was much affected.
Breaks His Parole Twice and
Is Remanded for Sentence
OAKLAND, Jan. lt>. — Because he has
shown himself to be incorrigible, liar
ing: broken his parole twice, and
spending seven and a half months out
of eleven in confinement as punish
ment for his bad behavior, Joseph
Shaw, alias Harry Stewart,' will .be
brought back h*re from lone for sen
tence to a penitentiary.
He pleaded guilty to a charge of bur
glary-and was sen* to lone last year
to remain there until he became. of age.
He is now 19 years old.
. A communication from the superin
tendent of the institution where he
was placed was received today by Pro
bation Officer Uuess, saying that it was
impossible to keep him any longer.
Given 2 Per Cent of Line's
BERKELEY, Jan. IS. — A check for
$377. representing 2 per cent of ' the
gross earnings of Win College avenue
line of the Oakland traction company,
was paid to City" Treasurer E. V. Gove
by officials of the traction company to
day. The gross receipts for the. line
amounted to $18,850 for the fiscal year
ending January 9, according to the re
port of the corporation's -auditor.
About $4,000 has ; been collected in the
last month. by the city on franchises
of car companies here.
OAKLAND, Jan. IS.-^ouncilman
Albert 11. Elliot will talk on the pro
posed new clt>% charter for Oakland at
the weekly luncheon of * the Tri-City
rotary club at the Hotel Athens to
morrow. The meeting scheduled for
Thursday, January 7 20, .will be an ex
ecutive session, open only to members
4n cood standing. ;
Walter Mackay, New
Head of Chamber
Retiring President Clay Sets on
Foot Plan for Chamber of
Commerce Building
OAKLAND, Jan. 18.— The chamber of
commerce tonight elected Walter !;.
Mackay, last year's vice president, to
the presidency of th" body. The other
officers chosen are: H. C. Capwell, first
vice president; Edwin Meese* second
vice president, and C. J. Ileeseman,
treasurer. A full representation of
directors was present and a large num
ber of members also attended the an
nual meeting.
In his farewell speech retiring Presi
dent I. H. Clay strongly urged the ne
cessity of erecting a new chamber of
commerce building in Oakland and rec
ommended that a building campaign be
started at once, in order that the pro
posed edifice might be in course of con
struction before the close of the pres
ent year, when the lease on the pres
ent building will expire.
Clay's suggestion met with favor
from the directors, and Vice President
Oapwell suggested that the city gov
ernment might be prevailed upon to
donate the gore block which constitutes
the present city hall park as a site .for
the building.
• He advocated the erection of a low,
ornamental building. which might
serve the double purpose of a Rome for
the chamber of commerce and a munici
pal art gallery. •;.;-, J'
President elect Mackay in his inaug
ural .speech announced that he would
appoint campaign committees to work,
.for a large increase in the membership
of the chamber, as well as to carry out
the preliminary plans for tho proposed
new building. Ho said. that, he consid
ered the present membership dues of fl
a year too low, and suggested tho
adoption of a graded scale^of dues, the
minimum to be $2.50 per'annum and
the maximum $25 for corporations and
large firms holding corporate member
Former Secretary Edwin Steams read
a lengthy report outlining the work
accomplished by the chamber during
the year of 190?.
; A plan to advertise Oakland by hold-
I ing: an Oakland postcard day, on which
the residents of the city should be re
quested to mail out postcards bearing
j pictures and advertisements of the city,
iVas broached at the weekly luncheon
lof the progress and prosperity com
mittee 'Vtoday by the new* secretary of
the chamber. Homer Boushey. The plan
met with instant approval. and it was
i decided to print 100,000 of the postcards
and place them on sale throughout the
city. The date of the postcards day
will b*« announced later.
Other speakers at the luncheon were
C. M. Burkhalter, the new commercial
I agent of thei Southern Pacific in Oak
land; Wells Drury, secretary of the.
Berkeley chamber of commerce; Albert
Klkins of Sacramento; Superior Judges
Wells and Ogden; Secretary Starrett
of the Y. M. C. A., H. C. Capwell and
I. H. Clay.
J. Aylmer Harding to Seek the
Footlights' Fame .
OAKLAND, Jan. 18.— Dr. J._ Aylmer
Harding-, who announced yesterday
that he had discontinued his "spiritual
union" with Mrs. Ruth" McDonald-'!be
cause his following had turned him
down and left him to endure the pangs
of hunger,- has found a silver lining to
his cloud. ; He will appear on the^tage,
ht said today. . ~j_
"I am candid to admit, 1 ' said the
"philosopher," "that there is no- other
livelihood open to me. I donot regret
having preached spiritual marriage, for
It i« entirely-proper, only- the- world is
not ripe for. it, and ITam shunning
those who are slaves to the customs
of the world. I; am a martyr. I am
persecuted for my convictions. '
"I am abused for; right as I-seq it,
and can no longer make imy living, by
preaching.' If I get on the stage I will
try to get I " an engagement with me fo»
Mrs. McDonald." . .
':[ One of the. most valuable qualities -oi Mother's; \V^?^i;|l \
Friend isthat it safe-guards the future health of. the \
mother; It^is a liniment^ to lie; applied "externally ttO; \u25a0- ' :^s*£*h: \
the body, the use of which lubricates the muscles and 'tendons,
softens the glands and ducts, prevents lumps fdrming in the breasts;
arid relieves the. pain, nervousness, nausea v arid other troubles) frbrrv
which so many expectant mothers ; suffer. r Where Mother's - Friend
is used regularly it fits r arid, prepares the system for an easy and;
natural ; consummation of the term. t Women who massage , with tHis
great (liniment ; are always saved much suffering^ when baby f comes;;
and recover more quickly, and without ill ? effects. p Friend
is^^.sold at Write for our free^^boolccoritairiirig' valuable
information JFor expectant mothers." :.."\u25a0 ' ' \u25a0
Mrs. Edward yon Adelung Will
Entertain at the Claremont ,
Country Club
i\u25a0\u25a0 . .
i *._>.\u25a0. ."\u25a0'\u25a0 - \u25a0-\u25a0- ",
OAKLAND, Jan. 18.— A brilliant' ball
! is planned by Mrs. Edward yon Ade-f
\u25a0 lun.f? for the Orst week \u25a0in February
j in the ballroom of the Claremont coun-'
j try club. Mrs. yon Adelung will in
! elude 250 guests in her invitations.
I which will bo out in a few ilH.vs. The
'affair will l»t» oneCtif-. the most clab
or«te _ before Lent.
Mr. and Mis. David Atkins returned
| to the bay cities yesterday .after: a
: honeymoon spent, at Carmol by the
! £ea. The v.-od<ling of the 1 yohng civil
| engineer and Miss Mary de Fremery, a
i dnughter of Mr.- and Mrs. Willia-m Cor
i nelius Bastian de Fremery, •-.•.: wa s; v an
| elaborate event-of January in St. John's
'\u25a0 L'piscopai church and was followed by a
| reception at tUe family residence in
( Fairmont avenue. Mr. and Mrs.Atkins
will live in San Francisco, where an
attractive home .has been' made\ready
for them. . ,
• .* .' • •
William G. Herishaw, Mr. and Mrs.
Harry Chickering and Miss Florence
He.nshaw. who have been spending tlie
midwinter in New York, will return to
Hose Crest this week, joining. Mrs.
Henshaw, 'who readied home recently
after a motor tour of the southern part
of the state with a small company of
• \u25a0 • -• "
Miss Elsie Campbell, the -fiancee of
Maurice Walsh, was the complimented
guest at a luncheon at. the Palace hotel
this afternoon, at, which Miss Evelyn
Adams entertained the members of the j
bridal party - that -.vlll attend Miss
Campbeii Tuesday evening, with, Mrs.
Alexander Campbell, the mother of the
bride; Mrs. Edward M. v Wafln.
mother of the bridegroom, and Mrs. W.
H.-Adams, the mother.. of the hostess.
Miss Adams will be the maid o( honor
at the house ceremony. Miss Ruby
i Richards, Miss Alice Powell, Miss Edith
Beck and Miss Jessie Craig completing
the quartet of bridesmaids.
• ... • *. v
A bridge luncheon is the diversion
which Mrs. Arthur H. Breed will offer
tomorrow afternoon to the score of
matrons of one of the season's card
clubs. -
"• «_« _ * "' . »
Miss Hazel Shay has asked friends
to accept of her hospitality tomorrow
afternoon at a thimble bee at the fam
ily residence^in Fairmont avenue in
honor of Miss AVilma Webb. Miss Webb
is a Kansas girl who has been enjoying
a jVisit in California as the guest of
her aunt, Mrs. E. L. Ormsby.
••. *• .. ' " \u25a0•V \u25a0.
Mrs. John Overbury, wlio has been
the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
William H. Chickerlng during the.mid
winter, will leave this week for Ne
vada, where she has made her, home
since her marriage. several seasons ago.
Mrs. Overbury was formerly |§ Miss
Emily Checkering, one of the best liked
girls of the. smswt set.
• : \u25a0\u25a0 * * * .
* Mrs. George Newton will receive
Monday, January 24, in compliment to
Mrs. Harry Newton, the bride^of her
brother in law, who was married' at a
house ceremony early in the winter.
• >•;\u25a0* *
An Egyptian dinner is the unique af
fair at which Mrs. A. F., Coffin will en
tertain Thursday evening at her home
in Perry street, her guests including
the 24 members of the Linda Vista
whist club. '
• .. * :\u25a0--}*
Miss Itutlr Vickery and her father,
W. K. \u25a0 Vickery-, are at Curmel by the
Sea. : \u25a0 -
Will Is Admitted to Probate in
Oakland \u25a0
OAKLAND, Jan. IS.— The will of the
late George W. McNear. was admitted
to probate today, by Judge Wells.V.A
holographic document of : 24 words, it
disposes of property worth $1,000,000.
All of this estate .is left by the will
to the widow, Mrs. Amanda M. McNear,
who Is also named executrix to serve
without bonds. Judge Wells issued
letters testamentary to her this morn
ing. The proceedings, took only a few
. McNear's children were provided for
liberally by him during his lifetime,
for which reason he made no additional'
provision for thorn in'hls will. He died
at his home in Oakland several weeks
ago. ...
OAKLAND, Jan. , lS.r-Consolidation
of. the First and Evangelical- Baptist
churches of Berkeley has been effected,
the articles ' pf in£9rporation making
the consolidation a T fiigt being filed to
day. Th*» "inoorporaiors and trustees
are F. W. Bartlett, CM. Hill, G. W.
Howard, 11. A. Johnson, Herbert U.
Matthews, J. Ill' McKibbin, J. H.
Schroeder, James A. Tersonand B. E.
Underwood Jr.
OAKLAND. Jan.\ 1 8.— TJIie funeral of
Dr. Charles Louis Hammond of Tono
pah was held from a local' undertaking
parlor this afternoon under the', aus
pices of Oakland/ lodgre.'B. ;p.O.vE.
Hammond v/as one of tho. leading- phy
sicians Vfjf Tonopah.;; He in
fected with' blood ! poisoning: during", an
operation on a. patient and: was taken
to the Lane- hospital yin" San * Francisco,
where he. died. The remains were cre
matedat,Oakland crematory! * ". ' '.'V.
Extensive Works Under Way at
Alameda Point for the New ,
Electric System^
OAKLAND. Jani 18. — Plans of the
Southern Pacific company -for the re-"
clamation of, a large tract of marsh,
land near Alameda point, the .clearing
away/:of t the.olcl roundhouse, a. land
mark there -fdr: years, and the erection
of steel frrfme shops on a large scale
liayp been started as a part of the new
plnht which will be required for the
operation, of Hip, .suburhsin electric sys
tehi: now. under' way in't.lie east side
cities and .suburbs.
I'art fif-the >teel is on the ground for
the' constniction of the shops, which
will include a main building 400 feet
long. .The remainder of the material
will be shipped to the site within a
short time. The Southern Pacific com
pany, is now using dredgings from the
estuary to nil a long strip and a water
way which flows through the marsh east
of, the roundhouse. Here a 'pile sub
foundation is to. be driven. Work on
this is also going forward.
\The shops are to be equipped with a
complete and modern outfit for all elec
tric rolling stock repair work,- such as
is in service at the extensive pldnt of
the. Oakland -traction company: in Em
eryville. ; The site v was selected by the!
Southern vJ'aclflc engineers who have
had, charge of the electrizing of the
Alameda train system. It is convenient
ly located and "easy of access to the
various, lines which will; be operated
by way of the Alameda mole. .The site
is south of old- Alameda point ferry
landing, and" the shops will cover not
only the location of the roundhouse,
but considerable more space. "%.
The roundhouse has been used for
many years by the 'steam train system"
as^ the.;' housing place of the Alameda
local engines.. Before tuat it was also
utilized by the old narrow gauge lines,
which were built by James G.Fair and
subsequently sold to the Southern Pa
cific company. \u25a0 \u0084
Southern Paclhc company officials as
sert that the Alameda local lines will
be ready for operation by electrlcity
within a few months. This will be fol
lowed by the extension of electric train
service to the eastern suburbs, as far
as San Leandro for the present. Simul
taneously work to change the Berkeley
local ferry service from 4 steam to elec
tricity is going ahead. The Oakland
system by way of Seventh street will
be -the. last to be converted, according
to present plans.
Included in the; new system will be
the. loop service of the Peninsular rail
way company, a Southern Pacific cor
poration, connecting the proposed
Franklin street Aiameda mole exten
sion with the West Oakland Southern
Pacific lines out of Sixteenth street.
Plan ;to Raise Money Indorsed
by Mothers' Clubs Federation
BERKELEY, Jan. IS. — A« the result
of a meeting of the . Federation '•_ of
Mothers'. Clubs of, this city a petition
has., been sent to ' ; , the city council ask
ing that the city be; bonded for the
purpose of establishing and maintain
ing playgrounds here; a question which
has long been agitated. ;
A second petition was addressed to
the-.-. hoard of education asking- that
necessary funds for the establishment
of V- kindergarten system in the pub
lic schools be raised by bonds. It is
proposed that both bond elections- be
held at the same time.
• The federation believes that the time
has arrived for. agitation for the play
grounds movement in view of the ap
pointment by Mayor Hodghead of a
playground commission. *
W. W. Garthwaite Chosen as
President of Concern
OAKLAND,' "Jan. 18— The Bankers'
Trust company of this city elected the
following officers this afternoon: WAW.
Garthwaite, president;, Henry -Rogers,
vice .president; J. Y. Eccleston, .vice
president; WiD. Dunning, trust officer;
J. '^.. Thompson, secretary-treasurer;
D: :A. Bulmore, assistant secretary
treasurer; directors: M. Ij. \Requa,
George H. Collins, Louis ,Tasheira, W.
B. Dunning, Henry Rogers, Arthur L.
Breed, Kdson F. Adams, A. Borland,
J. !>/ Edoff, Janies K. Moffitt, J. Y.
Eccleston and W. W. Garthwaite.
- ' ..- . T - • \u25a0'•..'•»\u25a0
BERKELEY. Jan. IS. — Funeral serv
ices for,Alrs. Caroline Cecilia Calhoun,
who brought the: first printing, press
to California.and who iS'Said.' to ;have
been the president of the. first woman's
suffrage, club'in the west,. were;.neld
from a . local undertaking parlor iif
Telegraph avenue this afternoon.
Many frlends'.'.ofri the pioneer woman,"
who died at the' age of;8i years, were
present to pay their last respects. • In/
\u25a0terrao.nt was private..
\u25a0 -*V. | | t .< Think this over.
LwVvl Lctllli Buy acreage close to the market.
. DaU C!*v!l Buy acreage close to a growing
"Best 001 l ' : 'mgm • oily ' ••\u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0
/, a /-».. l W&Sil&k Bliv acreage alongside the R. R.
Qrand Climate y^c^y&m
V " *T ' If you will do this you are sure to .
\A/#i4/%«« n-t 1 & 'fA'A'4ir-'' : 34-'r» make a big profit; you can't stop
lOieeF^-ritsth^ from, growing. ,
'rv ''"-• «^« : "'" ' *« /'' \i ! • ,"EDEN(ACRES"Us 18 miles from-
.Drinking. Water <^
Crklrl am +rt«t«nc'__ifi ' the city limits; of Oakland, Cal.
r 'Oll^iernisrTT > 11l- There i';is no. freight to 'pay'lniorder;
»X«. -:. ' V^ .», \u25a0 '^ to reach t the market.
I Wfliri I Pfl A"Cl*fi I" Ot^ J » & few years > you can subdivide.
I ; \u25a0 VVU IU ICII rlVl W L.UIP: - andselltlots at a price you are*
j vr^*' |-j -\u25a0'\u25a0• r* O 'now/able.to buy 'acreage for."
I 00. PaC. K. K. ._ Start a. Chicken^ Rllnch.
j «^y. '" -- «-v r* n~ \u25a0 Start a Duck Farm.--
I •;WeStern-''PaC. K. X.: . Star t Garden. .
-• rv--.:.\u25a0r v --.:.\u25a0 •\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0•\u0084 \u25a0\u25a0.. •\u0084...^.. P . ••\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0*\u0084\u25a0..\u25a0.:\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0'""\u25a0\u25a0} '•; \u25a0 '•\u25a0 ? Mart- a Berry: Farm. \ \u25a0.
! Nilp< Rniili?Vflfrd Start,' a Country,. Home?
llllVO UUUIVTI"": , startithebestHnvestment In Cali-
Double C^Road;Frontage:pgg^|fe^;
nayj\yarU ; OltlCe ;; G e t away from the' desk." Get
— /»/»>; ::: r -: *r» j J. '-,\u25a0'-- • awayi from \u25a0- the * old 'job. „ Get away;
' : Get ; a "copy of the Saturday ? Evening Post, Jan. Bth, \u25a0" 1910- 1 — and ; read
what an a'creyof land is worth.-r-Page : lo. ! < *;. -, :- # .;-• V-- ;V-
Bald wijfl Pfia I IRstat^ Co. v ; Selling Agents
! 1 j223;Bac^ Buifaing - - OaklanilKCal.
Charles LHedemarK,
.WHoDied Yesterday
High Mascn and* Well Known
Elk Passes Away in South
\ Berkeley
. / \u25a0-'\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0 • , - /' :..
BERKELEY, Jan: 18.— Charles Lewis
tHedemark, for the last six years a
prominent realty dealer of South Ber
keley, higt/Mason and well known in
the order of Elks, died at his home,
3025 Harper street, South Berkeley, this
morning, after a long illness, at the
age of 49. He had been ill for several
months, suffering from an acute' at
tack 'of Bright's disease/ and his death
was not unexpected.
' Hedemark was a native ofPacheco,
Contra Costa county, and, was educated
in the schools of that county. At the
age of 20 he entered the employ of the
Southern Pacific company, and for 13
years traveled through-. the state in con
nection wfth business for the auditing
department.; He was also manager of
a sugar ; refinery at Crockett.
*In 1904 he opened offices in Adeline
street in South Berkeley with P. I^.
Braflhoff under the.' name- pf Bradhoff
& Hedemark. Hedeniark. assumed
complete control about two years ago.
Besides his realty interests in South
Berkeley he was prominent! as a civic
woijker: and , director of the chamber,
of commerce, and president .of the
South. Berkeley improvement- club.
He was a thirty-second degree mem
ber of Live Oak lodged of Masons, Mar
tinez, chapter- of the Royal Arch, Oak
land commandery, Knights Templar,
Oakland. consistory of the Scotish Rite
Masons, Athena chapter Eastern Star,
Golden Gate lodge: of. the Woodmen of
the World and Berkeley lodge No. 1002,
Order of Elks.
A widow, Emma M. ; Hedemark, a
daughter, Edith S. Hedemark, and two
sons, Earl H. and Elmer Hedemark,
survive. '
The funeral services will be: in
charge of the local lodge of Elks and
Live Oak lodge of the Masons of Oak
land from the Masonic temple Thurs
day afternoon at 1:30 o'clock. Rev. W.
11. Cook of the Congregational church,
and a j close friend of Hedemark. will
preached the sermon. Interment will
be in Sunset cemetery. .
Leaders of Church Will Be in
Session Several Days
OAKLAND, Jan. IS.— The semiannual
convention of the Advent Christian
Conference? of. Northern California will
be held from Wednesday eveninguntil
Sunday/ evening .in the Advent. Chris
tian church, 81 TV .Thirty-third street.
Re.v. I. N. Archibald, president of the
conference, will preside. Among the
speakers will beT. H. Organ "of Santa
Cruz. T. ,W. Shattuck of 1 Napa, Dr. H.
F. Carpenter of Santa Clara, Rodger
Sherman pf Santa Cruz and V. F. Hunt
of San Francisco.. S3lß^
Defunct Bank's Receiver to Re
s.' fund Part of Deposits
OAKLAND, Jan. IS.— Receiver Morris,
of the defunct Union: National .bank, has
paid depositors in that bank 25 per cent
.of .' the- amounts of their deposits and
now announces that he is ready to pay
an: additional dividend of 30 per. cent,
making. S5 per cent^to date. .Checks
for the ; new, dividend are now ready.
Morris; assures all. depositors that -they
willy be refunded the full amount' of
their 'deposits,* 1 .-! in time. 1
Judge Believes Public Hearings
Will Tend to Decrease the
Number o! Suits
OAKLAND. Jan. 18. — Publicity of di
vorce proceedings is advocated by Su
perior' Judge T. W. Harri^ as a.deter
rent for the divorce evil. Let husbands
and w\yes know, declares Judge Hjirris,
that they can not obtain divorce de
crees secretly anil "that the world will
have an opportunity to hear the AVhole
sordid, story of their 'troubles, and
there will be fewer divorces.
"He delivered a statement to this
effect today in the trial of the Ra»
musen~ divorce case, which is replete
with sensational charges, and he_ re
fused the request made by the aftor
neys in the case to exclude newspaper
men from the courtroom.
. "I believe \u25a0 that publicity, is a good
thing in such cases," said Judge Harris.
"It acts as a' deterrent and keeps peo
ple from running to the divorce court
on ''Slight pretexts. Secrecy,' on the
other hand, encourages divorce. I shall
therefore deny the request to exclude
the press from this courtroom during
this trial."
\u25a0 A request to exclude tlie general pub
lic from the room at first met with a
similar refusal, though Judge Harris
ordered a young girl to leave the room.
But as the evidence began to be given
it became apparent that public decency
demanded closed doors, and the general
public was turned out. There were
severaAwomen in the courtroom at the
Charges are made on both sides, by
William A. Rasmusen and Henrietta A.
Rasmusen. The husband, who Is super
intendent of the Key Route p*ier, first
brought suit, alleging extreme cruelty.
The wife, replied with a cross com
plaint, in which she alleged that he haH
been .cruel. Further testimony will
have to be given in the case before it
can be decided.
The following new suits for divorce
were begun today: Rose C. Bebb
against Henry Bebb, cruelty; Jessie
Bonney against Arthur Bonney, cruelty;
Fred Gould against Adeline M. Gould,
desertion; E. C. Fabre-Rajotte against
Florence Fabre-Rajotte. desertion.
Accuses Celestial Husband of
Failing to Provide \u25a0 •Y>
OAKLAND, Jan. IS.— Ray Sheppard, a
clerk whom T. W. Wong-, a Chinese
merchant, had arrested on a burglary
charge because Sheppard used to call
on his wife, a white woman, was dis
charged by Police Judge Smith this
morning. He had been arraigned on a
charge of disturbing the peace, which
the Chinese filed after Sheppard's re
lease on the burglary charge.
A -few nights ago Wong met the
clerk with Mrs. Wong and suspected
that Sheppard 1 -was planning to accom
pany' Mrs. Wong to Los Angeles. The
woman, who was before her marriage
In New Mexico to Wong Miss Carrie
Stocks of Los Angeles, was on her way
to_ attend her "sick mother. . Wong
trailed her to the station and had Shep
pard arrested. His criminal charges
have, been thrown out of the court and
.the oriental is now seeking a divorce
from his wife. .
According to Sheppard Mrs. TVong*
will return to Oakland and file a cross
complaint, accusing Wong- of cruelty.
The basis for this charge will be that
the merchant fed his spouse on Chinese
fare, limiting it to the allowance of a
Chinese woman. Consequently, the
woman says, sho was usually hungry.
Albany Increases' Sum for the
Murderer's Capture
BERKELEY, Jan. IS. — To the $100
which has been offer«d by Sheriff Frank
Barnet for the arrest of the murderer
of Deputy Sheriff Andrew W. Lindquist.
who was* fatally shot in the saloon of
Al Moore in Albany: last week, the trus
tees of Albany last night offered $100
more. Mayor Frank J. Roberts *of Al
bany brought the matter before the
trustees, who voted the money for the
detection of the thuy.
ALAMEDA, Jan. 18.— Arrangements
for a bond rally are being made by thd
Alameda chamber of commerce to be
held Thursday night. It Is expected
that the organization, like the two
Alameda improvement clubs, will in
dorse the proposition.
KAHNS-The Always Busy Store-KAHNS
|; .. It Pays to Trade in Oakland . . |
Unusually Large Reductions in All Departments
FINE WOOL BLANKETS— With beau- $<|
- tiful borders — large, heavy, luxurious I f^*
ones— regular price $20.00 a /pair, \ now.". r*
with handsome borders, full size — warm, I^*
comfortable^ durable. Reduced from $8.50 . v^^
; Govered with silk in very, beautiful pat- I/ *
terns. Reduced from $22.00. .V..v.v
FULLSIZE COMFORTERS— Covered >vith -.sQ'.'6s
fine sateen and -filled with best sanitary cot-
ton/. Regular price;s4.so each; n0w. ....
Twelfth and Washington Streets, Oakland
Former Public Administrator's
Clerk Goes to Begin His
OAKLAXD, Jan. 18.— Very much aged
and broken In spirit since his sen
tence last Friday. A. J. Flood was taken
to Folsom penitentiary today by Un
der Sheriff J. J^ Hanifln Jr. to begin
his sentence of one year for forging 1
a receipt while he was clerk for former
Public Administrator George D. Gray.
. Flood's hair has grown perceptiM>
gray in the few days that have. elapsed
since Judge Brown refused him pru
bation. and the guards at the county
jail declare that they have never seeu
a prisoner take his sentence so rauci!
|to heart. Flood composed himself a*.
he left, the Jail and thanked the jailers
for their treatment of him.
Flood will have to serve ten month.-:
in'Folsom If he gets all the possible
credits coming to him for good be
havior. Besides this, he will make an
effort for parole. Judge Brown, when
he sentenced him. -said that if his con
duct in "the penitentiary warranted it
he would recommend his parole to th>>
prison commisgtonersi According to
law, he will have to serve at least half \
of hia sentence before he can be
Flood pleaded guilty to forging a,
receipt for $115 from the estate of the
late A. L. Poundstone. The receipt
purported to be given by E. James
Finney, a local undertaker, for Inter
ment, whereas Poundstope was burietl
at the expense of the county and Flood
pocketed the money.
Given Chance for Probation in
Spite of Odd Request
- \u25a0
OAKLAND, Jan. 18. — Immediate sen
tence, was demanded today' by 'Michael
J. Hart, who pleaded guilty several
days ago to a charge of passing* a
fictitious check.' Hart said that there
was no use trying to get probation, as
no one^knew him to 'tell of his past
life and say a good word for him.
He said that he had been at sea for
the last 1* years, serving under a
great number of mariners who are now
scattered all over the world. Proba
tion Officer Ruess said that for this
reason he was not inclined to favor
probation for Hart.
Judge Brown granted a continuance
of one week for further investigation.
. 19. — Edward Kills, an at^asetl tool thief, nn
held tor trial this morning by Polii-e .Inil::'-
Samuel* on a rbarge of burglary. Tlu"- aile%-<<(
offense was tho brrakins open of a tool hoits.-.
from which Ellis !« satd to hare tsiken V. s.
Sh*nnan'* carpentry tools, wnicli were r?<-i.v
ered by the police from a pawn $ht>p. "
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